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D   -   THAIไทย

Thailand: meaning (part 1)

Chapter 1: January 23, 2014: It is missing in Thailand peace and the will for solving the big problems -- Chapter 2: January 23, 2014: THAILAND: BANGKOK IS SINKING AND THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT SPEAK -- Chapter 3: January 23, 2014: Playgrounds and courts for sports for everybody -- Chapter 4: January 28, 2014: I never wanted to see a sinking Bangkok -- Chapter 5: January 28, 2014: Learning about natural elements - examples of slides for playgrounds or beaches and for adults -- Chapter 6: January 28, 2014: Crazy Thai mafia is crazy and horny for the word of "Fuck" -- Chapter 7: January 30, 2014: Sinking tourist ferry near Phuket on the trip to Similan Islands - all three months a tourist ferry is sinking in Thailand -- Thailand does not maintain it's ships - or does not protect it's ports - fishing boats even sinking in the ports -- Sinking tourist boat and sinking fishing boats are the symbol for sinking Bangkok: Since 2020 it is on 0 meters -- Chapter 8: February 3, 2014: Spying plays: Peeping in Thailand until they die with profits by renting rooms and flats with profits to foreign secret services - 400%! -- Chapter 9: Feb 3, 2014: Thais do not want to learn and they will be fishes at the end -- Peruvian spies are speaking of girls - but they have neither brain nor heart --

Tuktuk taxi in flooded Bangkok  Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                    Phuket and Similan Islands 03  Sunk fishing boats in Southern Thailand in the
                  port of Wat Pak Nam near Chumphon 02

by Michael Palomino (since 2014)



Chapter 1: January 23, 2014: It is missing in Thailand peace and the will for solving the big problems


Bangkok with sky train and
                sky scrapers with the evening sky
Bangkok with sky train and skyscrapers with the evening sky [1]

It's not important if your shirt is red or orange or yellow now.
It's not important to watch tourists - because watching making love you can have on youporn.
The only important thing now is that Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year and in 2020 will be on 0 meters officially.

At the same time monsoons are more and sea level is rising.

Thailand will loose Bangkok when there are no urgentmeasures for locating 9 million people and the industriesin other places on a safe ground so that a little Bangkokwill survive that will not consume so much ground water.

Thai secret services are so stupid and they don't see this- whereas I made web sites about just this topic 8 monthsago already.
And Thai radio and TV are so stupid and they are notcommunicating anything about this important topic.
That means: Thai secret services and Thai radio and TV areblind - more blind than a dog. And they make the Thaipopulation even more blind making propaganda againsttourists. This means: they are mad and they want the selfdestruction of the country.

I just don't know where a remedy can be found for this mentality. I did not find a healing plant for this yet.

Michael Palomino, January 23, 2014


Chapter 2: January 23, 2014: Crocodiles and white faces are not so good

Bangkok with Praya River  Gesicht mit
              einer Creme zum Aufhellen der Haut, damit am Ende ein
              "weisses Gesicht" entsteht
Bangkok with Praya River [2] - whitening creams should provoke a "white face" [16]

Bangkok will sink - and crocodiles will come.

Oh, I am telling this since 6 months already - but it's up to you.

Oh, yes, there is something very important yet:

Thai women should not use powder for their face because powders are blocking the skin's respiration. Really! Better is Aloe Vera for a good face!

And Thai women should not spend money for a white face - tourists normally don't like this - but it's up to you.

Michael Palomino, January 23, 2014


Chapter 3: January 23, 2014: Playgrounds and courts for sports for everybody

Dusche in Form eines Pilz an
              einem Strand in Pak Nam in der Region Chumphon, Thailand
Shower in form of a mushroom on abeach in Pak Nam in the region of Chumphon, Thailand [3]

Oh yes, and something is missing in Thailand, playgrounds for children and courts for soccer and volleyball and basket ball where all can play - not only in the school court, but where all can play, also the mother and the father, with control and opening times from 2 to 8 or 10 pm. Like this it is in South America.

And when everybody is good in sports, then they are also good in the bed and enjoy each other better.

In South America there is also the following system:

During Saturday and Sunday little streets are the court for soccer, volleyball or basketball installing just two goals or a rope or two baskets. This popular sports mentality brings a lot of help with communication, respiration and health. Of course sometimes a car is passing and the play has to be interrupted but when the architects forgot the court for sports one has to use some little streets sometimes. I have never seen this in Asia. Do it and you will see how the sun or the daughter will want to reach the father's skills - ha.

The father should be present only one or two times per month otherwise it could be too much because of dominance. But at an orientation for the child this will be absolutely perfect.

Michael Palomino, January 23, 2014


Chapter 4: January 28, 2014: I never wanted to see a sinking Bangkok - why the leaders in Thailand don't save the country?

Tuktuk taxi in flooded Bangkok
Tuktuk taxi in flooded Bangkok [4]

I can tell you:

I never wanted to see a sinking Bangkok
but I wanted to see a beautiful Thailand!!!

I wanted to see the healer in Naklua who can heal also paralyzed people.
But then I had to detect: It's not allowed to him to heal Thais!!!

I wanted to see a peaceful country with Buddha and with books.
But then I had to detect: Most Thais have no books in their rooms - and a big part even don't have chairs nor tables!!!

I wanted to live with a tolerant Thai population which is described in the Internet as "Thai Buddhism".
But then I had to detect mafia groups everywhere, stupid chattering neighbors and radio stations everywhere and corrupt police commanders!!!

And the last joke of the story is: A little Bangkok can be saved when from 10 million the industries and 9 million go to a safe ground.
But the government is not organizing anything and thus they are pulling out ground water without end and thus the city is sinking on 6 cm every year!!!

And the last but last joke of the story is: Also when I am healing people even from gastritis the mafia groups don't want to listen what is to do to save this Thailand.
The Thai police commander is not ready to accept logic thinking to save Bangkok and Thailand from the doom - but is going on fighting against the prophet.

Thus the prophet is only asking himself: When will they begin to think? Because they know about sinking Bangkok since 20 years already!

It makes me sad, really sad, that Thais are fighting in the sinking city red against orange or white shirts and nobody is taking the energy for saving the country.
The government is not fulfilling it's task to save the country - nor the opposition - nor the radio - nor the police commander - nor mafia groups.

I am only asking: Why they will not save their country when the truth is written on papers and in the Internet?
Why they are not shifting the industries and the workers on a save ground without sinking ground and without floods?
Why they are only watching and spying tourists for nothing but they are not reading one book after they left school?
Why many Thais are living without chairs and tables and without a good toilet thus they have no place to make homeworks or have a working shower?
Why the government, the radio, the police commanders and mafia groups are not working for a better life of the Thais but they are spying tourists without end?

I don't know. I only can shake my head - I am shaking my head the whole day long...

Perhaps love novels are missing, perhaps love cinema is missing, perhaps good radio is missing.

I am only shaking my head because the leaders in Thailand don't want to save their country.
But I can assure you, I will never accept spying persons, because I am not spying anybody too.And I can assure you, I never wanted to see a sinking Bangkok and leaders who are not saving it.
But I wanted to see a healer in Naklua who can heal also Thais - but he is not allowed.
But I wanted to see a peaceful country with Buddha and with books - but they don't have.
But I wanted to live with a tolerant Thai population which is described in the Internet as "Thai Buddhism" - but they are only peepers and with propaganda.
But I gave Thailand the instruction to save Bangkok - and the leaders are only laughing.

Have they to sink first before they begin to think? They should begin to think before sinking. They know about sinking Bangkok since 20 years already.

Why they did not change the strategy for Bangkok since 20 years already? I don't know - I can only shake my head.

