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Germany and Europe: Germanic Fart
from Tacitus to Hitler's ruin - from 15th to 20th century

Teutons against Romans - Tacitus and his "Germania" - Humanist digging out "Germania" - "Germanics" as "natives" - "deification of Germanics" and falsifications - populist equalization: German = Germanic - keywords Germanics and Germanity - combination with racist doctrines - blood and soil ideology: Wagner and others - belief in a final victory with Hindenburg and Hitler - ideologists and "Germanic" race policy in National Socialism

  Tacitus "Germania", cover  Hermann monument ("Arminius the
                    Cheruscan") in remembrance of the battle
                    against Roman legions under Varus, 9 A.C.  Richard Wagner,
                  portrait with very cynical characteristics, an
                  anti-SemiteThule Society, emblem with swastikaStriped flag
                  of Hitler Youth with swastika  Town in ruins, e.g. Stuttgart, summer 1945

by Michael Palomino (2010)




-- Lund, Allan A.: Germanic ideology in National Socialism. About "Germania" of Tacitus in the "Third Reich" (orig. German: Germanenideologie im Nationalsozialismus. Zur Rezeption der "Germania" des Tacitus im "Dritten Reich". Heidelberg 1995
-- web sites (are indicated)


This chronology shows how Germanic madness and race madness was created in Europe. The content is a contribution to declare racism in Third Reich. Germanic madness was coming out by a chain of wrong conclusions, "scientific" ones and populist ones, and after military proceedings they have a revival: after Napoleon's defeat, after the foundation of the Reich since 1871, and after the dictation of Versailles since 1919.

Stupid racism doctrines are taught also after 1920 at the universities of "civilization". Racism "professors" partially reach highest ranks, even before 1933. At the end with Hitler as a "leader of all Germanics" (also called: "Teutons") a historic super worst case is performed, in combination with the popular stupid but permitted racist doctrines, and with a world communism as counter part. Germanic fart comes to a sudden end.

Michael Palomino
May 2003


has got the naive picture that a folk will keep its autochthonism: A population is growing as flowers or trees are growing; this is said in T. Poesche: "The Aryans - a contribution about historic anthropology" (orig. German: "Die Arier - Ein Beitrag zur historischen Anthropologie"), 1978 (S.?)

9 A.C.
Germanics under Hermann fight the Romans under Varus
in Teutobourg Forest, where - it's said like this - can be found the battle field where in the year 9 A.C. Hermann the Cheruscan has won against Roman general Varus with his three legions. The battle was a decisive turnaround for European history. The territory between Rhine River and Elbe River will stay Germanic (Lund, p.18).

Hermann monument
Hermann monument in Detmold
vergrössernHermann monument in Detmold

Map with Teutoburg Forest (German:
                          "Teutoburger Wald")r Wald
vergrössernMap with Teutoburg Forest (German: "Teutoburger Wald")

Varus battle, actors
Varus battle, actors

98 A.C.
Tacitus writing a book "Germania"
(Lund, p. 31), Tacitus is a Roman historian (Lund, p. 66); "Germania" of Tacitus is an idealized version of Germanic life (Lund, p.56).

Tacitus: book "Germania"

Tacitus, profile
Tacitus, profile
Tacitus "Germania",
Tacitus "Germania", cover

Tacitus prizing Germanic child education without segregation of sexes
Germanic mixed child education is mentioned with Caesar already, and Caesar calls this "moral depravity" (Lund, p.58).

[But there is missing the indication until what age a person is a "child" in Germanic culture. It can be admitted that with 10 years the children were not educated together any more, and that weddings were with 12 years as it was normal in all tribal cultures].

Tacitus: Germanic punishment with dumping in the swamp - and swamp corpses
There was a Germanic death penalty ending as a swamp corps. This punishment is admitted (Lund, p.60) according to chapter 12 and 19 of Tacitus (Lund, p.61)
-- for deserters, cowards, bawdry: for "keeping clean the race"
-- for homosexuals who were brought to the gods to save the folk from the fury of the gods (Lund, p.60).

Swamp corps
                "Grauballemann" in Moesgaard, Denmark, 2000
                years old
Swamp corps "Grauballemann" in Moesgaard, Denmark, 2000 years old

Tacitus and "fidelity"
in chapter 7 and c.13,2-3 (Lund, p.51)

Tacitus: term of racism in Tacitus
The term of racism in Tacitus is not biological, but is an idea which has it's base by the environment (Lund, p.46).

[Tacitus is differing between racist "mountain people" and "valley people", "persons in cold climate" and "persons in warm climate" etc.].

Tacitus about the origin of the Germanics (Teutons)
Tacitus thinks about the origin of the Germanics in his "Germania" in chapter 2 and 3. But these chapters can be considered only as a trial of ethnic definition of the "tribes" living in "Germania", or as a trial of a definition of nativeness corresponding to the antique idea (Lund, p.49).

R. von Kienle about Tacitus's origin theory of the Germanics
Kienle comments Tacitus's origin theory of the Germanics in his book "Germanic community forms" (German: Germanische Gemeinschaftsformen") (1939):
-- the prescription in "Germania" of Tacitus c.2,3 about the origin of the Germanics is a myth
-- the prescription is the oldest existing prescription of a geographic position of Germanics
-- the prescription knows the names of the mythic sons of gods yet
-- it's important that there is prescribed a uniform origin showing a feeling of community in all tribes, and calling that the collectivity of West Germanics would be familiarly related (Lund, p.49).

about 800
Charlemagne: First time with the term "theodiscus" / "diutisk"
During Charlemagne in about 800 it's the first time that exists a common term "theodiscus" / "diutisk", later "tütsch" / "deutsch" (Lund, p. 15).

[According to latest research Charlemagne has not existed, but Charlemagne was invented by a clique of monks. But referring to the terms "theodiscus" and "diutisk" there is no change].

Middle Ages
The book "Germania" of Tacitus is not known
Between 800 and 1300 during the Middle Ages the book "Germania" of Tacitus was principally unknown. "Germania" only survived in handwritings in monastery of Hersfeld in "Codex Hersfeldensis" (Lund, p. 16).

                monastery in Hersfeld
Ruined monastery in Hersfeld

since 15th century

A writer - not known who, just someone - a writer is breaking the first ground and gives the definition that "Tacitus" is representing the kind of living of all "Germanics". The intellectuals want to live in consciousness of the old "races" and are digging out old works:
-- authors of "classic antique" are detected "in a new way", with handwritings of "classic antique"
-- texts about the "old Germanics" are worked through again
-- and it's the first time that Germans and "Germanics" are presented as the same thing (Lund, p.15).

[So, this intellectual return is inventing false theories, and these theories will be taken later by politics and will be presented as the truth and will be the base for politic demagogy and populism].

"Germania" of Tacitus in Rome
The book "Germania" of Tacitus is discovered in monastery of Hersfeld in "Codex Hersfeldensis" and is presented in Rome with the Humanists in 1455 (Lund, p.16).

"Germania" commentary of Silvius Piccolomini (pope Pius II)
Piccolomini (1405-1464) writes an own "Germania" referring to Tacitus. Later Piccolomini is pope Pius II himself (Lund, p.17).

                Piccolomini, pope Pius II, portrait
Silvius Piccolomini, pope Pius II, portrait

First publication of "Germania" of Tacitus
It is an "editio princeps", very probably printed in Bologna (Lund, p.16).

First publication of "Germania" in German language area in Nuremberg
(Lund, p. 16)

[Now you know why Nuremberg was the Nazi center for it's party conventions...]

since 1475 appr.
First phase of Germanic cult
with idealization of Germanics with the sources of Caesar, Tacitus, and Florus (Lund, p.16).

Caesar, a war criminal, he is allowed
                            to reign over Germania again...
Caesar, a war criminal, he is allowed to reign over Germania again...
Tacitus, portrait. His generalizations
                            and ambiguities are later indicating the way
                            of the later populists.
Tacitus, portrait. His generalizations and ambiguities are later indicating the way of the later populists.

[There are missing the own Germanic productions. They did not exist because until this time Latin was the "literary language". German was mostly only permitted for speaking and was tabooed in the upper class].

[Falsification thesis of "Germania": At the same time it has to be asked if a falsification of "Germania" possible. Tacitus, has he been in Germania? When it was a good work, why there was a copy only in a little German monastery to be found and not in a big monastery like San Gal or in Italy? It seems to be a false work by German monks...]

16th century

16th to 20th century
Predecessors of "blood and soil ideology"
Now within the discussion about the Germanics are coming up the elements of the later "blood and soil ideology". There are taking part folklorists, germanists, prehistorians, race researchers (Lund, p.11), with an enthusiasm for natural and direct conduct to one's "native soil" (Lund, p. 11-12), with appeals against "degenerated life" in towns (Lund, p.12).

Lectures of "humanist" Conrad Celtis (1459-1508) about "Germania"
Celtis saying at a lecture in Vienna: Celtis means that Germanics were "autochthonous", as the natives of Europe (Lund, p.16).

                Celtis, portrait
Conrad Celtis, portrait

about 1500
Falsifications referring deification of Germanics: Johannes Trithemius
Johannes Trithemius (1462-1516) is an abbot in monastery of Sponheim. Basically his name is Johannes Heidenberg, or Johannes Zeller, or also Johannes of Trittenheim. He is a well educated scholar and humanist. He also was known as a theoretician about bitches.
(from: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Trithemius, 2007)

Trithemius claims in his work "Hunibald" that in the time of 500 A.C. there had been a Franconian-Germanic Empire. But this statement is only an unconfirmed statement and is turning out as an invention (Lund, p.16).

                Trithemius, tombstone slab with relief of an inventor of
                an Empire
Johannes Trithemius, tombstone slab with relief of an inventor of an Empire

Falsification for deification of Germanics: Annius of Viterbo
Annius of Viterbo is describing in his work "Berosus" a Germanic high culture between Don River and Rhine River, describing a heyday of "Germanic high culture" in this territories under a sun of Noah who would be the progenitor of the Germanics and Skyts with the name "Tuyscon". Annius of Viterbo is composing a line of ancestors with "Tuyscon": "Tuyscon, Germanorum et Sarmatarum pater". This line of ancestors is an invention (Lund, p. 16).

Annius of
                Viterbo: work "Berosus" with a description of
                a Germanic territory between Don River and Rhine River,
                and with an invented line of ancestors with a Noah,
                called "Tuyscon"
Annius of Viterbo: work "Berosus" with a description of a Germanic territory between Don River and Rhine River, and with an invented line of ancestors with a Noah, called "Tuyscon"

Statement: Germanics would be "natives":Heinrich Bebel (Henricus Bebelius)
Heinrich Bebel (1472-1518) states in his work "Oratio ad Maximilianum de eius atque Germaniae landibus" that the natives of Europe would be the Germanics. The Germanics had autochthony, also "down-to-earthiness", referring to Tacitus (Lund, p.18).
                Bebel, recognized as "Poeta laureatus"
Heinrich Bebel, recognized as "Poeta laureatus"

[The misbelief of Bebe that the Germanics would be the natives of Europe will be the cause of many imperial ideas of many Emperors and dictators, it's a pity].

Discovery of "Annales" of Tacitus by Ulrich von Hutten
Hutten (1488-1523)
-- means that the Germans are basically related by blood
-- is founding a cult about Cheruscan leader Arminius
-- is writing a dialog "Arminius" in 1520 with the "Annales" as it's base, printed in 1529 (Lund, p.17).

Ulrich von
                Hutten, claiming that Germans are basically related by
Ulrich von Hutten, claiming that Germans are basically related by blood

Common linguistic term "tütsch"
The term Germanic is changing into "tütsche" resp. "Dütsche", then "Deutsche" resp. "Deutschland" (Lund, p.15).

[The change from "ü" to "eu" is a linguistic development with a normal phonetic change from Middle High German to Modern High German].

Equalization "German" = "Germanic"
Now the "humanist" men of letters are putting "German" equal to "Germanic" (Lund, p.15), above all by "Germania" of Tacitus (Lund, p.16). One of the first is Johannes Aventinus Turmeir (1477-1534), also known as "Bavaria Herodot" (Lund, p.15).

He is known as "Johannes Aventinus". Basically his name was Johann Georg Turmair.
(from: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Aventinus)

                Aventinus, basically Johann Georg Turmair, was one of
                the first stupid men of letters putting
                "German" equal to "Germanic"...
Johannes Aventinus, basically Johann Georg Turmair, was one of the first stupid men of letters putting "German" equal to "Germanic"...

Distinction old Germanic -/- new Germanic - populism does not make the distinction
Other "humanist" men of letters make the distinction between "Germania vetus" (old Germania") and "Germania recentior" (modern Germania), e.g. humanist Rhenanus (1485-1547).

                Rhenanus, portrait of a man making the distinction
                between old and new Germania
Beatus Rhenanus, portrait of a man making the distinction between old and new Germania

Generally the distinction between old and new Germania is getting it's way in "scientific literature" up to 19th century, but not in popular literature (Lund, p.15-16).

Rhenanus describing "Germania"
in his work "Germanicarum rerum libritres", with the distinction of old and new "Germania" (Lund, p.15).

Turmeir invoking "Germanity"
Johannes Aventinus Turmeir [Johann Georg Turmair] is invoking "Germanity" in his work "Chronicle of the origin and of the facts of the very old Germans" (orig. German: "Chronica vom Ursprung, herkommen und thaten der uralten Teutschen") (Lund, p. 15).

Middle of 16th century
The interest for "Germania" of Tacitus and the "Germanics" is going back little bit (Lund, p.19).

1700 / 18th century

"Teutoburg Forest" near Detmold is called like this since 18th century only (Lund, p.18).

until end of 19th century
Linguistics are coming up
Generally Asia is determinated as the origin of all languages ("Asia theory") (Lund, p.26).

"Germania" of Tacitus is furthermore the instrument of Germanic enthusiasm, e.g. with Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) and with Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783-1872).

Germanic enthusiasts
Johann Gottfried Herder, portrait
                          of a Germanic enthusiast
Johann Gottfried Herder, portrait of a Germanic enthusiast
Nicolai Frederik Severin
                          Grundtvig, portrait of an Germanic enthusiast
Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig, portrait of an Germanic enthusiast


1800-1945 / after Napoleon / since 1815
Second phase of "Germanic cult" in Europe
-- this new Germanic cult is a real "Germanomania" with a dream of a "Great Germanic Reich" (Lund, p.16)
-- this new Germanic cult also is the answer to Napoleonic occupations. After the French Empire under Napoleon the interest of "Germanism" and of such an Empire is growing:

oo it begins with a popular term of romanticist Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803): He is speaking of a "felicity in the folk around a center" and creates the term "folk's spirit" (German: "Volksgeist")
oo then modern romanticism is coming
oo then nationalist wave is coming up to 1945 (Lund, p.19).

