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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Racist Fantasy Zionism 12: WW II 1939-1945

Fantasy Zionist Fantasy Jewish legion in Palestine - the fantasy of a "Fantasy Jewish home for the homeless"  - Wehrmacht in Africa - Fantasy Jews enlisting for English troops - Churchill - Rommel defeat of 1942 - new violence by racist Fantasy Zionists in Palestine since 1942 - aim of a Fantasy Jewish "independence" - racist Fantasy Zionist propaganda tours - emigration and Holocaust coordination facts

from: [[Fantasy]] Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008 / 2019)

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[Fantasy Jewish volunteers with Fantasy Jewish Brigade]

<On the very eve of World War II the [[Fantasy Christian]] government issued a White Paper in which, in effect, [[Fantasy]] Jewish immigration was limited to a final 75,000. This meant that the [[Fantasy]] Jews of Europe were being left to their destiny. [[This is not true, see the high emigration 1933-1941]]. The clear intent was to condemn the [[Fantasy]] Jews in Palestine to be a permanent minority. The whole of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish world was well nigh unanimous in its opposition, in declaring this act to be not only wrong but utterly devoid of moral or legal validity. Soon the war broke out and the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist movement, indeed the entire [[Fantasy]] Jewish community everywhere, was inevitably on the side of the Allies. The [[Fantasy]] Jews in Palestine soon tried to organize a volunteer force to fight with the [[Fantasy Christian]] in the critical Middle Eastern arena, but, on the grounds of "parity", because no such volunteers were forthcoming from the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]], the offers were initially rebuffed.

The [[Fantasy]] Jewish Brigade eventually came into being. It played a military role especially in the campaign in Italy, but its most important achievement was that here, directly, much of the immediate foundation of the future army of Israel was laid. "Illegal" immigration had been going on straight through the war, for the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist movement as a whole had accepted the slogan of David Ben-Gurion:

"To fight Hitler as if there were no White Paper and to fight the White Paper as if there were no Hitler." (col. 1058)


[Racist Fantasy Zionism claims to have a "home for the homeless"]

During the war years the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist movement itself had almost completely stripped away all tentativeness or vagueness from its ultimate aims and it had abandoned, at least for the moment, any public concern with the nature of the new [[Fantasy]] Jewish society. That did not mean that within Palestine itself, and within the world [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist movement, the various parties died not continue to jockey for control of (col. 1058)

whatever they could regarding resources and position, but from the mid-1930s forward these issues became ever more internal to the immediate scene in the yishuv. As a world movement [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism spoke of "a home for the homeless", and the more bitter and obvious the homelessness was, the greater was the support for all the actions that this slogan required.

[[But there were also Arab Fantasy Muslims resp. Palestinians in this "home". They should be "homeless" at the end...]]

By 1942 a [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist conference, the most representative possible under the circumstances, met in New York at the Biltmore Hotel. It announced in the "Biltmore Program" that the "establishment of Palestine as a [[Fantasy]] Jewish Commonwealth" was the war aim of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish people. This program was tacitly adopted by non-[[Fantasy]] Zionists as well. The many years when such words were not spoken even by most [[racist Fantasy]] Zionists, for fear of complicating the immediate situation among [[Fantasy]] Jews, Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] and the [[Fantasy Christian]], had thus been ended.

Within the next year or so, after a bitter battle within the ranks of American [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism between those who were willing to wait for the end of the war and trust President Roosevelt, and those who believed that American public opinion needed to be enlisted on the widest possible basis, Abba Hillel *Silver emerged the victor over Stephen S. *Wise and, in 1943, [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism in America entered a militant phase which continued until the [[racist]] State of Israel was achieved. Here, too, it was the growing knowledge and then the absolute certainty of what Hitler had been doing to [[Fantasy]] Jews that made the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist demand for freedom, dignity, and independence a great force in American public life. (col. 1059)



[War preparations in Palestine - English defeat in Africa 1940 and Fantasy Jewish enlisting - land transaction restriction in Palestine since Feb. 1940 - Churchill government since May 1940]

Even before the initial Axis successes brought a direct military threat to Palestine in 1940, tragedy befell European [[Fantasy]] Jewry (see *Holocaust). Its unbelievable dimensions did not become known until later, but there were already large numbers of [[Fantasy]] Jews fleeing from death and trying to reach Palestine. The immediate task was to help in their escape.

