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Thai radio Big FM Family 03: RadioFUCK learning in 22 months: "He does not want"

Thai propaganda radio and mafia groups let Bangkok going down DELIBERATELY and are making propaganda with their complexes and mental illnesses - chronology

Praya-Fluss in Bangkok, Sicht auf das
                            Westufer - ab 2020 ist Bangkok unter 0m
Praya River in Bangkok, view to the western board - from 2020 on Bangkok is under 0m

Intelligence: 0 -- สติปัญญา: 0

by Michael Palomino (2014)

ที่นำเสนอโดย Michael Palomino (2014)



The situation with criminal Radio Big FM Family at the end of May 2014 after 22 months:

May 29, 2014: Also after 22 months criminal Radio Big FM Family is manipulating everywhere "he does not want" - spying even in Germany

Chronology of the events of 2012-2014

2012-2013: Thai-Radio: "Fuck" in the street
Criminal secret services did spy the private life of the pioneer historian and they were also spreading the spied data. With this the criminal Swiss spies (probably from secret service "P-27") were stating that persons saying "Fuck" in the bed should be considered as "animals" whereas this stimulating word is only provoking that sex will be better and not worse for sure.

First the people from the Thai Radio were spreading this English word of "Fuck" in the streets. But the word of "Fuck" in the street has nothing to do with love but is just meaning "shit" when it's said in the street. This are learning already all 3 years old children in English speaking countries, so Thailand was put into an age of 3 now. And the Thais and Thai radio "Big FM Family" were covering Thailand with shit just during a complete year. The same was made by drinking groups of taxi drivers, in Thai bars which were infiltrated by secret services etc.

During this time I could see many facts about the Thai society, for example these ones:
-- in Thailand any sexual education is missing and sexuality is limited to only two positions mostly
-- the people mostly don't even know what is a lubricant, and about 30% of the Thai women are living with a vagina inflammation and are not saying anything
-- Thai men are laughing about sexuality and are mostly only drinking alcohol, and taxi drivers, security members and police members are hardly working but are earning more money than many other Thais
-- poverty in the countryside in Thailand is deliberately organized so there will be many poor young women going to the prostitution business then so the prices for prostitution will remain low
-- police commanders are mostly also the owners of the Thai secret brothels where also child prostitution is offered (see the book by Louise Brown: Sex Slaves)
-- the population in the country side if often that poor and alcoholic that children are even sold to brothels where they have to work as a seller of flowers first and then with sex work "working" for their money and then the money is "taken" by the parents again and they will go on to be drunk with it
-- in Thailand not only men are boxing but also women: woman is boxing woman, mothers are boxing their children, mothers are boxing their men, bar owner ladies are boxing the bar ladies etc. Boxing is considered as a "normal" behavior and correspondingly there is a lovelessness in the Thai society because tenderness is principally hardly existing in Thailand but the question is always about money and nothing else
-- Thai men are boxing and fighting partly each other and some security members are even living without the upper row of teeth but they rather like to drink alcohol than to get new teeth.

And concerning Thai women there were the following facts:
-- many Thai ladies are ill and are not going to the doctor because they have no money for this
-- I bring many Thai ladies to the doctor or I even can heal them directly with blood group nutrition (so that a gastritis is not coming back for example etc.)
-- but some Thai ladies are even rejecting a healing (for example the healing of alcoholism by Baclofen or the healing of a strong rhinitis with snoring so strong like an elephant)
-- some Thai ladies don't want to finish with prostitution but they want to stay there and want to go on "working" as before
-- some Thai ladies just have the aim to "work" just 2 minutes and getting 1,000 Baht for this - just working in the prostitution - because the customer has to pay all other things like food and hotel room etc. and in this way the lady means to live well...
-- one Thai lady is organizing a house for me but lets me alone there for 2 months, and a second time she is organizing to live together but then she lets me alone again during one week and at the end she kicks me out - in Thailand any nonsense is possible, country of coconuts...
-- some Thai ladies are living in a little room in a hotel and then the clients are just in the same hotel
-- some hotel owners become that kinky with their peeping activities that they are installing cameras in all corridors for controlling and peeping the hotel guests.

