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Colonialism in chronology chapter III

3. "American" holocaust in Central and South "America"

Massacres, "Christianizations" and exploitation fulfilling an order of the Pope and the crown 1492-1558

3.1. Introduction - comparison of "America's Holocaust" with other holocausts

Caravelle von Kolumbus
This is a beautiful picture of a caravel ship of the former times (probably a wooden carving) concealing anything about the holocaust committed to the natives...

by Michael Palomino (1999 / 2003 / 2005 / 2007 / 2009)

Translation in 2014



3.1. Introduction

The "Christian" guideline of colonialism is: A person of another belief has to be tortured that long until this person will be a "good Christ". Otherwise the aim is not achieved.

The time of torture is arbitrarily fixed. The power of the white master man with horse and rifle is guaranteeing the defeat of the native.

This chronology is treating the time between 1492 and 1558 until the death of Emperor Charles V Since over 500 years the populations of "America" are exposed to a cruel system of colonialism and neo colonialism. There is from 1492 to 1992 a 500 years long racist war with massacres and mass murder without end, and if not then at least with deprivation of rights and with discriminations.

With the argument of "missioning" a big majority of the native populations is exterminated in institutions like concentration camps respectively in mines. Then  "supplies" are organized with black slaves.

The fact that only and alone money and greed for gold in connection with addiction for reputation and "rise" in the hierarchy was the drive for the "Christian" colonization is concealed until today.

In 1992 there was the 500th anniversary of the "detections" of the "New World" by Columbus. But for the populations in "America" there was not much to celebrate. And this holocaust committed by the white "master man" against the natives was systematically tolerated by the white papal Church and Spanish crown. But this holocaust has the right now for being mentioned.

At the same time the Jewish world population can detect who is the principle cause for racism and holocaust: Vatican. The manners of acting in the Spanish colonial empire are partly very similar to the procedures in the Third Reich, partly with any detail:

Table: comparison of "American" Holocaust with NS Holocaust
"American" Holocaust against the natives 1500-1850 NS Holocaust against the Jewish population and members of left parties and gypsies 1933-1945
Situation of war and competition between Spain and Portugal
War situation with Russia
Organization of a 500 years long world war by the Vatican
Recognition of the NS state by the Pope with a concordat
Forced relocations into narrow conditions, high rate of infection
Deportations into narrow conditions, high rate of infection
forced clothes forced clothes
forced work in stone pits, gold panning, gold mines, silver mines etc.
forced work in production plants, stone pits, work with stones, dig ditches for tanks, at the end tunnel constructioning
heaviest confinement for resistance heaviest confinement for resistance
hardly any food
often hardly any food, theft by neighboring captives
hunger and illness up to the mass death
hunger and illness up to epidemics up to mass death
slave huntings e.g. whole islands and coast lines are "native free" (word creation by Michael Palomino)
head money for Jews in eastern Europe 1941-1944, definition of whole regions as "free of Jews"
the occupants are heading for their career the occupants are heading for their career
Order to erect a "Christian" world domination against all natives religions
Order to erect a Nazi world dominance against communis
Calumniation and calumny against the natives stating they would be "cannibals" and "subhumans"
Calumniation and calumny against Jews, left party members and gypsies as "rats", against Russians as "subhumans"
The Spanish Crown was never having a close look at the events.
Hitler was never having a close look at the events.

Where is the compensation for the native populations?

Where is the instruction for the white man that he is not more worth than a native who knows all laws of nature yet?

The prehistory: the motives for the European occupants

This white occupation of "America" had not been possible without the previous crusades (since 1096) where slavery was tried out and the techniques of Arab ship construction and of Arab fortress constructions were copied.

Additionally in Spain in 1492 were finishing the reconquest activities of the Christian "reconquest" on the Iberian Peninsula against the Muslim dukedoms (end of the 11th century until 1492). Whereas the Muslim dukedoms had a much more modern and progressive life than the "Christian" regions they were destroyed.

