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Sex slaves: trafficking of women in Asia

Chapter Five part 3: The Customers

Part 3: 5.19: Japanese customers: sexually developed country with not developed Thai and Filipina prostitutes -- 5.20: Segregation of sexes in Muslim societies provoking brothels -- 5.21: Customers on the Philippines - idealization of virgin by terrorist Catholic Church of Italy -- 5.22: Biological reasons for men having sex with young women -- 5.23: Superstitions about virgins

by Louise Brown

presented and with subtitles by Michael  Palomino (2013)

Japanese brothel with scenery playing:



5.19: Japanese customers: sexually developed country with not developed Thai and Filipina prostitutes

Thesis: Japanese men in brothels want "purchase dominance"

This discussion may seem a long way from prostitution and an even longer way from sexual slavery, but in fact one flows from the other. Japanese men buy sex for the same reason that most men throughout the world buy sex: they want to purchase dominance.
[The lies of Louise Brown are repeating: to buy sex is NO DOMINANCE, but is the possibility to have what the stupid Asian woman in the house is rejecting: a free and developed sex life or a little warmth or a good talk].

As so many Japanese men can function sexually only when structures of dominance are in lace it is unsurprising that prostitution is so common. In Japan, as in India, there is a pronounced desire for very young women.
[This blame of dominance by men against women can only be a lie because when Japanese customers would only want to dominate then only few women would like to be a prostitute. Louise Brown is really a little bit blind].
Japanese men's magazines and the blame against phantasies

Mainstream Japanese men's magazines are filled with (p.146)

pictures and profiles of girls who either are, or who pretend to be, adolescents. Favorite outfits include school uniforms and sailor suits or tiny shorts and socks. These magazines are not catering to a specialist pedophile niche market. Teenage girls take the leading roles in Japanese men's fantasies, and Japan is the world's largest producer and exporter of child pornography.
[The reasons for this drive for sex with children and reduced soul of Asian men are
-- abuse of sons by mothers, and
-- prohibitions of sexual freedoms during the youth - mostly committed by a WOMAN Minister or Culture, as for example in crazy Thailand in 2012 and 2013

Reasons why Asian men go to brothels: investigations about sexuality are missing
1: for example it should be investigated how many stupid Asian mothers are beating their sons because the mothers confuse the "bad" father with the son
2: and it should be investigated how many stupid Asian women do not know lubricants or body oils evading that their vagina hurts during a long sex session
3: and it should be investigated how many stupid Asian women never had a dildo and never investigated their vagina points for having more joy with sex. May be the figure for this case is 95%
4: and it should be investigated how many stupid Asian women consider sperm as "dirty". May be the figure for this case is also 95%
5: and it should be investigated how many stupid Asian women consider sex during the day as a "sin number 1". May be the figure for this case is also 95%, and then the days really can be very boring and nobody is happy waiting to 8 o'clock in the evening...
6: and it should be investigated how many stupid Asian women had no sex the last 10 years. May be that the figure for this case is also at least 80% - and also the woman Minister of Culture did have NO sex during the last 10 years because all these stupid Asian women think that sex would be "dirty". Crazy Asian women are driving their men into the brothels and crazy Asian women are even organizing these brothels with child abuse and everything against human education!

With such a mental "education" sex will never be a joy for Asian women and men will always go to brothels for having at least some minutes of joy of sex - because the WOMAN Minister of Culture, as for example in crazy Thailand, does not know anything about sex and wants a sexually castrated society like many others Asian governments want. These conditions about sexuality in Asia are really like a total frustration and castration and like a field of ruins...]

Japanese clubs and their furniture

Image clubs [brothels with ladies in scenery uniforms] provide a revealing example of the way that Japanese men's sexuality is constructed. These clubs provide sexual services but they do so in a themed setting. A room is furnished to look like the inside of an underground train, or a doctor's surgery, or any number of other favorite sites for men's sexual fantasies. The customers and the sex workers then adopt roles reflecting the dominance / subservience motif. For example, train passenger and uniformed schoolgirl, headmaster and female pupil or important doctor and student nurse might be the roles and sexual harassment [trouble] would be the plot [action in a movie].

