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Thailand: Thai alcoholic woman did not want to be healed

but money was spent for alcohol instead for saving money for the children - and there are no measures by the government - mafia Thailand

by Michael Palomino (2013)



Thai alcoholic woman did not want to be healed

Mass alcoholism tradition in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand
In the crazy alcoholic state of Thailand there is ruling a harsh and destructive alcoholism tradition on the rice farms (about 25% of the surface of the country). Thus one can estimate that from the entire population in Thailand of about 80 million about 30 million people are alcoholics on rice farms. They are working 6 months in the rain, and the other 6 months during the dry season they are drinking alcoholic beverages waiting for the next rain until there is no money left. Alcohol party begins at 9 o'clock the morning already and is lasting the whole day long discussing rumors and useless details of life - without end because when there would be an end the alcohol party would also have an end.

According to other long stay pensioners in Thailand the same alcoholic behavior can be found also in the neighboring states of Thailand in Cambodia, in Laos, and in Vietnam. On the Philippines the alcoholic situation on the rice fields is said to be a little bit better. In Thailand it is a fact that parents on rice farms are animating also children to drink alcohol from 10 years on, and therefore the parents are destroying the children's future systematically by spending all money for alcohol and by robbing health "educating" children by alcohol. Mafia is owing the brewery and is systematically robbing all money from the countryside and is destroying the childhood and the future of the own population. This also works with whisky and since some years also with Russian vodka.

Prostitution for rice field alcoholic families
Many girls and young women from these alcoholic rice farms are sent to prostitution "supporting" their families. Thus the young woman is addicted to alcohol already when she is beginning with her "work" at the bar whereas the salary given by the customer is simply used for purchasing more alcohol.

Prostitution is often connected with alcoholism - money is spent for alcohol instead of saving it for the children - and healing is rejected

Here in Thailand I see women in the prostitution in Pattaya and these women are falling into alcoholism spending their money for alcohol instead of saving the money for their children. When I offered a healing with the medicament of Baclofen (1,000s were healed already) the Thai woman rejected the medicament throwing the medicament on the ground stating that she would feel well with alcohol. She had a brother who worked in a hospital who could have delivered Baclofen for a low price. But this brother then warned her from the side effects instead to inform himself in the Internet about the percentages of side effects and the duration of the side effects, and he did not inform about the best side effect of Baclofen - healing from alcoholism. The alcoholic woman also rejected an analysis of 20 pages about the effect of Baclofen with presented cases of healings. She did not want to read. She wanted to remain an alcoholic.

The link to the analysis report of 20 pages about healing of alcoholism with Baclofen is here - and the side effects last mostly only a very short time:

Thailand does not have alcohol free beer either. The government does not want this. Better said: Mafia does not want it, and mafia is the government.

Thailand is not Thailand, but is a mafia Thailand.

Details: Thai alcoholic woman rejects her healing

My dear friend

-- was alcoholic respectively it was a "joy" for her to be drunk at least every third day

-- she payed the alcohol with the money of her partner, or invited her friends to alcoholic beverages - with the money of her partner - or she manipulated men for being invited, or she was also "invited" by friends

-- she rejected any healing of alcoholism with Baclofen

-- she meant that she would feel "well" with alcohol

-- she meant there would not be anything bad to drink the money instead to save the money for her children.

But she pleaded for extra money for her children again and again and her partner had to give it.

Well, the partner insisted in a healing so she would be safe and healthy and would not give money for the destructive alcohol any more which was destroying their organs and her brain and her voice. Baclofen was ready for the woman. But the alcoholic woman rejected and did not want any healing.

Then she left and run "to the next".

The symptoms with the alcoholic woman

She knows well that there is a problem:
-- she knocked regularly at the wrong door in my hotel
-- she could hardly go up the stairs, and also going down the stairs was always very slowly
-- her blood circulation was at the worst level because all organs were working only in a limited way
-- she also rejected a blood analysis
-- she moved mostly only with the minimum
-- when she was drunk her voice was going to be more and more a voice of an alcoholic person (screeching, loss of the softness of the voice)
-- her nutrition was only half a lunch per day and at least 6 beers and some more drinks every day resp. every night, and she rejected any fruit or vitamins.

