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D   -   THAI ไทย

Thailand: meaning (part 2)

Criminal Peruvians in Thailand

Chapter 12: February 12, 2014: Peruvian PIGS in the house and in the garden in Thailand - Peruvian spies are speaking about girls - but spies have neither brain nor heart

PIGS at a water hole - Peruvians are invading
                    the whole world with their drug dealing and with
                    their lies - drug lord is: The President
PIGS at a water hole [1] - Peruvians are invading the whole world with their drug dealing and with their lies - drug lord is: The President

by Michael Palomino (since 2014)



Chapter 12: February 12, 2014: Peruvian PIGS in the house and in the garden in Thailand - Peruvian spies are speaking about girls - but spies have neither brain nor heart

Point 1: Peruvian brains are like holes - like a nut with nothing in it

Peruvian pigs in my house are here in Thailand, but Thailand has to know how they are: Peruvians come from Peru, but Peruvians are not only speaking Spanish and they are not only speaking of Peru, but it seems that they also speak Thai well. But this is for nothing because the Peruvian brain is so empty like a numb nut. they mean that they are "Christians", but Peruvians are the greatest racists of the whole world. In Peru even the poor are laughing against each other - this is Peruvian style - I could watching it during 4 years.

In schools in Peru there is much discotheque, in the offices in Peru there is often discotheque, and even in the ministries in Peru there is often discotheque. The main thing is only laughing, all other things are mostly not important. I could watch this during 4 years. At the same time some ministries are confronted with piles of documents of meters of height because many Peruvians don't know yet what a scanner is. I could watch it by myself. When a justice department in Peru does not find documents any more then just new documents are invented. Waiting for a divorce in Peru can last over 5 years because documents are not found any more or because other intrigues are running in the case etc. Peru is dreadful and stupid, Peru is really like a numb nut, and there is much more yet with this criminal Peru:

Point 2: Peruvians are "enjoying" racism

Peruvians don't know what is peace but they mean that they would have any freedom for acting out their "energies": Thus they are racists against everything which is poorer than they themselves, and of course they are racists against foreigners, and then they are racists also against the other sex. Additionally many Peruvians develop a drive in the group forming gangs and these gangs have their special rules like the "initial probe" when a person has to be killed. This group dynamics of these Peruvian gangs is developing forward for presenting "intelligence" in robbing, assaulting and murdering, as a "competition" against police which is overcharged on and on and is only asking why there is no peace in Peru.

Point 3: In Peru peace is not allowed - they are killing each other because of nothing

Well, in Peru peace is not allowed, otherwise "there would not be anything interesting", in this kind the Peruvians are thinking. Because they are calling themselves "Christians", but many of them cannot even read. Perhaps they have a Bible at home, but they never speak with a pastor about life. But in Peru it's normal to rob, to violate, to lie, to kill, they are meddling into other's lives, they are drinking alcohol until they collapse in their house or in their garden with a loud private disco, and many young Peruvians are also full of drugs. These cases are very childish but also dramatic: Soccer fans are killing each other in discotheques because the wrong team has won, or somebody is envious because of a woman murdering another man but killing the wrong person, or a drunk Peruvian is killing the neighbor with a knife. This is Peruvian stile and Peruvian PIGS are killing each other in this way. And Peruvians even mean that "the whole world is like this!"

Why is there so much alcohol? Because the bosses of the political parties are owners of the breweries. Why is there no alcohol free beer in Peru? Because a stupid population can be managed better. Why are there so many drugs in Peru? Because the Peruvian government is the drug dealer. This is the same like in Switzerland with Villiger and his company "Villiger&Sons" (cigar company wit Joint Venture with Cuba - drug dealer!). Well, many Peruvian airlines lost their license already because of drug transportation...