I never wanted to see a sinking Bangkok.

Michael Palomino, January 28, 2014


Chapter 5: January 28, 2014: Learning about natural elements - examples of slides for playgrounds or beaches and for adults

Double slide in a form of a
              sculpture in Ayacucho in Peru  สไลด์คลื่นขนาดใหญ่หลายแห่งใน Chianni ในอิตาลี  สไลด์โค้งในเวียนนาที่นิกายเยซูอิตทุ่งหญ้า
Double slide in a form of a sculpture in Ayacucho in Peru [5] - big multiple wave slide in Chianni in Italy [6] - curve slide in Vienna at Jesuits meadow [7]

Intelligence does not only come from learning in school, but also comes from playing with the elements. And these elements of nature people has to feel. Thus slides are really a good work making to feel the elements of energies. There are different slides in the world see the examples above - but in Asia I have hardly seen any. May be Asian people do not develop the feeling for the elements.

On a slide the matter is not only sliding downwards, but there is also the big matter running or climbing upwards, and this makes sliding for children a very very good sport when the slide is well done and not too long - also for adults when the slide is good enough for adults too.

When children have no playground with such good facilities, then the population does not develop any feeling for the natural elements, and also communication and humor is missing in life. Sometimes I think - considering thinking Bangkok and sinking 40 towns in China and Fukushima radioactive contamination of Japan because of an atomic plant at the beach in an earthquake zone that in Asia just these three things, --- feeling for natural elements, communication andhumor are missing.


Chapter 6: January 28, 2014: Crazy Thai mafia is crazy and horny for the word of "Fuck"

Child with baby alligator in
Child with baby alligator in Australia [8] - Eating post in Pattaya in Thailand with Thai mafia only speaking the word "Fuck" without learning about it [9]

Now I am about 16 months in Thailand and there is a big Thai mafia in my neighborhood always telling "Fuck" in the street.

Thai mafia was peeping too much as it seems. They are peepers because there is missing everything about love:-- there are no love novels
-- there are no real love movies but they are only slapping and boxing each other in Thailand
-- even girlfriends are boxing boyfriends in Thailand, they are crazy for boxing and cannot love
-- there is no love education and there are no youth reviews
-- there is no sexual education with books because there is no book in the house
-- there is no beautiful porno film in the house to see because the Thai government is still prohibiting porno films in Thailand
-- there is no love cinema in Thailand because there is mostly no cinema in the Thai town

So Thais are so kinky and they are peeping foreigners and then the detect the word of "Fuck" and don't know how to manage it.

Thais are not willing to learn what in the "U.S.A." and in Canada or in England and Australia every child is learning with 3 years: how to use the word of "Fuck":-- in the bed this word means "love me hot" and will be used only after 14-- and in all other places without any love situation in a the restaurant or in the street this word is used when an accident happens meaning "shit" used from 3 years on
-- and in the connection with a thing it means "damned" also used from 3 years on.

I installed a web site about the word of "Fuck" already 6 months ago also in Thai. Then criminal Swiss mafia came and claimed google advertising should be eliminated because this normal word of "Fuck" would not be normal! And Thai mafia does not want to learn - as they also rather like to have a sinking Bangkok - and they are speaking this word around my house in the street. So they are shitting their streets because in the street the word "Fuck" means "shit" and they are covering whole Thailand with shit with this world... it's up to them!

It seems that Thailand really needs porno cinema urgently. This exists in Europe already since the 1960s and it's fine. Why Thailand should not have porno cinema when Thais are so horny and are peeping and spying their neighbors without end and when they even think that this would be normal? They are crazy! Oh, it's up to them, but the tourists will not come back any more.

But I really had rather liked to see a more intelligent Thailand. Thailand is mad.


Chapter 7: January 30, 2014: Sinking tourist ferry near Phuket on the trip to Similan Islands - all three months a tourist ferry is sinking in Thailand

January 1, 2014: There were two tourist ferries and one of them was sinking during the trip from Phuket to Similan Islands. Thais always want to spy people with sex espionage against tourists because BRAVO is missing there, but Thais have no sens to control vehicles. About all three months a tourist ferry is sinking. And Thais do NOT WANT to learn as long as Thais have no BRAVO...

Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                        Phuket and Similan Islands 01  Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                        Phuket and Similan Islands 02
Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                        Phuket and Similan Islands 03  Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                        Phuket and Similan Islands 04
Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between
                        Phuket and Similan Islands 05
Sinking tourist ferry in Thailand between Phuket and Similan Islands 05. Fuck! (Shit!) [10-14]

Video link: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article18263937.ab

And in this way also Bangkok can sink since 2020 when it is sinking under 0 meters.

In some way it seems really strange in Thailand that in an average of all three months a tourist ferry or a speed boat is sinking in the sea in Thailand which are not empty but they are transporting tourists. This is just really bad above all because tourism is one of the decisive resources for Thailand.

Thailand is an absolutely conservative country where is no BRAVO, there are no love novels, there is no love TV, there is no porn cinema, there is no sex toy but it's confiscated, swinger clubs do not exist, all is FORBIDDEN and TABOOED what would be free love and parents are controlling everything, above all in the countryside, only when the dauther is going to Pattaya or to Phuket "working" with tourists then there is freedom - for the women - but not for Thai men because a big part of Thai men are absolutely frustrated. Many times the houses in Thailand are also constructed in such a narrow manner and with thin walls so one can hear everything when a couple has sex and when it's just without any noise. That means that Thailand is full of peeping and spying and envy against others and it's just a main occupation for the during the whole life, but solving problems and the right view for situations is an absolute foreign word sometimes in Thailand.

Thai government could organize regular controls of tourist ferries. But this is not so important. Or Thai captains could control their ships better. But this is not so important for them because they think: Tourists just have everything already and Thailand and "we the Thais" just have so little. Why should we control the ships for the tourists? It's enough to paint the ship well. Tourists will also come when one of the tourist boats is sinking. Not important. Tourists have girlfriends, Thai men many times don't have and they don't know how to manage love because BRAVO is missing. When tourists have girlfriends and Thais don't have and don't know how to manage love then they will not do much for tourists. Thai government does not see this emotional problem!

Well, this mentality peeping, watching and spying tourists and evading controlling technical devices and neglecting boats just costs some lives of tourists every year. Thais think that peeping and spying would be normal, and not to control boats would also be normal. They just don't want to live in another manner - or somebody would introduce BRAVO - but nobody does.

On the photos of the sunken tourist ferry from January 30, 2014 one can see how people have NO life jacket and how they even leave out the life belts NOT using them. That means that this tourist ferry had a heavy incidence and was sinking very fast within only 2 minutes or so. But tourists from Europe can all swim - but Thais not.

Generally there is no news about ships sinking with Thais. But there are many Thai boats even sinking in the ports:

Thailand does not maintain it's ships - or does not protect it's ports - fishing boats even sinking in the ports

It is really a surprise that fishing boats are just sinking in Thailand just because they were never maintained as these examples from South Thailand in Chumphon region are showing in Wat Hua Thanon respectively in Wat Pak Nam (Mu Ban). Regular maintaining and controls simply do not correspond to the Thai mentality as it seems.

Sunk fishing boats in Southern
              Thailand in the port of Wat Pak Nam near Chumphon 01  Gesunkenes
              Fischerbot in Süd-Thailand im Hafen von Wat Pak Nam 02
Sunk fishing boats in Southern Thailand in the port of Wat Pak Nam near Chumphon [17, 18], this should not be!

