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Warning: criminal Swiss mafia in Thailand - mafia has to go

How criminal Swiss are organizing many brothels and a control system pursuing innocents presenting this persecution to the Thais as a "good work" - and making money with data espionage (August-November 2012)

by Michael Palomino (2012)



After some months in different hotels and apartment houses in Pattaya in Thailand I have to give the following warning to the Thai population: Since my arrival in July 2012 in Pattaya I am persecuted by a Swiss mafia gang in Pattaya as a German citizen. It seems there are 100s of wrong allegations and defamations spread against me, and by this fear and horror is spread systematically in the Thai population.

After 4 months of persecution I see more or less how this criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya is organized:

 1 Swiss mafia organizing brothels in Pattaya in Thailand and in Switzerland
-- there exists a Swiss mafia in Thailand in Pattaya organizing brothels and Thai ladies but these ladies are spied without exception by cell phone espionage
-- one of the centers of Swiss mafia in Pattaya is DaDar Apartment House at Buakao Road No. 316/74 in the flat C5 (I lived directly under this flat in B5 for 2 months and could partly hear directly the communications in Swiss German from C5)
-- one more center of this Swiss mafia seems to be a hotel with restaurant at South Road in front of junction with Buakao Road where could be listened to maneuvers again and again
-- and Swiss mafia had taken about 8 rooms in Hotel PJ. Mansion (64/112 Moo 9 Soi Chalearmpakirt 19, near 3d Road) and this could be very well heard
-- this criminal Swiss mafia is also sending Thai women to Switzerland to Swiss brothels for "work" "shifting" them from town to town, and Swiss mafia is even thinking that this would be "something good" for Thais
-- and of course the Swiss pimp always is organizing the business so he gets the main part of the money. But the money is not only coming of the percentage of the Thai woman. See here how it works to get more income:

2 Swiss mafia in Thailand with systematic espionage
-- all in all Swiss pimp (and there are severals of them at Buakao Road) are not only pimps, but they are also spies, and when the pimp can manage only some spy programs which can be purchased in the Internet for cheap money since about 5 years, then this pimp can also make computer espionage and cell phone espionage, and he can even give data to secret services and he can make money world wide with this - for example spying the handy of Thai women
-- some Swiss spies are spying also their victims with telepathy 24 hours per day and night and mean that putting down the times when somebody goes to the toilet or what the victim is telling in the dreams would be "useful"
-- nowadays Swiss espionage is working also in the casino where little microphones are installed in gambling tables - of course "for more safety" etc. - e.g. in Zurich.

All in all one can state that Swiss secret service and Swiss mafia are keen for getting new work, and every new possibility to find new kinds of electronic espionage is "used" with all possibilities. With this "work" national borders are NOT considered of course, but Swiss piracy is developing also abroad:

-- Swiss mafia of espionage (Swiss pirates) are pursuing people around the whole globe with wrong allegations and wrong suspicions, and this is very good for criminal Swiss mafia because
-- wrong allegations and wrong suspicions are the precondition that Swiss police and corrupt Swiss justice will authorize the total espionage against certain persons, and then begins also spy work with Nazi methods manipulating neighbors and hotel owners spreading this wrong suspicion, respectively Swiss mafia wants to "win new friends" enlarging their mafia network and enlarging their spy network for example in Thailand, whereby the social life of the victim is systematically destroyed by these defamations
-- and of course this wrong suspicion against a certain person can also be useful for the creation of new "jobs" for "friends" against this certain person, whereby all is paid with Swiss tax money from Swiss tax payer abusing tax money for millions of Swiss Francs, but Swiss tax payer does not notice this abuse because all this action against a "certain person" is rated as "secret": the chase against a certain person with a wrong suspicion is not appearing in the reports.