Additionally the Muslim dukedoms of these times were much more tolerant than the "Christian" ones. There were NOT the Muslim dukedoms who were hunting the Jewish population from Spain and from Portugal, but these were the Spanish Castilian "Christian" Nazi state under Ferdinand and Isabella.

The victory of the Spanish over the Muslims on the Iberian Peninsula was opening the way for inquisition which was applied also in "America" later. The Spanish Crown was installing it's Nazi state and colonies of the same kind "by grace of God", with Papal support. Hitler did not do it in another way. World wide this topic of Spanish and Portuguese Nazi state since 1492 is concealed until today (1999).

In the book of Gert von Paczensky "Expensive benediction - Christian mission and colonialism" (original in German: "Teurer Segen - christliche Mission und Kolonialismus") there is the conclusion: "Crusades and reconquest were the school of murder, and then the system of slavery was the school of the grinders".

In 1454 Pope Nicolas V permitted Portugal the slave trade with Africa. The Pope was justifying this with the claim that the Africans would be converted to the Bible in this way. Even the honorful "protector of the natives", Dominican Bartholomé de las Casas - an alibi theologist "saving the honor" for the Church (but he himself had slaves and was a big landowner) - was writing in 1513 to the Spanish Crown of the Emperor that one should save the natives in "America" and introduce black slaves for them because the latter would not be so "tender".

There were some examples of Papal orders condemning especially bad crimes concerning the slaves. But the system of slavery was never doubted. The ecclesial leaders themselves were slave holders and were even making their slave business. The Pope was accepting here just a Nazi or a Gulag system which was copied in North "America" and by Stalin or Hitler later. Until today (1999, also in 2014!) this connection is concealed in the public.

Slave trade became a motor of a triangle trade between Africa, "America" and Europe. Slave ships were in European hands with this. The main profits were flowing into the European capitals. Wealth of the European nobles was rising without end. There was money for any war, and "further developments" and science was working everywhere. Without these advantages the start for an industrial revolution and the economic supremacy of Europe and the plunder of the other continents had never been possible.

Work of millions of slaves partly maltreated to death was done by natives of "America" and by the blacks, and this working force was essential for the development of the "Industrial Revolution" in the 17th and 18th century. The white "master men" are never saying thank you for this until today (1999, also 2014!).

Only those could go with the mainstream who were also applying the same destructive policy, e.g. "U.S.A." since 1772 against the natives of "America" and with the same slavery systems, or those states who were not permitting any European "Christian" invasion like e.g. China or Japan.

The "New World" was not at all new. The term "New World" should conceal the mass murder against the natives. This Holocaust to the natives in North "America" and to the natives in Central and South "America" is not atoned until today (1999, also 2014!). Europe and the "U.S.A." are in heavy debts to the native survivors in "America" and in Africa with billions. Did anybody say anything of compensation?

Until today (1999, also in 2014!) in the "U.S.A." the natives have no right for purchasing soil and territories. They could expel the whites!

Thus one could also introduce the slavery with the whites during the next 350 years. What would say the Europeans and white "Americans" when they would be forced to do slave work in Africa and in South "America" in mines? Or when natives of "America" would come to Europe and would dominate Europe and they would organize slavery against the whites thus the whites had to work in mines in Russia with mass death by cold, hunger and illness?

Excuses and some travel activities of a senile Pope are not enough. Vatican has to open his Vatican Bank (Banco di Vaticano) at least confessing what he has robbed together during the last 500 years with his racist Nazi system.

In this chronology also historical maps were admitted.

The word "America" is consequently written in "quotes" because the word had nothing to do with the culture of the natives and is not at all connected with the continent. "Continent of the Indian natives" would be a better term, but is also not right because the word "Indian" was only created for finding "India"... But the "Indians" were never asked how they should be called!

Until today Vatican - as also "U.S.A." - never had to stay a process of "Nuremberg". According to the presented data it would really be time for this, such a big process against Vatican, and it would be even appropriate to close this home of seniles called "Vatican". Yes, it is that bad.

Michael Palomino
1999 / November 2003 / April 2005

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