Another version tells that strong winds are provoking that the fishing boats are sinking. In this case there seems to be a construction fault because the fishing boats or the ports do not seem to be protected by sea moles. Thus such protection moles are missing for the port, one or two piers which are normal in Europe and in "America" since navigation exists. And as it seems foreign mafia groups NEVER told and instructed the Thais to do this during the last 200 years. Thus this is one more proof that secret services are for NOTHING only spying but never helping the people.

Marina and container harbor of
              Arica in Chile, panorama photo
Marina and container harbor of Arica in Chile, panorama photo [19]. Why Thais do not know that ports can be protected with sea moles?

Or there are doubts of the dwellers that the currents of the waters would change and the waste would not be taken out to the sea any more. Then an artificial port bay should be implemented, just with sea moles not interrupting the current conditions - but one must not simply let the ships in the wind in the high waves so dozens of ships are sinking!

Protection walls and sea moles can even contain little wave power plants producing power. In 2009 in Spain in the Basque country in the village of Mutriku there was constructed such a new sea mole with a power plant inside, a "power plant sea mole" (see the article "When power comes from the port's protection wall", orig. in German: "Wenn der Strom aus der Hafenmauer kommt").

Sea mole in Mutriku in Spain
              with a wave power plant inside
Sea mole in Mutriku in Spain with a wave power plant inside [20]

But Thai people mostly are not reading books when they are leaving school, and they mean that life will only go with beer, whiskey and with taxi driving and spying and peeping against tourists. Concerning homework and autonomous thinking most Thais have no idea because there are neither chairs nor tables in the flats. Thus Thais are hardly thinking until today and they are stopping reading after school times. This is really WRONG: What is sinking in Thailand - and you hardly can believe this - is also affecting the capital town of Bangkok:

Sinking tourist boat and sinking fishing boats are the symbol for sinking Bangkok: Since 2020 it is on 0 meters

Warning in Thai language:
                Bangkok is sinking 5mm per month, all have to go from
Warning in Thai language: Bangkok is sinking 5mm permonth, all have to go from here [15].

As Thais do not consider much technical controls or rules, the same sinking process is also foreseen for the town of Bangkok. Thais just don't take earnest the measurements, but Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year, and in 2020 it will be on 0 meters officially. Parts of Bangkok are already now (2014) far under 0 meters and are sinking without end because industries and dwellers do not stop to pull out groundwater provoking that the clay layer under Bangkok is sinking. And sometime this huge basin of Bangkok will be filled with the water of the sea like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. With this process there is the danger that the 15 meters dried swamp layer will dissolve or will be undermined and then streets and houses not being built on long stilts having their ground on the firm clay layer will collapse.

Some day Praya River will take Bangkok step by step during the tides and then the Gulf of Thailand will have new "spices" when sinking of Bangkok is not stopped.

All know what are the measures for this to stop this sinking of Bangkok: From 10 million people about 9 million have to change on a safe ground and industries also. Bangkok has to be spread on whole Thailand, some 4 million in the south to Chonburi, 2 million on the other side, some to Buriram and Surin to the east, some to Ranong in the west, and some to the north. This would also have good consequences for the whole country for having better jobs in the countryside and the flight from the countryside would be stopped. Since 20 years Thai government knows already that Bangkok is sinking but there are no resettlement programs neither in project nor in execution. Then sinking Bangkok will come sometimes - simply because the Thai police commander never told anything what would be to do, but all were waiting for him.

Why is this like this? First the Thai police commander has a "high" task to fulfill: He has to peep and to spy tourists controlling that nothing "forbidden" will happen what could change the sexual behavior of Thai society because then the Buddha purity orders of Thailand would be violated. This is the most important task of a Thai police commander. But saving Bangkok and shifting people to safe ground with the effect that Bangkok would not sink any more - this is simply not important for the Thai police commander: This is not written on the task sheet. And the second point is that Thais in Bangkok feel better than the Thais from the countryside and Thais from Bangkok don't want to change on the countryside. And with this mentality they are just waiting for their doom. In other words: Thai upper class with all media and with justice system inclusive are mentally crazy, mad, ill, and they lead the country directly into their doom.

The thing is that nobody knows what will happen when Bangkok is on 0 meters in 2020! Nobody knows! There is also rising sea level, and there is water pressure coming from the sea, and there are also more and more typhoons with more and more rain because there is more humidity in the atmosphere. And Thais don't believe it that also a fast doom will be possible! Thai upper class with all media and with justice system inclusive are simply

mentally crazy for spying, mad for porno which is forbidden, ill violating any private law of anybody, and they lead the country directly into their doom.

The upper class of Thailand is playing a Lotto game with the country and the sea, but at the end the sea will be the winner for sure.


Chapter 8: February 3, 2014: Spying plays: Peeping in Thailand until they die with profits by renting rooms and flats with profits to foreign secret services - 400%!

Pattaya Klang: spying flats with
              usury rent camouflaged as a "family flat"  Eine
              Spionagewohnung mit Wuchermiete in Pattaya Klang 02,
              getarnt als "Studio"
Pattaya Klang: spying flats with usury rent camouflaged as a "family flat" [21] or as a "studio" [22].
A "locked" flat does not mean that there is nobody inside but there is always a spy inside.

During my stay of 17 months in Thailand the following "spying game" could be watched being executed by criminal Thai and foreign secret services:

The principle of criminal spying of criminal Swiss secret service - probably P27 from Hubacher and Villiger

Criminal Swiss secret service P27 likes to pursue people who are "matching to their concept" fulfilling certain conditions, above all Germans are persecuted, and when a German is also a historian knowing much about criminal Switzerland then the aim is clear: Destroy him. Criminal Swiss secret service P27 is pursuing then such foreigners down to Peru or Thailand where the criminal Swiss secret service has "good contacts" already. The same Swiss secret service P27 is protecting also the Swiss pedophile club "Basel Animal Circle" knowing precisely where the criminal members are making "their holidays" for enjoying the organized child abuse (in North of Thailand).

Well, illegal and criminal Swiss secret service P27 under Kaspar Villiger (until 1990 the secret service was called P26 and was under Efrem Cattelan) was always chasing foreigners as a joke, it's just a game for them. This is criminal Swiss mentality of hyper criminal politicians Hubacher (racist and founder of "Basel Animal Circle" with child murders) and of Kaspar Villiger (also a member of "Basel Animal Circle" with murder of children and he is additionally also a drug baron with his company "Villiger and Sons"). This Swiss secret service is DELIBERATELY inventing events for blaming people of wrong actions provoking juridical decisions for the permission of spying people, and then the criminal Swiss secret service under Hubacher and Villiger can watch the person collecting data selling these data to other secret services where the foreigner is coming from - because secret services are mutually exchanging data from spied foreigners - because the own population must not be spied - theoretically.

Criminal claim that the word of "Fuck" would mean "violation"

In Thailand this illegal criminal Swiss secret service P27 is organizing huntings of people "just for fun". And by the wrong reproaches in the foreign country a collaboration of the population is organized and in this way spying and propaganda against foreigners is organized, and for example in Thailand a new "business model" for the Thais is created: The criminal secret service is claiming a wrong fact as for example that the English word "Fuck" would mean "violation" - which is completely WRONG because "Fuck" in the bed means "good sex" or "love me hot" or something similar, but never "violation" for sure, above all not when the woman is upside. Anybody has it's freedom for having good sex to day the word "Fuck" in the bed or where sex is executed.