My indications that the word of "Fuck" is a good and animating positive word but in the street would mean "shit" is well respected in the Thai population, but the propaganda radio and the mafia groups are not accepting anything because it seems that they have the aim to present the pioneer historian as an "animal". The behavior of the criminal Thai propaganda radio and of the mafia groups does not change either when I install a web site about this word.

April 2013: news that Bangkok is sinking - in 2020 on 0m - 6cm per year
In April 2013 the pioneer historian is detecting a clear message of a German speaking newspaper in Thailand ("Wochenblitz" - "Weekly flash") that according to Thai satellite data Bangkok is sinking that fast so it will   on 0m in 2020 also officially. I am presenting a clear summary and web sites about sinking Bangkok in the Internet with some new web sites. Researching in the Internet a little bit there is also the clear indication that big parts of Bangkok are under 0m already now, and in some locations of Bangkok stairs have to be completed with new stair steps all 2 or 3 years and this means that Bangkok is sinking 5 to 6 cm per year. At the same time there are indications that in China just 50 towns are sinking just not so fast like Bangkok. But Shanghai is principally on 0m already and at it's lowest locations during high tide a protection wall must protect the streets from being flooded by the sea...

Criminal mafia groups just making jokes about sinking Bangkok
The answer of the criminal mafia groups in Thailand to my news and to my presentations about sinking Bangkok and other 50 sinking towns in China is a joke strategy making jokes like: "Stop now, this cannot be at all" etc. (German spy: "Ja aber Halt mal, das kann ja gar nicht sein"). This means that also the satellite data are ridiculed by the mafia groups.

April 2013: radio propaganda with the word "important" (Thai: "samkan")
Thai radio propaganda of criminal radio Big FM Family is installing a state of siege around the hotel of the pioneer historian now together with the spies of mafia groups in the hotel around the room of the historian. And this propaganda radio is propagating now always the word "important" ("samkan"). Well, what should be "important" is never told precisely there, and this criminal radio was NEVER writing any e-mail or so to the pioneer historian either. But for the pioneer historian it's clear what is "important" now: saving a little Bangkok. Of 10 million 8 million should leave the sinking ground so a little Bangkok of 2 million can survive.l

Against this eternal propaganda with the word of "Fuck" in the street and with the word of "samkan" (Thai="important") in the street a first counter expression is developed which seems to be justified considering the sinking Bangkok which is sinking since 20 years already and the Thai government is just never doing anything about it:

"Ting tong Thai" (crazy Thai)
As this bad propaganda against the pioneer historian is not stopping also after April 2013 after presenting sinking Bangkok there is given the answer "ting tong Thai" ("crazy Thai") describing with it clearly
-- that the Thais were shitting their own country during one year with the word of "Fuck" being said in the streets
-- that the Thais did learn only 1 word of English during one year
-- that the Thais are not at all aware as it seems what means a sinking Bangkok.

August 2013: observation: in 1 year they learnt only 1 word of English
It comes out that the Thai propaganda with the criminal commanders, propaganda radio, mafia groups and so on were teaching to the Thai population only one word of English within one year, and the Thais were hardly getting further education in the Internet because most of them just don't know how the Internet is "working" and they do not want to learn it either.

August 2013: observation about criminal work of radio and mafia groups
Additionally there is the clear observation that this criminal radio Big FM Family and the mafia groups are neither helping nor giving nor paying anything nor healing anybody but they are chattering only shit:

"Mai schuai, mai hai, mai tai, mai latsa - taunan pud kikiki."
(They don't help, don't give, don't pay anything, don't heal anybody - they are only chattering shitshitshit).

These facts the Thai population is understanding perfectly. But the criminal mafia in the hotel is developing a counter strategy with new English:

German mafia: "I love you"
Criminal mafia in Thailand is inventing a new condition for extorting the victim justifying it's spying work against the victim: Mafia wants to hear from the victim an "I love you". The victim can hear this several times. The main activist of this "I love you" maneuver is a German beer swine of German mafia in Thailand, about 300kg of weight. As this mafia is working only with beer and whiskey but without brain just mixing the facts and the fantasies there will never be any "I love you" for them which would provoke that women would be even more greedy against men.

