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What the media are concealing from us (Jan.31,2020)

What the mighties are doing on planet Earth: contamination, destruction, hiding etc.

1) Contaminated southern Italy - 2) Contaminated fruits + vegetables from Italy - 3) Atomic bombs in Iraq contaminating the country - 4) Vatican drug with mafia - 5) Vatican 80% gay with Satanism - 6) Catholic indoctrination from birth - 7) Islam is a lie - 8) Committee of 300 - 9) Masonic Illuminati with Satanism - 10) Switzerland richest, why? - 11) Airplane games with faked crash sites - 12) Van der Sloot invents himself to be a murderer - 13) Coconut oil, anise and fennel - 14) Cures with sodium bicarbonate - 15) Permaculture without pesticides - 16) The earth ship that never gets cold - 17) The semi-submerged greenhouse "Walipini" - 18) Pond+drywall construction for ecosystems - 19) Turn deserts into forests - 20) Sun cooker + sun oven

by Michael Palomino (Jan.31,2020 - translation feb 2020)

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1. Southern Italy is systematically contaminated with toxic waste and nuclear waste
2. Contaminated fruits and vegetables from southern Italy contaminate all of Italy and Europe
3. Criminal NATO with atomic bombs in Iraq 1990 + 2003 - nuclear waste provokes contaminated sand all over the country
4. The criminal Vatican with endless drugs - collaborating with the Italian mafia
5. Criminal Vatican with 80% gays and Satanism in the Catholic Church with rape + child murder
6. The criminal, Catholic Church and its indoctrination from birth: example Peru
7. Islam is a lie: Eternal Stone Age with a 200-year history from 600 to 800 when the Arabian Peninsula was "Christian"
8. Criminal "Committee of 300" in London - with Rothschild Committee and Luzifer
9. The Masonic Illuminati and Satanism
10. Why is Switzerland the richest country in Europe?

11. Airplane games with remote control and fake crash sites - and mass robbery
12. Lima and Holland: Joran van der Sloot INVENTED that he had killed a woman

Important natural medicine - concealed by the media
13. Mossad P2 media concealing cheap natural medicine with coconut oil, anise, and fennel
14. Healings with sodium bicarbonate

Agriculture and architecture with Mother Earth
15. Organic farming without pesticides - permaculture
16. Bio-Architecture: The house that never gets cold - Michael Reynolds' earth ship
17. The semi-submerged greenhouse "Walipini" with cultivation also in winter - earth walls radiate heat
18. Pond construction and drywall - returning ecosystems to their origins
19. Turn desert into forest - tricks from Mother Earth are never reported
20. Sun is for cooking - sun cooker + sun oven and the silence of the Rothschild P2 media

Media are concealing from us (January 2020)

In 2020 the following could be ascertained what the Zionist-Catholic "leading media" of Mossad and of the Vatican P2 lodge in Europe are concealing from us:

1. Southern Italy is systematically contaminated with toxic waste and nuclear waste

-- Italy with toxic waste : Link

The Rothschild media of the cr. Mossad and of Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

Since the 1980s and even more since the reunification of Germany in the 1990s, a garbage mafia has formed in Europe that works with the Italian mafia:
-- The Italian mafia treats Italy as toxic waste storage and receives money for the fact that toxic waste comes to Italy from all over the world and is buried there up to 30m deep or is sunk by ships in the Mediterranean Sea or in other seas (Ndrangheta contaminates the Mediterranean + southern Italy with toxic waste: link)
-- The groundwater in southern Italy is heavily contaminated and the population of southern Italy is suffering more and more from cancer
-- The Mediterranean between Naples, Sardinia and Sicily is also increasingly contaminated
-- The Italian mafia is also widespread in Central Europe, in cr. Switzerland with Federal Councilor Leuenberger (Minister of Transport) and Federal Councilor Calmy-Rey (Minister for Foreign Affairs). Tito Tettamanti with his Fidinam Trust was also partly active in the garbage mafia. Tettamanti installed his doll Ermotti at UBS, and his doll Macri as First Prosecutor of Basel with the customs clearance, where all toxic waste from Central Europe is let through. Since the 60km Gotthard tunnel was completed, the journey of toxic waste to southern Italy has become much faster!

Of course this whole maneuver is made for generating more illnesses, patients and turnover with toxic pills and medicaments for the cr. pharma industries of Rothschild!

The media, which are mostly controlled by the Zionist Mossad (Rothschild + Netanyahu) and by the Vatican Lodge P2 (Pope, Tettamanti!), are concealing this ...

2. Contaminated fruits and vegetables from southern Italy contaminate all of Italy and Europe

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

-- The fruits and vegetables from southern Italy are contaminated, the mafia buys them cheap, labels them with a wrong origin and sells them expensive in Italy and throughout Europe, so that the cancer rates due to the contaminated southern Italian fruits and vegetables being spread throughout Italy and Europe increase. Isn't it strange that despite all efforts to remove asbestos and strict emission levels, cancer rates are NOT going down in Central Europe and Northern Europe? The cancer is secretly imported from southern Italy since the 1980s!

-- The media under the control of the Zionist Mossad and the Satanist Vatican Lodge P2 (Tito Tettamanti!) do not report this scandal, but keep everything secret, because more patients bring more profit with "drugs" and "pills", dead people are NOT IMPORTANT (!).

The media, which are mostly controlled by the Zionist Mossad (Rothschild + Netanyahu) and the Vatican Lodge P2 (Pope, Tettamanti!), are concealing this so that no one will notice how the number of patients and pill users in Europe is increasing rather than decreasing. Because all the environmental measures against cancer had no effect - the cancer rates are the same or are even increasing ...

3. Criminal NATO with atomic bombs in Iraq 1990 + 2003 - nuclear waste provokes contaminated sand all over the country

NATO index: link

The Rothschild media of cr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

Criminal "USA" have not said goodbye to the atomic bombs since 1945, but have committed new nuclear crimes with NATO and uranium ammunition since 1990. Of course, the EU defense ministers have always said that uranium ammunition is harmless, but the opposite is the case: the two Iraq wars of 1990 and 2003, which were directed from NATO's Ramstein base, left radiating tank wrecks and radiating car wrecks. So actually these radiant tank wrecks and car wrecks are ATOMIC WASTE, which should be sunk like it happens with nuclear waste. But nothing happens in Iraq: The nuclear waste stands freely in the desert and emits the desert sand, which is always brought in and transported away. The wind in Iraq blows mainly from the Persian Gulf to the north and is transporting this contaminated and contaminated desert sand further north up to Mosul. Miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects and cancer have been dramatic in Iraq since 1990 (NATO index: link).

The media under the control of the Zionist Mossad and the Vatican Lodge P2 (Tito Tettamanti!) do not report this scandal, but keep everything secret, because more patients bring more profit with "drugs" and "pills", dead people are NOT IMPORTANT (!). The religious rulers of Christianity and Islam are even happy that there are many sick people who then "seek healing" in religion and donate their tribute there so that the fantasies of religion live on and the pastors and imams do not die out, who are constantly spreading lies: the fantasy Jesus never existed and is a code game of 3,12,13, and 33 (link), and the fantasy Muhammad of the year 600 never existed but Arab Peninsula was fantasy Christian until the years of 800... (link)

4. The criminal Vatican with endless drugs - collaborating with the Italian mafia

The Rothschild media of cr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

The Vatican (80% gay) is a criminal organization - because of drug trafficking on a large scale for centuries between Latin "America" ​​and Europe - in cooperation with the Italian mafia (cr.cath. Church: video index link):
-- Agents of the Vatican (Bishops, Lodge P2) bribe the governments in Italy and in Latin "America" ​​to buy drugs cheaply in South "America"
-- Latin "America" ​​has to STAY POOR so that the drugs are always cheap to have there
-- The Italian mafia Ndrangheta organizes the transportation of drugs from Latin "America" ​​to southern Italy e.g. to the port of Tauro (see: Amen for the Mafia: link)
-- The Vatican organizes the distribution and sale of drugs in Europe in diplomatic cars and suitcases (P2 lodge) for high prices with a maximum of profit
-- The Vatican's drug profits are in the Vatican Bank, which makes it the richest in the world (gays and the Vatican Bank: link)
-- The Italian mafia gets its share of drug profits
-- Partner bank for this drug business of the cr. Vatican is among others UBS in Switzerland, which washes billions of dollars in drug money via foreign, blocked bank accounts (information from Swiss judicial circles). This money laundering began with cr. Mr. Marcel Ospel in Bankverein and when Bankverein merged with SBG (UBS) forming UBS AG the money laundering under Tettamanti and Ermotti is not stopped but infected all UBS... (information from Swiss judicial circles).

