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Thailand, summary: horror without end

Since 1964 NATO and secret services are abusing Thailand as a brothel and they are not helping -- Crazy Thailand -- Bangkok is sinking and will sink into the sea from 2020 on -- Parents are selling their children to brothels -- Thailand: women are hitting - and the government prohibits sexual freedom - commanders and presidents of Thailand are only administrating brothels, and when Bangkok is sinking this is good for them because women will be cheaper...

This photo is from
                    Bangkok in summer times - so not during rainy season
                    - only 50 to 80 cm are left until the river is
                    flooding the city - and every year the town is
                    sinking 6 to 10 cm more
This photo is from Bangkok in summer times - so not during rainy season - only 50 to 80 cm are left until the river is flooding the city - and every year the town is sinking 6 to 10 cm more

by Michael Palomino (2014 / 2015)



Thailand is a horror without end

Report to a friend, November 7, 2014

Since 1964 NATO and secret services are abusing Thailand as a brothel and they are not helping

This is a dreadful country, only a horror. - It's like Peru or even worse? - "U.S.A." have converted this country into a brothel and alcohol country. No, it's much worse. The government is collaborating with the secret services and during Vietnam War they took Thailand as a "rest room". Therefore CIA and NATO could install themselves in Thailand and since 1964 they installed sex tourism in Thailand, logically also with children. And since then NATO and CIA are also criminal organizations with child trade and child abuse with all the trimmings.

And therefore Vietnam War also lasted so long because this Thailand pleased them so much

and the war ended in 1975, but mafia in Thailand did not end because the secret services and CIA are in the country yet and they are going on there as before,

and in this manner they are destroying the Thai society completely and they are never helping.

Additionally Bangkok is sinking and the secret services and the criminal government are not taking earnest anything about it

and in 2020 Bangkok will be on 0m or under 0m completely and as it's known a riven cannot flow up and then a lake will come there and they are not telling anything.

They just don't want to know about it because the damage will be that big that nobody wants to pay anything for any damage then.

In this way the pigs of the secret service are behaving and I am warning from this sinking Bangkok since April 2013 on my web site that it's sinking but they are not doing anything.

Thus I have the proof that the secret services let sink Bangkok deliberately

and when it sinks then the girls will be cheaper - and just this is what the secret services will like.

Thailand is full of beer and alcohol, even police and security members are just drunk every day

and therefore they cannot think any more and they cannot arrange problems at all, but they are only spreading rumors and they are laughing against people who are in difficulties.

- Are the women in Thailand something special now? -

There is nothing special with them, they are stupid and they are not learning anything in school, and in the countryside the government lets the people in poverty, there is no investment, but the rain falls are provoking floods in the countryside for months because Bangkok is protected from the masses of rain fall water.

But when Bangkok will have sunk on or under 0 meters then Bangkok cannot be protected any more because no water will flow away from there any more.

Crazy Thailand

The whole country is just crazy.

They are spying, they are always drunk, they are wasting their money for alcohol whereas the money should be for their children.

They loose their brain with alcoholism and partly they can hardly walk with 40 any more.

I was testing a 30 years old policeman with badminton and he was not able to play badminton with me.

- This is just unbelievable. -

He had no coordination any more.

And they are even proud of their alcoholism.

- This is a culture of alcohol. -

I was living side by side to a house of a commander who was administering 4 houses, one of them for himself, and one for the members of the security.

And in this house of the security they had no Internet nor books but only a TV and 100s of beer bottles, about 300 beer bottles per month were piled there. Thus this is no life any more because the parents can hardly walk any more. [Brain is completely eliminated by alcohol].

Then the daughters have to "save" the parents by going into prostitution.

But the money they bring home will be spent for alcohol again,

and in the prostitution system the girls get all beers for free of course and in this way the alcoholism in Thailand is going on and on without end.

And the guests think that they would help the ladies spending one night with them.

All this is only crazy, just criminal+crazy and nothing more.

But the Thai women mean that this would be a normal life.

Additionally the Thai ladies can speak more English than the Thai police...

No, I saw the hell in Thailand and I will never go back there for sure - this is only a horror there.

I was performing some projects, and the ladies don't want to leave prostitution either but they even like it...

Bangkok is sinking and will sink into the sea from 2020 on

And now there is sinking Bangkok which will be on or under 0m from 2020 on and then the complete catastrophe will come because 15 million have to look for a safe place

and the government with the criminal king don't consider it important

but the king is also with the mafia and with the secret services.

They don't want to change their life but they really want to see how their capital is sinking - that's it.

This photo is from Bangkok in summer times - so not
                during rainy season - only 50 to 80 cm are left until
                the river is flooding the city - and every year the town
                is sinking 6 to 10 cm more

This photo is from Bangkok in summer times - so not during rainy season - only 50 to 80 cm are left until the river is flooding the city - and every year the town is sinking 6 to 10 cm more

- What a pity -

They are born under these conditions and they think that all this would be normal.

