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Rothschild NWO news 01

presented by Michael Palomino

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Video: Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (full video), written, narrated and produced by Scott Onstott (3h43min.)

Rulers=Templars, Free Masons, Founding Fathers
Kings, popes and presidents are all Masonic presidents, Templars, Free Masons and Founding Fathers (20sec.).

Architecture with secret codes
Modern architects and NASA are also lead by them, and there are codes in the architecture, statues, in combination with urban design how the streets and squares are placed in proportions etc. (29sec.). These are the secrets in plain sight (35sec.).

In the book of Dan Brown "The da Vinci Code" are the secrets of architecture described. Scott Onstott made his investigations and found connections "stranger than fiction" (51sec.). Scott Onstott found "the body of knowledge" which is cleverly hidden of plain sight in monuments wich are in far distances, on straight lines and in the streets and public spaces in many cities (1min.30sec.).

Obelisks are that long as cathedrals are long (6666''=555'), or there is the golden rule, or there are the relations of the musical scale (1min.45sec.). There is secret geometry in connection with Pythagoras and Plato (1min.58sec.). Human brain has it's proportions wich are also copied in architecture (2min.1sec.). Also the chakras of human beings can be applied (2min.4sec.).

This architecture was established on Earth already BEFORE Egypt pharaos were ruling (2min.14sec.). Pyramids and Stonehenge are built with certain proportions (2min.30sec.).

360,000x365.242feet=equatorial circumference (accuracy 99,994% IERS 2003 value), and distances between Earth, moon and sun are represented also in the architecture (2min.49sec.). The towns which are representing an interconnected system of geometry and symbolism are: Giza, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinborough, New York, Washington DC, Winnipeg, San Francisco, with all kinds of geometric tricks and zodiacs in their architecture (3min.29sec.), for example the chakras in Paris between Louvre and Luxor obelisque (3min.30sec.).

The mathematic researchers like Isaac Newton, William Stukeley or Albert Pike decoded parts of the mathematic architecture mysteries, and Scott Onstott made a syntesis of it (3min.44sec.). Scott Onstott placed his results also in Wikipedia, google Earth and Scetchup (3min.55sec.).


Organized Fake Attacks With Actors

Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour.

The crisis simulation experts

1 Interview 2 days BEFORE the attack on London Bridge

Also the attack in Manchester was a Fake

Manchester inszenierter TERROR-Bär-HOAX zum Aufbau der POLIZEI-/MILITÄR-DIKTATUR 20170525


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June 17, 2017: Always less people want to read Rothschild's press: paper consumption for newspapers -16% for 2016
Mainstream press falling down?
(original German: Mainstream Presse im Sturzflug?)


Translation by Michael Palomino:

<Svenska Cellulosa, Europe's largest supplier of newsprint, reports for the year of 2016 a 16% reduction of supply of newsprint. This is due to the reduction of the editions in Germany and Europe.

All in all, a reduction of the established media can be registered. It looks pretty bad at Springer Edition. 10.7% minus in the first quarter of 2017 at the German boulevard newspaper "Picture" (Bild) provoked the editor to put its stake his share of the portal hamburg.de for sale. Also "Kaufda" will probably be sold.

The editor-in-chief of the Berliner Tagesspiegel justified the reduction that people smoke less and do not go to the kiosk as often as before. In reality, it is the reporters' unilateral reporting habit which is questioned always more by the population.>


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"Music" as mass manipulation: Robin de Ruiter's book: "The Lures of Satan's Cult: The Music Industry, Hollywood and the Illuminati Mind Control"
(original German: "Die Köder des Satanskultes: Die Musikindustrie, Hollywood und die Illuminaten-Gedankenkontrolle")

<By Robin de Ruiter

Translation by Michael Palomino:

"From the Amazon editorial

Much has already been written about the Illuminati and their plans that will lead to the one-world slave state. The One World Conspiracy is a religious conspiracy. In her heart Satanism is executed.

The most powerful Illuminati families of our planet have been trying for decades to abolish the traditional, individual order of the individual populations establishing a worldwide dictatorial surveillance state under the leadership of the Antichrist. These powerful families are among the leading pioneers of the Antichrist! In order to achieve their goal, they have placed their vassals in the highest ranks of governments, churches, religious associations, academia, the judiciary, education, the financial world, the mass media, and many other organizations that influence human life. (See the same author's book The 13 Satanic Bloodlines).

The present, shocking and very revealing book by the Dutch author Robin de Ruiter sheds new light on the machinations of the Illuminati.

A major goal of the Illuminati is to control the thoughts and feelings of the masses. They have already spent billions and are eagerly pursuing this goal. They make every effort to steal from the peoples their own will and sophisticated thinking, not only with the help of the press, the radio, the television, but also with film and music industry. In addition to book authors, film directors and artists, numerous musicians also work for the Illuminati. The matrix recordings of most records, music cassettes, and CD's are even enchanted by the cult of Satan so that demons can get into the house for anyone who buys this music. Heavy Metal, Rapp, House, etc. are sponsored and controlled by the Illuminati.

Also Walt Disney is an Illuminati product (his films are not as harmless as some think) and also musicians and the key roles of the film and music industry are well controlled by the Illuminati spreading the Illuminati mind control program.