The media, which are mostly controlled by the Zionist Mossad (Rothschild + Netanyahu) and the Vatican Lodge P2 (Pope, Tettamanti!), are concealing this...

5. Criminal Vatican with 80% gays and Satanism in the Catholic Church with rape + child murder

The Rothschild media of cr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

What means "holy" is exactly the opposite, namely very destructive, and when cr.ped.cath. Church calls somebody a "devil" then something very positive has to be with this person. The Vatican is satanic, it is the second pillar of Satanism after the Committee of 300 in London, which is headed by the Zionist-criminal Rothschild Committee with Lucifer (Committee of 300 - Index: link (German)).

80% gays - and the are only reading code fantasy fairy tales: codes 3,12,13,33
The Vatican is 80% gay, which means: The Vatican is the gay paradise of the world, where you only have to read ONE book (the fantasy Bible with its code fairy tales) and life is for free there without cost. So
-- there is a fantasy Moses with "12 tribes", the "perfect number" in former times, with Moses there are 13 (the number of months in the female lunar calendar), and
-- there is a fantasy Jesus with "12 disciples", again the "perfect number" in former times, with the fantasy Jesus there are 13 again, and his date of death with 33 is the highest Masonic code, the doubled 3 of the "Trinity", which is also not true.

So everything that is in the Torah and in the Bible is a lie. Morality doesn't matter - that's how the cr.ped.gay Catholic Church works - and unfortunately Judaism too! And Islam is also a lie: the Arabian Peninsula was Christian until 800, and Mohammed was also invented ... Here are the links of all the fantasies:
-- Fantasy Moses did not exist (book: The Bible unearthed) - link
-- Fantasy Jesus is a code game - link
-- The first 200 years of Islam history are invented, Mohammed did not exist - link!
-- Good bye Mohammed index - link

So the three one-god religions are all three FANTASY PRODUCTS - Mother Earth is real ... (Tricks with Mother Earth - link)

Gay Street and gay sauna
Bishops and Cardinals of the cr. Vatican not only pass the time with the code fantasy Bible eating and sleeping for free (paid by the taxpayer!), but can be observed often in Rome at Gay Street or in the Internet on gay contact websites for meeting gay prostitutes passing then the time in gay saunas or in apartments rented by the Vatican in Rome, an Argentine is also said to have been in the gay sauna.
-- Vatican, Gay Street in Rome and gay saunas: link
-- Book "Numero UNO" by a gay prostitute Mangiacapra, who was a customer of gay bishops of the Catholic Church: link
-- Book "Sodoma" by Frederic Martel about the cr.ped.gay Vatican with its gay bishops and gay cardinals: link

Moral doesn't matter - that's how the cr.ped.gay Catholic Church works!

Gays with bandages and diapers
Gays have the big problem that fecal matter is infectious, and the anus also suffers from injuries during a lot of anal sex and wears out over time, does not close properly, and many gays then run around in diapers and die early if they are not informed about natural medicine having no idea of anus care, so a death at 33 is normal for medically illiterate gays. That means: The bishops and cardinals in the cr. Vatican not only organize the drug business with Latin "America", but when those culprits become old, they also run around in diapers suffering from constant hell pain in the rear (gays: diseases, infections, bandages, diapers: link).

Moral doesn't matter - that's how the cr.ped.gay Catholic Church works!

Gays with depressions, child abuse and death
Statistics on gay men is even more blatant, saying that gays abuse more children than heterosexuals. The gays have a "joy" to see the child's anus. This fits the systematic child abuse in Satanism (see about gays: depression, child abuse, murder + suicide: link).

Gays are excellent customers of pharmaceuticals and hospitals - and provoke new psychiatric patients by committing child abuse. This is what the Satanists wanted. One may wonder why there are no gay monkeys ...

Bisexual bishops + cardinals against children - raped nuns - and billions of hush money
Those bishops and cardinals who are bisexual are then satanically geared towards child abuse in girls (Vatican pedophile ring under the direction of Cardinal Bertone - link, "Legionnaires of Christ rape girls - link), in Germany files are systematically destroyed for covering up child abuse in the cr. Church (link), bishops and cardinals let nuns work for free (link), bishops and cardinals rape nuns (link, link) or nuns prepare the children, who are then raped by bishops and cardinals (there are tons of reports - link), priests force women to have an abortion in order to remain priests (link), the cr.ped.cath. Church even steals babies in order to raise them "Catholic" (eg in Franco-Spain - link), priests sometimes even have their own children, but they have to REPUDIATE them from the beginning, in order to fulfill the criminal Catholic Church laws for going on to be a Bishop or Cardinal (Case of Sarah Thomas - link). That means: Instead of changing jobs, or instead of finally introducing a "normal life" into the church with new laws, the pregnant mother is already rejected! The child of a bishop or cardinal may never see the father, may not even know who he is, and if the child later wants to see the father and forces an encounter, the encounter becomes another rejection - because the father wants to continue to be a bishop or Cardinal of the criminal catholic Church. This is CURRENT, criminal-inhuman PRACTICE at the criminal-catholic Church. And in this way, crime in the catholic Church increases immeasurably ...
-- Satanic child abuse + child murder: report by Mrs. Toos Nijenhuis (from Holland), among others raped by John Paul II: link
-- Raped Nuns: link
-- $ 4 billion of hush money payed to rape victims: link

With all this hush money it's clear that this catholic Church is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION  and SHOULD BE CLOSED.

But the "high lodges" BENEFIT from this violence and crime by the Church, because they can then sell pills and capsules again - and because the mentally ill then "populate" the psychiatry, which means: This is how the criminal lodges generate new "test persons" for new tests of new pills...

The media, which are mostly controlled by the Zionist Mossad (Rothschild + Netanyahu) and the Vatican Lodge P2 (Pope, Tettamanti!) are hiding this ...

6. The criminal, Catholic Church and its indoctrination from birth: example Peru

-- cruel conditions in the Catholic Church, actually this criminal association should be closed immediately - link

The Rothschild media of cr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

In Central Europe, people have no idea how the Catholic states in Southern Europe are organized or disorganized. You have to have experienced it yourself like I did in Peru to see how brainwashing and how the extortion mechanisms work in a criminal-Catholic state:

-- Gays: Book: Sodom: The Vatican consists of 80% gay bishops and cardinals who celebrate their gay relationships or who enjoy gay prostitutes in the gay sauna on Gay Street in Rome. The cath. Church officially states that being gay is "sin" against the fantasy god. So it becomes clear: The Vatican is the devil. link

The indoctrination:

-- Age 0: I describe what I was in Lima observing a baby education: Brainwashing with an invented Rome god and an invented fantasy Jesus begins with the children's songs for the babies already when a God and a Jesus are sung.

-- from age 3: I describe what I saw in Lima about day nurseries, they were in the neighboring house for 2 1/2 years: Catholic brainwashing continues in the nurseries, where the director has to be a Jesus-Fantasy-Christian speaking the Satanic magic prayers, and the parents of the children, like the children themselves, cannot refuse this criminal-Catholic indoctrination, or they have to look for another, neutral nursery that does so far hardly exist in Catholic countries.

-- School days: I describe what I saw in a family in Lima of "school material": The Catholic brainwashing continues with reading the Bible and drawing fantasy Bible motifs without end, the children are mentally ABUSED and INDOCTRINATED with exams and they are even memorizing the fantasy Bible, the students develop wrong ideas and wrong goals about the fantasy Jesus hero and about fantasy apostles, which do not correspond to practical life, and because these "Christian" students then do not get along in normal life, the criminal pastors then have total power over these disoriented "Christian" students, who do not learn to think logically and defend themselves against lies, but who simply say: what the pastor says is true ...

That means: The Catholic Church is using the school system for a religious war to DESTROY all other cultures - and this has partly happened already.

-- Profession: I describe how the "Christian" mafia behaves in Lima and how they walk as dead: Catholic corruption works in a criminal-Catholic state by selecting those for "high posts" who are "faithful Catholics", who can memorize the Bible, who regularly go to the Jesus Fantasy Church, and Catholic men from the age of 40 are mostly impotent because they continuously pray against love and passion - in the name of family loyalty. Catholic women remain unhappy without sexuality - also in the name of family loyalty. Variations in sex life are prohibited or could result in immediate dismissals because in the Catholic world everybody is spying everybody...