Denomination of "Teutoburg Forest"
In remembrance of the "Teutons" "Teutoburg Forest" is denominated, and Hermann the Cheruscan is given a monument in remembrance of the battle against Varus in 9 A.C. The new monument near Detmold in Teutoburg Forest is 27 m high (Lund, p.17,18).

Hermann monument ("Arminius the
                Cheruscan") in remembrance of the battle against
                Roman legions under Varus, 9 A.C.
vergrössernHermann monument ("Arminius the Cheruscan") in remembrance of the battle against Roman legions under Varus, 9 A.C.

19th century
General science about the race
There is only one human race: "Homo sapiens sapiens" (Lund, p. 47).

Linguistic invention of the term "Ayrian"
The term "Ayrian" is a linguistic term for affinity of languages from Europe up to India, in contrast to the "Semitic" affinity of languages (Lund, p.29).

at the beginning of 19th century
Linguistic invention of the terms "native people" (German: "Urvolk"), "Indo-Germanic" in contrast to the "Semitic"
German linguistics have the tendency to denominate the "native people" as "Indo-Germanics", in contrast to the "Semitic". [So, in linguistics is often used e.g. the term "Aryan-Indo-Germanic"].

Now the linguistic terms are put in an rating with a spirit of eurocentrism during the linguistic reflections: So, there is e.g. a definition of "genious languages" ("genialische Sprachen") by W. of Humboldt (1767-1835) (citation without indication of work or time, compare: Telegdi 1987) (Lund, p.26).

Wilhelm of
              Humboldt, portrait of a fantasist calling some languages
              "genius languages"...
Wilhelm of Humboldt, portrait of a fantasist calling some languages "genius languages"...

Germanic madness
Later racist populists are taking over the linguistic terms to construct their racist doctrines with them (Lund, p.26).

[Let's say in this way: With illegal science of racism in linguistics is made much money taking the terms for racist somatology presenting this construction as a new result of research. And now one can make much money with the new racist doctrines...]

1807 / 1808
Germanic madness: Fichte predicts a "Mission of the Germans"
Such a rubbish is saying Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814) in his "Speeches to The German Nation", with "Germania" as it's base:
-- Fichte is speaking of the "historic mission of the Germans"
-- Fichte is speaking of an "original folk" and of a "nation" with the aim of a unity of the German folk in it's language (Lund, p.19).

[It seems that Napoleon's madness had inspired Fichte in a very bad way].

              Gottlieb Fichte, profile of a fantasist speaking of a
              "historic mission of the Germans" and of an
              "original folk"
Johann Gottlieb Fichte, profile of a fantasist speaking of a "historic mission of the Germans" and of an "original folk"

since 1810 appr.
Linguistics: Indo-Germanicomania
Some linguistic scientists try to prove now that Western Europe would be the "original homeland of the Indo-Germanics" (Lund, p.26).

Germanic madness with selection: Prof. Arndt
Prof. Ernst Moritz Arndt, poet ant professor (1769-1860) writes his first racism doctrine and doctrine of selection, title of the book: "Fantasies about adjustment of judgments about future German constitutions" (orig. German: "Phantasien zur Berichtigung der Urteile über künftige deutsche Verfassungen") (1815-1816). Arndt refers evidently to "Germania" of Tacitus claiming in an adequate way that the Germans are considered "of pure breed" already.
(in: "Scripts for and to my dear Germans" (orig. Germans: "Schriften für und an meine lieben Deutschen"), 1845, p.363).

Arndt was e.g. professor at Greifswald university from 1806 to 1811.
(from: http://www.rsf.uni-greifswald.de/rollberg/ernst-moritz-arndt/print.html)

Ernst Moritz
              Arndt, portrait of the first selection racist
Ernst Moritz Arndt, portrait of the first selection racist

Arndt makes the definitions of "bastarded" folks (German: "verbastardierte Völker") and "clean" folks (German: "reine Völker"). Citation:

"The Germans are not bastarded by foreign folks, they have not become crossbreed, they are more than many other folks because they have stayed in their natural purity and had been able to develop themselves from this purity in their kind and nature according to the laws of time, slowly and quietly. The happy Germans are an original people [...] Every people will be able to create the best and the most precious (Lund, p.19) when always the strongest and the most beautiful element of a tribe are selected and let father together." (Lund, p.20)

(orig. German:
<Die Deutschen sind nicht durch fremde Völker verbastardet, sie sind keine Mischlinge geworden, sie sind mehr als viele andere Völker in ihrer angeborenen Reinheit geblieben und haben sich aus dieser Reinheit ihrer Art und Natur nach den stetigen Gesetzen der Zeit langsam und still entwickeln können; die glücklichen Deutschen sind ein ursprüngliches Volk [...] Jedes Volk wird nur dadurch das Beste und Edelste hervor- (Lund, p. 19) bringen können, dass es immer das Kräftigste und Schönste seines Stammes ausliest und miteinander zeugen lässt.> (Lund, p. 20)

Indo-Germanicomania: Europe should be the cradle of mankind (eurocentrism)
H.Schulz: work: "Referring basic history of German tribe" (orig. German: "Zur Urgeschichte des deutschen Volksstamms"):
-- Schulz claims that Western Europe would be the "cradle" of the complete Indo-Germanic tribe (Lund, p.26)
-- Schulz claims with this an eurocentrism. Africa is not possible for him as a location of development of mankind (Lund, p.27).

Construction of "Walhalla": with a picture of winning "Hermann"
Exhibition hall "Walhalla" is a copy of a Greek temple and was built by architect Leo von Kienze
-- performing a project of king Lewis I of Bavaria (Ludwig I. von Bayern)
-- with a Germanic deification with a frieze of Cheruscan Hermann with his winning Germanics against fleeing and dying Romans (Lund, p.17-18).


Walhalla temple (copy of Greek temple)
vergrössernWalhalla temple (copy of Greek temple)
Interior of Walhalla with Germanic
                          madness for mental decay of society
vergrössernInterior of Walhalla with Germanic madness for mental decay of society
Walhalla, northern frieze with Hermann in
                        Varus battle, 9 A.C.
Walhalla, northern frieze with Hermann in Varus battle, 9 A.C.
Initiator of Walhalla king Lewis I of
                          Bavaria (Ludwig I. von Bayern)
Initiator of Walhalla king Lewis I of Bavaria (Ludwig I. von Bayern)
Walhalla architect Leo von Kienze
Walhalla architect Leo von Kienze

[Considering that also other temple cultures have drowned the construction of this temple in Germany is indicating the way for megalomania and for the coming defeat of 1945. There has to be made the question why the historians of Europe have not seen this important connection...]

Celtic is also "Indo-European"
German linguistics recognizes also Celtic languages as Indo-European, e.g. Kaspar Zeuss in his work "The Germans and their neighbor tribes" (orig. German: "Die Deutschen und ihre Nachbarstämme") (1837).

                Zeuss, portrait
Kaspar Zeuss, portrait

Foundation of a new Germany and emancipation of the Jews
Foundation of a new Germany was a national event.
Emancipation of the Jews was a religious political event.

Racists made now their mixtures with nationalism and racism against Jews. Read on how Europe is going to hell with such racist "philosophers":

about 1850
Racism doctrine: measurings of skulls by Anders Retzius turning into an index for determination of races
The new physical racism is distinguishing long skulls (dolichocephalia) and short skulls (brachycephalia) (Lund, p.26-27), initiated by Swedish anatomist Anders Retzius (1796-1860).

                Retzius, portrait of a stupid pseudo scientist
                distinguishing long skulls and short skulls
Anders Retzius, portrait of a stupid pseudo scientist distinguishing long skulls and short skulls

since 1850 appr.
As romanticism is determinating intellectuals in Germany also French romaniticism is coming up, with a celtomania with deification of Vercingetorix with monuments which are standing until today (Lund, p.18).

Vercingetorix was leader of the Arvearni army, the last colonel of resistance against Roman legions under Caesar before the total Roman occupation in 52 B.C.
(from: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vercingetorix)

[Vercingetorix is adored as the "most famous Gaul" and is also represented in children's comic (Asterix)].

Adoration of Vercingetorix in France
                          statue in Alise Ste Reine, Côte d'Or, Auxois
vergrössernVercingetorix statue in Alise Ste Reine, Côte d'Or, Auxois

Vercingetorix monument in

vergrössernVercingetorix monument in Clermont-Ferrand

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903): Thesis of the survival of the fittest
Spencer claims a "survival of the fittest", and this is taken later by Darwin (Lund, p.24).

                Spencer, portrait of a realist telling that the fittest
                survives better
Herbert Spencer, portrait of a realist telling that the fittest survives better


Gobineau: "Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines"
Comte de [Lord of] Gobineau (1816-1882), he was a race theoretist editing his racist work
-- proclaiming the absolute purity of the white, within them the "Ayrians", the only race which has been kept "pure"
-- proclaiming that the races are not equal
-- proclaiming "hereditary factors" (Lund, p.20).

Gobineau, portrait of a racist theoretist, a fool
                  without relations to the reality claiming that
                  "Ayrians" are the only pure race
Gobineau, portrait of a racist theoretist, a fool without relations to the reality claiming that "Ayrians" are the only pure race

Skull measurements - skeleton measurements: Retzius
"Scientist" Anders Retzius, a Swedish anatomist, publishes a new "essay" about racist measurements of bones with the title "View of the present point of view of ethnology referring to the form of skeleton" (orig. German:  "Blick auf den gegenwärtigen Standpunkt der Ethnologie in Bezug auf die Gestalt des knöchernen Schädelgerüsts". Retzius states in his essay clearly: Africa is the territory of "long heads" (Lund, p.27).

In: Archive for anatomy, physiology and scientific medicine (orig. German: Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medizin), 1858, p.106-147. 

Eurocentrism: Wilser
Essay of Ludwig Wilser: "Round heads in Europe"; Ludwig Wilser presents his result: Europe is said to be the base of migration of mankind from Europe to Africa and Asia (Lund, p.27).

In: Central newspaper for Anthropology, Ethnology and basic prehistory (orig. German: Centralblatt für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte), 4/1899, p.1-7, S.4.

Charles Darwin: The "Right of the stronger"
Work: "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle of Life."

Thesis: In nature there is a selection principle, in animal world and in plant life, according to the right of the stronger (Lund, p.24).

Charles Darwin, stages of life
Charles Darwin, portrait young
Charles Darwin, portrait young
Charles Darwin 02 with son William 1842
Charles Darwin 02 with son William 1842

Charles Darwin 03 old, profile
Charles Darwin 03 old, profile

[So, Mr. Charles Darwin means that humans are animals, and is claiming a right for all colonels and dictators to try out who is stronger...]

since 1859
Darwinism becomes popular and this popularization of Darwin is founding "scientific" social racism - "social Darwinism"
Popular Darwinists are transmitting the martial saying "right of the stronger" to human society, creating a "social Darwinism". Main popularizer of "social Darwinism" with transmission of Darwin's ideas on human society are
-- Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919)
-- Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) (Lund, p.24).

Ernst Haeckel, profile of a racist
                          founder of social Darwinism
Ernst Haeckel, profile of a racist founder of social Darwinism
Herbert Spencer, portrait (02) of
                          a racist founder of social Darwinism
Herbert Spencer, portrait (02) of a racist founder of social Darwinism

Claim of hereditary science: invention of "biologic degeneration"
Eugenics are concluding another conclusion of Darwin's theory, that "civilized society" is suffering of "biologic degeneration" when races would melt. A race could only have a development for the better when a weaker race would be eliminated (Lund, p.24-25).

[not mentioned:
By this definition of "degeneration" many illnesses are not recognized, e.g. illnesses by metal dishes and metal dental fillings (amalgam). Also illnesses provoked by industry and bad industrial food is not recognized].

Mendel's laws
Mendel's laws are among experts mostly unnoted at the moment (Lund, p. 25).

                Mendel, portrait of a hereditary scientist without
Gregor Mendel, portrait of a hereditary scientist without racism

since 1871

German victory against France and German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine
Alsace-Lorraine always was a border region between Germany and France, and this time it came to Germany again. There followed
-- the foundation of "Second German Empire"
-- the change of historic denomination "German history" or "History of the Germans" in "History of Germany" (Lund, p.26).

1871: Celebration of German victory over France - German megalomania
Emperor William I
                        (Wilhelm I.) in Marly in 1871
Emperor William I (Wilhelm I.) in Marly in 1871

Victory celebration at Brandenburg gate
                          in Berlin 1871
vergrössernVictory celebration at Brandenburg gate in Berlin 1871
Emperor's proclamation in Versailles in
                        1871 with the proclamation of the "Second
                        German Empire" by emperor William I
                        (Wilhelm I.), wood engraving of 1878
Emperor's proclamation in Versailles in 1871 with the proclamation of the "Second German Empire" by emperor William I (Wilhelm I.), wood engraving of 1878

Victory column in Berlin of 1873
vergrössernVictory column in Berlin of 1873

Nationalists put now: race is skin color
(Lund, p. 47)

[German victory against France leads also German racists in universities into a megalomania and any scientific work is lost].

The term of "tradition"
The term of "tradition" becomes the base of a collective propagated consciousness of national German identity in a national state with an ethnic base (Lund, p.25).

The term of "homeland"
-- beginning of "homeland" traditions
-- beginning of German homeland traditions and homeland dresses
-- foundation of homeland associations (Lund, p. 28).

Also school children are manipulated with these new "homeland traditions" for "love" for the homeland (Lund, p.28); and the "homeland" in Germany is stressed with the foundation of 197 homeland museums 1871-1918 (Lund, p.26).

Melting of ethnic and racist tendencies
Only experts are going on separating national character and race. But popular media
-- are stressing a "feeling of unity"
-- are stressing a common past (Lund, p.28)
-- are stressing a "community of destiny"
-- are stressing "blood" as common factor
-- are stressing an "anti race" of the Jews as concept of an enemy (Lund, p.29).

[In this manipulation of children also is Adolf Hitler in German Austria].

1875 appr. ?
Homo = "Urning"
Dr. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) is a lawyer and private scholar introducing the term "Uranian" for persons who are  "contra sexual" and "homosexual". This is a term of Greek mythology (Lund, p.63).

