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The media are concealing us (2014 - 2)

Sinking towns - "U.S.A." will partly be a desert - magnet and water engines

by Michael Palomino (December 2014)

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Sinking towns

-- Bangkok is sinking with 10 million (a river cannot flow up)

-- Jakarta is sinking with 10 million (a river cannot flow up)

-- Shanghai is sinking with 25 million (a river cannot flow up)

-- in China 50 towns are sinking all in all

-- also in Europe towns are sinking like Venice, parts of Athens or Istanbul

-- Tokyo is every day more radioactive and 35 millions are radiated

-- by never ending drought (provoked by HAARP manipulations) the South West of the "U.S.A." is converting into a desert and within 2 or 5 years 20 million people will be without water.

All in all over 100 million people are affected by sinking towns, are affected in radiated Tokyo or are affected by drought in the "U.S.A.". China has enough living space reserves and can easily evacuate many people. Concerning Bangkok and Jakarta there is nothing done yet. Japan should not conceal the radioactive contamination. Olympic Games of 2020 should be in Kobe. Tokyo has to go, and Fukushima should be recycled fast. Also all other atomic plants being situated on sea shores should be recycled fast.

Please REPORT THIS so the criminal CIA and the "brethren" will change so the wars of "U.S.A." will at last stop and the secret services will begin to think and will act where the real hot spots are, so "U.S.A." will concentrate for life:

-- spreading environment protection and spreading water protection so nobody has to use ground waters any more

-- Venice has to be heaped up and only some channels can stay not more

-- Fukushima should be recycled fast

-- South West of "U.S.A." needs new forests for new water springs and HAARP manipulations should stop at last.

CIA is a peeping and spying society with only IQ50 like Obama who is only making wars and provoking poverty. Thus a media campaign has to be performed to change this policy. Secret services are in the organized crime only laughing to the poor and to the sinking towns because when towns are sinking then the girls and women for the child trafficking and women trafficking activities of the secret services become cheaper - that are the facts!

Energy problem: magnet engine and water engine

The energy problem can be easily solved with magnet engine and water engine. NO coal, NO gas, NO atomic plants and NO wind turbines are needed.

-- the inventor of the water engine without dangerous hydrogene tank is Mr. Peter Salocher: www.wasserstattsprit.com (everybody can heat with water or have the car modified for water)

-- and further education can be booked with GAIA: http://gaia-energy.org


"U.S.A." are knocked out when nothing will be done about the South West of "U.S.A." which will be a Sahara in 5 years. Shame on them only making wars and producing ruins. Sahara which is done to the Muslims with ruins and drone killings is coming back to "U.S.A." There will be losses of territories for billions of dollars and migration to the north of "U.S.A." can be awaited. But "U.S.A." were never intelligent yet because even their secret service CIA is called "intelligent" which is NOT intelligent AT ALL...


Michael Palomino, December 10, 2014

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