Next to it was the need to mobilize the yishuv [[Fantasy Jews in Palestine before 1948]] for the war [[against a Nazi occupation]]. As had been the case a quarter of a century earlier, the [[Fantasy Christian racist Empire]] British were reluctant to accept [[Fantasy]] Jewish volunteers. Only the early defeats in North Africa weakened this reluctance, and by 1940 many thousands of Palestinian [[Fantasy]] Jews enlisted. The yishuv's economic potential also gradually became a factor of considerable value.

The [[Fantasy Christian racist Empire]] British did not forget their White Paper, however, and in February 1940 introduced crippling regulations concerning land transactions, which caused another bitter outburst on the part of the [[Fantasy]] Jews. The immigration problem had taken on a different character. The [[Fantasy Christian]] British aim was to spread out the use of the 75,000 "certificates" over five years and - if possible - until the end of the war (although nobody could know when that would be). IN any case, regular immigration was unlikely to continue under war conditions. Indeed, less than 20,000 immigrants - authorized and unauthorized - entered during (col. 1086)

the years 1940-42.Furthermore, the fact that the Chamberlain government fell in May 1940 and another administration took over, headed by Churchill and including a number of other friendly ministers, was bound to influence the general political climate.

[Changes 1940-1942 until Rommel's Wehrmacht defeat]

As to the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]], the initial military successes of the Axis made them stake their future on its victory, and many were ready merely to wait for it. Hence the failure of al-Husseini's call for an open rebellion. The fall of France in 1940 turned Syria and Lebanon into bases of subversion and February 1941 brought about a pro-German putsch in Iraq. Allied countermeasures prevented further deterioration. Al-Husseini turned up in Rome and Berlin in the autumn of 1941, and some Egyptian sympathizers of the Axis (including the future president of the UAR, Anwar Sadat) plotted with Axis men in North Africa. A slight change took place after Rommel's defeat in 1942. [[Fantasy Christian]] British efforts were largely directed at exploiting the improved situation, and in due course a policy of unifying the Arab League in 1945. Palestine Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] were granted a voice in the league itself when it was organized, their cause having been included in its charter.

[New violence in the Palestine Mandate since 1942 by racist Fantasy Jewish Fantasy Zionist terrorist groups]

Among the [[Fantasy]] Jews there was a feeling that somewhat friendlier winds were imperceptibly blowing in London. The immediate peril to the yishuv had receded, but the dimensions of the tragedy that befell European [[Fantasy]] Jewry were gradually emerging. The need for immigration, and immigration itself, were again coming to the fore. Internal pressures were building up; the wartime "truce" between the [[Fantasy Christian]] British authorities and extremist elements was coming to an end, and violence erupted again in Palestine, this time initiated by the [[racist Fantasy Zionist Fantasy Jewish]] I.Z.L. The [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist leadership found it necessary to clarify its own position and seek clarification of the position likely to be taken up by the Churchill government. Much of the thinking harked back to the Royal Commission's proposals, but the formulation adopted at a conference called by [[racist]] American [[Fantasy]] Zionists at the Biltmore Hotel in New York in May 1942 claimed "that Palestine be established as a [[Fantasy]] Jewish Commonwealth". This was later approved by the appropriate [[Fantasy]] Zionist bodies in Jerusalem over the opposition of some of the former anti-partitionists. Outbursts of terror from [[Fantasy]] Jewish extreme underground organizations, including the murder in Cairo of the [[Fantasy Christian]] British minister for the Near East, Lord Moyne, by members of *Lohamei Herut Israel (Lehi) (Loḥamei Ḥerut Israel (Leḥi)), again increased the feeling of impending crisis.> (col. 1087)

[Racist Fantasy Zionism becomes strong in the criminal racist "USA" - preparation of "Fantasy Zionist aims" for the time after the war: the aim of "Fantasy Jewish independence" since Biltmore 1942 - racist Fantasy Zionist propaganda tours for a "Fantasy Jewish State"]

<During World War II there was lively and even bitter disagreement between those [[racist Fantasy]] Zionists who followed Stephen S. Wise in being ready to rely on the goodwill of President Roosevelt and were therefore willing to remain relatively quiescent and those led by Abba Hillel Silver, whose orientation was toward the opposition Republican Party and who believed public opinion had to be organized against the government in order to both save [[Fantasy]] Jewish lives in Europe and realize [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist aims after the war.

