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Alcoholism in Thailand 01

Beer and whiskey alcoholism in Thailand - sex party since Vietnam War since 1964 - until Bangkok goes down

When criminal "U.S." army was bombing
                Vietnam with napalm bombs - NATO since 1964 -  there was the
                big sex party in Thailand for the "U.S."
                soldiers and their commanders...
When criminal "U.S." army was bombing Vietnam there was the big sex party in Thailand for the "U.S." soldiers and their commanders...

by Michael Palomino (2014)



Secret service of google adsense does not want ads where the Vietnam War connection with Thailand is presented...

How beer and whiskey alcoholism was created in Thailand: sex tourism from 1964 to 2014 without end - until Bangkok goes down

1964-1975: "U.S." troops and NATO introducing sex tourism in Thailand

(see: Louisa Brown: Sex Slaves, chapter 1 part 1.)

Napalm attack during Vietnam
                  War by criminal "U.S." troops and their
                  befriended troops (NATO)
Napalm attack during Vietnam War by criminal "U.S." troops and their befriended troops (NATO)

When Vietnam and Laos were bombed without end and criminal "U.S." troops and befriended troops were murdering millions Thailand was in just another scenario: whiskey and sex party was organized there. One can even admit that the commanders of Vietnam War even "enjoyed" Vietnam War because of sex tourism in Thailand. And in this way Thailand became a country of alcoholics. And now - in 2014 - Thailand is just on the way to become one more looser of Vietnam war. Here are the details:

Especially Thailand is affected by alcoholism. Since criminal NATO was installing there it's "restroom" between 1964 and 1975 a mentality was established in Thailand which has got it's base only on beer, whiskey and selling of women and nothing more. After the invention of the "Tonkin Incident" in 1964 the "U.S." government was performing an escalation in Vietnam War deliberately and Thailand was defined as one of three "restrooms" for the "U.S." army. There were Thailand, the Philippines, and South Korea. So with "U.S." troops and their "befriended" troops (above all from Australia, from New Zealand, and from Canada) hard dollars came to Thailand and many kinky bananas with "U.S." soldiers on them wanting to have a sexual satisfaction. As selling of daughters to brothels was an Asian tradition already it was only a little step of development installing a new sex tourism with these NATO "troops" being varied with beer and whiskey. Since then whiskey was becoming the symbol of boom (!!!), and also Thai men and Thai families at home introduced the whisky cult at home. With sex tourism on the base of beer and whiskey many Thai families could get off their debts and could build houses. For NATO soldiers their life was becoming a constant change between sex-and-killing. But for the "U.S." commanders there was no change, they had always-sex-and-nothing-else, they were manipulating and shifting complete Vietnamese populations and they were sending many NATO soldiers deliberately till death deliberately. This was not important for them because at the same time they became more and more alcoholics - with whiskey and sex daily and every night. Thai families were selling their children week for week or month for month. It can admitted that since these times in Thailand NATO is contaminated also in a pedophile way.

Thailand=spying center of the world since 1964
It can be admitted that Thailand since 1964 is not only a sex tourism center but has developed also as a world wide spying center, and even more since 1975 when the "Ami" soldiers left but the secret services, mafia groups, pensioners and Nazi groups were taking over the power in Thailand. Thus international sex tourism is not only sex but a big part of it is also espionage in hotels and in brothels. The Thai government is making money also with this. Commanders are just giving orders to the alcoholic security and to unemployed taxi drivers giving instructions and spying devices and in this way they are making an additional living with espionage without thinking about the sense of this action.

The fact that NATO and secret services, mafia groups and NAZI-groups are running Thailand has it's consequences that for the Thais not much is done in the country but Thai men are only drinking beer and whiskey and the Thai women are damned mostly to prostitution. This is the mafia system in Thailand provoking that the prices for "girls" are cheap. The other consequence is that Thai ladies are not at all tender but they are even boxing like their mothers and alcoholic fathers...

The fact that Bangkok is sinking is provoked also by the secret services and mafia groups because when Bangkok is going down and misery will be more in Thailand the "girls" will be even cheaper than ever before...

Purchasing children with NATO in Thailand since 1964 - pedophile club "Basel Animal Circle" in Europe since 1964 - Helmut Hubacher as a "link" between NATO and P-26

(These are informations from Swiss justice circles)

It seems very strange, but the arrival of NATO in Thailand in 1964 and the foundation of the criminal pedophile ring "Basel Animal Circle" in Basel in Switzerland was just in the same year 1964. The boss founding this "Animal Circle" is Mr. Helmut Hubacher from the Socialist Party of Switzerland (SP), and now one has to know that this Hubacher was also the founder of the illegal secret service resp. "resistance group" P-26. This was a "secret army" of Switzerland under direct NATO command. And with this fact the pedophile connections in NATO are obvious.