Japan: violent sex comic - but in reality Japan has low rates of rape and murder

An element of sadism runs as an unpleasant undercurrent through Japanese society. Manga are like giant comics principally produced for Japanese men and boys. Torture, mutilation and rape of young women and girls are a regular feature of the story lines [23].

[23] Allison: Permitted and Prohibited Desires

This interest in violence and the high incidence of prostitute use appears strangely at odds with a society that is so ordered, and where crime rates - including statistics on rape and murder - are so low in comparison with Western [Asian?] societies [?].

Weltkarte mit der Statistik
                      der Morde (Tötungsdelikte) weltweit
Wikipedia: world map with statistics about murder and killing actions world wide, April 3, 2009 [1]

Here one can see that Japan has the lowest murder and killing rate like Germany, Sweden, Norway and Iceland and southern Australia. "America", Russia and East Europe, Turkey, Pakistan, Burma and southern Africa are drowning completely with their murders and killing actions. Only Chile and north eaastern Canada and in the "USA" the north and the Rocky Mountains have just so low killin action rates like western and southern Europe and Muslim states in North Africa and in Arabia. The states painted in gray are without data.

On my visits to Japan I never encountered any form of sexual harassment. The Japanese men I met were formal and unfailingly courteous and, despite warnings about gropers [men touching women in a sexual way], I was never molested on the  Tokyo metro (although that may have been because I was twenty years older than the average sexually desirable female).

[Tokio tube system installed rail cars only for women].

Unlike any other major city I have visited, a woman can travel alone around Tokyo late at night without feeling the imminent victim of some form of assault.

This is not the picture of Japan and Japanese men that is painted by sex workers, and particularly sex workers from other Asian (p.147)

countries. One of the most common explanations for the duality in Japanese behavior is that the violence portrayed, for instance in manga, is a kind of safety valve. In a tightly structured, intensely competitive, conformist society people need some avenue for individual expression and the release of tension and anti-social behavior. Violence, just like conformist behavior, is rigorously structured and is channeled into distinct paths. The purchase of sex is one of these paths.
[Other ways for getting rid of tension in Japan are the many kinds of Japanese martial sports. But Germany, Sweden and Norway are proving that no martial sports are needed principally for having less violence in a society, but it can be reached also with TOLERANCE in private sex life].

Japanese customers in groups are more rude than others

Many of the prostitutes who serviced Japanese men either in Japan or when the men visited the women's countries as sex tourists insisted that their clients did not know how to behave. These criticisms applied to educated and well-off men as well as to the less affluent. This was how an East European woman described the way that the Japanese clients treated the hostesses in the club where she worked:

<They are always so rude. They get drunk and talk about the girls and say horrible things but the girls can't understand because they don't speak Japanese. They talk about the size of their breasts and try to touch them.>
[But groups with alcohol are always rude - tips are never mentioned
Touching breasts should be normal in a brothel. Speak about breasts should also be normal in a brothel. Get drunk in a brothel is also normal because women want the men drunk so they spend more money and are losing control about their money. It is more the other way round: women in brothels want a tip for every touch they get by the men. And there is never said how many tips were given by the Japanese men...]

Louise Brown:

I have heard similar descriptions time after time. Inadequately socialized men like these are unable to engage with women as equals and so are unlikely to find partners who genuinely enjoy their company. Instead the men can go to a hostess bar and pay women to pretend to like them. That way they can avoid the embarrassment of being rejected [24].

[24] Anne Allison: Nightwork, p.175

To Japanese men who are deprived of a sense of control over their own lives by an intensely hierarchical and rigid power structure, the purchase of women, and the exertion [performance] of dominance over them, also serves to endow [support] these men with a measure of confidence in their social and sexual potency.