Karl Heinrich
              Ulrichs, Portrait of private scholar introducing the term
              "Uranian" for homos
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Portrait of private scholar introducing the term "Uranian" for homos

H. Böttger: Discourse about residences of the Germanics
The discourse has a long title and is speaking about all mentioned "residences" which are described in "historic" Latin works:

"Residences of the Germans in the territories described by Tacitus in his Germania, from original sources of Julius Caesar, Strabo, Vellejus, Tacitus, Plinius the Elder, Ptolemäus, Pomponius Mela, Sueton, Florus, Dio Cassius a.o." Stuttgart 1877

(orig. German:
"Wohnsitze der Deutschen in dem von Tacitus in seiner Germania beschriebenen Lande, aus den Originalquellen des Julius Cäsar, Strabo, Vellejus, Tacitus, Plinius des Älteren, Ptolemäus, Pomponius Mela, Sueton, Florus, Dio Cassius u.A.", Stuttgart 1877)

[So, "Science" is bringing back the identity of Germany to a time before Caesar and is going back 1800 years, incredible scientific proceedings].

Poesche: "Ayrians" are said coming from "Northern Europe"
Professor Theodor Poesche: Work "The Ayrian - a contribution to historic anthropology" (orig. German: "Die Arier - Ein Beitrag zur historischen Anthropologie") (Lund, p. 26):
-- Poesche claims that original homeland of the "Ayrians" were "the lowlands of Northern Europe" (Lund, p.28)
-- Poesche claims that Indo-Europeans from Asia would descend from Indo-Europeans from Europe (Lund, p.26).

Wilhelm Marr creating the term "anti-Semitism"
(Lund, p. 24).

Wilhelm Marr,
              profile of a fool creating the term
Wilhelm Marr, profile of a fool creating the term "anti-Semitism"

The political fool Wilhelm Marr
First the fool Wilhelm Marr was an anarchist and German foreigner in Switzerland, was expelled from Zurich because of communist activities, then was expelled from Lausanne because of secret left activities, then since 1848 was political journalist in Hamburg and even deputy of Radical Democrat Party in Frankfort, then was enthusiast of Prussia, then in 1852 when he saw that his political meanings against the emancipation of the Jews had no success in Frankfort parliament, he was merchant in Costa Rica without success, then since 1854 he was again in Hamburg with anti-Semitic agitation against emancipation of the Jews, and then he invented the term "anti-Semitism" and was founder of "league of anti-Semites" (German: "Antisemitenliga") in 1879. He meant to make happy the world with anti-Semite essays, "Victory of Germanism over Jewry" (German: Der Sieg des Germanenthums über das Judenthum" (1879) and "Golden Rats and Red Mice" (German: Goldene Ratten und rote Mäuse") (1880) with the association of Jews and communists with gnawer. In 1890 he retired bitterly and without success from politics.
(from: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Marr  2009)

[But Marr was not without success, because racist National Socialists took Marr out of the drawers later...]

Invention of the term "racial anti-Semitism"
to protect the "Germanic" or the "Nordic race" (Lund, p. 26).

"race nordique"
Joseph Deniker (1852-1918) is speaking the first time of a "Nordic race" (Lund, p.26).

              Deniker, portrait of a fool speaking first time of a
              "Nordic race"
Joseph Deniker, portrait of a fool speaking first time of a "Nordic race"

Thomas Mommsen warning of racism in state's structures
Mommsen is making jokes about the "nativeness" of "Germanics" and is prescribing National Socialism in 1880 already:

"[...] and we will reach soon the point that all citizens with their full rights will only be those who can prove his descent from one of the three sons of Mannus..."

(orig. German:
"[...] und werden wir bald so weit sein, dass als vollberechtigter Bürger nur derjenige gilt, der erstens seine Abstammung zurückzuführen vermag auf einen der drei Söhne des Mannus..." (cited from H. Grauch 1988, p.67) (Lund, p.49)

[Unfortunately there is no photo of Thomas Mommsen in the Internet].

Wilser: Invention of "Scandinavian origin" of "Germanics"
Physician Ludwig Wilser (1850-1923) invents that "Germanics" came all from Scandinavia. This is a generally accepted "scientific" thesis as a base for a eurocentric race conception (Lund, p.28).

about in the same times:
Invention of the term "Nordic race"
by the Vienna grammar school teacher Karl Penka (Lund, p.28).

New dogma: "Nordic races" have to be protected from "denordification"
Since the definition of a "Nordic race" the term of "Ayrian" is "specialized" (Lund, p.29). "Science" claims now that the "Germanics" had "melt" since Stone Age in North German and South Scandinavian territories only relatively late with other races.
->> so, "Nordic race" has to be protected from "denordification"
->> so, "Nordic race" has to be "more nordificated" by breeding (Lund, p.29).

not mentioned: There is a language war and a racial war in Austrian Hungarian Empire
between Germans, Czechs and Polish in Austria Hungary, where German population has become a minority by emancipation of all languages. The Emperor does not care as long as he can be on his throne. The masses in German Austria are fighting with her traditions against the fall of the monarchy and get help from masses of German Bismarck Empire. And within these German Austrian fighters is the child Adolf Hitler.

Thomas and Theodor Mommsen moving Varus battle to Osnarbrück region
After more research and archaeological proofs Thomas Mommsen places the battle of 9 A.C. in the region of Osnarbrück between Kalkrieser Mountain (German: Kalkrieser Berg) and Great Moor (German: Grosses Moor) (Lund, p.18). The same meaning was ancient historian Theodor Mommsen (Lund, p.18).

              Mommsen, portrait of a scientist moving Varus battle from
              Teutoburg Forest to Osnarbrück
Theodor Mommsen, portrait of a scientist moving Varus battle from Teutoburg Forest to Osnarbrück

[There is indication about Thomas Mommsen missing].

Measuring of skulls
The base of skull research ("craniology") are
-- the claim that there exist pure races
-- the claim that there had been basically only round skulls and long skulls in extreme forms, and now all skulls are melt in mixed forms (Lund, p.27).

"Science" is inventing new skull types: long and blond = "Nordic". A type of skull is considered a primary "characteristic of race" (Lund, p.27).

Measuring of skulls are sharply criticized, e.g. by O.H. Edler von Zderos in his essay "Shall we goon measuring or not?" (orig. German: "Sollen wir weiter messen oder nicht?") (Lund, p. 27).

In: Centralblatt für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte 3, 1898, p.289-294


Introduction of local history and geography in German schools
(Lund, p. 25).

Foundation of "Gobineau association"
by Prof. Ludwig Schemann (1852-1938). Schemann is part of the circle of R. Wagner and gets to know Gobineau at Bayreuth (Lund, p.20). There is also Wagner's son-in-law, Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927).

The circle of Gobineau association of Mr. Wagner
Richard Wagner, portrait with
                          very cynical characteristics, an anti-Semite
Richard Wagner, portrait with very cynical characteristics, an anti-Semite
Houston Stewart Chamberlain,
Houston Stewart Chamberlain, portrait

Anti-Semitic essays of Richard Wagner are of absolute low instinct. Wagner had a great circle of friends where anti-Semitic slogans were "normal" or were even "courteous". His wife Cosima was a special anti-Semite. At the same time Wagner also had good contacts to Jews. His son-in-law then wrote the anti-Semitic book "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century" (German: "Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts", a big enthusiastic work for Germanism against Jewry. Both, the anti-Semitic sayings of Wagner and the work of Chamberlain were exploited politically of National Socialists later.

Conclusion: Wagner is not reliable
So, Wagner is one of the schizophrenic persons who were not aware of their schizophrenia and were attracting attention with all possible sayings only to be famous, with beautiful music, or with anti-Semitic sayings. His circle of friends of "Wagnerians" was a center for German, anti-Semitic noblesse. Wagner is a follower within the anti-Semitic wave against Jewish emancipation, but his politic anti-Semitic "circle of friends" is a politic, anti-Semitic institution, together with his anti-Semitic wife Cosima. And that's why Wagner's music is not reliable until now...]

Translation of Gobineau
of the "Essai sur l'inégalité des races humaines" ["About the inequality of human races"] by Prof. Ludwig Schemann into German. Only now Gobineau has a big effect in Germany. Schemann proclaims the "pureness of the white": The "Ayrian" was the only one having stayed "clean" (Lund, p.20).

Racism doctrine of Chamberlain
Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927), son-in-law of Richard Wagner (Lund, p.21), also means that he needs to make money publishing racism theories publishing his work "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century":
-- taking over elements of Gobineau
-- taking over elements of "Germania" of Tacitus
-- taking over elements of "Historiae" of Tacitus vol.5: The anti-Semitic sayings against the Jews (Lund, p.21).

Chamberlains "Foundations of the Nineteenth Century" has direct influence on Adolf Hitler (Lund, p.21).

Hitler in Vienna reading Chamberlain's anti-Semitism
During these times Hitler is in Vienna in an asylum for the poor, was rejected two times from the art academy and is confronting with different political proceedings. He is watching breakdown of democracy in the Empire of Austria Hungary by corruption and because with equality of all persons in the Empire Austria Hungary the Slav populations will overrule the German Hungarian populations. In 1906 is following the ungovernability. Hitler's main fault is that he never saw a functioning democracy, e.g. in Switzerland or in France.


about 1900
Now Mendel's heriditary theories become topical in "experts circles" (Lund, p. 25)

since 1900 appr.
Race doctrines are spreading in Germany
-- foundation of anti-Semitic and racist congregations
-- foundation of Germanic associations (Lund, p.14): Reich's Hammer association, Germanic association (Lund, p.14)
-- connection of eugenics and hygiene of races with physical anthropology, ethnology, folk life studies and medicine
-- also physicians are obsessed by "racial issue" (Lund, p.23).

Science in Germany is loosing all the brain with the "racial issue". Go ahead...

Foundation of "Homeland Security Association" (German: "Bund Heimatschutz")
(Lund, p. 28)

Warning of Germanomania and racial madness, e.g. by Wilhelm Schallmeyer
Combination of Germanism and racial hygiene is partially recognized as dangerous, e.g. by the physician Wilhelm Schallmeyer (1857-1919) publishing an article in 1906 "About the relationship of individual and social hygiene and the aims of generative hygiene" (orig. German: "Über das Verhältnis der Individual- und Sozialhygiene zu den Zielen der generativen Hygiene" in the review "Review of Social Medicine" (German: "Zeitschrift für soziale Medizin"). He warns that the term "race" and the term "racial hygiene" with its motives and tendencies of theory of "Ayrian" and "Germanics" should not be connected, because "Ayrian" and Germanics" theories would contain more prejudices than new knowledge (Lund, p.24).

Greeks and Romans are rated in a wider sense as "Nordic" yet, e.g. by Gustaf Kossinna
Strictly saying Greeks and Romans are "disnorded", in a wider sense Greeks and Romans are members of the Nordic race, so G. Kossinna says in an article " 'Nordic' type of body of Old Greeks and Romans" (German: "Der 'nordische' Körpertypus der alten Griechen und Römer") in the review "German Folk's Ward" (German: "Deutscher Volkswart").

                Kossinna, portrait of a racist claiming that also
                Italians and Greeks are of "Nordic" race...
Gustaf Kossinna, portrait of a racist claiming that also Italians and Greeks are of "Nordic" race...

"An absolutely 'Nordic' appearance is the completed figure of Siegfried Alexander the Great in whose veins - of course - was flowing half half Greek and Macedonian-Illyrian blood. But that's not important because we know of Illyrians as of all Indo-Germanic folks by deliverance that once they had Nordic type."

orig. German:
"Eine ganz 'nordisch' anmutende Erscheinung ist die vollendete Siegfried-Gestalt Alexanders des Grossen, in dessen Adern freilich nur zur Hälfte griechisches, zur anderen Hälfte makedonisch-illyrisches Blut floss, was aber insofern gleichgültig ist, als wir ja von den Illyriern wie von allen indogermanischen Völkern durch Überlieferung wissen, dass sie einst den nordischen Typus besassen." (Lund, p. 48)

Insofar Nationalists and later also National Socialists are adoring Caesar and Platon as their relatives ("congener") although this Caesar had defeated Germanic king Ariovist (Lund, p.48).

[Hitler will find his Caesar yet, resp. Hitler will be only a loosing Ariovist...]

Racism: K.F. Wolff claiming for superiority of Germanism
Essay: "Principles of Race Doctrine" (orig. German: "Grundsätze der Rassenlehre"); In: German Folk's Ward (German: Deutscher Volkswart), 1/1914, p.73-77:
-- Wolff claims that German race and Germanism is superior as a "pioneer of human progress"
-- Wolff claims against "German erudition" (book learning)
-- Wolff claims that superior Germanism  would bring forward whole mankind
-- Wolff claims that the Germans will be "taken by ethnic enthusiasm" with "splendid successes" (Lund, p.23).

Wollfs's essay and his points of view are spread in circles of German intellectuals (Lund, p.24), and is the base for later NS government (Lund, p.23).

Supplement: Big theft of Mr. K.F. Wolff
This essay of K.F. Wolff has a big mistake, because Jewish population was part of progress of Germany, in reference to natural sciences they were essentially part of progress because they had a more flexible manner of thinking because they had been a discriminated minority for a long time. That means that by the emancipation of the Jews Germany's development had a big push. Mr. Wolff does not see that, but he only transfers the work of many Jews to Germanism. That is a big theft and it seems that in the important circles that was not recognized. Not only Einstein was in Berlin professor at the university. But read on how it's going on now...

Limited German consciousness

The terms "tradition", "race", "national character" and "homeland" are limiting now the consciousness of German intellectuals and of German upper class (Lund, p.26).

[As long as Germany does not suffer military defeats the critics have no good arguments against the populist race doctrines setting the blond races first].

Racist hereditary and crossbreed doctrine of L.G. Tirala
Article "Homo sexuality and mixing of race" (orig. German: "Homosexualität und Rassenmischung" in the review "Negotiations of society of German nature scientists and physicians. Assembly of Hanover in 1915" (orig. German: "Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte. Versammlung zu Hannover 1915".

Tirala claims that basic sexual character would be shaken by mixing marriages and would create new mixing types and "intersexes" (Lund, p.44).

Germany loosing First World War
and now there come reactions and counter reactions, read on:

Foundation of Thule Society
-- foundation in Munich
-- coming from an anti-Semitic order with swastika as it's symbol (Lund, p.14)
              Society, emblem with swastika
Thule Society, emblem with swastika

since 1918
Rhine land: German mulatto children
French occupation troops with black soldiers are getting white German women pregnant, and there are born German brown mulatto children. This is a national catastrophe for the racists and nationalists in Germany (Lund, p.45).

The brown German children are considered among other meanings also as "punishment of God" and are provoking more racism in Germany to win against France in a next war because France with it's many blacks from Africa would be absolutely designated for ruin...

For more information about this look in the internet about Rhineland and mulatto children.

