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D     THAI/ภาษาไทย

Healings and publications 02: Pattaya November-December 2012

Help for Thais in Pattaya - translations and new web sites

by Michael Palomino (2012)



Medical care
What happened before:
Eye inflammation / allergy (400 Baht ca.)
PMS and strong pains during menstruation: chlorophyll (775 Baht)
breast creme because of missing breast and low self confidence (590 Baht).
1 eye is almost completely damaged and operation is in project.

November 2012
Pains of PMS and menstruation pains have almost completely disappeared by the chlorophyll powder.
Breast creme had no effect.

What's new:
Because of the ill eye there was another session in another clinic and one more time eye drops and antibiotics.
A visit in a hospital with an eye specialist at 28 November 2012 gave the result that the diagnose is "Pterygium", and one more time more eye drops were given to the patient person.

965 Baht
What happened before:
October 2012
She has strong stretch marks (by 3 pregnancies)
2 cremes against stretch marks (Australian product) (2 times 395 Baht) (790 Baht)
one package of Baclofen was prepared for alcohol withdrawal (950 Baht ca.)

What's new:
November 2012
The Australian cream against stretch marks had a bad taste provoking vomiting so other three creams were presented so she can choose with what cream she will put her belly skin in order.

Alcohol withdrawal could not begin yet because she has to work with alcohol one more month yet what was not indicated before.

December 2012
The Australian creams against stretch marks with bad taste were given to another pregnant Thai woman.

At the end of 2012 T. was manipulated by her brother who is working in a hospital. The brother made her anxious about the medicament of Baclofen. Therefore T. was afraid of Baclofen and rejected any healing process feeling "normal" with alcoholism. Alcoholic T. (35) with their organs only working with limitation, with a blood circulation working at the lower level since years, and spending money more for alcohol than saving the money for their children, was not capable for logic thinking any more.

700 Baht appr.
Paid treatments and medicaments for Thais in Pattaya from November to December 2012

Payments for children
1 child
1,000 Baht
2 children November 2012
2 children December 2012
3,000 Baht
4,000 Baht

MONEY GIVEN ALL IN ALL in 2 months November to December for healing work and children in Thailand
9,656 Baht


Translation work from November to December 2012

There was translated into English for enriching the world wide knowledge:

-- Healings with blood group nutrition (is in process yet)

In December 2012 playground analysis with the analysis of the playground devices was created and also was translated into German and Spanish.

Michael Palomino, December 28, 2012