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Criminal Antifa. Principles 01

Criminal Antifa since 1941 against German army Wehrmacht - violation of everybody 1944-1948 - and since 1949 against all what is not Jewish

Since 1942, criminal Antifa was an instrument against German army Wehrmacht operation in Moscow, and since 1949 criminal Antifa is an instrument of MoSSad and of NATTO against Germans and against everything what is not Jewish

infiltrating and underminning the WHOLE WORLD in governments, media and companies for installing a Zionist world wide anarchy.

                  Hetzer Ilja Ehrenburg, Porträt  
Fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg, portrait [1]

by Michael Palomino (2022)

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Criminal Antifa: founded on August 25, 1941 in Moscow against Wehrmacht - then violation orgy 1944-1948 - and since 1949 with MoSSad against all what is not Jewish

Nobody knows who criminal Antifa is in real. Since 1942 the hordes are on the way coming from Moscow against German army Wehrmacht, this was the Anti Fascist Committee, and since 1949 Antifa is the army of MoSSad against the whole world.

In 1949, criminal Jewish secret service MoSSad was installed and is manipulating the world against everywhing that is not Jewish, because the Jewish gangster Rothschild (Red Shield) had installed Rothschild country (Israel) and this country should have an OWN secret service for manipulating and dominating the whole world in a Zionist sense. That's why Antifa exists: The whole world should be manipulated in a Zionist sense - for a Great Israel from Nile to Euphrates River as it's told in the 1st book of Fantasy Moses in chapter phrase 18.

Antifa is a criminal Jewish organization first being called "Antifascist Committee" against the German Wehrmacht making fake propaganda against all Germans and for the violation of German women which was realized then by the Red Army - the criminal Jewish boss was Ehrenburg. After May 1945 the enemy was missing and criminal
Antifa was busy with deportations of masses of Jews to the desert of Israel. When Israel was found without any border lines in 1948, criminal Jew Rothschild wanted a secret service so Mossad was founded in 1949, and Mossad revived criminal Antifa inventing all world as "Nazi" for fake propaganda and "winning new friends" for Jewish Zionist Mafia in the world for a Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates. Criminal Rothchild is financing all that shit abusing all synagogues as Antifa centers in the world for the destruction of all structures so only Jews are in the governments as puppets of Rothschild. That's true.


On August 25, 1941, "Jewish Anti Fascist Committee" was installed in Moscow under the criminal defamer Ehrenburg (also written Erenburg - "castle of honor"), short form "Antifa". And in Moscow many other committees were installed in those times. Details about this foundations can be seen in the book of Benjamin Pinkus: The Soviet Government and the Jews 1948-1967. A documented study. Link

Criminal Antifa was installing fake propaganda by Ehrenburg in Moscow in all newspapers and army reviews, and thanks to this fake propaganda the Red Army was manipulated against all European women violating them without end from 1944 to 1948, from the Baltics down to Bulgaria, but above all in Berlin.

The principle of criminal Antifa is simple: Define a person or a group of persons as an "enemy" and INVENT something, and repeat this invention so long until the population and the army are believing it. Simply LIE LIE LIE.

With all this, criminal Antifa under Ehrenburg had a big brain damage during the time from 1942 to 1945 already:
-- they forgot all the German resistance against Hitler regime
-- they did not have any will to collaborate with German resistence, but criminal Antifa simply called all Germans as an enemy and by this they provoked heavy damage in whole Europe. But for the most criminal Jew of the world Rothschild this was not important because this Zionist boss Rothschild with it's seat in London likes always when Continental Europe becomes as weak as possible.

But look what happened: Since 1945 this criminal Antifa did LOOSE their enemy - the German Wehrmacht. Since 1944 until 1948 the Red Army was committing in the Russian zones only violations and was distributing some soup. THIS was the criminal Red Army under the leadership of Jewish propaganda organization Antifa from Ehrenburg, and they enjoyed it.

