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Thailand: healings and publications 03: 2013

Help for Thais - translations and new web sites

by Michael Palomino (2013 / 2017)



Medical care
What was before:
October 2012
Eye inflammation / allergy (400 Baht ca.)
PMS and strong pains during menstruation: chlorophyll (775 Baht)
breast creme because of missing breast and low self confidence (590 Baht).
1 eye is almost completely damaged and operation is in project.

November 2012: Success with chlorophyll
Pains of PMS and menstruation pains have almost completely disappeared by the chlorophyll powder. Thus chlorophyll powder was a big success.
But the breast creme had no effect with her.

Because of the ill eye there was another session in another clinic and one more time eye drops and antibiotics.
A visit in a hospital with an eye specialist at 28 November 2012 gave the result that the diagnose is "Pterygium", and one more time more eye drops were given to the patient person (965 Baht).

What's new:
2013: Pterygium
In January 2013 L. was in the countryside, and in February L. began a new job in Pattaya in a hotel. Thus the eye operation is projected for later. She was given 2,000 Baht for eating during her first month of work.

In May 2013 L. was ready to treat her eye with pterygium. The doctor in the hospital did not want to operate but wanted to try a treatment with eye drops. In the following time L. was assisted completely and had to put eye drops 3 times per day, and this regular and controlled treatment provoked a big success so L. can see also by the ill eye again and can distinct fingers also in a distance of 3 meters yet with this ill eye.

Alcohol damage
At the same time L. confessed that she had an alcoholic brain damage because she had drunk so much when she was between 14 and 25 years old, and thus her memory was very damaged and she would forget many things in life. This may be is the reason because the first treatment with eye drops was no success.

L. is not working during the treatment and will get 2,000 Baht per week from my side above all because presumably no operation will be needed and 10,000 Baht can be saved.

At the same time it came out that alcoholism in Asia is damaging the brains of the populations that badly thus from 25 years on the alcoholic people is not capable any more to treat themselves with simple medicaments.

October 2013
L. gets new chlorophyl for the treatment of her menstruation pain 700 Baht
L. begins a face cure with Aloe Vera from the 7/11 shop for healing her skin of her face - 40 Baht.

2,000 Baht

895 Baht

700 Baht
40 Baht

What happened before:
October 2012
She has strong stretch marks (by 3 pregnancies)
2 cremes against stretch marks (Australian product) (2 times 395 Baht) (790 Baht)
one package of Baclofen for alcohol withdrawal (950 Baht ca.)

November 2012
The Australian cream against stretch marks had a bad taste provoking vomiting so other three creams were presented so she can choose with what cream she will put her belly skin in order. (700 Baht appr.)

Alcohol withdrawal could not begin yet because she has to work with alcohol one more month yet what was not indicated before.

December 2012
The Australian creams against stretch marks with bad taste were given to another pregnant Thai woman.

At the end of 2012 T. was manipulated by her brother who is working in a hospital. The brother made her anxious about the medicament of Baclofen. Therefore T. was afraid of Baclofen and rejected any healing process feeling "normal" with alcoholism. Alcoholic T. (35) with their organs only working with limitation, with a blood circulation working at the lower level since years, and spending money more for alcohol than saving the money for their children, was not capable for logic thinking any more.

What's new:
2013 Success with "Luciara" stretch mark cream
In January 2013 two cremes "Luciara" against stretch marks were arriving from Peru in Thailand, and T. is VERY HAPPY with it and the healing effect could be seen even after one week already with a toned belly so she had to purchase a belt for her trousers.

There is the idea if also Aloe Vera could heal stretch marks.

