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Sex slaves: trafficking of women in Asia

Chapter Five part 2: The Customers

Part 2: 5.10: Poor migrant workers in poor brothels -- 5.11: China with it's one child policy and killings of girls - with less women - and more customers -- 5.12: Principle: for Asian men brothels are a question of 'social status' - the real reasons -- 5.13: Studies about customers: what customers think about the prostitutes - and the truth -- 5.14: Husbands in brothels - because divorce is not popular -- 5.15: Unhappy husbands in Asian brothels -- 5.16: Asian troubles about sex life at home: 5.16.1: Asian men rating women as 'good' or 'bad' - really? -- 5.16.2: Arranged marriages and prohibition of divorce provoking brothels -- 5.17: Who is guilty for this sexual misery in Asia? - WOMEN! -- 5.18: "Mother complex" in whole Asia by the abuse of the son by the mother

by Louise Brown

presented and with subtitles by Michael  Palomino (2013)



5.10: Poor migrant workers in poor brothels

Migrant workers as customers in brothels with sex slaves - migrant workers in Calcutta without wives

Male migrant workers are some of the best clients of brothel-based prostitutes. These men are often poorly paid and so when they buy sex they patronize the lower end of the market. Many of the women who service these migrants will be held in a form of slavery. There are large populations of male migrant workers throughout Asia. They work in badly paid jobs that the local people shun [evade].

They (p.136)

work in factories and on construction sites. Most are unaccompanied: they might be unmarried or they might have left their families back at home. In Calcutta, for example, the 1991 census revealed that there were 1,000 men for every 799 women. In other words there were lots of men in Calcutta who did not have partners.

Frequently, these men buy sex with women and girls who are from their own communities. In the last century Chinese migrants bought young Chinese prostitutes and today Burmese men working in Thailand buy Burmese girls. In Ranong there is a large population of Burmese men working in the fishing industry, and a large number of Burmese prostitutes have been imported to service them. These men buy women from their own societies for two main reasons: first the girls are likely to share the same language and they will be familiar with the men's customs. They will provide, in some measure, a little of the comfort of home. Secondly, like the male migrant workers themselves, the women's labor will also be cheap. Many migrant males work under very poor conditions. They are exploited and far from their families and communities of their birth.

Cambodia: taxi drivers visiting brothels regularly

In Cambodia the youths who ride motorbike 'taxis' are one of the main client groups of cheap local brothels. One youth, who was really little more than a boy, explained why he visited prostitutes with his friends.

<Often we are lonely so we go to see the girls. Our families are not here and we don't have girlfriends. When we go to the brothel we can have some beers and have a good time and forget about our troubles.>

The ritual of the brothel visit is vital to many of these men. An indication of this is provided by a glance at the economics of the transaction.

Thailand: Burmese migrants workers with Burmese girls in brothels

In Thailand a young Burmese girl in a brothel will cost around 150-250 Baht (2.50 to 3.50 English Pounds) for 'short time', that is one sex act. A Burmese migrant worker, however, might earn only 100-150 Baht per day. He then budgets for his sex and will save up for a monthly visit to the brothel.

A lot of these workers are lonely boys and men. They might not realize that the women they buy have very little control over their lives. Many will not care, partly because they suffer from similar problems of disempowerment too and partly because purchasing sex grants them, for a moment, the unaccustomed thrill of power over another human being. We can understand why they might want to buy sex, and we can sympathize with their often miserable lives, but this does not absolve them from responsibility when they buy girls who are held in sexual slavery. Inside a brothel even these relatively powerless men can exercise control because they have the power to buy women.
[The author Louise Brown does not see: Burmese meeting Burmese - and both are in slavery
-- not only the girl in the brothel is in slavery of capitalist exploitive system
-- but also the migrant worker is in slavery of capitalist exploitive system
-- and both come from the same nation and are speaking the same language and hate the Thais which are exploiting them
-- and therefore two energies which have important points in common come together and neither the girl nor the worker are bothering of their slavery position].

Prostitution flourishes wherever there are imbalances between the sexes and a higher proportion of men than women. It is also common in those societies in which young men cannot afford to marry because of a lack of employment opportunities or the inflexible system of landholding and inheritance.