Criminal Antifa of criminal Mossad since 1949

After Israel was installed in 1948 with the elimination and flight of about 500,000 Palestinians and with Ben Gurion as first "President" calling for an Israel WITHOUT borders (!), in the following year in 1949 the criminal secret service Mossad was installed. Mossad organized a "revival" of the criminal Antifa with new "tasks": Red Shield from London which had enforced the Red Shield Star into the flag of Israel, did not only want a Jewish State in the desert, but also an own sercet service, and since then, Antifa is the criminal army of the Mossad under leadership of the Red Shield - for manipulating and infiltrating the whole world. Since then this criminal Antifa is making fake propaganda and lying and defaming everything what is not Jewish or what is not in the sense of criminal Zionism of Rothschild. The final aim is to provoke so much antisemitism so all Jews will take their flight to the desert of Israel. This is described by Herzl in the booklet "The Jewish State". And one has to know: delicts against the "enemy" are rewarded by criminal Antifa with primes (e.g. damage a bus, blocking roads, damaging houses etc.).

People who don't know this will be trapped by the Antifa's criminal fake propaganda and will go to Antifa demos "against Nazis" where is no Nazi, but there will be police pitbulls and at the end will be a water battle with tear gas and hailing rubber bullets. Police has just also it's own rules and does not recognize what is Antifa basically, where it could be switched off, or police is making career points using Antifa demos for it. Policemen and policewomen are are kindly enchanted when these Antifa crazy zombies are coming because with them the "spirit" of the police force can be "reinforced", they can put down their overtime and holiday will come soon.

This fake propaganda principle is always the same, INVENTING Nazis, INVENTING right radicals, INVENTING conspiracies, etc. All is only criminal defamation. Research is only a matter aside or is even prohibited because fake propaganda would not work any more then. Insofar Antifa is working like a sect religion.

When governments and ministries permit this general Jewish Zionist fake propaganda and are not prohibiting Antifa, these governments will loose step by step their whole territory to this criminal Antifa and to the criminal Zionists of Rothschild, because ALL will be infiltrated: beginning with the staff of little shops, up to the President. Examples:
-- in Switzerland this infiltration is going on since 1993 since the anti-racism-law ARG was installed, the head quarter is the Zion synagogue of Basel Leimenstrasse 24
-- Germany is in the hands of Antifa since 1949, German governments are under the control of Mossad, German parliament "Bundestag" is the Zion synagogue.

Victims of criminal Antifa since 1949 are

1) governments, companies, school books (censorship!), new research is blocked, pioneers are defined as "enemy" and persecuted, etc.

2) Antifa is also committing a systematic child abuse because the victims of Antifa become also youths being politically naive and without formation (this is political abuse of youths), who - when they are not taking their flight from this Antifa - will become and be "breeded" as new Antifa caders for infiltrating state structures, companies, schools or media or even for destroying them. Who is not aware of this is without hope in the trap of criminal Antifa and will loose the whole youth and a part of life, or even the COMPLETE life.

3) Victims of Antifa is also naive police when they are not aware of all this but when they are in pitbull uniforms put as the enemy of Antifa with high wages.

4) Victims of criminal Antifa are also many Prosecution Services who are infiltrated by criminal Antifa (e.g. in Basel some people from Zion Synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 have infiltrated or did infiltrate the Prosecution Service. Culprits were or are until today:
-- Dr. Eymann ("Lawyer" with diploma, he was a fake Minister of Education in Basel for 17 years without any teacher's license, he was only censoring school books and teachers and also chasing and defaming them)
-- Mrs. Eva Eichenberger (alias Morgenthaler, a Jewish policewoman which was installed in the Prosecution Service of Basel without any juridical diploma but she was playing her role as a layer and was inventing on and on right radicals or dangers, or she was inventing that Holocaust research should be Holocaust denial, etc.), and
-- Mr. Samuel Althof (psychiatric health worker, he was installed in the Prosecution Service of Basel without juridical diploma and was playing his role as an inventor of Nazis, he was one of the worst propagandists in Switzerland).

Such Prosecution Services being infiltrated by criminal Antifa with wage fraud without end are permitting to this criminal Antifa everything what this Antifa is committing fulfilling the order of MoSSad. Such incompetent people at the important switching points don't know anything about the Constitution or Criminal Law, but
-- they are censoring also school books without end against new research, or
-- they permit the chase of persons or groups of persons,
-- they permit all possible fake propaganda in the media (defamation, destruction of existence, or even murder by "accident", etc.) and
-- they permit all possible damage to property by spraying or damage during demonstrations, etc.
-- they permit all possible damage by manipulation of banks blocking bank accounts, stealing mail, and sometimes also murder by "accident", etc.

Since 1949, criminal Red Shield is also working for installing an Antifa anarchy in every country with espionage, fake propaganda and defamations without end.