September 2013: Thai radio: most criminal spying work in the house
After a change for living in a little flat in a residential house there is happening the following in this house: Criminal Thai radio Big FM Family is reinforcing it's spying work installing people around the flat of the pioneer historian paying the 4 fold price for it registering any movement during day and night around the flat of the pioneer historian. Only when the radio's voices can also be heard in the night at about 3 o'clock in a neighboring house and when I can state that these voices are from a radio only then the victim is stating clearly that all the spying action is well organized by a criminal Thai radio station (Radio Big FM Family).

Thai radio: 20 years they let sink Bangkok already
"Ting tong Thai radio" is conceiving then why Thais are "ting tong": because they let sink Bangkok already since 20 years and during 20 years they did not take any measure about this problem. But despite of all the siege and criminal spying by criminal Thai radio and criminal mafia groups are going and not stopping.

The great profit of the Thais with the criminal espionage
In general the Thai hotel owners and Thai neighbors are making a big business with these spying actions because criminal radio and criminal mafia groups are renting the "strategic" rooms and flats around the room of flat of the pioneer historian for a 4 fold price. One of the spies is indicating to one of the dwellers that he would be from secret service MI6. In this case the criminal Swiss spies would be from the Swiss secret service branch P-27. In this case the money source would be UBS, the center of criminal P-27.

After one year of spying embarrassment the victim is just developing the clear answer:

"Fuck you radio!" (in Thai: fuck iu iutayu)
As an answer to all this criminal spying work there is just one answer: "Fuck you radio!" The variation in Thai is "fuck iu iutayu".

Thai radio: criminal mixing of facts and fantasies and more spying work
Now the criminal mafia and the criminal Thai radio "Big FM Radio Family" is claiming the the pioneer historian would also say "Fuck you" now. Instead of finishing with it's criminal spying work against the pioneer historian this criminal Thai radio and mafia groups are just going on with it.

Facts: "Ting tong Thai - mai sabai - Gruntep pai - latsaa mai dai" (Crazy Thai - mentally retarded - Bangkok is sinking - healing has no sense)
As an answer to this never ending criminal spying work there is the clear statement in Thai language in a poem form how the things are going on for Thailand:

"Crazy Thai - mentally retarded - Bangkok is sinking - healing has no sense".

This text can well be sung with the melody of the Swiss mail van's horn.

Facts: the Thais have to manage sinking Bangkok themselves
As spying work against the pioneer historian is never ending but is even intensified it becomes always more clear in this time that the pioneer historian cannot help the Thais concerning the sinking capital of Bangkok but the Thais with their commanders, with their mafia groups and with their propaganda media have to manage this themselves. Thus there is the following little poem slogan:

"Ting tong Thai - mai sabai - Gruntep pai - up to you - fuck you"
(Crazy Thai - mentally retarded - Bangkok is sinking - up to you - fuck you).

Facts: Crazy radio - go to school ("Ting tong radio" - "pai rong rien")
At the same time the term "ting tong radio" (crazy radio) is formed - and "pai rong rien" (go to school) because since April 2013 there is not the question if there is the world of "fuck" or "fuck you" but there is the question about 10 million people who are sinking in Bangkok. This request "pai rong rien" (go to school) is also uttered to taxi drivers who are doing nothing during hours in the streets only copying the propaganda of the radio and of the mafia groups.

3 months in the blue house with alcoholic security aside:

since March 2014: statement that security in Thailand is absolutely alcoholic - police, security, commanders, mafia and media rejecting any further education
In March 2014 I am living in a little, blue painted house within a row of houses. The direct neighboring house is used by Thai security. This is the unique possibility to see the life of Thai security: There is much beer and whiskey and watching TV and other things the security members are principally not doing at all. In the beginning phase I can pass the house one time and I cannot see even one single book in this security house. There is fridge, no working shower, no Internet either. The commander of this security group is just living two houses next to my house and does not know either how the Internet is "working". But he has fridge, shower, books and his daughter is working with the Internet...