Point 4: Peru: Police is collaborating with the gangs of thieves - Peruvian police is also the murderer

This Peruvian mentality is also spreading in Peruvian police itself: It's just "normal" in Peru when policemen are "collaborating" with gangs of thieves. For example there is an agreement that police will not watch a certain house during a certain time and then is a burglary and the gang is making fifty fifty with the police. And it's also "normal" in Peru that Peruvian police is having a "side job" dealing with drugs (intermediate dealer with high profits!), and it's just normal that Peruvian policemen are leaders of killer gangs - and of course Peruvian police cannot speak foreign languages, not English either because otherwise they would become intelligent. Thus with tourists Peruvian policemen are so stupid like fishes and therefore they are even dependent from the gangs where at least some members can speak English.

Also in Peruvian police there is a group dynamics which is driving into the negative direction. There are managers extorted or murdered, there are murders but Peruvian police is deliberately blaming the wrong person by faking documents or making maneuvers and intrigues, or Peruvian police is hunting people who have never done anything - simply because the police commander wants to have his "joy". Peruvian police is also putting cells with captives on fire - this is "just normal" in Peru.

Well, the highest boss of drugs in Peru is the Peruvian government, but they also have oil, gas and gold mines etc. etc. - they have all this what the poor in Peru don't have. Police means sometimes that they will get shares when they are "doing something for the country", and for this there is the propaganda against foreigners. Thus criminal Peruvian men from Peruvian criminal police are speaking about "girls" and a "foreigner" then - also when there is no delict at all!

Sharing is not "Peruvian". Even aid and subsidies for earth quake victims in Peru were stolen by the mayors, and material for the earth quake victims was "derived" by criminal Peruvian police, this happened in the region of Ica in 2007 and in 2008. Therefore Peru is really a country of PIGS, there is nothing more.

Point 5: Peru: Lies for profiling: innocents in Peruvian prisons are "just normal" in criminal Peru - no education, no books

Peru is an absolutely criminal country. Searching and meditating is not wanted there at all. Therefore every year 100s of Peruvian INNOCENTS are put into prisons and the culprits - thieves and murderers - are going on to be free when they are arranging their crime just a little bit in an intelligent way.

Spying in Peru is concentrating in peeping (porno is forbidden in Peru therefore criminal Peruvian police forces are watching their "porno" by using espionage devices). Well, intelligence will be only higher when a new book is read from time to time, but this is not foreseen in Peru, but books are purchased mostly and almost only bi tourists from Europe...

Point 6: Example of a false captive in prison: Joran van der Sloot

Peruvian criminal police also has the strange custom to "stamp" certain persons as "criminal" and pursuing them without end and hosing them also in the Peruvian press whereas nothing has happened. In this way the Dutch man Mr. Joran van der Sloot was a victim of Peruvian press and of the criminal Peruvian government (criminal president Garcia, murderer of over 30 natives because of oil in the rain forest - Pizango case). The good friend of Joran was murdered in the hotel room by a killer command (this was probably ordered by the government). Joran was taking it's flight from the hotel in Lima taking a Taxi to Chile. Then he stated two times in Chile in the right way that he never had anything to do with any murder, but then the "turnaround" came: Joran van der Sloot was deported from Chile to Lima and then a criminal Peruvian police officer was making an "offer" to Joran: When Joran would say that he had killed the woman in the hotel room then Joran would be brought to Holland. Joran was accepting this illegal offer and since then he is stating that he had murdered a women who he never murdered and the Peruvian police is laughing about a foreigner who is committing a murder which he never committed.

Well, I analyzed this case in 2011 and presented this case in Spanish, in English and in Dutch. Peruvian criminal police is spying me in every corner of the world, even in Thailand they are making propaganda against my person whereas there is NOTHING against me, but criminal Peruvians of criminal police are NOT ready until today (2014) to discuss about this case of the faked captive Joran van der Sloot.

Point 7: Peruvian spies in Thailand: only alcohol and drugs in the brain

Thus when there are statements of Peruvian spies in Thailand then one has to be "very carefully"

-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" it to be criminal above all with drug dealing and weapon trafficking
-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" their racist manner to "hose" foreigners
-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" manipulating other persons proving their power because they have just alcohol and drugs in their head and NOTHING ELSE.