Supplement: French intrigues about the "peace" of Versailles
"Peace negotiations" in Versailles develop to a French game of intrigues against the "US" president and against Germany:
-- peace conditions are extorted with a French army at the border always ready for a march to Berlin
-- at the same time all German colonial possession is parted under France and England, Germany stays without colonies
-- France prohibits the union between Germany and German Austria
-- the blockade of Germany is kept until beginning of 1920 with big hunger and lethal influenza wave in Germany
->> the reactions after Versailles are foundations of new national parties and Germanic madness with a big influx
->> the conservation of German "traditions" of German Austria is also propagated in whole Germany now.

More provocations against Germany:
-- "USA" are not ratificating the Versailles Treaty and let Germany alone with France
-- "USA" boycott League of Nations and let GB and F alone making what they want, so France is even performing a Ruhr Basin occupation in 1923.

Supplement: manipulated people's votes in Poland
"National" associations in Germany have more influx after manipulated people's votes about territories between Germany and Poland and after the expulsion of many Germans from their soil in West Prusia and Silesia.

Supplement: "US" racism
"USA" have harshest racism yet against blacks and they are not at all a good model regarding equality or human rights. Later Hitler will refer to "US" racism introducing racism in Germany...

Supplement: Colonial racism in France and in England
Also the colonial powers of France and England are performing harshest racism in "their" colonies against the native populations, and this is all in all not a good model regarding equality or human rights.

Supplement: There are racism movements in whole Europe
The universities of "civilization" can teach on racism doctrines as an universitary subject of "science".

Foundation of DAP in Munich
Members are among others: Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Julius Friedrich Lehmann, Alfred Rosenberg, Dietrich Eckhardt, and eventually Hermann Göring (Lund, p. 14).

Germanic madness gets now a political and ideological ambition
(Lund, p. 11)


Hitler becomes member of DAP, renamed in NSDAP (Lund, p.14)
NSDAP consists of
-- followers of the counter reaction against Versailles 1919
-- followers with the idea that many persons in German language area are considering themselves for "Germanics" (Lund, p.14).

Supplement: Hitler a Germanic?
Hitler himself - as it seams - never asked himself why he has got black hair and not blond hair, and it seems strange that NSDAP admission criteria had no racist prescription in reference to hair color...

about 1920?
Heidegger defining Nordic and "degenerate" languages
Martin Heidegger, German professor of philosophy (1899-1976) in Freiburg i.Br., claims:
-- Germans and Greeks would be related (relatives)
-- and also French would - when they begin with philosophy - speaking German because French would be "deNordicated"
-- also French language would be a "deNordicated" language (Lund, p.48).

              Heidegger, portrait of a racist "philosopher"
              claiming that French would be a "denordicated"
Martin Heidegger, portrait of a racist "philosopher" claiming that French would be a "denordicated" language

around 1920
"Vienna School" of racism: theory of continuity
Rudolf Much is caring his racist pupils' circle in Vienna with a "theory of continuity". Pupils are among others the ordinarius Otto Höfler (1901-1987) (Lund, p.50).

This theory of continuity
-- claims an uninterrupted "German continuity" on the European continent
-- has it's base on a false and anachronistic interpretation of "Germania" passages of chapter 13 and 34 (Lund, p.55).

Leo Wiener claims that "Germania" is a fake
Leo Wiener, Prof. for Slav languages and literature in Harvard claims in his comment "Tacitus' Germania and other Forgeries", Philadelphia 1920 that Tacitus is a fake, also Trithemius and Annius von Viterbo (Lund, p.37).

Leo Wiener,
              Portrait of a Slav professor claiming that Tacitus is a
Leo Wiener, Portrait of a Slav professor claiming that Tacitus is a fake

"Germania" comment of Eduard Norden: uncovering of stereotypes
Eduard Norden (1868-1941), German latinist, presents a basic work: "Germanic Basic History in Tacitus's Germania" (orig. German: "Die germanische Urgeschichte in Tacitus Germania"). He proves that the prescription of Germanic characteristics and the appearance
-- has it's base on literary walker's motives
-- has it's base on stereotypes
-- has it's base on stylistic formulas (Lund, p.35).

              Norden, profile of an analyst dunmasking that a big part
              of "Germania" is only consisting of stereotypes
Eduard Norden, profile of an analyst dunmasking that a big part of "Germania" is only consisting of stereotypes

since 1920
"Germania" is spread more and more - and there is defense against Eduard Norden
Germanophile and germanomane scientists consider "Germania" for a kind of ethnological Bible of the Germans and are trying (Böttger and others) to discount the thesis of Norden that Germania is only an artificial fake.
->> There are coming works to safe the honor of Tacitus with many reasons or simply with ignorance (Lund, p.35).

since 1920s
Foundation of "Men's associations" for "national loyalty"
Foundation of "Men's associations" is describes e.g. already in 1927 by Elisabeth Weiser in: "Old Germanic benediction of youngsters and men's associations - a contribution to German and Nordic science of antiquity and folk life studies" (orig. German: "Altgermanische Jünglingsweihen und Männerbünde - Ein Beitrag zur deutschen und nordischen Altertums- und Volkskunde"), 1927 (Lund, p. 55).

1920s / 1930s
Midsummer festivals with conjuration with fire and nation
Nordic orientated organizations are organizing every 21 and 22 June a midsummer festival. Such organizations are e.g. "Nordic Ring" (German: "Nordischer Ring") at the "Nordic Conference" (German: "Nordische Tagung"), e.g. the celebration on "Müggel Mountains" (German: "Müggelbergen"). There is a report in the review "The Sun" (German: "Die Sonne"), a monthly (Lund, p.40) for "Nordic world view and art of living 7/1930".

Content of these celebrations is:
-- midsummer song "Flame come up" (German: "Flamme empor")
-- the romantic national song for the jubilee of the Battle of Nations near Leipzig of 1814
-- "Fire sayings" and "Fire jumps" (Lund, p.41)
-- a sermon for Germany in the song:

"Look, we are singing couples / we swear at the flame's altar: / to the Germans! // Hear the word! / Father, living or dying, / help us to get freedom, / be our refuge!" (Lund, p.41).

Poster of
              midsummer celebration of the "Nature Friends",
Poster of midsummer celebration of the "Nature Friends", 1920

Supplement: Rudolf Steiner's Germanity
It seems strange but philosophy of racist Rudolf Steiner is fully integrated in the Germanity wave. In Steiner schools resp. in Waldorf schools Germanic midsummer celebrations are celebrated until today (2010), with sayings and fire cults. How Steiner schools and Waldorf schools with their teachers have behaved before and during and after Second World War would be worth an investigation...

Eduard Norden making compromises
Already in his second edition of 1921 Eduard Norden is softening his thesis of a fake of Germania. Now he claims that the walker's motives did not affect historical credibility of "Germania".

"Transmission of ethnographic walker's motives is - as I stressed in many places explicitly, at other places I required implicitly - never in a mechanical way in the well formed ethnographic literature of antiquity, that would mean: had been performed without responsibility."

(orig. German:
"Die Übertragung ethnographischer Wandermotive ist, wie ich an manchen Stellen ausdrücklich bemerkt habe, an anderen stillschweigend vorausgesetzt habe, in der guten völkerkundlichen Literatur des Altertums niemals mechanisch, das hiesse: verantwortungslos vollzogen worden." (Lund, p. 36).

With this statement Norden practically revokes his research (Lund, p.36).

National Socialist ideologists going on staying stubborn
and don't want to give up their Germanic points of view about Germania, for example NS folklorist Prof. Hans Naumann (1886-1951), an enemy of Fehrle, but then turning into an idealist:
-- Naumann becomes first principal of school at Strasbourg university, then in Jena
-- Naumann turns out to be an idealist which cannot be "used" by Nazi leadership (Lund, p.37)
-- Naumann and Fehrle are adapting works of Ernst Moritz Arndt about racist doctrines and about the selection doctrine (Lund, p.19).

Defamation of homosexuals as "self mutilation": Dr. Wilke
Dr. med. Georg Wilke (1859-1938) is interpreting the Tacitus's word "corpore infames" first time as "self mutilation" with the purpose to evade military service (Lund, p.67).

Günther's race doctrine, book: "Study of Race of German people" (German: "Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes")

Hans F.K.
              Günther, portrait of German racist participating
              essentially spirit of NS society with his race booklet
Hans F.K. Günther, portrait of German racist participating essentially spirit of NS society with his race booklet

Hans F.K. Günther (1891-1968), is a "Germanist", is a friend of Rosenberg and is founding NS race doctrine with his book "Study of Race of German people" (1922). This booklet is also simply called "Race Günther", and is "selling well" (Lund, p.21).

Günther writes referring to chapter 4 of "Germania" ("Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes" 1926, p.14):
"A race is represented by a group of humans with it's physic and psychic characteristics distinguishing from other groups, and fathering themselves." (Lund, p.44)

(orig. German:
"Eine Rasse stellt sich dar in einer Menschengruppe, die sich durch die ihr eignende Vereinigung körperlicher Merkmale und seelischer Eigenschaften von jeder anderen Menschengruppe unterscheidet und immer wieder nur ihresgleichen zeugt." (Lund, p. 44)

Günther takes over Deniker's term of "Nordic race" (Lund, p.26).

Race partition of Günther corresponds with former ethnological partitions of Germanics, Romans, and Slavs in Nordic races (German: nordische Rassen), Mediterranean races (German: westische Rassen), and Alpine races (German: ostische Rassen), and besides also dinaric race (German: dinarische Rasse) (Lund, p.65-66).

All works of Günther are edited in Munich by Julius Friedrich Lehmann (1864-1935), member of "Thule Society". Lehmann is reported as the "discoverer" of "Race Günther". Lehmann means in a letter to Günther on 8 December 1922 that the book "Study of Race of German people" ("Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes") would be a benediction  (Lund, p.21).
in: Lehmann: "A Life Fighting for Germany" (orig. German: "Ein Leben im Kampf für Deutschland") 1935.

Race doctrine of Hans F.K. Günther, examples
Hans F. K. Günther: Race map for
                            Germany of 1930
vergrössernHans F. K. Günther: Race map for Germany of 1930

Examples of different races within Germany

Guenther's presentation of races:
                            Nordic and East Baltic man (1930)
vergrössernGuenther's presentation of races: Nordic and East Baltic man (1930)
Guenther's presentation of races:
                            Nordic and East Baltic girl (1930)
vergrössernGuenther's presentation of races: Nordic and East Baltic girl (1930)

[Culture and education do not depend on race but on school system and on parent's home. But the clique of NS government did not want to know this...]

[Also postures do not depend on races but on education and on mental conditions. And physical forms for the most part do not depend on races but on the balance between nutrition, sports and mental fitness. Oh, but the clique of NS government did not want to know this either...]

since 1922
Racism editor: Julius Friedrich Lehmann (1864-1935)
-- Lehmann is one of the leading personalities in "All German Association" (German: "Alldeutscher Verband") (Lund, p.21-22)
-- Lehmann is preparing National Socialism the "carpet" and is witness of November 1923 in Munich
-- Lehmann considers himself as a form of cultural businessman (Lund, p.22).

The term of race by National Socialist point of view
Since Günther (1922) the term of "race" is understood mainly as spiritual and mental, often also physiognomically (Lund, p.48).

Karl von Amira with new edition of "Germania": theory of penalty and expiation victim against "treason of race"
Karl von Amira, professor of history of law at Munich university, is interpreting chapter 12 and 19 of "Germania" as penalty and expiation victim. He is the first doing this, in his work: "Germanic death penalties - investigations referring to history of law and religion" (orig. German: "Die germanischen Todesstrafen - Untersuchungen zur Rechts- und Religionsgeschichte", 1922):

-- he invents the term "treason of race"
-- Amira wants a tightening of punishments for sexual contacts between men
-- Amira has got the suspicion that NSDAP is infiltrated of homosexual men and wants to perform a cleansing secretly, claiming that homosexuality would be "degenerated" like mixed marriage
-- appeal that the existence of Germany depends on a ban of "fornication" (Lund, p.61).

Karl von
                Amira, portrait of a racist preaching against
                "degeneration" and "fornication"
Karl von Amira, portrait of a racist preaching against "degeneration" and "fornication"

Fritz Paudler: glorification of blond
Ethnologist Fritz Paudler (1882-?) presents his work about the "light-colored races":
"Light-colored races and their language tribes, their cultures, and their origin homelands - a new picture of antique and present Europe" (orig. German: "Die hellfarbigen Rassen und ihre Sprachstämme, Kulturen und Urheimaten - Ein neues Bild vom heutigen und urzeitlichen Europa"). Paudler distinguishes different blondies (Lund, p.34).

                Paudler, book: "Light-colored races" (German:
                "Die hellfarbigen Rassen"). Paudler
                distinguishes different blondies...
Fritz Paudler, book: "Light-colored races" (German: "Die hellfarbigen Rassen"). Paudler distinguishes different blondies...

Trial of criminalization of lesbians: E. Jeune
There is an article of E. Jeune presented in the review "Reich's Ward" ("Reichswart"), 43/1927: "Shall paragraph 175 of penal code be extended also on women?" (orig. German: "Soll Paragraph 175 des St.B. auf Frauen ausgedehnt werden?" (Lund, p. 67).

"Germania" commentary of Fehrle
Classical philologue Eugen Fehrle (1880-1957), it's the first edition (Lund, p. 32).

Günther editing a short form of his race doctrine as "Popular Günther" (German: "Volks-Günther")
The short form of his "Study of race of German people" of 1922 has got the title "Little study of race of German people" (orig. German: "Kleine Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes"). This book is also called "Popular Günther" (orig. German: "Volks-Günther") (Lund, p.21).

Supplement: collapse of New York stock exchange
There is worldwide crises. Billionaires are watching how a big part of the population in industrial countries is starving of hunger. Partially there are cut park's trees or railway sleepers are stolen for having firewood. Populists are using the occasion making racist propaganda against communism and Jews. There is high unemployment in Europe and it's easy to provoke a right revolutionary feeling, although the billionaires and the responsible are not Jews, and are not communists at all.

At the same time communist leaders of Soviet Union under Stalin are laughing at capitalism going from crises to crises.


Now, since there is the big world economic crises the "scientific" racists get number one positions at universities. So, there is no doubt that universities had essential influence on elite. It seems that this chapter of racist universities before NS times in Germany is not very well worked out until today (2010). It seems that general propaganda against Jews was going on BEFORE 1933 already.

Rosenberg: "Myth of 20th Century" (German: "Mythus des 20. Jh.")
Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946): His work "Myth of 20th Century" (German: "Mythus des 20. Jh.") is sold well, but is not well read. The work is the direct or indirect proceeding of Chamberlain's "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century" (Lund, p.21).

