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Sex slaves: trafficking of women in Asia

Chapter Nine: The Shame - part 2

Part 2: 9.10: The power of criminal journalists and their criminal sexual fantasies against prostitutes and men -- 9.11: Working slaves in Asia - prostitution is only a part of the slave system in Asia -- 9.12: Survivors of Asian brothel prison systems: managers or poor with analyzing work -- 9.13: Rescued survivors are angry - and have dreams -- 9.14: Rescued survivors without firm identity - and many AIDS cases -- 9.15: Reasons for the Asian brothel prison system: poverty and taboo -- 9.16: Girls and young women sold into a "trap" - measures against Asian brothel prison system -- Measures for a healthy sex life would be without brothel prisons but there has to be the following -- 9.17: Writer Louise Brown with some hope for new slogans breaking the silence about sex slavery in Asia

by Louise Brown

presented and with subtitles by Michael  Palomino (2013)



9.10: The power of criminal journalists and their criminal sexual fantasies against prostitutes and men

[Criminal journalists want to make career presenting faked atrocities. This does not only count for war reports, but also for reports about prostitution - and the criminal journalist and the criminal newspaper or radio or TV is NEVER punished for his lies. They just make career with faked atrocities provoking lies about men. Today these criminal journalists presenting fakes and lies about wars and sexuality are often CRIMINAL WOMEN. Here are examples]:

Example England: Criminal journalists spreading criminal sexual fantasies about brothel virgins in the 1880s

Societies undergoing periods of change and crisis are likely scenes for panics related to prostitution and its evils. England during the 'White Slavery' Campaign of the 1880s was bombarded with horror stories of child prostitution and 'Five Pound Virgins' that actually turned out to be the product of journalists' imagination [7].

[7] Judith R. Walkowitz: Prostitution and Victorian Society (Cambridge University Press, 1980), p. 17 and 247

Example China: Criminal reports about kidnapping and trafficking women in the 1910s

Reports of the abduction [kidnapping] and trafficking of women in early twentieth-century China are now considered to have been exaggerated and to have been stoked by alarm over the perceived [felt] breakdown of Chinese society [8].

[8] Hershatter: Dangerous Pleasures, p.203

Example New York: Criminal reports about child prostitution in the 1970s

New York in the late 1970s was incorrectly portrayed as host to child prostitutes who came in a 'pipeline' from Minnesota [9].

[9] Frederick K. Grittner: White Slavery: Myth, Ideology and American Law (London: Garland, 1990), p.168-170

If fabrications or elaborations like this have happened in the past can we then assume that the same kind of hysteria is being applied to the issue of trafficking and sexual slavery in Asia today? I fear not. I have only one answer to those who express their skepticism: meet the children and the women who are sold into this trade and then go home, and from somewhere in your conscience try to muster the conviction to write about prostitution as if it is an intellectual exercise.
[That means: The reports about the facts in Asian prostitution business with it's extreme poverty, with human trafficking and child traffiking will have an exaggerated effect for many readers, because the crimes in criminal Asia are just so dreadful].

9.11: Working slaves in Asia - prostitution is only a part of the slave system in Asia

If there are elements of exaggeration in the analysis of prostitution in contemporary Asia they lie in two main areas. First, not all sex workers are victims. At least they are no more victims than many other people who sell their labor under exploitative conditions. And a tiny minority of women do make a substantial living from selling sex. The proportion of girls and women who enter the sex industry and who are totally 'innocent' is almost certainly exaggerated.

I use the term 'innocent' warily [with mischief]. Sadly, women who have chosen to become prostitutes but who are then subject to horrendous forms of abuse are often denied the support they need on the grounds that they were guilty and 'asking for it'. In intensely patriarchal societies women who have lost their claim to innocence by consenting [to agree] to (p.248)

sex outside marriage are treated as if they have also lost all their claim to justice. I suspect that the emphasis upon 'innocence' is something of a public relations exercise utilized by groups who want to highlight the real and grave abuses within the sex industry in societies in which prostitutes are heavily stigmatized. It is comparatively easy to generate public concern for child prostitutes and for the 'innocent' victims of the sex trade. Generating sympathy for whores in difficulty, on the other hand, is a fruitless exercise.