Catastrophic Catholic Mafia with Bible group and district council
I describe how criminal Catholics behave with each other, as I have heard from my neighbors in Lima: Catholic life is a mental and physical DISASTER, with dominating envy, jealousy and aggression developping in all possible dimensions. There is a 100% control by the parishioners of the Bible group or the district executive (in Peru: junta distrital), there rumors are processed, there is praying with witchcraft, there enemies are defined, there victims are condemned and blamed, there is decided, to whom the career should be destroyed and who "may" make a career. As a thank you for a career, one should pay a tithing to the criminal pastor of Fantasy Jesus with 10% of the income. Catholics are TOTAL CRIMINAL CORRUPTION BY THE SYSTEM

Catholic States: Ongoing unqualified people in high positions - total government failure
I describe how the Minsteries and life in Peru presented themselves to me: you can see that the Catholic Church is a corrupt CRIME, because in this way how people are selected, lots of UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE reach HIGH POSTS, and that is why Catholic States are also not capable to form efficient state systems and to develop a high level of research because the ambition for achievement is lacking, because achievement is not worthwhile, because the whole life is only judged by who believes in which God etc. School doesn’t matter, the main thing is that one can Bible by heart. Writing the truth about Fantasy Jesus and cath. Church criminality to the Ministry of Education in Lima has as a result that the letter is sent back with the comment on the envelope "We are not agreeing with the content of this letter". This is how Church' corruption defends it's criminal habits and corruption. Justice and criminal police are also steered by Vatican P2 Lodge so always people who believe in the Bible are less punished - Christians may be more criminal than others, respectively people of other beliefs are pursued by NOTHING, delicts are even INVENTED for "bringing" somebody "to the fantasy god" (!) - this can be a torture for life, and the Christians are happy with this because pursuing people of other beliefs means that new jobs are created (!)

Additionally there are crimes of the Catholic Church:
-- Black and white thinking in "good and bad" without seeing all the intermediate stages that life also offers
-- Systematic child abuse by pastors, priests or cardinals: child abuse: criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals etc. lure children into their homes to abuse them - officially always the fantasy Bible is read - link
-- Adoration of a dead man on the cross who means death and NOT life - e.g. 44 dead were installed on the facade of a nursery - Link (German)
-- Adoration of a virgin with an imperial crown who NEVER existed because the emperor of Vienna or Berlin NEVER borrowed a crown to a virgin - link
-- Criminal imprecation and damnation of all other cultures, so that the fantasy Jesus reigns who does not come anyway (he has not come during 2020 years now!)
-- Criminal magic against good people who live differently: magic practice with prayers, candles, curses, damnations, reputation murders etc.
-- Child abuse: At Catholic festivals, children are put into the clothes of bishops and priests, although they are mostly gay and have no normal sexuality - Link (German)
-- Child abuse: At Catholic festivals, children are trained to carry a dead person on the cross, which has nothing to do with real life
-- Rape of nuns by bishops, priests and cardinals in the confessional: he can "choose" the nun (!) - link
-- Punishments for "bad belief"
-- Compulsion to forgive violent acts (!)
etc. etc. etc.

Close the nonsense
All in all, the Catholic Church is a criminal organization that should be shut down, like Judaism and Islam, which also are based only on fantasy figures.

7. Islam is a lie: Eternal Stone Age with a 200-year history from 600 to 800 when the Arabian Peninsula was "Christian"

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

First it was Judaism in a war situatino inventing a "Jewish God" claiming that it was "more efficient" to believe in only ONE god (One God Movement - link).

The Christians with the "King of the Jews" (a fantasy Jesus) did not do better: There should only be ONE God and a "holy" fantasy Jesus should have died for the sins of the whole world. Since then, false crosses have been erected and carried around in the world. What is "sin" is different from culture to culture anyway.

And the Mohammedans with their Islam didn't make it any better: Only ONE God should count, but now with a "holy" fantasy Mohammed. Here are the details:

Archeology clearly says: Islam only existed from around 800 - but capitalism makes big business with the fantasy Mohammed
Archeology was researching also on the Arabian Peninsula and has clearly found out that the Islamic image of God appears with a fantasy Mohammed at the earliest around the year 800, that the Arabian Peninsula was totally Christian around the year 600 and clearly still worshiped a fantasy Jesus. But as a fantasy Mohammed with military fantasy victories against all odds from Persia can be "sold" better than a fantasy Jesus who has been hanging on a cross for 2000 years that never existed, the fantasy Mohammed has prevailed and so defined a new own "Arab world". The "Orientalists" copy the Mohammed version, they have their job and their wages and are simply not interested in precise research. Islam researchers are always marginalized more and more - the more Islam governs the world with oil (link).

Invented 200 years of Islam - with invented sources: bones, leather, leaves
Thus, the religious leaders of Islam had the task of INVENTING 200 years of Islam with a fantasy Mohammed, with fairy tales that were supposedly written on bones, leather and on leaves. Contradictions in the Quran don't matter, questions are forbidden. The mixture of suras contradicts every chronology and grammar. Source study is undesirable (The traditional Quran: The flawless copy from heaven - link)

The first caliphs never existed
The Mohammed dogma prevailed more and more when Arab world could sell more and more oil to the world. The Islamic religious leaders already invented caliphs around the year 800 or 900, who are said to have lived from 600, like the caliph Othman, which is undetectable. In the process, a Quran Arab language was invented, a mixture between Arabic and Syro-Aramaic (see: there was no Caliph Othman - link).

Translation questions and Mr. Luxenberg: Virgins become grapes, a headscarf becomes a belt, etc.
On the Arabian Peninsula, at the time of the alleged fantasy Mohammed around 600, there was a language mixture with Quran Arabic, Aramaic and Greek. Translation research in the Quran has a world star, this is Mr. Luxenberg. He not only compared the Quran Arabic to Arabic, but also to the Syro-Aramaic vocabulary, and so crystal-clear, human translations come out that would otherwise not exist: The paradise virgins promised to an Islamic warrior on his death become grapes. The Tabari headscarf becomes a belt around the loins. And the fantasy virgins should have the fantasy age 33 - analogous to the fantasy Jesus, who dies at 33 - 33 is the highest code of the Freemasons (see: there was no Caliph Othman - link).

Consonant writing with open interpretations - Qeyran and Quran - Quran researchers are defamed to be "unbelievers"
In addition, Arabic is still a consonant script that often leaves open an interpretation. And there are early versions of the Quran, and there are copying errors, there are arbitrary interpretations that can falsify entire content. The Quran was first a Bible summary (Qeryan). Quran research is forbidden in Islam, and Quran researchers are defamed as "infidels" (see: consonant writing and interpretations - Qeryan and Quran - link)

Fictional poet sayings (hadiths) in fictional Islam
Poet sayings complement the fantasy hero story of the fantasy Mohammed. Topics include: prayer, the extremization between heaven and hell, dates, discrimination against women, killing Jews, sexuality, "evil eye" etc. Everything is supposed to "appear authentic", is also widely talked about in the Muslim media, but is all poetry. These poet sayings are the basis of the sometimes brutal Sharia law. Partly with these invented poet sayings is adored the invented Muhammad (Sira), or justice is applying the poet sayings as law, or life is arranged with these poet sayings (Sunna "tradition") (see: poet sayings - link).

The invented Muhammad: an illiterate persecuted preacher - the traditional narrative
The Prophet Muhammad is said to have been a perfect person, at the same time is said that he was an illiterate, and he is said that he was a caravan leader, with a money marriage and 6 children. Investigations are prohibited on the "black stone" from Mecca, only profits from the pilgrims are allowed. Muhammad separates from his extended family, receives a revelation from a fantasy angel Gabriel, and as an illiterate figure, the fantasy Muhammad is said to have been a preacher who was then persecuted and fled to Mecca and Medina. The invented Judaism is said not to have accepted the fantasy Muhammad, and as a reaction to this, he introduced the direction of prayer to Mecca, and a "black stone". It is said that Muslims had been tortured in Mecca, and so the invented drama goes towards war and mass murder comes against Mecca, and at the end the fantasy Muhammad is winning (link).

More invented caliphs
Muawiya / Maavia and Abd al-Malik were Christian rulers - only the Muslims believed that they were "caliphs" (see: invented caliphs - link).

The word "Muhammad" (Mohammed)
The word "Mohammed" comes from the Aramaic and means "the one to be praised" / "the praised". Some fans with much fantasy made the word independent and invented a "Mohammed" as a prophet (see: The word "Mohammed" - link).

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is a fantasy church of Jesus
There were ruins, and from these ruins a large temple of Jesus "Temple of Dome" was built, in an octagon form as a symbol of "perfection" in numerical mysticism, for the "true faith" of the Arab-Christian ruler Abd al-Malik. Then Islam came, especially after the Crusades when the criminal Templars were kicked out, and since then the Dome of the Rock has been a mosque for a fantasy Muhammad (see: Temple Mount - Dome of the Rock Church - link).