It seems normal for them, and NATO never helped but they were exploiting all and they were extending this prostitution to an international woman trade and in this way Thailand has become even a hub for woman trafficking. Women come from poor Asian states to Thailand and from Thailand they go to Japan or Europe - they are sold there!

Parents are selling their children to brothels

And the parents from the countryside where is only poverty they sell their children to brothels, and then the sold children have to sell flowers first for learning to obey until all flowers are sold.

In the brothels there is no school or teacher and in this way they don't learn anything but selling flowers and then serving clients for 3 hours per night. The men then are making a queue and everybody can 5 minutes.

Many girls don't survive this but they die with 16.

And the brothel bosses are women (!!!) organizing all this cruelty.

Mostly the mothers are selling the daughters, and the management "organizing" the clients for the girls also consists in women mostly.

And then the parents come to the brothel for getting the profit which was worked by the daughter, and with this profit a new house is built.

And NATO and CIA liked this principle so much that they were even extending all this abuse instead of helping the people for having a good life.

There is a standard book about this topic I presented it in German and English:

Asia: sex slaves, index
1: Der Markt - Teil 1: 1: Opfer - 2: asiatische Mentalität - 3: Prostitution Systeme - 4: Industrialisierung, Weltkriege und Vietnam-Krieg - 5: Sextourismus Thailand Philippinen - 6: Geheimnis Bordellen für asiatische Männer - Teil 2: 7: Zuhälter und Prostituierte - 8: Frauenhandel - 9: Asian Sex-Probleme - 10: repr ...

              Buch "Sex Slaves" ("Sex-Sklaven") über
              die asiatische Prostitution und die Frauen, die dieses
              Geschäft betreiben
The book "Sex Slaves" about Asian prostitution system and the women who are managing this business

And with all this the news was also brought to me that the King of Belgium and the former German Chancellor Schröder are also in such circles abusing and even torturing and killing children.

Also in Thailand it is a custom to buy and kill a child - and I have the strong suspicion that also the king of Thailand is one of them thinking that child abuse would just be "normal". And the whole system is even protected by CIA and NATO.

- This is incredible. -

Thailand: women are hitting - and the government prohibits sexual freedom

It's even that way that women in Thailand are hitting around, and they are also hitting men.

They mean that hitting would be a kind of care because they just don't know what is love or care at all because they are only with beer and whiskey.

They are the total alcoholics. At the same time porn is forbidden, youth magazines don't exist, but sex for purchase exists everywhere.

It's the complete schizophrenia.

Additionally the ladies in Thailand have other qualities yet: they are robbing and they lie, or they have no money for medicine.

- This is a completely ill society. -

I brought many women to the doctor. The society there is like animals not more. And CIA is protecting this system because CIA and other secret service are managing this business with woman trade... There is Swiss secret service, there is German secret service, there is English secret service, there is Australian secret service, and there are also Russians there, and all these secret services let sink Bangkok...

I made some reports:

Thailand. Index / ประเทศไทย ดัชนี
Thailand-Tipps (2012) -- Thailand tips (2012) -- Die Hauptprobleme von Thailand: Überschwemmungen - Alkoholismus - Spionage - das versinkende Bangkok -- Main problems of Thailand: floods - alcoholism - spying - sinking Bangkok -- ปัญหาหลักของประเทศไทยน้ำท่วม - โรคพิษสุราเรื้อรัง - สอดแนม - จมกรุงเทพ…


Commanders and presidents of Thailand are only administrating brothels, and when Bangkok is sinking this is good for them because women will be cheaper...

During my 2 years stay in Thailand from May 2012 to May 2014 I could watch how the CIA and his "brethren" in are managing their pedophile center in Thailand - it's the pure horror with beer, bars and women, and children are in hidden Thai brothels - sold by their parents - and the parents pass regularly for getting the cash which is from the work of the child... tis is describes in the book "Sex Slaves" by Louise Brown.

The children in the brothels get no schooling in the brothel, no education, no teacher is coming, they don't learn anything but first the slave children have to sell flowers until they sold all of them being educated to obidiance, and then comes the regular work with 3 hours in the night with clients changing all 5 minutes and the queue is organized by the brothel mother. The brothel itself is possessed by police commanders or by a president etc.

This system was broadened by NATO in Thailand (during Vietnam War Thailand was a "rest room"), and it pleased so much to this NATO so the Vietnam War lasted 11 years - THIS is the TRUTH about NATO!

And the people of NATO never helped to convert Thailand into an intelligent state - but they wanted that Thais would "serve" them only as animals...

NATO organized bars and whiskey, and the Thai parents brought their daughters and in this way this sex business was working in Thailand during 11 years of Vietnam War when Vietnam was destroyed to the ground.