              Rosenberg, absolute anti-Semite following Wagner's
              sun-in-law Chamberlain, later Reich Leader for eastern
Alfred Rosenberg, absolute anti-Semite following Wagner's sun-in-law Chamberlain, later Reich Leader for eastern territories

Günther becomes professor in Jena
In 1930 Hans F.K. Günther, main founder of NS race doctrine, becomes professor for study of race at Jena university under protest of all other professors (Lund, p.21).

Julius Friedrich Lehmann, racist editor, becomes member of NSDAP
Lehmann is celebrated in NS scripts as "national editor" (Lund, p.22).

NS professor for folk life studies, Hans Naumann, becomes rector of Bonn university
(Lund, p. 37)

Supplement: Violence of SA groups under Hitler's NSDAP - Hitler is a stateless person
In the years before 1933 there are violent groups of NSDAP of SA committing some political murders provoking a big anxiety, above all in Prusia. The crucial point is that the police chief of Prusia is a coward, and Prussian police is also coward. Hitler had no passport since 1925 because he had given his Austrian passport away. He was stateless and could have been taken easily into prison. Eventually one had exiled Hitler also to Austria, his former homeland. Perhaps this had provoked some little fights in some towns and an emergency rule for two or three years, but Hitler could have been kept away from any power. But German justice did not do anything. Well, this cowardice will have it's price, and Hitler got German passport on 25 February 1932 in Braunschweig by a manipulation of a Nazi official. Oh, this will also have it's price. Not only "Braunschweig" would be "brown"...

30 January 1933
Germany: Adolf Hitler takes over the power
by Hindenburg who had believed in "final victory" in 1917 already (Lund, p. 11).

              handing over the power to Hitler on 30 January 1933,
              Garrison church, Berlin
Hindenburg  handing over the power to Hitler on 30 January 1933, Garrison church, Berlin

Supplement: Boycotts of Jewish organizations against Germany - and anti-Jewish laws
Instantly and without any waiting Jewish organizations are reacting instantly with boycotts against Germany although nobody had suffered any harm. Jewish world organizations are organizing an economic boycott against Germany splitting the whole world in two camps, for or against Germany. By this boycott movement Hitler's government is stimulated to dictatorial measures accepted by German population because Germany - as 1917-1919 - is in a boycott situation. Worldwide Jewish boycott against Germany since spring 1933 gives always the argument to the NS regime to consider all Jews worldwide as enemies. German population mostly did not follow the calls for boycott of Jewish shops at 1 April 1933, or they made their purchase one day later and purchased the double. Isolation of Jews in German population was mainly performed by institutional law, and half of the Jews could migrate to Israel or other countries. Germans supporting Jews officially landed in prison resp. in torture cell of SS or in concentration camps. Until now these connections of worldwide Jewish boycott are concealed by the worldwide mass media.

Add to this Hitler always could say that he would perform only racism which was law in "USA" since centuries against the blacks and the natives...

7 April 1933
Civil Service Law (German: Berufsbeamtengesetz)
-- ideological racist "cleansing" of scientific university staff
-- over 1,600 scientists are dismissed and get occupational ban
-- this is the condition for a change to a Germanic NS state (Lund, p.14).

[By this step to dismiss Jewish professors Germany is loosing world knowledge shifting it to the "USA". More stupid Hitler could not be. Einstein was laughing from racist "USA" at racist Nazi Germany...]

Definition of "most valuable race" by M. Staemmler
Staemmler is director of Urban Pathologic and Hygienic Institute of Chemnitz (German: Direktor des städtischen pathologischen und hygienischen Instituts in Chemnitz, later also called Karl-Marx-Stadt), presenting his work "People and Race" (German: "Volk und Rasse"), 1933, saying that one should be proud to be of Nordic race.

"Within all racial groups white race is the most valuable. And within the white it's Nordic race to which we owe most. That's why we are proud that also our German folk predominantly is of Nordic race."

(orig. German:
"Unter allen Rassengruppen ist die weisse Rasse die wertvollste. Und unter den Weissen ist es wieder die Nordische Rasse, der wir am meisten zu verdanken haben. Deshalb sind wir stolz darauf, dass auch unser deutsches Volk überwiegend Nordischer Rasse ist." (Lund, p. 47)

Men of Nordic race would be "born soldiers": Tacitus showed the Romans the Germanics as a model.

"The old Roman writer Tacitus describes - with adoration - the old Germans, the Germanics who were almost Nordic race. He prizes their courage, their loyalty, their purity, and he is showing these characteristics the Romans as paradigm. Because they were so brave and loyal, that's why they were born soldiers. What is in the Germans referring to heroism and honest and loyal soldier-like nature, this they owe to Nordic race."

(orig. German:
"Der alte römische Schriftsteller Tacitus schildert uns voll Bewunderung die alten Deutschen, die Germanen, die fast Nordischer Rasse waren. Er rühmt ihren Mut, ihre Treue, ihre Reinheit, und stellt diese Eigenschaften den Römern als Musterbeispiele hin. Weil sie so tapfer und treu waren, darum waren sie geborene Soldaten. Was in den Deutschen an Heldentum und ehrlich-treuem, soldatischem Wesen drinsteckt, das verdankt er seiner Nordischen Rasse." (Lund, p. 47)

But also other European races can have these characteristics. Everybody should develop his valuable part of his hereditary factors, e.g. the eastern races (German: ostische Rassen) (Lund, p.47-48).

"Restoration" in Germany
The time since Hitler should be a restauration of the Reich of "Germanics", included Scandinavians and Holland. This are thinking [Otto] Höfler and his friend Jan de Vries in Holland (Lund, p.56).

SA men have partially to measure their skulls
and their faces have to be examined (Lund, p.27-28).

Günther's "Study of race of German people" (orig. German: "Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes") reaches it's 16th edition (Lund, p.21).

NS image of woman: Women as "sisters": M. Staemmler
His work "Care of race and school" (orig. German: "Rassenpflege und Schule" (1933) is preaching:

"It's the aim that any girl's education has to form women equal before the law to the men, [...] to be sisters, [...] to be spouse, [...] to be mother." (Lund, p.59)

(orig. German:
"Das ist das Ziel, das jeder Mädchenerziehung vorschweben muss, aus den deutschen Mädels wieder das zu machen, was sie bei unseren Vorfahren waren: die gleichberechtigte Kameradin des Mannes, [...] Schwester zu sein, [...] Gattin zu sein, [...] Mutter zu sein." (Lund, p. 59)

Staemmler's education doctrine:
"Only the man can educate the future warrior, and only the woman can educate the future mother." (Lund, p.60)

Midsummer festival in new NS Germany in Berlin
Dr. Albert Kiekebusch (1870-1935) [prehistorian specialized in Berlin history] is organizing the midsummer festival in Grunewald stadium in Berlin. He is an adviser of Gustaf Kossinna (honorary professor for prehistory). Midsummer festival of 1933 is showing a marching in of "Germanics" in Grunewald stadium in Berlin. Kiekebusch gives his report to "German Prehistoric News" (German: "Nachrichtenblatt für deutsche Vorzeit") 9/1933 with the article "German migration in Berlin Grunewald stadium" (German: "Der Germanenzug im Berliner Grunewaldstadion") is of an analogue racist and "national" character, but when you read it one could mean that Stone Age will come back:

"About 500 Germanics were said arriving on foot or on horse. There was announced a whole storm of horses. Infantry unlimited. At the end the Germanics should form two centers around two great altars. Before this Hitler Youth and German Girl's association should dance and should form eight groups around eight little altars. Speaking choirs should celebrate the earnest hour, Reich's Minister Dr. Goebbels was speaker of the meeting and there was a great fireworks concluding the evening (...)

Deibjerg group was outstanding. In the front were horsemen and infantry; then the gorgeous cult carriage with an armchair on it. The deity was invisible of course. Then the priest came with a flowing white beard and in a white suit, a person like Thumann, and besides two women priests with exactly imitated long pending brazen belts (...);

then came men, women and children again. And now the last group of Bronze Age (Lund, p.39) Germanics from second millennium before Christ. (...) Center of this group were the two sun paintings, the battle or race carriage and the three luring flutists. (...)

When the great procession with it's prescribed distances from one group to another was circling in the stadium in the light of the electric lamps and spots this was a sight which was like a dream. Often considering about the project of the procession during calm evening hours I had a vision of horsemen groups as the very best picture of the Parthenon horsemen. And when the procession was passing under my place under the tribune I had the feeling: in another way, yes, Germanic, but almost that effective and add to this more living. (...)

This impression was enforced by copies of the sun carriage of Trundhom with the horse and with the cult instrument on the wheels with the sun plate of Balkakra carried by four Germanic women. The very new sun pictures were glaring in the shine of the electric lamps like glaring gold and the public was very moved and interested by them. (...)

The picture when the groups were grouping themselves around the two main altars with their fires is unforgettable for everybody, especially when the whole stadium was in flames as an effect of the huge fireworks and the persons of former times were brightly shone." (Lund, p.40)

[Well, the stadium was in flames, so it will be in 12 years...]

Racist doctrine of the NS state
"Ethnic race doctrine" is the heart of National Socialist ideology founding a "natural" supremacy to all other peoples (Lund, p.23). The rulers often adapt for this Ernst Moritz Arndt as a "precursor of National Socialism" (Lund, p.19).

Ayrians shall be the contrary of Jews
Third Reich is only distinguishing between "Ayrians" and "Non-Ayrian", similar to the Hellenistic couple of words Barbar - non-Barbar (Lund, p.29). "Germanic man" is idealized as it was until this point of time, the "non-Germanic" man is discriminated (Lund, p.14).

The contrary of natives, to autochthone Ayrian, was the "nomad". And because of diaspora of Jewry was helpless to racist Christianity Jews were called "nomads", Jews were impute with "nomadism" and Jews were devalued as "parasites". There is claimed that Jews would live in Germany only because German towns are so beautiful to feel well there (Lund, p.13).

[Well, it seems to be strange that Germans were forbidden to leave the country, but 50% of the Jews could leave the country to Palestine, "USA" or Argentina and had not to live in bombings, and afterwards there was no good feeling in German towns any more...]

In combat organs "scientists" are defining a "racial soul" and a mental difference between Germanics and nomads (Lund, p.13).

NS racism in school books
-- Nazi rulers proclaimed now in school books the general supremacy of "white race" towards "black race"

-- Nazi rulers proclaimed now in school books the general supremacy of "Nordic race" towards "white race"

-- Nazi rulers proclaimed now in school books, in propaganda notebooks and in exhibitions enemy stereotypes against Jews (Lund, p.29)

-- often Mendel's hereditary doctrine was cited in combination with a "degeneration" (Lund, p.25).

[It can be that referring to the enemy stereotypes Jewish boycott against Germany was working with the same stereotype methods].

Measures against "denordification": "more nordification"
Third Reich systematically is taking "race hygienic" measures against "denordification" resp. for "more nordification" in the population (Lund, p.29). This means that there were taken measures against Jews and against "social elements of less value" as gypsies, "antisocials" and alcoholics (Lund, p.29).

NSDAP hardly admitting new members
(Lund, p. 56) [because followers are not wanted. Members who since 1920 have waited to the change of power want to act out their power now completely].

Teaching and searching community "The heredity of ancestors" (German: "Das Ahnenerbe")
is founded referring to "Germania" of Tacitus, among others with classical philologist Rudolf Till (1911-1979) (Lund, p.31). Till is managing the classical philology and antiquity sector with the order to prove the "migration" of Germanic culture movements from the North to Mediterranean territory (Lund, p.31).

Glorification of "Precursors"
Books prescribing Germanics were classified now as proto National Socialist, as "precursors", e.g.
-- works of Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803)
-- works of the Danish writer Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783-1872) (Lund, p.11)
-- Conrad Celtis (1459-1508) is mentioned in Third Reich as an "ethnic pioneer" and "racial anti-Semite" from time to time (Lund, p.17).


"Germania" of Tacitus is classified as historic "primary source"
(Lund, p. 31). Nazi ideologists are citing always the same pages indicating nature and character of Germanic folklore (Lund, p.32).

Third Reich changing all universities with ideology of Germanics
Step by step all universities are changed referring to the point of view of "ethnic Germanic", and "ethnic Germanic sciences" are introduced (Lund, p.14). Key words are
-- "farmerdom" (German: "Bauerntum")
-- "clan" (German: "Sippe")
-- "native soil" (German: "Scholle")
-- "farmerdom" as "source of life" (Lund, p.12).

"Homeland security"
Third Reich is interpreting thinking of homeland security in a racist sense (Lund, p.25).

since 1933
Defamation of crossbreed
Eugenicists are naming and shaming German mulatto children in Rhineland having a black French father (Lund, p.45).

Children of "mixed marriages" are classified as "bastards" and since 1935 they are declassified juridically (Lund, p.43)

-- are considered as biologically degenerated
-- would be a disharmonious mixture between two "races", biologically and mentally, and this should be "shame of race" ("racial defilement", German: "Rassenschande") resp. "treason of race" (German: "Rassenverrat")
-- are described as "ugly"
-- are socially discriminated
-- are classified as the result of treason of "Germanic race"
-- are a danger for the existence of the "pure race" in heriditary and health aspect (Lund, p.43).

Racism doctrine: Eugen Fehrle
(1880-1957), NS chief ideologist in folk life studies and classical philologist
-- is one of the first introducing race thought into folklore
-- since 1934 is full professor for folk life studies at Heidelberg university, in the eyes of Nazi leadership he is a "fighter for German folk life"
-- he becomes member of SA and of SS
-- in 1935 he is editing a second edition of his "Germania commentary" of 1920 (Lund, p.32).

Thesis of Fehrle:
-- regeneration of Germany after 1919 has to come by folklore, that's why there is research
-- folklore is alienated and the origin should be searched again: "Searching about antiquity Germania of Tacitus is first" (Lund, p.33)
-- Germanity is the continuation of Germanism (Lund, p.32)
-- he is stressing above all the sentences of Tacitus referring "pureness of races" and "racist" characters (Lund, p.33)
-- Germanic appearance would be pure racist Nordic and did not have mixed much yet (Lund, p.33), with blue eyes and blond hairs, but there is no comment yet about the form of skulls (Lund, p.34)
-- blue eyes and blond hair are put into connection with intelligence (Lund, p.34).


Defamation of Jews
Jewish "race" is called a mixed race (Lund, p.45), and so a connection between Germans and Jews is provoking more harm, the same with the gypsies Sinti and Romanies (Lund, p.46).

Sinti and Romanies
Also migrating as "vagabonding" is classified as race characteristic (Lund, p.46).

