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D     THAI/ภาษาไทย

Healings and publications 01: Pattaya August-October 2012

Help for Thais in Pattaya - translations and new web sites

by Michael Palomino (2012)
e-mail: michael.palomino@gmx.ch
Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale



Medical care
Po. Rhinitis / closed nose since 8 years since she had been pregnant

An operation is needed. But Po. does not want to "make problems" rejecting the operation indicating that strong snoring would be "normal".
860 Baht
N. Vagina inflammation since being 14 years old and never treated
3 injections with antibiotics, medicaments and blood group test
-- 1 injection and medicaments
-- second injection and blood group test
-- third injection.

The person has a continuous problem because she is not drinking enough.

1,300 Baht
750 Baht
600 Baht
Eye inflammation / allergy
PMS and strong pains during menstruation: chlorophyll
breast creme because of missing breast and low self confidence
1 eye is almost completely damaged and operation is in project.
400 Baht ca.
775 Baht
590 Baht
strong over weight, treated with blood group nutrition for blood group A, without beer, eat much pineapple (2 weeks 20 baht per day were given).
After 2 weeks the person is giving up because she likes beer and is gaining weight again by this.
280 Baht
strong stretch marks (by 3 pregnancies)
2 cremes against stretch marks (2 times 395 Baht)
one package of Baclofen for future treatment of alcohol withdrawal

790 Baht
950 Baht ca.
Payed treatments and medicaments for Thais in Pattaya from August to October 2012
7,295 Baht

Payments for children
1 child
1,000 Baht
2 children
4,500 Baht ca.

5,500 Baht ca.

MONEY GIVEN ALL IN ALL in 3 months August to October for healings and children in Thailand
12,795 Baht


Translation work from August to October 2012

There was translated into English for enriching the world wide knowledge:

-- Healings with colors

-- Healings with blood group nutrition (is in process yet)

Further journalistic works

-- presentation of a Thai vocabulary ordered grammatically and with topics: Thai-German-English

-- presentation of healer Reiner Niessen in Pattaya (German-English)

-- presentation of healing of alcoholism with the medicament of Baclofen (80% healing rate) in German and in English

Michael Palomino, 29. October 2012

e-mail: michael.palomino@gmx.ch
Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale