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The Committee of 300

0b. The members of the Committee of 300

Committee of 300 is a perverse and satanistic congregation of "Nobles", industrials and banksters promoting "globalization" and extinction.

The pyramid eye with the Royals and their
                    direct criminal secret services MI6 and CIA -
                    servants are "USA", Shitzerland, Hong Kong
The pyramid eye with the Royals and their direct criminal secret services MI6 and CIA - servants are "USA", Shitzerland, Hong Kong etc. [1]

presented by Michael Palomino (2015)




The following indications are from the book of John Coleman "The Committee of 300":

Anglo Saxon "elite" which is gathering drug profits since 400 years - perverse satanists around Elizabeth II

In this Committee of 300 is the Anglo Saxon "elite" is gathered: This are above all drug dealer families with drug traffic between England, "USA" and China.

The word "oligarch" means mostly "richness by drug trafficking" when the person is not the owner of a gold mine etc.

Since 1608 the East India Company is in the drug traffic between India and China and the Anglo Saxon "Nobles" of the "Elite" have gathered their drug profits during 400 years "expanding" their "drug markets". Beatles music and Rock music of the Tavistock Institute and of Adorno were only one part of the drug stimulation. The Anglo Saxon people in the Committee of 300 are that rich so they develop a perverse sadism against their own fellow men developing also a satanism with rituals killing humans and children (Skull&Bones etc.). The Royals of England are the most criminal drug dealers of the whole world. The Queen of England is the hyper criminal boss of this criminals and with the war mongers in this Committee of 300 she is deciding about war or peace in the whole world. This Queen of England with their 300 gang is also deciding about political murders or of "biting" politicians. Since 1900 apr. arrogance became grater in the Committee of 300 when oil fields were found, and in 1902 the perversion of the satanistic people in England was even becoming worse yet when South Africa was occupied with gold mines and diamonds.
Since then the criminal Royals in London keep their robbed Empire never sharing any profit and independences are only a fake. The English members are dominating the "US" members treating them as slaves extorting them politically and hijacking complete political institutions. The war mongers in the Committee of 300 are: Elizabeth II, her poodle Kissinger, another poodle Brzezinski, banker and oil billionair Rockefeller, bank billionair Rothschild, and manipulant Soros. Some poodles are also in Africa but not in the Committee of 300.

Muslims in the Committee of 300: Arab members and people from Lebanon are in the Committee of 300 for manipulations in the Middle East. Members of Lebanon are also handling the stopover in the opium trade. Lebanon also stands for Levante with the old traditional connections between Black Nobles of Venice with the Middle East.

And there are surprising concentrations of members of small states:
6 Swiss people from Shitzerland (Switzerland) are in the Committee of 300, so 5% of the Committee of 300 are Swiss). These 6 Swiss are from the high banksters area and from the high political area. They are managing gold transfers for the Anglo Saxon drug billionaires: Little gold bars from Shitzerland are brought to Dubai and in Dubai the drog barons are payed with this gold.

6x Shitzerland: 6 members of Shitzerland (criminal Switzerland) for gold production for the British opium trade in China, and own Swiss drug trade: Ackermann, Deiss, Philipp Hildebrand (SNB), Jean-Pierre Roth (BIZ, IWF, Nestlé, Swatch), Klaus Schwab (WEF Davos), Villiger [Swiss drug baron]

And there is a surprising concentration also with Hong Kong: There are 7 people (thus over 5% of the Committee of 300) with direct relations to the upper class and government floors of Hong Kong. THERE is imported the opium from India to China, THERE are the opium deposits of the Committee of the 300 for contaminating the Chinese population without end.

7x Hong Kong connections for managing the opium trade in the port of Hong Kong: Anson Chan (politician in Hong Kong), Margaret Chan (was in the Hong Kong government), Norman Chan (Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority), Carla Anderson Hills (ex-HUD secretary from the Hong Kong United Dockyards), Chris Patten (last GB Governor of Hong Kong), David Wilson (ex-Governor of Hong Kong), Harry Woolf (ex-judge in Hong Kong),

The absolutely criminal secret services MI6 and CIA: The criminal Royals in London have two hyper criminal secret services under their direct cotrol without any parliament controlling them: first it was only MI6, and in 1947 CIA was added which was founded by MI6 in the "USA" for spying "USA" completely and for dominating "USA" completely. MI6 and CIA are BOTH BRITISH AND ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL and are AGAINST ANY WORLD WIDE PEACE in the sense of perverse satanistic Committee of 300.

Russians in the Committee of 300: Some Russian oligarchs with mines are in the Committee of 300. I don't know what role they are playing there. But it seems they have not a peaceful role against the Anglo Saxon war mongers in the Committee of 300.

The list of the Committee of 300 of 2010

Members of the Committee of 300: Kings, queens, princes, industrials, banksters, presidents, politicians - all without social or history education - estate 2010

from: http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.de/2012/05/committee-of-300-membership-list-2010.html


Abdullah II King of Jordan - Important imperial puppet in Middle East, British-educated, American wife

Roman Abramovich - Russian Oligarch, $12B net worth, major British ties

Josef Ackermann - Swiss Banker and CEO Deutsche Bank [member of Shitzerland]

Edward Adeane - British trustee, Eton graduate, private secretary of Prince of Wales

Marcus Agius - British-Maltese financier, Group Chairman Barclay's Bank, sits on board of BBC, married to daughter of Edmund de Rothschild

Martti Ahtisaari - ex-president of Finland, 2008 Nobel peace prize, involved in UN action in Kosovo,

Daniel Akerson - CEO General Motors, formerly CEO of MCI [a telephone company], General Instrument [TV cable company], Nextel [telephone company], joined Carlyle group [private shadow bank] in 2003,

Albert II King of Belgium - King of Belgium, same dynasty as Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

Alexander Crown Prince of Yugoslavia - heir to King of Yugoslavia

Giuliano Amato - ex-PM of Italy, VP of convention which drafted EU Constitution

Carl A. Anderson - 13th "Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus", sits on council at Vatican Bank

Giulio Andreotti - ex-PM of Italy, accused in court of mob ties and murder

Andrew Duke of York - 2nd son of Elizabeth II, 4th in line to throne of 16 countries, connected to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein,

Anne Princess Royal - daughter of Elizabeth II,

Nick Anstee - 682nd "Lord Mayor of the City of London" connected to Arthur Andersen accounting scandal, director of int'l law firm SJ Berwin

Timothy Garton Ash - British historian, Professor at Oxford, European CFR, winner of "George Orwell Prize"

William Waldorf Astor - 4th Viscount Astor, heir to Astor dynasty, Eton graduate, sits on House of Lords,

Pyotr Aven - Russian Oligarch with close British ties


Jan Peter Balkenende - ex-PM of Netherlands, puppet of Queen Beatrix head of the Bilderbergs and cousin of Elizabeth II

Steve Ballmer - CEO of Microsoft, Net worth $15.7B, #5 on Jerusalem Post's "World's Richest Jews"

Ed Balls - British politician, Fabian society [for a Socialist dictatorship]

Jose Manuel Barroso - President of the European Commission, ex-PM of Portugal, former Maoist [communist extremist]

Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands - Queen of Netherlands, head of Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome

Marek Belka - ex-PM of Poland, former IMF, former head of National Bank of Poland,

C. Fred Bergsten - US economist, author, and political adviser, and member of globalist think tanks, ex-US Treasury Department

Silvio Berlusconi - ex-PM of Italy, $5.9B net worth, accused by courts of mafia collusion, false accounting, fraud, corruption and bribery [he let garbage his own country by garbage mafia - and Tettamanti was the intermediate office in Shitzerland for the garbage mafia].

Ben Bernanke - Chairman of US Federal Reserve,

Nils Bernstein - Danish National Bank

Donald Berwick - head of US Medicare, medicaid, connected to Obamacare, Professor at Harvard Medical School, several British Titles

Carl Bildt - ex-PM of Sweden, involved in Balkans, globalist instigator, Club of Madrid

Sir Winfried Bischoff - chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, ex-CEO of Citigroup,

Tony Blair - ex British PM, connected to illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, accused of war crimes,

Lloyd Blankfein - CEO Goldman-Sachs, connected to Rockefeller,

Leonard Blavatnik - Russian Oligarch living in London, net worth $10.1B, owner of Access Industries, connected to Harvard and Tel Aviv University,

Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of New York City, net worth $22B, owner of Bloomberg Media,

Frits Bolkestein - Dutch politician involved in EU directives and globalism initiatives

Hassanal Bolkiah - Sultan of Brunei, net worth $20B, British Higher education, connected to Royal Dutch Shell, honorary Admiral of the Royal Navy of UK

Michael C Bonello - Governor of the Central Bank of Malta

Emma Bonino - EU minister, ex-EU Parliament,

David L. Boren - US Presidential Advisor, ex-Governor of Oklahoma, ex-US Senate, ex-chairman of Intelligence Committee in Sen

Borwin Duke of Mecklenburg - Duke of Mecklenburg

Charles Bronfman - Owner of Seagram liquor, net worth $2B, Canadian Jew, founder of a Zionist charity,

Edgar Bronfman Jr. - ex-CEO of Warner Music Group, member of Bronfman dynasty

John Bruton - ex-PM of Ireland,

War monger Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski - head of Trilateral Commission, former US presidential adviser, involved in globalist think tanks and propaganda, connected to 911, connected to bin Laden, connected to illegal war in Afghanistan, ex-Harvard, member of CFR, former head of Amnesty International [Brzezinski is half Polish with enemy stereotypes never cured, and with his book "Between Two Ages" he is the inventor of the genocide policy reducing the world wide population by wars and epidemics].

Robin Budenberg - head of UK governmental body that oversaw the bailouts

Warren Buffett - Owner of Berkshire Hathaway, Net Worth $44B, profits off of American impoverishment, connect to Gulf of Mexico disaster as owner of Nalco which manufactured Corexit, a toxin still dumped in the Gulf, connected to 911,

War criminal and mass murderer Bush senior
George HW Bush - ex-US President [Bush Senior], ex-US Vice President, father connected to Nazis, international banking, big oil and drug trafficking, ex-CIA, connected to JFK and RFK assassinations, connected to 911 and both Iraq wars, head of an international terrorist crime family, known skull and bones and 33rd degree Freemason.
[George Bush senior is another puppet of the hyper criminal Queen of England breaking the "US" constitution for making war with the invasion of Panama in 1990 or with with mass murder against Iraqi soldiers in 1991 who were already withdrawing with the white flag. Bush senior bombed Iraqis without any war declaration or approval of the Congress - with uranium bombs etc.].


David Cameron - PM of UK, Eton and Oxford graduate, puppet of Elizabeth II, connected to Rothschilds,

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall - 2nd wife of Prince of Wales,

Fernando Henrique Cardoso - ex-President of Brazil

Peter Carington - British Politician and Baron, House of Lords,

Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden - King of Sweden, close cousin of Elizabeth II,

Carlos Duke of Parma - Dutch royalty with many titles, and head of several orders, Knight of Malta,

Mark Carney - governor of Bank of Canada, 13 years at Goldman Sachs,

Cynthia Carroll - CEO of Anglo American platinum mining,

Jaime Caruana - GM of Bank for International Settlements (BIS), ex-Governor of Bank of Spain,

Sir William Castell - Chairman of Wellcome Trust, Director of General Electric and BP

3x Chan
Anson Chan - Chinese politician involved in British rule of Hong Kong

Margaret Chan - Director-General of World Health Organization, ex Hong Kong government,

Norman Chan - Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Charles Prince of Wales - heir to throne of British Commonwealth, pushes "sustainable development" globalist and monetary manipulation of 3rd world countries in particular resource extraction and population control at United Nations and hundreds of NGO's, Freemason, connected to murder of his first wife Princess Diana,

Richard Chartres - Anglican Bishop Of London

Stefano Delle Chiaie - "neofascist" Italian activist, Freemason, accused by a court of terrorism, connected to Operation Condor

Dr John Chipman - Director-General of globalist British think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies,

Patokh Chodiev - Uzbek Oligarch living in London, net worth $3.3B, involved in mining, oil, gas, and banking

Christoph Prince of Schleswig-Holstein - Prince of Schleswig-Holstein

Fabrizio Cicchitto - Italian politician, Marxist, admitted to being in the Masonic lodge P2, involved in putting Italy into the EU

Wesley Clark - US general, ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe in NATO, Rhodes Scholar, involved in Balkans, connected to Waco, ran for US President,

Kenneth Clarke - British politician and bureaucrat,

Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister of UK,

Bill Clinton - ex-US President, ex-governor of Arkansas, Rhodes Scholar, involved in Balkans, involved in sheltering bin Laden, connected to Bush family, connected to international drug trafficking, connected to Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Freemason, connected to technology transfers to China,

Abby Joseph Cohen - US economist, Goldman Sachs, ex-Federal Reserve, Chairman of Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Trustee of Cornell University,

Ronald Cohen - Egyptian-born British Jewish venture capitalist, educated at Oxford,

Gary Cohn - President and COO of Goldman Sachs

Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano Duke of Paliano - Duke of Paliano

Constantijn Prince of the Netherlands - third son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,

Constantine II King of Greece - last King of Greece,

David Cooksey - British venture capitalist, ex-Director of Bank of England, chairman of Bechtel, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Brian Cowen - ex-PM of Ireland, helped cause Ireland capitulation to IMF and EU,

Sir John Craven - Director of Reuters, ex-Director of Deutsche Bank, ex-chairman of the investment bank Morgan Grenfell

Andrew Crockett - British Banker, ex-GM of Bank for International Settlements, ex-Bank of England, employed at JP Morgan Chase, member of Group of 30, knighted by Elizabeth II,


Uri Dadush - Senior Associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, ex-World Bank, educated at Hebrew University and Harvard,

Tony D'Aloisio - Chairman of Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ex-Director of World Federation of Stock Exchanges, pushed globalist initiatives,

Alistair Darling - Scottish politician and MP,

Sir Howard Davies - British economist, Director of London School of Economics and Political Science, globalist initiatives and propaganda

Etienne Davignon - Belgian politician, ex-VP of European Commission, chairman of Bilderberg, chairman of Brussels Airlines,

David Davis - British MP,

4x De Rothschild
Benjamin de Rothschild - Swiss Banker, descendant of French branch of Rothschild dynasty,

David Rene de Rothschild - chairman of Rothschild Continuations Holdings, French branch of Rothschild dynasty,

Evelyn de Rothschild - British financier, partner at N M Rothschilds and Sons, ex-Director De Beers [diamond production], ex-Director IBM UK, ex-director Daily Telegraph, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Leopold de Rothschild - British financier, ex-employee of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co., Morgan Stanley, partner at N M Rothschilds and Sons,

Joseph Deiss - Swiss economist and politician, ex-President of the United Nations General Assembly, globalist [member of Shitzerland]

Oleg Deripaska - Russian Oligarch, net worth $16.8B, CEO of Russian trust "Basic Element", CEO of aluminium company "United Company RUSAL", connected to Rothschilds,

Michael Dobson - British businessman, CEO of Schroders international asset management, connected to Rockefellers,

Mario Draghi - President of European Central Bank, ex- Governor of Bank of Italy, ex-Harvard professor,

Jan Du Plessis - South African Businessman, CEO of British American Tobacco, director of Lloyds TSB Group, chairman of Rio Tinto mining,

William C. Dudley - President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, ex-Goldman Sachs,

Wim Duisenberg - Dutch politician, ex-President of European Central Bank, ex-President of the Central bank of Netherlands, ex-IMF, DECEASED

Edward Duke of Kent - Duke of Kent, First Cousin to Elizabeth II, Grand Master of Freemasons in England and Wales, President of Scout Association

Edward Earl of Wessex - Third son of Elizabeth II,

Elizabeth II - the satanistic boss of the Committee of 300: ordering war and political murders
Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom - Monarch of the British Commonwealth, Supreme Governor of Church of England, head of International Freemasonry, head of the Order of the Garter, head of Committee of 300, owns 1/6th of worlds landmass, connected to most crimes and fraud in the world,

John Elkann - Italian Industrialist, Owner of Fiat, Owner of Chrysler, CEO of [Italian investment company] Exor, member of [think tank] Brookings Institution,

Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Naples - Prince of Naples, Duke of Savoy, member of P2 masonic lodge, accused by a court of murder,

Ernst August Prince of Hanover - Prince of Hanover and married to heiress to throne of Monaco


Martin Feldstein - American economist, Professor at Harvard, ex-adviser to Reagan,

Matthew Festing - British Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, officer of the Order of the British Empire,

François Fillon - Prime Minister of France,

Heinz Fischer - President of Austria,

Joschka Fischer - German politician, ex-Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany,

Stanley Fischer - American-Israeli economist, Governor of the Bank of Israel, ex-Chief Economist of World Bank, Bilderberg

Niall FitzGerald - Irish Businessman, ex-CEO of [trust] Unilever, member of World Economic Forum, connected to [pharma] Merck, Bank of Ireland and [with life insurance company] Prudential,

Franz Duke of Bavaria - Duke of Bavaria, co-heir of House of Stuart,

Mikhail Fridman - Jewish Russian Oligarch, net worth $15.1B, member of Russian CFR, founder of Russian Jewish Congress

Friso Prince of Orange-Nassau - Prince of Orange-Nassau, second son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,


Bill Gates - ex-CEO Microsoft, net worth $61B, allowed unfettered surveillance of MS Windows, connected to globalist depopulation efforts through vaccines,

Christopher Geidt - Private Secretary of Elizabeth II, educated at Oxford,

Timothy Geithner - US Treasury Secretary, ex-President New York Federal Reserve, connected to TARP bailout theft,

Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia - Prince of Prussia,

Dr Chris Gibson-Smith - Chairman of London Stock Exchange,

Mikhail Gorbachev - Ex-Prime Minister of Soviet Union, Club of Madrid, Globalist Initiatives,

Al Gore - ex-VP of USA, ex-US Senator, educated at Harvard, father was a senator connected to Armand Hammer - a communist Soviet, Nobel Peace Prize for pushing Global Warming Scam,

Allan Gotlieb - Canadian bureaucrat, member Trilateral Commission, member of Carlyle Group, chairman of Sotheby's Canada, globalist pushing North American Union,

Stephen Green - British baron, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, ex-Chairman HSBC, educated at Oxford and MIT [Massachussets Institute of Technology] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Green,_Baron_Green_of_Hurstpierpoint

Alan Greenspan - ex-Chairman of US Federal Reserve, Knight Commander of the British Empire,

Gerald Grosvenor 6th Duke of Westminster - Duke of Westminster, net worth 7.35B pounds, richest property developer in UK,

Jose Angel Gurria - Secretary General of NGO OECD, ex-CEO of National Development Bank of Mexico, ex-CEO of Foreign Trade Bank,


William Hague - Foreign Secretary of UK, educated at Oxford,

Sir Philip Hampton - Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland, ex-finance director of Lloyds, BT Group [British Telecommunications], BG Group [British energy trust] and British Steel,

Hans-Adam II Prince of Liechtenstein - Prince of Lichtenstein, owner of LGT Banking Group, net worth $7.6B,

Harald V King of Norway - King of Norway,

Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada, Zionist, pusher of globalism and North American Union,

François Heisbourg - President of International Institute for Strategic Studies, a London-based globalist think tank

Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg - Duke of Luxembourg, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order,

Philipp Hildebrand - ex-head of Swiss National Bank, Oxford-educated [member of Shitzerland]

Carla Anderson Hills - Co-chairman of Council on Foreign Relations, executive committee member of Trilateral Commission, ex-HUD secretary [Hong Kong United Dockyards Limited], pushes North American Union,

Richard Holbrooke - American bureaucrat, Presidential Advisor, connected to Vietnam, DECEASED

Patrick Honohan - Governor of Central Bank of Ireland,

Alan Howard - British hedge fund manager managing $26B of assets, ex-Salomon Brothers,


Alijan Ibragimov - Kyrgyzstani Oligarch, mining, oil and gas in Kazakhstan,

Stefan Ingves - Governor of central bank of Sweden,

Walter Isaacson - CEO of globalist think tank Aspen Institute, Managing Editor Time Magazine, Chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors, connected to [hurricane] Katrina,


Kenneth M. Jacobs - CEO of [investment bank] Lazard,

Juan Carlos King of Spain - King of Spain, many other titles,

DeAnne Julius - Chairman of Chatham House (RIIA), ex-World Bank, ex-CIA, founding member of Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England,

Jean-Claude Juncker [alcoholic] - Prime Minister of Luxembourg, ex-President of European Council,


Peter Kenen - Senior Fellow in International Economics at CFR, Ford Foundation, Globalist

John Kerry - US Senator, Presidential Candidate, Skull and Bones, family wealth from Heinz ketchup and the opium trade before that, Freemason, false heroics in Vietnam,

Mervyn King - Governor of the Bank of England, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire,

Glenys Kinnock - Council Member of European Council on Foreign Relations, ex-European Parliament, House of Lord

Mass Murderer Kissinger
Henry Kissinger - ex-US Secretary of State, Bilderberg, CFR, Bohemian Club, Nobel Peace Prize, connected to Vietnam and Cambodia, involved in Chile mass murder, connected to Balkans, accused by courts of war crimes and terrorism,

Malcolm Knight - Canadian Vice-Chairman of Deutsche Bank, ex-GM Bank for International Settlements, London education,

William H. Koon II - Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, no link

Paul Krugman - American Economist and Globalist propagandist, educated at Yale and London School of Economics, CFR,

John Kufuor - ex-President of Ghana, ex-Chairperson of the African Union,


Giovanni Lajolo - President of the Governate of Vatican City State, Cardinal emeritus President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City,

Anthony Lake - Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF),

Richard Lambert - ex-Director-General of the CBI [Confederation of British Industry], Chancellor of University of Warwick UK, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Pascal Lamy - Director-General of World Trade Organization,

Jean-Pierre Landau - ex-IMF [International Monetary Fund], ex-Board of Directors for Bank for International Settlements, ex Bank of France,

Timothy Laurence - husband of the only daughter of Elizabeth II,

James Leigh-Pemberton - British Banker, Receiver-General for Duchy of Cornwall (Prince of Wales), educated at Eton, ex-S.G. Warburg and Co. and managing director at Credit Suisse

Leka Crown Prince of Albania - Prince of Albania, heir to King of Albania,

Mark Leonard - British globalist in think tanks and propagandist, co-founder and director of European CFR,

Peter Levene - British Baron, chairman of NBNK Investments, ex-Lord mayor of City of London,

Lev Leviev - Bukharian-Israeli Oligarch, net worth $12B, diamond mining in Angola, and Palestinian settlements,

Arthur Levitt - ex-Chairman of SEC ["US" Security and Exchange Commission], advisor at Carlyle Group ["US" shadow seat bank],

Michael Levy - President of CSV Jewish Care, Jewish Free School, and JLGB [Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade]

Joe Lieberman - American-Israeli Senator, connected to 911 [crime], connected to Patriot Act [robbing human rights], connected to many tyrannical laws,

