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Conspiracy theories do not exist - theories, data and logic cannot conspire

from Michael Palomino (2011 / 2015)

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Michael Palomino, *1964 in Zurich, politically persecuted in Switzerland, since 3 years in Peru [2011]

Michael Palomino is managing the web site www.hist-chron.com (before called www.geschichteinchronologie.ch) which is fought by Swiss justice

with the claim it would be "racist", but logic cannot be racist

Vortrag von Michael Palomino (Film von
                          2011): Verschwörungstheorien gibt es nicht -
                          Logik kann sich nicht verschwören
Lecture of Michael Palomino (film of 25 May 2011): Conspiracy theories do not exist - logic cannot conspire

Text of the lecture:

<Ladies and Gentlemen,

today we will analize in a short lecture the term of "conspiracy theory".

Shortly said it's like this:

Conspiracy theories do not exist, because

theories and data can not conspire,

and logic not either.

And one has to consider that conspirators principally will never present theories,

but conspirators are acting silently.

So, how was it possible that this impossible term "conspiracy theory" had been created?

For seeing this we have to go back to the post-war time after Second World War getting the origin.

Since 1946 since the Nuremberg trial - which was manipulated commonly by "USA", England, and "Soviet Union"

and where only Germans were condemned,

this term "conspiraciy theory" is used in the world, because many scientists and authors

don't want to accept the contradictions of this Nuremburg trial:

-- many testimonies during this trial were not taken earnest

-- "US" industries' support for Hitler's Wehrmacht was concealed,

for example the supply with "American" antiknock agent until 1945

-- the English tactics of mad bombing of towns was not analyzed

-- and locations of mass death of the Holocaust like tunnel constructioning was walled up and never mentioned for 50 years,

deportations of Jews to the Gulag of Mr. Stalin were also concealed etc. and so on

Against these critics of Nuremberg trial the term "conspiracy theory" was invented

with the hidden agenda that there would be a conspiracy of old nazis going on.

But in many cases it was not conspiracy, but it was a fight for more justice estimating all the war-related events,

it was a fight for mentioning of data and logic.

The past of the actors principally is not so important for this.

Until 1986 this term "conspiracy theory" accompanied the Cold War in Europe

and since then is accompaning globalization.

The left policy and the policy of the central parties -

together with European justice which is often infiltrated by left movements -

is principally suggesting:

Who is doubting about mass meadia which are steered by "USA",

these persons should be conspirators with conspiracy theories with the allusion that they would be old nazis or neo nazis.

And this is going really too far.

Principally the term "conspiracy theory" has got six several criminal points:

1. With this term "conspiracy theory" complete history works and analisis are devalued

and the authors are defamed as "conspirators"

2. This term "conspiracy theory" is applied to all history works

which do not correspond to the historiography of "American" steered school booklets

3. The term "conspiracy theory" is discharging journalists

from reading new books and from further education, and by this there is

a block of wisdom in whole Western journalism,

which probably is steered by the Departments of the Interior.

By all this, the censorship against new and alternative data by media, by the press and by television is absolutely totally.

Journalists who are spreading new prohibited data, are simply blocked.

4. Add to all this the term "conspiracy theory" is keeping the journalists in a pro "American" line,

and new journalists cannot imagine any more that ALL data would be important, and not only

the data of "American" steered school booklets.

5. The term of "conspiracy theory" is also copied by justice,

and by this also lawyers and judges are working together with the journalists

devaluing complete history works and defaming their authors as "conspirators".

This collaboration of justice and journalism is partly very effective.

And all this is called "free journalism".

6. Other responsibles in the state administration are copying these unilateral interpretations,

for example the leaders of "Christian" groups, politicians or leaders of censor's offices

like the one of Wikipedia encyclopaedia or of some comment blogs etc. and so on.

They are blocking persons respectively are eliminating meanings of people

who principally had important data to present.

Let's make a summary:

History works and authors who are not fitting with the "American" dressed media

or to the Department of the Interior, these authors are simply criminalized as "conspirators"

and as old nazis, neo nazis, or in the "USA" also as "communists".

It's incredible how the journalists, public prosecution and judges in Europe and in the "USA"

are going on using this general and criminal term of "conspiracy theory"

against data and facts.

But as long as the salary is ok, this habit will not change.

Let's have a look to some examples. Above all the following things are qualified to be conspiracy theories:

-- all alternative data about Holocaust which are not fitting with the Auschwitz trial of the 1960s

-- all data proving that Gagarin was never on a flight

-- all alternative data proving that the "moon landings" of the "American" "astronauts" are wrong

-- all alternative data about 11 September (2001) where the holes were empty and the towers with a height of more than 400 meters each

of the World Traide Center were blasted precisely and collapsing within 10 seconds

-- and since 2010 also all people understanding the truth about the bad Euro should be conspiracy theorists

-- and since 2011 all people having doubts with the news about the death of Bin Laden

also should be conspiracy theorists.

But it's like this:

Facts and data cannot conspire - but CIA and the "US" regime, they can well do it.

All counterproofs are called "conspiracy" by the stupid journalists and are not reported

or are made rediculous.

But with this criminalization of whole works and authors the stupid journalists and judges

have not created any peace, but they are making war against data and facts

which are not fitting "their picture" presenting a situation with a "good" "USA" and all others should be "bad".

As long as the salary is well, the journalists and judges will go on like this...

This unilateral attitude will have consequences, because the wrong and unilateral description

of conspirations and conspirators is leading to wrong political decisions.

The worst cases with this are 11 September 2001 and the bad Euro.

Therefore it would be a progress when the journalists and the judges would fulfill

their task presenting the data not any more in the scheme of "conspiracy theories" with

"good or bad", but they should consider the data in a neutral way.

By this much more truth would be found.

Even better would be a world wide resolution that "conspiracy theories" do not exist.

There is only data. Data can be right or wrong, or incomplete, and it's not important who is presenting them.

And when new data are found which are not "fitting a picture",

not the data are wrong, but the "picture" was wrong.

That means: Until today there is a kind of racism in historiography against data and authors

who are not fitting "the picture" of the upper class of Western Europe and of "USA".

Therefore it would be right when the term "conspiracy theory" would be forbidden.

Then all had to take earnest all data and all facts, and general condemnation

of works and authors would not be possible any more.

It's not possible that someone should be a "conspirator" only by presenting data

which do not please to the "American" dressed media in Europe or in "America".

It's not possible either that someone would instigate a "conspiration" presenting data in a report,

which do not correspond with the "American" dressed media in Europe and in "America".

Generally it's like this: Data and facts cannot conspire.

They can be right or wrong, or incomplete.

Also logic cannot conspire, but

those who cannot or don't want to think in a logic manner any more, they will fall with their wrong fantasies.

The candidates for this are the "USA" and the bad Euro.

Therefore the word "conspiracy theory" is a tactic of defence of the governing,

fantasizing, "American" dressed Whisky Jazz upper class,

concealing sistematically untruths, lies or incapacities.

Therefore the term of "conspiracy theories" principally is illegal and criminal,

because this point of view leads to wrong points of views and to wrong decisions.

Therefore it would be better to prohibit this term "conspiracy theory" immediately.

Logic cannot conspire.

Many thanks for your attention. >

Michael Palomino

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