Islam with poetry about 200 years of it's past
The fictional past, how the fantasy Jesus became a fantasy Muhammad, becomes a gigantic lying tradition and embezzlement orgy in Islam (see: The Metamorphosis: From Jesus to Muhamad - link and all the following chapters of chapter 7 with invented wars, victories, economic booms and locations).

Among other things, other caliphs are invented: Umar II and the Marwans (link). Caliph Harun al-Raschid also appears to be invented (link). Bakka, Mecca and the Kuraish tribe did not exist at that time (link). Fantasy Islam from 600 to 800 has no documents and no monuments (link). At the same time, however, Arab Jesus' fantasy Christianity split off from the Rome Church because the resolutions of the councils were no longer accepted (link).

"Golden Age" of Arab Christians - until the Quran is coming
The "Golden Age" of Islam from 600 to 800 is invented (link), and the first Islamic expansion to Spain and China is also an invention (link). In the Christian sources NOTHING is mentioned, and also the naval battles against Byzantium were invented (link). The Arab-Christian Abassids experienced a cultural boom from 750ca. (link). One day a certain Al-Ghazali gets the privilege to subordinate all science to the Fantasy Quran and to prohibit all free research and cultural expression (link). With Islam is coming Stone Age again...

Iberian Peninsula: Christian North Africa and Spain - and Berbers and Goths
In reality, North Africa remains Christian until 900 with a fantasy Jesus (link). The Islamic occupation of Spain from 711 is INVENTED and is NOT mentioned in Christian sources (link). The only factors in this region were a Berber invasion 710 and a subsequent dispute with the Goths (link). Christian councils even took place on the Iberian Peninsula (link).

Iberian Peninsula: A short caliphate from Al-Mansur 938-1002 and state bankruptcy 1031 - and Stone Age until 1491
Muslim jihad terror started with Al-Mansur in Spain 938-1002 with forced muslimization, book burnings, from 1002 came riots and uprisings, state collapse came in 1031 - in other words, on the Iberian Peninsula, Mohammed-Fantasy Islam ruled as a caliphate only from 929 to 1031 (link). Principalities follow and from the beginning of the Crusades there is an extremization and destruction of all tolerance (link). The culture remained throughout Greek-Roman (link) and science was combined. Islam fanaticsalways destroy tolerant institutions such as the library in Andalusia shouting always that only ONE book should count (link). Andalusia falls back to Stone Age and was only redeveloped from 1491 under the crown of Madrid. The Alhambra is by no means a symbol of tolerance, a word that only became known after the Renaissance ... (link). Jews were persecuted by Christians AND Muslims at the same time, with pogroms without end (link). UNESCO spreads a false picture of Muslim tolerance about Andalusia that never existed and will never exist (link).

Islam today: oil and stone age
Today's Islam lives above all from the oil profit (link). The Quran, Sharia and Hadiths prevent any intellectual-scientific development, [this can be seen in the worldwide patent applications: there are practically NO patent applications from the Muslim countries] (link). Science in Islamic countries is controlled with a precensorship, and so there is practically NO science in the fantasy Mohammed countries (link). Islamist governments see it as "progressive" when the Stone Age Muslim brothers expand their mafia (link).

Well, also with Islam it's just ALL A LIE - better learn the tricks of Mother Earth, see http://www.med-etc.com/index-ENGL.html

8. Criminal "Committee of 300" in London - with Rothschild Committee and Luzifer

-- Committee of 300 index - Link (German)

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

C300 during colonialism: Drug trade between India and China - and Europe knew nothing about it
During colonialism, England had an East India Company (the East India Company), which publicly claimed that it had its fortune from the spice, tea and porcelain trade. Everything was supposed to be "peaceful", although the company was given the right to wage war on behalf of the United Kingdom. Well, the company did not live solely from the spice trade, tea trade and porcelain trade, but in secret, the "Committee of 300" of the East India Company not only built concentration camps for indigenous peoples, but also built up a drug trade between India and China: In India, the natives were FORCED to grow drugs, so they had to change their crops in the fields, and in China the drugs were sold to make the Chinese addicted to drugs. Those who did not follow were shot or destroyed with cannons from gunboats. From this drug trade in the Company, Europe had no idea and it was detected only by CIA whistleblower Coleman - the author of the book "The Committee of 300". The "Committee of 300" became a "Committee of 300 Drug Dealers" from 1750 onwards. After 1900, the East India Company was dissolved, but the "Committee of 300" was NOT dissolved, but was "taken over" by the Rothschild Zionists and continues to serve as the main instrument (until today, year 2020), for the manipulation of the whole world in the sense of Zionism, financing and organizing wars, organizing assassinations (Kennedy and others) (see: Committee of the 300-Index -
Link (German)), chasing all Jews to Israel to the desert forming a dwarf state by means of anti-Semitism in the whole world, destroy Germany every 50 years for having Europe "in hand" (speech by Freedman 1961 - link), to divide Russia, to destroy Europe and thereby to keep Switzerland as a Rothschild financial center in continental Europe (Switzerland is the largest island in the Club of the Isles - see book: The Rothschilds - Link (German)), etc. etc. etc.

C300: Drug mentality - and satanic betting
The mentality in the Committee of the 300 under the leadership of the Rothschild Committee with the negative alien Lucifer is a satanic drug mentality (committee of the 300 index -
Link (German)), there are ongoing satanistic bets made, what will happen where and who will do what and when, etc., whether someone will become a criminal, whether someone will kill someone etc. This is the criminal prophecy mentality that also dominates the Catholic Church (own observation in Lima).

C300: poor and rich - lucrative drug trafficking
The following is my personal clear observation: By this Committee of 300 in London, the world is deliberately divided into poor and rich in order to have a lucrative drug trade worldwide, otherwise the drugs could not be bought cheaply (in Asia, in Latin "America", where disasters are always pushing down the economies) and sold at a high price (in Europe, "USA ", Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel etc.). This division of rich and poor is INTENTIONALLY ORGANIZED by the 300 Satanist Zionist Committee. In the case of Asia, the drug transporters are the CIA, in the case of Latin "America", the transports are proceeded by the Italian Ndrangheta mafia. Now it becomes clear why an Afghanistan war was organized (for the cheap drugs from Afghanistan) and why the cr.ped.cath. Vatican put so much money into Catholic propaganda in Latin "America" (for dominating the cheap drugs in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia).

C300: Perfect banking system to "organize" wars perfectly - with the BIS in Basel
The satanic-drug Committee of 300 in London has set up a perfect banking system, not to make life easier for consumers, but to organize wars faster. The cash flows all flow through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel - which MAY BLOCK the same cash flows to finance the wars, or which MAY ANNOUNCE which funds go where - but the BIS remains silent and allows all war preparations (Bankier Bernard - Link).

9. The Masonic Illuminati and Satanism

-- Masonic Illuminati: The Committee of the 300 - Link (German)

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

The beginning of Satanism: The East India Company from London with its drug arrogance
Colonialism created such arrogance in Europe that it created Satanism in high political groups. Satanism arose with the East India Company, the East India Company of London, which secretly built up a drug trade between India and China and thereby made giant profits, so that the members of the company's committee - the Committee of 300 - lost the connection to real life: the people in the Committee of 300 were and still are "out of touch with reality", there are 300 drug dealers, with degenerated brains, sometimes alcoholics, with black-and-white thinking, with satanic bets on murder and death, with human destruction, with false lists, with maneuvers with thousands of victims such as September 11, 2001 etc. (Coleman: The Committee of 300 -
Link (German)).

The energy of children should inspire adults and vice versa - that is true as long as there is no abuse and violence involved. The drug satanists, however, do not respect any limits and claim energy transmission through sexual abuse and child murder. This attitude of Satanism spread throughout the high lodges around the world, and the judiciary never intervened because the crimes were and are always "intelligently" concealed, or high judges are also taking part in the Satanist rituals and parties abusing and killing children during these events.