In 1975 Vietnam was winning the war and then NATO left Thailand but CIA did NOT but the CIA was going on managing the brothel system with all child abuse together with other secret services, and the main agents of today are next to criminal CIA
-- criminal Swiss secret service
-- criminal German secret service
-- criminal English secret service.

All this is only absolutely sickening.

I saw the animals of the secret services - I saw the stupids of stupids from Switzerland how they were organizing bars and they themselves were not doing anything etc.

I brought people to the doctor because the women send all money home to their families and they have no money left for a doctor...

Sometimes I was healing somebody, a gastritis which can be healed with blood group nutrition, or other things etc.

They organized complete streets with open bars and the girls are sitting on chairs in the streets in "nice suits" offering themselves.

This is one thing - but there is a second one yet:

These women in Thailand have no schooling and nobody helps them for anything, and they are not attending any further education with courses nor are they following any prevention against alcoholism etc.

Thus these bar ladies in Thailand are often only whiskey barrels on two legs, more they are not - I saw this catastrophe by my own eyes - and all this is pleasing to CIA and to the other secret services... - and they never help, simply never.

When I saw all this in Thailand I was realizing what secret services are really doing in this world: They are simply organizing criminal activities, and they just exist because of this. Women are a kind of freight for them and this is only one of the criminal freights which they are managing...

This was in Pattaya. The same is happening in Phuket and in Bangkok.

Now one has to imagine that the commanders in Thailand are absolutely full of whiskey and beer, and they are abusing children and women almost daily. With all this their brain is completely lost because the alcohol has eliminated their brain.

They cannot manage problems any more, and at the same time Bangkok is sinking 6 to 10cm per year. In 2020 whole Bangkok will be on 0m, and big parts of Bangkok are under 0m now already. And in this way the animals of Thailand are preparing their own grave...

And these animals on two legs in the secret services are doing the same: Alto for the animals of the secret services it's not important if Bangkok is sinking or not... because when Bangkok is sinking then poverty will rise and women will be even cheaper yet... in this way the secret services are thinking... And of course they are also spying out everything, with mobile phone espionage against the ladies and also against the clients and so. The peeping secret services in Thailand are just kinky for this - it's absolutely perverse. They can even install a TV channel against the hotel rooms spying everything during day and night with magnetic resonance spying watching their porno films getting high salaries for this. And of course they are inventing always more reasons for continuing their work without end. THIS is the "work" of the criminal secret services, next to all faked propaganda and beer pride...

They are all mad there - and as the commanders are all alcoholics there they are simply laughing to the poor - I never was such a destructive country before than this Thailand.

Thus to the commanders of Thailand it's pleasing when Bangkok is sinking respectively when Bangkok will be a grave because then many new women will come to the brothels of the commanders for "working"... This is the way of thinking of the mad commanders of Thailand.

And the commanders are with the CIA and with the other secret services as their "friends"...!!!

One has to imagine this: The king of Thailand lets sink his house into the sea and 10 million people are following him - and add to this there is a law in Thailand which is prohibiting any critics against this king...

And in this way they are organizing their mass grave - I installed about 5 web sites with warnings from this mass grave, but they are simply going on like this... The secret services just don't want to learn anything but they are awaiting this mass grave and then the women will be cheaper - this is the goal of the secret services...

Thailand is a country of pigs and a country of envy. In Thailand there is murder without end. Thailand is so bad as no other country is on the world because the commanders and the presidents are the pimps together with the secret services!

All 3 months a ship is sinking in Thailand or a person is killed by an elephant.

The sold children have no possibility to defense themselves.

I saw many houses in Thailand without any book. They have "Buddha" but they don't read, but they are only drinking their alcohol and they are watching the TV propaganda - many are illiterates and for the presidents all this is not important because there will be many cheap women in this way who will come to the brothel of the commander "for work" - this is a calculation.

They just never want to learn anything. They don't want to take any measures. They never want to better themselves but they are simply doing their vagina business and that's it - in this way the commanders and presidents in Thailand are - and one can even admit that also the king is like this.

They are all only pimps.

Just madness is dominating - when for example refugees from Burma are coming to Thailand then they are detained by a commander and sold to brothels.

And one has to imagine oneself that the Thais with all their envy and women trafficking even think that they would be "intelligent"... and the secret services let them be in this mental delirium.

It's impossible to teach just 1mm to this people - they don't want to know anything but they just want beer, whiskey, women trafficking and laughing to the poor who come to the brothels...

The Thai animal population thinks for example that it would be "intelligent" with a visit in a Buddha temple, or it would be "intelligent" to buy a donation for Buddha and giving it to Buddha, or youths are living all 6 month in a temple during 2 or 3 days and they are not doing anything there but feeling themselves "intelligent"... but they only stay stupid with it.

In this way the future victims for the brothels of the commanders are created, and they are NEVER reading anything about Buddha or what he detected.

I have seen houses in Thailand - oh, no table, no chair, no book, just TV and beer. Thais feel "intelligent" when they find the toilet door...