Information from abroad are not interesting for these people. Security members have a relatively high salary with 400 Baht per day but they are not learning English, but they are drinking alcohol with this money and they are even laughing with this behavior. There are hundreds of beer bottles in the front garden being witness of this behavior.

This means that the Thai security is "enjoying" it's behavior never learning anything in life any more and just aside in the same row of houses are living lone mothers with their children but security is never helping them but Thai security is even laughing at them leaving them also without power and without flowing water. The boss of the Thai security group is not taking any measure for bettering the circumstances for the lone mothers with their children but also he is spending his money for beer and whiskey.

The same security commander in my street is getting the information from my side that Bangkok is sinking and then he is asking himself again and again why Bangkok would sink. He cannot imagine this also when there is clear information. As long as the government is not reporting anything he will not believe anything also when the data is coming from Thai satellite data. Thai commanders are never believing to foreigners when they are not drinking beer or whiskey with them...

Thai Security only wants beer and whiskey
The reaction of the historian is the clear statement "pai rong rien" ("go to school") or "rien Internet" ("learn the Internet") or "rien angrit" ("Learn English"). But the security people are having their own reaction: They are begging for beer and whiskey and the security boss is going on reading only Thai newspapers he is probably censoring himself.

Security is collaborating with the propaganda radio
Criminal staff members of the propaganda radio Big FM Family are partly in the house of the security manipulating also the security members against the pioneer historian with faked rumors and with invented facts as it's just normal with criminal secret services. And also neighbors are manipulated.

Confirmation of sinking Bangkok by witnesses - big cracks in big buildings and people is leaving Bangkok
A Swiss who is visiting Thailand during 20 years already is confirming then that big buildings in Bangkok like Hilton Hotel have big cracks already. And a friend of him has left Bangkok because of this and was building up his existence in Pattaya where the ground is not sinking.

Principally I wanted to see a beautiful and stable quiet Thailand. But I saw a crazy and sinking Thailand. I had to detect the disaster of sinking Bangkok. I never wanted to see that. And in China just 50 more towns are sinking...

April 2014: observation that the commanders let sink Bangkok deliberately
In April 2014 it's clearly observed that the commanders in Thailand (of police, of security, of mafia groups and of the media) let deliberately sink Bangkok despite of all warnings. From April 2013 to April 2014 Bangkok has sunk by further 6cm and there was no big measure by the Thai government for hindering this. That means that the commanders in Thailand let sink Bangkok DELIBERATELY and are just laughing about it. This is the typical behavior of alcoholics not taking earnest warnings but even laughing at them...

Sinking Bangkok: a lake is coming
Also in April 2014 there can be observed that a location under 0m near the sea is not a problem yet, because such an unhappy geographic position is also existing in Peru in Chilca. But when there is a river within the system then the position of under 0m will be an insuperable problem because a river cannot flow upwards That means that from 2020 on the Praya River in Bangkok will form a lake (in Thai: talee sap). As this Praya River is not at all clean this will not be a bathing lake either...

This information is accepted and spread fast by young Thai taxi drivers and by young security members then, but the commanders of the security are not taking earnest also this information yet. Their racism against any foreigner is so strong that they are not even writing one e-mail to the pioneer historian within 22 month...

April 2014: observation that absolute alcoholism is dominating Thai police and security - rejecting any Internet and any further education
In the same April of 2014 there is the observation that Thai security is an absolutely alcoholic and ill social group in Thailand, and there is no mental competence any more for planning or performing big projects like to save Bangkok. At the same time there is the observation that also the commanders of other social groups are completely alcoholic and therefore have no capacity any more to perform sophisticated and well developed projects like the rescue of Bangkok. The boss of the security group in my street is just one of the most eager drinkers even rejecting the Internet: It's turning out that the boss of this security group in my street cannot handle the Internet and all other security members are just laughing about the Internet too instead of learning to handle the Internet and to learn English for getting more information which are not reported but are censored by the Thai press.