NATO military bases in Thailand: bombs and Agent Orange

(see for example Utapao Air Base in the Internet or on YouTube etc.)

Thai government let go on NATO in the country. This did not only count for sex tourism but also for NATO military bases where B-52 bombers were reloaded or spraying airplanes were reloaded with Agent Orange and other agents etc. One has just to know that all this destructive work by criminal NATO in Vietnam and in Laos had it's base on sex tourism, criminal child abuse and beer and whiskey. And the Thai population became also drunk more and more every day and was drinking away it's brain because this sex tourism and the high income by "hard dollars" were just "going on" not important how many soldiers and Vietnamese or Laotians were killed in Vietnam or in Laos. When 1,000s of people were killed in Vietnam War and Laos War there was just another life in Thailand with whiskey and sex party. Soldiers were just paying everything with drinks, hotels and even complete houses. NATO soldiers and NATO commanders converted the Thai ladies also into alcoholic ladies. And now these alcoholic ladies were the rich ones coming back to the countryside introducing their alcoholism also on the rice farm and in this way the rural population was copying the drinking behavior with whiskey. Probably also the Thai governing was drinking without end even with the king's family and in this way they all lost more and more their brains. They were thinking "U.S.A." will protect Thailand forever.

Most NATO troops leaving in 1975 - new European sex tourists since 1975

(see: Louisa Brown: Sex Slaves, chapter 1 part 1.)

Bar ladies in Thailand, most
                  of them are alcoholics...
Bar ladies in Thailand, most of them are alcoholics... -
and also the commanders, policemen, security men and people from Thai media in Thailand are mostly alcoholics...

When in 1975 NATO troops had to leave Vietnam a big part of the NATO soldiers also left Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. NATO bases remained but now the big profits by sex tourism with the soldiers were breaking off. But now Thai government was acting with some propaganda in Europe and the effect was that there were no "U.S." or Canadian or Australian soldiers or soldiers from New Zealand any more, but now the sex tourists were European men and pensioners visiting the sex tourism spots in Thailand - or they were even settling here and giving their whole rent to Thailand. This new economic growth was again on the base of beer, whiskey and sex. Wonderful, all remained as before in Thailand and the constant whiskey and sex party could go on, now just not with murdering and killing soldiers and not with perverse military NATO commanders, but with neo Nazi groups and with mafia groups from the whole world, and with pensioners and with secret services from the whole world just having the same things in common with the Thai ladies: alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. And the brains of the Thais were reduced again and again further and further - and also the brains of the neo Nazis and of the mafia groups or pensioners and secret services were reduced on and on until there was nothing left. This means

-- with neo Nazis and
-- with mafia groups
-- with alcoholic pensioners, and
-- with secret services organizing children trafficking and women trafficking in the whole world

just those groups came from Europe NOT HAVING THE SLIGHTEST IDEA of sociology - and just these groups were combining with the alcoholic Thais now. Therefore Thailand of today (2014) is sociologically a completely underdeveloped country where many parents are sending their daughters to the bars yet so "money comes in". Why? Because the government of Thailand is systematically neglecting the countryside and because there are hardly good jobs in the countryside.

Additionally there is a big racism between Bangkok and the countryside. The town's population is condemning the bar ladies because they are all "from the countryside", and the girls "from the countryside" are awaiting their "big chance" when a tourist is taking them to Europe. Thai government does not consider all this in a negative way. Bar ladies are the ones who can speak English mostly and all the rest of Thailand is only drinking whiskey...

"Human rights organizations" without concepts: prohibition and espionage instead of social systems - and terrorism with an "age of consent of 18"

Human rights organizations from cold Europe never investigated this situation in Thailand. Until today social systems and rental systems are missing in Thailand. No, these "human rights organizations" coming from cold Europe simply said that the Thais should not sell children to tourists any more thus selling children to brothels was limited and Thai police got a new task of spying and controlling and peeping all tourists if there were children involved with them - but Thai police is visiting the children's brothels...

The same human rights organizations from cold Europe also meant that in tropical South East Asia an "age of consent of 18" should be introduced. Well, this measure - without systematic school system for children and jobs for youths - provoked only new stupidity. Youths have more sex now underneath without condom and Thailand has got the second highest rate of teenager pregnancies. One can see by this that these "human rights organizations" do not know at all where are the important points in a society. Without alcohol withdrawal and without jobs an "age of consent" is not at all practicable, not at all an age of consent of 18 in a tropical climate. But Thai government is also consisting of alcoholics as also all other Thais are mostly, the Thai government does not see this problem and lets work the foreign "groups" because they are "groups" thinking that there could not be something "wrong" with them...