Where is criminal Antifa, there will be violence and destruction - forbid this criminal sect! Guilt of Zionism

THIS is Antifa:
-- Material damage instead of education is normal with Antifa.
-- Propaganda for violence is normal in criminal Antifa.
-- Reward of violent crimes is normal in criminal Antifa.
-- Theft of funds from the state's money is normal in criminal Antifa.
-- Education is NOT existing in Antifa, but only fake enemy pictures and fake group events which are in the sense of the most criminal Jew of the world Red Shield
-- There is formation for being a hacker and spy and for spying the defined "enemies"
-- Defamation at servers for provoking the blockage of web sites
-- Defamation at advertise companies for switching off ads on web sites
-- Defamations at google for eliminating search results for certain web sites
-- Defamations at hotel owners, bus drivers, mayors, police commanders, etc., for intensifying political prosecution
-- Hacker propaganda in e-mails.
THIS is Antifa dictatorship of Red Shield, etc., etc., etc.

Antifa is a criminal Zionist sect of Rothschild which should be forbidden since a long time already. Because Antifa is never more than a destructive shit. Only a prohibition of Antifa and returning to the rule of law can save the state.

Criminal Antifa is not capable to become a non-criminal organization and to transform the negative energies into positive energies by further education. At the end not only all houses are sprayed with fake propaganda or propaganda you cannot read, but complete blocks will burn as in 2019 in the "USA" during the fake propaganda of Antifa against Trump.

Therefore a prohibition of criminal Antifa is overdue since a long time already.

Also criminal Zionism should be forbidden because with this Zionism criminal antisemitism is provoked as a political maneuver for chasing all Jews to the little desert state.

And the Rothschild family should be behind bars since a long time, too, who are financing criminal MoSSad. Switching points are Zionist synagogues for him on the whole world. The most important Zion synagogue is in Basel at Leimenstrasse 24 where the founding event in 1896 was shifted to the concert hall "Stadtcasino" and the resolution was taken to install Israel against all Muslims robbing them almost the complete intermediary trade at the eastern coast line of Mediterranean. Herzl hoped in his little book "The Jewish State" that there also gold mines could be find as in South Africa, and the Muslims should become the slaves for Israeli people. Until today this Zionist booklet is not forbidden, because the most criminal Jew of the world Rothchild is also determinating which book you can buy in the shops...

Now, it becomes clear what is behind criminal antifa: a Red Shield of London with criminal energy of fake propaganda, defamation, infiltration, and sometimes also murder.

Insofar it's not bad to think about a collective guilt of criminal Zionism by MoSSad and Antifa because the high Zionists are ORGANIZING it's army "Antifa" on the WHOLE WORLD and they don't stop it until today (2022)!

Antifa are also called "skeptists" (in German: Skeptiker)

Nowadays (February 2022) these Antifa criminals are also camouflaged as "skeptists" (German: "Skeptiker") but also these criminals are steered directly by criminal MoSSad,
-- for defaming complete companies with precise maneuvers
-- for defaming groups of persons or also singular persons.

"Skeptics" are basically coming from the fake propaganda group GWUP in Darmstadt (Germany), and in the same town is criminal pharma Merck with deadly HPV vaccinations and since 2020 with lipid nano particles. GWUP and skeptics are making fake propaganda protecting criminal pharma against all what should "not be normal" resp. what is natural medicine or "Nazi". Among other things, GWUP and skeptics are managing the Internet fake defamation board "Psiram" against pioneers and against natural medicine in the German language region. Psiram is faking biographies and company activities or is presenting only one side of it for destroying their reputation with an entry in google as search result number 1.

One of these skeptic defamers is a "child psychologist" Mr. Sebastian Bartoschek in Germany whose head is only full of "conspiracy theories", or a criminal "expert of communication" and fake propagandist Mr. Marko Kovic in Switzerland who is presented at the Zionist Internet newspaper nau.ch at Liebefeld near Berne as a "conspiration theory expert" for damaging companies or truthers. The method of Marko Kovic? He always invents violence, but violence and perversion of justice he is always "forgetting". Both - Bartoschek and Kovic - they are defaming and destroying existences without end, they are inventing Nazis, right radicals and conspiracies - this is just the standard program of criminal Antifa. And there are 1000s of them, they are among other things also infiltrating Wikipedia and they make Wikipedia a waste. Bartoschek is e.g. one of the editors at Wikipedia inventing his defamations against "all what is moving wrongly".