3 Swiss mafia systematically collecting data also from Thais  - and collecting telephone numbers and "beautiful girls"
And of course this maneuver to install a wrong suspicion has one more side effect: criminal Swiss pirates in Thailand are collecting data of their victim AND of the Thai population, and these data can be resold then to other secret services. So, also data of Thais are collected. Details:

-- by espionage and propaganda in the Thai population this Swiss espionage pimp gang got access to Thais of the Thai population collecting basic data of them (above all telephone numbers for cell phone espionage, data about families, numbers of flats etc.), or for finding "beautiful girls" etc.
-- it could be observed that Swiss mafia members were coming in groups entering and occupying hotel rooms of my hotel where I was living, and they held also conferences there speaking about my life without getting some sense, but all mafia members wanted their salary and want to keep their "job" and are continuing with this criminal manipulation work against Thai population.

Such hotels where were "conferences" of criminal Swiss mafia were for example:
-- DaDar-Apartment House at Buakao Road no. 316/74 in the flat C5, administrator is Dieter Zweigle; or:
-- PJ. Mansion Apartment House, 64/112 Moo 9 Soi Chalearmpakirt 19, near 3d Road, hotel owner Manus Pimchan.

-- criminal Swiss even organized "group sessions" where Thais should go for being "informed" about half truths and wrong indications about their victims, and criminal Swiss wanted to "find new friends" in the world by these maneuvers
-- but the main purpose of these group sessions was another one: perhaps there would come out also data about Thais in these group sessions, and above all these group sessions are paid with higher salaries!!!
-- and also these data about Thais can be sold or "given" to other secret services, or to other brothel owners, and above all when one can "find" a "beautiful girl" the family can be manipulated bringing the "beautiful girl" into a brothel with wrong promises where it will "work" for Swiss mafia respectively where the girl will be enslaved with all negative side effects (psychotic development, no learning of social competence, no learning of relationship capacity, and above all endangering to alcoholism and remaining damages of organs by alcohol).

And this is not all:

4 Swiss mafia is NEVER GIVING UP this wrong suspicion - persecution of foreigners WITHOUT any danger for Switzerland!!!

This wrong suspicion against certain persons (in my case since 1992 because of a lie of a pupil girl when I had been a violin teacher yet, and since 1997 because of a political passive membership with the Humanist Party in Zurich and because of clear texts against criminal bank secret) this Swiss mafia is NEVER giving up the wrong suspicion against me, because this wrong suspicion is creating new "jobs" in Switzerland for spying me and for finding of new data in the world, which can be resold with profits, and eventually one can even find "beautiful girls".

Therefore, Swiss mafia is using certain persons on the whole world for life only for getting and robbing and selling new data in the world. According to Swiss media reports above all foreigners who have lived in Switzerland are the victims of this criminal Swiss tactic. This abuse of foreigners which are living abroad spied by criminal secret service of Switzerland is also topic in Swiss press (where were reports that Turks were "observed" by Swiss secret service in Turkey). Swiss mafia - in collaboration with criminal Swiss secret service - is pursuing foreigners who are not living in Switzerland any more. These chases - in my case a German abroad - are paid by Swiss tax payer - and the tax payer does NOT know anything about it, and Switzerland was never in danger by this foreigner who is living abroad, or the truth is not pleasing to some persons in Switzerland. In my case I have not even passed any military service and I really don't know how a pistol is working. But I have a humanist feeling of social responsibility which criminal Swiss of Swiss mafia and of criminal Swiss secret service do NOT have: They only make faked rumors - and NEVER help.

Swiss mafia with their criminal Swiss secret service in Berne, and with their wrong propaganda and their wrong defamations which were spread in my case in Pattaya since 4 months - are violating all Human Rights and are violating all privacy of the victim - but are also violating Human Rights and privacy of the Thai population. But this is not important for Swiss mafia, because for the Swiss mafia gang is only important the following:
-- jobs for "friends"
-- high salaries and possibilities for making career (Swiss salary for a spy is about 30,000 dollars per month)
-- not much work during the working time which is like this when you make spy work (often you have to be 8 hours sitting before a computer watching a camera and nothing else, or one has to install an antenna, or one has to read a protocol per day etc.).

So, one can really state: These spy jobs are jobs for mentally retarded soccer fans with much beer and with NO intellectual capacity.