Further variations of Satanism were developed (Satanism news -
link (German))
-- Spirit Cooking with recipes written in blood - and blood rituals with a bath full of blood, e.g. at Lady Gaga in London (news of Jan.5,2018 - link (German))
-- The mascot of the Satanists is an ibex (news of Aug.20,2018, can be seen in the Wayback Machine - link (German))
-- Satanists claim that they are a "religion" and call for "freedom of religion" (news of Aug.20, 2018, can be seen in the Wayback Machine - link (German))
-- Satanists celebrate "Black Masses" with a burning five-star, sacrifice of a billy goat and with a blood shower (report March 4,2019 (German))
-- Satanists invent computer game where you can "play" rape (news March 4, 2019 (German))
-- Satanistic headmaster wants to sacrifice a teacher so that his school "gets better" (news March 5, 2019 (Spanish))
-- Satanic sex slavery is systematic in Hollywood, confession by serial star Allison Mack (news from April 9, 2019 (German))
-- Salem: Satanist temple does not pay taxes (news of April 26, 2019 (Spanish)) but is recognized as "church" (!) (news of May 2, 2019 (German))
-- CIA is contaminated with satanism (video Sep.4,2019)
-- Satanists are acting against their victims with trauma-based mind control - and there are child victims in the cr.ped.cath. gay Vatican (news Sep.13, 2019 (German))
-- Satanist Soros pays Muslim and African invasion to destroy Europe (news Sep.14, 2019 (German))
-- Satanist Berlusconi had witness Imane Fadil murdered before her book could be published (news Sep.20,2019 (German))
-- Satanists rob 800,000 children in the "USA" annually - simply "disappeared" (post on VK Dec.6, 2019 (German))
-- Satanism is ritual violence - list of links (message Dec.10, 2019 (German))

The Red shoes club
Developping such an attitude - if one loses contact with real life - comes Satanism: Many members of the Masonic Illuminati let themselves be seduced into child sex. But it doesn't stop there, it is followed by child murder to eliminate witnesses. But it does not stop there: if the offender is also a member of the Red Shoes Club, a special shoemaker in the Vatican makes red shoes from the children's skin and blood, which are then worn at satanic festivals - or red boots, red belts, or red handbags. Many Hollywood stars are members of this club of red shoes and wear red shoes made of children's skin. The boss of this club is a Mr. Podesta, a confidant of the satanic Hillary Clinton. Ex-Pope Benedict is also a member there and as Pope always wore these red shoes made of children's skin. It is a horror.
-- Red shoes news 01 - link
-- Leather products from children's skin - news Dec. 2018 (German)

Satanists in Switzerland have justice and child protection service (KESB) in their hands. At the top there is always a satanist and decides AGAINST the child's welfare, so that children are systematically abused (there are many reports from Swiss witnesses reporting this continuously).

Satanists in Germany have the youth welfare offices in their hands. Decisions are constantly taken AGAINST the best interests of the child, children are robbed of their parents, they are abused and hijacked (witnesses from D report this continuously).

I assume: Criminal children's homes generate additional income by selling children to Satanists ... The same counts for
-- Owners of hospitals (rituals and child sacrifices in the operating room - report by an affected mother of a kidnapped, hijacked child in Switzerland),
-- Owners of hunting lodges (rituals and child sacrifices in hunting lodges - notification of a judicial victim in Switzerland),
-- The criminal church also likes to organize its rituals and child sacrifices in basements of churches, cathedrals or castles, or directly under the Vatican (reports and videos) and bishops, cardinals and popes also like to rape children in a gangbang manner (report from victims, among others Toos Nijenhuis was raped in the basement of Oberschwangau Castle in Bavaria with gangbang rape by bishops, cardinals and a pope - link)
-- Owners of restaurants and pubs (rituals with children in back rooms - reported by a judicial victim in Switzerland)

Reports also say that satanists in rituals sacrifice babies or are required to kill babies to achieve a "higher degree" in Freemasonry. These victim babies are adopted babies from "developing countries" ...

Where's the civil resistance? Where's the counter espionage against these Satanist criminals? Where's the alternative newspaper that out Satanists and eliminates them? If bankers suddenly work in the KESB, it is highly suspicious ...

10. Why is Switzerland the richest country in Europe?

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

Because Switzerland is the Rothschild money island of Central Europe. This has been "regulated" since 1815: everything can break down, only Switzerland remains intact. Since 1896, Germany has been the target of Zionist destruction (Zionism founded with the book "The Jewish State" by Herzl in 1896). Zionism whistleblower Freedman made it clear in his speech in 1961 in Washington DC that Germany should be destroyed every 50 years because in this way, one has Europe under control, because Germany makes up 50% of Europe's economic power. Therefore, the propaganda in Switzerland must ALWAYS be directed AGAINST GERMANY and AGAINST GERMAN (which the Blocher prophet, among others, brings about with his propaganda financed with his billions of Swiss Francs). And that's why Swiss people like to go to Germany to take advantage of Germany (when Swiss cars clog Constance purchasing food for half the price of Switzerland).

The Swiss banks have among other things the attitude of wanting to "milk" the neighboring countries by portraying Switzerland as the "safest country" in the world where propaganda could be used to deposit large amounts of money. Tettamanti started "fishing" for money in Italy in the 1960s, and since then this criminal Swiss fishing habit has been going on around the world - always with the propaganda: This and that countries are unsafe, only Switzerland would be safe.

Now it is clear why Switzerland should be "safe": Because the criminal Rothschild family in London organized this with the negative god Lucifer in the Rothschild tribunal. Whistleblower Fulford always speaks of the "gnomes of Zurich" in this regard with the Rothschild's center in Zug (Fulford Report from Sep.25,2018 - reports 02 link (German)). The propaganda in Switzerland is so fixated on money that one can speak of a "money race". Reading history and finding out WHY Switzerland always stays intact is NOT the subject in Swiss school books...

11. Airplane games with remote control and fake crash sites - and mass robbery

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

The Satanists of the Committee of the 300 in London (under the leadership of the Rothschild Tribunal with the negative alien Lucifer) are always coming up with new tricks on how to defraud the masses worldwide and enrich themselves (!). And the Church, which is certainly the second mainstay of Satanism, does not enlighten, but profiled itself in false prayers for dead people who did not die but were kidnapped (!).

BOEING aircrafts can be controlled by remote control from any airport tower. This back door is "built" in the Boeing aircraft with the justification that a pilot might pass out and that the aircraft must "land" from outside. If BOTH pilots passed out in the cockpit, that would be the case, but NEVER occurs.

The practice of remote control of Boeing aircraft is different: With the Committee of 300, the Rothschild family not only has the big corporations and governments in their hands, but also the airports with all electronic screens and flight controllers. If the Rothschild family sees a "target" in a Boeing, a kidnapping is organized by remote control, and at the same time a fake airplane crash site is reported in the Mossad P2 Lodge media. This happened on September 11, 2001, FOUR times, in 2014 TWICE (MH370 + MH17) (craters are missing - link), and the series with aircraft hijackings and fake crash sites continued with Germanwings (airplane is missing - link (German)) in 2015 and in 2020 with a Boeing of the Ukrainian Airline with flight PS752 in Tehran (crater is missing! - link).

You can recognize these fake plane crashes by the fact that a crater is MISSING, because a Boeing is at least 50 tons heavy and 70 to 80 tons at takeoff. In the event of a crash on a meadow or in a field, a crater of 2 to 4m deep would actually be normal. This counterfeiting terror has been going on since 2001:

-- In 2001, the four allegedly crashed planes were missing from the holes in the WTC towers, in the Pentagon and in the hole of Shanksville (September 11, 2001 fraud - index - link)

-- In 2014 nothing could be found from flight MH370, but the landing took place according to signals from the Rolls Royce engines at the secret NATO base Diego Garcia, the cell phones continued to work for 5 days, and later the aircraft continued to fly around. Coincidentally, there were about 10 Chinese IT researchers on board, who were all "eliminated" with the hijacking of flight MH370, so that Rothschild "inherited" certain patents on IT products (Missing Aircraft Index - Link)

-- In August 2014 nothing could be found of flight MH17, also NO CRATER, but at the fake crash site in Ukraine there were plane parts on fields, WITHOUT any crater, there was undamaged luggage, there were old bodies and rubber dolls with wrong clothes put on them (e.g. socks were too small! valves for inflating were detected!), and as a highlight a small plane had been blown up to simulate a fireplace (Missing Aircraft Index - link) - well, just by chance, the secret criminal NATO base Diego Garcia was just again in the middle of the routhe of the flight between Amsterdam and Malaysia ...

-- Fulford says that the MH370 plane was redirected to Tel Aviv and Florida, repainted there for being the plane of flight MH17 and equipped with atomic bombs because Obama wanted to use it to threaten a nuclear conference in Holland (Fulford 2018 (German)).

-- In the year of 2020 NOTHING could be found from flight MS752, also NO CRATER, but a small plane was blown up with heaps of old bodies in it, not a single seat was found, no cockpit, no tail fin, nothing, and all videos were a fake, first showing 1 missile, then 2 missiles were claimed - it's all nonsense. The aircraft was hijacked, Diego Garcia is not far away from Tehran (Tehran: I miss a crater - link)

Passengers are kidnapped regularly, according to Armin Risi, the adults are taken to underground CIA prisons, where the prisoners are tortured as guinea pigs for the pharmaceuticals (book: Power Change on Earth, orig. German: Machtwechsel auf der Erde), children are sent to satanic circles to be abused and killed there...

