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Prophecy from Michael Palomino: The infinite hurricane season

The stars will fall from the sky - suicide (harakiri) is coming -

cannot the governments and the UNO see that?

by Michael Palomino, October (2005)

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The situation on the world is the following:

-- the greenhouse effect gets always stronger by burning of combustibles

-- the world's sinners of output of greenhouse gases do not modernize their industries

-- the motorized traffic is increasing instead of declining

-- heatings are hardly modernized and houses are hardly isolated until today, above all the windows stay as old and with rim wholes as they have been since 30 years

-- the seas will be warmer and warmer so there will be always more hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes developing by steam over the sea (from 27° C warm water on), the seas will expend and the polar caps will melt.

The devastations by hurricanes in "America"

Until now the world tells something about a "hurricane season" from June until end of November. When the development of the climate warming goes on the hurricane season will not stop anymore at the end. Then one cannot live anymore in the Caribbean, then one cannot live anymore in Central "America", then one cannot live anymore in the South of the "USA".

Also Europe will have hurricanes continuously soon

Also in Europe there was a hurricane this year in 2005, the first one since the weather is reported: in Southern Portugal and Southern Spain until Sevilla. At the end one can live on the Iberian Peninsula only with restrictions, and in Belgium, Holland and Northern Germany one cannot live anymore.

And the mega depressions coming from Genoa will be going on, not as a "flood of a century", but at the end every year. Then one cannot live in the Central European states and Eastern European states anymore.

India and China will have more and more typhoons

India and China are exposed to yearly typhoons now already. The typhoons will come more and more yet. Perhaps even the Olympic games in Beijing will be hit by a lost typhoon, so the world will realize what the climate warming is about. And it's not sure how long Japan will stand out the typhoons yet. There will be a mega catastrophe one day.

plus: The rise of the sea level

Add to all this the sea level will rise: By the warming of the seas the water will expend, and the polar caps are melting already.

The floods will come from the top AND from the ground - the stars will fall from the sky

The water for the floods will come from the top and from the ground at the same time so. Do the politicians see this development? Does the UNO see this development?

Then the bible words will be fulfilled: "The stars will fall from the sky": Many of the "American" federal states will be drowned in the hurricane floods, and many stars of the "American" flag will fall from the flag in the sky. And also from the European flag some stars will fall from the flag in the sky: The states in the endangered zones will drown.

Hurricane fatigue - in case of emergency harakiri

In certain parts of the population a kind of "hurricane fatigue" is coming up: People do not flee anymore from hurricanes because there have been already so many so the force for the flight is lacking. People will more like to commit harakiri in a hurricane than to live elsewhere or take measures against climate warming.

Hydrogen, sun power, warmth of the earth, magnetism, wind energy, bicycle, house constructioning

-- the power over nature has to be forbidden, the messages of nature have to be taken earnest at last

-- there has to be promoted as much as possible: hydrogen, sun power, warmth of the earth, energy by magnetism and wind energy

-- no more constructioning of new streets, but many side streets should be made as natural street with paved bicycle paths so a priority for bicycle traffic becomes effective

-- promotion of bicycle traffic and public traffic as much as somehow possible

-- terrestrials without car have to be rewarded, and car drivers shall pay all costs they are causing at last

-- program for modernization of all industries worldwide, of all heated houses worldwide to get a 0-output of exhaust gases.

The collective harakiri / suicide on earth

The governments do not see a great danger or they do not have the courage to attack the main world destructors: "USA", China, India and Russia and also all car producer countries. How long yet?

The "USA", China, India and Japan are destroying themselves by promoting hurricanes and typhoons which they are producing themselves. Germany and Switzerland are destroying themselves by promoting mega depressions coming from the Mediterranean by always more and more car traffic and bad heated houses. How long yet? Until harakiri will come...

Russia is destroying itself by wholes in oil pipelines. The population is poisoned more and more. There harakiri is also working...

The first ones will be the last ones, the last ones will be the first ones. Funnily enough Africa and the Islamic territories have no hurricanes, no typhoons and no tornadoes. They will be the first...

Michael Palomino 2005
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