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The Loss of New Orleans by one single hurricane - the USA, CHINA and SWITZERLAND get their STALINGRADS

E-mail circular by Michael Palomino, Saturday 3 September 2005 01:35:26 Translation

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The USA lost the town of New Orleans.

This town has been built by the French on safe ground (French quarter), and from about 1850 on people occupied the whole bay area which is under sea level.

New Orleans is sinking 8 mm every year, really much.

The Republican "US" presidents  always made WAR AGAINST NATURE: exploitation to the end, destruction of landscapes, destruction of Indian reservations, no environment measures, ozone hole not important, old power plants not important, no heightening of the dikes.

The USA have always been a mental development country because only the greed for money is dominating. But under the Republicans "USA" become also a technical development country now.

Nature is striking back.

It is so strange that the "USA" have so many hurricanes, and Islam world does not have any, and Columbia does not have anyone either... The "US" army stays in countries where are no storms, instead of making peace with nature.

China also gets hurricanes, one coming from Taiwan now. China and the "USA" are the two last big war manipulators on earth (both are sitting in the same Free Mason's loge and they think to dominate the whole world by secrecy, the "USA" especially with ET contacts).

All two to 10 years will happen these Stalingrads in the "USA" and in China, because these two countries never were listening to nature. For them nature is there for exploiting and pollution...

The third state in this union with the "USA" and China ist SWITZERLAND, the bank center of the whole world's diplomacy, of all dictators, mass murder governments and so on, not important of which orientation, also in the same loge: Free Masons. The worst flood happens every time in main town of Bern, a mini catastrophe. Also in Switzerland nature will take revenge all 2-10 years for that what has been done against nature there and against the world's spirit with bank secrets and concealment of stolen goods for the world's criminals. Switzerland idelogically is absolutly orientated to the greedy "USA". One can see this for example when you see the telefone standard rates: A phone call to Romania or Poland costs about 5 times as much as a phone call to the "USA", really not European, there is really no solidarity. The Dollar coin of 1850 is similar to the sitting Helvetia on the oldest Swiss stamps...

Germany? Bavaria? Car producers? I don't tell anything... It is hitting precisely these...

Perhaps the governments will go into aural training with the natives to learn to listen to the nature.

In another way: The natives, the Chinese natives and the experienced mountain farmers in the Alps should overtake the governments to realize the political line against the change in climate as soon as possible. Because: Bush and China's government and also the Swiss government are deaf fot nature, because:
-- there are built more and more freeways with destruction of lakeshores and valleys
-- there is always more aircraft noise
-- they are going on with building roads for "releaf"
-- there has to be a fight for every meter of ciycle path or there is even none, but there are always new roads!
-- an acceptable cycle web is hardly not existing, and when there is one the cycle has no primacy or there are impossible obstacles or inclinations, and the cycle is not free in mountain railways...
-- whole China wants to drive cars, among others with Swiss technology in the German cars which shall be sold there
-- and the "USA" do not even have cycle paths.

How many STALINGRADS will be needed untill policy will cange? There are many STALINGRADS needed yet. Reconstruct New Orleans? There will be the next hurricane against New Orleans in about 5 years...

-- The insurance system of the world will be shaken...
-- The "USA" and China will be shaken, and after the third town lost they will break off...
-- Bavaria with it's surroundment damaging car industry will go the river down at an average of  every 5 years...
-- The Swiss Alps will slide together, and the Gods know why: The responsibles have lost the ear for nature...

Environmental policy? it's written all on the documents!

Michael Palomino
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