If patent robbery can also be combined with the robbery of passengers, as with flight MH370, this is even more worthwhile for the Rothschild family. The provocations of the Rothschild Zionists with MH17 in Ukraine and with PS752 in Tehran with a Boeing of the Ukrainian Airlines were both clearly aimed at triggering a third world war in the world to destroy Germany again and for installing a Great Israel. But Trump + Putin DIDN'T want a war ...

9/11 crime was connected with a goldrush before 9/11 with speculation insider trade (link) and during the action on 9/11 there was a gold rush in the cellar of the WTC, the gold of two world banks was robbed... (movie Loose Change 2, protocol link)

Who knows when these airplane games will finally stop. The Committee of 300 with the Rothschild Committee is constantly threatening New York with an atomic bomb on the ocean floor to trigger a tsunami against New York (see: Fulford 2018 reports 01 (German)). That's why you can't "just" arrest the Rothschild and Clinton criminal Zionists the way Trump wanted them to ... and the plane games continue as long as Boeing airplanes with remote control possibility are around.

12. Lima and Holland: Joran van der Sloot INVENTED that he had killed a woman

-- cronology about Joran van der Sloot - link
-- 20 points: why Joran is no murderer - link

We go into the details of a case where the Mossad and the CIA "determined" the killer in advance, and the affected youth and young adult lost control of the truth:

The Joran family in Aruba - suddenly there is a suspicion of murder
When a young person is suspected of murder, it is a total burden and hinders normal mental development. This happened to Joran van der Sloot on the island of Aruba in the Carribean at the Venezuela border where a high mafia and smuggling activity can be found. A few years earlier, his family had emigrated from Holland to Aruba, and Joran was a tall boy and liked to play tennis with his father. When he was suddenly defamed having committed a murder stating that he was the last to see a missing woman, the pressure against the immigrant family began. Instead of moving back to Holland, they remained on the island. The territory aroung their house was dug up several times by the police, there were intrigues to the other family, whose daughter had disappeared, and now the young people's fantasies about this story began - and Joran van der Sloot also began to fantasize.

Commercial diploma - secret services destroy Joran's life - poker games
Joran had a degree in commerce, but the secret services destroyed his life, manipulated neighbors and fellow students against him when he wanted to study in Thailand, and then after coming back to Aruba he concentrated on playing poker to make money that the family had lost because of lawyers in his case, and now, the secret services were after him again.

Joran WITHOUT Spanish in Latin "America"
Joran was on poker tour in Colombia, and then in Peru. Criminal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a heart for the missing daughter's family and was against Joran. Joran was observed in Lima together with the corrupt Peruvian government of super criminal "president" Alan Garcia. Joran had already bought a ticket for a poker tour on the beach in Lima with a new Peruvian girlfriend - this ticket was not cheap. They were together in a hotel room No. 309 in the Hotel TAC, that was the mistake. Joran behaved properly and without suspicion, so naive, that was the second mistake. And Joran van der Sloot could not speak Spanish - that was the decisive third mistake.

Alan García's killer squad - and then Stephany was stabbed
Corrupt-criminal Peruvian President Alan García teamed up with criminal-corrupt-satanist "US" Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and arranged a trap for Joran, who was desperate to be stamped as a perpetrator and brought to prison. It's well probable that there were satanist bets against Joran in the political upper class. A death squad of Alan Garcia was housed in the Hotel TAC in Lima, the hotelier Kuan Bo was informed. When Joran went to get coffee and breakfast early on June 30th, 2010, Alan García's killer squad broke into the hotel room and threatened Joran's girlfriend Stephany. Stephany's family and Alan García's family may have had an "open account" and Stephany had to die for her father. When Joran came back and wanted to have breakfast, he was kicked out of the room by the killer squad with all his luggage. As a souvenir, the killers made a few blood stains from Stephany on a few items of clothing from Joran.

When Joran left the hotel, the young woman Stephany was killed by the killer squad with about two dozen knife stings and left for 3 days with the television on, even though daily room service existed. The cleaning staff did not enter the room and only found Stephany on July 2nd, 2010. Nobody wants to have heard anything from Stephany's screams. In my opinion, the hotelier Kuan Bo was initiated.

And now Joran's fourth mistake came: he did not go to the Peruvian police to check his condition and testify what he had seen, but instead traveled to Chile by taxi. Perhaps the killers told him to take a taxi to Chile - and the naive Joran did it.

Alan Garcia and his Peruvian Mossad P2 media chase Joran van der Sloot - Joran starts a game with the police
Criminal President Alan García and Interpol are now staging a media chase against Joran. It was 3 days later that the body with the knife stings was found, and who was supposed to have seen Stephany last? Joran van der Sloot. Now it was rushed that he was the murderer of Stephany. Everything is WRONG: The killer command had seen Stephany last, and Joran had no knife in his luggage. So, the Aruba's situation of seeing a woman alive as the last was repeated. The media claimed that the television was on for 3 days and therefore no one had gone to room 309. Well, a European never leaves the TV on when he leaves a room.

Joran was caught in Chile, examined and he twice - in Chile in Arica and in Peru in Lima - clearly stated that he had not killed anyone. There were also NO scratch marks, NO battle marks and NO blood marks. But Joran's state of mind was now close to zero. He started playing poker against the Peruvian police. A police commander promised Joran a quick shift to Holland if he confessed. Joran made himself untrustworthy with his false confession and wrote his signature in different versions, which made him even more untrustworthy. Joran then lost the poker with the judiciary.

The judiciary in the morgue in Lima then invented new ways of death. Since Joran van der Sloot is 2m tall, other deaths, such as being hit with a tennis racket and strangled, were attached to him. Overall, Stephany is said to have been THREE TIMES killed:
1) by blows and broken skull
2) due to broken neck
3) by suffocation

The Peruvian lawyers refuse the neutral investigation - the Peruvian judiciary accepts the wrong confession and thus protects the killer squad
During the investigation, the lawyers refused to conduct a neutral investigation. The data clearly said: Joran was WITHOUT fighting marks and WITHOUT blood marks, he had never killed a person. The data clearly said: the cause of death (stabbed) from the beginning did NOT match the later deaths. There had been poetry. And much more:
-- Joran had registered correctly in the hotel, which a murderer would never do
-- There was no surveillance video of Alan Garcia's killer gang entering and leaving hotel room 309 at Hotel TAC
-- There is still no DNA analysis of the skin under Stephany's fingernails from the death struggle against the knife killer gang of Alan García (!)
-- There is a lack of blood on the tennis racket from Joran, which is rumored to have been used as a weapon
-- There is the question of why the ways of death were exchanged in the morgue, because at first it was clearly stated "stabbed in a wild way", but then beatings and suffocation were indicated
-- There is the question of why Alan García's criminal justice claimed that Stephany was killed three times. Apparently it was a clear political agitation against foreigners to portray the criminal Peruvians against Europeans as "peaceful people" ...

Joran was so naive going on with his false confession. His mental state was never determined. He was the victim of a mind control operation by Satanists Ms. Clinton and Alan Garcia. Joran claimed to the end that he had killed Stephany, although he had never done anything like that. For the corrupt judiciary in Peru, Joran van der Sloot was a "great number", because with his wrong confession it was easy to make "career points". He was sentenced to 25 years in prison and has a Peruvian friend and family. He will be a burden for the Peruvian state for 25 years. During the investigation, he was given a prison cell near the directorate's office to protect him from dangerous prisoners. Apparently the director knew who the real killers were?

Where is Stephany's property? - Stolen from the killer gang
There is no trace of Stephany's bank cards, no trace of the withdrawn money indicating who has stolen money from Stephany's accounts where and when, and no trace of her keys can be found either. Joran claimed that he had thrown the bank cards into a trash can. But who throws bank cards in a trash can? Joran didn't steal anything, but it was Alan García's killer gang. Stephany's car was found about 5km away in Old Surco. So, someone had stolen Stephany's keys, but Joran hadn't. The corrupt Mossad P2 media claimed that Joran drove from Stephany's hotel to Old Surco by car. But Joran didn't know Lima, why should he drive alone to Old Surco in a car? It looks more like that the killers were picked up by "colleagues" in Old Surco and then "celebrated" their career points in one of the rich districts of Lima (Surco, La Molina, Miraflores etc.) ... When police is examining a car this doesn't necessarily have to be an "exam". With some paper with numbers on it "everything" goes ...

No items from Stephany were found in the luggage of Joran van der Sloot. So he's not a thief either.