Principle in tropical and poor Asia: a big group of men - provokes a big group of prostitutes - example of the elections in Cambodia in 1993

A concentration of unattached males will commonly be complemented by a concentration of prostitutes. This is the case with male migrant workers and also with prostitution catering to military personnel. It was no coincidence that the Cambodian sex industry blossomed during 1991-93 when a 22,000-strong United Nations peace-keeping force was stationed in the country to oversee general elections.
[-- because of the tropical climate
-- because of poor education of both sides
-- because of poverty in Cambodia and corrupt government of Cambodia not doing anything for the population, not even organizing a public bus system etc.].
The number of women and girls in prostitution sky-rocketed in line with the demand from troops. A large proportion of the girls who serviced these soldiers had been sold into prostitution.

5.11: China with it's one child policy and killings of girls - with less women - and more customers

One child policy with the "preference for sons" leaving many men without women - new women trafficking and prostitution

Marked imbalances in the sex ratio are looming [developing] in China. The combination of a traditional preference for sons and the One Child Policy is a particularly nasty one for female Chinese babies. Put simply, lots of daughters either do not make it into the world or have a brutally short stay. China is breeding an army of bachelors. There are simply not enough women to go around. If we looked at this in terms (p.138)

of supply and demand we might assume that a scarcity of women would increase their value. It has - but not in the most beneficial way for women. In some rural areas a shortage of women has led to the purchasing of wives, and in the cities it has contributed to the demand for prostitution. Today, women are more valued in China because they can fetch a higher price in the country's liberalizing markets.

[Supplement: In 2013 there are news about Vietnamese girls and women partly filling up the gap of women in China - but unfortunately not in a social way but with sex work in brothels for Chinese men and with profits for brothel owners, for example in the Chinese border town of Po-chai [web01].

5.12: Principle: for Asian men brothels are a question of 'social status' - the real reasons

Brothels are constant element of life in Asia - prostitutes are initiating the boys - "rite of passage" in the Philippines and in Thailand - present can be an "excursion to the brothel" - a real Asian man has been in a brothel - "social status" clinging together with "sexual access to women"

Buying sex may not be part of Asia's official social and moral codes, but it is intricately [in a complicated way] and firmly woven into the pattern of men's behavior. Sex workers are important in framing the sexual lives and identity of large numbers of men all over the region. Prostitutes initiate many young men into their sexual lives. A visit to a brothel is a rite of passage for young men in countries like the Philippines and Thailand, and is confirmation of their arrival into adulthood. Close friends and even members of the family may arrange an excursion to the brothel. It is a celebration and a matter of importance from which the young man cannot escape if he wishes to establish his reputation as a real man. He must go through the ritual in order to save face. This sexual initiation sets the scene and the tone for the rest of his sexual life.

Wealth and social status are associated with sexual access to women. Sexual potency for many men is the most profound symbol and measure of their identity as males. This is not exclusive to Asia. The power and ability to have sex with attractive young women is a status symbol. It is a proof of masculinity and is one of the most important markers of a man's position within male hierarchies. It is also a market that needs constant reaffirmation because hierarchies are never static. Men may be encouraged by biological imperatives to mate [have sex] with as many women as possible, but to do this successfully they need to prove, establish and maintain a dominant position within their own peer group. Buying women achieves both of these aims simultaneously.

Status questions: Cambodia: businessmen buying virgins - China: businessmen counting virgins

In Cambodia, high-level business deals are sealed by having sex with virgins. It is considered auspicious [provoking good hope]; it is (p.139)

proof of considerable financial security and it is also enjoyable. Chinese businessmen measure their success by their company's balance sheets and also by their tally [number] of deflowered virgins.