Ian Livingston - CEO of BT (British Telecom),

Lee Hsien Loong - Prime minister of Singapore, British-educated,

Lorenz of Belgium Archduke of Austria-Este – Belgian royalty,

Louis Alphonse Duke of Anjou - Duke of Anjou, claimant to defunct King of France,

Gerard Louis-Dreyfus - chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services, net worth $2.9B,


Mabel Princess of Orange-Nassau - wife of 2nd son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands,

Peter Mandelson - British bureaucrat, MP, ex-European Commissioner for Trade, connected to Rothschilds,

Sir David Manning - ex-British Ambassador to the United States, connected to Iraq invasion, ex-British ambassador to Israel,

Margherita Archduchess of Austria-Este - Wife of Archduke of Austria-Este

Margrethe II Queen of Denmark - Queen of Denmark,

Guillermo Ortiz Martinez - Mexican bureaucrat, ex-ambassador to IMF,

Alexander Mashkevitch - Khazak-Israeli Oligarch, metals and gas in Khazakstan, connected to [mining company] ENRC,

Stefano Massimo Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci - Scion [successor] of Massimo dynasty and Italian royalty,

Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio Prince of Arsoli and Triggiano - Massimo dynasty and royalty

William Joseph McDonough - vice chairman of Merril Lynch, ex-President of NY Federal Reserve, ex-First National Bank of Chicago, CFR

Mack McLarty - ex-White House Chief of Staff under Clinton, CEO of McLarty Companies, board of directors Arkla Gas, National Petroleum Council, connected to Kissinger,

Yves Mersch - Governor of Central Bank of Luxembourg, member of European Central Bank governing council, connected to BIS [Bank of International Settlement],

Michael Prince of Kent - British Royalty, 1st cousin of Elizabeth II, grandmaster of two Masonic lodges,

Michael King of Romania - King of Romania, 3rd cousin of Elizabeth II, connected to communism,

David Miliband - British bureaucrat,

Ed Miliband - British bureaucrat and MP, educated at Oxford and London School of Economics [LSE], father was Marxist,

Lakshmi Mittal - Indian steel magnate, CEO of ArcelorMittal - - world's largest steel company, connected to bank Goldman Sachs,

Glen Moreno - acting chairman of UK Financial Investments Limited which manages the UK government bank shareholdings, ex-Citigroup, director of Fidelity International, chairman of [media trust] Pearson, connected to Lloyds Banking,

Moritz Prince and Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel - Prince of Hesse-Kassel,

Rupert Murdoch - Australian-American media mogul, owner of NewsCorp and Fox, accused by courts of bribery, wiretapping , libel, lying, insider trading, Freemason, connected to Norway mass shooting, connected to 911, connected to illegal Iraq War,


Charles Napoleon - head of Imperial House of France,

Jacques Nasser - Lebanese Chairman of BHP Billiton, connected to JP Morgan Chase, Sky Corp and Ford Motors,

Robin Niblett - Director of Chatham House (RIIA) - connected to every war, mass theft and atrocity since 1920,

Vincent Nichols - Archbishop of Westminster, head of Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, connected to abuse of boys,

Adolfo Nicolas - 30th Black Pope, Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), head of largest male order of Vatican,

Christian Noyer - Chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, governor of Bank of France, ex-VP Executive Board of the European Central Bank,


Sammy Ofer - Israeli shipping tycoon, net worth $10.3B with brother Yuli, DECEASED,

Alexandra Ogilvy Lady Ogilvy - Princess of UK, cousin of Elizabeth II,

David Ogilvy 13th Earl of Airlie - married to Princess Alexandra, Lord Chamberlain, educated at Eton, Knight of the Thistle, ex-Director of [Financial Trust] Schroders,

Jorma Ollila - Chairman of Nokia, board of directors of Ford Motor Company, non-executive chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, ex-Citibank, Bilderberg,

Nicky Oppenheimer - South African chairman of De Beers diamond mining, shareholder in Anglo American mining, net worth $6B,

George Osborne - British Bureaucrat, Chancellor of the Exchequer of UK, ex-MP, Bullingdon Club [table society] at Oxford, connected to Rotshchilds,

Frederic Oudea - CEO Societe Generale,


Sir John Parker - ex-Chairman of National Grid and Anglo American mining, ex-Bank of England, knighted by Elizabeth II,

Chris Patten - chairman of BBC Trust, last Governor of British-held Hong Kong, ex-MP, connected to Pope Benedict,

Michel Pebereau - Chairman of National Bank of Paris,

Gareth Penny - CEO of AMG Mining the #1 mining company in world, ex-De Beers and Anglo American mining, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, Eton

Shimon Peres - President of Israel, ex-PM of Israel, connected to assassination of Y. Rabin, false peacemaker, connected to 911,

Philip Duke of Edinburgh - husband of Elizabeth II, a German-Danish royal, patron of over 800 organizations, globalist, racist, has spoken publicly in favor of mass genocide and depopulation, Freemason, alleged to have given order to murder his grandson's mother Princess Diana

Dom Duarte Pio Duke of Braganza - Duke of Braganza,

Karl Otto Pohl - German economist, President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-Chairman of Central Bank Council,

Colin Powell - ex-US Secretary of State, retired general, ex-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, ex-National Security Adviser to Reagan, connected to both Iraq wars,

Mikhail Prokhorov - Russian Oligarch, ex-owner of Norilsk Nickel, ex-chairman of Polyus Gold, ex-President of ONEXIM GROUP $17B investment fund, net worth $13.2B,


Guy Quaden - Governor of National Bank of Belgium, member of governing board of European Central Bank,


Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Secretary-General of [criminal] NATO, ex-PM of Denmark, ex-President of European Union, connected to Iraq war,

Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) - 265th Pope, ex-Hitler Youth, participated in Vatican II, head of Inquisition at Vatican, covered up untold number of abuse cases allowing them to continue and the perpetrators to remain unpunished, covered up Native Canadian Holocaust (by UK and Vatican) discoveries