NO new examination of Stephany's body
Although there is every reason to re-examine Stephany's body, the corrupt Catholic judiciary in Lima refuses to investigate. So there should be over 20 knife sticks, and there should be the murderer's skin under the fingernails. I assume that satanists Alan García and Hillary Clinton are preventing this new investigation. Alan García allegedly killed himself in 2019.

Stephany's father, Ricardo Flores Chipoco, was in the 2006 elections against Alan Garcia, so this is a rival family and it seems that the murder is also a "revenge act".

Suicide by Alan García 2019 - appeal to start the trial again
Criminal satanist ex-president Alan García officially committed suicide in 2019. He evaded to be arrested by a shot into his head. Nevertheless, the situation cries out for a new start of the procedure with a new assessment of Stephany's body. The real killers are to be found.

Important natural medicine - concealed by the Rothschild P2 media

13. Mossad P2 media concealing cheap natural medicine

-- coconut oil link - anise link - fennel link

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

Coconut oil is disinfectant, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, can be used for any fungus on the skin and vaginally, is also a natural lubricant for more fun in bed. And coconut oil can do much more (Coconut Index - link).

Anise + fennel: And there are the hormone plants for women, anise and fennel. Chewing aniseed or fennel leaves 3 times a day heals with women the PMS and menstrual pain in one month. Aniseed seeds are the cheapest way of healing this, fennel leaves must always be fresh, this means, a maximum of 2 days old. The healing rate is 100%. Anise link - Fennel link

Anise tea and fennel tea (single or combined) have the same effect: they eliminate PMS and menstruation pain: PMS and menstrual pain are healed in 1 month, with a 100% healing rate.

All this is NOWHERE mentioned in censored Mossad media or Vatican P2 Lodge media. What a surprise! Why not? Because the sadists in the Committee of 300 in London want more sick people so they can sell more toxic pills. Healthy people are undesirable under the rule of the Mossad and the Vatican. Don't be fooled, people!

Enlarging breasts with nettles, anise, fennel and beer massage
Mother Earth also has a recipe for controlled breast augmentation:
-- Breast tissue is stimulated with nettles
-- Anise and fennel are chewed 3 times a day or taken as tea
-- In addition, the breasts are massaged 3 times a day with beer, the hops has hormonal effecct.

With this method you can achieve a breast enlargement of 1 cup in 6 weeks, and this breast enlargement then remains. A woman in Lima achieved a breast enlargement of 2 cm in 14 days. (link)

Why isn't this recipe in the Mossad and Vatican media? Because the Mossad and Vatican sadists prefer to sell expensive implants that have to be renewed every 10 years. THIS is a better deal than nettle + anise + fennel + some beer. Don't be fooled, people!

Criminal pastors do not distribute the recipes, but defame healers as a wolf or shark
The criminal pastors in Lima claim that anyone who can heal women is a wolf or a shark. Well, the pastors need women who suffer from men's pain to portray them as the devil. If anise heals the mens pain in 1 month, then the criminal pastor suddenly has nothing more to say, and that's really BETTER! The pastors should all travel to Rome and die in the Vatican, because the Bible only counts for the territory to the Vatican.

14. Healings with sodium bicarbonate

-- fact sheet Sodium bicarbonate on www.med-etc.com: link 
-- fact sheet Sodium bicarbonate on www.soz-etc.com: link 

The Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and cr. Vatican P2 lodge do not tell us:

Sodium bicarbonate (soda) is a sea salt from nature, occurs in masses and has a wonderful healing effect in combination with water and sugar syrup (maple syrup, sugar molasses, algarrobina, or otherwise a syrup) as well as in combination with water and apple cider vinegar (or other vinegar). Instead of baking soda, you can also use baking powder, the main component is baking soda. In August 2015 I examined Vernon Johnston's cancer cure in Oregon ("USA"), he healed his grade 4 cancer in 12 days (link). Then I did the self-experiment to see if the pH value in my urine also increased when I took baking powder with Algarrobina. And yes, it rose from pH6 to pH8 (link). The effect was proven and according to the book by baking powder doctor Mark Sircus, many "unhelpful diseases" should be curable: cancer, as well as all organs, glands and nerves - all at the same time.

I started healing people with baking soda in September 2015, and since then I have a patient book with the data and healing methods. The patients also contributed data, especially regarding the combination of baking soda with apple cider vinegar which Sircus had not yet researched. It turned out that baking soda has a healing rate of approx. 90%, the pH does not rise with 5%, and permanent diarrhea occurs with 5% of the patients. This 10% have to look for other healing methods. The remaining 90% heal with baking soda:

-- Combination 1 tsp soda in 1 glass of water with 3-4 tbsp maple syrup / sugar molasses / algarrobina sober and take it also 2 hours after the last meal: the pH increases by 1 point every 3 days, this means by 4 points in 12 days, and pH 8 will be reached. This heals:
Cancer, diabetes, asthma (vaccine damage), allergies (vaccine damage), lung diseases, flu, kidneys, depression, alcoholism.

-- Combination 1 tsp of soda in 1 glass of water with 3-4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (or another vinegar) provokes a pH of 7.3 throughout the body (being measured sober in the urine in the morning), and then take is sober during 1 or 2 months: This heals: diabetes, asthma (vaccine damage), allergies (vaccine damage), lung diseases, flu, kidneys, depression, alcoholism, also healed exclusively with soda + apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water: circulatory system, high blood pressure, heart problems, brain regenerated after stroke, miom, uterine injury, stone disease, muscle pain, muscle cramps, numb limbs, cold hands and cold feet.

Zionist Rothschild propaganda against sodium bicarbonate from January 2017
When my healing success in Lima and via Facebook became "too much", the criminal hacker gang of the Zionists of Rothschild (Psiram hacker gang) and of the Catholic criminal P2 king Tito Tettamanti (Tettamanti's P2 hacker gang) started a new propaganda against me and opened a suicide article on Psiram against me presenting me as a conspiracy ideologist etc. claiming that the baking soda did not heal etc. In addition, new defamations are occuring in the internet with new google results fighting the complete healing web site (title: "All lies" - orig. in German: "Alles Lügen"). Well, the criminal Zionist gang of the drug Committee of 300 in London just wants to KEEP a lot of patients and DOESN'T WANT THE PEOPLE TO HEAL (!). In addition, there is often the wrong information on the Internet that baking soda would heal in combination with lemon, but this combination hardly heals, but only causes weight loss.

If such strong propaganda is made against baking soda, it is clear that baking soda heals a lot cheaply. The ambulance pharmacy contains baking soda as an emergency recipe. Teaching about baking soda is prohibited at universities. Why so? Because baking soda HEALS very often and cheaply! With baking soda, at least 50% of the toxic pills become superfluous. Some servers have even been ordered by the London-based criminal Zionist mafia to BLOCK my website www.med-etc.com. Well, the boycott proves that the criminals in London are helpless!

-- fact sheet Sodium bicarbonate on www.med-etc.com: link 
-- fact sheet Sodium bicarbonate on www.soz-etc.com: link 

The same criminal propaganda against life is committed by criminal Rothschild hacker gang of Psiram against mistletoe therapy from Arlesheim, which has already cured 1,000s of cancer patients.

This means that the Third World War is taking place here - the war of the criminal Zionists against natural medicine.

Cancer heals not only with baking soda or mistletoe, but also with blood group nutrition, bitter apricot kernels, apple seeds, cannabis oil, noni, graviola, and yoga, respiratory therapy for more oxygen in the body etc.

-- fact sheet Cancer no.10 on www.med-etc.com: link 
-- fact sheet Cancer no. 10 on www.soz-etc.com: link 

Agriculture and architecture with Mother Earth

15. Organic farming without pesticides - permaculture

-- Permaculture agriculture - link

One has to read just some books and then one knows how agriculture can be organized WITH Mother Earth cheaply and in an effective way (permaculture indexs - link!)

But the Rothschild media of the kr. Mossad and P2 media do not mention these tricks with Mother Earth because the Rothschild and P2-companies want to continue to sell pesticides to poison the world for having more and more patients. Here are some elements of permaculture:

1) Principles and tricks: zone planning - vertical dimension - collecting seeds
2) Mulching: Cover the garden bed with straw etc. so that it does not dry out and weeds do not grow
3) Create a raised bed so that you no longer have to bend down - or create a hill bed that has 30% more area than a flat bed
4) Know root shapes and root lengths of all plants in order to use them accordingly
5) Know the high consumers (nutrient consumption) - and know the partner plants ("dream partner"), which complement each other and thus both grow better
6) Know tricks in the greenhouse
7) The semi-submerged greenhouse (pit greenhouse - "Walipini") allows planting also in winter
8) Know weeds, plant diseases, natural pesticides
9) Understand compost heaps
10a) Know water tricks and
10b) Know pond construction

And here is more: Knowing tree and fruit tree - flower tricks - berry tricks - wildlife and house in permaculture

The heroes of permaculture are: Fukuoka (Japan) - Bill Mollison (Australia) - Jeoff Lawton (Australia) - Sepp Holzer (Austria) etc.