The other area in which there is exaggeration is in the line pushed by the pro-prostitution lobby. Despite its claims, I seriously doubt how far it is possible to 'clean up' the sex industry. And I doubt that the stigma can be removed from prostitution. Besides, in most Asian societies the institution of prostitution is not stigmatized, even though official pronouncements sometimes give this impression. Buying sex is fine because it is something that men do. It is the women who sell it who are stigmatized.
[WRONG! Criminal mama-sans are selling
It is the criminal mama-san brothel prison owner who is offering the tortured, manipulated and extorted girl or women. Often the women is not selling, but criminal mama-san is selling - with up to 15 or 20 customers per day].

Who is a victim? - Often the prostitutes want their own way making money with their job - and are no victim - or they are victims? - factor poverty

Perhaps the greatest distortion [deformation] of all is the argument over who should be considered a victim. According to pro-prostitution groups, labeling sex workers as victims infantilizes [orders anything] them and makes them appear as helpless and naive and in need of rescue. But, they argue, these women are not often victims but are in fact active and entrepreneurial women who are trying to make their own way in the world. This is a very dangerous but appealing argument. It is appealing because it is seen to endow [to reward] stigmatized women with a degree of control over their lives and because it recognizes, quite correctly, that many of the new entrants to prostitution are girls and women who have left their homes in search of a better life. However, it is dangerous because we must never forget that a very large proportion of the girls and women at the sharp end of prostitution really are victims of many types of injustice. To understand prostitution we have to recognize the power dynamics of the industry and the power dynamics of the transactions that take place within it.

We have to recognize vulnerability.
This vulnerability is provoked by criminal Asian governments with their CRIMINAL WOMEN MINISTERS leaving the countryside in poverty without good jobs and leaving the whole state without social networks - with the exception of Japan].

So, if something is to be done to improve the (p.249)

life of women in prostitution - if we wish to stop the worst exploitation and if we wish to help those who survive it - then we also have to recognize that many prostitutes were victims long before they ever became survivors [victims of poverty organized by the Asian state - with the exception of Japan].

9.12: Survivors of Asian brothel prison systems: managers or poor with analyzing work

Survivors as managers support prostitution not considering the lots of victims

Pro-prostitution groups will tell you that dwelling upon victimhood [role of victim], and the tendency for do-gooder outsiders to interfere in the lives of sex workers, is misplaced. Sex workers themselves can articulate their own problems and determine their own solutions. I am sure they can, but I would also question how representative the voice of some of the more vocal sex workers actually is. The most outspoken are often experienced women who have been in the trade for years and who have been successful at their work. Often they work in the better parts of the industry and many are in its management structure. They are the natural spokeswomen for the industry because they are the ones who have survived it. I am not confident that they speak for the young, coerced girls and women who have yet to be seasoned [tortured, manipulated and extorted], or for those women who never acclimatize themselves to their work.

Rescued survivors rejecting interviews with Louise Brown by fear that she also could be a trafficker selling the survivors again - reasons for the Asian brothel system

By way of contrast, the reflections of trafficked girls and those held in systems of sexual slavery [mostly by criminal mama-sans WOMEN brothel owners] would make a dreadful advertisement for prostitution. It is difficult to make a case for the sex industry when you have seen the psychological and emotional harm that prostitutes have suffered. Many of the youngest girls have lost their faith in people. They do not trust anyone. And you can hardly blame them.