David Reuben - British Jewish Oligarch, net worth with brother of $9B, CEO of [investment company] Reuben Brothers, owner Trans-World Metals, owner of Global Switch, many other business interests

Simon Reuben - British Jewish Oligarch, net worth with brother of $9B, CEO of Reuben Brothers, owner [metal trading company] Trans-World Metals, owner of [data center] Global Switch, many other business interests

William R. Rhodes - CEO William R. Rhodes Global Advisers, ex-Citigroup and Citibank, involved in international banking schemes in South America, Director of [financial trust] Private Export Funding Corporation, CFR, globalist, and much much more

Susan Rice - US Ambassador to United Nations, ex-National Security Council, Rhodes Scholar, connected to Clinton,

Richard Duke of Gloucester - Duke of Gloucester, cousin of Elizabeth II,

Sir Malcolm Rifkind - British Bureaucrat, ex-Secretary of State for Scotland, Defence Secretary, Foreign Secretary, ex-MP,

Sir John Ritblat - ex-CEO of British Land Company [British investment company], head of several British royal organizations,

Stephen S. Roach - A senior executive at Morgan Stanley, professor at Yale and Jackson Institute for Global Affairs,

Mary Robinson - ex-President of Ireland, ex-United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, received Presidential medal for Freedom for knowing when to talk and when not to as it refers to human rights

David Rockefeller Jr. - eldest son of David Rockefeller, 4th generation member of Rockefeller dynasty, Rockefeller foundations used to sew evil worldwide and particularly in USA, in the guise of good,

David Rockefeller Sr. - patriarch of Rockefeller family, net worth $2.9B, owner Chase Manhattan Bank, owner of [the oil company] Exxon Mobil, connected to CIA, connected to Kissinger, admitted head of a globalist cabal, strict control of much of US media, Trilateral Commission,

Nicholas Rockefeller - Rockefeller dynasty, warned Aaron Russo of 911, no link

Javier Echevarria Rodriguez - Spanish Roman Catholic Bishop, Head of Opus Dei,

Kenneth Rogoff - Professor of Economics at Harvard, ex-IMF, Board of Governors Federal Reserve,

Jean-Pierre Roth - Chairman of Board of Bank for International Settlements, governor of IMF for Switzerland, ex-Chairman Swiss National Bank, director of [hyper criminal water robbing company] of Nestle and Swatch [member of Shitzerland]

Jacob Rothschild - 4th Baron Rothschild, Chairman of [investment trust] RIT Capital investments, Eton education, ex-chairman N M Rothschild & Sons, Council for the Duchy of Cornwall of Prince of Wales, Advisory Board of Blackstone Group, ex-Chairman of BSkyB Television, Director of [financial investment trust] RHJ International,

David Rubenstein - co-founder Carlyle Group, net worth $2.6B, CFR, presidential advisor To Carter,

Robert Rubin - ex-US Treasury Secretary, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Citigroup, Co-chair of CFR, executive board at Harvard, ex-board of directors of NYSE, board of trustees Carnegie Corp. and U.s Securities and Exchange Commission, connected to Enron [bancruptcy scandal],

Francesco Ruspoli 10th Prince of Cerveteri – Italian royalty,


Joseph Safra - Syrian-Brazilian Jewish banker, Owner of Safra Group, net worth $11.4B,

Moises Safra - Syrian-Brazilian Jewish banker, co-founder Banco Safra,

Peter Sands - British banker, CEO of Standard Chartered [Bank], Oxford and Harvard-educated, Board of Directors - Institute of International Finance

Nicolas Sarkozy - ex-President of France (5/15/12), bureaucrat,

Isaac Sassoon - born into Sassoon dynasty of London, Sephardic Rabbi, author,

James Sassoon - Commercial Secretary to the Treasury in UK Treasury, House of Lords, adviser to UK PM David Cameron,

Sir Robert John Sawers - Chief of [hyper criminal] Secret Intelligence Service of UK (MI6), ex-British Permanent Representative to UN, ex-Foreign Affairs Advisor to Tony Blair,

Marjorie Scardino - CEO [of international book editor] Pearson PLC, non-executive director of Nokia, ex-CEO of [magazine editor] Economist Group,

Klaus Schwab - founder of World Economic Forum, ex-Professor at Geneva University [member of Shitzerland]

Karel Schwarzenberg - Prince of Schwarzenberg, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg,

Stephen A. Schwarzman - co-founder [of investment trust] "Blackstone Group", net worth $4.7B, Yale Skull and Bones, also educated at Harvard, ex-Lehman Brothers,

Sidney Shapiro - Jewish-American, naturalized Chinese, member of China's People's Political Consultative Council,

Nigel Sheinwald - British bureaucrat, ex-British Ambassador to US, adviser to Tony Blair, Knight Grand Cross,

Sigismund Grand Duke of Tuscany Archduke of Austria – Grand Duke of Tuscany and Archduke of Austria, Grand Master of the Order of Saint Joseph,

Simeon Borisov of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Prime Minister of Bulgaria, ex-Tsar of Bulgaria, cousin of Elizabeth II (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Dynasty),

Olympia Snowe - US Senator, worked for William Cohen, connected to Rockefeller, helped acquit Bill Clinton during impeachment, supported Kosovo war, Afghanistan and Iraq, pro-abortion,

Sofia Queen of Spain - Wife of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Princess of Greece and Denmark, cousin of Elizabeth II,

Warmonger and mass manipulator Soros
George Soros - Jewish Hungarian-American Oligarch, chairman of Soros Fund Management hedge fund, net worth $20B, chairman of Open Society Institute, described Nazi occupation of Hungary and his accompanying an official seizing Jewish property as "the best time of my life", attended London School of Economics, globalist and vulture tied to numerous economic upheavals and contrived revolutions especially in Eastern Europe,