Buying sex projects an image of a potent, powerful man. Buying sex proves a man's dominance within the public world: it proves he has money and power (although it also reveals his own inner weaknesses and vulnerabilities).
[Writer Louise Brown does not see the different social conditions in Asia:
-- the level of education in Asia is mostly limited, sociology and ethics are mostly not existing in normal school as subjects
-- there is no youth education, no youth literature, no youth magazine
-- there are no courses for free time and no free sports facilities
-- mostly also porn is forbidden in Asia

-- also businessmen in Asia do not know what to do in their free time
-- but there is mostly much alcohol even destroying the brain of the population and also the fantasy of the businessmen
-- and therefore the brothel is just the right level for Asian men and is just the right level also for Asian women, and brothels are mostly managed by Asian WOMEN
-- when beautiful porno films and porno cinema would be legal in Asia then the number of customers in brothels would go down probably by 50%
-- one should just legalize prostitution and control it so no child abuse will happen
-- one should also legalize beautiful porn and porno cinema which is legal in whole Europe and North "America"
-- and Asian businessmen do not at all feel "weak" or "vulnerable" but they mean they would do the best for many people running an enterprise, but they have no further education in sociology and are only trained managing the profit. The drive for virgins is because they are in such a daily stress so they think they will get the relaxation only by a virgin which would have no stress at all...]

5.13: Studies about customers: what customers think about the prostitutes - and the truth

The very limited number of studies undertaken on men's attitudes to prostitution indicate that buying sex is seen as the inevitable result of male instincts.
[The lie about "male instinct" - the real evils of Asia are Asian WOMEN:
-- often sex is prohibited until marriage, first love is prohibited
-- often there is NO youth education, no youth literature, no youth magazines telling and analyzing love
-- in Asia there are mostly no courses in the free time and there are no free sports facilities, people mostly are not able to manage the Internet!
-- but there is mostly much alcohol in the Asian societies
-- and criminal Asian governments with WOMEN Ministers of Culture, with WOMEN Ministers of Family, and with WOMEN Ministers of Education are also blocking sexual developments with restrictions instead of permitting tolerant developments
-- and both sexes, males AND women, are blocked in this system of restrictions
-- and Asian WOMEN are selling their daughters, and Asian WOMEN are organizing the brothels with the girls and with the young women and are bringing them into debts
-- and therefore the "male instinct" is not the reason for the brothel, but Asian WOMEN are the reason that these circumstances are not improving in Asia.

Legalizing prostitution and controlling it well and less restrictions about love would be good. With porno cinema one could close about 50% of the brothels in Asia, but the Asian women in the Asien governments do not want this either...]

Study in Japan: prostitution is mainly considered positively by Japanese students

In the mid-1990s a survey by the Asia Japan Women's Resource Center at Ryukyu University in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture found that a majority of male students had a positive view of prostitution. The findings of this study are entirely consistent [on the same level] with perceived [investigated] rates of prostitute use by Japanese men.

No joy of the work - 'rather repetitious'

A number of clients honestly believe that prostitutes enjoy their work. Perhaps a few do, and for some it is a nightmare. But, from what I can gather, most seasoned women just find it rather repetitious.

Those clients who have been impressed by the responsiveness of their purchased sex partners are forgetting the economic foundations of the sex business. Simply: men who make return visits tend to be those whose egos have been massaged along with their penises.
[Big lie by writer Louise Brown: customers visiting the same prostitute are not 'massaged'
It's disgusting how writer Louise Brown is downgrading all customers who make return visits:

-- the reasons for visits of brothels are listed above
-- add to this return visits to a prostitute can be a stable factor for a man without partner or in difficulties with the partner, and also a stable factor for the prostitute.
It seems that writer Louise Brown really never analyzed the life of men very well but with this downgrading action in her book she is destroying the quality of her own work. Example: It's better when a man is loosing 200,000 bucks in 20 years instead of loosing 1.5 million bucks at stock exchange in one day...]

Ideas of Louise Brown: Alleged dominance of men and alleged adaption of the prostitute to the origin of the client

An inadequate man who is made to feel even more inadequate by a wooden prostitute will not pay tips and he will not become a regular client. For women in need of money it is very bad for business to remain unmoved by the man who pays the cash. Successful prostitutes learn techniques and modes of behavior that make men feel masculine. And because the cultural construction of masculinity varies (within parameters set by the need to prove dominance) [successful] prostitutes adopt different behaviors when they service different nationalities [14].