2014: Catastrophic consequences for Thailand after 50 years beer whiskey sex tourism - life without brain - sinking Bangkok...

At the same time whiskey is spread also to the utmost rice farm and now almost all Thais are taking part with the whiskey party eliminating their brains. But Thai government never heard something about intelligence as it seems. Now traditional wisdom about healthy and social state was lost, Buddhism only exists in the temples any more and all should go on like this for ever. But there is just this one point: Thais were not only developing beer whiskey sex tourism, but they developed a complete alcoholism and they were destroying their brains - and they were not aware of it. They meant that these behavior difficulties would be "normal". Since then many Thais have to live really without brain - and this is really very hard!

Thai government has failed completely with this until today and nobody was fined. During 20 years Bangkok is sinking now and nobody is fined. Missing prevention against alcoholism is not fined. But simply whole Thailand will be punished:
1: with a population going down with whiskey
2: with sinking Bangkok with big houses on a hard clay layer but the consumption of ground water is so high that the clay layer is sinking with the town on it.

Did anybody say anything about analysis? Alcoholic people don't want to think!

Examples for alcoholic behavior - with the focus on Thailand

Alcoholism in Thailand is going up to the state's ministries

During my stay in Thailand from 2012 to 2014 I could really study the behavior of alcoholics a little bit in this country because almost all Thailand is affected by alcoholism. The result is dreadful with behavior of self destruction even supported by alcoholic mafia groups. The values of life are partly completely reverse compared with normal life. The principal groups of alcoholic drinkers in Thailand are
-- prostitutes, "bar ladies"
-- almost 100% of the criminal lady boys
-- police members, above all the police commanders
-- security members, above all the security commanders
-- responsibles of the media of radio and television, above all the bosses and managers
-- sometimes also the taxi drivers after their working time
-- pensioners in their traditional bars - with the "bar ladies"
-- foreign mafia groups in Thailand, above all the mafia bosses

These responsibles in Thailand partly become absolutely irresponsible thus they are rejecting also any further education: foreign languages, Internet and so on. In this way one has to imagine that just the Thai commanders are rejecting foreign languages and they cannot manage the Internet only relying on spying groups and mafia relations with secret services - being payed with cheap Thai pussies. In this way Thailand is going down since 1964 with an alcoholic intelligence of only about IQ70, but any further education is rejected respectively is consisting only in beer, whiskey and pussies. Thus Thai commanders are rejecting any further education and mafia groups are manipulating Thailand for their purposes and the Thai population is just collaborating with beer and whiskey - and in this way the disaster is coming.

As the principle drinking groups are the leading groups of the state one can see what Thailand really is: Thailand is one big alcoholic beer whiskey vodka bar, nothing more. Tourists mostly are not staying more than 2 or 4 weeks, but Thais in Thailand are living this alcoholic life for life and many times they get alcohol from tourists for free! When family members are working in a hotel security group or as a police commander with contacts to "good tourists" then it often happens that "good tourists" will give away half or almost a complete bottle of whiskey because tourists cannot take this on their flight home. And by this the eternal Thai whiskey party in Thailand is going on.

Some Thais are also really converting into whiskey animals. Since 1964 an incurable whiskey people was created. All action is coarsened, also with the police commander, also with the mafia boss. Almost everywhere the brain is reduced by 50 or even by 80% and people become partly of unsound mind. And now one has to consider: In Thailand the alcoholics are the big MAJORITY!!!

And now see what really happens:

Alcoholism=self-mutilation of organs
Alcohol has hard side effects when too much is drunk of it. Too much alcohol is damaging all organs, also lungs, nerves, livers, kidneys, blood vessels and the blood itself, also the brain is affected and is reduced down to it's basic structures etc. etc. Thus alcoholism is a self-mutilation. Almost whole Thailand is affected by this self-mutilation without control. As alcoholic people have a brain which is reduced sometimes by 80% the mental performance is automatically limited correspondingly and alcoholic people becomes partly insane and they don't know what they are saying any more or they are saying always the same words or they cannot find the toilet any more etc.

Alcoholism=self-mutilation of the brain and of the blood circulation
Blood circulation with alcoholics is totally "on the ground". Alcoholics cannot make sports any more, also only 2 minutes are too much. Even a badminton game is a complete overextention for an alcoholic because coordination of movements is needed - is not working any more! Going up the stairs is a horror for alcoholics and more than one floor is principally not possible! When an alcoholic has to reach the fourth floor in a hotel going up the stairs than it's just normal when the alcoholic person is knocking at a wrong room in the third floor. The reduced brain and the reduced blood circulation are showing their "work".

