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D     THAIไทย

Thailand: Life in the countryside in a fishermen's village

Cruel conditions, frustrations and compensations by negligence of the rural population in Thailand

by Michael Palomino (2013)




In a fishermen's village in the countryside in southern Thailand near Chumphon the following facts could be stated withing about 10 days of stay in January 2013:

-- dogs have fleas because any flea pill for the dog is missing in Thailand, and for injections for the dog nobody has got the money (this is like in Peru)

-- school girls have lice and the government does not know to do anything about it, and the boys have NO lice because they cut their hear every week down to 2 cm of length

-- dogs and cocks make a noise without end, and this is not good for tourism

-- there is no timetable for the public transportation, and often there is only 3 times per hour a transport, or on Sundays the last little bus is coming at 5 pm already, on working days on 6 pm. All latter transport has to be organized with a rented motor scooter, or one has to walk. Also this is not so efficient.

-- but private people are provoking their attractiveness with big loudspeakers and discos in their houses, for that noise they have got the money

-- but the prevention against putrefaction of the wooden houses they have no money because the Thais hardly know that wood has to be painted every year again and not only with the construction of the houses - or often the wooden house is not painted at all and the vermin are consuming the wood and the water is destroying the wood on and on - or the Thais love more to save their money for a new car and have got no money for colors or protective varnish - beeswax balm protecting wood like in Germany could never be seen, and also sanding as a preparation for a new painting seems to be unknown in Thailand

-- when the kitchen's floor in a fishermen's village has got a hole over the water, then one can give the garbage directly into the water, perfect

-- often Thais in the countryside are eating on the floors of their houses yet and there is no table in the house, so the children can hardly do any home work because just a table is missing in the house, and therefore Thais don't know why they don't learn much in life...

-- the parents often don't know much about the subject material, and therefore the parents hardly or NEVER do any home work with their children, and therefore the subject material is never repeated at home or is reinforced again by the parents, and therefore one more impulse for intelligence development is lost

-- it also seems that there is no methodology adapted to the children, but the school books are adapted to the needs of the teachers!!! Therefore there are many school books without pictures and without photos.

-- partition into zones is not existing, a garage repairing cars can be next to a hotel, and this is not important

-- many money machines in the countryside of Thailand have only national connections blocking any money with international VISA cards whereas the card is valid. Then the following text is explaining the blockage with a

"Communication Error" or with a 

"Invalid Transaction" etc.

-- showers are often unknown in the countryside, because the water is stored in tiled basins or in water barrels in the bathroom instead of being stored in a tank on the roof

-- in Thai TV series or in Thai TV publicity belching is normal, well, not so intelligent

-- and in Thai TV series there are often battles with slapping and shots like in South "America", and these are all wrong models with a manipulation for a wrong heroism, murder and manslaughter, and the government is not becoming aware of it - like in South "America" where the governments do not becoming aware of it either...


-- plays for children are completely missing in the countryside - children have only computer games and killing games: There is no mill game, there is no wooden tower, there is no backgammon, there is no checkers (droughts), there is no chess game, there are no card games, often there is not even any ball, no swing, no slide, no sandbox, even no Double Dutch or hopscotch etc. Buddha would have brought plays for the children for sure, but there is nothing written about plays in the "holy books" and it seems that the government is not at all becoming aware of this fact that without plays a part of the development of intelligence is blocked, and the parents NOT AT ALL are playing with their children because this would be a loss of authority...

Therefore, children in Thailand have killer games, but slides and swings they don't have.

-- but adults are playing poker with real money in the center of the village - instead of purchasing plays and games for the children or even producing plays for them

-- and many Thai ladies in the countryside are applying cream in their face for getting a "whiter skin", and for this "whitening creme" the Thais have got the money, but for the plays for the children, for the future of the family, they don't.

This really does not seem so intelligent...


-- in the countryside there are no ladyboys, and this is a relaxing feeling being freed of this terrorism of the ladyboys.