On four separate occasions I met girls who had left prostitution by a variety of routes and who were extremely wary [sceptical] of me. They said that they did not know why they should trust me because I might be a trafficker. I abandoned an interview with one frightened girl who sobbed, 'How do I know you won't sell me?'
[And this is a good example that mostly CRIMINAL WOMEN are the traffickers in this shity Asian prostitution business].
Very few young women and girls feel confident about their ability to analyze why they were trafficked or why they were forced into prostitution. The vast majority repeat the same explanation. They say that it was their 'fate'. Many, especially in the poorer parts of the (p.250)

region, believe that it was something from which they could never have escaped. A young Cambodian woman asked me, 'What did I do in my past life to have made this one so bad?' I was not able to suggest any answers that could console her.
[Here are the answers why girls and women are lured and tricked into prostitution in Asia
-- Asian women in general reject good sex and don't want to know anything about sexuality and then complain that sex would hurt because their vagina is dry and hurting after 2 minutes and the Asian women don't know anything about lubricants or oils making sex a joy but these Asian women are sending the men to the brothels when they want to have good sex
-- these brothels in Asia are also organized by women luring and tricking girls and young women into the brothel with faked job offers "in the city" so the men would pay much for sex and this would be a good business for the women organizing the brothels (mama-sans)
-- and for this profit the girls and young women are tortured, manipulated and extorted for serving customers, and for making a really good business with the brothel the criminal mama-san is giving a girl to up to 15 or 20 customers per day, and when the girl or young women is not pretty any more and not healthy any more then the girl or women is simply kicked out without any compensation
-- this is the reason why the young Cambodian woman had to suffer in the brothel: CRIMINAL ASIAN WOMEN not knowing anything about sexuality sending men to the brothels, and CRIMINAL ASIAN WOMEN organizing the brothel prisons
-- and these are just the same CRIMINAL ASIAN WOMEN as government ministers prohibiting all beautiful porno films which could provoke a comedown of the customer's rate in brothels by estimated 50%].

Poverty as a reason for work in brothel prisons

Many women cited poverty as the reason that they were forced into prostitution. Poverty and fate, it seems, are a fatal combination.
[But poverty is organized deliberately by the criminal Asian governments so many poor girls and young women are going to the brothels for work].

Men customers are not considered bad in the prostitution system - but criminal mama-sans are the criminal point in Asian brothel system

Very few ever said that they were angry with the men who had bought them.
[This is the proof that men are not the problem in the Asian brothel prison system - with the exception of some drunken Japanese customers in groups with sado maso practices provoking bodily injury without consideration copying crazy Japanese erotic comics].
Men seemed to be excused on the grounds that they were men and that having sex and buying women was just one of those things that men did. Anger was saved for those who had allowed the men to buy them.
[This is the proof that the criminal elements in the Asian prostitution are the mothers and the mama-sans committing the big crimes with the girls trafficking them, torturing them, manipulating and extorting them].
It was saved, in particular, for traffickers and for the people who had sold them into prostitution.

9.13: Rescued survivors are angry - and have dreams

Example Cambodia: does not know who to be angry with

A Cambodian prostitute described her confusion, 'Sometimes I am angry, but I don't know who to be angry with. Perhaps it is my destiny.'

Example Calcutta: anger against families who had sold them

Young girls rescued from brothels in Calcutta expressed anger against the families who had sold them but they were placed in the difficult position of having to rationalize and control their anger because there was no alternative to returning home.
[Criminal mothers selling daughters are the second point in the Asian brothel system. The first point is poverty leaving the countryside without good jobs and without social networks - not installed by WOMEN Ministers of Education, of Family, of Culture].
Example Mumbai in India: fled from sexual abuse at home but landing in a brothel prison in Mumbai

A child prostitute in Mumbai who had fled from sexual abuse at home said that she thought with longing of the brothers and sisters whom she had not seen for five years. 'My dream', she explained, 'is that I can go back to my home and see my mother.' She will never fulfill this dream because she died of tuberculosis and AIDS shortly after telling me her story. She was sixteen.

Example Dhaka in Bangladesh: anger against the criminal mother selling the daughter into prostitution - nobody wants to marry her now

Women internalize the social attitudes that blame 'fallen' women for prostitution. Another child prostitute, this time from Dhaka, described her feelings:

<I am angry at my fate, if my mother was well she would have arranged a good marriage for me and I would not have to suffer this shame. My life is ruined. I want to learn a skill so that I can earn money and look after my mother. No one will (p.251)

want to marry me because of what has happened to me. I won't live long and before I die I will pray five times a day to God to apologize for what has happened.>

9.14: Rescued survivors without firm identity - and many AIDS cases

After the rescue identity is not stable

Many of the women feel unsure of where they really belong. Their sense of identity has been shaken by their experiences of prostitution. Some find a kind of peace in embracing the world of the sex industry while others try to return to the world outside. Neither option is easy.