Alcoholism: delay solving of problems as long as possible - "regular's table" is the government itself - sinking Bangkok
Alcoholic people is acting like this mostly: solving problems is delayed as long as possible. Alcoholic people are even laughing about problems but they are never solving them. Alcoholics in groups are forming a "regular's table" and they are talking about problems without consulting the Internet right. Searching is not part of an alcoholic's life because they would get the truth also about their alcoholism. The leading person at the "regular's table" is defining the meaning and is rated as intelligent even when his meaning is 100% WRONG. When another meaning would count then this would mean a split from the "regular's table". Then peace would be in danger...

When a complete country like Thailand is falling into alcoholism now and when the government is also consisting in alcoholic people then the meetings of the governments are just a "regular's table". And then the result is just what we have in Thailand: There is the problem of sinking Bangkok. This problem of sinking Bangkok is known since 20 years now and measures were NEVER taken because - as it seems - somebody is the leader at the "regular's table" of the Thai government only solving the "little problems" but never appointing the big problems.

And alcoholic Thailand just "lets go down" it's capital in this way. This is the work of the alcoholic upper class, insane, because 50 until 80% of the brain is missing. Alcoholics don't like to organize but they only want their next whiskey sex party. this means that in Thailand just two matters are going down at the same time: the population - and the capital.

And both should be a taboo: alcoholism - and sinking Bangkok. Up to you!

They drink until they fall and they are laughing about it
They are drinking as much so they cannot walk any more and then they are laughing about it. Thai whiskey drinkers are just not considering big connections any more but they are chasing just the "little flies" also when the dangers for Thailand are becoming bigger and bigger as they would be "elephants" coming nearer and nearer. Thai men are not considering the big connections because nobody is telling about these big connections. Since 1964 whiskey sex parties are leading the country. And just nobody was studying history or sociology!

In Thailand these alcoholic parties are beginning in the countryside on rice farms for example at 10 o'clock in the morning already and these alcoholic parties are lasting the whole day long. Alcoholics are laughing at other people not drinking until there is no way out. Rumors say that in Thailand and in other Asian countries on rice farms people are drinking during the dry season until there is no money left and then they are awaiting the next rainy season for planting rice again. In Thailand on rice farms of eastern Thailand not only beer and whiskey is consumed but in the meantime also vodka was introduced.

In the fisher's villages on the coast lines whiskey parties are only performed during weekends because most of the "strong" men are fishing on the sea.

Women drinking - but speaking is not allowed
One can imagine that in Thailand with these kinky bananas with "U.S." soldiers on them with "hard dollars" in their pockets there should have been some emancipation movement, but unfortunately this was going to the "wrong" direction - to alcoholism and self destruction. Women were brining home the "big money" but when they are with Thai men at a "regular's table" then they have no voice - respectively men often remain with men even when the house was built with the money of the woman.

Women often have not the courage to counter the alcoholic men, and men are only copying the meaning ordered by the whiskey guru of their regular's table. A woman contradicting men would risk a confrontation with the whiskey guru - who is often a chief of secret police. Thus one can imagine how freedom of speech and freedom of research is handled in Thailand.

Principally the word of emancipation does not exist in Thailand. There is only servitude on a higher or lower level. Enlightenment is hardly existing, men are laughing about women when women have "problems", and whiskey parties are the compensation for missing love in life. When a tourist is taking a Thai lady to a doctor paying her the medicaments the Thais are laughing the tourist. In this way whiskey Thailand is organized...

Children have to drink also
Many alcoholic parents are supporting their children in drinking alcohol from 10 years on. There is a moral pressure for drinking. When the child is rejecting drinking then it's "not present". By this behavior children can become alcoholics with 12 years already. When a child is rejecting consuming alcohol then the child is discriminated.

Thai ladies going to the bar not recognizing the dangers
Many Thai ladies are coming from the countryside to the centers of Thai sex tourism to Pattaya or to Phuket and they want their "joy" with men. This means that they want to have the experience with different men in a short time or also little romances. And the tourist men should pay all beers, all drinks, all hotels, beautiful clothes, all trips, and at the end there should be also money left for the own family.

There would also be some money left when - just when there would not be alcoholism of which many ladies are affected then. They are drinking a big part of their income personally and then they are stuck in a circle of sex and alcohol never finding out again because when they come home then they are just going on like this - at least with alcohol! This means that the tourist is financing the alcoholism of the lady and the Thai state is not publishing any warning, nor is there any prevention - and this is just not the sense of a holiday or of a connection financing alcoholism of the lady - which is no topic officially in Thailand!