[Since 1933 "vagabonding" was also classified as a delict in neutral Switzerland. So Sinti and Romanies also were persecuted in Switzerland in a harsh way, and this persecution was up to the 1970s].

"Christianity" shall be eliminated
Certain Nazi elements are working for an elimination of Christianity and want to introduce a Germanic cult. They want to reestablish Germanism which had been destroyed by Christianity:
-- the cross U should be replaced by swastika
-- church festivities should be replaced by Germanic rites:

->> instead of Christmas will be a Jul festival as Germanic festivity
->> instead of a star on the Christmas tree will be a swastika on the tree as classified antique Germanic heredity
->> Himmler changes the date of the festivity from 24 to 31 December and is dispatching Jul candlesticks (Lund, p.38).

"Führer" and followers are "homogeneous": C. Schmitt
"The base is homogeneosity with perpetual and direct contact between the leader and the followers and with mutual loyalty." (Lund, p.54)

Supplement: Führer with black hair - and no rebellion?
Is seems strange that Hitler has no blond hair and with his posture he is all but "Nordic". When the Führer would have been a blond general without Austrian past, perhaps whole Second World War would not have been. It seems an absolute cowardice that the Germanic Führer was not a blond man, and it seems even more coward that all German soldiers did not have the courage to demand a blond Führer, or even a blond woman as woman leader, another "Germania"...]

"Germania" commentary of Claudius Freiherr of Schwerin: about "loyalty"
Prof. Claudius Freiherr of Schwerin in Freiburg i.Br., Prof. of law, presents his "Germania" commentary "Freedom and loyalty in Germanic state" (orig. German: "Freiheit und Gebundenheit im germanischen Staat", Tübingen 1933, stating about "loyalty" in Tacitus referring to chapter 14 of "Germania".

Freiherr of Scherin:
"Alone on loyalty bases at the end the last of German connections which are the followers; this loyalty is most wanted by themselves, most free of all. And also here again full performance, but beyond that the absorption in the Führer, the giving up of the self. Illum defendere, tueri, sua quoque fortia facta gloriae eius assignare, this is the oath of the Germanic following associate. Principes pro victoria pugnant, comites pro principe [Leaders are fighting for victory, the normal persons for the leaders]. Only persons knowing the territory governed mentally by the Germanic fame can understand the quantity of performance in this case." (Lund, p.51)

(orig. German:
"Allein auf Treue ruht endlich die letzte der germanischen Bindungen, die der Gefolgschaft; sie ist am selbstgewolltesten, am freiesten von allen. Und auch hier wieder der volle Einsatz, aber darüber hinaus das Aufgehen im Führer, das Aufgeben des eigenen Ich. Illum defendere, tueri, sua quoque fortia facta gloriae eius assignare, dies schwört der germanische Gefolgsgenosse. Principes pro victoria pugnant, comites pro principe [Die Führer kämpfen für den Sieg, die normalen Menschen für die Führer]. Nur wer den Raum kennt, den der Ruhm  im Denken des Germanen beherrscht, vermag das Mass dieses Einsatzes zu verstehen." (Lund, p. 51)

This "territory" is the territory between Rhine and Don (Lund, p.16).

Conclusion: Germanics always react as a "flock of wethers" because the "Führer" should provide victory. But this Führer had Parkinson disease and nerve damages at the end (amalgam), and did not know what's peace because he was not of primary Germanic race but he was a manipulated Austrian. What a big Germanic fart... a big Austrian joke...

SS oath on the "Führer"

"I swear you, Adolf Hitler, as leader and Chancellor of the Reich, loyalty and bravery. I promise you solemnly and to the superiors you give me an obedience to my death, so help me God!" (Lund, p.54)

(orig. German:
"Ich schwöre dir, Adolf Hitler, als Führer und Kanzler des Reiches, Treue und Tapferkeit. Ich gelobe dir und den von dir bestimmten Vorgesetzten Gehorsam bis in den Tod, so wahr mir Gott helfe!" (Lund, p. 54)

[This is the oath of SS. It can be admitted that normal soldiers had another oath].

SS is a "male society" and is legitimating aggressivity with alleged antique or Indo-Germanic origin (Lund, p.55).

Dr. Johann of Leers, fanatic racist and anti-Semite (1902-1967)
(Lund, p. 70)
Johann von
                Leers, book: "How did the Jew get his money?"
                (German: "Wie kam der Jude zum Geld?")
Johann von Leers, book: "How did the Jew get his money?" (German: "Wie kam der Jude zum Geld?")

[Leers suggests that all Jews would be rich. But this is not true because Jewry also has a social stratification and many Jews also are victims of economic crisis as the victims claiming themselves "Christians". This book is another Germanic fart...]

Examples for Nazi church: Vatican is concluding an agreement with Hitler's regime
                between Vatican and Hitler's regime of 20 July 1933 in
                Rome: Eugenio Pacelli, Minister of Foreign Affairs of
                Vatican, is signing (later he will be Pope Pius XII).
                Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen is sitting left,
                Rudolf Buttmann is sitting to the right.
Concordate between Vatican and Hitler's regime of 20 July 1933 in Rome: Eugenio Pacelli, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vatican, is signing (later he will be Pope Pius XII). Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen is sitting left, Rudolf Buttmann is sitting to the right.

[Well, doesn't it seem strange that Vatican is concluding an agreement with a regime which basically wants to eliminate "Christianity"? What is the sense of this? Crusade against communism!]

Examples for Nazi church: bishops with Hitler salute for Hitler
                1933: Priests making Hitler salute for Hitler in Berlin
                in New Cologne stadium (German: Neukölln)
August 1933: Priests making Hitler salute for Hitler in Berlin in New Cologne stadium (German: Neukölln)

                Friedrich Coch doing Hitler salute for Hitler in
                Dresden, 10 December 1933
Bishop Friedrich Coch doing Hitler salute for Hitler in Dresden, 10 December 1933

New Year's Eve 1933 / 1934
GRes: Sermon against "Germanism": cardinal Faulhaber
At the end of 1933 in his New Year's Eve sermon Faulhaber, archbishop of Munich and Freising, is attacking directly the beginning Germanism in Third Reich. Citation of an Advent sermon of 1933 in St. Michael church in Munich:

Cardinal Faulhaber

"In the German population there are working spirits erecting aside the Christian confessions another Nordic Germanic religion." (Lund, p.68)

Faulhaber warns from Germanism:
-- the Germanics were polytheists
-- the Germanics made human sacrifices
-- the Germanics were superstitious
-- the Germanics were bellicose
-- the Germanics had the custom of blood revenge
-- the Germanics had slaves
-- the Germanics were lazy and had much alcoholism
-- the Germanics were against mixed marriages until the Gauls came over the Rhine (Lund, p.68)
-- the Germanics exposed poor or crippled children (Lund, p.69).

Positive points with Germanics are - if it needs to be mentioned:
-- loyalty
-- followness in war and piece
-- a high hospitality
-- a high idea of honor and con jugal loyalty (Lund, p.68).

Faulhaber is concluding:
"It's not possible to speak of a real culture of Germanic times before Christianity considering Tacitus." (Lund, p.69)

(orig. German:
"Von einer eigentlichen Kultur der vorchristlichen Germanenzeit kann nach Tacitus nicht die Rede sein." (Lund, p. 69)

February 1934
The New Year's Eve sermon of cardinal Faulhaber has been sold 250,000 times already (Lund, p.70).

[Well, Third Reich will be Stone Age. This was absolutely announced, a Germanic Fart...]


[Humans in Third Reich cannot save themselves any more from propaganda against mixed marriage, homos and Jews. And who does not agree is classified as "class enemy" or as "communist" already].

Otto Höfler: "Loyalty" in "male societies" as "Germanic" model
Fostering loyalty is organized by organizing new "male societies" presented also as a Germanic model, e.g. in the work of O. Höfler: "Cult secret societies of Germanics I" (orig. German: "Kultische Geheimbünde der Germanen I." (1934) (Lund, p.55).

O. Höfler writes in his book "Cult secret societies of Germanics I" (1934):
"The very special talent of Nordic race is their social force, and the center of this force were the male societies, and so this force found a great development. They grew to powers with payload and with impact and they were fighting, had formative force and were governing and by this have been noted in World's history."

(orig. German:
"Die eigenste Begabung der nordischen Rasse, ihre staatenbildende Kraft, fand in den Männerbünden ihre Stätte und hat zu reichster Entfaltung getrieben. Sie sind zu Mächten emporgewachsen, die Tragkraft und Stosskraft besassen und kämpfend, gestaltend und herrschend in die Weltgeschichte eingegangen sind." (Lund, p. 55)

"Germania" commentary of Naumann
NS Prof. for folklife studies, Hans Naumann, about Tacitus: Tacitus would be absolutely credible.

"We believe that Tacitus was right with an independence of Germania in these territories he indicated in Western World. We believe in the nativeness of Germanic race in the little Baltic Sea region which he supports with three methods, the last one in an anthropological way. We believe with him to nativeness as in the race itself with all the anthropological caractersh he was attributing to it."

(orig. German:
"Wir glauben, dass Tacitus recht hat mit der Eigenständigkeit Germaniens in den von ihm gezeichneten Räumen des Abendlandes. Wir glauben an die Eingeborenheit der germanischen Rasse in dem kleinen Ostseeraum, die er auf dreifache Weise und zuletzt anthropologisch begründet. Wir glauben mit ihm an die Eingeborenheit wie an die Rasse selbst mit all den anthropologischen Merkmalen, die er ihr zuschreibt." (Lund, p. 38)

in: article in Bonn yearbooks (German: Bonner Jahrbücher) 139/1934, p.21-33, S.27

Defamation of crossbreed: hygiene museum in Dresden

Hygiene museum denounces "bastardization" in Rhineland:

"Another spot of shame in racist development of our folk are the consequences of black occupation troops in German Rhineland after the war. This will be a spot of shame for ever in German history that here were German women who made possible birth of unhappy bastards in Rhineland."

(orig. German:
"Ein anderer Schandfleck in der rassischen Entwicklung unseres Volkes sind die Folgen der schwarzen Besatzungstruppen im deutschen Rheinland nach dem Kriege. Es wird ein Schandfleck in der deutschen Geschichte bleiben, dass es hier deutsche Frauen gegeben hat, die die Geburt dieser unglücklichen Bastarde im Rheinland möglich gemacht haben." (Lund, p. 45)

The population should keep it's "honor":
"We have to hand on the genotype that we have got from our ancestors, in a way how we have got it. Only under this condition German folk will prove that it's worthy over the next centuries and millenniums."

(orig. German:
"Wir haben das Erbgut, das wir von unseren Ahnen ererbt haben, so weiter zu geben, wie wir es übernommen haben. Dann allein wird das deutsche Volk über die nächsten Jahrhunderte und Jahrtausende hinweg sich seiner grossen Geschichte als würdig erweisen." (Lund, p. 43)

Hygiene museum in Dresden
Hygiene museum Dresden, museum guide,
                            cover 1937
vergrössernHygiene museum Dresden, museum guide, cover 1937

Hygiene museum Dresden 2007
Hygiene museum Dresden 2007

[Hygiene museum in Dresden is existing until today. The building is the same yet, but with another content].

of crossbreeds: Johann von Leers
Crossbreeds and subhumans would be a danger for the "victory of birth". Johann von Leers states in his work "Racist view of history" (1934) that by "inferior" races would come a "victory of birth of inferiority". So, mixture with "subhumans" has to be inhibited.

"There is the danger of victory of birth not only of the types who are not Nordic, but there is the danger of a dreadful victory of birth of the inferiors, the threat of subhumans. Germany is threatened by this danger most."

(orig. German:
"Es ist die Gefahr des Geburtensieges nicht nur der mehr unnordischen Typen, sondern der grauenhafte Geburtensieg der Minderwertigen, die Drohung des Untermenschen. Deutschland ist von dieser Gefahr in allerstärkstem Masse bedroht." (Lund, p. 45)

Germanic "noble race" would be worse by an "inferior race" (Lund, p.45).

Defamation of crossbreeds: O. Menghin

Work "Spirit and Blood - basics about race, language, culture and national character" (orig. German: "Geist und Blut - Grundsätzliches um Rasse, Sprache, Kultur und Volkstum", Vienna 1934, about emancipation of the Jews.

"Is there a right to hinger Jewry as a whole the entry into German ethnic community? (...) Every people has not only the right, but has the moral obligation to defend it's national character. Admission of Jewry in Germanity would - considering the conditions of today - provoke the danger of a change of German people's character, a danger which would be more urgent because the unique social structure of Jewry would not permit a homogeneous mix, but there would be only a hybridization into the upper class of Germanity."

(orig. German:
"Gibt es ein Recht, dem Judentum als Gesamtheit den Eintritt in die deutsche Volksgemeinschaft zu verwehren? (...) Jedes Volk hat nicht nur das Recht, sondern auch die sittliche Pflicht, sein Volkstum zu verteidigen. Die Aufnahme des Judentums in das Deutschtum würde bei dem gegebenen Stand der beiderseitigen Wesenheiten zweifellos die Gefahr einer Abänderung des deutschen Volkscharakters nach sich ziehen, eine Gefahr, die um so dringender wäre, als die eigenartige soziale Struktur des Judentums keine homogene Vermischung zuliesse, sondern lediglich eine Einkreuzung in die Oberschicht des Deutschtums." (Lund, p. 45)

Defamation of crossbreeds: R. Rein
Book "Hereditary doctrine, fostering of race, antique history" (orig. German: "Vererbungslehre, Rassenpflege, Urgeschichte" (1934) against colored mixed marriages and their children.

"Racist and sane feeling German considers as shame of race when a White and a Negro are marrying in countries overseas. He is branding it as a counter natural act when a German girl gets involved with a Negro, and he was hit worst by the disgrace that black troops were set as occupation for the post-war years to West Germany and produced here their crossbreed children."

(orig. German:
"Der rassisch gesund empfindende Deutsche sieht es daher als Rassenschande an, wenn sich Weisse und Neger in überseeischen Ländern heiraten, er brandmarkt es gerade als widernatürlich, wenn sich hier in Deutschland Mädchen mit Negern einlassen, und ihn hat es als schwerste Schmach getroffen, dass schwarze Truppen als Besatzung in der Nachkriegszeit nach Westdeutschland gelegt wurden und hier Mischlinge als Kinder hinterlassen haben." (Lund, p. 45)

Definition of the prevention of "ruin" by madness of race
R. Rein is speaking on in his book "Hereditary doctrine, fostering of race, antique history" (orig. German: "Vererbungslehre, Rassenpflege, Urgeschichte"), Berlin 1934, p.68-69:

"Nordic blood has to be owed historical greatness of Indo-Germanic peoples. By threatening ruin [of Germany after 1919] can be created an new rise [extensions under National Socialism] when Nordic blood will reinforce again who yet have Nordic hereditary factors, and when all German of different Aryan races will not be split again but will develop their specialties in a noble competition - splitting in parties and classes will be overcome by victory of National Socialism.