One of the most interesting things to emerge from discussions with women who are trafficked to Japan was the very demanding (p.148)

nature of customers.
[But this is normal in a brothel that the men are demanding, is it? The women also want or at least the boss of the brothel wants that there is a demand. But what can be is that Japanese men know more about sexual liberty than Thai and Filipina women and Japanese men want to perform not only two sex positions rejecting all other variations of sex like most Thai women or Filipina women do. Of course this is not explained by writer Louise Brown because she is only blaming the men...]
This did not apply only to the sex acts the women were requested or forced to perform [because Japanese customers are more free and Thai and Filipina women are rejecting all variations], but also to the customers' selection criteria for girls.

Most Japanese customers don't like the same prostitute twice

Very few Japanese men would buy the same prostitute twice.
At another place the writer Louise Brown claimed that men are bad when they buy several times the same prostitute! See here the text: <Men who make return visits tend to be those whose egos have been massaged along with their penises.> (p.140) Thus one can see: men are never right for this writer Louise Brown and it seems she is traumatized by men and not competent to write about men...]
Regular clients would visit a club once or perhaps twice a week but they would want a new woman and, supposedly, a new experience each time. Consumer fads [moods] are big business in Japan and products with novelty value have a great attraction. The sex market is no exception to this. One wonders however, how new these sexual experiences are after a time and how many variations on a theme there can possibly be. Clubs are, nevertheless, under great pressure to find fresh recruits in order to stop customers taking their money elsewhere in the search for superior new sensations.
[This is the point: the brothel wants to keep the customers with always new offers and does not want to loose customers! The WOMAN boss of the brothel does not want to close the brothel and for this reason many girls have to suffer being tortured and even die!]
Racism with Japanese customers

Racism complicates and deepens the domination theme in sex purchase by Japanese men [perhaps with 30% of Japanese customers].
The Japanese consider themselves to be the 'whites' of Asia [perhaps 30% of the Japanese].
[Let's be more precise
Not all Japanese are racists, perhaps 20%. In general in a brothel
-- with a big sexual frustration from home and
-- with a bad education and
-- with much alcohol and
-- without knowing about foreign cultures
more racist "plays" are made in a brothel, also because of certain group dynamics and peer pressure. Add to this also Chinese can be very "white". Writer Louise Brown does not see any of these factors].
And they ["the Japanese"] are every bit as racist as old-time Western colonialists [no words!].

Japanese clients treating prostitutes different according to the client's level

Japanese customers treat prostitutes differently according to the color of their skin. Japanese and Caucasian women are treated far better than dark-skinned Asian women. White women's experience of sex work in Japan tends not to be as negative as that of Thai and Filipina women.
I assume that this is because the men do not feel in such complete control of these women that they can do anything to them and still get away with it.
[Well, it's just the other way roune: just dark skinned Asian women from criminal Thailand and the Philippines don't know anything about good sex and are claiming most then because they consider sex as "dirty" and they have no books about love and sex at home...]

Japanese prostitutes dominate the higher class sectors of Japan's sex market while the lower end is staffed principally by Thais and Filipinas.
[The treatment is according to the client's level
Thus the treatment is not according to the skin but is according to the client's level when the customer knows about other cultures or not. When Thai and Filipina women are in brothels for less educated Japanese men, then this racism is also arranged by the brothel bosses and not by the Japanese customers].
Although all nationalities complain of poor treatment there is a close correlation between the scale of abuse and the depth of skin color. Columbian women have been gang raped on stage. Thai and Filipina women report beatings and threats with knives and guns.
[Here Japanese movies or Japanese comics seem to be copied. Japanese are generally hardly weapon owners but they execute martial sports without shooting gunds].

In general the behavior of Japanese sex buyers deteriorates when (p.149)

they leave Japan. Perhaps it is the effect of being released from the tight restrictions of a conformist, group-centered society. Alternatively, perhaps it is the result of being surrounded by so many racially inferior people who can be bought. A prostitute in the Philippines expressed her fears about Japanese clients.

[Thai women and women from the Philippines just don't know much about sex and then they are afraid of it or are rejecting anything and then they are claiming that Japanese want more than they want...]