But criminal secret service P27 with it's criminal and xenophobic spirit is reaching to spread this lie in whole Thailand and that it's even spread by national radio stations stating that the word of "Fuck" would mean a "violation". Stupid Thais with their propaganda radio "Family" are even deriving the question if somebody could be "intelligent" when he is using the word of "Fuck" in the bed - just stating that somebody having good sex cannot be "intelligent". Well, this is just sexual envy because Thai government is prohibiting everything about good sex: no BRAVO, no love novels, no porno cinema, no sex toys, NOTHING. I have never seen such a terrorism against free sexuality like in Thailand by Thai government Y.

Even when I was in Vietnam the local Vietnam TV stations were spreading this lie. Since then I knew that the culprit was not the Thai secret service but it must be the criminal Swiss secret service with it's world wide net - above all the well known voices of Swiss spies could be heard in the neighboring hotel how they were never stopping laughing against the foreigner.

Thais renting their flats for 400% of the rent to criminal Swiss secret service - the word of "Fuck" means "cash money" for the Thais

Thais never having got any sexual education never having any BRAVO or love novel mostly even not knowing what is a lubricant suffering also the prohibition of any porno or sex toy which is all forbidden by the impotent Thai government until today, these Thais are believing the Swiss lie and are collaborating with peeping spying because this peeping is even corresponding to their helpless mentality. They are leaving their neighboring flats or neighboring rooms to the secret service where the hunted foreigner is living, for a rent 400% higher than normal! Thus Thais are making a big business and they make their own profit with criminal Swiss secret service and with the joined secret services by renting a flat of normally 2,500 Baht per month for 10,000 Baht per month, or a hotel owner can await that when the hunted foreigner is getting a room the whole hotel will be full within one week full of new spies. The hotel owner has his profit - and is also fixed in the fantasy that the word of "Fuck" would be illegal because only with this lie the hotel is "filled".

Thus in this case of the word of "Fuck" this word is becoming a "bestseller", a business model for the Thais. In this case the word of "Fuck" means for the Thais not "violation" and not "good sex" but in this case the word of "Fuck" means "cash money"!!! And criminal Swiss secret service P27 with it's hyper criminal Hubacher and Villiger and their "friends" abroad (English and German beer elephants and beer heads) are just collecting data.

Here are some examples of criminal spies in Thailand in my house resp. here in hotel Maple Mansion always chattering about the victim but never speaking with the victim - because they don't want to loose their job as a spy:

Criminal Swiss spies leaving
              hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya, May 10, 2013 speaking in
              Swiss German about me  Two Swiss spies
              in the hotel Maple Mansion Nov 4, 2013  One English spy
              on Nov 4, 2013 - he presented himself as
Criminal Swiss spies leaving hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya, May 10, 2013 speaking in Swiss German about me [25] - two Swiss spies in the hotel Maple Mansion Nov 4, 2013 [26] - and one English spy on Nov 4, 2013 - he presented himself as "Frank" [27]

This English spy calling himself"Frank" had always visits from criminal Swiss andPeruvians and from Peruvian women and he was alwaystalking about my life and was delivering "theories" aboutmy life, over 3 months, without speaking with me onesingle time or asking me for a statement. Well, here is mymeaning:

Stupid Thais are shitting their land with the word of "Fuck" in the street - but they make their profit with it

Stupid Thais are repeating this word of "Fuck" also in the garden and in the street, ant they are blocking their head with this world. But the word of "Fuck" in the street means "shit", above all after an accident. That means that the stupid Thais are absolutely shitting their whole country with this word and the Thai people in general becomes a big accident - and criminal Swiss secret service is always going on like this until it's not going on any more. And the stupid Thais do not want to learn because this collaboration with criminal Swiss secret service is bringing them a good profit. A mad capitalist cycle is born, being payed by Swiss tax payer. Illegal secret service P26 was payed by a secret fonds of Swiss Military Department, and it can be admitted that also the successor organization P27 is payed in this way. Swiss tax payer is paying spying against foreigners in Thailand hunting the word of "Fuck".

Both parts, criminal Swiss secret service P27 AND the stupid Thais DON'T want to learn anything. Stupid Thais are not noticing that the criminal Swiss secret service is not a help but it is a piss take.

By this manipulation by the foreign secret services the Thais are not noticing that they are the problem themselves. Just to the contrary many Thais develop an obsession or even a psychosis meaning that the word of "Fuck" would mean a "violation" because otherwise the profits by the manipulation would stop when the hunting and spying of the foreigner would stop: The profit with the 400% rent would stop.

And the criminal secret services are developing also an obsession and a psychosis because they want that their "idea" would be true so they would not loose their peeping job. But at the end the criminal Swiss secret service P27 and other secret services (criminal Peruvian secret service for example with it's drug dealers etc.) have to confess that they spent millions for nothing against the word of "Fuck".

Thus spying against foreigners in Thailand is also motivated by financial reasons from two sides: Thais want the manipulation against the word of "Fuck" getting their profits with rents of 400%, and criminal secret services don't want to confess that spending millions for spying people is for nothing because they want to go on with their peeping job and they don't want to confess that they were hunting a phantom during years. They don't want to loose their jobs...

And stupid Swiss tax payers are not recognizing until today that there are millions wasted for spying because Swiss journalists are not ready to report the whole truth about the criminal Swiss government. Up to you! It can even be that the payment of the 400% rents for flats and hotel rooms are payed by "development funds" of criminal Switzerland!

Thais and criminal Swiss secret service P27 are even meaning that this spying would be "intelligent"... But IQ 0 is just not only IQ 0 in this case, but is even under 0. As the Swiss secret service is acting in this case the loss of millions will never be reported what cost the persecution of a phantom and is costing until nowadays (2014).

Therefore since 2013 a "Fuck" psychosis is developing in Thailand which is also developing with children and youths and all this is blocking intelligence and is fixing IQ 0 instead a learning process would be instigated with it because criminal Swiss secret service P27 is going on financing the 400% flats and because the impotent Thai government is using this lie also for it's prohibition of free sex life in Thailand. The whole population is frightened. With this Thailand becomes incurable. And it's not a wonder that the Thai police commander is even collaborating with all this psychosis and peeping because this is just his "mentality"!

All laws are violated - the punishment will come with sinking Bangkok

Of course with such plays of spying and espionage ALL laws of private atmosphere and of Buddha are violated. And it's even like this that sociological thinking and mutual help and further education is rated as "unmanly" in Thailand.

Thus one can see that Thais and criminal secret services are reaching IQ 0 and have no head, have no brain, but they are hunting phantoms. From 2020 on Bangkok will be on 0 meter officially (many parts are already now under 0 meters) and there should be evacuations since 5 years already saving the town for not further sinking. But the mental capacity is not big enough for this kind of thinking neither with the Thais nor with the criminal secret services, above all not with criminal Swiss secret service P27 who is working with drug dealing world wide by the "cigar" company Villiger and Sons. Some time the situation will be solved by itself... It's up to them!

Secret services with spying with only 1% effectivity - wasting money without end

Espionage has an effectivity of only 1%. The whole world is in a big spying illness now because the spying instruments are always cheaper and because the electronic devices are permitting always more espionage. And thus the whole world is in a negative spiral of spying "going down the toilet". There is not only Bangkok sinking because any preventive measure is missing, but in China even 50 towns are in a sinking process, and radioactivity of Fukushima is only because the repairs were not done and the controls were not done, and because the atomic plant was built in a height of 10 meters instead of 30 meters which was the original project. It's up to you when people are only spying on and on because with spying they will never find out the real problems where prevention is needed but spying is only for "hosing" people. All the millions and billions of Swiss Francs or Dollars are spent for nothing.