Therefore these criminal mafia members of Switzerland in Thailand are going on with their work, with much soccer and with much beer and WITHOUT intellectual capacity: They are going on telling their nonsense and their lies about their victims with the only purpose that their "job" with Swiss mafia will not be dissolved, and at the same time big parts of the Thai population are also spied by them and data of Thai population are collected, and eventually also a "beautiful girl" for the Swiss brothel is found - just aside and unnoticed.

5 Concrete observations about criminal Swiss mafiosi in hotels in Pattaya
According to my observations criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya in Thailand is composed of
-- a criminal propaganda group with about 8 young men, all about the same size, all in the same T-shirts, like a soccer team but without any football, instead of this they have a camera. This propaganda group was pursuing me the first 4 weeks of my stay in Pattaya regularly with a rented big taxi making photos when I was biking in Pattaya, and one of these criminal Swiss spies called me one time also as an "albino in Pattaya", and this group was manipulating the complete population of my block around Holland Guest House, 427/25 Moo.9, near 3d Road, and this propaganda group is working until today taking photos of me when I am in restaurants etc. (end of November 2012)
-- this criminal Swiss propaganda group with their identical T shirts has probably also manipulated girlfriend Gift against manipulating her with lies and defamations, and then this woman did not speak for 2 months any more resp. probably has been under control of this Swiss mafia and is under control now yet, and by manipulations of this Swiss mafia she "lost" 9,000 Baht which were foreseen to liberate her from her bar "Good Heart"
-- the same criminal Swiss propaganda group with identical T shirts probably also manipulated the landlady of this "Good Heart" bar and when I showed the truth of communication between me and gift she had almost turned to be violent against me (she was threatening me several times with a big wooden sword  and other times she threw chairs against me)
-- and in this Swiss mafia group seem to be also criminal racist police officers of Zurich which have a connection to the corrupt Swiss justice system and which can provoke funds for projects, and probably these police officers are also soccer fans, therefore with not much brain, but with much alcohol, and WITHOUT intellectual capacity, but with a beautiful tie and with a big mouth when "dangers" and manipulations of hotel owners have to be invented (clothes are rose shirt with tie, I saw this in R-con Mansion apartment house)
-- and there are criminal artisans from canton of Zurich (there was a pimp in simple clothes with half-bald head, I saw him in DaDar Apartment House at Buakao Road, he is from the flat C5, but he owned also the key for the flat B4 next to my flat B5, and conferences were hold in C5, and in B4 were also sit ins with Thai ladies for a horizontal job, mentioning "Switzerland" two times; and there was one more artisan, with blew cap and glasses near the hotel YS Mansion near 3d Road. Probably also these two artisans are from the sort of "soccer fan", that meas not much brain, much alcohol, and NO intellectual capacity.
-- there was also a criminal couple: There was a criminal Swiss spy couple with a blond woman and a thin tall man in DaDar Apartment House. Officially they were registered as Russians, but they spoke Swiss German, and they were pursuing me during my trips with my motor bike and then they presented themselves on the sidewalk when I was in a restaurant (it can be admitted that they have installed a bug on my motor bike)
-- and there are also criminal pensioners which as it seems they have their job with Swiss mafia in Thailand (there was for example a pensioner from "Finland" which was reporting my life in English by cell phone, this was in the hotel PJ. Mansion at 64/112 Moo 9 Soi Chalearmpakirt 19 near 3d Road)
-- and there is a group of young Swiss peeper spies pursuing me at Buakao Road when I was in "Paradise" bar watching that a person with rhinitis was on my motor bike and the Swiss spy was shouting in Zurich dialect in his mobile phone to his Swiss mafia boss: "Ich chume nüme druus!" ("I don't get it any more"). This woman was taken to a clinic for a check-up of her rhinitis
-- there was the same group of young Swiss peeper spies installing themselves in the second floor of the hotel "Unthiga House" at 335 Moo 9, 3d Road, Soi Chalermprakiet 21 near 3d Road occupying two rooms for their espionage work, and suddenly when I was coming with my girlfriend in a night going up the stairs a thin long haired man and a blond woman were opening their doors at the same time speaking in Zurich dialect how they were wondered about my girlfriend, because they wanted to spy my girlfriend as it seems
-- there was a fat thick peeper spy next to my room in Hotel "Unthiga House" and this peeper called me "dangerous" speaking with the staff, among other things because I had two hotel rooms in two different hotels at this time (but it was not possible to sleep in this "Unthiga" hotel because of the loud discotheque next to it during the whole night EVERY night), and the hotel boss organized then an additional man for watching the hotel because he really meant that there would be a "dangerous" person in his house - but the really dangerous beings were the criminal Swiss spies and really not my person!