Bad treatment by Japanese customers using sado maso practices which are NOT known in Thailand and in the Philippines

<The Japanese treat us really badly - and so do the Arabs. I am always a bit frightened to go with a Japanese customer because some of them are really crazy. They seem OK and then something happens and they go crazy. My friend was burned by cigarettes on her nipples by two Japanese men. They treat us like animals.>
[Sado maso practices come from the Japanese sex movies and comics - Thais and Filipinas don't know about!
The model for torture seems to be in the Japanese movies and comics, or in sado maso practices. Sado maso is absolutely unknown in Thailand or in the Philippines, and Japanese men without high education who were beaten much as a child by her stupid mothers also will beat women in their adult life copying the behavior. This is the point. Thus rude Japanese customers are burning cigarettes on nipples of women.

Other cases describe forced oral sex or forced stay in a bathtub and the Japanese customer is urinating on the face of the Thai prostitute - just for fun - sado maso [web01].

[And now comes the result of all this child abuse of Japanese sons by their stupid Japanese mothers]:
So many women mentioned similar worries about Japanese customers that it was rarely necessary to ask specific questions about Japanese clients. Throughout South-East Asia Japanese men emerge as the biggest internatinal consumers of commercial sex and the men who are most frequently brutal in its enjoyment. They are major purchasers of virgins [because they are often forbidden early love but are only working for school and then don't know how to fill the gap in education, and the WOMAN brothel owner is also offering virgins]. When the Japanese buy sex it is likely to be a more discreet arrangement than that of Western sex tourists. You do not see many middle-aged Japanese men carousing in the streets with young prostitutes, although you will occasionally spot a decrepit [not sportive] Japanese pensioner-businessman being nursed by a beautiful young woman in an exclusive restaurant. Japanese men have girls brought to their hotel rooms or they go to karaoke bars and clubs. Many also go to brothels.

Most Japanese clients "do not care" about the girls - generalizations

Most of these clients do not care about the girls they buy [and the girls do not care about the clients by whom they are bought but only money counts!] They do not care if they have been forced into the business. [The clients cannot be the policemen asking the girls if they have been forced!] Why should they? [How could they? It's the WOMAN brothel owner offering the forced girls, and when then the girl will never say the truth because she does not want to be punished being shifted to a worse brothel!] They [Japanese customers] consider foreign workers to be unimportant, racially inferior beings who deserve to be dominated and used.
[Well, the brothels are mostly managed by WOMEN, and the Ministers of Culture in Asia are mostly WOMEN keeping all sex prohibitions working in Asia. More is not to say in this case...]
On a number of occasions the prostitutes who service these men asked me why their Japanese clients treated them with such contempt [bad feeling downgrading them]. Did they think, the women asked with a mixture of despair and annoyance, that they were not really human? (p.150)
[Writer Louise Brown is not mentioning one single positive Japanese customer, and this style does not seem to be scientific - but expression of a hatred without control].
Summary about Japanese customers

My own guess is that these clients are very much aware of their sex partner's humanity but that they put it on a far more primitive level than that of their own humanity. The women are of sufficient value to be possessed but do not have sufficient power to pose any kind of threat to the inadequate men who buy them. Young women are exciting for the Japanese men who buy sex because they are also comforting. No illiterate sixteen-year-old Burmese prostitute who depends for her own and her family's livelihood on her client's money is going to make any complaints about his sexual performance. Neither is she going to make any emotional demands upon him. She is not like his mother.

In some respects this concentration upon Japanese men as the consummate purchasers of commercial sex is unfair. Japanese men figure so prominently among the clients of Asian sex workers because Japanese men have infinitely more spending power than men from most other Asian nations. Japanese men buy lots of sex because they can afford to. Other men might do exactly the same if they had a similar financial capability.
[And up to the end of the chapter author Louise Brown did not mention just one positive example of a Japanese client. Thus she is disqualifying herself].

5.20: Segregation of sexes in Muslim societies provoking brothels

The explanations for men's promiscuity and prostitute use are not uniform throughout Asia. The dominant mother complex is a useful tool in helping to understand some of the themes in gender relations in Japan and India but it needs to be modified and reinterpreted elsewhere. In some societies it is not really very relevant. In the Muslim-dominated regions of South Asia - in Pakistan, Bangladesh and among the Muslim community of India - the dominant mother syndrome is crucially important, but there are also additional factors to be considered.