But sometimes the big revenge will come and Big Spirit will hose all secret services: with the physical truth. This truth can be seen in Eastern Thailand already during the rainy season when about 1/3 of Thailand is left with floods for saving Bangkok not being flooded. This is the order of the Thai government instead of constructing additional channels or beginning with the evacuations. This policy of IQ 0 has the effect that 1/3 of Thailand is regularly flooded during the rainy season, and that Bangkok is sinking. It's up to them!

Heavy floods in parts of Bangkok
              in 2013 flooding also industrial plants
Heavy floods in parts of Bangkok in 2013 flooding also industrial plants [28]

<The area around industrial center Amata Nakorn is 60 cm under water. Sand bags are protecting the production plants from the flood.>
(<Das Gebiet um das Industriezentrum Amata Nakornsteht 60 Zentimeter unter Wasser. Sandsäcke schützen dieFabriken vor den Fluten.>)


Chapter 9: Feb 3, 2014: Thais do not want to learn and they will be fishes at the end

Intelligence does not come from
              beer nor from whiskey, instruction in English  Intelligence
              does not come from beer nor from whiskey, instruction in
              Thai language
Intelligence does not come from beer nor from whiskey, instruction in English [23] - and in Thai language (google translate) [24]

For healing you have to read about 100 books.

Beer, whiskey, smoking and bad jokes or uniforms do not make intelligent.

Intelligence is in the library - many Thais never read 1 book in their life.

Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year. In 2020 Bangkok is on 0 meter and all will be fishes.

สำหรับการรักษาที่คุณ ต้องอ่านเกี่ยวกับ 100 หนังสือ

ตลกเบียร์, วิสกี้, การสูบบุหรี่และไม่ดีหรือเครื่องแบบไม่ให้มีความคิดสร้างสรรค์

หน่วยสืบราชการลับที่อยู่ในห้องสมุด - คนไทยหลายคนไม่เคยอ่านหนังสือเล่มที่ 1 ในชีวิตของพวกเขา

กรุงเทพฯจะจม 6 ซม. ทุกปี ในปี 2020 กรุงเทพฯเป็น 0 เมตรและทั้งหมดจะเป็นปลา

Well, some time stupidity and eternal laughing and violating of Buddha laws will be punished, in the case of Thailand with the doom of Bangkok.

It's up to them - Thai government and Thai population does NOT WANT to learn.


Thai government and secret services in Thailand seem to be crazy for ever never thinking never saving the own country only playing with it. It's up to you!
It seems that the Thai government wants to win against the sea. But this will never work!


Chapter 10: Feb 3, 2014: I never wanted to detect that Bangkok is sinking

I never wanted to detect that Bangkok is sinking - but I saw the news and I was translating it. Bangkok will be officially on 0 meters in 2020 - and many parts are under 0 meters now already.

I don't know why I saw this news and why only I saw the importance to publish this. 90% of Bangkok has to go to a safe ground, above all all industries consuming much ground water. There must be a distribution to Chonburi, to south of Thailand, to Buriram and Surin, and to the north of Thailand.

It's up to the Thais to manage this. It's up to you if you take this earnest or not. The government seems only to play with the country and is not governing. There must be a think tank and a movement.

Fights between red and orange or yellow or white shirts are for nothing. The problem is sinking Bangkok itself.

Red shirts fighting in sinking
                Bangkok 2010 - it's up to them to sink  Whistle
                people demonstrating in sinking Bangkok 2013 - it's up
                to them to sink.  Demonstration
                of Buddha monks in orange clothes in sinking Bangkok
                2012 - it's up to them to sink.
Red shirts fighting in sinking Bangkok 2010 [29] - Whistle people demonstrating in sinking Bangkok 2013 [30] - demonstration of Buddha monks in orange clothes in sinking Bangkok 2012 [31] - it's up to them to sink. Thai people don't know what is important in life...

Don't believe in any foreign mafia group, only know: Bangkok is sinking 5 mm every month, 6 cm every year, in 2020 is on 0 meters. Nothing more is important for Thailand. Go on a safe ground. Only a little Bangkok with diplomats and some students can survive. Install safe water supply and channels for typhoon protection. Install protecting walls and dikes or install villages in the countryside on artificial mountains.

You have the right to live well. Thai people has to learn to handle the water, the rain and the sea. Mafia groups of criminal Switzerland, of England, of Russia or of Germany will NOT tell you how to live well but want only enjoy and make profits.

Feb 4, 2014: Important supplement

The ground of Bangkok: not suitable for big cities and big industries
The ground in the flood plain of Bangkok is only suitable for little locations and for little towns of a maximum of about 50,000 inhabitants and for sure not for water consuming industries.

The change of industries has to be BEFORE the big disaster is happening
The industries of Bangkok have to be shifted on a safe ground BEFORE the big disaster with big floods is happening. Prevention and intelligent acting is wanted. One should not want to shift the industries when the machineries are damaged or destroyed by floods already!

Missing sea moles and piers in the countryside
As Thailand never was colonized by Europeans no safe harbors with sea moles were built in the countryside! It seems that this connection was not detected concerning teh countryside until today!

Missing direct ship connections over the sea
Additionally direct ship connections are missing from western South Thailand (Chumphon etc.) to eastern South Thailand (Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong, Trat) - with hovercrafts with 100 km per hour.

In general there are missing some effective strategists in Thailand as it seems. China has the same problems with 50 sinking cities...

Thinking comes from thinking not from drinking. But the big majority of the Thai people - Thai government inclusive - does not want to learn - but they are going on drinking. It's up to them.

Feb 7, 2014: One more supplement

Since 20 years they know that Bangkok is sinking - for politics it's NOT IMPORTANT when Bangkok is sinking - they are betraying the Thai population

Since 20 years the political parties in Thailand know that Bangkok is sinking, and they are NOT doing ANYTING about it.

The government and the opposition know precisely that they let sink Bangkok:

Point 1: typhoons are always stronger by the warming of the climate
Point 2: sea level is rising because of the warming of the climate and also the water pressure by salty sea ground water is rising
Point 3: overconsumption of groundwater is provoking that the town is sinking 6 cm per year.

This means that the town should be minimized to 1 or 2 million so Bangkok will at least not sink any more. Thus there should be evacuations of all industries and of about 9 million people within 5 years, thus about 10,000 people per day.

But it seems that the political parties are not interested in sinking Bangkok, it's absolutely not important for them when Bangkok is on 0 meters from 2020 on and is threatened of being "filled up". With this also water pressure from the sea is playing a big role. From a certain level under sea level on the sea will provoke an access to the town underground because the underground water ways are unpredictable.

For Thai politics it's NOT IMPORTANT when Bangkok is sinking
                      Yingluk-Shinawatra: Ihr ist es EGAL, wenn Bangkok
Government Yingluk-Shinawatra: It's NOT IMPORTANT for her when Bangkok is sinking [32]

Oppositionsführer Suthep-Thaugsuban: Er tut
                      so "stark", aber es ist ihm EGAL, wenn
                      Bangkok sinkt
Opposition leader Mr. Suthep-Thaugsuban: He is playing his show for being "strong", but it's NOT IMPORTANT for him when Bangkok is sinking [33]

Polizeikommandant der
                        Nationalpolizei von Thailand Adul Saengsingkaew
Police commander of Thai National Police of Thailand, Mr. Adul Saengsingkaew: It's NOT IMPORTANT for him when Bangkok is sinking [34]

Calculation of the government and of police commanders: presenting themselves as "saviors" - and keeping the population in poverty

Since 20 years they know that Bangkok is sinking and they are not doing anything about it but installing some pumping systems for the case when rain would be too strong in Bangkok. As it seems these political parties in Thailand are just speculating that the big catastrophe will happen and that the population in Bangkok has to "look for" a new place then. This means: The Thai government is calculating for presenting himself as a "savior".