With these methods criminal Peruvian policemen of criminal police are putting 100s of innocent people in jail every year only for making their career!!! and for this "performance" of propaganda, faking documents, drug dealing or murders etc. they get even primes, promotions and a rent for life - WITHOUT any further education.

Point 8: ¿Peruvian women? - murderers, slapping children, manipulations, mothers slapping their children, big sister slapping little sister - ¡is just normal in Peru!

There is the question how Peruvian women are managing this situation. In little words, the situation for Peruvian women is absolutely brute. Partly they are copying the "fighting spirit" and they are also murdering (e.g. the former husband or a man of competition) and they are slapping (above all mothers are slapping their children) or Peruvian women are also manipulating without end (e.g. is manipulating the husband or the boyfriend). Peruvian women are also making many intrigues, they are also stealing much or betraying or spying much, this is "just normal" in Peru. The most extreme case I saw is a Peruvian woman who was making gymnastics for having big boobs and a big bum for looking "better" but she did not tell anything to the partner and suddenly all was little. Robbing a laptop is "just normal" in Peru. There are also women gangs performing robberies in restaurants or shopping centers or in banks, this is "just normal" in the country of PIGS of Peru. Peruvian police women are also leaders of killer gangs etc. Only in drug dealing Peruvian women are not seen so often.

Point 9: Criminal Peruvian police inventing pedophile stories against foreigners - example

When Peruvian mothers are slapping their children then this is very heavy mostly. Sometimes the death of the child is included. I saw a situation where a mother was slapping all her three daughters and then the little daughter was also slapped by the two big sisters thus the little daughter was always ordered to clean the toilet and nothing else. A worse torture cannot be imagined. And when I saw this case and when I was helping this slapped daughter systematically then criminal Peruvian police was promptly inventing a "pedophile" story - and this story is also told in Thailand now, but all is concealed how this brute mother and the two big sisters were slapping, suppressing and torturing the little sister. Additionally there is not at all any delict and the domiciles were in a distance of 5 km and visits were only 1 time per week for balancing energies or for putting high lights.

Well, why the criminal Peruvian police officers and officers of criminal police are always inventing pedophile stories against foreigners? First because the are racists against foreigners. And secondly because criminal Peruvian police officers just like to see porn films but in Peru porno is forbidden. And the third point is because criminal Peruvian police officers have just an alcoholic brain and often also a drug brain and they mean that it has to be right what they mean. Change is not foreseen but they want to have a culprit for making their career - also when there is NO delict at all during 6 years. This means that this criminal Peruvian police is pursuing the wrong people without end who never did anything, and other culprits are never pursued because their families are "protected" or because there are bribes.

Point 10: Criminal Peruvian peeper's police is pursuing foreigners who finished with Peru

The following story seems to be absolutely perverse considering that a Peruvian women kicked out a foreigner from her home and then this foreigner is finishing the relation definitely. But now the criminal police of Peru is not accepting it and begins with intrigues and persecution 24 hours per day. They are manipulating hotel owners, neighbors with all possible intrigues and wrong rumors. Why this criminal Peruvian police is doing this? Because they don't want to loose their job! A more destructive mentality like the one in Peru is not imaginable.

Point 11: Policemen in Peru - what they learn about high criminality for their career

Criminal Peruvian police is irritated when a foreigner can see the structures of Peruvian families and is helping there where help is needed. Because Peruvian police does not learn helping but they mostly only learn bribing, making propaganda, faking minutes and documents, provoking faked statements, putting innocents into jail, robbing, collaborating with gangs of thieves or killing gangs, murdering and extorting - for making their "career" faster.