Segregation of sexes in Muslim societies - no learning process - brothels as a way out

One is the segregation of the sexes. Men and women do not know how to interact with one another in a relaxed manner. There are only two forms of legitimate male-female relations. Either
-- the relationship is one between family members, or
-- it is an entirely formal interaction that never strays beyond strict guidelines [marriage].

Anything outside these two spheres is inevitably interpreted as an invitation to unrestrained lust [joy] (p.151).

Segregation exists amongst Hindu communities - and especially amongst higher castes that have more to lose by inappropriate sexual liaisons between their own women and members of lower castes. But, as a rule, segregation is primarily a feature of Muslim societies and the more conservative the society the stricter are its rules of segregation.

Segregation of sexes in Pakistan and the results

Pakistan is the very best example. Here the products of segregation are obvious and severalfold: young men and women cannot have informal relationships. Women have to be hidden away to keep them quiescent [calm without work] and so that they cannot draw men into temptation, and a group of prostituted women has to be created, and simultaneously stigmatized, so that a man can have plenty of sex while appearing to be sexually abstinent or faithful to his wife (or wives). The Japanese may be the biggest spenders in the sex market but the Pakistanis are the biggest hypocrites [simulators].

Muslim boys of 5 living without girls in Muslim societies

A second consideration in Muslim societies is the abrupt social and psychological rupture that a boy experiences at around the age of five. At this point he is transferred from the cozy, protected and segregated world of his mother and the women of his family to join the equally segregated, but much more public and competitive world of men. This rupture thrusts male children into an arena in which they have to learn very quickly how to cope with and compete in very strict male hierarchies. One result of this traumatic transition is a precarious sense of male identity [25].

[25] Schmitt and Sofer: Sexuality and Eroticism Among Males in Muslim Societies, p.3

Principle: Segregation of sexes in a society is provoking more brothels!

Rather than emerging naturally from the developing confidence of a maturing young man, this identity takes the form of macho behavior, conformity to male patterns of behavior, fear and hatred of women, intense competition with other men, and the cultivation of an image of invulnerability. For some men a fragile sense of masculinity may be bolstered [supported] by frequent visits to prostitutes. Prostitution is necessary to keep the sex segregation system working and, ironically, prostitutes are also needed to provide sexual and emotional therapy to those men who, at least superficially, benefit from these distorted forms of human relations (p.152).
[And who is arranging the segregation of sexes in Muslim states? Is this ordered by Quran? NO. It is sexual envy of the parents driving to segregation of sexes of the children, of both parents: fathers AND mothers].

5.21: Customers on the Philippines - idealization of virgin by terrorist Catholic Church of Italy

Filipino men in brothels - cult of virgin, idealization of female chastity provoking brothels

Filipino society does not have a pronounced dominant mother complex but many men still buy sex [because normal Filipino women are not allowed to know much about sex, and first love is not allowed at all in a strongly Catholic society!]. Here the culturally specific explanations for this global practice are found in a mix of Catholicism and machismo. The cult of the virgin, idealization of female chastity and consequent rampant [without limits] prostitution were all bequeathed [the work] as an inseparable package to the Philippines by Spanish colonialism [with terrorist Church of Vatican of Italy]. The same package was also delivered to Latin America. Clearly, Asian societies, cultures and religions do not have a monopoly on hypocritical sexual morality.

[Also in this case of the Philippines the Minister of Culture are WOMEN since 20 years and there was NO measure at all for putting an end to these destructive social conditions but they even go to church meaning that this would be "good" - and the poor are excluded from the church!!!]

Filipina prostitutes laughing about their customers

Filipina prostitutes and mama-sans [woman bosses of the brothels] with long experience of sex work are dismissive [without respect] of men and the clients they serve. I talked at length with a group of women who catered both to foreigners and to Filipinos in and around Angeles. They saw men's desires and need to purchase women as fortuitous [accidentally, men are not important] because it provided them with a living. Yet at the same time they thought the clients foolish and like children.