Arlen Specter - US Senator, Jewish, educated at Yale, ex-Federal Judge, devised "single bullet theory" in Warren Commission JFK assassination cover-up, professor at University of Pennsylvania Law School, helped push Iraq war and Patriot Act,

Ernest Stern - ex-Managing Director of World Bank, ex-Director JP Morgan, member of Group of 30, Director of Center for Global Development, on Board of Overseers International Center for Economic Growth,

Dennis Stevenson - British Baron, House of Lords, Commander of the Order of the British Empire award, knighted by Elizabeth II, Director of British Technology Group, Tyne Tees Television, Manpower Inc., Thames Television, J. Rothschild Assurance, English partnerships, BSkyB, Lazard Bros, St. James Place Capital, Chairman of Maocap and Aldeburgh Music, director of Western Union, Loudwater Partners and the Economist, Chair of HBOS formerly Halifax plc and Bank of Scotland, Chancellor of University of Arts London,

Tom Steyer - founder of Farallon Capital Management hedge fund, Board of Trustees Stanford University, connected to Warren Buffett, educated at Yale, ex-Goldman Sachs, connected to Robert Rubin, ex-Morgan Stanley, connected to Hillary Clinton,

Joseph Stiglitz - Jewish-American economist author and professor, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of World Bank, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for a technique called screening used to extract private information from another economic agent, founder of globalist think tank Initiative for Policy Dialogue, professor at Columbia University, member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, ex-professor MIT, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Oxford and Princeton, chair of President's Council of Economic Advisers under Clinton,

Dominique Strauss-Kahn - French politician, ex-Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), ex-Minister of Economy and Finance, ex-Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Communist, accused by a court of sexual assault,

Jack Straw - British politician, MP, ex-Home Secretary, ex-Foreign Secretary, ex-Leader of the House of Commons, ex-Lord High Chancellor, ex-Secretary of State for Justice, ex-Shadow Lord High Chancellor, allegations of rendition and torture,

Peter Sutherland - chairman of Goldman Sachs International, EU Commissioner, ex-Attorney General of Ireland, ex-Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), ex-director of Royal Bank of Scotland, formerly on board of ABB, steering committee of Bilderberg, Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission, ex-vice chairman of European Round Table of Industrialists, connected to getting Ireland into the EU, President of globalist British think tank Federal Trust for Education and Research, member of British pro-European and globalist think tank Businesses for New Europe, Goodwill Ambassador to the UNIDO (UN organization for industrial development), Chair of London School of Economics council, financial adviser to the Vatican, co-Chairman of [trade organization] High Level Group, connected to Rockefeller, honorary knighthood by Elizabeth II,


Mary Tanner - British Anglican, President of the World Council of Churches, Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire,

Ettore Gotti Tedeschi - Italian Banker, President of the Vatican Bank,

Mark Thompson - Director-General of the BBC, Jesuit-educated, also Oxford-educated, general public accusations of bias,

Dr. James Thomson - ex-President and CEO of RAND Corporation [company for mass manipulation], ex-National Security Council, CFR, member of globalist think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies, director of AK steel Corporation, Encysive Pharmaceuticals, and Object Reservoir,

Hans Tietmeyer - Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bank for International Settlements (BIS), ex-President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-President of London Business School, member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Professor at Catholic University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt,

Jean-Claude Trichet - French ex-President of European Central Bank, member of Group of 30, ex-governor of Banque de France, pushes for greater European Integration, chairman of Breugel's [?], on board of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company [EADS],

Paul Tucker - executive director Bank of England, Deputy Governor of Bank of England


Herman Van Rompuy - President of the European Council, Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold, ex-PM of Belgium,

Alvaro Uribe Velez - President of Colombia, educated at Harvard, awarded Simon Bolivar Scholarship of the British Chevenin Scholarships, Senior Associate member at St. Antony's College at Oxford, alleged connections to Medellin Drug Cartel, major proponent of Communitarianism, connected to IMF and World Bank, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bush 43,

Alfons Verplaetse - ex-Governor National Bank of Belgium, board of governors of the European Monetary Institute, Governing Council of European Central Bank,

Kaspar Villiger - ex-Chairman of the Board of Swiss bank UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland), ex-member of Swiss federal Council, board of directors of [hyper criminal water robbing company] Nestle and Swiss Re, member of globalist Global Leadership Foundation [Villiger is a member of Shitzerland - the familiar company "Villiger Cigars" is not only importing tobacco from Cuba but also drugs].

Maria Vladimirovna Grand Duchess of Russia - Grand Duchess of Russia, Oxford-educated, disputed heiress to Empress of Russia and to head of Romanov dynasty, Dame Grand Cross Sovereign Military Order of Malta,

Paul Volcker - ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, ex-Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under Obama, educated at Princeton, Harvard, and London School of Economics, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Fellow, connected to end of the dollar gold standard in US, ex-chairman of [investment bank] Wolfensohn & Co., Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Group of Thirty, Trilateral Commission, member of Trust Committee of Rockefeller Group, Inc. ex- Chase Bank,

Otto von Habsburg - Archduke of Austria, ex-Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, ex-Head of Imperial House of Habsburg, Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece, ex-Vice President of International Paneuropean Union, ex-European Parliament, played a role in Eastern European revolutions against Communist rule, DECEASED


Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah Sultan of Brunei – LISTED TWICE

Sir David Walker - ex-chairman Morgan Stanley International, ex-Assistant Secretary of UK Treasury, ex-chairman of Securities and Investments Board, Executive Director for finance and industry at Bank of England, ex-Deputy Chairman of [the bank] Lloyds TSB, member of Group of 30, ex-Reuters Holdings, Chairman of London Investment Bankers' Association,

Jacob Wallenberg - Swedish banker and industrialist, ex-President and CEO of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, board of directors of [Swedish industrial trust] Atlas Copco, SAS Group, ABB group, Coca-Cola Company, Investor, Stockholm School of Economics, Knight of the Order of the Seraphim,

