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Corrupt Peruvian police and killer gang against Van der Sloot:

Joran van der Sloot is no murderer.

Short summary

by Michael Palomino

4 June 2012



Joran van der Sloot did not kill Stephany but Peruvian killer command was as he indicated in Chile two times. He was dismissed from the hotel and had not one single injury, had not one single knife, he does not know how to kill but only knows playing tennis. He wanted to play poker with Stephany and they had both paid already a 2,000 dollars entrance fee for playing in a poker tour in the casino on Lima beach. Skin under Stephany's finger nails was never investigated with a DNA test and it's not Joran's skin for sure, but some police commanders with bad fantasy like Mr. Juan Callán and Miguel Angel Canlla Ore manipulated Joran van der Sloot during the interrogation in Lima for a wrong "confession" by wrong promises, and after that also the lawyer was only giving the advice for false "confession" to receive less punishment - but he never has killed in Lima by the reasons indicated above. Add to this the girl was stabbed by knife but in the morgue the kinds of death were changed in the documents (this change was probably executed by commander Juan Callán who was present investigating the dead body in the hotel). But Europeans do not kill with knifes. Add to this not one single banking card of Stephany was found and there was no investigation how much was stolen from Stephany's bank accounts. And now?

The conclusions in the Joran van der Sloot case are the following ones:

1. this case is not only a case of Joran van der Sloot, but is also a case of Peruvian police PNP where are manipulations during interrogations and in reports (black energy) and is also a case of Peruvian justice where only police indications of PNP are copied

2. the three or four killers who killed Stephany are free yet

3. there are more murder cases in the same way in Peru (stabbed by a group of not known people) and it seems as if there is a specialized group executing these actions like here

4. and Joran van der Sloot - who has not killed in Lima - is not the only case: there are 1,000s of innocent prisoners in Peru's prisons and they are only there because of manipulated interrogations ans faked reports by certain members of Peruvian police PNP - by black energy

5. Peruvian justice which did not investigate at all has only copied the "work" of police, and this justice is nothing worth

6. and Catholic religion of Church also permits these actions and permits passivity of justice system, and also this Church is nothing worth.

Human Rights and logic would be worth more for more justice.

communication: michael.palomino@gmx.ch

With criminal Peruvians there is no advertising.