These forces paved the road to the adoption of the Biltmore platform in 1942, which postulated [[Fantasy]] Jewish independence as the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist war aim. Distrust in the goodwill of others and the desire for independence deepened while the news of the Holocaust continued to seep out of Europe [[with many lies, e.g., cyclon B granulate as murder instrument, and much was not mentioned, e.g., the mass death in the tunnel systems]].

[[The racist Fantasy Zionist madness got now to the point that it claimed for an "independent Fantasy Jewish nation". The fact that Fantasy Jewry was a religion and should never be restricted to a national borderline - because then the Fantasy Jews would become the enemies of other nations - seems to have been "forgotten"...]]

By the winter of 1943 Abba Hillel Silver replaced Stephen Wise as the head of [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist political affairs and public relations in the [[criminal racist]] United States. With the help of Emanuel *Neumann and a number of others, the American [[racist]] Emergency Committee, which Silver led, mounted a political offensive throughout the [[criminal racist]] United States and prepared the grounds both in the public mind and in political circles for U.S. support of [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism against the continuing White Paper policy of the [[Fantasy Christian]] British government and for the establishment of a [[Fantasy]] Jewish state.> (col. 1088)

[[Addition: It seems that "American public life" was NOT informed about Arab Fantasy Muslims in Palestine
It seems that the "American public life" was NOT informed about the Arab Fantasy Muslims and Arab anti-Semitism, was NOT informed about the war trap in Middle East which was already going on since the first racist Fantasy Jewish Fantasy Zionist settlements in Palestine since 1883. It also seems that the "American public life" was NOT informed about Fantasy Herzl racism with the racist Fantasy Zionist plan to eliminate all Arab Fantasy Muslims and to enslave them either for installing a "Greater Israel" from Nile to Euphrates according to the bible 1st Fantasy Mose chapter 15 phrase 18. By this "American public life" was mislead and was fanning for purposes which were unfulfillable...]]

At the end of the war the [[Fantasy]] Jews were indeed, as the anti-[[Fantasy]] Zionist British foreign minister earnest *Bevin said, "pushing to the head of the queue". No doors,not even those of the [[criminal racist]] United States, were wide open to the refugees (col. 1059)

of the greatest single disaster that had ever befallen a people, and it was therefore inevitable that Palestine would have to provide the major part of the immediate solution.> (col. 1060)
[[Addition: Emigration to criminal racist "USA" under other national quotas
Emigration to the criminal racist "USA" was going on on a low level through the whole war. It was on a low level because the Ministry of Interior was Nazi, and because the controls had to be more strictly to prevent that German Nazi spions entered the "USA" disguised as Fantasy Jewish immigrants. Add to this it can be admitted that many Fantasy Jews were emigrating under new names and under another religion withing other national quotas. Of course all this is not mentioned in the article to give the picture that all the world had been against the Fantasy Jews...]]

[[Addition: Holocaust in the sense of the racist Fantasy Zionists
The racist Fantasy Zionist plan to bring western Fantasy Jews to Palestine (see Lilienblum) resp. the creation of a "new Fantasy Jewish man" without East European Fantasy Jews (see the visions) was fulfilled by Haavara agreement and organized Fantasy Jewish emigration from *Germany and *Austria. The plan that the suffering type of Fantasy Jew of eastern Europe should no longer exist was fulfilled also by the Holocaust with mass shootings and mass deaths in eastern Europe. This coordination of Fantasy Zionist plans and Nazi actions are frightening, and *Illegal immigration was going on so there was an English camp on Cyprus...]]

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1057-1058
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1057-1058
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1059-1060
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1059-1060
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1085-1086
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1085-1086
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1087-1088
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1087-1088

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