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D     THAI ภาษาไทย

Lady and criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya - stop these Swiss mafia Nazi criminals

by Michael Palomino (2012/2013)



1 Criminal Swiss mafia at Buakao Road in Pattaya
Criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya has got a center in Buakao Road house no. 316/74 in DaDar Apartment House in the flat C5. These stupid criminals claim again and again that a man from Europe had 10 girlfriends at the same time. Well, this is not possible of course. Here is a summary:

Ladies in Thailand have a striking behavior above all by the following activities: stealing, lying, smoking, snoring, being in the bed like dead, bad smell, there is no breast at all, ugly face not well cared, any memory is missing, or they are alcoholics drinking the money you give them, they only watch TV and are only drinking beer, or they drink whiskey without end and are taking drugs, and some are also loosing keys or don't know that a lock can be opened without key with a mechanic - and some ladies in Thailand don't even know how shaving is going cutting hairs, and some ladies also slap the men meaning that this would be "love". Slapping is a big "tradition" in Thai families yet and they say that this would be a "proof for love". No thanks. Thai ladies are also living with vagina inflammations and they don't know what is medicine, a lubricant or an oil for good sex, or they don't like good sex any more and are just asking the client "When will you finish?" And when they are snoring like an elephant then they say that all humans are snoring like this, or when they are alcoholic than they also want to remain like this and are rejecting any healing and they get always more jobs with alcohol where the customer pays the beer.

Additionally to all this there is a criminal Swiss mafia of pimps and bar tenders operating with a Thai mafia working together with the ladies against the men respectively mafia listens to the mobile phone of the ladies and after one day there will be a call and manipulation thus the ladies lie and steal even more or mafia is even destroying relationships instead that just this criminal Swiss and Thai mafia groups with much money in the background would help the poor in Thailand who have no table and no chairs in their houses in the countryside, or they also could control and educate the ladies. But mafia is not a teaching organization but they are only chasing and peeping foreigners and nothing more as Thai mafia just wants. This mentality against foreigners is combining very well with the criminal Swiss pimps who mostly come from the radical right wing SVP sector: They are simply manipulating everything against foreigners and they enjoy it as they are doing it also in criminal poison atomic bank secret Switzerland. Stupid or criminal Thai ladies should be always innocent. In short words: Swiss mafia is absolutely destructive in Thailand and Thais are not getting aware of it.

This criminal Swiss mafia of SVP is even working like this manipulating hotel owners and local police chiefs and whole neighborhoods against foreigners only because they enjoy hunting foreigners - with the salary of Swiss secret service which is also run by criminal right wing SVP, and Thais with their police chiefs and Thai TV do not get aware of this but they are willingly collaborating. This Swiss criminality in Thailand has NO limits but will only end when Thais will eliminate these criminal Swiss from their country at last.

Here are some details:

2 The first lady: Gift (085-439 95 32) "loosing" 9,000 Baht, is manipulated by Swiss mafia and does not speak any more - Dieter Zweigle keeps the names secret
The first lady (Gift) claimed that when I would give her 9,000 Baht then she would be free from her bar and would live with me (the original text is here). This project with Gift was connected with a schooling program giving an education for being a shop owner at the end, with English inclusive. And all was coordinated with Gift's mother - as she said. I gave her 9,000 Baht, and the next day she said that she had lost the 9,000 Baht. Add to this she claimed that there were people in Pattaya speaking badly about me. Then lady Gift wanted 30,000 Baht for one month, and she said, when I would love her, I should pay her 30,000 Baht and she would come to me. But why should I give her 30,000 Baht when she had lost 9,000 Baht before? I wanted to give her 10,000 Baht every 10 days, but lady Gift did not want to accept this. The lady Gift claimed I should wait two months until all "would be over". And then she went with another customer fucking with him every day and night. I waited for 2 weeks, but lady Gift did not speak nor read, and she did not answer telephone calls either. Gift did not speak nor read either when I had got my education visa. But there was another thing: Criminal Swiss mafia was exactly in the same house like me at Buakao Road 316/74 in DaDar Apartment House in the flat over me (C5) making their intrigues speaking always about my life, and since August 2012 they are shouting "Fack Fack Fack" in Pattaya.

