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Chemtrails and World Destruction - index

von / by Michael Palomino

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1. Chemtrails, Links and news 01
Covered processes about chemtrails - aluminum intoxication without end - aluminium contaminated food - chemtrails have to be stopped IMMEDIATELY

2. Chemtrails news 02: CHEMTRAILS=World Destruction - CHEMTRAILS ARE KILLING EVERYTHING - scientists in California 2014
(Video uploaded in 2015)
Nano particles from chemtrails: aluminum is reaching the blood and is destroying the defense system. Aluminum is destroying the brain and is provoking alzheimer+parkinson. Aluminum is contaminating and killing insects (in 2014: 80%), is contaminating fields and waters and all is dead (2014: 80%) and birds are exterminated (2014: 80%). Aluminum and barium get into the roots of the trees and are spread in all the trunks and branches of the trees and during a fire these metals have an effect like a combustive agent. So, one has to OUTLAW+PROHIBIT CHEMTRAILS!

3. Chemtrails=forced vaccination

3. CHEMTRAILS=forced vaccination (The ingredients of chemtrails and vaccinations are the same - what a coincidence!!!!!)  Symbol
                        für Englisch

4. Chemtrails and HAARP = weather manipulations by the creation of artificial low and high pressure areas
4. Chemtrails und HAARP = weather manipulation with floods and droughts (news)
"U.S.A." are a world wide terrorist with weather manipulations since years

Weitere Webseiten über Chemtrails: http://www.chemtrail.de/ - http://www.sauberer-himmel.de

Die Leugnung von Chemtrails

  • Die Leugnung von Chemtrails (Meldungen 01)
    Wie Journalisten und Meteorologen sich hinter Lügen, Notlügen und Ausflüchten verstecken, um die Chemtrails nicht zu entdecken