That means that the state of Thailand is failing completely considering the prevention for the bar ladies controlling their consumption of alcoholics personally also preferring other beverages for having good parties or even switching two days to a life without alcohol and switching to a further education when there are times "without work" during the period. There is NOTHING of this. The Thai state is failing completely concerning prevention and education of the ladies.

When these alcoholic bar ladies in Thailand are 30 years old they are correspondingly "marked", above all by a lower and bitter voice of an alcoholic woman, by a brute social behavior which is not at all corresponding to any femininity any more, by desires far from any reality, or there are also brutal actions and delicts: alcoholic Thai ladies are becoming boxers against tourists as they are accustomed from home being boxed by their mother already when they were children yet - this is Thailand. Alcoholic Thai ladies are loosing any charm and even threats and violence can be striking events with them.

Alcoholics during the old age - much sleep - alcoholics sleeping all day long - almost no energy left for work
It could be watched that elder alcoholics in Thailand are very thin persons hardly capable for work any more. Such elder alcoholic people are sleeping the whole day long then - but for drinking alcohol they are capable during the evening then! Elder alcoholics are just sleeping where they fall on the floor somewhere. There could be little work during the day, handicrafts could be made, or one could repair the clothes of the children or one could bring the clothes to the tailor. But no, the elder alcoholic or the elder alcoholic woman just likes to sleep half the day or even the complete day never doing anything but waiting until the next whiskey party is starting in the evening... Elder alcoholics are hardly performing longer walks either. Just all is broken in their body then. In Thailand all this is combined also with a hot chili food tradition which is additionally destroying the gastro-intestinal part of the body. They cannot eat fruits any more ending fast in diarrhea.

Peeping culture with elder alcoholics in Thailand because alcoholics "cannot" any more
Alcoholics have an absolutely poor sex life because their body is not sportive any more and because the money for a beautiful night in a hotel is spent for alcohol and for the whiskey party every night. After 10 seconds of fast movement their blood circulation is "down" already etc. Alcoholics have hardly any sex because their organs are just suffering a total damage. But now an envy against young people is developed. In countries like Thailand then where porno films and sex toys are even forbidden yet a total peeping culture is developed from neighbor to neighbor - and I never saw a similar criminal peeping culture as in Thailand. Persons having good sex are even laughed by the Thai alcoholics and then people in Thailand are ashamed for having good sex. This is the logic of alcoholics in Thailand - I never saw something more criminal and cruel!

Alcoholics mean it would be normal not having any sex when they are older than 30 years old and at the same time they are peeping the neighbors. Thus in Thailand almost the whole country is peeping - above all the criminal alcoholic commanders, the supreme alcoholics who are appointing the culprit from the start - also when Bangkok is sinking now since 20 years already...

Alcoholics setting the wrong priorities
In general alcoholic people are setting mostly wrong priorities - not important in which country - thus their life is going into a self destruction. Money for clothes, for the school of children or for the own or for the children's teeth is drunk. Alcoholics are even keeping setting the wrong priorities until the own existence is going down, that means that at the end the alcoholic has to live in the street - and even then alcoholism is not given up until the death by freezing is coming.

As Thailand is a country with a tropical climate there will never be any death by freezing, and as the family tradition does not permit that anybody is living in the street the death is delayed by the family during years. In some cases a little accident in a not watched moment is making the end with life of the alcoholic person then.

But now in Thailand the case is much bigger: The whole state is alcoholic and the whole state is going down - with the capital of Bangkok.

There is beer, whiskey, and vodka at almost every corner, also in the countryside on the rice farm - and brain is nothing left. That's why Bangkok is sinking and drowning.