John Walsh - ex-US Comptroller of Currency, ex-executive director of Group of 30, ex-staff of US Senate Banking Committee, ex-US Treasury Department, helped implement Basel III in US, DECEASED

Max Warburg - Owner of [private bank] M.M. Warburg and Co. [in Hamburg], scion of Jewish Warburg banking dynasty,

Axel Alfred Weber - German economist and banker, chairman of the Board of UBS, ex-President of Deutsche Bundesbank, ex-member of European Central Bank Governing Council, professor at University of Chicago, ex-Board of Directors Bank for International Settlements,

Michel David-Weill - French Investment banker, ex-Chairman of [investment bank] Lazard Freres [in New York], director of Groupe Danone foods, Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commander of Ordre des Arts et des Lettres [Order of Arts and Letters]

Nout Wellink - Dutch economist and central banker, President of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Director of the Bank for International Settlements, member of Governing Council of European Central Bank, Governor of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), member of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), ex-Dutch Ministry of Finance, Trilateral Commission, ex-chairman of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion,

Marina von Neumann Whitman - ex-Director Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Professor at University of Michigan, and Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, board of directors at Peterson Institute, ex-VP of General Motors Corp., ex-Council of Economic Advisors, ex-board of Trustees Princeton University,

Willem-Alexander Prince of Orange - Prince of Orange, Prince of Netherlands, heir to throne of Kingdom of Netherlands, eldest son of Queen Beatrix, head of House of Amsberg, cousin of Elizabeth II, member of Global Water Partnership established by World Bank, UN and Sweden, member of Raad van State, member of many international orders,

William Prince of Wales - Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Second in Line to throne of British Commonwealth, educated at Eton College, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, descendant of several powerful royal dynasties,

Dr Rowan Williams - Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England, titular head of Anglican Church, educated at Oxford, Professor at Oxford,

Shirley Williams - President of Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), British Baron, House of Lords, ex-MP [House of Commons], Professor at Harvard, educated at Oxford, CFR, Bilderberg, member of many globalist think tanks and organizations,

David Wilson - Baron Wilson of Tillyorn, ex-Governor of Hong Kong, ex-Chairman of Scottish Hydro Electric, member of Board of British Council, Knight of the Thistle, President of Royal Society of Edinburgh,

James Wolfensohn - ex-President of World Bank Group, educated at Harvard, ex-director J. Henry Schroder & Co investment bank, ex-Salomon Brothers executive [bank], founder of [investment bank] Wolfensohn & Company, chairman of International Advisory Board of Citigroup [bank], member of International Advisory Council for China Investment Corporation, trustee of globalist Brookings Institution, trustee of Rockefeller Foundation, CFR, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum, globalist Aspen Institute, knighthood of the Order of the British Empire, connected to Rothschilds,

Neal S. Wolin - US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, National Security Council under Clinton, educated at Yale, executive assistant to 3 CIA directors, member of Brookings Institution, CEO of Hartford Financial Services Group, CFR

Harry Woolf - Baron Woolf, Jewish-British, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, ex-Master of the Rolls, ex-judge in Hong Kong,

R. James Jr. Woolsey - ex-head of CIA, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, also educated at Yale, member of many globalist foundations, think tanks and NGO's, ex-chairman of [ONG] Freedom House, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton [technology assistance in Chicago], member of Project for a New American Century linked to 911 and Iraq war, tied to global warming scam, employee of Lux Capital [risk capital investment company], co-founder US Energy Security Council, accused of profiting from Iraq War and a crusader-like zealousness for conflict with Islam,

Sir Robert Worcester - founder of Market and Opinion Research International (MORI), International Director of Ipsos Group [opinion research], Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Freeman of the City of London, trustee of Magna Carta Trust, member of many globalist organizations,

Sarah Wu - Director General of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (London)

Robert Zoellick - President of World Bank, educated at Harvard, ex-US Department of Treasury, ex-Executive VP of Fannie Mae [bank of the New Deal in the 1930s], ex-Professor at US Naval Academy, ex-White House Deputy Chief of Staff under Bush 41 [?], member of PNAC [Project for the New American Century] linked to 911 and Iraq War, ex-head of globalist Center for International Studies, ex-advisory board Enron [which went bankrupt under criminal circumstances], ex-member of Executive Office under Bush 43, helped bring China into WTO, heavily promoted the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), tied to legal attempts by WTO to force Genetically modified foods in the European Union, promotes globalism,

<<     >>

Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy’ is a card game produced by Steve Jackson Games that was originally released in the early 80′s. It was based on the successful book trilogy ‘The Illuminatus!’ and was supposedly designed to be a satirical, tongue in cheek take on the topic of global conspiracism, featuring opposing secret societies competing for world domination using various malevolent means. You may well have heard of this somewhat sinister card game already, as there are plenty of online references to it on other alternative and conspiracy based websites, mostly due to it’s apparent prophetic content, which rather accurately details aspects of the illuminati agenda that we are now seeing playing out in front of us on a daily basis.

The makers of the card game, were, as mentioned above, influenced by the book trilogy “The Illuminatus!’ and prior to it’s release they also spent time researching the illuminati and various other conspiracy theories and so it’s no surprise that this kind of subject matter

was used within the game. What is surprising however and perhaps even a little disturbing, depending on how you look at it, is how many of the events depicted in the game decades ago have now actually happened or are currently in the process of happening – things that the creators of the game could surely not have known about – or could they?

The first card in the game talks of rewriting history and depicts discarded books in a library or classroom environment. It is no secret that the government controlled education system and the mainstream media work exceptionally hard to shape the minds of the masses to fit with their manufactured version of reality. Many important histories are overlooked and events left unreported, while other, either false or far less important topics and events are given excessive amounts of focus, in order to engender bias towards the illuminati agenda.

- See more at: http://www.illuminatiagenda.com/ominous-old-illuminati-card-game-predicts-911-the-new-world-order-and-more/#sthash.9nVfSLf9.dpuf
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