3,000 Baht ca.
(120 Dollars)

November 2013
P. suffers from an ugly facial skin and begins with a cure with Aloe Vera two times per day.
40 Baht
November 2013
H. begins with a cure with Aloe Vera for a more beautiful face.
40 Baht
Mother of L.
November 2013
Two years ago the mother of L. was hit by a motor scooter and had heavy bruises on one leg and one kneecap had to be replaced. She gets a Tiger balm for massage to heal the muscles of her leg.
50 Baht
6,765 Baht

Payments for children
What was before:
1 child (1,000 Baht)

What was before:
2 children November 2012 (3,000 Baht)
2 children December 2012 (4,000 Baht)
New action:
2 children in January 2013 (school and plays and scooter)

4,000 Baht

TOTAL 2013

10,765 Baht


In 2013 1000 Baht were 40 "US" Dollars. So the money given for healings and children had the value of 10.8x40 Dollars = 432 Dollars.

Translation work from November to December 2012

There was translated into English for enriching the world wide knowledge:

-- Healings with blood group nutrition (is in process yet)

In December 2012 playground analysis with the analysis of the playground devices was created and also was translated into German and Spanish.

Work in 2013

In January 2013
-- there was an excursion to South Thailand to the fishermen (with the building of a bridge, 7,000 Baht) and
-- in February 2013 there was an excursion to East Thailand to the Thai alcoholics on the rice fields (with the building of a new bath room, 4,000 Baht) where during the dry season - when no rice is planted - the Thais are drinking alcohol during 6 months until there is no money left, and there is no further education.

Collective alcoholism in the rice field villages - the alcoholic lady from the rice field
The conclusions about alcoholic Thai society are absolutely devastating and shattering. In further talks in Pattaya came out that this sarcastic and self destructive alcoholism on the rice fields is also celebrated in Cambodia, in Laos, in Vietnam and also on the Philippines. I could watch personally that drinking beer begins in the rice field villages in the morning already in "familiar groups". This collective alcoholism and the human self destruction in the rice states of Asia is a "tradition" and is INCURABLE, when the governments are not taking comprehensive measures for more education and second professions. But the governments are also alcohol addicted and it does NOT seem that any measure will be done. And then, alcohol addicted ladies come from the countryside into the towns working with prostitution at a bar supporting their alcoholic "families"...

Michael Palomino, 11 February 2013

After having detected some manipulations on the rice farm I wanted to save my sandals in the room during the night because of the danger of theft - what my friend from the rice farm wanted to forbid. She began a big quarrel that I had to leave my sandals outside before the house and there were no manipulations and people only spoke Cambodian in the countryside of Surin - but I heard very well that people spoke Thai and I had spoken with some of them and they indicated that they spoke four or even five languages. So, my friend was lying much. The next day I left the rice farm and after leaving Surin my friend did not speak any more. Considering that crazy Thai people on rice farms are drinking alcohol during 6 months in the summer and my friend had grown up during 30 years in this alcoholic atmosphere any hope to heal her from alcoholism was also for nothing. So there came the following poem about alcoholic people on rice farms:

ไทยบ้า - ป่วยอย่าง - ไม่ต้องการเรียนรู้ภาษา อังกฤษ -
กินกินกิน - เบียร์วิสกี้ข้าว - ข้าวเมื่อฟาร์ม เมา

Tingtong tai - mái sabai - mái tonkan rien ankrit -
kin kin kin - bier whisky kâu - nai ray kâu mau mau.
Mái dai chuai.

Crazy Thai - absolutely ill - does not want to learn English -
but is taking all the time - beer whisky and rice - on the drunken rice farm.
It's not possible to help.

Michael Palomino, 12 February 2013

Trips and politic persecutions

In this year of 2013 there was much work with a trip to Vietnam and with an analysis about sinking Bangkok, about ground water, about Nazi Switzerland with it's racist Nazi party of SVP with the Nazi posters in Nazi colors and with typical Nazi objects (rats etc.), and with an analysis of the air plane crash of Crossair 3597 detecting many contradictions and impossibilities. And the work with the Rhine meadow camps in Germany in 1945 began, with a clear analysis of mass murderer Eisenhower.