-- shadow nets over the roofs are missing giving a shadow for all houses lowering the temperature during the sunny days in the houses - and also the fishermen where nets are free to have this genius idea is not spread which is spread in South "America"

-- windows in the roofs (skylights) are missing

-- there are hardly sitting toilets in the countryside in Thailand which seems to be absolutely incomprehensible because these soil toilets are also blocking tourism and elder people cannot use them any more.


-- dictionaries are HARDLY existing in the countryside in Thailand

-- and most households in Thailand have no table in the house and therefore parents and children are hardly doing any home work together

-- English books are often ONLY written in English, without any instruction in the native language, and therefore the child and also the parents who hardly speak any English are absolutely helpless with such English books and only the teacher can teach English with these books, and therefore any reinforcement of wisdom working with the parents is blocked again, and therefore one more impulse for the development of intelligence is lost

-- instead of imparting English with playfully into the children's heart, the English books in Thailand are dry like dust, and children don't want to eat dust !!!

-- the English books which are only written in English are a big frustration for the children, because any curiosity for learning in advance is blocked. Children NEVER can learn in advance on their own initiative, but all individual energy of the will of the children is lost and any own learning is absolutely blocked instead of being supported

-- and also the parents cannot learn anything new with these books, and the children should keep all instructions of the teaching persons in their heads, and therefore the parents and the children are absolutely expected too much - that means, the complete population are lost with English in Thailand, only the teacher is not who gets the salary, and the government is not becoming aware of it

-- that means there is a huge frustration developing in the children's and in the parent's hearts against English which cannot be learnt with the stupid English books without any instruction in the native language and is not showing any example in the mother's language, and therefore it's impossible to learn English when there is not a person speaking English well in the family already

-- and therefore there are many cases when children and parents are forgetting English, and there are even children who like more to learn other languages because the school book for the other language is better then

-- and with this policy Thailand is blocking a big part of English knowledge only because the school books are absolutely arrogant and are printed only in English, without any instruction in the native language, without any picture or life in them, without any song and without any laughing.

-- the dry English books are blocking the curiosity for English, are blocking the joy for the world's knowledge and at the end are cutting off the Thais from the whole rest of the world.

And at the end is created what we have in Thailand of today: Hardly any person can speak English, and when they can then the pronunciation is wrong because the parents cannot correct the little faults of their children at home.

-- help for home work does not exist, and little faults remain without correction

-- and the English books in Thailand have no phonetic indications so the pronunciation is given to the children's and the teacher's fantasy

== that means: Thailand is a methodical disaster, a methodology for the child is not existing, but children and parents are simply expected too much and are frustrated more and more, and the teachers do not want to see why the pupils are hardly learning anything.

This teaching system of English is not so intelligent.


-- there is group play in the sport's lesson

but theater, children's theater or youth's theater is missing, role play is missing, and therefore the only theater group play during childhood in Thailand is sport's play

-- memorizing a role for a children's theater is not practiced.


-- often the basic knowledge is missing in the handicrafts like in South "America"

-- handicraft courses are missing for all

-- when a little screw driver is missing, a simple nail is plated into a screw driver.


Thais cannot develop a considerate self consciousness

-- because plays for children are missing

-- because playgrounds are missing

-- because the school books are dry like sand without a child-oriented methodology and therefore any curiosity and joy for learning are blocked

-- because the parents do not continue any studies either but they like more to drink beer without end

-- because there are no courses for further education in handicrafts either and therefore the wooden houses are destroyed fast by vermin and are rotting fast.


Another factor against developing a safe self consciousness is the fact that the fathers often are on the sea with their fish trawlers for weeks. To be on the sea for three weeks not having any live contact with the family is "normal", and the stay "on land" is only two days. Therefore the children hardly can see their father and this provokes a chronic weakness in their heart. Thai psychology is not seeing this problem but is neglecting the population on the countryside in general...

One more factor against self consciousness in Thai fishermen's families is the fact that no women are allowed on the ships thus the families are separated for weeks without end. And when the income is also low with it it can be that women get ideas for splitting from the family.