Sepp Holzer with his permaculture farm in Austria on the alpine slope
-- He builds stables for the animals with thick earth walls that give off warmth in winter and provide for coolness in summer
-- He lets the pigs and goats on his farm "plowing" and cleaning the fields and in this way preparing the fields for new crops, or
-- During a pond construction, he lets pigs into the pond basin to level the clay soil of the pond construction
-- He installed a total of 72 or 73 ponds and thus NEVER has a water problem with a high groundwater level, and he also has fish and crabs for sale
-- he installs heat traps, so that apples and kiwis also grow on 1300m over sea level etc. etc. (link 1 - 72 ponds: link 2)

Sepp Holzer and other permaculture heroes can re-cover entire landscapes by installing ponds and lakes using loam earth dams (Tamera - link).

Why is that hardly or never in the Mossad P2 media? Because the Rothschilds and the Vatican want SICK people who are poisoned by pesticides, lemon acid and additives. People, don't be fooled!

16. Bio-Architecture: The house that never gets cold - Michael Reynolds' earth ship

-- Earth Ship index - link! 

An earth barn with earth walls never gets cold because the earth walls give off the stored heat which was stored during summer times.

A semi-submerged greenhouse never gets cold because the earth's walls give off the stored heat which was stored during summer times.

A house with 1m thick earth walls never gets cold because the earth walls give off the stored heat from summer times - this is Michael Reynolds' earth ship.

So, the earth barns of Mr. Sepp Holzer are also little earth ships, but without any equipment...

Soil has an inertia reaction and only adapts the temperature to the outside temperature after approx. 5 to 6 months, so the earth wall remains rather cool in summer and rather warm in winter.

Michael Reynolds from New Mexico had a father who was constantly collecting recycling things, and Michael Reynolds developed this talent further and built new houses with waste items, first he built houses made of tied-up aluminum cans, and then he invented houses with walls made of old car tires filled with earth. So he developed the "earth ship", which does NOT need heating.

Michael Reynolds then also set up a gray water system in his earth ship architecture, his own water production by using the condensation during the night on a metal roof, he installed his own cisterns, his own electricity production, ventilation was installed with ventilation pipes below and with skylights above, he installed a row of windows to the sunny side with a greenhouse under the windows, and as an ornament he uses old wine bottles to make patterns in the walls.

Why is that hardly or never in the Mossad P2 media? Because the Rothschilds and the Satanist Saudis would otherwise sell much less oil if nobody needed a heating in winter or climatization in summer and recognized the trick with the thick earth walls. Experiments with earth bricks are pending, are just never done!

People who really want to save energy build an earth ship - and costs will come down rapidly!

17. The semi-submerged greenhouse "Walipini" with cultivation also in winter - earth walls radiate heat

-- the half sunk greenhouse "Walipini" - link 

If a greenhouse is built halfway into the ground, the earth's walls (approx. 1.5 to 1.8m high) have the same effect as an air conditioning system: the earth's walls cool in summer, and in winter they release the stored heat of summer. Soil has an inertia reaction and only adapts the temperature to the outside temperature after approx. 5 to 6 months, so the earth wall remains rather cool in summer and rather warm in winter.

With semi-submerged greenhouses, everyone can continue to grow vegetables in winter. The idea comes from Bolivia and was called "Walipini" (Aymara language: the place of warmth). If all cold zones in the world install sunken greenhouses, the transports and flights of tons vegetables can be spared, and overused landscapes can become "normal" again, for example in southern Spain, where the groundwater is already disappearing due to overuse. What is the EU doing? They don't say anything about the Walipini!

Rothschild Zionist media and P2 Vatican media are mute!

18. Pond construction and drywall - returning ecosystems to their origins

-- ponds and pond system constructioning - link (German)
-- drwy wall: who lives there - link  

-- pond as purificaiton plant - link (German)

There was a time when there was a pond every km. From 1700 onwards, these ponds were systematically filled in by industrialization and by it's money people so that land could be gained and more could be grown and sold. Without ponds, the landscape then became rather dry, the land animals moved away, the birds moved away, people hardly had no more natural opportunities to swim, everything became barren and boring and sad, and during heavy rain the water rushed down so quickly thatalso mountain slides and floods were the result. At the same time, the water table sank more and more and the wells had to be drilled deeper and deeper.

And industrialization, with its money people, had even more effect in the landscape: piles of stones were removed, vineyards with dry walls were neglected or replaced by concrete walls. All the animals that were at home under the stones lost their homes.

And so the natural scientists discovered that there were hardly any animals left - they made the "red list" of endangered species.

Ponds, dry stone walls, fruit trees, forest edges, they all belong together. Why are the many destroyed ponds not a public issue? Because industrialization always wants to be "right", led by Rothschild and the Committee of 300 in London. With each pond destroyed, the groundwater level was lowered again by a few cm. But you can create new ponds:

In order to preserve ecosystems, to normalize the groundwater level and to maintain coexistence with nature, it is the duty of the rulers and the landowners to put pond systems, dry stone walls, fruit tree groves and forest edges back where they have been lost. And suddenly the "red list" will be shortened, biodiversity will come back, the fruits and vegetables will be more robust. It is once again true: less land is more life, if some ponds need a few m2 of land, this is an ENRICHMENT for general life, especially if ponds are in areas of fruit trees or forests - with a dry stone wall or with heaps of stones close to it (!).

-- ponds and pond system constructioning - link (German)
-- drwy wall: who lives there - link

-- pond as purification plant - link (German)

19. Turn desert into forest - tricks from Mother Earth are never reported

-- turn desert into forest - link

For decades, permaculture has figured out how to restore ecosystems using simple means: creating dams and ditches on slopes so that the rain water can seep into the ground and is not flowing down the slopes, or set up terraces, and at the same time always setting up pond systems where the opportunity arises in order to slow down the flow of rainwater so that more water seeps into the earth from the pond - the groundwater level rises and the landscape is green again in 3 to 4 years.

To plant a new forest at the same time you can plant new trees and maintain them for 3 to 4 years, after these 4 years, everything will develop on its own (wildlife and birds will spread seeds with their feces). The methods are different:
-- You can chop big holes in the hard soil, put manure and tree seeds in it, cover the hole with humus and with soil and wait
-- You install a tree nursery with seedlings and put the seedlings in the holes, then give water and care for 2 to 3 years.

And always set up low dams and ditches so that all rainwater seeps where it falls. Pioneers in forest plants are e.g. Mr. Sawadogo (link), Mr. Liu (link), Mr. Lawton (link), Mr. Pfister (link), and in Africa whole governments are already in the process of reshaping their desert countries into green landscapes (link). Why are the Rothschild P2 media not telling about this? Because they don't want to show that you can be happy WITHOUT the big corporations (!).
-- turn desert into forest - link 

20. Sun is for cooking - sun cooker + sun oven and the silence of the Rothschild P2 media

-- solar cooker and solar oven - link!!!

With some information from the Internet, everyone can build his/her own sun stove to cook in the sun light. The prerequisite is a place, a terrace or a garden where the sun is shining. The cost of a simple sun cooker (up to 140ºC) is around $ 15 / euro / Swiss francs, the cost of a Rolls-Royce solar oven (up to 173ºC) is around $ 80 / euro / Swiss francs. These sun cookers and sun ovens ALWAYS work when the sun is shining in spring-summer-autumn-winter. The sun stove must be adjusted to the sun every 2 hours, the sun oven with its almost 80cm length only every 6 hours.

The "civilization" in the sunny countries could save billions of megawatts or billions of tons of gas and millions of repairs of expensive cooking appliances if EVERYONE used a sun oven to cook in the sunshine: in the Mediterranean, in the south of the "USA", in Israel, in the south of Japan, in Australia, in New Zealand etc.

The less developed countries in sun zones with a sun stove and sun stove can ALL protect their forests, protect their wallets and combat poverty .

Why doesn't the Mossad Rothschild P2 media report this? Because the Rothschild P2 mafia does not want to lose electricity customers and gas customers (!). And deforested forest brings new calls for help so that Rothschild’s “Red Cross” comes and distributes vaccinations. Only desperate populations bring new customers (!).

Only a few development NGOs and university groups are at work to distribute the knowledge about the sun cookers + sun ovens, including instructions for self-construction. More is needed!

-- solar cooker and solar oven - link!!! 

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