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2.a Destruction of the natives in Brazil

Deprivation of rights and destruction of native populations by the European way of life


presented by Michael Palomino (2006); translation 2014



Christianization depriving the natives of rights, of health, and of healing methods

Report of a friend of December 8, 2006 (translation):

"About 10 years ago I saw in the TV ARTE program a documentation about Christianizations of one of the last jungle tribes in Brazil by the Adventists.
(This was during a time where I was occupying myself with the question if the Adventist line would be the right Christian line).

And then this film brought the answer to my questions.

Well, the Adventists are absolutely destructive like all Christian institutions (when they are investigated to the ground with their proper truths and rituals).

This film was about 2 or 3 hours showing in the beginning the happy and healthy people who were then systematically enslaved, deprived of the civil rights, caged and robbed (all was justified by the cover of a "Lord in Heaven" etc.)...

Then whole triebe became ill, there came falling out of teeth which had never been known before. All other illnesses came by wearing clothes and by the chemical detergents could be attributed definitely to the civilization.

Their own healing methods were also prohibited at the end. It was absolutely cruel to see this."

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