There is an administrator of DaDar Apartment House: Dieter Zweigle (Thai telephone: 084-753 39 90, German/English telephone: 080-639 48 97, e-mail: dieterzweigle@yahoo.de). He rejected any indication of names protecting the culprits of Swiss mafia in the flat C5. His wife indicated that Danish people would live in C5. But they spoke perfect Swiss German in the dialect of the region of Zurich. Therefore these were Swiss people with faked passports. In DaDar House also were living "Russians" who were speaking perfect Swiss German. Therefore also these were Swiss people with faked passports with Russian design. All is indicating that this is an undercover action of criminal Swiss secret service. But the housekeeper Dieter Zweigle gave NO information. He kept the names for himself and let go the mafia action on and on in his house.

How ill are these criminal Swiss mafia members from Buakao Road? Well, the answer is simple: This criminal Swiss mafia is ill and criminal without limits. Their criminality has no border lines. Switzerland has become too little for them.

3 Lady P. snoring like an elephant
When there was no word from lady Gift for 2 weeks, I decided to get to know another lady, but this second lady (P.) was snoring like an elephant, and common sleep was not possible. Medicaments were for nothing, and P. resigned an operation from her rhinitis which she had since her pregnancy since 8 years. She simply claimed that all would snore like her. And therefore this relationship ended after 4 days.

4 Lady N. gets healing for 2,650 Baht - and is returning to the bar: alcohol and cigarette
When Lady Gift was not saying anything after 4 weeks yet, I decided to get to know one more lady, but this third lady (N.) was very ill and I spent 2,650 Baht for her healing (vagina inflammation, 3 antibiotic injections, one blood group test, pills). But then Lady N. wanted to smoke again instead to live with a healthy life, and she wanted to be drunk again instead to live with a healthy life, and therefore N. wanted to return to the bar and did not want to live with me, before the relationship had really  begun.

5 Lady L. heavy in love - healings - but she is always slapping
When there was no news from Gift since 6 weeks, I got to know a lady (L.) on Buddha Mountain. She was very sick. She had strong pains by menstruation and PMS, and one eye was not in order, and she had no breast. I payed her medicaments, and the pains were going away with chlorophyll almost completely. the cream for the breast did not work. And there was something special with Lady L.: She was always slapping me. She meant that slapping was a gesture of love. Well, for me this was not at all a gesture of love, but she did not want to change her habit, and therefore we are only friends, but without love.

6 The criminal bar landlady of "Good Heart" bar threatening me with wooden sword and throwing bar chairs to the street
When I gave at the bar of Lady Gift a little Buddha statue for Gift for having good energy, the bar landlady of this "Good Heart" bar claimed that Lady Gift did not want to see me any more. Then I told that there would be a criminal Swiss mafia who had manipulated Gift against me, and this lady Gift has to pay me the 9,000 Baht back. Now this bar landlady of "Good Heart" bar was very angry and could not control herself anymore. She was threatening me with a big wooden sword chasing me through the whole bar down to the street. When I returned 15 minutes later with the text of the messages showing the text to the landlady, she destroyed the document and was again threatening and chasing me with her wooden sword. When after a week I wanted to drink a Coke again at this Good Heart bar, the staff did not want to give me anything anymore, and after half an hour I was ordered to leave the bar and the criminal bar landlady was throwing bar chairs against me throwing them on the street. Well, it seems that the criminal Swiss mafia was manipulating well this bar landlady against me with the claim that I had "other women all the time". But this criminal Swiss mafia did NEVER say but did conceal systematically that Gift was not saying anything to me and was not at all present during all this time.