These people are not at all listening to the warnings of the deadly GENE vaccinations, but they are in the trap of Nazi psychosis until they will die from these GENE vaccinations - and since April 2022 it's also known that there is sometimes snake venom in it (estate May 2022).

Forbid Antifa - limit Mossad - take the culprits to prison - switch off Psiram - and piece will be

By all these reasons it could be only positive when this criminal Jewish Antifa will be FORBIDDEN and MoSSad is LIMITED to the house of the Rothschilds in London. The culprits must be taken to prison and to be punished, e.g. criminal censor Eymann, or fake propaganstist Mrs. Eichenberger and Mr. Althof. The victims of Zionist fake propaganda of Antifa and MoSSad have to receive their compensation.

Also the criminal fake propaganda website Psiram which is from the Skeptics and from the Skeptics association GWUP with seat at Darmstadt next to Merck should be shut down immediately stopping all inventions, perversions and defamations.

Then, rule of law should grow against in the world and lied, defamations, destruction of existences, blockages of research and sometimes also a murder by "accident" will reduce to 0.

Criminal Zionism of Herzl and Rothschild is provoking since 1949 with all their criminal maneuvers a collective guilt in the WHOLE WORLD.

Feb.13, 2022: Criminal Antifa and it's thinking: fake propaganda by the criminal Jew Ilja Ehrenburg - examples

Invent something and repeat it as long until the masses will believe you.

Fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg, portrait  
Fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg, portrait [1]

Here are some quotes of the fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg against the German army Wehrmacht. He is generalizing and all should be destroyed. This was the mental base for Red Army for it's time of occupation of Eastern Europe from the Baltic States down to Bulgaria, above all in Berlin. And this is how Antifa is also thinking today, but not any more only against Germans, but against ALL Europe (estate 2022). Stultification by criminal Antifa has no limits.

Fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg at July 24, 1942


From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day… When you think that your neighbor will kill a German for you you have not recognized the danger. When you don't kill the German, the German will kill you. He will get along with your family members and will torture them in his cursed Germany.

If you have already killed a German, then kill another one — there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German dead bodies. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! - this is the plea of old mum. Kill the German! - this is the plea of the child. Kill the German! - this is the plea of the homeland's earth. Don't miss the aim. Don't let him fly. Just kill!" [web01]


"Kill, you brave Red Armists, kill!
There is nothing what is not guilty with these Germans.
Follow the orders of comrade Stalin and destroy the Fascist animal in his hell.
Break with violence the racial pride of German women,
Take them as a pride for justice.
Kill, you brave Red Armists, kill!" [web02]

Ilja Grigorjewitsch Ehrenburg quote:


There must not be any mercy, any forbearance [...] We march through Pomerania. Now the revenge has come over the Germans. [...] They plunge here and there, they are crying among the grenades and snow storms, the witches and vampires of Germany. They are running, but they cannot run anywhere.

The only historical mission,
As I see them, consists modestly and honorably
to reduce the population of Germany.
(Journal "Soviet War News" from February 8 and 08.03.1945) [web02]

Ilja Grigorjewitsch Ehrenburg quote:

"Our business consists in killing Germans - it's not important how."
"When you killed a German, kill just another one, for us is no better joy than to see German dead bodies."
"If you are a fair and conscientious person, kill a German."
"The German should be killed. You have to kill him."
"When you are feeling bad - kill a German."
"Count only one thing - the Germans you have killed."
"The best Germans are the dead Germans."
"The problem is whether it is better to kill the Germans with axes or with sticks?" [web02]

Stalin allowed the fake propaganda of Ehrenburg - and removed him since April 14, 1945 from all ranks of the Soviet press

Ehrenburg rushed against Germans in the party newspaper Prawda (Truth) and in the front newspaper Krasnaja Swesda (Red Star). The Red Army followed Ehrenburg and destroyed and raped everything that went around in the streets. Then Ehrenburg made a report about negavie behavior of the Red Army in East Prussia, and Stalin then stopped Ehrenburg. There were clear justifications:

"For Stalin, Ehrenburg was a useful idiot, which he dropped after a dirty work. Under the heading "Comrade Ehrenburg simplified", the Prawda accused him on April 14, 1945 to propagate varieties of fascism and racial hatred. Now, Stalin recommended himself as a friend of the Germans and let fall his puppet." [web02]

So, we have here what Ehrenburg is in reality:
-- preaching a perversion of fashism
-- preaching racial hatred.