(orig. German:
"Aus dem drohenden Untergang kann ein neuer Aufstieg werden, wenn das nordische Blut, dem die geschichtliche Grösse aller indogermanischen Völker zu verdanken ist, in allen denen wieder erstarkt, die noch Träger nordischer Erbanlagen sind, und wenn alle Deutschen der verschiedenen arischen Rassen nicht etwa nun - nachdem die Zersplitterung in Parteien und Klassen durch den Sieg des Nationalsozialismus glücklich überwunden ist - durch übermässige Betonung ihrer rassischen Unterschiede aufs neue in Zerklüftung zerfallen, sondern vielmehr die besonderen und wertvollen Eigenarten ihrer Rassen in edlem Wettbewerb zur vollen Entfaltung bringen." (Lund, p. 48)

Lehmann's 70th birthday is celebrated

NS editor Julius Friedrich Lehmann is 70 and is appropriately celebrated by the NS clique. There is e.g. an article in "Ethnic Observer" (German: "Völkischer Beobachter": Title of the article is "A national editor":
-- from Hitler Lehmann gets the "golden needle of honor" of NSDAP by mail
-- Lehmann gets the high order of Third Reich: "Eagle's shield of German Nation" (German: "Adlerschild der Deutschen Nation")
-- Lehmann is appointed honorary doctor of medical faculty of Munich university
-- Lehmann is appointed honorary doctor of faculty of natural sciences of Tübingen university (Lund, p.22).

Farmerdom glorification
R.W. Darré: "Farmerdom as spring of life of Nordic Race" (orig. German: "Das Bauerntum als Lebensquell der Nordischen Rasse") (Lund, p. 12).

Race doctrine: Johann von Leers
Work: "Racist view of history - what the teacher has to know" (orig. German: "Rassische Geschichtsbetrachtung - was muss der Lehrer dazu wissen"); Berlin and Leipzig 1934 (Lund, p. 22)

Race doctrine: E. Murr
School book: "Introduction in German study of race" ("Einführung in die deutsche Rassenkunde"), Berlin 1934 (Lund, p. 22).

Race doctrine: R. Rein
School book: "Hereditary doctrine, study of race, antique history" (orig. German: "Vererbungslehre, Rassenkunde, Urgeschichte"), Berlin 1934 (Lund, p. 22)

21 January 1934
Rosenberg: claiming a chain of ancestors from Widukind to Hitler
In Hanover Rosenberg claims speaking at "Battle League for German Culture" (German: "Kampfbund für Deutsche Kultur") that there would be a chain of ancestors from Widukind over Henry the Lion to Adolf Hitler.

"We don't believe that it will be possible that this Third Reich that we are constructing, can be denominated as direct continuation of Holy Roman Reich of German Nation, that was necessary for it's creation, by Franconian king Charles under the pretext of Christianizing to kill 4,500 Saxons. We believe that Saxons duke Widukind is mentally nearer to us than Charlemagne. We see a new historical row coming up leading from Armin the Cheruscan over Widukind, Henry (Lund, p.69) the Lion to Adolf Hitler. And we say that today Widukind by Adolf Hitler has overcome Charlemagne." (Lund, p.70)

(orig. German:
" Wir glauben nicht, dass es angeht, dieses Dritte Reich, das wir bauen, unmittelbar als die Fortsetzung des Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation zu bezeichnen, das zu seiner Entstehung es nötig hatte, durch den Frankenkönig Karl unter dem Vorwande der Christianisierung 4500 Sachsen hinmetzeln zu lassen. Wir glauben, dass uns der Sachsenherzog Widukind nähersteht als Karl der Grosse. Wir sehen eine neue Geschichtsreihe vor uns entstehen, die von Armin dem Cherusker über Widukind, Heinrich (Lund, p. 69) den Löwen bis zu Adolf Hitler führt. Und wir sagen, dass heute Widukind durch Adolf Hitler Karl überwunden hat." (Lund, p. 70)

[There would at least have been the possibility to color Hitler's hair blond...]

since January 1934
Resistance against Faullhaber's enlightenment about Germanics

e.g. Prof. Eduard Heyck (1862-1941) in "Ethnic Observer" (German: "Völkischer Beobachter"), 14 March 1934: Tacitus shall not be the only source.
                Heyck, profile
Eduard Heyck, profile

e.g. O. Suffert in an article "Germanics in New Year's Eve speech of cardinal Faulhaber" in the review "Germania" (German: "Germanien"), 6/1934: Also witnesses of "science of spade" should be considered (Lund, p.70).

e.g. in the same sense as Suffert: Johann von Leers: "Cardinal and the Germanics" (orig. German: "Der Kardinal und die Germanen" (1934) (Lund, p.70).

since 1934
"German Movement" in Europe
The "German Movement" is considered by NS Prof. for folk life studies, Hans Naumann, rector of Bonn university, as a "Germanic renaissance" (Lund, p.37).

Resistance against Otto Höfler: F. von der Leyen
Leyen is claiming against Otto Höfler in "Journal for German antiquity and German literature" (orig. German: "Anzeiger für deutsches Altertum und deutsche Literatur") (1935) (Lund, p. 56).

Günther becomes professor for race doctrine in Berlin
-- in 1935 Günther is editing his book "Origin and race history of Germanics" (orig. German: "Herkunft und Rassengeschichte der Germanen")
-- Günther gets many awards for his race studies (Lund, p.21)
-- Günther is stating in an article "Blood and Soil" (German: "Blut und Boden"); In: Academy of Administration - handbook for civil servants in National Socialist state (German: Die Verwaltungs-Akademie - ein Handbuch für den Beamten im nationalsozialistischen Staat), 1935 (Lund, p. 12).

[It is amazing that "science" of racism in Third Reich never recognized that all racism is based on lingustics never having connection to any physical criteria. Principally Hitler with black hairs has nothing to do in a "Germanic government" - just a Germanic fart...]

15 September 1935
"Nuremberg laws"
Definition of "full blooded Jews", "half Jews" and "quarter Jews" (Lund, p.41).

Ayrians are obliged to save their genotype in it's purest form and "crossbreeds" are devalorized (Lund, p.43).

[German churches open their registers to the NS regime, so there can be backtracked the weddings, and Jews can be detected up to be sixteenth Jews. This collaboration of German church hands out thousands of Jews to the SS - and a big part of German population never wanted this].

"Germania" commentary: Schlossarek

Classical philologist and lecturer  Dr. Maximilian Schlossarek (1884-?) is in Breslau publishing his work: "Tacitus's Germania" (orig. German: "Die Taciteische Germania"). Schlossarek estimates that the Germanics are a "natural tribe loyal to their race" (German: arttreues Naturvolk" (Lund, p.41). Hes interpretation of the chapters no. 2, 4, and 46 of "Germania" is a racist interpretation predicting that "Germania" was an annunciator of an antique German heroism (Lund, p.41).

Schlossarek says in "Tacitus's Germania" about the racial pure natives of Germania:
-- he says that the autochthonous Germanics are "no mixed population"
-- the new politics will enforce the race.

"That this (maintaining a pure race) has not stayed like this in 2 thousand years and [...] also could not stay like this, this is historically natural. But what is happening today in German territories, that is a big enterprise fostering and bettering Aryan race and evading the possibility of more mixing of Germans with (Lund, p.41) non-Ayrians." (Lund, p.42)

(orig. German:
"Dass das (die Reinrassigkeit) in etwa 2 Jahrtausenden nicht so geblieben ist und [...] auch nicht so bleiben konnte, ist geschichtlich selbstverständlich. Aber was heute in deutschen Landen vor sich geht, ist ein gross angelegtes Unternehmen zur Förderung und Verbesserung der arischen Rasse und zur Verminderung der Möglichkeiten weiterer Vermischung von Deutschen und (Lund, p. 41) Nichtariern." (Lund, p. 42)

Schlossarek is enthusiastic about chapter no. 4 of "Germania" where is described "pureness of the race" with a "Germanic interpretation" ("interpretatio Teutonica"). But Schlossarek makes many little faults falsifying Tacitus in a racist way. He is praising the new law of NS state:
-- Civil Service Law of 7 April 1933
-- "Reich's Farmer Hereditary Law" ("Reichserbhofgesetz") of 29 September 1933
-- "Reich's matrimony Law" (Lund, p.42).

Eduard Norden is persecuted
In Third Reich Eduard Norden is classified as a Jew and exiles to Switzerland (Lund, p.36-37).

Hitler Youth (German: Hitler-Jugend, HJ): NS state requires a loyalty of "flock of wethers": booklet "loyalty" for Hitler Youth
The booklet's title is precisely: "Followers - Germanic battle league" (German: "Gefolgschaft - Der germanische Kampfbund" (1935). Already the preface conjures loyalty of the new "breakup" of Germany:

"Followers - Germanic battle league":

"Followers! You all know the word to Followers, that is a group of youngsters. Some of you may be already a followers' leader or wants to be it. When we speak here of the followers, so we mean another thing, that is a term which is much more comprehensive and with precise goals over the time of National Socialist buildup. Followers in this big sense are absolutely anchored in the plenitude of power of National Socialist ideas and is heralding the start of a new German age [...] (Lund, p.52)

'Führer order - we follow!' This slogan creating a new Germany marching in brown columns is living since antiquity in heroic attitude of Nordic men." (Lund, p.53)

Already the ancestors had lived according to the same principle:
"Leonidas in the thermopile's, the holy group of Thebans, Wiking trips to the end of the World, Orden groups in German East ... all this is committing allegory forming the past, the present and the future of Nordic man [...]." (Lund, p.53)

Structures of Hitler Youth
Hitler Youth: Girls with swastika
                          flags in BDM association [who does not take
                          part will kicked out]
Hitler Youth: Girls with swastika flags in BDM association [who does not take part will kicked out]
Hitler Youth: effort's agenda
                          (Hitler-Jugend: Leistungsbuch), cover
Hitler Youth: effort's agenda (Hitler-Jugend: Leistungsbuch), cover

Striped flag of Hitler Youth with
Striped flag of Hitler Youth with swastika
Hitler Youth, structure of hierarchy
vergrössernHitler Youth, structure of hierarchy levels
                          Youth, 19 badges of rank
Hitler Youth, 19 badges of rank

Hitler Youth was a tough organization. In practice it was like this that many youths only stayed in Hitler Youth having better chances of job promotion.
(from : http://www.lsg.musin.de/Projekte/projekt_lichterkette/geschichte/jugend/bdm.htm)
[Well, they were promoted later into war and many were not promoted any more then because they were killed on battle fields. So, all preparation of Hitler Youth was for nothing at the end...]

L.G. Tirala: Defamation of homos: homosexuals is said to be a result of mixture of races
-- book: "Race, spirit, and soul" (orig. German: "Rasse, Geist und Seele") (1935)
-- "Race biologist" Lother Gottlieb Tirala, director of the Institute for Racial Hygiene at Munich university, claims that mixture of races would provoke the result of homo sexuality
-- e.g. the mixture of "Nordic and Middle East race, Nordic with Eastern race, and Nordic with Mediterranean race" (German: Westische Rasse) (Lund, p.85).

[Of course this is an absolute bullshit because also higher ranks of the Nazi clique were partly homosexual and partly betrayed themselves later].

"Leader" does not tolerate democracy - Führer = "model by efforts"
The "Führer" is "the model by efforts": The "Nordic principle" "model by efforts" stays against democracy, see a citation of R. von Hoff in his work "The Nordic roots of National Socialism" (1935): This "principle of leadership" is for all peoples:

"With this are falling the doubtful achievements which were brought by a democratic century, and the pure Nordic principle takes it's value about leader and followers, this means for the position of everyone. Referring to the complete people the skills are wanted and not some people's votes of masses. The leader of any kind is - like in Germanic antiquity - not the master of his subordinated, but he is model by efforts." (Lund, p.53)

(orig. German:
"Dabei fallen die zweifelhaften Errungenschaften, die uns ein demokratisches Jahrhundert beschert hatte, und es gilt der echt nordische Grundsatz von Führer und Gefolgschaft, d.h. für die Stellung des einzelnen. Im Gesamtvolk ist sein Können und nicht irgendeine Massenabstimmung entscheidend. Der Führer jeder Art ist wie in germanischer Frühzeit nicht Herr von Untergebenen, sondern Vorbild durch Leistung." (Lund, p. 53)

see also Tacitus chapter 7,1, and this is cited in the same work:
"Generals are leaders more by their model than by their power, so they are leaders by admiration caused by them, when they are bold, when they are standing out, when they are fighting before the front." (Lund, p.53)

(orig. German:
"Heerführer sind Anführer mehr durch ihr Beispiel als durch ihre Machtbefugnis, also eben durch die Bewunderung, die sie hervorrufen, wenn sie kühn sind, wenn sie sich auszeichnen, wenn sie vor der Front kämpfen." (Lund, S. 53)

Jan de Vries: work: "Antique Germanic religious history"
(Lund, p. 50)

11 May 1935
SS combat organ against mixed marriages and against homosexuals:

Karl August Eckhardt: "Unnatural fornication is worth death"

"Black Corps" (German: "Das Schwarze Korps") should intervene against fornication, because with "fornication" is threatening "ruin".

"As we have found today the antique Germanic version referring to the question of mixed marriages between dissimilar races, so we have also to come back to the antique Germanic way of justice referring to the perversions destroying the races, that is homosexuality. The Nordic idea is the liquidation of the degenerated. The race has to be kept clean, and with a clean race stays or falls Germany." (Lund, p.62)

These principles are taken over by Himmler (Lund, p.62).

[Well, Hitler had black hair and was not of a clean race, so the defeat also was a racist defeat. Germanics cannot win with a black haired Führer of Austrian origin, and all was just a Germanic fart. Oh my God...]

Germanomania: Kossinna

G. Kossinna presents a work "The German prehistory - an excellent science" (orig. German: "Die deutsche Vorgeschichte - eine hervorragende Wissenschaft"), Leipzig 1936. Kossinna claims that "Germanics" had "special instincts" and would hate "hips of stones".

"The Germanics were moved by separating, by acting out their special instincts. He hated the tight living in the hips of stones in towns." (Lund, p. VII-VIII) (Lund, p. 13)

Dr. Wolfgang Abel: Defamation of crossbreeds
Abel presents an article "About European Moroccans and European Annamits crossbreeds" in the review for morphology and anthropology 36/1936-1937 (Lund, p.45).