[14] Cynthia Enloe: 'It Takes Two'; In: Sturdevant and Stoltzfuz: Let the Good Times Roll, p.25
[One more lie of Louise Brown:
In criminal Thailand in 2012 and 2013 there is just the contrary the case: Men in brothels in Pattaya often do not at all feel "masculine" but are very alcoholic and don't want to be reminded of anything at all. And: prostitutes in criminal Thailand are called "lady" and are dancing and playing pool well, but often don't move in the bed at all playing a girl without experience presenting themselves like a heavy board of wood - not considering any nationality of the client].

Free prostitutes have more joy with their clients

The sex workers who survive and prosper in the long term are those who are the most highly accomplished [completed] actresses. Consequently, they are also the ones who are perpetually thrilled by their clients (p.140).
[But normally the longer a prostitute is a prostitute the more alcoholic she will be, loosing much money and being a nursing case for the family at the end because alcohol has eliminated her brain and she does not know any more when is day and when is night and 95% of the vocabulary are lost etc. It seems strange that author Louise Brown is never mentioning that alcoholism is going with prostitution...]

Men think: the client is a favor for the lady - but WOMEN are organizing the brothel

Many of these same clients also believe that they are doing the women a favor. Most of the girls and women in prostitution are poor and the clients believe that they are giving them the means to make a living. The customers are not exploiting prostitutes; in fact they are giving them a helping hand. Prostitution thereby becomes a kind of convenient welfare service.

This belief is encouraged by the fact that so many sex workers in Asia are from poor and despised communities and the fact that girls and young women are trafficked from poor to richer countries. It must be heart-warming and immensely satisfying for those men who buy the daughter of impoverished families to know that they are doing their bit to redistribute wealth in an unjust world.
[Writer Louise Brown forgets two things: most daughters are sold by their MOTHERS or by FAMILIAR MEMBERS, and most brothels are run by WOMEN, and these WOMEN bosses of the brothels (mama-san) decide how many customers a girl has in a closed brothel prison. It seems strange that Louise Brown is never downgrading these women brothel owners in this context who have manipulated the trafficked girls and young women. Thus it's mainly up to the women to change the system and the customer cannot change much with it but trying to save an enslaved girl for example giving her a mobile phone secretly. Why Asian police is not saving more girls is not an enigma: police also likes girls in brothels, and the "mama-san" is "organizing" them for the police clients...]

5.14: Husbands in brothels - because divorce is not popular

Women hardly want a divorce in Asia - a divorced woman is loosing status in Asia - better the husband goes to the brothel

All kinds of men purchase intimacy. It makes little difference whether they are married or not. The married clients of Asian sex workers buy sex because they can get away with it. Even in those countries where the legal apparatus allows a woman to divorce her husband for adultery [having sex with a second wife], the social implications of this decision are so disastrous that few women will contemplate [consider] it. A majority of women continue to derive their social status from men and a divorced woman is a very sad figure to be pitied or sometimes scorned [discriminated]. Wives may also be economically reliant upon their faithless husbands because society offers them few opportunities to be financially independent. Basically, there is not a lot a woman can do if her husband frequents brothels. For some women the fact that their husband visits prostitutes is the lesser of two evils.

Thailand: right for a divorce is not uses - brothel for the man is cheaper than a second wife

In Thailand, for instance, wives would prefer their men to purchase sex from prostitutes than for them to establish 'minor wives' or mistresses, as these would pose a greater financial and emotional threat to an established marriage. Setting up a second household is much more expensive than a twice-weekly trip to the local brothels.

Japan: right for a divorce is hardly used - women want to keep their status symbol

Marriage and sex are compartmentalized [partial] aspects of life for many Asian men. Thai men, for example, may not consider that they are being unfaithful to their wives when they visit prostitutes. Japanese (p.141)

