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Thailand: there is missing

What is missing in Thailand

by Michael Palomino (2013)



What is missing in Thailand

Education: hardly fairy tales, hardly enlightenment, no holiday camps or school camps, no stages in the country side - and free sports facilities

-- libraries and fairy tales are missing mostly, there is hardly any fairy tale culture in Thailand, but fairy tale culture is replaced by "series" in TV
-- often also a violent free education is missing, above all in the countryside where the family members are beating each other and they are meaning that this would be a familiar action - and TV is not instructing a violent free life
-- there are no youth reviews like BRAVO or GIRL in Thailand, the pubertal literature is missing, there is no complementary enlightenment with sexuality and love during youth times and the young adults have to find out all themselves then or they are never learning it and are murdering around by envy then or they make intrigues just for "having fun"
-- holiday homes and class or holiday camps are not known in Thailand, and the sense of alternative stays is not detected where the children are working out the first competences and rules of their own life, and also the parents are never free any more and their sexual relationship is dying out for years and the parents mean that this would be "normal"
-- rice stage: there is no rural service which could be very useful, for example when a child from a town is working on a rice field for 2 weeks learning how rice is working, this would also create new connections, and the population on the rice field would also be controlled a little bit more and they would have to arrange a more balanced life and could not drink so much alcohol any more
-- in general free sports facilities are rather missing in Thailand developing a self confidence on little soccer courts with fishing nets, table soccer, basket ball, or also with table tennis or a skate ground
-- such free sports facilities have to be where people is living, have to be guarded and cared, and the opening times can be for example from 10am to 10pm, the night's rest and quiet sleep has to be guaranteed, and in this way all will have their joy
-- with such a well trained self confidence by free sport facilities many persons can develop a mental force for problem solutions what is very well for the whole society in general, and there is a circle of friends where people are making sports and are not drinking so much alcohol
-- without free sports facilities frustration of never having won games is coming out with alcoholism and intrigues and murder actions then - for their self confidence...

Alcoholism in Thailand is a taboo until today - no advertising for health in the media
-- widely spread alcohol addiction in Thailand (in the towns people are regularly drinking "the whole night", on the rice farms they drink all day long) is concealed: the media in Thailand are concealing this alcohol addiction of a big part of the Thai population, and there is no advertising for more health in life and there are no public warnings about the consequences of alcohol addiction, and therefore the population in the towns and the rural population for example on the rice fields are going on "feeling well" with beer, whiskey, vodka, and TV...
-- alcohol free beer is missing in Thailand evading alcohol addiction, loss of brain capacity, accidents or lethal accidents
-- discotheques and alcohol are not changing much but are only giving a wrong feeling of euphoria and force of a group, are supporting new mafia structures and are lowering the awareness for problems instead of working for solutions of the problems of the country
-- blood group nutrition is not known at all in Thailand, perhaps not known in whole Asia, and this is really sad because bodily health does not come only from rice or noodles or beer.

Internet sometimes bad
-- a strong Internet is not standard in Thailand but sometimes it's failing for hours or it's very weak and hardly usable
-- certain villages in Thailand have no Internet connection until today.

Purchase ant powder
-- many hotels and offices in Asia suffer of ants, but the easy help to spread ant powder is not applied whereas ant powder can be bought in every housewares shop or shopping center
-- perhaps this will only change when teachers are instructing the children where ant powder can be bought, then children will buy the powder against ants for their parents and the children will spread the powder in the corners of the rooms
-- ants are not only walking on the ant powder but are carrying the powder also into their home so the whole breed is eliminated within 1 to 2 weeks, eventually even in the whole house

Water supply: water towers and reservoirs
The problems with water supply are not only in Thailand but count for many more Asian countries, above all in China:
-- in some villages water towers are missing, and private water tanks are in the bathrooms and not on the roofs so some parts of Thai population in some villages cannot take showers until today
-- purification plants are missing for keeping cleaned the rivers for the possibility of a taking of drinking water and industrial water from the rivers so no groundwater has to be pulled out any more from the ground
-- in Thailand (as also in other Asian countries) a well sophisticated reservoir system for the town's population and for the industries is missing for the big towns like Bangkok (in Thailand) or Shanghai (in China) which lay on a waterproof but flexible clay layer will not sink any more because of pulling out water from their groundwater systems
-- the recharge zones of groundwater systems like Bangkok seem to be not intact any more because jungle was eliminated and earth layers have been eroded by the rain so the ground has converted into a hard steppe ground during dry seasons and the groundwater systems are hardly refilled any more.

Mafia does not work
-- Thailand (as other Asian countries) is structured by mafia connections, and Thais are copying these behavior and are also organizing mafia connections, and nobody learns to investigate problems in a neutral way investigating to all sides
-- for example media are also working in mafia systems with rumors, spies, secret services and faked propaganda in radio and TV, but all this does not bring any useful result because neutral and sophisticated analysis work without prejudice is not performed
-- it even can be that whole Asia is "organized" in such mafia structures and therefore many big problems are not considered because there is nobody with the courage performing alternative investigations with topics which never had been investigated before, that means that mafia structures would be a big Asian problem and Thailand is only a little part of it
-- mafia is organized with beer, alcoholics, soccer and watching films and not with much investigation work, and that's why the big problems are a taboo and neutral research is even threatened by mafia bosses
-- foreign mafia in Thailand is working with bribing of officials and has reached even own TV channels (e.g. 4 Russian TV channels), and Russian mafia brought Thais the vodka "culture" which is only more destruction of Thai society by more alcohol
-- mafia in Thailand is also fighting and holding harvest rights in rice farms and the government has not much to say concerning rice exportation.

In the country side: missing mosquito nets, missing shopping possibilities, but cocks are shouting in the night
-- mosquito nets are missing: mosquitoes in the countryside in Thailand are stinging white tourists like in the Peruvian jungle. After a week of stay in the countryside in Thailand the back is full of red points (stings of mosquitoes) and mosquito nets are missing
-- sometimes also a common "7/11" shop is missing or a pharmacy, and rural population is organizing in other ways
-- sometimes also night's rest is missing when cocks are shouting since 3 o'clock and are walking freely in the court of the house instead of being in a closed hen's house
-- Internet is missing in the most rice field villages and rice farm people have no connection to the world with telephone, radio and TV which are controlled by mafia

Railway in Thailand without double-track
-- mafia is developing the country only for the own purposes and the rest is not important to the mafia connections. This can be seen with the fact that railway in Thailand has no double-track until today and the trains have to wait each other at certain train stations
-- some railway lines have tracks which are not welded together, for example between Bangkok and Buriram (eastern Thailand), and this is not very comfortable and the train cannot drive fast either and is not attractive any more compared with car and bus connections.