Negligence: examples
According to my experience watching alcoholic people these alcoholics are neglecting regularly a precise kind of thinking. Much of it is considered to be "not so important". Examples are
-- generalizations, above all against foreigners rating them "all the same", about world wide history there is practically no knowledge in Thailand
-- alcoholics like to neglect truth but they love their enemy stereotypes, this counts for criminal Swiss justice and also for police commanders, security commanders or whiskey media managers from radio and TV in Thailand because without their enemy stereotypes there is no "thrilling" news!
-- excuse does not exist at all, but the next day there will be the next negligence of truth and the next generalization for the next news!
-- may be some digits of an indicated bank account number are missing
-- repairs and controls are "not so important" and therefore all 3 months a ferry is going down in Thailand or there are holes in the roof or a complete village has no water tower or houses have their water tanks in the bath rooms instead on the roofs and thus there are no showers etc., often there is even no radio in the house but beer and whiskey can be found everywhere...
-- repairs and controls are "not so important", this also counts with the alcoholic's teeth: often the visit at the dentist is delayed so much until the problem is solved by itself and the tooth is falling out etc.
-- organizing is simply not so important when a complete state is only consisting in alcoholic people
-- people in houses without power or fluent water is not so important, and people there mostly have whiskey but fluent water is not so important
-- when the way to school is 5 km because the next school has no room for more children then this is not so important in Thailand but the main subject is whiskey
-- water free days (days where water is stopped in the whole street) are not announced and thus it can be that one has to go to the restaurant to use a toilet - this is just normal, not only in Thailand, but also in Peru this was like this
-- reading and further education with alcoholics is neglected completely because big parts of the brain are not there any more (in Thailand many households are without any book...)
-- during the children's education in alcoholic families the teeth are mostly neglected
-- education and development have no priority in Thailand. Books, public reading, histories, ballads, legends, a book shelf with books and fact books, an atlas, an animal atlas, all this I could never see in Thailand during my 2 years' stay anywhere, but I saw many households even without tables or chairs and all life was only on the floor - so how should children like to do their homework on the floor?
-- the priority installing good toilets is totally neglected in whole Thailand and thus practically complete Thailand is stuck with earth holes which hardly can be used by elder people any more
-- alcoholic people want to learn only by personal contact, but as almost whole Thailand is consisting in only alcoholics there is not taught much - and mostly they forget after 10 minutes what was taught...
-- in Thailand the brains are totally crippled so Thais often cannot think any more when help should be organized, the affected don't think who could help, or they are even rejecting help continuing drinking
-- houses are left empty, successors are not organized, there are no renovations, houses are crumbling, rain is entering the houses, the need of important repairs are just not communicated also when it would not cost much etc.

Dates of alcoholics are considered as "not so important"

-- sometimes dates are considered also "not so important". When only 20% of the brain has left then one cannot await more and dates are just not memorized
-- there is the alcoholic hotel owner not giving back the deposit
-- there is the alcoholic foreman who is just doing a work also when there is no order for it
-- there are the alcoholics of Thai radio stations who feel being "addressed" when there is nothing for them but they are full of beer and whiskey not thinking systematically and analytically any more but they are only spying yet.

Lies and intrigues by alcoholic people
Alcoholics in groups are celebrating their beer bottles and whiskey bottles. They want to drink as much as possible in one night otherwise the "night" would not be a "good night".

At the same time these groups of alcoholics are producing their intrigues like wolves. As whole Thailand has become a country of alcoholics these intrigues against tourists are just a "joy" for the population and even for the government, for the police commanders, for the security commanders, for the Thai media managers and for the alcoholic mafia groups. Hosing tourists and foreigners with "alcoholic jokes" is just the only sport in Thailand which remained for these alcoholics. This is all a compensation for the lost capacities of coordination and sex.

For alcoholics lies and intrigues are often the only mean to get some money in some way when their body is that damaged that there is no work possible any more. Lies and intrigues are the strategy of alcoholic people because there is no other strategy left because the brain is damaged and reduced already in a way that no other strategy can be developed any more. Strategical thinking is only performed by lying and intrigues. Moral does not exist any more because the brain has reduced by over 50% already. In Thailand especially almost the whole country is lying and the Thais consider lying as "normal", and in this way they are just lying every day and they don't take earnest anything - until their doom is coming.

For intrigues wrong things are cited, wrong people is cited, wrong things are stated without end and referred to oneself performing the next provocation. The aim of course is a murder otherwise life would not be "thrilling" any more, also when the murder is never performed because then the play would end and prison would follow - and the whiskey party would end, thus there will never be any murder but there will be calumnies without end, this is what alcoholic people like so much for "going on and on". Truth is never wanted otherwise alcoholism would suddenly emerge as a topic.

Wasting money for intrigues is also a typical group behavior of alcoholics. I could watch this not only with criminal Swiss justice but also in the alcoholic country of Thailand as a "normal" behavior making intrigues against foreigners spending millions of dollars for nothing with it. At the end there was only the recognition that they are responsible THEMSELVES for their sinking Bangkok because it's sinking since 20 years already and there were no measures during 20 years - there was no limitation of population, there were no measures for keeping the rivers clean for taking drinking water from the rivers - nothing happened during 20 years.

For intrigues in Thailand people is even risking their own life. When alcoholics are fighting then nothing is safe any more - and Thailand is suffering many murders because of such little quarrels. Only a wrong faked rumor is needed and the next death is in the street. Drinking alcohol is permitted also in the streets in Thailand - like in Columbia. This is life in an alcoholic country...