Considering these conditions in a fishermen's village
-- the elder men with their primitive "alcoholic intelligence" have more power because the working parents are devided and the working men are not present, and the elder with their "alcoholic intelligence" are blocking the development of new integral ideas
-- the mothers are hardly educating the fathers
-- the mothers without their men in the fishermen's village have to fullfill the education role also of the men and are overcharged without any psychology getting often a sarcastic way of thinking and at the end only the money is determinating life because the feelings with the husband are missing - or they fall into the trap of alcohol and prostitution in one of the "sexy towns of Thailand" so the children are without father and without mother for the most time of their life.

This missing of self consciousness in the countryside in a fisherman's village or also on a rice farm can provoke that people there are wearing shirts with Mickey Mouse on it with 34.


According to the principle that a destroyed human being is destroying other human beings there can be watched the following compensation actions in the countryside of Thailand:

-- the Thais in the countryside do not become aware of the fact that it's the government leading the population into dead ends with bad school books, and therefore the population hardly does learn anything

-- the Thais do not become aware that there is practically NO methodology in Thailand for teaching the subjects in a child-oriented way and with many variations

-- when the Thais do not become aware of the fact that THE GOVERNMENT is guilty for this mental misery, then many Thais blame the foreigners and are making propaganda against foreigners when there is an occasion for it.

The criminal Thai government in Bangkok is neglecting the Thai population. And this behavior is copies then: The Thais are neglecting their own things and affairs and have wrong priorities:

-- Thais are spitting on the road, also officials

-- Thais are drying their cars after a rain in the night eliminating any trace of raindrops on the car

-- Thais are throwing garbage into the sea or deposit garbage on the beach or throw garbage into the river, and there is no net in the river which would block the garbage

-- nets for collecting the garbage are so weak that they always get new holes - by the garbage which is collected with it

-- also the creme for "whitening the skin" is a compensation reaction for the missing self consciousness that will never be developed without children's play and without children grounds and with dry school books without child-oriented methodology

-- or people decide to go to work in the prostitution in the sex circus, or parents are selling their children or are educating or forcing their children for a change of their sex being ladyboys etc. pp.

-- or other people mean that espionage and persecution of foreigners would be "the right way" for the country, but the Thai population remains poor and the situation of the Thais in the countryside does not at all better, but only the spy will be rich and is paid by the tax money, and the money which is spent for espionage is missing at other places of the society.

All in all there is a helpless 404 frustration without end because the Thais do not know why the Europeans or Australians or "Americans" of the "USA" and Canada have a great general knowledge and think in more intelligent ways than the Thais, whereas the Thais also visit at least 9 years of "school".

It's up to the government to speak with the population limiting mafia and to make corresponding changes.

Michael Palomino, 31 January 2013


A bad haul

In a fishermen's village there is also another very important thing: When fishermen are going fishing on the sea it's not sure that the haul is a good one. There are also cases when a fishing cutter is only bringing back 20% of it's capacity because they "missed" the fishing grounds in some way or the shoals [groups of fishes] are just at another place than expected. Therefore it can be that suddenly poverty is knocking at some families when a fishing trip is ending with almost no fish. Therefore a family should not only have it's base with fishing but the basis should be on several different professions thus one can help each other during emergency situations.

When harbor moles are missing ships are going down during storms

Another point is that Thailand was never colonized by Europeans and therefore there was never the forced work for the construction of harbor moles and harbor protection walls. Or there were never installed special harbors. Thais are fishermen but principally they don't know what a "harbor" really is and what are the features of a "harbor": harbor protection walls and harbor moles protecting the "sleeping" ships from high waves and from accidents clashing each other protecting them from going down. Well, just this is happening in Thailand sometimes: the ships are anchored somewhere in a river curve or somewhere at the seashore without protection and when sometimes there is a storm then just several ships will be damaged and are going down eventually - blocking then parts of the territory where other ships have "survived". Therefore it would be apropriated to install harbors and harbor protection walls in Thailand also when there are not many storms in Thailand - but when there are then they are strong.

Michael Palomino, April 14, 2014