All these delicts can be PROVED in the Peruvian press which I analyzed during 1 1/2 year. Peruvians are PIGS like NO OTHER PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

Point 12: "Christian missionary women" in Peru - no integral psychology and block of books from Europe

Then there are also "Christian" Peruvian women who want to mission the whole world with their "Jesus" instead of consulting human rights rejecting the eternal faked manipulation of the world with this Jewish "Jesus". Healers are on the whole world not only in Jewry! Additionally the Peruvian missionary women are rejecting everything what would be a scientific research - like Peruvian police. Peruvian "Christian" women are mostly not recognizing criminal police and then they want to mission always the wrong person. Further education for an integrated psychology is not at all happening in Peru either because it's not possible to purchase books from Europe in Peru - "we don't have commercial relations with them", this is the statement in book stores in Miraflores and in San Isidro in Lima. Thus the Peruvian government is blocking any further education with material from Europe and is keeping the population stupid deliberately - this is a system.

Does somebody want such a country like Peru? As for me surely not, also any contact to Peruvian women is not needed who are mostly only robbing and manipulating and in the case of doubt they are also killing. But this is rated "just normal" by the Peruvian women - also when Peru is a "Christian" country.

Point 13: Peruvian population cannot defend itself against criminal Peruvian police

All in all criminal police in criminal Peru is that criminal that the Peruvian population which wants to live in a honest way has NO CHANCE. Assaults are even going that far that people is robbed at the entrance of the flat when people is coming back from purchasing goods - systematically performed by armed gangs of thieves stealing the new good in Peru!!! Peruvian population is taking it's flight into the Bible but cannot find anything against criminal police and against drug gangs - and thus they do NOT ORGANIZE ANYTHING. Only in some cases there are police commanders taking measures, but in 5 years the situation is like it was in the beginning. And therefore Peru is a country of PIGS. Unfortunately this is the truth.

And when you have a Peruvian on the table or in the house then there is the danger that this criminal mentality is spread - because then there is 1 Peruvian, 10 more Peruvians follow in 1 month...

Point 14: Peruvian criminals destroying other countries of South "America" systematically - or also Thailand

Step by step Peruvians are destroying whole South "America" with their drug dealing activities and with gangs of thieves passing over the borders. In Ecuador, in Bolivia and in Chile the population is suffering heavily because of the "wild" Peruvians coming illegally crossing the borders organizing thefts systematically, for example in Arica in Chile, or in Cuenca and in Guayaquil in Ecuador. The prisons in Arica are full of criminal Peruvians. The government of Arica is transporting the criminal Peruvians back to Peru, 2 big buses every week. But Peruvian criminality is going farer since the big jungle high way to Brazil was built also spreading Peruvian criminality in Brazil and going down to Argentina where criminal Peruvians are installing their drug dealing systems systematically. Peruvian PIGS are just reaching everywhere.

At the moment I can watch criminal Peruvian spies also in Thailand where they are spreading faked rumors profiling themselves - well, deadheads are nothing more than a nut with nothing in it having NO brain! That means that the president of criminal Peru has foreseen also the destruction of Thailand with Peruvian drugs.

For the population in Argentina and in Chile for example the situation with these Peruvian PIGS is absolutely to vomit. They partly even want that this criminal country of Peru does not exist any more, really! They really want that all Peruvians go to hell - and they are right because this Peru with it's criminality is NEVER changing to the good side but they are even making profits by murdering. Peru is a land for vomiting. Thailand has to know this!

Point 15: The peak: Peruvians claiming that the whole world would be like Peru!

But the peak is that Peruvians are stating: "Like this we are", and the are even claiming that the whole world would be like this. This means: Peru is not only a country of PIGS, but these PIGS are really UNTEACHABLE. And this is really the worst I have ever seen.

In Peru itself these PIGS are simply shot. Abroad these Peruvian PIGS are performing their work of lies and destruction and they are hunting their victims on and on because these PIGS want to make their career just like a PIG - also when there is NO delict at all.

This means: Peruvian PIGS from police and from criminal police have NO HEART, but they are only acting with propaganda and revolver - for their career.

But some victims are not so stupid like Joran van der Sloot - but the PIGS from Peru will be forced to go home back to their COUNTRY OF PIGS called Peru. This also counts for the Peruvian PIGS who are hunting foreigners in Thailand because Peruvian PIGS without brain with a brain like a nut with nothing in it and with obsessions without end really don't match to nowhere in this world.

Michael Palomino, February 12, 2014

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