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History in Chronology
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Asterix und Obelix mit Kaese Brandenburger Tor 1945 Hammer-Sichel-Stern Climate change by solar radiation and Milky
Climate change by solar radiation and Milky Way
Moschee Buddha im
                    Sonnenschein Indianer Mondlandung
!!it's a lie!!
9-11 2001
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                    Erich von Däniken-Index
Erich von Däniken
Kolonialismus in
                        Chronologie Der Amerikanische Holocaust
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World developmentsWorld before 00
Continent of primary nations: "America" (criminal "USA")
Fraud of 11 September 2001 (from Bülow)

Missed airplanes: flights MH17 and MH370 in 2014 (reports and analysis)

Primary nations (natives) in N "America" - natives Central and South "America"
  North "America" - Central "America" - South "America"

Medicine and sociology                                                             
Islam in Africa and in Middle East, colonialism Byzanz Ottoman

Medicine: Western "medicine" - natural medicine

Nature: history and connections: dinos, forest, cat, dog, butterfly, bear, history of forests      Regenerative energies etc.

Atmosphere flight: Lies and truths - nobody was in space    
Russia until 1917 - Soviet UnionRussia since 1986


Africa, colonialism - Holocaust of colonialism
Sociology      Compulsory course for parents / driver license for parents       Children's web site
Asia, colonialism  -  South Sea  -  Australia / New Zealand -
Jewry: documents
Book: Hell is here and all are only watching (Palomino)     Language course index
Churchery / crusades / mass murder of colonialism
Steiner terror. education for helplessness  (2005)  School  handicraft in schools  recipes architecture
Däniken - Zillmer -

Well known flying objects (kfos) - Ufos do not exist but much is known

Integrated psychology

Traffic politics: Guide for a comfortable town - measures for bikes

Traffic: deadly pollutants - bad consequences because of noise


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