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Mystery about 9,000 bat

by Michael Palomino (2012)



Interpretation of these phone messages of 2012 are free - some hearts are breaking

You can wait on me 2 week. Gift
1.8.2012, 16:11:45

I miss you. thank you for 100

kissssssssssss seeds
2.8.2012, 12:33:09

In my home i go to visit my Mom when i go to puttaya i call to you ok. Big kisssss
2.8.2012, 12:44:45

Sakew sity [Sa Kaeo City]
2.8.2012, 13:57:47

2.8.2012, 14:11:03

When i come to puttaya i go with you ok
2.8.2012, 20:07:12

No understand but i miss you
2.8.2012, 17:05:38

You too
3.8.2012, 21:33:37

Thank you after 2 week i hope you nobody. miss you Kissssssssssss SSSSSS
4.8.2012, 13:54:58

Have a good day today I miss you. big kissssssssssss
5.8.2012, 12:31:37

i love you baby. kisssssssssss
5.8.2012, 22:09:02

Miss you too kisses
6.8.2012, 10:37:58

If you love me take me out In that bar. 9,000 B. i hope you do that. big kisssss
7.8.2012, 8:28:07

Thanks baby sand me now ! Where are you? Name hotel
7.8.2012, 8:31:30

On 12 i want meet at Com blinding are you know that Place?
7.8.2012, 8:41:28

i miss you
7.8.2012, 13:08:40

I wait on bar i boss
7.8.2012, 16:01:23

i make money loos in toilet am so sorry and anybody tell Me about you and i hope you Don't tell som people there

For yesterday i go with you Room because mama want You ply money for bar
8.8.2012, 7:09:41

Both sides lost confidence

Some bad men from Swiss secret service were speaking bad about Michael so Gift lost any confidence.

And then Gift lost 9,000 bat so Michael lost the confidence. Then gift wanted the months fee, but Michael only wanted to give the fee all ten days what Gift in her nervousness did not accept. So, both hearts remained broken

-- whereas nothing is true what the bad men from criminal Swiss secret service are telling about Michael
-- and being so nervous because of these stupid men from Swiss secret service, it can be really true that Gift lost the 9,000 bat.

The two hearts remain broken. Michael regained confidence again, but Gift is not speaking anything anymore.


Gift never speaks - and then calls and claims the man should "go to hospital" - pay back the 9,000 baht

Until 6 September 2012 Gift is never answering any message. Only on 6 September 2012 Gift is calling but not in a positive way, but in a negative way:

Her bad words were simply that

-- I wrote so many messages, that

-- she did not understand all, and

-- that I would be "crazy" and that

-- I should "go to hospital".

Well, this was not acceptable at all, and now I decided that she had to pay back the 9,000 bhat].

Pay 9,000 baht back

Here are my messages which remained without any answer of course:

You have to give back 9000 bath please.
6.9.2012, 16:25:05

Gift, the 9000 baht I gave you to live with me you have to GIVE BACK because you have never come. Or you go to another place. But there are many solutions. We have to spak. I wait 3 days. Matini.
6.9.2012, 17:13:38

I wanted a better life for you and for your family and you lost all 9000 and then never spoke again. And now you say that I should go to hospital? No, but you have to pay back the 9000. I give kun 3 uan.
6.9.2012, 17:27:39

Kun and your Swiss criminals kong kang will cay the 9000 back. Sam uan pom give you to pu with me.
6.9.2012, 18:37:04

Pu [speak]
8.9.2012, 15:27:58

Where are you?
8.9.2012, 18:48:22

[Bar "Good heart": The landlady shouts Gift wants no figurine threatening me with wooden sword

At the bar I gave a Buddha figurine to the landlady for Gift. The landlady first accepted and at the end I remembered her to give the Buddha figurine to Gift which was put into a corner of the bar, but now the landlady got furious shouting me "crazy" and stating that Gift "does not want" the figurine. I took the figurine and stated that Gift was manipulated by criminal Swiss spies against me and that she has to pay 9,000 baht back. Now the landlady only shouted that she had never seen any money, but the point was that Gift had been manipulated against me by criminal Swiss spies. And I stated that Gift had to pay back the 9,000 baht in any case. Now the landlady did not want to speak but she took a big wooden sword threatening me and chasing me from the bar.

Bar "Good heart": The landlady destroys the document with Gift's messages and threatens me again with wooden sword

After coming home I took the love text of Gift from 1 to 8 August 2012 with her mobile phone messages and with the indication of 9,000 bahts for the flight from the bar to my home which she had lost "in toilet" as she indicated - and I brought this text to the landlady 30 minutes later. I only presented the document on the bar table saying to the guests that I am "not crazy" and then I said to the bar landlady: "Look here".

But the landlady was again furious, destroyed the document and took again the wooden sword threatening me with the sword and chasing me from the bar again. Now the crazy bar landlady shouted again that I would be "crazy" and persued me also in the street. Now I said to her clearly: "Look, you are dangerous". And I said to her: "This text on the paper are the messages Gift wrote to me on her phone." Now the landlady said: "O.k. Wait 5 minutes I will call her". But now after this big violence by the landlady I did not want any more from her and said: "No, I don't want, Gift pays 9,000 baht, she pays the money back" and went home. Because it was never sure what would happen when this bar landlady would be present.

This bar landlady from the bar "Good heart" had

-- threatened me 2 times and

-- chosen me 2 times, and

-- shouted me "crazy" many times in presence of all other persons at the bar.

This bar landlady from the bar "Good heart" seemed to be

-- heavily alcoholic

-- dangerous

-- with a limited mental capacity

-- she seemed to be a "Frau Hitler".

It seemed that Gift was totally in the hands of this "Frau Hitler", and it seemed that Gift only saw a negative person in me and let herself manipulate on and on. So there were two more messages for Gift:

Crazy bar landlady threatened me two times

Tt bar landlady tonkan ti: pom, kau yu tt, kun yu in bad hands, kau pu: pom tt, tä pom mai tt. matini pu:. Mai ngo: pom.
[Crazy landlady wanted to beat me, she is crazy, you are in bad hands, she speaks only crazy things about me, but I am not crazy. Come here. I am not stupid].
8.9.2012, 23:35:01

On Buddha mountain with my language teacher

Matini pu, pom yu bon Buddha pukau 2 chomong.
[Come here, I am on the Buddha mountain for 2 hours].
9.9.2012, 14:02:28

Summary: no answer - but criminal actions by the landlady and possible manipulations

Gift never answered again and never came to speak. It seems that she has no respect at all, has no heart at all, is a thief, or the crazy landlady has manipulated her in a way so she cannot speak. And the criminal landlady seems to be manipulated by the criminal Swiss spies.

All in all threatening a person with a big wooden sword is a very criminal action, and manipulating persons is also a very criminal action. So, the case will be given to the authorities.

Michael Palomino, 10 September 2012

11 September 2012, 20:30 appr.

Attack with explosives at the monument hill.