men will depart with friends on sex tours and will buy sex in a variety of establishments and yet they will not really think that this activity threatens their marriages. And they are quite right. In general, Japanese women turn a blind eye to their men's infidelity. In part this is because they have no other option. And partly it is because a large portion of Japanese women have chosen their husband not for love but because of criteria such as the man's earning power and his potential for career and social advancement. Japan's rigid social structure then keeps them locked into dysfunctional relationships. It may sound unsympathetic, but many women end up with exactly the kind of faithless husband they deserve.
[Writer Louise Brown does not see concerning a divorce
-- that a divorced woman can chose another husband again
-- or that also the wife has a lover aside the marriage
-- or that the husband can make a revenge against the woman when she wants a divorce
-- and when there are children the children don't want to loose their father also when he is visiting brothels from time to time.
It's better to be honest than having secrecy and secret aggressions in the family. It seems that a divorce in Asia is a very complicated matter, and that arranging sex life in Asia is even more complicated than in Muslim world. Some things really should change in Asian world for a better and easier life. But Asian Ministers of Culture or Asian Ministers of Family do not see these problems as it seems. But there seems to miss a little bit of sociology with the writer].

5.15: Unhappy husbands in Asian brothels

Talks, cuddling, and sex

Not all of the men who visit prostitutes are going simply for sex. A few go in search of comfort and love. Many experienced sex workers claim that their best and most regular customers are those men with unhappy but unbreakable marriages. They say that they visit to talk, to be cuddled and also to have sex. Some men want to buy romance as well as passion. How sad that the brothel is the only place they will find it.
This is particularly true in South Asia where there are very strict rules about the interaction between men and women.
[Asian sociologic structures are provoking hell in life for many people - and WOMAN Ministers of Family are not changing anything with it but they are even proud of this intolerant kind of living with prohibitions and many brothels also never interfering against criminal police and military forces - e.g. in criminal Thailand where even the commanders are alcoholics, and in Cambodia and in other Asian countries it's not better...]

India: romantic love is absolutely forbidden - only exists in movies

India has a strangely ambivalent attitude towards the idea of romantic love: social conventions firmly prohibit it, while it is simultaneously portrayed as an incomparable experience in popular culture. Indian films heave [show] with pretty girls and portly [big] heroes in the throes [fight] of passionate, if cinematically chaste, romances. The plots [actions] are unlikely in the real world. For most women the yearning [longing] for romantic love will remain just that - a yearning.

But for men there is the option of indulging [to give in] in passion outside marriage: relationships with sex workers are one of the easiest ways of achieving this [15].

[15] Sinha and Sleightholme: Guilty Without Trial, p.113
[It seems just really strange: Also in India WOMAN Ministers of Family any chance to allow romantic love and sex before marriage and youth magazines etc. but they are NOT permitting it! And author Louise Brown does not see this hook in the Asian society either but is blaming only men!]

5.16: Asian troubles about sex life at home:

5.16.1: Asian men rating women as 'good' or 'bad' - really?

[Instead of speaking and solving sex problems and fulfilling wishes of men and women in Asia there are the following realities about sex life in Asia - it's just as if all men remain only little boys of 3 years not taking earnest anything because among others the wishes
are also "hidden" with much alcohol]:

Perverse Asian men rating women in 'good' or 'bad' blocking sex life at home - and going to the 'bad' woman to the brothel

Because women are largely divided into 'good' and 'bad', or, more pointedly, into the wife or whore category, there is CONFUSION about women's sexuality in large parts of Asia. Good women are not supposed to like sex. If they do they are suspect: perhaps they are whores dressed up in respectable women's clothes.

Cambodia: women are not skilled in sex life because women are afraid to be rated as a prostitute - and Cambodian men go to the brothel

Cambodia (p.142)

provides a good example of the way this reasoning operates [16].

[16] Phan and Patterson: Men are Gold, Women are Cloth

Here wives are blamed for not having sufficient technical expertise to keep their husbands faithful. Presumably only a whore could possess the requisite sexual repertoire and enthusiasm. A wife, by definition, could not possibly have such skills because that would make her a stigmatized prostitute.

Perverse Asia: sexual desire is mostly considered not natural by Asian WOMEN

Of around one hundred and fifty women who took part in focus group discussions during an in-depth survey, only one thought that a woman's sexual desires could be natural [17].

[17] Phan and Patterson: Men are Gold, Women are Cloth
[This means that in Asia the idea is dominating that good sex would "not be normal". And with this whole Asia is really not normal but crazy!]