Their true plans and masterminds should not be seen or detected, thus all important organizations are occupied with programmed persons. This is necessary because when unprogrammed, profane people would be put on the leader's posts, there would be some that would not be under control because of their own will and conscience. It would not last long so the secret plans would be exposed and made public. Illuminati believe that only installing these programmed persons they had done all possible for realizing their secret plans leading to the world dictatorship of the Antichrist not being unmasked.

A review

Most people obviously do not care about the effects of consuming music. This applies both in a positive and a negative sense. When we talk about pregnancies, we are strangely agreed that music by Mozart has a positive influence on the child. Years and decades later, everything is forgotten and many are consuming rock'n roll, techno, hard rock, heavy metal music and they are adoring their interpreters. There is hardly any thought about the negative effects on one's own psyche.
If you want to find an entry, you should deal with the problem "Lucifer". In a world in which, as an enlightened person, the devil is considered as a fairy tale, who perhaps still played a role in the Middle Ages for the people of that time, who still acts in old fairy tales and is at best capable of frightening children, it is difficult to get the connection to it. One can not warn enough against such ideological arrogance.

Reading about the mentioned music styles, will detect that the performers in their songs predominantly glorify Satan directly or indirectly. Take a look at the miserable figures of the famous bands. Why drugs play such a big role in this milieu? On Jimmy Hendrix, the statement goes back: "I know that through music we [manipulate the world] putting into their subconscious what we want."
More is probably not to say. "


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Sep.6, 2017: NWO photographers are faking photos and even win awards with them
War photographer being awarded by WSJ and BBC busted as a fake photo producer - media
(original German: Von WSJ und BBC gefeierter Kriegsfotograf als Fälscher entlarvt – Medien


<A certain Eduardo Martins, who pretended to be a surfer and fearless war photographer, has been exposed. But before he could hose several journalists, including such prestigious media as the BBC or the Wall Street Journal, and the entire world.

He said he survived leukemia and worked as a war photographer, BBC writes. With his pictures from Mosul, Mogadishu or Aleppo the impostor caused a sensation on Instagram. He gave several online interviews and sold more and more photos to the media, but his story sparked doubt among a Brazilian woman journalist.

She talked to Martins about a surfing project in Gaza and found that he did not know about it. "I figured how can a surfer who says he know so much about Gaza never have heard of this surfing project," journalist Natasha Ribeiro told the BBC.

Professional photographers then questioned his photos because of the inconsistent imagery (image language). "It was clear to me that the pictures had been taken by different photographers. Each photographer has his own style, "said photographer Ignácio Aranovich to the BBC.

In fact, Martins stole photos of other journalists, manipulated them, and edited them as his own. The photo agency Getty Images, which had spread Martins' pictures, took his photos now offline. An investigation of the case has been announced. The stolen photos are to be attributed to their actual creators.

Forming a false personality, the trickster used photos of an Instagram user, the British surfer Max Hepworth-Povey. He posted the pictures of the British in the area around war zones and then posted them on Instagram as his own.

Martins, who can land in court for copyright infringement, is currently missing. When he heard about the fake rumors, he stated in a conversation with a journalist that he wanted to "drive for a year in a van through Australia.>

Fake News analysis


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Sep.18, 2017: Bribed Rothschild Rockefeller World: Every year 2 Trillion Dollars Are Lost by bribes (!)
The yearly bribes - IWF indicates horrifying numbers
(original German: Wie viel Schmiergeld weltweit jährlich fließt – IWF nennt horrende Zahlen

<Each year, bribes of up to $ 2 trillion are paid worldwide, or about 2 percent of global economic output. This was announced Monday by the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde during an anti-corruption conference in Washington.

"The annual sum of bribes - just one form of corruption - is between one and a half and two trillion dollars, or two percent of world GDP. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, "said Lagarde.

The long-term influence is much more significant.

In doing so, the IMF supports its member states in the fight against corruption. According to Lagarde, in order to achieve results, one must "acknowledge the practical realities of the problems" and strive to solve them.>


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Orange County (California) Sep.22, 2017: The warning in the "U.S.A." on TV: "
Realize this: extremely violent times will come" - is said having been a "technical defect"
"Extremely violent times will come" - TV channel in "U.S.A." warning from the end of the world - video
(original German: „Es kommen grausame Zeiten“ – TV-Kanal in den USA meldet Ende der Welt - Video

<Mehrere Kabelsender im kalifornischen Orange County haben in einer Eilmeldung das Ende der Welt angesagt, wie das Portal „The Orange County Register“ berichtet.

Die Sendungen der TV-Kanäle wurden unterbrochen. Auf dem schwarzen Bildschirm erschien die Aufschrift „Eilwarnung“. Danach sagte eine männliche Stimme das Ende der Welt an.

„Ihr müsst verstehen: Es kommen grausame Zeiten“, hat die Stimme laut einer Augenzeugin gesagt. Das Ganze habe sich wie die Funkübertragung einer Hitler-Rede angehört.

Die Betreiber der Sender untersuchen den Vorfall. Wahrscheinlich sei eine alte Tonaufnahme wegen eines technischen Defekts ausgestrahlt worden, vermuten sie.>

Die originale Warnung: "Realize this: extremely violent times will come."

Video: End of world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County California (3min.42sec.)

Video: End of world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County California (3min.42sec.)


California Okt.14, 2017: Extremely violent times are coming with forest fires which cannot be exstinguished, and radiations weapons: Santa Rosa was partly destroyed

The town of Santa Rosa was partly destroyed:


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