She never wanted to admit that somebody knows something better about her. She wanted to keep her false authority. Her partner was not allowed to say that she was not well. She always said that she would only drink when there were problems. Well, she had problems every day, and she had not the mental force to isolate from her problems, and when there are problems drinking is just the WRONG thing for thinking well. And we did not want to be healed at all.

In Thailand there are 1,000s of such alcoholic women working in prostitution business first sending money home but then damaging their families without limits. Alcoholic women are loosing the access to reality and are terrorizing their fellow humans and family members. They are playing poker with their own life and their wrong pride is driving them always more downwards, together with their family members. Sometimes she will not only be wrong with the door in the hotel, but she will also be wrong walking in the street and she will be run over. She said this would NEVER happen.

Alcohol father and alcohol mother - alcohol parties on the rice farm - alcohol taboo in states growing rice - death of alcohol father

During a visit on the rice farm in the region of Surin in eastern Thailand in February 2013 where the alcohol woman has grown up as a child and youth it could be detected that her father was about 65 years old but had consumed that much alcohol (beer, whiskey, vodka) so practically the whole brain had been eaten by alcohol and he mainly could speak only three words yet - and at the same time he was walking around on the rice farm bothering people: "Hello, Thailand, Whiskey".

There was also detected that her mother was an alcohol mother but she had consumed less. But she also took part in alcohol parties on the rice farm, and these alcohol parties began at 9 a.m. already and ended with going to bed. People were proud to find their bed yet also when they were drunk like a beer barrel.

When I came back to my domicile in Thailand and I was asking a neighbor in my hotel (who was living many years already in Thailand), why on rice farms in the region of Surin in eastern Thailand people drink so much alcohol, this neighbor told me simply
-- on a rice farm there is 6 months work during the rainy season and 6 months doing nothing during the dry season
-- and ruing the dry season people drink as much as no money is left
-- and this is also the case in other countries were rice is cultivated, thus in Cambodia and in Vietnam.

And now it becomes clear how a child on a rice farm is educated: When a child is not drinking alcohol, then it's "not member of the group". When a child is not drinking alcohol, then it's rated as "weak". And in this way stupid people is creating always more stupid people.

When the alcoholic woman had a strong influenza in April 2013 she rejected any fruits or vegetable for getting natural vitamins but she was only trusting to chemical tablets. And when her father died in May 2013 the alcoholic woman was crying for her alcoholic father - but just this father had been the main cause that the alcoholic woman had become an alcoholic. The death of this alcoholic father was not considered as a liberation. The alcoholic woman was not capable to see this logic.

Thai government has no prevention for Thai population - mafia groups are the Thai government

Thai government does not do anything about all this, but is going on acting as there would not be anything:

-- in general prostitution remains illegal but it's a main income for whole Thailand, connected with a main damage for the whole society
-- there are no warnings
-- there are no guidelines for the behavior as a prostitute for keeping the health
-- there are no drop-out programs
-- and there is no alcohol free beer

and many Thai families are affected by these alcoholic women when they come back from prostitution as a wreck to their families, and in this way the families are converted into co-alcoholics and are also blocked their healthy development whereas this would never be necessary.

These habits are like this since 40 years in Thailand since sex tourism exists in Thailand - it's an alcohol sex tourism provoking as a whole much more damage than "benefit".

They (Thai government) do not want to read.
They (Thai government) do not want to learn.
They (Thai government) do not want to teach the population how life will be better in limits.
They (Thai government) do not want to better Thailand.

The link to the analysis report of 20 pages about healing of alcoholism with Baclofen is here - and the side effects last mostly only a very short time:

When Thai government would want to better Thailand, alcohol free beer would exist since a long time in Thailand already.

When Thai government would want to have a more stable population, there would be a clear law and guidelines for prostitution so the population would not have wrong dreams harming itself, and there would be a comprehensive teaching about sexuality and sexual life reducing frustrations and envy reducing the criminality rates.

Why Thai government does not want to better Thailand? Because Thai government is not Thai, but mafia groups are the government in Thailand. Thai government has no power, because they cannot speak English, and mafia groups do not care about the health of the Thai population.

Thailand is not Thailand, but it's a mafia Thailand. And in this way Thai population is damaging itself more and more going into the traps and using the wrong liberties which mafia is installing - without limits - because Thais cannot speak English.


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