Cambodia: men downgrading beautiful women - only whores may be beautiful

This incredibly restricting and deadening attitude is compounded by similar feats of self-serving male logic. The Cambodian idea of beauty is that of a young, fair-skinned and made-up girl. Yet a wife would be ridiculed as an immoral woman if she should ever dare to present herself in this manner.

Filipino men rating women in 'good' or 'bad' - the women knowing nothing about sex is the best - and then they go to a brothel - schizophrenia

A similar phenomenon is found in the Philippines, where the Catholic church has done a splendid job of turning sex into a moral sin. Within this repressive context ignorance of sex is seen as a virtue. The purest are those who have the least experience of the sordid business. Even asking questions about sex can be interpreted as evidence of loose morals. The ideal wife is therefore a sexually illiterate virgin upon marriage and a devoted [passionate] wife and mother thereafter. There is no space for anything else: the choice is to be either a good wife or an insatiable and irredeemable whore.

It is grossly [roughly] unfair of men to complain about the sexual passivity of their wives and to posit [say] this as an explanation for their own prostitute use when they also demand that these same wives adhere to a sexually repressive code.
[This behavior with basic contradictions against women is schizophrenia as the whole church is with their peace and war strategies].

5.16.2: Arranged marriages and prohibition of divorce provoking brothels

Arranged marriages: wives have to be without any sexual experience - and the husbands go to brothels - the prostitutes tell many such stories

This [this schizophrenia concerning women] is especially true in countries where marriages are arranged. It is inconceivable [unthinkable] that a sexually inexperienced woman who is married to a man she barely knows will be a spontaneous and energetic sex partner. It is only a little less conceivable [imaginable] that a man will find long-lasting sexual sparkle [glamor] with a partner his parents have chosen for him. To prove the point, ask experienced South Asian prostitutes about their regular clients. They will tell a familiar story of unhappy men in dead and unrevivable (p.143)

marriages. I am sure that the wives of these men would tell an even sadder tale.

[Well, the prostitutes only count the sad cases, but about 33 to 50% of the arranged marriages are positive cases].
[Failing Asian governments not changing the harsh love rules in their countries
And why the Asian Ministers of Culture do not change these destructive rules of love in their countries? Because they don't want to give up the power about the force of love of their population. They want to go on intervening into love affairs limiting them making people suffer - and are laughing at them].
Arranged marriages remain common in large parts of the region - particularly in South and East Asia [because of familiar strategies of the fathers - and no law is protecting the children from this "strategy"].

When marriages are not arranged - there are ordered marriages choosing the partner from a certain group

Even when this system of mate selection has become more relaxed single people typically have to choose from a very small pool of socially suitable potential partners. Although the Western variety of mate selection on the basis of romantic love has considerable drawbacks [disadvantages] and makes its own sizable contribution to the sum of human unhappiness, I believe the practice of arranged marriages and outlawed divorces is a greater source of misery.

Prohibition of divorce and brothel for the man is the "Asian solution"

It has a public relations advantage however: it looks a lot neater [ordered] and more civilized. Couples do not tear each other apart in horrible public displays: instead they do it within the intimate privacy of the family. Under the happy harmonious togetherness of lots of families in countries as far apart as Japan and Pakistan - and especially in these two countries - there is a bitter but far quieter tune being played.

5.17: Who is guilty for this sexual misery in Asia? - WOMEN!

Writer Louise Brown: "Men" should be guilty for this sexual misery in Asia

Men are the architects of this social and sexual system and women are its principal victims.
[This is WRONG: WOMEN in the ministries of governments are blocking sexual freedom in Asia - example Thailand
Since about 20 years women in Asia are working in politics in Ministries of Family or in Ministries of Culture or in Ministries of Education, and it's NOT changing much, or it's NOT changing ANYTHING in this Asian terror system with love restrictions, secret brothels and prohibitions of good sex life at home. Women Ministers of Culture in stupid criminal Thailand for example is prescribing "good sex" as a violation of the women, or is prescribing beautiful underwear in a calendar of a Thai airline presented in the form of James Bond girls as a violation of moral, or beautiful and good porno movies and porno cinema is absolutely forbidden in criminal Thailand. This is the state of 2012 and 2013, I lived in Thailand myself in these times and the articles and facts can be shown at any time.

