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London 01

presented by Michael Palomino

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Video: London's Top 10 Attractions with The London Pass (14'8'')

Video: London's Top 10 Attractions with The London Pass (14'8'')

There is a "London Pass" for 1 day and one for 2 days. One can see with this "London Pass" the following things:

1) WESTMINSTER CHURCH: is a [Satanist] church with famous people buried here which were allowed to be famous. [Satanist Child rituals in the cellar are hidden].

2) CHURCHILL WAR ROOMS: [are just aside Rothschild main center with it's Committee of 300 which made Hitler a Rothschild puppet in 1919 by Mind Control (see the book: Hitler was a British Agent). So all war theater of WWI and WWII were just a play of Rothschild and all these Churchill war rooms are not so credible, and from here the town destructions in Germany were ordered since 1943 for nothing destroying also all Jewish houses in the centers of German towns - what a shame, it would not have been necessary, but Rothschild Zionists wanted that because they wanted to eliminate all roots of German Jews in Germany to drive all Jews from Germany to IL because they were the best ones for the foundation of new "Israel" Jewish State...]

3) TOWER OF LONDON: is a gray castle built in 1070 by William the Bastard or Conquerer, "bastard" is [a Church terrorist word] only used because his parents were not married - and there is a traitor's bridge and a raven joke in this castle, and Royal [Satanist] jewel collection exhibition can be seen, and in the Bloody Tower a torture museum [with Satanist Church terrorist torture methods] is installed.

4) TOWER BRIDGE: built by [Satanist] government in 1896 there are two gateways up on 110 feet of height which were closed in 1911 because of prostitutes and pickpockets. Today they are opened with a glassy floor provoking some swindle.

5) BANQUETING HOUSE: is the only Palace of the Royal Whitehall line, King Charles got his head chopped off here, and there is a ceiling painted by Rubens.

6) BUCKINGHAM PALACE: there can be seen the [Satanist Reptilian] Queen's picture collection with many Canalettos from Venice. When the [Satanist Reptilian] "Queen" is at Buckingham Palace a special Royal flag is shown on the roof, when the [Reptile] "Queen" is outside the Union Jack is shown.

7) KENSINGTON PALACE: this is a red palace with nice surroundings, with Prince William, [Reptilian] "Queen" Victoria grew up here.

LONDON CANAL SYSTEM:  Take a canal boat trip to see London from another side, e.g. heading to the zoo.


9) BATTLE SHIP OF WWII: HMS Belfast, was used for D Day in 1944

10) SAINT PAUL'S CATHEDRAL:  [which was built  after the big fire of London of Satanist year of 1666 with Satanist proportion principles], before, a Greek temple of Diana was there, and princess Diana married at Saint Paul's Cathedral;  for going up to the top of the cupola of the cathedral, 1) it costs much, and 2) be there before 3pm because after 3pm no entrance is permitted any more.

11) GOLDEN TOUR BUS TOUR - [of course all must be golden here in this Satanist world capital of London where it's mostly a gray sky with rain]

12) "THE MONUMENT": just a pillar commemorating the [Satanist] fire [festival] of [the satanist devil number of] 1666. One can go up the pillar passing 2 times 311 steps. First this column was the highest point in London. Guests coming back from the climbing receive a "certificate".  

13) BOAT TOUR (RIVER BOAT CRUISE on Thames River): for heading to Greenwich or Hampton


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London for free: 1) British Museum - 2) Regent's Park - 3) Sky Garen - 4) Free Walking Tours - 5) Camden Town - 6) Greenwich - 7) Walking on the river banks

Video: 7 Best Things to Do in London for Free (9'42'')

Video: 7 Best Things to Do in London for Free (9'42'')

0:28 1. British Museum
British Museum was the first national museum in the world. 6 million people per year see 8 million objects, with a collection from Ancient Egypt and Sudan, with a mummy of Cleopatra, more mummies, and temple statues, as also a big Greek department ("Rome"), here are the sculptures from Athens.

2:10 2. Regent's Park
London has 3000 parks thus there is always a place for relax. Here are fountains, sculptures with winged lions, a little lake with pedalo drives, and an own zoo. There are "Queen Mary's Gardans" with a rose collection of 400 varieties of roses. There are the Avenue Gardens with walks in geometric order and fountains.

3:20 3. Sky Garden
On floor 36 there is a restaurant and a garden with a viewing possibility in a circle of 360º. In the garden are planted plants from the Mediterranean and from South Africa.

4:13 4. Free Walking Tours
Learn about London by foot and learn about places, e.g. Trafalgar Square, there are two tours: the Old City Tour, and the Royal Tour visiting 3 palaces, Saint James's Palace with bagpipe music corps, Buckingham Palace with troops on horses, the tours are free but tips are welcome. On the Old City Tour one can get to learn more about London, with Big Ben, with monuments etc.

5:28 5. Camden Town
Here are over 1000 shops, drink and dance locations, variation of life is loved from fine stile to punky stile, streets are even roofed forming protected pedestrial zone market streets, there are old handicrafts bewared here like old leather stuff, old photo shooting like in the 1920s, at the other side all punky leather stuff, or also hand painted sports shoes. Food restaurants are mixed here with any kind of taste e.g. China kitchen, Indian kitchen, Tai kitchen, Mexican kitchen, Italian kitchen.

6:52 6. Greenwich
Royal Naval College, with a chappell with a "Painted Hall", in the normal "Greek" style with gods and goddesses of Egypt etc. There is also the National Maritime Museum, there is the "Queen's House", the earliest English building in classical style, and there is a big park "Greenwich Park", and there is the Royal Observatory with a view of London skyline passing a park. And Greenwich has also a market, Greenwich Market. And there is a ship, Cutty Sack, an old clipper ship from 1869, officially for tea trade with China.

8:32 7. Walking on the river banks
River bank walks are relaxing and good for an architecture tour. There are glass towers, old castles, medieval ruins. Highlights are the Shard [an obelisk pyramid], the "Globe" Shakespeare theatre, the Tower Bridge, the castle "Tower of London", Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral,

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