At the same time in East Thailand since years every year already millions of Thais are put DELIBERATELY into floods so Bangkok is kept dry. That means, already now millions of Thais are put into poverty in East Thailand, and it seems that it's NOT IMPORTANT neither to the government nor to the opposition what will happen in Bangkok. Millions will impoverish and it seems that this is just "well" for the political parties because one can "govern" poor people better than rich people. This betrayal to Thai population by Thai politics will be a total one.

Instead of beginning with evacuations to a safe ground so Bangkok would not further sink any more the political parties and industrial chiefs are just "playing a game" with the population and they are "chancing" it. This is the total betrayal of the Thai population. The population itself is not much aware of it because they are only drinking alcohol, they are laughing and they are watching TV and they are just meaning that alcohol, laughing and watching TV would make intelligent. Well, it's just the contrary: These are other means to keep the population not intelligent but quiet!

And in this way all go into the catastrophe because not only sea level is rising and typhoons are stronger and Praya River will take parts of the town with it, but Praya River will "fill up" parts of sunk Bangkok. And one day when Bangkok is 5 meters under 0 it can be that the clay layer under Bangkok will be overcharged and will get cracks or will even break. In this case the sea ground water will come up through the cracks, the mud layer will be dissolved and the whole basin will be filled up. In this case just 10 million Thais will convert themselves into fishes. Enjoy yourself!

But the principle work of Thai government and of Thai police commanders and also of mentally drunken and impoverished Thai radio and TV station seems to be until today always the same one: drinking alcohol, laughing at the poor and spying tourists. But just this will not make intelligent, but in this way by drinking alcohol, laughing and espionage they will loose always more brain and they will loose their head until doom will come. Well, this behavior could also be found on the big ship "Titanic": They were drinking alcohol, they were laughing at the poor, and they were spying each other, but they did not read the warnings. Well, this is up to you. Shame on you.

February 7, 2014: Thais don't want to learn - they only want to peep and to spy - Thai radio "Family" is paying rooms and spies - and the punishment will come

I was told just today that the Thai radio "Family" is manipulating whole Thailand against tourists, this radio is even renting rooms and flats next to certain tourists paying also 400% rents, and this radio is even suborning third persons against certain tourists PAYING them as spies in the house of the chosen tourist spying and making propaganda.

Well, spending millions of dollars for such an espionage and wasting time with espionage and propaganda against tourists instead of taking measures in sinking Bangkok there is only one conclusion:

The punishment for Thailand with a sinking Bangkok and with the doom of Bangkok seems to be a justified punishment. These Thais and this Thailand cannot be helped when they are such peepers even suborning and paying third persons for peeping and spying.

As it can be admitted that such operations are paid by Thai tax payer or foreign secret services or mafia groups it also can be admitted that Thai government (Yingluck and police commanders) is authorizing such spying action and for this Thailand will really get the punishment of sinking Bangkok. It seems that they really need it and even want this punishment with sinking Bangkok for solving their sex problems they have. Shame on you, stupid Thailand.

Blind because of sex problems, blinder because of sex problems, Thailand is sinking because of it's sex problems... - of course one could solve these big sex problems of Thailand with some porno cinemas and with YouPorn! But Thais and also the Thai government and Thai police commanders just don't want to learn anything and thus Bangkok will go down. It's up to them - penalty will come of course when they don't want to learn.

And criminal Thais with their eternal peeping and spying are even proud of this. More blind one cannot be... But the penalty for this will be in Bangkok. Since 20 years the Thai government knows that Bangkok is sinking and they are NOT DOING ANY real measure, but they are going on with peeping and spying! It's up to them.

With spying and peeping NO problem in Thailand is solved but all money is only wasted for nothing which is money of the poor. But crazy Thais just don't want to learn anything...


Chapter 11: February 8, 2014: Sex problems without end in Thailand and in South East Asia: no sex education - sex prohibitions as culture - they cannot manage body liquids and ground water...

Good sex: foreplay makes both
              hot  Kick boxing /
              Thai boxing
Good sex: foreplay is making both hot - but in South East Asia this foreplay does practically not exist - but Thais are always boxing each other up to kick boxing / Thai boxing with heaviest injuries. How crazy Thais are!
(http://hypnosisappstore.com/blog/ - http://www.austinfitnessgyms.com/an-introduction-to-thai-boxing/)

Part 1:

One has to imagine the conditions in Thailand and in whole South East Asia like this:

Sex education does not exist, BRAVO does not exist, love novels do not exist, tenderness does mostly not exist, mothers are boxing their children, women are boxing their children, men are only allowed with boxing against other men (from this comes kickboxing in Thailand which is also called "Thai boxing"), introduction and foreplay do not exist, men and women do not know how to prepare for being "hot", thus there is no good sex at all in South East Asia but people have partly no sex at all during 20 or even 30 years! Therefore who has children and has sex is rated as an ill person.

Thus a marriage is mostly only a money relationship and people are envious on foreigners because they are of another kind and Thais do not know why, and when somebody is telling them this then they don't believe it. Therefore sex problems in South East Asia are WITHOUT END.

No, South East Asia is a really mentally ill region, and world can be lucky that they have no atomic plants but this is in Japan where they have a better sex education but the humans in Japan mean that they would be the "pioneers" of whole Asia. Well, one can see that this "pioneer" is only radiating yet. This is the result of Japanese corruption.

And Bangkok is sinking and in China other 50 towns are sinking - because people do not learn what is a ground and what is ground water. And when an intelligent foreigner is telling them then they don't believe it...

Governments in Asia also forged balances during decades, 60 to 80% of the alleged economic growth are a lie, and Asia is really sinking with it's sinking towns and is also sinking into a sea of radioactive radiation. And in the "Western world" these truths are simply not reported...

Part 2:

Furious Thais are even prohibiting sex one to each other and they mean that this would be "culture" when one had just only little sex because they are rating sex as something "dirty" yet. Perhaps this behavior was also in Europe in 18th century yet before there were Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dr. Sommer and BRAVO. All this is missing in Thailand and in South East Asia.

One can only shake one's head shake one's head shake one's head shake one's head shake one's head shake one's head shake one's head...

Because Thais and people in South East Asia are often in a panic from body liquids they also cannot manage ground water and therefore they cannot manage Bangkok and Bangkok is sinking because they cannot take earnest this word "ground water" which is continuously pulled out thus the clay layer over the ground water is sinking.

It's up to you - and when an intelligent foreigner is explaining all this then the foreigner is blamed as a fool!

But the really dirty thing, spying people and neighbors with their private life is rated "normal" in Thailand and in South East Asia. Thus this region of the world really deserves it's doom. People and governments there just DON'T WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING.

Oh, there was a report last week: Good sex is not only relaxing and is not only supporting blood circulation in all human organs, but is also supporting the creation of new brain cells. Well then one knows where the lack can be found in South East Asia...


February 12, 2014: Peruvian PIGS in the house and in the garden in Thailand - Peruvian spies are speaking of girls - but spies have neither brain nor heart

Peruvian brains are like holes - like a nut with nothing in it

Peruvian pigs in my house are here in Thailand, but Thailand has to know how they are: Peruvians come from Peru, but Peruvians are not only speaking Spanish and they are not only speaking of Peru, but it seems that they also speak Thai well. But this is for nothing because the Peruvian brain is so empty like a numb nut. they mean that they are "Christians", but Peruvians are the greatest racists of the whole world. In Peru even the poors are laughing against each other - this is Peruvian style - I could watching it during 4 years.