Strength is the abiding [ever lasting] image that I have of many of these women. For them to have suffered so much [provoked by criminal mama-san brothel prison owners], and at such a young age [provoked by criminal mothers selling daughters], and for them to then carry on with their lives is a testimony to the resilience [stability] of women and to the strength that lies behind the overworked image of the meek [silent] Asian woman.
[It's criminal mama-san making the profit with the girls and young women].

Example Phnom Penh: after the rescue AIDS is element of the identity

In Phnom Penh I visited the home of a nineteen-year-old who had been rescued from a brothel [prison]. Now she has a job in a garment factory and earns 25 English Pounds a month. She rents a room in a wooden shack and she shares this room with another teenager. This young woman manages to save a little money and she proudly told me that she sends it to her mother to help feed her family. She lives with HIV and yet she looks to the time when her wages will be sufficient to pay for her sister to be educated. She cried when she spoke of her illness and she said that fate had been so bad to her. The memory of this HIV-infected girl, sitting in her home surrounded by her few possessions, and the knowledge that she is working to make the best of the rest of her life, is one of the most poignant and powerful imaged I carry with me. It illustrates both the unforgivable brutality of prostitution and the capacity of those women caught within it to be bigger and stronger than the men who had bought them.
[WRONG: Criminal mama-san has arranged the men for her making profit with both and leaving suffer the victim].

9.15: Reasons for the Asian brothel prison system: poverty and taboo

The breeding ground is poverty

The debate on trafficking and sexual slavery is fixed very firmly upon why, and how, women enter the industry. This is essential information but it is also highly predictable. It would be a surprise if the sex industry's mass market was not staffed by poor, badly educated (p.252)

women from troubled families.
[Poverty in the countryside is the breeding ground - and this is wanted by the Asian governments, because these governments DELIBERATELY do not install good jobs and no social networks - with the exception of Japan where social systems and networks exist].

Asian men consider brothel prisons an "acceptable behavior" - and wives at home reject good sex sending men to brothels

Analysis of the industry's clients would yield far more interesting answers. To date [year 2000], however, this essential factor in the sex-for-sale exchange has been largely ignored. It is almost as if the industry exists independently from the customers. The Asian buyers of commercial sex possess the miraculous qualities of being simultaneously ubiquitous [always present] and yet invisible. During informal conversations, dozens of men told me, in the utmost confidence, that all their friends and acquaintances buy sex and that it is acceptable behavior providing it is a hidden activity. Needless to say, not one of these men had ever bought a woman himself.
[The truth: When Asian women are rejecting sex at home because they don't know anything about sex, lubricant or oils, in the mostly tropical climate of Asia, and when Asian WOMEN ministers are not educating the population for having good sex without pains - then men go to brothels].

Criminal Asian women organizing and running the brothel prisons

Asia's sexual codes are built on the subjugation [slavery] of women and the exploitation of the vulnerable.
[WRONG: Criminal Asian women are organizing the brothel prisons
-- governments leaving the countryside without jobs and without social networks in poverty
-- criminal mothers selling the daughters
-- criminal woman traffickers luring the girls and young women with jobs "in the city"
-- criminal mama-sans purchasing, torturing, manipulating and extorting the girls and women for being sold to men customers
so the criminal mama-san makes the profit exploiting the victim and making also profit with the men customers at the SAME time].
Criminal Asia with it's criminal taboo of sexuality - everything is kept secret - but "Western sex tourist" is denounced