-- and there is also a criminal Swiss woman who is pursuing me almost for 2 years in every hotel, and she also was in the Hotel PJ. Mansion an der 64/112 Moo 9 Soi Chalearmpakirt 19 near 3d Road, I could hear her and see her, and she was together with a tall other Swiss spy and both were saying in the corridor: "He did not do anything" ("Er hät nüüt gmacht", high German: "Er hat nichts getan"). But espionage work is not stopping! The same woman with the same voice was leading group sessions in the same hotels which were always organized between 7 and 9 o'clock in the morning, holding her "lecture"
-- certain criminal members of this criminal Swiss mafia were also trying to bother me contacting me in the corridor and even pursuing me and pretending their "gentlemen behavior" opening a door etc. (in Hotel PJ. Mansion an der 64/112 Moo 9 Soi Chalearmpakirt 19 near 3d Road)
-- and it seems strange but this Swiss mafia was even following me into the cheap apartment house R-con Mansion at 3d Road and tried also there the manipulation of the administration and of neighbors against me and the neighbor "King" for example in flat no. 315 was manipulated against me
-- and today on 29 November 2012 a young Swiss with an orange rucksack could be observed near Hotel YS Mansion on a white motor bike how he finished his "mission" of manipulating Thai population near my hotel and speaking in Swiss German with his mafia boss by cell phone and leaving the area then.

6 A police translator "Matthew" from Pattaya is the main joint in the criminal Swiss mafia gang
But the climax of this mafia corruption against me in Pattaya until today was the translator "Matthew" of Pattaya Police Station at Beach Road in Pattaya. This corrupt translator pleaded for a bribe of 20,000 Baht only to see my case, on 18 October 2012. He stated he could speak 12 languages, and he seems to me a typical Swiss of criminal Swiss secret service, but probably he is a double agent or even a multi agent and a multi mafia member getting his additional incomes from different secret services. Officially he is "only" a translator - but he is saying what Thai police should do with foreigners. In my case this "translator" Mathew said to them that NOTHING will happen, but he described me as a person who does not deserve any attention. More racism and Nazi right extremism is not possible.

Well, he was one of the main figures who were manipulating people against me in Pattaya. I could see him manipulating pensioners at South End of Buakao Road, and during one night in Hotel Vickan's I could see him manipulating hotel staff against me, and he was very active. I have seen him there with my eyes. And when I was showing the photo with this criminal and corrupt police translator to another bar landlady, she told me that this would be the policeman who was arranging quarrels between Thai ladies and customers. Well, then one can imagine that he has manipulated also girlfriend Gift against me with all his bad fantasy and not only pensioners and hotel owners. And probably also the name "Matthew" is nor right.

7 Wrong identities and faked passports are normal with this criminal Swiss mafia
Well, all in all Swiss mafia members like to be Scandinavians or Russians presenting faked passports, and they mean that they would not be recognized when they are speaking Swiss German. This means that forging documents is normal with Swiss mafia and with criminal Swiss secret service. For example in DaDar Apartment House there were Swiss people who was registered officially as Danish or as Russians. Well, criminal Swiss mafia is speculating simply that their English would be similar to the English of Scandinavians or Russians, and that nobody will understand their Swiss German.

There could be observed also a "faked Norwegian" at a bar who wanted to collect data by having a bar lady: This Norwegian was little, with black hair, and was speaking Thai in a Swiss dialect. Well, normally Norwegians are tall and blond and speak a Norwegian accent. Therefore it was clear, this "Norwegian" was also a Swiss. The landlady of the bar in Pattaya was warned.

