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Colonialism in chronology, index

Colonialism in Asia and "America" - American Holocaust in Central and South "America"

                              am Galgen Kolonialismus Spanien
                              colonialismo Espanahttp://www.reformation.org/alonso-de-hojeda.htmlIndianerin am
                                Baum Kolonialismus Spanien colonialismo

by Michael Palomino

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The "modern age"? - Another word as a big lie
The word "modern times" is also a satanic Illuminati lie, because from then on attempts were made to impose the Jesus fantasy on the whole world, with sheer dictatorship, destructive rage and gun dominance.

There is nothing "new" about this time, but it is the destruction of the indigenous cultures by the GAY CRIMINAL VATICAN CHURCH and from 1600 on also by Protestant agitator gangs - always with their ships, rifles and cannons. - Michael Palomino, April 3, 2018


-- Colonialism Chronology with basic data (1998)

-- Colonialism: book "The Whites are coming" (by Gert Paczensky 1970)
"Christian" slavery with mass theft and mass murder on all other continents - with Jewish stock exchange+banksters in the background

-- Colonialism: book "The Red Earth" (by Tran Tu Binh 1998)
Michelin rubber plantation Phu-rieng in Vietnam with slavery, mass robbery and mass murder

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1. Development until 1492

2. India, Asia and Russia until 1700

3. American Holocaust 1492-1558

Caribbean: 3 mio. dead natives - Potosi: 8 mio. daed natives etc.
4. and 5. Development of colonialism up to world dominance 6. Holocaust in the mines of South "America" - skavery in "missions" - "independence" since the foundation of "USA"
7. Thesis for Columbus

8. Defamation of the natives

9. Jewish Columbus thesis

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  • 3.5.a Inquisition in Peru
    Zeal for mission - "colonial witchcraft" - inquisition tribunal in Lima - "inspection journeys" with burning of cultural objects - prison for healers and resistance - execration of astrologers - devaluation of native wisdom - demonstrations and public tribunals (autodafés) - lawsuits - "universitary medicine" - syncretism

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4. Competition against the trade companies of Portugal, Spain and Holland in "India": England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Austria, and German princedoms 1550 - 1750

5. Domination and terrorism against populations as a base for international "trade"
England, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, "U.S.A.", James Cook, South Sea, Australia, China, Napoleon etc. 1750-1945

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6a. Holocaust against the natives in the mines of South "America" - Spanish "Christian" mission terrorism in Peru, Mexico and on the "Philippines"
Slavery and mass murder in Potosí and elsewhere in mines - Spanish occupation of the "Philippines" and of northern Mexico - extortions by laws and terrorism by "Christian" mission - torture and killings by "Christian" Inquisition - Chinese and "Parian" ghetto in Manila

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According to UNICEF are disappearing 6 million children every year by abduction of children to child commerce and prostitution.

(indication in NDR 14 March 2005: Herman & Tietjen, Talk aus der Elbkuppel im Hotel "Hafen Hamburg", 1:30-3:30)



Criminal Colonialism: more works

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about Columbus: Internet: H.Mückler: Kolumbus, Christoph:

about Philippines: Internet: Payer, Margarete: Chronik zur Geschichte der Philippinen

further sources:
Internet: R.H.Ossian: Pirate King's Library

Internet: http://web.history.ufl.edu/west1/expan.htm

maps: Seibold, Jim: Cartographic Images: The Late Medieval Maps 1300-1500
Internet: http://www.iag.net/~jsiebold/carto.html

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