And criminal Antifa is just DOING THE SAME until today (estate 2022) on the WHOLE world. The Red Shield in London is not giving up his dream of world wide Zionist communism. That's why only a prohibition of Antifa makes sense for limiting the Red Shield in London and for maintaining stable the state structures.


Feb.13, 2022: The way of thinking and the "culture" of Antifa for always being "right": INVENT ALL!

-- it's considered as culture to invent "Nazis"
-- it's considered as culture to install fake enemy pictures
-- it's considered as culture NEVER proceeding a neutral research to all sides
-- it's considered as culture to live in a way so the criminal books of Talmud and the fantasy book of "Thora" are right.

That's it, in this way Antifa is functioning, the world wide army of criminal Zionism. Intelligence is another thing. That also counts for other religions.

Feb.14, 2022: Antifa agents in the media ans in the Prosecution Services - research and proofs are simply denied (total abuse of power) - Antifa is working with sect structures against statal structures

Antifa is a danger for youths and for the state. Red Shield in in London is playing "God" with the whole world by manipulating the world by Antifa.

Antifa agents are terrorists because hey are concentrating on fixed ideas, because they are greedy to fulfill them instead of make an investigation, and because they are provoking with this millions of victims.

Antifa agents are not capable to learn because they are bound to fixed ideas which are ordered by the Red Shield and by his secret service MoSSad.

The Antifa agents are apparatshiks as in Communism under Brezhnev executing orders and chasing whole populations into the brink by placing not qualified people to switching points and then wrong decisions are taken against the populations.

By emulation with fixed and wrong ideas, millions of existences are destroyed for installing a world wide Antifa anarchy.

The instrument for this is infiltration in the media and in the Prosecution Services, and by the dominant propaganda by the media which is confirmed by the Antifa judges as "right" (all proofs against it are simply denied). Where Antifa is, there is abuse of power, there is propaganda lie, there is political abuse of youths, there is extortion, there is denial of further education, there is group pressure, there is behavior like sects have, etc.

Criminal Antifa is a criminal organization with the shadow government of Red Shield in London. The branches of Antifa are distributed in the whole world in every Zion synagogue. At Berne the criminal Antifa is installed in the alternative culture center Riding School ("Reitschule"). A prohibition of criminal Antifa can have only positive consequences for the world with more stability and peace.

Youths can be motivated to real politics with courses with content of normal commercial schools, or with courses for other sectors of life. NO criminal Antifa is needed which is leading youths with sect structures to a dead end or to demonstrations with water cannons and rubber bullets of police or as culprits destroying statal structures in the Internet installing Trojan programs!

It may be really only an advantage when Antifa will be forbidden and take the most criminal Jew of the world - Rothschild family - to prison.

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Criminal Antifa: founded on August 25, 1941 in Moscow against Wehrmacht - then violation orgy 1944-1948 - and since 1949 with MoSSad against all what is not Jewish -- Criminal Antifa of criminal Mossad since 1949 -- Where is criminal Antifa, there will be violence and destruction - forbid this criminal sect! Guilt of Zionism -- Antifa are also called "skeptists" (in German: Skeptiker) -- Forbid Antifa - limit Mossad - take the culprits to prison - switch off Psiram - and piece will be -- Feb.13, 2022: Criminal Antifa and it's thinking: fake propaganda by the criminal Jew Ilja Ehrenburg - examples -- Fake propagandist Ilja Ehrenburg at July 24, 1942 -- Stalin allowed the fake propaganda of Ehrenburg - and removed him since April 14, 1945 from all ranks of the Soviet press  -- Feb.13, 2022: The way of thinking and the "culture" of Antifa for always being "right": INVENT ALL! -- Feb.14, 2022: Antifa agents in the media ans in the Prosecution Services - research and proofs are simply denied (total abuse of power) - Antifa is working with sect structures against statal structures --

[web01] http://kreis-landskron.de/vertreibung/verbrecher/ehrenburg/
[web02] http://www.peter-rathay.de/Heimat/ehrenburg_Ilja.htm

Photo sources
[1] Hetzer Ilja Ehrenburg: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-ilya-ehrenburg-1891-1967-russian-writer-and-journalist-in-1940-30185755.html

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