And then the Thais are learning some more English yet nationwide:

April 2014: ting tong Radio is stating: "he does not want"
With the new slogan "he does not want" (to speak) the siege against the pioneer historian is varied now. This is the third English expression which the Thais are learning, and it's the first one which has nothing to do with sexuality: "does not want".

Well, the victim will never speak with spies who cannot write 1 single e-mail within 2 years. But the criminal groups from ting tong radio and from mafia groups are going on violating all rights of the victim for a quiet and save private life. People from the propaganda radio, the spies and the criminal commanders of Thailand are perhaps even thinking that they would be "intelligent" with their spying work...

Well, the pioneer historian and the victim of all this spying action is continuing it's principles of life that there will be no communication with spies because spying is illegal and is violating any personal rights. Such criminal people have to see that they are illegal. And the pioneer historian has no Stockholm syndrome either.

And then the Thais are learning some more English yet:

May 2014: observation: "Thailand is a sinking ship"
Automatically there is the conclusion that Thailand is that intensively hit and stuck by criminal alcoholic commanders, mafia groups and media so there will no constructive measure be possible concerning a rescue of Bangkok because alcoholics just cannot manage and organize big projects any more because their brain is reduced by alcohol. And therefore Bangkok will sink in fact and Thailand and especially Bangkok is really a

"sinking ship".

One can save a little part of this "sinking ship" (of Bangkok) reducing the number of "passengers" (dwellers) fast and strongly and above all shifting the water consuming industries from Bangkok away to other regions on a safe ground:

"Thailand is a sinking ship. You have to discharge the ship. Reduce the number of passengers".

The woman from ting tong Thai radio is reacting with the statement ("Thailand is a sinking ship") with a crying fit asking the English speaking mafia member if this would be true. And when the English mafia member is confirming this then the woman if ting tong Thai radio is asking why there was no clear news to the radio before. But all this is not provoking that the ting tong Thai radio would stop it's spying work:

Ting tong Thai radio: continuing the siege
Despite of all dramatic facts about Thailand and about Bangkok this crazy Thai radio is continuing it's siege against the house of the pioneer historian and is also manipulating systematically the security members in the neighbor's house and is also organizing loud and bothering big "sessions" there. More criminal a behavior cannot be. Indications of the historian's side (even business cards were distributed) that these criminal people from Thai radio or from alcoholic security could put their question also with an e-mail are systematically rejected. Also the indication that the propagandists could learn to handle the Internet or could have further education in a school for recognizing that there are really 10 million people sinking is ignored systematically.

Mail blocked
Mail is not arriving regularly and one letter is not coming during 7 weeks. There is the suspicion that the criminal secret services and mafia groups are even blocking the mail of the victim.

May 2014: "Leaving the sinking ship"
As Thailand with it's mafia groups and with the alcoholic police and security is not able to take measures concerning it's sinking Bangkok the pioneer historian is taking the resolution to leave this Thailand.

May 25, 2014: commanders confess that Bangkok is sinking
Only on May 25, 2014 - two days before my flight from sinking ship of "Thailand" - the Thai commanders confess that Bangkok is sinking. Well, it's just up to these commanders to manage their capital. Tourists are not authorized for this.

2 big parcels with some things of mine are sent to Germany. If they arrive or if they are also blocked by the criminal secret services and mafia groups is not sure.

But then comes the very last: mafia is continuing it's spying work also in Germany

since May 27, 2014: Ting tong Thai-Radio and die Thai mafia are pursuing the victim also in Germany!
It can be observed that crazy Thai radio and Thai mafia groups are pursuing the pioneer historian also during his flights in the air planes and also in the waiting areas for the flights to Germany. Also in Germany the pioneer historian is also confronted with a siege by crazy radio from Thailand which was first in the hotel and has installed now in one of the neighboring flats, and additionally there is an English speaking spy group with young non-knowers, these are young alcoholics who have no idea about solving social problems but they are just making their propaganda as it was in Thailand by the mafia groups there against the pioneer historian.