7 On 4 October 2012: phone call: lady Gift does not want to know me
Gift had called one time saying that I was writing too many messages and I should stop this otherwise I would be a case "for hospital". Well, then I decided the first time she had to pay back the 9,000 Baht and then the affair would come to an end. Then after some time she had written that she would not work at Good Heart Bar any more but would be with her family in Sea Kaow. When I promised her a motor bike in the case she would come to me there was an anonymous telephone call, but nothing more. When I changed my hotel to 3d Road to "Unthiga" hotel, the young Swiss motor bike mafia was claiming in the street that I would wait here for "my lady". And then I myself called Gift at 4 October 2012, and now lady Gift was claiming the following things:
-- she claimed that she did not know me
-- she said she would not know about 9,000 Baht
-- she was asking where I would come from
-- she was asking who I would be from the many men she had had
-- then she claimed that she would be in her home town Sea Kaow now
-- then she claimed that she would never come back to Pattaya
-- then she said that she would enjoy family life now
-- then she said that she had also spoken about all this affair with her husband
-- then I asked her why she had claimed 2 months ago that her husband had died 3 years ago
-- and then Gift did not answer any more, but lady Gift was cutting off the line.

Well, after this telephone call the case was clear for me: Lady Gift was a criminal thief, and she was always manipulated against me by criminal Swiss mafia, and it seems that also lying was one part of Gift's life and culture. Criminal Swiss mafia tried at the same time to defame me at hotel owners and in the Thai population, and probably also Gift was manipulated. Criminal Swiss mafia presented me always as a bad man who was not loyal but it was stupid criminal Gift who was not loyal to ME but fucking around for day and night with her customers. Well, Gift has to pay back the 9,000 Baht of course. Loosing 100 Baht can be, but "loosing" 9,000 Baht, this is simply NOT possible.

All in all both sides were absolutely criminal: lady Gift - and the criminal Swiss mafia with a center in DaDar Apartment House at Buakao Road 316/74 flat C5. And there was a young motorbike gang, and the boss of all this Swiss mafia seemed to be a Nazi asshole in Switzerland pursuing me by telepathy distributing orders against me again and again.

8 New lady - and criminal Swiss mafia claims that there would be a "remark" in Switzerland
After precisely 2 months I was fed up with this criminal Lady Gift - this was 4 days after the telephone call, and Gift did not speak or write any word. My heart had suffered enough and I got to know my girlfriend of nowadays. And of course the criminal mafia had also occupied rooms in my new hotel "Unthiga", also members of the young motorbike mafia, only for spying me. One of the young criminal Swiss mafia gang members shouted in the street that there would be an "entry" in Switzerland, and as long as this "entry" would exist, he would pursue me into any corner of the world. Well, this simply meant that this Swiss Nazi was pursuing me and had a good job with this getting high Swiss salary being thankful for this "entry", and it seemed that he had this job for life. It seemed that a Swiss Nazi friend had made this "entry" against me, and in this way these criminal Swiss were organizing their job pursuing foreigners abroad also when Switzerland was not at all in any danger. But Nazi police of Switzerland with 1,000 Swiss Francs salary per day want to pursue humans as they want because this is a "joy" for them. Swiss tax payer does NOT notice ANYTHING of this because these "operations" are kept secret by "Swiss Secret Service", and the money is "robbed" from other legal operations. Another part of the salary comes probably from narcotrafficking. All in all secret operations are not allowed to be listed in official accounting.

9 Criminal Swiss mafia shouting "Fack Fack Fack" in whole Pattaya
And criminal Swiss mafia with it's center in DaDar Apartment House in Buakao Road 316/74 in flat C5 in Pattaya is shouting now yet "Fack Fack Fack" in Pattaya, now for four months, and it seems that also photos are shown now presenting me as a "disloyal" man. All that only means this: This criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya seems to be absolutely criminal and cannot be healed. Defamations and calumny was a "joy" for this criminal Swiss mafia. And these spies meant to be even "intelligent" with it...