In this sense Asia is just like anywhere else.
But in Asia the level of hypocrisy is greater.
[The taboo mentality in Asia concerning sexuality is world wide unique, worse than in Catholic South "America", and also it's destructiveness with brothel prisons with sold girls is unique - in Thailand for example in every local Karaoke Bar which are called for example "drunken drunken" ("mao mao", "เมา เมา")...].
More accurately it is staggering [swinging]. In official discourse and in everyday life the subject [topic of sexuality] is wrapped in silence although, among men at least, it is a badly kept secret. To raise the issue of prostitution is not considered polite and, in most quarters, its very existence would be denied - with the exception, of course, of the depredations [robbing] of Western sex tourists.
[Just Western sex tourists mostly go only to open bars where the girls and young women can chose their customers without harsh slavery, and just Western sex tourists are better customers and help more and the girls and young women get more money than from local Asian men who are only laughing at the prostitutes. But local Asian men and criminal journalists in Asia (many of them criminal women without knowledge about sexuality at all) they call every Western man as a "Western sex tourists", for example in criminal mafia Thailand with a racism against foreigners without end, and the sex workers are just laughed by Asian men instead of doing something against poverty in the countryside - what concerns WHOLE Asia - with the exception of Japan...]
Criminal Asia accepting any brothel prison without thinking

Yet although it is shrouded [concealed] in a silence that is either conspiratorial or based upon willfully massive ignorance, the sexual behavior of Asian men is not a private act. It may be hidden, but it is also very public. Prostitution occurs on such a scale that individual, purchased sex acts cannot be anything other than an intrinsic [essential] part of society and a reflection of its social and economic structure.

Poverty, inequitable economic systems, skewed [deformed] sexual codes and discrimination against females are terrible burdens for many women throughout the world. In Asia these burdens are especially heavy.
[WRONG: Asian WOMEN are mostly organizing the brothel prisons making profit with the victims and the men customers at the SAME time. Women are torturing women in Asia - and men do not want to see this Asian criminality].

9.16: Girls and young women sold into a "trap" - measures against Asian brothel prison system

The most vulnerable women find themselves caught in a trap from which they cannot escape.
[This trap is prepared mostly by Asian WOMEN
-- by governments leaving the countryside without jobs and without social networks in poverty
-- by criminal mothers selling the daughters
-- by criminal woman traffickers luring the girls and young women with jobs "in the city"
-- by criminal mama-sans torturing, manipulating and extorting the girls and women for being sold to men customers
so the criminal mama-san makes the profit exploiting the victim and making also profit with the men customers at the SAME time - and men in Asia do not want to see this criminality of the mothers and the mama-sans].
The sense of information about Asian brothel prisons

Whenever I interviewed girls and women in the course of my research I explained that I was writing a book to tell people in my home what trafficking was and what it was like to be a sex worker in their country. This explanation elicited a number (p.253)

of responses that varied from the pleased, to the indifferent, to the overtly cynical. One seasoned woman smiled politely and asked very pointedly, 'And how will that help us?' I was lost for words because I simply did not have any answer. Others were more enthusiastic about the project. A Filipina woman expressed a sentiment that was common among many women when she said:

<I am happy that people in your country will know what life is like for us and what happened to us. Perhaps if I tell my story to other people then the bad things that happened to me will not happen to other girls.>

The Cambodian woman who now works in a garment factory thought along similar lines.

<I want the whole world to know about the things that are done here. I want all this to stop and I don't want what happened to me to happen to my little sisters.>

Writer Louise Brown means there is no chance for a change

Evils like this, however, do not stop. They are deeply and indelibly [not extinctable] carved into a society's cultural and political makeup. One of the most gut-wrenching episodes I encountered took place in a narrow dirt road in Bangladesh. It was so shocking because it made me appreciate the powerlessness of individuals to affect a vast trade. I had stopped to talk to street-based sex workers. They were extremely poor and haggard [thin] women who had been child prostitutes in closed brothels but who had long since been expelled when they had approached their early twenties.

A ragged woman and a thin girl of about nine held onto my shalwar kameez as I left. The woman pushed her daughter forward and I could see the desperation in the girl's eyes. The mother said very quietly, 'Please help us or my own girl will become like me. Ask people in your country to help us. Will your book help me? What can you do to help my girl?'