This stupid mentality against a free and good sex life at home is also working in other Asian countries like Vietnam. The fact is: stupid Asian women in the governments (for example in the government of criminal Thailand) are BLOCKING sexual freedom at home - not the men, but the men are creating their "emergency freedom" going to brothels - which are run mostly by ASIAN WOMEN (mama-san). And: Criminal government of criminal Thailand with it's woman Minister of Culture for example lets work foreign secret services spending millions of dollars searching for "foreigners" who have free sex at home blaming them of violation. And this criminality against free sex at home by WOMEN is also working in other Asian countries like Vietnam. Perhaps Asian women have lost their brain somewhere? All this propaganda against a free sex life by stupid and crazy WOMEN in ASIAN GOVERNMENTS can only be understood when sex and sperm (the fluid of life) is declared "dirty". The word for "crazy" in criminal Thailand is "ting tong", and this Thai woman Minister of Culture prohibiting anything about free sex at home is ting tong. She makes Thailand ting tong, and not only Thailand. Good sex provides also a good health - and Asia is not only mentally ill and retarded...]

All are suffering sexual misery and don't want to change - Asian WOMEN are the actors of the drama

Individual men suffer from the restrictions of the system [which are given by Asian WOMEN] but we can say, with complete certainty, that it is women who suffer the most [by the rule given of WOMEN Minister of Culture]. Both wives and prostitutes [which are mostly lured and manipulated and "seasoned" to prostitution by Asian WOMEN].

5.18: "Mother complex" in whole Asia by the abuse of the son by the mother

[Author Louise Brown is generalizing now very much against Japanese customers not indicating that these conditions only count for a certain percentage of families, may be 30%. Author Luise Brown never spoke with "normal" men and their conditions of life].

"Mother complex" should be the reason for sexual domination by men in Asia - [nonsense!]

The 'dominant mother complex' is frequently used to explain problems and dysfunctionality in sexual relationships in South Asia and East Asia. According to this hypothesis, men are unable to have sexual relations with women they feel they cannot successfully dominate [18].

[18] The best analysis is by Sudhir Kakar: The Inner World: A Psycho-analytic Study of Childhood and Society in India (Delhi: Oxford University Press 1981). On Japan see an interesting and very readable treatment by Ian Buruma: A Japanese Mirror: Heroes and Villains of Japanese Culture (London: Cape, 1984)
[What a nonsense! When men have a mother complex, then they don't want to dominate the woman, but they want more education for getting rid of the complex! The bad treatment of women in brothels has other reasons, above all groups with alcohol are the reason].
The socialization process in many Asian societies is thought to lie at the root of this failure. One of the weakest bonds [duty] within the family is the relationship between a husband and wife. Men engage with the broader public world while women's lives are more restricted and confined largely to the domestic spheres of family, household and friends. While men may be free to indulge [to give everything] in fleeting extramarital activities women must abide [stay] by a double standard and remain faithful to their husbands. This results in a distortion [deformation] of the (p.144)

most intimate of familial relationships.
[WRONG: reasons for Asian men leaving their wives at home visiting a brothel
-- Asian women are limiting themselves at home rejecting a free sex life indicating that all free sex life would be like "animals"; and:
-- mostly Asian women only know two sex positions and are rejecting anything else (no 69, no sex from behind, no touching of sexual organs, beautiful porno film is also forbidden, NOTHING!);
-- mostly Asian women are not preparing themselves wearing pants of the grandmother and mean that this would be "good" enough for the husband all years long
-- o
r the parents think when there are children then sex is not allowed any more and the Asian parents are not able to arrange themselves preserving their sexual freedom.
Thus when a husband in Asia - where faithfulness is rated very high - is rejecting his wife as a sex partner there are heavy reasons for this. Mostly it is the wife rejecting the husband! Is there therapy for couples and sexual therapy in Asia? NO! But therapy is the brothel and nobody speaks...]