Further millions are wasted for nothing - the work of alcoholic mafia and the destruction of the world
Wasting millions against the pioneer historian is going on also in Germany. The money as it seems comes from criminal secret services who cannot bear the truth but who are destroying the whole world with their complexes and with all possible mental illnesses only producing and selling arms, alcohol and drugs.

Wasting that amounts of money for senseless actions like pursing the pioneer historian results in robbing this money from the poor where this money had a really better effect. A more crazy waste of money cannot be imagined and therefore the expression "ting tong Thai" is really justified. Also the alcoholic structures of international mafia groups are confirmed by 100%. These ting tong humans will discuss about the word of "Fuck" and about the expression of "Fuck you" during years yet and during this time Bangkok will sink and in 2020 the river will not flow away any more because all will be on 0m then.

The joy with the word of "Fuck" in Thai mafia and Thai radio is that big that all other dangers are forgotten and suppressed. This behavior is only coming out like this because in Thailand any sexual education is missing. This fact is not detected, but the complexes and the fixed ideas are just acted out against the pioneer historian.

This deliberately letting sinking of Bangkok is just not the only destructive work of international mafia, but all wars and all other destructive work come from these illegal financial groups (mafia groups, lodges, orders), 90% comes from criminal "U.S.A." with their Rockefeller&Rothschild Empire.

It's clearly like this: mafia groups are riding Thailand into the shit and they really let sink Bangkok deliberately. Instead of using the money in a positive way with evacuations from Bangkok the propaganda against the pioneer historian is just going on. Well, from 2020 on Mother Earth will have an answer for this criminal behavior in Bangkok and in Thailand...

Alcoholized and partly also with drugs structured Thais are organizing their own doom destroying their brains and rejecting any further education at the same time. It's up to them. Thailand will be very poor at the end and will "crash" which is provoked by the Thais THEMSELVES.

A Swiss who is knowing Thailand since 20 years already meant to me that Thais are like coconuts with eyes on it. Unfortunately this is coming out as true, but with the secret services it's just much worse with beer bottles and whiskey bottles with eyes on it...

Now in Germany this mafia of alcoholics is stating simply that the historian would be "crazy" - but it's turning out clearly who is "crazy" in this world. When all secret services and mafia groups are just performing the doom of drowning towns like Bangkok then it's clear that spying is not at all serving to life, and then it's also clear where brain is missing: at the secret services and mafia groups.

Within 22 months of persecution this criminal Thai radio did not write one single e-mail, and criminal, Swiss mafia did only write e-mails without names and cannot write their name. This now is really "crazy" pursuing humans spending millions and at the same time they are rejecting any communication about the giga problem of Thailand - saving sinking Bangkok.

All spying is illegal - secret services do not know how useful work is organized
Spying remains illegal - also when 100s of persons are spying and millions of dollars are wasted for it. And when these criminal secret services and mafia groups are even manipulating complete populations against a person who has not committed any delict, then the responsibility is at the criminal secret services and mafia groups: millions are wasted for nothing and this money is robbed from the poor where the money had a much bigger and positive effect. But for organizing useful work secret services and mafia groups are not trained unfortunately...

There is NO delict with the word of "Fuck" - secret services and mafia groups just don't know what is important in life
Secret services and mafia groups are systematically spying the private life of thinking persons and they are just inventing delicts. But the word of "Fuck" is legal and there is NO delict at all with the world of "Fuck". Everybody can say the word "Fuck" in the bed and sex will only be better and best!

Therefore one can clearly see that the secret services and mafia groups just don't know what is important in life otherwise there would not be sinking towns in the world. Secret services and mafia groups are sometimes really coconuts hunting sex lives of private persons instead of organizing the big cases like sinking Bangkok and the truth of 11 September 2001 etc. etc. Secret services and mafia groups are leading Thailand and China even to their doom...

So have a good sex saying "fuck" in the bed and work and life will be positive and save your towns from criminal secret services and mafia groups whose aim is only the destruction of the world (Committee of 300, Skull&Bones, CIA etc.).

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