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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Racist Fantasy Zionism 01: The fantasy word "Zionism" and its meaning

Fantasy Zion = Jerusalem - Fantasy Zionism - "synthetic" Fantasy Zionism

from: [[Fantasy]] Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008 / 2019)

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[Fantasy Zion = Jerusalem - Fantasy Zionism - "synthetic" Fantasy Zionism]

<The root of the term "[[Fantasy]] Zionism" is the word "[[Fantasy]] Zion", which very early in [[Fantasy]] Jewish history became a synonym for Jerusalem. It had a special meaning as far back as after the destruction of the First Temple in expressing the yearning found in the Psalms,

"By the rivers of Babylon, /
There we sat down, yea,we wept, /
When we remembered [[Fantasy]] Zion" (Ps. 137:1);

[[According to the latest archeology king David and a "first temple" did not exist because there is not one single stone of a Jerusalem of this time found, and there is not one single stone found of a "First Temple"; see the work of the famous Fantasy Jewish archaeologists: Finkelstein / Silberman: The Bible Unearthed. So, the "First Temple" seems to be very doubtful - or the "First Temple" was at another place at this time and still has not been found - link]].

-- in the prayer, "And let our eyes behold Thy return in mercy to Fantasy Zion";
-- in the poem, "[[Fantasy]] Zion! Wilt thou not ask if peace be with thy captives /
That seek thy peace - that are the remnant of thy flocks" (Judah Halevi);
-- and frequently elsewhere in religious and secular literature.

The modern term [[Fantasy]] Zionism first appeared at the end of the 19th century, denoting the movement whose goal was the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish people to Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]]. It was coined by Nathan *Birnbaum in his journal Selbstemanzipation [[self emancipation]] (April 1, 1890). Birnbaum himself explained the term (in a letter of Nov. 6, 1891) as the "establishment of an organization of the national-political [[Fantasy]] Zionist party in juxtaposition to the practically oriented party that existed until now."

The term was thus intended to express a political orientation toward Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] in place of the prevailing philanthropic approach. The extent to which the new word filled a need in the young movement can be gauged from the plethora of subtitles of Selbstemanzipation [[self emancipation]] from its first appearance until the May 18, 1893 issue, when the definition "Organ der [[Fantasy]] Zionisten" ("Organ of the [[Fantasy]] Zionists") was adopted.

However, despite the precise meaning which Birnbaum intended to convey by it, the terms "[[Fantasy]] Zionism" and "Hibbat [[Fantasy]] Zion" (Ḥibbat [[Fantasy]] Zion [[Love of [[Fantasy]] Zion]]) (see below) were still used interchangeably, and it was only gradually that the meaning of political [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism, as distinguished from its "practical", almost wholly philanthropic aspect, gained acceptance. This happened finally and unequivocally with the appearance of [[racist]] *Herzl. (col. 1032)

Herzl, who knew nothing of the semantic developments of the word [[Fantasy]] Zionism, first used it to denote philanthropic-supported small-scale settlement. It was only when preparations for the First [[Fantasy]] Zionist Congress had commenced and when, at the last moment, two of the speakers at the Congress - R. Hirsch *Hildesheimer and Willy *Bambus, leading members of the *Ezra Society - withdrew their participation, due to Herzl's explicit political orientation, that Herzl began to stress the importance of the "[[Fantasy]] Zionist" Congress, to be distinguished from the Hibbat (Ḥibbat) [[Fantasy]] Zion movement. The Basle [[Basel, Switzerland]] program adopted at the First [[Fantasy]] Zionist Congress explicitly endorsed Herzl's political conception of [[Fantasy]] Zionism.

From then on [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist history was viewed as being divided into two epochs:

Hibbat (Ḥibbat) [[Fantasy]] Zion [[Love of Fantasy Zion]] up to the First Congress and from then on [[racist]] "[[Fantasy]] Zionism", i.e., political [[racist Fantasy]] Zionism. This did not, however, put an end to the prolonged struggle between the two concepts inside the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist movement, between the [[racist]] "political" and the [[racist]] "practical" [[Fantasy]] Zionists, each of whom regarded their approach to the realization of the [[racist Fantasy]] Zionist aim as the genuine meaning of the term "[[Fantasy]] Zionism".

It was at the Eighth [[Fantasy]] Zionist Congress (1907) that [[racist Fantasy Zionist leader]] Chaim *Weizmann coined a new term, "synthetic" [[Fantasy]] Zionism, which stipulated that the two approaches supplement each other and are in reality two sides of the same coin: political activity is meaningless unless it is based upon practical settlement in Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]], and settlement alone could not develop into desirable proportions without the support of political efforts.

[G.K./ED.]> (col. 1033)

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1031-1032
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1031-1032
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol.
                        16, col. 1033-1034
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1033-1034

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