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Die wahre Geschichte der Bilderberger

Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kissinger, Soros etc. - Erpressung, Verseuchungen, Umstürze, manipulierte Ölpreise und Rohstoffpreise, Uraniumbomben, herbeimanipulierte Wirtschaftskrisen und Kriege zum Installieren einer Bilderberger-Weltherrschaft auf der Basis einer neuen Sklaverei - und die Staatsanwaltschaften, Polizei und Geheimdienste schützen diese hochkriminellen Verbrecher bis heute (2015)...

13. Die Regierungsmittel der kriminellen Bilderberger

13b: Schulen gegen Intelligenz

Das Ziel der Rockefeller-Gang: Schulsysteme demontieren - Intelligenz vermindern

aus: Daniel Estulin: Die wahre Geschichte der Bilderberger

präsentiert von Michael Palomino (2015)

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13b. Die Regierungsmittel der kriminellen Bilderberger: Schulen gegen Intelligenz

Das Ziel der Rockefeller-Gang: Schulsysteme demontieren - Intelligenz vermindern

Die "Neue Weltregierung" der kriminellen Nazi-Bilderberger will die Schulsystem so reformieren, dass keine hohe Intelligenz mehr entsteht, so dass Schulen und Geist "beherrschbar" sind (S.105). Estulin warnt vor den kriminellen Bilderbergern:

"Wenn dies ihr ultimatives Ziel ist, einen einzigen globalisierten Marktplatz zu schaffen, den eine Weltregierung verwaltet, die wiederum auch die Gerichte, Schulen, die Lesegewohnheiten der Menschen und selbst ihre Gedanken beherrscht, und das in einer Welt, die von einer Weltarmee polizeilich beaufsichtigt und von einer Weltbank über eine einzige Weltwährung finanziell reguliert wird - dann können wir es uns schwerlich leisten, über das, was mit uns und der Welt, in der wir leben, geschieht, hinwegzusehen." (S.105)

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Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy’ is a card game produced by Steve Jackson Games that was originally released in the early 80′s. It was based on the successful book trilogy ‘The Illuminatus!’ and was supposedly designed to be a satirical, tongue in cheek take on the topic of global conspiracism, featuring opposing secret societies competing for world domination using various malevolent means. You may well have heard of this somewhat sinister card game already, as there are plenty of online references to it on other alternative and conspiracy based websites, mostly due to it’s apparent prophetic content, which rather accurately details aspects of the illuminati agenda that we are now seeing playing out in front of us on a daily basis.

The makers of the card game, were, as mentioned above, influenced by the book trilogy “The Illuminatus!’ and prior to it’s release they also spent time researching the illuminati and various other conspiracy theories and so it’s no surprise that this kind of subject matter

was used within the game. What is surprising however and perhaps even a little disturbing, depending on how you look at it, is how many of the events depicted in the game decades ago have now actually happened or are currently in the process of happening – things that the creators of the game could surely not have known about – or could they?

The first card in the game talks of rewriting history and depicts discarded books in a library or classroom environment. It is no secret that the government controlled education system and the mainstream media work exceptionally hard to shape the minds of the masses to fit with their manufactured version of reality. Many important histories are overlooked and events left unreported, while other, either false or far less important topics and events are given excessive amounts of focus, in order to engender bias towards the illuminati agenda.

- See more at: http://www.illuminatiagenda.com/ominous-old-illuminati-card-game-predicts-911-the-new-world-order-and-more/#sthash.9nVfSLf9.dpuf
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