10 Criminal translator in police station at Beach Road: "Mr. Matthew " wants a bribe of 20,000 Baht - manipulations in bars and hotels
One of the "heads" of this criminal Swiss mafia seems to be a translator "Mr. Matthew " in the police station of Pattaya at Beach Road. When I presented my case of robbed 9,000 Baht by criminal lady Gift, this "translator" and manipulator knew at once about what was the case of lady Gift without reading one word of the text I had brought. He claimed I had "given" Gift the 9,000 Baht what was an absolute lie. Then he wanted a bribe of 20,000 Baht for reading my case. What he would want for taking measures he did not say. But he was the person who had manipulated pensioners against me at Buakao Road at Tattoo bar in Pattaya where I had seen him before, and it had been also this "translator" who had been a member of spy groups in hotels manipulating the hotel staff against me, for example in Vickan's Guest House where I had seen him before. This translator indicated to me he would speak 12 languages, but at the same time he did not know his nationality.

This "police translator" is also a "mediator" for quarrels in the red light district of Pattaya, ad therefore he owns many data which others don't have, and he has mafia connections everywhere, also to Swiss mafia. And it can be admitted that he was badly informed about me by criminal Swiss mafia, and then lady Gift had been manipulated against me. But this manipulator and "translator" Mr. Mathew never had had the idea to verify these indications about me first. And it's very probable that this "translator" has the habit to organize chases against human beings unauthorized on his own authority as he likes it. In this sense he seems to be also a member of this stupid and criminal Swiss mafia gang.

11 More unexplainable chases of human beings in Pattaya
It can be admitted that this criminal Swiss mafia which has only garbage in their heads is also organizing other chases of human beings, respectively it can be admitted that this "police translator" is giving data to further stations so new chases of humans can be organized: Former murderers from Europe are executing this "job" in Pattaya then, or also Thais let manipulate themselves against other Europeans by the police translator who is also the main red light ward. 2 days ago on 4 December 2012 there was a case of an Englishman who had returned from jail since some days. He had been in Walking Street with two other Englishmen and then they were chased by 6 Thais. At the end the Englishmen jumped into the sea, but the one who had come from jail the last few days could not reach any salvation but was dying in the sea, probably by a heart failure. Well, this principally is a classical manslaughter. And it can really be admitted that these 6 Thais had also been manipulated by certain mafia members of Swiss mafia and by this "police translator": They simply wanted to "give a lesson" to this Englishman. So the absolute Nazi structures are also probable in this case.

At the end of this report I come to the conclusion that this Swiss mafia in Pattaya and this "police translator" Mr. Matthew  from Police Station at Beach Road in Pattaya have many more lives on their conscience manipulating simply some Thai groups against certain foreigners.

12 Stop this mafia of Swiss Nazi CRIMINALS in Pattaya
This criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya with it's center at Buakao Road no. 316/74 apartment C5 in Pattaya is pursuing foreigners abroad, is spying foreigners abroad whereas Switzerland never was in danger. They are defaming and destroying the reputation of foreigners abroad whereas never was anybody in any danger. Criminal Swiss are also spreading lies and half truths and they are manipulating neighbors and police stations. All in all this procedure is a Nazi tactic. They are alcoholics with a garbage brain in their head, and an "entry" in Switzerland is serving them as a "justification" of their criminal action. These criminal Swiss are Nazis and are ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL. They have to be stopped.

Imagine: these Swiss Nazi mafia spying and manipulating people even means to be "intelligent" thinking that "all is allowed" in Thailand!

House keeper Dieter Zweigle from DaDar Apartment House knows all names of this criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya (Thai telephone: 084-753-39 90, German/English telephone: 080-639-48 97, e-mail: dieterzweigle@yahoo.de).

Also the corrupt "police translator" "Mr. Matthew" who also was manipulating people against me and after that wanted a bribe of 20,000 Baht only reading my case, is also ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL. He has to be stopped.

Ministry of Interior of Thailand is pleaded to eliminate this criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya and this criminal and corrupt police translator from Beach Road Police Station in Pattaya.

Moreover, the repayment of 9,000 Baht from Lady Gift is missing (tel. 085-439 95 32).

There is also missing a law against right radical actions in Thailand, a law against inhuman activities.

And Thai policemen should all learn a good English so they are not dependent from corrupt mafia "translators".

Michael Palomino, 6 December 2012