Or there were two members of the propaganda group with orange T shirts at a bar. They wanted to be "Germans". But also in this case the bar landlady was warned: These are Swiss peeper spies.

It can even be admitted that for the faked identities sometimes original passports of jail inmates are "used".

Well, one has to know that Switzerland was NEVER denazified, and certain Nazi tactics are applied politically even today yet, without knowing about it. Swiss do not be aware of what is Nazi tactic because it's normal for them. Sometimes even new Nazi tactics are introduced in Switzerland (for example "security police" of "Turicum" in Zurich only installing new repression with the statement that by new repression the price of drugs would rise, but the reality was another one: the price was cut by 50%. Well, many new jobs for Swiss bully men were created by this Nazi Turicum, and much harm was provoked by them - without justice because Zurich police has an own court which always protects the police. And one has to know: parts of Swiss justice also are drug dealer...)

8 Suspicion of narcotrafficking by Swiss mafia with the motor bike gang
At the same time is seems to be really possible that this Swiss mafia group and pimp groups are also financed by narcotrafficking proceeded with the motor bike gang (little quantities of drugs distributed on many persons). This gang of young Swiss on motor bikes could be observed many times in Buakao Road, and they were always speaking Swiss German, and they were connected with a "boss" by cell phone. There is really the question why there is a young gang on motor bikes and who is financing them. It seems to be probable that the purpose is narcotrafficking.

Secret services are financing a part or their actions normally ALWAYS by illegal narcotrafficking so some actions are NEVER registered in any statistic. This is the case with CIA, and this seems to be also with criminal Swiss secret service. Narcotrafficking as a tactic for financing "projects" is a "tradition" with the secret services since Vietnam War.

9 NO reason for any persecution - help for the poor
There is NO reason to pursue me because there is NO delict. Also during the 4 years when I was living in Peru (2008-2012) there was NO delict. It seems that there are certain persons in criminal Switzerland who have an envy that I am helping the poor. All allegations are
-- absolutely a lie
-- are criminal fantasies of Swiss mafia, or
-- are half truths which have to be put in a context.

But this maneuvers with lies and half truths were executed from Swiss justice already in the 1990s against me, and now are only repeated. Corrupt Swiss justice is NEVER learning but remains criminal like before against me.

I always helped to people and was NEVER harming them. I always was with Human Rights and was against criminal Swiss bank secret (this bank secret is a Nazi war tactic from Second World War times for robbing billions of Jewish funds and after 1945 bank secret was going on covering and concealing this big theft by Swiss banking lobby). I gave money for poor people, I made toys for children and learnt them to play, I bought plays, school things, furniture to poor families, clothes, mobile phones, oar also medicaments and dentists etc. At the moment there are two great projects with an eye operation and an alcohol withdrawal. And there is no "danger" for children with me as some criminal Swiss mothers are always stating again and again and as criminal Swiss mafia members are stating again and again. But criminal Swiss mafia is endangering the world with their lies and intrigues.

But when there is a big criminality against me, then I give an answer with a text. This seems absolutely legal to me, for example in this case of Pattaya with this text here with the description of criminal activities of criminal Swiss mafia against me in Pattaya.

10 Result: the criminal action of criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya
This list shows the actions of criminal Swiss mafia:
-- persecution of my person as a foreigner abroad with systematic manipulation of Thai population in Pattaya against me with lies, manipulations and wrong statements when there IS NO DELICT at all, ans without any danger for Switzerland
-- it seems that Swiss mafia and criminal Swiss secret service do not want to consider any national border line
-- persecution of my person with the purpose to create new jobs for "friends" in Switzerland for spy work, with high salaries and not much work
-- spreading of fear and horror in the local population (which occurred in Peru already!) and in Thailand with wrong indications, defamations and half truths against my person ("dangerous", children would be "in danger", all this is A BIG LIE, and even in Switzerland was NEVER ANYBODY in danger, but I was promoting children with plays and performances because some parents do NOT KNOW HOW and they don't know that plays are supporting intelligence development with children, and because the colonialist Spaniards forgot to bring the plays to South "America"!)
-- criminal Swiss mafia is pursuing innocents because there is the purpose to collect data around the whole world (telephone numbers, house numbers, members of families), and then these data are sold to other secret services (in my case this spy work was in Peru and in half South "America" during my trips in 2011, and now in Thailand)
-- eventually criminal Swiss mafia in Pattaya is also looking for "beautiful girls" for their brothels in Pattaya and in Switzerland
-- probably this criminal Swiss mafia is also organizing narcotrafficking with their young motor bike gang which is always organized for getting funds without provoking traces in the administration (this method of fund rising is working with EVERY secret service since the Vietnam War)
-- there is the use of faked identities using faked passports or even using passports of imprisoned persons concealing Swiss identities to hotel owners and registrations.