And Thai police boss and Thai drug addicted gangs and taxi driver gangs and many Thai ladies and stupid lady boys are remaining crazy pursuing me even in Vietnam and in all Thailand. But the population detects more and more that the police bosses are the criminals in this world - not only in Thailand - with their spying devices abusing their authority also against good people loosing millions of dollars and loosing years of time with their persecution against my person. At the same time Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year and in 2020 Bangkok will be on 0 meters over sea level and crocodiles will have their meal there - and just the police bosses of Thailand are not arranging anything to save Bangkok or to resettle the population on a safe ground. The catastrophe in Thailand is going on and the criminal Thai police bosses simply do not want to learn anything but are prohibiting beautiful porno films and let drown Bangkok at the same time because they are performing porno espionage against foreigners systematically - it's absolutely impossible and inhuman how Thai police bosses are behaving in these questions. And there will be no betterment, because the police bosses - not only in Thailand - are mostly addicted to alcohol or drugs and they lost much brain with it thus there is no chance for any further education any more. Thus Bangkok will really drown and the perversion against free sexuality will go on in Thailand until the police bosses will go to the sky at last. This counts also for other underdeveloped countries where any sexual education and liberality is forbidden and where humans are criminalized and spied when they have good sex. It seems that teh purpose of life for Thai police bosses is spying, consuming porno during spying work - otherwise beautiful porno would be legal already and this would not be a topic any more. But ill persons like drug addicted or alcohol addicted police chiefs are not capable to think and are wasting their time with espionage instead saving their country, in this case it's sinking Bangkok - and the population is not aware of it - because a big part of them is also drug addicted and alcohol addicted... thus Bangkok will drown.

Criminal Thai police chiefs are simply not fulfilling their job for saving their country - not only concerning sinking Bangkok, but also channels and dikes and flood protection is missing in whole Thailand. But criminal Thai police chiefs are going on celebrating their sex problems hunting foreigners and swinger parties or sex toys or porno blocking sexual development and sexual freedom in Thailand. More treason of the population cannot be. And the criminal drug gangs or hotel families and taxi driver gangs are even helping the perverse police commanders hunting the foreigners - and also foreign mafia groups are helping. Stupidity is really incredible in Thailand.

Michael Palomino, December 13, 2013

Tailandia fue el lugar de "reposo" de la OTAN durante la guerra de Vietnam, y comandantes y los soldados "americanos" desarrollaron el "turismo de sexo" con mujeres tailandeses. Al fin de la guerra de Vietnam en 1975 la OTAN criminal se retiró pero los servicios secretos continuaron los burdeles y el "turismo de sexo" en Tailandia - no ayudando ni apoyando NADA pero solo explotando las vaginas de las tailandeses - y no cambió hasta hoy pero es aun peor: Tailandia es un centro de sexo para toda Asia, es la estación para ir a burdeles en el Japón y en Europa. Viajes son organizados por los servicios secretos, el primer servicio secreto en el mujertráfico es el servicio secreto criminal de la Suiza NDB. Y NO AYUDAN NADA - SOLO EXPLOTAN NO MÁS.

Michael Palomino, 1 de diciembre 2017

The book "Sex Slaves": Thai women=slaves of criminal NATO and of criminal secret services for international brothels

The truth how racist is Thailand against women is described in the book "Sex Slaves". During Vietnam War this Thailand was the "recovery area" of criminal NATO, and commanders and "American" soldiers developed "sex tourism" with Thai women and Thai children with girls and boys. At the end of the Vietnam war in 1975 this criminal NATO withdrew but the secret services continued the brothels and the "sex tourism" in Thailand - not helping or supporting ANYTHING but only exploiting the vaginas of the Thai women - and it did not change until today but it is even worse: Thailand has become a sex transfer center for all women of Asia, it is the transfer station to go to brothels in Japan and in Europe. Trips are organized by the secret services, above all by the secret service in the woman trade is the criminal secret service of Shitzerland (Switzerland) NDB. AND THEY DO NOT HELP ANYTHING - THEY ARE ONLY EXPLOTING AND NOTHING ELSE.

Michael Palomino, December 1, 2017