Peruvians are "enjoying" racism

Peruvians don't know what is peace but they mean that they would have any freedom for acting out their "energies": Thus they are racists against everything which is poorer than they themselves, and of course they are racists against foreigners, and then they are racists also against the other sex. Additionally many Peruvians develop a drive in the group forming gangs and these gangs have their special rules like the "initial probe" when a person has to be killed. This group dynamics of these Peruvian gangs is developing forward for presenting "intelligence" in robbing, assaulting and murdering, as a "competition" against police which is overcharged on and on and is only asking why there is no peace in Peru.

In Peru peace is not allowed - they are killing each other because of nothing

Well, in Peru peace is not allowed, otherwise "there would not be anything interesting", in this kind the Peruvians are thinking. Because they are calling themselves "Christians", but many of them cannot even read. Perhaps they have a Bible at home, but they never speak with a pastor about life. But in Peru it's normal to rob, to violate, to lie, to kill, they are meddling into other's lives, they are drinking alcohol until they collapse in their house or in their garden with a loud private discoteque, and many young Peruvians are also full of drugs. These cases are very childish but also dramatic: Soccer fans are killing each other in discoteques because the wrong team has won, or somebody is envious because of a woman murdering another man but killing the wrong person, or a drunk Peruvian is killing the neighbor with a knife. This is Peruvian stile and Peruvian PIGS are killing each other in this way. And Peruvians even mean that "the whole world is like this!"

Why is there so much alcohol? Because the bosses of the political parties are owners of the breweries. Why is there no alcohol free beer in Peru? Because a stupid population can be managed better. Why are there so many drugs in Peru? Because the Peruvian government is the drug dealer. This is the same like in Switzerland with Villiger and his company "Villiger&Sons" (cigar company wit Joint Venture with Cuba - drug dealer!). Well, many Peruvian airlines lost their license already because of drug transportation...

Peru: Police is collaborating with the gangs of thieves - Peruvian police is also the murderer

This Peruvian mentality is also spreading in Peruvian police itself: It's just "normal" in Peru when policemen are "collaborating" with gangs of thieves. For example there is an agreement that police will not watch a certain house during a certain time and then is a burglary and the gang is making fifty fifty with the police. And it's also "normal" in Peru that Peruvian police is having a "side job" dealing with drugs (intermediate dealer with high profits!), and it's just normal that Peruvian policemen are leaders of killer gangs - and of course Peruvian police cannot speak foreign languages, not English either because otherwise they would become intelligent. Thus with tourists Peruvian policemen are so stupid like fishes and therefore they are even dependent from the gangs where at least some members can speak English.

Also in Peruvian police there is a group dynamics which is driving into the negative direction. There are managers extorted or murdered, there are murders but Peruvian police is deliberately blaming the wrong person by faking documents or making maneuvers and intrigues, or Peruvian police is hunting people who have never done anything - simply because the police commander wants to have his "joy". Peruvian police is also putting cells with captives on fire - this is "just normal" in Peru.

Well, the highest boss of drugs in Peru is the Peruvian government, but they also have oil, gas and gold mines etc. etc. - they have all this what the poor in Peru don't have. Police means sometimes that they will get shares when they are "doing something for the country", and for this there is the propaganda against foreigners. Thus criminal Peruvian men from Peruvian criminal police are speaking about "girls" and a "foreigner" then - also when there is no delict at all!

Sharing is not "Peruvian". Even aid and subsidies for earth quake victims in Peru were stolen by the mayors, and material for the earth quake victims was "derived" by criminal Peruvian police, this happened in the region of Ica in 2007 and in 2008. Therefore Peru is really a country of PIGS, there is nothing more.

Peru: Lies for profiling: innocents in Peruvian prisons are "just normal" in criminal Peru - no education, no books

Peru is an absolutely criminal country. Searching and meditating is not wanted there at all. Therefore every year 100s of Peruvian INNOCENTS are put into prisons and the culprits - thieves and murderers - are going on to be free when they are arranging their crime just a little bit in an intelligent way.

Spying in Peru is concentrating in peeping (porno is forbidden in Peru therefore criminal Peruvian police forces are watching their "porno" by using espionage devices). Well, intelligence will be only higher when a new book is read from time to time, but this is not foreseen in Peru, but books are purchased mostly and almost only bi tourists from Europe...

Example of a false captive in prison: Joran van der Sloot

Peruvian criminal police also has the strange custom to "stamp" certain persons as "criminal" and pursuing them without end and hosing them also in the Peruvian press whereas nothing has happened. In this way the Dutch man Mr. Joran van der Sloot was a victim of Peruvian press and of the criminal Peruvian government (criminal president Garcia, murderer of over 30 natives because of oil in the rain forest - Pizango case). The good friend of Joran was murdered in the hotel room by a killer command (this was probably ordered by the government). Joran was taking it's flight from the hotel in Lima taking a Taxi to Chile. Then he stated two times in Chile in the right way that he never had anything to do with any murder, but then the "turnaround" came: Joran van der Sloot was deported from Chile to Lima and then a criminal Peruvian police officer was making an "offer" to Joran: When Joran would say that he had killed the woman in the hotel room then Joran would be brought to Holland. Joran was accepting this illegal offer and since then he is stating that he had murdered a women who he never murdered and the Peruvian police is laughing about a foreigner who is committing a murder which he never committed.

Well, I analysed this case in 2011 and presented this case in Spanish, in English and in Dutch. Peruvian criminal police is spying me in every corner of the world, even in Thailand they are making propaganda against my person whereas there is NOTHING against me, but criminal Peruvians of criminal police are NOT ready until today (2014) to discuss about this case of the faked captive Joran van der Sloot.

Peruvian spies in Thailand: only alcohol and drugs in the brain

Thus when there are statements of Peruvian spies in Thailand then one has to be "very carefully"

-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" it to be criminal above all with drug dealing and weapon trafficking
-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" their racist manner to "hose" foreigners
-- because these criminal Peruvians are "enjoying" manipulating other persons proving their power because they have just alcohol and drugs in their head and NOTHING ELSE.

With these methods criminal Peruvian policemen of criminal police are putting 100s of innocent people in jail every year only for making their carreer!!! and for this "performance" of propaganda, faking documents, drug dealing or murders etc. they get even primes, promotions and a rent for life - WITHOUT any further education.

¿Peruvian women? - murderers, slapping children, manipulations, mothers slapping their children, big sister slapping little sister - ¡is just normal in Peru!

There is the question how Peruvian women are managing this situation. In little words, the situation for Peruvian women is absolutely brute. Partly they are copying the "fighting spirit" and they are also murdering (e.g. the former husband or a man of competition) and they are slapping (above all mothers are slapping their children) or Peruvian women are also manipulating without end (e.g. is manipulating the husband or the boyfriend). Peruvian women are also making many intrigues, they are also stealing much or betraying or spying much, this is "just normal" in Peru. The most extreme case I saw is a Peruvian woman who was making gymnastics for having big boobs and a big bum for looking "better" but she did not tell anything to the partner and suddenly all was little. Robbing a laptop is "just normal" in Peru. There are also women gangs performing robberies in restaurants or shopping centers or in banks, this is "just normal" in the country of PIGS of Peru. Peruvian police women are also leaders of killer gangs etc. Only in drug dealing Peruvian women are not seen so often.

Criminal Peruvian police inventing pedophile stories against foreigners - example

When Peruvian mothers are slapping their children then this is very heavy mostly. Sometimes the death of the child is included. I saw a situation where a mother was slapping all her three daughters and then the little daughter was also slapped by the two big sisters thus the little daughter was always ordered to clean the toilet and nothing else. A worse torture cannot be imagined. And when I saw this case and when I was helping this slapped daughter systematically then criminal Peruvian police was promptly inventing a "pedophile" story - and this story is also told in Thailand now, but all is concealed how this brute mother and the two big sisters were slapping, supressing and torturing the little sister. Additionally there is not at all an y delict and the domiciles were in a distance of 5 km and visits were only 1 time per week for balancing energies or for putting high lights.