Filipino want teen prostitutes - prostitutes mean the customers are mentally poor

There was great hilarity [making jokes] when I asked why the clients wanted to buy teenagers. This was the reply:

<Because the men are pathetic [mentally poor]. They want a girl who doesn't know anything. It makes them feel like big men.
[This is absolutely wrong. No men wants a board of wood in the bed which is not moving].
If they go with a grown-up woman she will tell him to do it like this ... and like this ... and not like that. But men are frightened by this and they think that they can't be as good as all the other men the woman has known. They want a girl to just lie there. They say they want girls because they like 'tight pussy' but we all know it's because they are scared.>
[WRONG. There could be other reasons for buying sex with youth girls
It may be for example
-- that customers need "fresh energy" for their hard daily life,
-- they need a "good experience" for their hard daily life, and
-- the older the prostitute is the more the prostitute reminds the customer to the nasty secretary of the company where he is working, or to their nasty wife at home which is rejecting anything about sex because of "moral" permitting sex only two times per month and only in two positions.

Men are thinking in very simple ways and many women don't detect this. Men just want somebody who is not nasty to them, and youth girls are less nasty than stupid Asian adult women who always think that sex and sperm would be "dirty". Crazy Asian women rejecting sexual freedom never become adult...]

5.22: Biological reasons for men having sex with young women

Louise Brown states youth girls until 17 cannot have or nurse babies

Biological imperatives dictate that the most sexually desirable females will be young. But these imperatives do not also dictate a preference for children and adolescents. Most females are not fully capable of sustaining pregnancy and successfully delivering babies until they are around seventeen years old.
[Lie: youths can have babies since 12 mostly
This is a lie. Girls can have babies with 12 already without problems when their body is prepared with period and breasts, and there are many cases for this in the world. The youngest girl in Peru getting a baby was 9 years old. Only when the baby is very big a cesarean is performed, but this counts also for women beyond 18 years. Add to this during Bible age girls married with their first period or even before and after their first period they got children normally, mostly with 13 or 14. Problem was only hygiene which is a problem in not developed countries until today].

Buying sex with an eighteen-year-old woman makes genetic, if not ethical, sense. Buying (p.153)

sex with a thirteen-year-old does not.
[Also this is not right: girls are sexually mature today with 12 already
Today (2014) the girls are sexually mature with period and brests often with 12 already because much food is contaminated with hormones today. Feminine hormones of the pill for contraception are in the water circulation by urine - rivers - sea - clouds - rain - drinking water and food made with this water, and in this way girls are sexually mature with 12 already. Before the 1960s before introducing the contraception pill and in Bible times menarche was coming only with 16 or 17, and it seems also Louise Brown was one of them yet...
Prostitution and the consumer demand for sex with very young women and girls are created by cultural adaptations of sexual instinct and the psycho-sexual problems that grow out of, and reinforce, distorted patterns of human relations.
[The principle of customers liking younger girls in brothels
-- the more the customer is tortured by his own mother who never gave him a good statement the less mental sovereignty the man is reaching
-- the more the customer is tortured by his own wife rejecting any sex life at home the more the husband goes to brothels
-- the more the customer is tortured by his school or by his company where he is working with stress without end the more distress the man will look for in brothels
-- the more the customer is NOT informed about childhood and damages of childhood development and other cultures the more is the demand for girls and the more girls are sold by mothers to brothels and the more girls are seasoned by WOMAN brothel managers for the men
-- the more prohibitions are in the society about sex life and sexuality (prohibition of wisdom about sexuality, prohibition of youth magazines, youth books about first love, prohibition of sex shops and prohibition of porno cinema) the more men will go to the prostitutes for just some parts of this wisdom
-- and the more there are other friends who have the same problems without end the more whole groups of men will go to brothels for learning about sex and the more younger girls are wanted for having a good event and good energy without remembering the bad women in their real life.