I did not (p.254)

have the courage to say that there was nothing I could do to help. Her daughter is doomed [condemned] to a life of prostitution.

9.17: Writer Louise Brown with some hope for new slogans breaking the silence about sex slavery in Asia

The book of Louise Brown can provoke new slogans and break the silence

Sadly, this book will have absolutely no impact upon the life of this Bangladeshi child and her mother, or upon the lives of the other women that I met. It will not affect the poverty that forces an impoverished girl to sell sex in order to survive and it will not hinder men from buying frightened children and those young women who do not possess the power to choose to sell their bodies. My hope is that, in some small way, it will help the many, many prostitutes who are already in the making. If the stories that are told in these pages can begin to shake some shibboleths [slogan] and to break some silences then they will have accomplished something.

Stupid Louise Brown means prostitution should be forbidden and only men are blamed

Prostitution has to be damned for the dehumanizing, woman-hating activity that it is. And the sanctimonious moral high ground occupied by Asia's prostitute users cannot be left unchallenged. Sex and slavery are natural partners in a man made world.
[WRONG! Brothel prisons are mostly installed and fed by criminal Asian WOMEN!]
In Asia they are absolutely inseparable. Sex slaves are an intrinsic [essential] product of male-dominated Asian societies.
[WRONG! Asian women do not want to speak about their sex problems not knowing anything about lubricant and oils and aching vaginas and the taboo comes from the WOMEN's SIDE!]
They [the Asian prostitutes] are part of a vicious game that men play with women.
[WRONG! Brothel prisons are mostly installed and fed by criminal Asian WOMEN and men customers are sometimes even helping the victims against criminal WOMEN mama-san brothel prison owners!]
They [the Asian prostitutes] are the abused, stigmatized and bitterest sum of Asian values [which are by a big part the values of criminal Asian WOMEN].

And they [the Asian prostitutes] cannot, forever, continue to live and die in silence
[because WOMAN Minister of Culture, of Family, and of Education are not arranging an Asian world with sexual tolerance but they are not doing anything for more tolerance even keeping the brothel prisons in Asia. Thus Buddhist Asia is worse than many Muslim countries].

[9.18 Measures for a healthy sex life without brothel prisons - there has to be done the following:
-- install good jobs also in the countryside
-- install social networks and social systems in all Asian countries
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality of women because they don't know about lubricants and oils for having good and long sex without pain and therefore they often have vagina inflammations and they don't have the courage to tell this neither to the husband nor to any doctor but they simply reject any sex so husbands go to brothels - or women even send men to the brothels
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality of women with the sensitive points in the vagina making sex a joy also for Asian women
-- talk officially about problems of sexuality informing about more variations of sexuality (positions, locations, magazines, books, Kamasutra, Tantra etc.) so  Asian men and women are enjoying sex AT HOME and women are not sending men to brothels any more
-- install porno cinemas so the clients of brothels will reduce automatically by about 50% because the porno movie is more beautiful than a brothel prison - and additionally porno cinema is safe from AIDS and from other sexual transmittable diseases - and also women will enjoy porno cinema - and there will also be new and free jobs in Asian porno movie production
-- install swinger clubs and other sexual festivities legally but under control.

With all these measures of variations of sexuality brothel prisons with victims will be not needed any more but can be eliminated.

But WOMEN Ministers of Education, of Family, and of Culture are NOT permitting ANYTHING in Asia. They are even claiming beautiful underwear for being not permitted in criminal Thailand. Blinds are leading blinds in Asia, e.g. in Thailand with it's woman Minister of Culture who did not have sex perhaps for 10 years. And may be this is not the only woman minister in an ASEAN state who does NOT understand anything about sexuality of women and men at all. Men are so simple, complicated brothel systems are not needed. And censorship of movies and porno films does not make any sense (for example censorship in China) when there are brothel prisons with trapped and imprisoned girls and women, but sexuality should be a joy and not a pain.

Problems are for solving and not for suffering, also sexual problems!]

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