Well, why the criminal Peruvian police officers and officers of criminal police are always inventing pedophile stories against foreigners? First because the are racists against foreigners. And secondly because criminal Peruvian police officers just like to see porn films but in Peru porno is forbidden. And the third point is because criminal Peruvian police officers have just an alcoholic brain and often also a drug brain and they mean that it has to be right what they mean. Change is not foreseen but they want to have a culprit for making their career - also when there is NO delict at all during 6 years. This means that this criminal Peruvian police is pursuing the wrong people without end who never did anything, and other culprits are never pursued because their families are "protected" or because there are bribes.

Criminal Peruvian peeper's police is pursuing foreigners who finished with Peru

The following story seems to be absolutely perverse considering that a Peruvian women kicked out a foreigner from her home and then this foreigner is finishing the relation definitely. But now the criminal police of Peru is not accepting it and begins with intrigues and persecution 24 hours per day. They are manipulating hotel owners, neighbors with all possible intrigues and wrong rumors. Why this criminal Peruvian police is doing this? Because they don't want to loose their job! A more destructive mentality like the one in Peru is not imaginable.

Policemen in Peru - what they learn about high criminality for their career

Criminal Peruvian police is irritated when a foreigner can see the structures of Peruvian families and is helping there where help is needed. Because Peruvian police does not learn helping but they mostly only learn bribing, making propaganda, faking minutes and documents, provoking faked statements, putting innocents into jail, robbing, collaborating with gangs of thieves or killing gangs, murdering and extorting - for making their "career" faster.

All these delicts can be PROVED in the Peruvian press which I analyzed ruing 1 1/2 year. Peruvians are PIGS like NO OTHER PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

"Christian missionary women" in Peru

Then there are also "Christian" Peruvian women who want to mission the whole world with their "Jesus" instead of consulting human rights rejecting the eternal faked manipulation of the world with this Jewish "Jesus". Healers are on the whole world not only in Jewry! Additionally the Peruvian missionary women are rejecting everything what would be a scientific research - like Peruvian police. Peruvian "Christian" women are mostly not recognizing criminal police and then they want to mission always teh wrong person. Further education for an integrated psychology is not at all happening in Peru either because it's not possible to purchase books from Europe in Peru - "we don't have commercial relations with them", this is teh statement in book stores in Miraflores and in San Isidro in Lima. Thus teh Peruvian government is blocking any further education with material from Europe and is keeping the population stupid deliberately - this is a system.

Does somebody want such a country like Peru? As for me surely not, also any contact to Peruvian women is not needed who are mostly only robbing and manipulating and in the case of doubt they are also killing. But this is rated "just normal" by the Peruvian women - also when Peru is a "Christian" country.

Peruvian population cannot defend itself against criminal police

All in all criminal police in criminal Peru is that criminal that the Peruvian population which wants to live in a honest way has NO CHANCE. Assaults are even going that far that people is robbed at the intrence of the flat when people is coming back from purchasing goods - systematically performed by armed gangs of thieves stealing the new good in Peru!!! Peruvian population is taking it's flight into the Bible but cannot find anything abainst criminal police and agains drug gangs - and thus they do NOT ORGANIZE ANYTHING. Only in some cases there are police commanders taking measures, but in 5 years the situation is like it was in the beginning. And tehrefore Peru is a country of PIGS. Unfortunately this is the truth.

And when you have a Peruvian on the table or in the house then there is the danger that this criminal mentality is spread - because then there is 1 Peruvian, 10 more Peruvians follow in 1 month...

Peruanische Kriminelle zerstören systematisch auch andere Länder in Süd-"Amerika" - oder auch Thailand

Die Peruaner machen schrittweise auch ganz Süd-"Amerika" kaputt mit Drogenhandel und Diebesbanden über die Landesgrenzen hinweg. Ecuador, Bolivien und Chile leiden sehr unter den "wilden" Peruanern, die illegal über die Grenze kommen und dort systematisch Diebstähle organisieren, z.B. in Arica in Chile. Aus Arica werden pro Woche 2 Reisebusse mit illegalen Peruanern zurück nach Peru transportiert. Die peruanische Kriminalität geht seit dem Bau der Urwaldstrasse nach Brasilien auch bis Brasilien und Argentinien, wo systematisch die kriminellen Peruaner den Drogenhandel aufbauen. Die peruanischen SCHWEINE kommen also immer mehr überallhin. Zur Zeit erlebe ich kriminelle, peruanische Spione auch in Thailand, die wieder falsche Gerüchte verbreiten, um sich zu profilieren - nun, ein Hohlkopf ist eben nichts mehr als eine hohle Nuss und hat KEIN Hirn! Das heisst, der Präsident des kriminellen Peru hat die Zerstörung von Thailand durch peruanische Drogen vorgesehen.

Für die Bevölkerungen von Argentinien und Chile zum Beispiel ist die Situation mit den peruanischen SCHWEINEN absolut zum Kotzen. Sie wollen zum Teil sogar, dass dieses kriminelle Peru nicht mehr existiert. Sie wünschen alle Peruaner zum Teufel - und Recht haben sie, denn dieses Peru mit seiner Kriminalität ändert sich NIE, sondern Morden gibt in Peru den grossen Profit. Peru ist ein Kotz-Land. Thailand muss das wissen!

Der Gipfel: Peruaner behaupten, die ganze Welt sei so wie Peru!

Der Gipfel ist aber, dass die Peruaner von sich selbst behaupten: "So sind wir eben", und sie behaupten sogar noch, die ganze Welt sei so. Das heisst: Peru ist nicht nur ein Land von SCHWEINEN, sondern diese SCHWEINE sind auch noch UNBELEHRBAR. Und das ist wirklich das Schlimmste, was ich jemals erlebt habe.

In Peru selbst werden SCHWEINE einfach erschossen. Im Ausland führen solche peruanischen SCHWEINE ihr Lügenwerk und Zerstörungswerk fort und hetzen ihr Opfer immer weiter, weil es bei den SCHWEINEN ja um die SCHWEINISCHE Karriere geht - auch wenn überhaupt KEIN Delikt vorhanden ist.

Das heisst: Die peruanischen SCHWEINE von der Polizei und von der Kriminalpolizei haben KEIN HERZ, sondern handeln nur mit Propaganda und Revolver.

Aber manche Opfer sind eben nicht so dumm wie Joran van der Sloot - sondern die SCHWEINE aus Peru müssen bald nach Hause gehen, in ihr SCHWEINELAND Peru. Das gilt auch für die peruanischen SCHWEINE, die Ausländer in Thailand verfolgen, denn die peruanischen SCHWEINE ohne Hirn, mit einem Hirn wie eine hohle Nuss und mit ihren Zwangsvorstellungen, die passen wirklich nirgendwo hin.


February 12, 2014: Supplement: Bum bum

As most Thais have no BRAVO nor love novels and as there is no love in Thai TV so one has to present this little supplement: The English word of "Fuck" means in Thai "bum bum".


"Fuck me"="bum bum me"

"Fuck you"="bum bum yourself and go away"

"Fuck" in the street or in the restaurant or in school or at home in an accident situation means "shit".

Is now all clear for Thailand with the word of "Fuck"? Such things would be presented in BRAVO or in love novels which are missing in Thailand.

How stupid is Thailand when Thailand has no BRAVO...

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