Uff, men are so simple! But writer Louise Brown has not spoken with men as it seems. Women should be honest how lovelessly they are treating their men at home, above all in Asia where any touching or kissing is forbidden during the day and all are waiting until 8 o'clock drinking beer and whiskey in the street without end - damaging their sexual and mental force. There is not only ting tong alcoholic Thailand in Asia with prohibition of porno cinema but with many brothels...]

5.23: Superstitions about virgins

Philosophy of rich Chinese about rejuvenating by sex with virgins

A lot of ridiculous old myths are trotted out to explain men's purchase of sex with children. An absurd, and suitably favored, one throughout Asia is that having sex with a virgin can cure a man of sexually transmitted diseases. Such are the miraculous powers of virgins that they can even cure a man of AIDS.

Among Chinese men there is a belief that regular sex with very young women - especially virgins - will rejuvenate an aging man.

Crazy idea: Yin and Yang with virgins

According to this ludicrous theory everything has either yin (hot) or yang (cold) properties. A man can slow down the aging (yin) process by drawing upon a girl's virgin youth - or her yang qualities. This would explain why so many middle-aged and elderly ethnic Chinese sex tourists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and men in China itself, visit brothels to have sex with virgin girls. And, of course, the theory does have some validity - but only to the extent that it provides a sad and temporary psychological crutch [help]. Buying sex with virgins presumably [probably] makes these men feel young because it gives them a buzz [euphoria] and a kick from their physical proximity [neighborhood] to youth [when they had more power yet] and their power to buy and control what they themselves have lost.
[The real rejuvenating effect: blood group nutrition for everybody
A real rejuvenating effect with a look like youth and with a force like during youth comes from blood group nutrition without any virgin, and this is for everybody and very cheap!]
Joke by writer Louise Brown: businessman with virgins want to inhibit their impotence when they get older

[Louise Brown means]:

I am skeptical as to whether men really believe these myths. Instead the myths provide a convenient rationale for what might otherwise be interpreted as a weakness. Better for a man to say that he needs to deflower a virgin to rejuvenate an age counteract creeping impotence. It is far more soothing [calming] for men's egos to repeat a traditional myth than to analyze why they need to buy these pathetic [poor] and singularly unimpressive forms of dominance (p.154).

The debate on the relative importance of biology and culture in the construction of sexuality is an interesting academic exercise. We can debate whether men are biologically programmed to want to buy sex and we can debate why, and in what ways, cultures encourage prostitution. These arguments can be used to explain why there is a market for commercial sex and why there are women in sexual slavery. However, they cannot be used to justify prostitution. We cannot shrug our shoulders and say that such evil happens because we live in a genetically determined world. Our responsibility is to focus upon the reality of the lives of those women and girls in prostitution and particularly upon those in the lower tiers of the industry. It will not be much comfort for a sex slave to be informed that her suffering is a product of men's natural instincts.
[Also this general blame is wrong: WOMEN are the culprits selling girls and organizing brothels - as a replacement for the mother!]
I am sure she is aware of this already. Nor will it be of consolation to be told that her stigmatized status as a whore is culturally defined. Our responsibility instead is to change men's behavior and the cultural frameworks that give it such destructive shape. We all have a very long way to go.
[And stupid Asian women have to go a long way yet
-- stupid women in Asia considering sex "dirty" rejecting sex at home,
-- stupid women in Asia not knowing what is a lubricant or a sex oil for good and wild sex at home
-- stupid women in Asia not telling anything about their vagina pains for years when there is an inflammation just sending their husband to the brothel
-- and also criminal WOMAN Ministers of Culture in Asia prohibiting dildos, sex toys and porn considering it well that brothels and trade of girls exist not eliminating poverty in the countryside etc. etc.

Thus Louise Brown has also a long way to go yet because she is only blaming men for all what is about prostitution. How stupid!]
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[web01] TED case studies: women trafficking from Thailand to Japan: http://www1.american.edu/ted/thaiwomen.htm

Photo sources
[1] World map with statistics about murder and killing actions, 2009: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tötungsdelikt