When there is an invitation for "group sessions" of this Swiss mafia I can only give the advice: Don't go there, because this Swiss mafia has a criminal fantasy without limits defaming persons. There is only black and negative energy with them, and the facade is made with "beautiful clothes" with a suit and a tie. But this facade with beautiful clothes is the only "positive" of these people because then comes only black energy with half truths and with intrigues, and they never speak any word of the local language, in this case Thai. These propagandists are making propaganda, but never speak ANY WORD of the local language. There is only facade, and there is not one word true what they say. This is also a normal right radical tactic presenting themselves in good clothes and telling lies. This is the tactic of a Swiss high street bank with three letters washing funds world wide for criminal action abusing persons and personal accounts directly.

11 Measures protecting Thailand from criminal Swiss mafia: put down the names, find them and kick them out
There is only one method against this criminal Swiss mafia in Thailand in Pattaya:
-- put down the names and address of these Swiss criminals who are contacting you because they are spreading faked rumors since 4 months and are not stopping
-- put down the locations of sessions and the manes and telephone numbers of lecturers
-- give indication to me (e-mail: or give indication to the police in Pattaya about this Swiss mafia in Pattaya what they are doing
-- and there is the big hope that this criminal Swiss mafia gangs have to leave the country by a resolution of Thai government soon so this bad habit of criminal Swiss mafia will not be copied and there are no other victims any more. Buddha will kick this criminal Swiss mafia gang out of the country.

The administrator of DaDar Apartment House (Dieter Zweigle) at Buakao Road 316/74 had such a fear that he never collaborated with me and rejected to give out the names of the criminal Swiss people in his apartment C5. Well, this criminal Swiss of apartment C5 is the pimp of the brothel at the other side of the street...

12 Swiss mafia has to go
Criminal Swiss mafia in Thailand with their criminal propaganda against my person
-- was spreading fear and horror in Pattaya with wrong rumors and intrigues over 4 months now
-- was violating the laws of Buddha 100s of times
-- NEVER considered the national border lines.

Buddha will kick out this Swiss mafia from Thailand so there will be peace again in Thailand, so this negative and black energy of Swiss mafia spies will be eliminated.

One has to consider: It was really like this that Switzerland has NEVER been denazified, and certain Nazi tactics are applied in Switzerland nowadays yet, also by Swiss people abroad.

Searching these criminal Swiss mafia gang members can be difficult because they like to change their names. They often pretend to be Scandinavians (Norwegians, Swedish, Danish) or also Russians. They come with forged passports, or perhaps also with passports of detained people who are in jail. These people speak an English with a Swiss accent, speak Thai with a Swiss accent. That means that these criminal Swiss mafia members can change their name every day, but they cannot change their Swiss accent.

Michael Palomino, 29 November 2012
Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale

This Swiss mafia
-- is "organizing" since 2008 neighbors against me
-- is manipulating also server owners against for blocking my web site
-- or this Swiss mafia is also making initiatives with google for blocking advertising on my web site etc. etc.

The criminal action of this Swiss mafia from canton of Zurich, the most criminal town of the whole world with the seat of bank secret, does not know any border line SINCE YEARS.

Switzerland was NEVER denazified. Nazi habits in Switzerland with world wide money laundering for International Crime in Swiss bank of UBS are going on.

Swiss pirates don't know border lines...

No publicity with criminals.