Lies and intrigues: wresting facts is a tradition of alcoholics

Wresting facts could be watched in criminal Swiss justice and also in Thailand: persons telling the truth are pursued. Or people are given a wrong blame. As Thailand has almost completely converted into a beer whiskey country there is principally a never ending terrorism in this country with wrong blames, up to the complete madness.

Lies and inventions of alcoholic people provoking mercy and getting money

Inventions and lies are normal with alcoholics,
-- for representing themselves in a better way
-- for getting a better reputation against the neighbor
-- balances are invented for presenting the country in a better way.

With alcoholic people in Thailand also the following behaviors could be watched:
-- accidents are invented and even faked tears are presented for getting money from the tourist
-- illnesses at oneself of of family members are invented for getting money from the tourist
-- other costs are invented for getting money from the tourist
-- ill mothers are invented for getting money from the tourist
-- the girlfriend at the telephone is presented as "mother" for getting money from the tourist
-- whole families are invented so the tourist means that the ill woman would be the mother of the alcoholic woman so the tourist is giving money
-- children are invented for getting money from the tourist, or crying children are invented so for getting more money from the tourist
-- wrong purchases are invented for purchasing the item one more time but this is a manipulation for purchasing the thing for other persons
-- they are lying so much that they don't know what is the truth at the end!
etc. etc.

and at the end the money is often only wasted on drink. For drinking alcohol they are never too ill.

Alcoholic behavior: selling children - Asian men with short penises - children becoming victims or heroes

When alcoholism is provoking the complete helplessness now and when the complete country is converted into an alcoholic bar and when there are only lies and betrayals and drinking parties then new "winners" and "loosers" are created. The ones with power are using their position even more the more alcoholic they are because their mental capacity and social behavior is always more brute and less. And the "loosers" don't want to loose but they are provoking other "loosers": Children will be the loosers: The adult alcoholics are selling their children to the children brothels or into sex tourism, also when since the 2000s child sex tourism is declared as illegal. What should alcoholic parents do when they have grown up in the alcoholism tradition and when they are poor and when they only have their children to sell and when the state is not installing any social systems and therapy systems? Social systems and therapy systems NATO was never teaching to Thailand, they were only teaching whiskey and sex tourism.

The book "Sex Slaves" by Louise Brown is reporting that sold children will be in a paradise in a "luxurious box" or in a hotel for some weeks, or they come into hell with a closed primitive wooden box brothel for life where the clients are waiting in a queue and within 3 hours 30 clients have to be managed and the child is dying after about 4 years because of an illness.

The parents come to the brothel from time to time and get the profits of the child handed out by the brothel owner, mostly an elder woman. Thus the parents have the profits of child sex tourism or of "normal" child sex by local Asian people and the sold children are the "loosers" of their existence - or they are the heroes of the families at the end when the child is surviving and a complete house was generated by the income of the child what never had been possible without it. But it's not clear if the sold child will survive. Many sold children do not survive the cruelty in the brothel prison.

World map with the length of
                  penises of 2011
World map with the length of penises of 2011

With child sex there is just the principle that only men with mini penises are permitted. As one can see on the world map above one can see that Asian men from south east Asia are fulfilling this condition. Asian men from south east Asia have the most little penises, Japan and China inclusive. The book "Sex Slaves" by Louise Brown is reporting that Japanese businessmen are coming to north of Thailand just for having sex with a virgin spending much money for a hotel for one week "enjoying" a virgin which is eventually two times operated already. The girl can also be a Burmese girl being smuggled over the border line so a Burmese family can be saved and can pay their debts. The same ritual with virgins and businessmen can be found allegedly also in Cambodia, and also there the girls are eventually two times operated already. Above all these "ex virgins" are "heroes" of their families later, or it can also be the beginning of sex slavery being sold into a brothel. And in such Asian brothels women are mostly the bosses - NOT the men. Europeans and Africans are excluded from child sex tourism because of too big penises. More than a hug cannot be otherwise the abdomen of the child would be destroyed.

Child death by destroyed abdomen by gang rape with beer and whiskey

In Europe there was some news in the 1980s already that abused children could not get children any more after they had been raped by child abuse suffering a destroyed abdomen. In Thailand this kind of grievous bodily harm - as also in Muslim countries - can be much worse yet and the child can suffer the dead because of never stopping bleedings. This child death by child sex by destroying the abdomen is happening in Thailand all years long, not by tourists, but by Tai men performing gang rapes against children - with beer and whiskey without end of course! And this kind child death is even reported in the meantime - but the measures with fighting alcoholism and enlightenment and more tolerance with erotic books and movies are missing until today (2014). But alcoholism is going on to be a big taboo!