The Asian mother provoking the "mother complex" with her son - Asian mothers abusing their sons not giving freedom to their sons

If a woman's emotional energies cannot be absorbed by her conjugal relationship then her greatest attachment is redirected to her sons
[because the son is not sexually active and is not rated as an "animal" by the stupid Asian mother. If there are abuses of sons by their mothers has to be investigated].
In traditional societies a son provides status - proof of her success as a woman - and he becomes the vehicle through which her own ambitions will be fulfilled. A tight bond therefore develops between sons and mothers. This bond is so tight that when the sons become men they cannot distance themselves from their mothers. They are fearful of women because they are reminded of the suffocating maternal embrace.
[Supplement: Porn cinema can reduce customers in brothels by 50%
It seems that Asian women really need a general education in free sexuality and education. Calling men "animals" is very dangerous, and also animals are different between lice, rats and panthers or elephants. Asian women seem often to be blind cats, above all in the Asian women Ministers of Education or women Ministers of Culture. Porno cinema can reduce the number of customers in brothels by 50%. But Asian women Ministers of Education or women Ministers of Culture don't see this. They are BLIND...]

"Mother complex" in India mothers abusing their sons

In India the dominant mother complex leads to anxiety over encountering female sexuality. There is a widespread and pronounced dislike of sexually mature women in many parts of India. Its counterpoint is men's special fascination for the very young and a sexual preference for immature girls. Adolescence is considered the ideal period of female sexuality [19].

[19] Kakar: The Inner World, p.87-89

The sexual demands of mature women are seen as threatening to men who have not yet acquired sexual and emotional maturity. Such men then avoid having sex with women who are in their own age groups. Behavior like this creates a vicious circle: adult women who feel rejected by their husbands will then smother their sons. This, in turn, creates men who fear sexually mature women. This complex is common in middle-class Indian families and less so among the poor who do not have the financial resources to allow the luxury of such an exclusive mother-son bond to develop. However, when we consider the age profile of Indian sex workers and the high demand for purchased sex with teenagers the thesis has a convincing tone.

"Mother complex" in Japan mothers abusing their sons

Very similar patterns of behavior are common in Japan. A mother who pushes her son to achieve high levels of academic performance and who combines this pressure with a smothering love will produce a sexually and emotionally inadequate man who cannot relate to sexually mature women [20].

[20] See Anne Allison: "Permitted and Prohibited Desires", for an excellent analysis of the socialization process on the construction of Japanese men's sexuality

A significant proportion of Japanese marriages are sexually sterile after a few years [21].

[21] I am grateful to Dr. Norihiko Kuwayama of the Department of Neuro-Psychiatry. Yamagata University, for sharing with me the benefit of his experience in dealing with the psycho-sexual problems of Japanese marriages.

[May be sexual therapy and sexual freedom is missing? - But the author Louise Brown blames only Japanese men]:

This [sterile marriages in Japan] is because Japanese husbands are unable to perform sexually with (p.145)

their wives after a period of time, as their wives have substituted for their mothers [22].

[22] Peter N. Dale: The Myth of Japanese Uniqueness (Croom Helm, 1986), p.160

In order for men to separate their sexual partners from their mothers they need to feel a sense of power and independence they did not feel when in their mother's presence. They need to feel dominant. In the initial years of a marriage a man might feel in control of his bride but very quickly the power dynamics of the relationship change. The wife gathers power as she establishes and extends her influence over the household. Within the home the husband is no longer master. And if he is no longer master he becomes, at least psychologically, his own wife's son.

Dysfunctional relationships that grow out of the dominant mother complex might appear to be the product of tyrannical, over-bearing women. We should remember, however, that mothers behave in this ultimately damaging way because the parameters of their lives have been set by a patriarchal society. Women smother their sons and are often dictatorial within the confines of their own families because, for very many, this is the only space where all their hopes, ambitions and longings can be played out. If restrictions are placed upon their sexual and emotional lives and if they are confined [limited] by social convention to a world of domesticity, it is no wonder they channel their energies into sons. Sons provide emotional bonds and they provide physical intimacy. If they are successful they can fulfill their mother's ambitions. They become the adoring lovers these women never had. Asian mothers are made to love their sons too much.
[Is there also sexual abuse of sons by Asian mothers?
When this is true then there is perhaps also a high rate of sexual abuse of sons by Asian mothers - must be investigated - seems to be a big taboo in Asia].

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