The drunk Thai police, security, taxi drivers, media and mafia: spying against tourists, but they let go down Bangkok

But when criminal Thai police is spying tourists then they are doing it the other way round: a hug is classified just as a sexual action. and this corresponds just to the manner of thinking of alcoholic policemen and of alcoholic commanders: invention of action for "hosing" others - and above all for "hosing" foreigners for presenting oneself as a "holy" person. This strategy is especially applied by Thai commanders of Thai police, Thai security, Thai taxi drivers and of Thai radio and TV and of mafia groups in Thailand: they are presenting themselves as "holy" persons performing espionage against foreigners but in the evening they will be drunk against wasting all money for whiskey which is principally for the poor. And they let go down Bangkok.

Let themselves down and let go down a complete capital? - This is just normal logic thinking of alcoholics in Thailand.

Healing of alcoholics is not possible without therapy

It was strange and disconcerting at the same time when I could watch that alcoholic people are even defending their alcoholism - even when there are children and the money for the school of the children is consumed for alcohol, or when the tourist had got the medicament of Baclofen for the healing of alcoholism in the hand. Alcoholic people are just rejecting any healing of alcoholism rigorously!

Until today (2014) the Thai state is not ready to speak about the taboo of alcoholism at all! There would be many measures against alcoholism initiating with propaganda spots in TV, with the introduction of alcohol free beer, with propaganda for not damaging beverages etc. etc. But as a simple observer one gets the impression that this alcoholic government in Thailand does not even want to accept that there is "alcoholism" existing in it's country!

The question is which social reasons are playing a role here:

Thailand: alcoholism is "normal" - destructiveness is also "normal" - against the own body

Since 1964 the population of Thailand has become so rich with sex tourism during the last 50 years that a total arrogance is dominating now. That means that any destructiveness is rising in the country and is even rated to be "normal". And this arrogance is also developed against the own life: Most Thais are not caring when they are ruining their own life with alcoholism! It's just not important for them because it's also not important for the neighbors, and because whiskey nights have become "normal".

Arrogance can be found with the following elements: broad motorways, "big cars", public traffic is not existing in large parts of Thailand, garbage separation and recycling is not organized. All this is "not so important" - but the whiskey bottle is the center of the big majority of the Thai's life. Ferries are going down, garbage dumping sites are burning, shot people in bars. All these actions of self destruction are normal...

Thailand: healing from alcoholism="infidelity" to the own family

It seems that alcoholism with whiskey and sex party has become a nation wide tradition in Thailand thus a healing from alcoholism is often also rejected because a healing would be an "infidelity" to the own family. This means that the connection with the parents and to the traditional drinking ritual with beer bottles, whiskey bottles and vodka bottles would be in danger when the adult daughter or the sun would be healed from alcoholism.

And as long as Thailand is with this wrong fidelity to the alcoholic family so long Thailand will have no chance to "treat" it's two big taboos:

1: treating alcoholism, the people which is going down destroying it's own health
2: saving Bangkok which is going down consuming too much ground water provoking that the clay layer is sinking with the town.

Thailand has converted into an absolutely mentally ill alcoholic country. One can change this at least partly with healing teas, with blood group nutrition, with herb therapies, and from 10 million people in Bangkok the industries and 9 million have to change on a safe ground so a little Bangkok can survive. But alcoholic government in Bangkok and the assisting alcoholic commanders and the alcoholic mafia bosses never want to confess that Thailand would have a problem or just several problems in one time and that the pioneer historian alone had seen them! Because in this case the hunted pioneer historian would be right and the hunters would be the hunted.

And all the propaganda in the radio, in TV and all the manipulations of neighbors and hotel owners and all money spent for hotel rooms around the hotel room of the pioneer historian -  all this is for NOTHING...

But any further education is not foreseen with alcoholic people, and not at all it is foreseen in the alcoholic government, police commanders, security commanders, media managers or mafia commanders in alcoholic Thailand. This would mean that a 50 years old "tradition" would change...

Balance: Thailand is also loosing Vietnam War: people is loosing the brain, and the country is loosing the capital

Thailand will loose also Vietnam War, only 50 years later:
-- there is no brain left and people is destroying their own bodies and families
-- Bangkok is going down because there is no brain left for taking measures for stopping this.

Helping actions have no chance because alcoholic people are defending their alcoholism... up to them. Crazy Thailand - ting tong Thailand.

And NATO seems to be a destructive and pedophile organization until today "enjoying" never ending war times with sold children...



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