"Proof" for "early Germanizing settling of South and South West Germany
-- by prehistorian Hans Reinerth with his essay "South Germany's Nordic Germanic Mission" (German: "Süddeutschlands nordisch-germanische Sendung"); In: Germanic Heredity (German: Germanen-Erbe), 1/1936, p.203-209
-- P.H. Stemmermann in his essay: "The Suebi - Germanic rulers in South West Germany before the Romans" (German: "Die Sweben - germanische Herren Südwestdeutschlands vor den Römern"; In: Germanic Heredity (German: Germanen-Erbe), 1/1936, p.189-192
-- W. Hülle with his essay "Basics about South German Germanic research" (German: "Grundsätzliches zur süddeutschen Germanenforschung"); In: Mannus 29/1937, S.255-264 (Lund, p. 48).

"Germania" commentary of Rudolf Much
Rudolf Much (1862-1936), Germanist, professor, presents his work "Germania of Tacitus" (orig. German: "Die Germania des Tacitus"). Much is germanophile, German nationalist anti-Semite, an antiquity scientist of "Vienna School" of Vienna university. The commentary is published in 1937 post hum. This is his main work. In the fourth chapter he does not distinguish between "the Germanic race" and national character (folklore) (Lund, p.46).

Hitler at Reich's party convention of 1936 about "loyalty"
Only with loyalty Third Reich can exist.

"German youth shall know that men like loyal followers was a virtue of the old Germanics. The new Reich is built on this virtue, there would not be any new Reich when there would not be this loyal followers on it's base." (Lund, p.52)

Homosexuals in the SS - Himmler complaining
In 1937 Himmler complains in a secret speech for officers in Bad Tölz [in Bavaria] that there are cases of homosexuality in "Armed SS" (German: "Waffen SS"). This would be the "end of Germanic world". He compares homosexuals with stinging nettles.


"We have to see clear that when we are going on accepting this vice in Germany without fighting it, then this will be the end of Germany, the end of Germanic world. It's a pity that we don't have simple justice like our ancestors. There were only some few cases of this perversity. Homosexual man (Lund, p.63) was called Uranian and was drowned in the swamp. Professors finding the dead bodies in the swamp surely don't know that in 90 of 100 cases they are confronted with a homosexual who was drowned with his clothes and with all in the swamp.

This was not the punishment, but this was simply the elimination of this perverse life. That had to be eliminated as are stinging nettles eliminated, compiled on a heap and burnt. This was not a feeling of revenge, but these persons just had to be eliminated. Like this it was with our ancestors." (Lund, p.63)

(orig. German:
"Wir müssen uns darüber klar sein, wenn wir dieses Laster weiter in Deutschland haben, ohne es bekämpfen zu können, dann ist das das Ende Deutschlands, das Ende der germanischen Welt. Wir haben es leider nicht mehr so einfach wie unsere Vorfahren. Bei denen waren diese einigen wenigen Einzelfälle so abnormer Art. Der Homosexuelle, den man (Lund, p. 63) Urning nannte, wurde im Sumpf versenkt. Die Herren Professoren, die diese Leichen im Moor finden, sind sich bestimmt nicht dessen bewusst, dass sie jeweils in neunzig von hundert Fällen einen Homosexuellen vor sich haben, der mit seinem Gewand und allem im Sumpf versenkt wurde.

Das war nicht eine Strafe, sondern das war einfach das Auslöschen dieses anomalen Lebens. Das musste entfernt werden, wie wir Brennnesseln ausziehen, auf einen Haufen werfen und verbrennen. Das war kein Gefühl der Rache, sondern der Betreffende musste einfach weg. So war es bei unseren Vorfahren." (Lund, p. 63)

Defamation of crossbreeds: Bareth / Vogel
K. Bareth / A. Vogel publish a school book: "Heredity doctrine and study of race for primary and secondary school" (orig. German: "Erblehre und Rassenkunde für Grund- und Hauptschule") 1937 (Lund, p. 22).

About mixture of "distant races" they write:

"We speak of bastardization when there are created crossbreeds of diverse distant races or mixed races, as e.g. Europeans and Negroes, European and Asian, European and native Indians, European and Jews a.s.o. [...]" (Lund, p.44)

This "bastardization" would be the "descent" of the race.

Bareth / Vogel:
"Every race mixture of distant races means for the mentally inferior race a win of heredity valuable characters, but the valuable race is sinking." (Lund, p.44)

Defamation of crossbreeds in Third Reich: H. Hilpert
Hilpert publishes a work "Racial hygienic research" (orig. German: "Die Rassenhygienische Forderung") (1937):

"[...] that it's never possible that crossbreeds will result in a uniform mixed race, but that crossbreeds have very different physical and mental characters of their parent's race. Such persons are disharmonious referring to their appearance and to their mental conditions." (Lund, p.43)

Homosexuality as result of mixing of races: Rudolf Klare
SS group leader ("Scharführer") Rudolf Klare (1913-1946?) claims in his dissertation "Homosexuality and penal law" (1937) like L.G. Tirala in 1935, that mixture of races would result in homosexuality, the mixture "Nordic - Middle East type, Nordic - Eastern type, and Nordic - Mediterranean type" (Lund, p.65). Klare claims for sharpened laws against homosexuality (Lund, p.65).

Klare is deducing homosexuals from Tacitus:
"That Tacitus understands under the term 'bodily desecrated persons' the homosexuals, this is clear comparing his linguistic usage in his other works [...], where he presents some examples of sexual activity of Roman rulers, and he always speaks of corpore infames." (Lund, p.66)

Klare's thesis: "Feminine men" in Germanic times were sacrificed to goddess Fria (Lund, p.66).

Otto Höfler becomes a member of NSDAP (Lund, p. 56).

Exhibition "The eternal Jew" (German: "Der ewige Jude") of H. Stalüter
(from: http://www.vulture-bookz.de/imagebank/Propaganda/pages/1937~Der_ewige_Jude_(H_Stalueter).html)

H. Stalüter, poster "The eternal Jew"
                (German: "Der ewige Jude") 1937
vergrössernH. Stalüter, poster "The eternal Jew" (German: "Der ewige Jude") 1937

[The poster is writing in German language, but in Hebrew formed letters, so Jewry is presented as an absolute "foreign" culture. Communist symbols misguide the viewer to a general thinking that Jews would be communists].

Otto Höfler is changing from Kiel university to Munich university becoming professor (Lund, p.56).

Defamation of crossbreeds in Third Reich: K. Holler
Holler describes crossbreeds as ugly in his script "Heredity and racial biology at farmer's university" (orig. German: "Erb- und Rassenbiologie an der Bauernhochschule"), appr. 1938, in celebration of 2 year jubilee of farmer's university of Goslar, handed over to Richard Walther Darré.

"[...] also the physical ugliness of race mixtures or the provoked pathological perversities will be understood by the knowledge of Mendel's principles of independence." (Lund, p.43)

(orig. German:
"[...] auch die leibliche Hässlichkeit bei Rassenmischungen oder die durch sie hervorgerufenen krankhaften Entartungen werden uns aus der Kenntnis der Unabhängigkeitsregel Mendels verständlich." (Lund, p. 43).

The goal must be "purification" (German: Aufartung)
Holler: "Farmerdom of today is - and it was always like this - the spring of life of Nordic race and of Nordic folks. When German farmer is dying, also Germany will be dying [...] When purification of our folk coming from the farmer will not succeed, then it will not succeed at all." (Lund, p.2,12)

Holler's thesis: The more rural a population is, the more children will be. The more urbanized and industrialized a population is, the less children will be (Lund, p.18,12).

Wrong conclusion: Precisely with industrialization 1850-1900 population of towns was growing much because child mortality was going down by new medical knowledge, and by potato nutrition.

Racial politics: "racial soul"
About a "racial soul" is speaking e.g. C. Brenger in a combat organ "The world mirrored in racial soul - a world view combat organ" (orig. German: "Die Welt im Spiegel der Rassenseele - eine weltanschauliche Kampfschrift"), 1938, p.27.

"The mental difference between Germanics and Orient people is expressed even more where Germans and Jews are confronted. The reason for this is in the forced racial contrariness between Jew and Germanic, their racial souls are very different. Germanic is and always has been a cultural creative, scientific and technically highly talented person. He is the bearer of cultural development and of social state's forces in Europe." (Lund, p.13)

Wrong conclusion: When this would be true there had not existed many Jewish composers, writers and scientists.

Defamation of crossbreeds in Third Reich: A. Vogel
Vogel presents his work "Heredity doctrine and study of race in pictures" (orig. German: "Erblehre und Rassenkunde in bildlicher Darstellung") using Mendel as justification and describing a threat of "degeneration" (Lund, p.25).

Classical philologist Rudolf Till is appointed to Munich university, he is member of "The heredity of ancestors" (German: "Ahnenerbe") (Lund, p.31).

Death penalty against homosexuals: Drowning is a "penalty for women": H. Jankuhn
Jankuhn presents his book "Signification of discovery of a bog body" (orig. German: "Die Bedeutung des Moorleichenfundes"). Jankuhn prescribes the drowning in marshland as a disreputable "penalty for women", and just homosexuals which had conducted like women had been punished in that way.


"It was specially disreputable not to be punished by decapitation or hanging, but by a penalty for women. To this corresponds that just unman conducts had been punished with it." (Lund, p.65)

(orig. German:
"Es war besonders schimpflich, nicht durch eine Männerstrafe wie Enthaupten oder Hängen, sondern durch eine Weiberstrafe gerichtet zu werden. Dem entspricht, dass gerade unmännliche Haltung damit bestraft wurde." (Lund, p. 65)

Death penalty in whole Europe: Dr. H. Thiele
Dr. H. Thiele is medical officer of health (German: "Medizinalrat") and presenting his work: "Nordic Germanic meaning about the inverted" (orig. German: "Die Nordisch-germanische Auffassung über die Invertierten"). Thiele described death penalty for "all peoples of the north" (1939).

Classical philologist Rudolf Till is in Rome and by "heredity of ancestors" (German: "Ahnenerbe") he gets the possibility to see Codex Aesinas in Rome (Lund, p.31).

[The pope had an agreement with Hitler, and the pope never canceled it, also not after 1941].

O.Schmidt: work "Summer Solstice" (German: "Sommersonnenwende") about Christmas tree
"Christmas is the festival of family and of tribe, and the calm lights at the Christmas tree are the symbols for the ancestors who had been before us, and for the children who will come after us" (Lund, p.38).

(orig. German:
"Weihnacht ist das Fest der Familie und der Sippe, und die stillen Lichter am Weihnachtsbäume sind die Sinnbilder für die Ahnen, die vor uns waren, und für die Kinder, die nach uns kommen werden" (Lund, p. 38).

Schmidt about summer solstice:
"The big heap of wood of summer solstice is a symbol for the eternal flame of life and of the right of existence of folk and nation. Here everyone is coming out of it's personal circle into a ring of a greater community." (Lund, p.39)

(orig. German:
"Der lohnende, weithin leuchtende Holzstoss der Sommersonnenwende aber ist ein Sinnbild für die ewige Flamme des Lebens und des Lebensrechtes von Volk und Nation. Hier tritt der Einzelne heraus aus dem enger gezogenen persönlichen Kreis in den Ring der grösseren Gemeinschaft." (Lund, p. 39)

Nazi literature is romanticizing of "Germanic migrations" (German: "Germanenzüge") during summer solstice with fires and rings of greater communities (Lund, p.38-39).

"Germanic migration" (German: "Germanenzug") is mentioned against Russia in "My Struggle" (German: "Mein Kampf") already in vol. II of 1927].

"Germania" commentary of Hans Naumann: Theme "loyalty"
Hans Naumann schreibt in seinem Werk "Germanisches Gefolgschaftswesen" (1939) über "Treue" und deutet diese als "Kampfgenossenschaft unter einem Führer".

"Es gibt nur einen Ehrgeiz in der Gefolgschaft, dem Führer der Nächste zu sein und in jeder Weise ihm nachzueifern, zu seinem Ruhme zu kämpfen, ihn zu schützen und zu schirmen." (Lund, p. 51)

Erster Holocaust in Polen - Flucht - Stalin-Deportationen
West-Polen wird umorganisiert. In den Ghettos sterben Juden massenweise in Armut an Unterernährung und Krankheiten.

Während der Besetzung West-Polens flüchten auch grosse Teile des dortigen Judentums nach Ost-Polen. Nach der sowjetischen Besetzung Ost-Polens fordert das SU-Regime, dass die eingewanderten Juden alle den sowjetischen Pass akzeptieren. Die Masse der Juden will den sowjetischen Pass nicht, sondern einen jüdischen Pass. Diese Juden werden nach Sibirien deportiert und erfrieren in vielen Fällen oder werden oft in die Rote Armee eingezogen und sterben in der Roten Armee.

Gleichzeitig lässt Stalin die neuen Grenzen befestigen und deportiert jüdische "Klassenfeinde", ebenfalls nach Sibirien].


Glorification of "predecessors"
E. Vaaben publishes a work about Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig: "A Danish speaking to Germany. Germany's fight - an European affair", Leipzig 1940 (Lund, p.11).

Glorification of farmer's life: F. Burgdörfer
F. Burgdörfer publishes a work "Country without farmers - people without youth" (orig. German: "Land ohne Bauern - Volk ohne Jugend") with the thesis that up to the middle of 19th century "German population" had been a "peasantry" and a "happy population with many children" (German: "kinderfrohes und kinderreiches Volk") (Lund, p.4,12).

Race doctrine of Günther
The new book of Günther is about racial marriages: "Selection of spouses for matrimonial happiness and heriditary fitness"  (orig. German: "Gattenwahl zu ehelichem Glück und erblicher Ertüchtigung"), 1940 (Lund, p. 22).

Hitler as "leader of all Germanics"
Also in Norway and in Holland Hitler is classified as "leader of all Germanics" reps. as "greatest leader of Germanics of all times" (German: "grösster Germanenführer aller Zeiten") (Lund, p.11).

[This ovation refers to victorious France campaign. Now Hitler urged against Russia...]

"Girlie" and birth machine for a "holy land"
There was presented a book of Rose Woldstedt-Lauth (1940): "Girlie today - mothers of tomorrow" (orig. German: "Mädel heute - Mütter von morgen", referring to Tacitus chapter no. 18 and 19. Germanic man is monogamous and idealized Germanic woman had been a birth machine in Tacitus already.


"Because Germanics are content with one woman. So, the women can live in well cared abstinence, not twisted by immoral plays or seductive festivals ... So, there are not many divorces despite the high number of population. Because in Germania there is no laugh at vices, and to let himself seduce does not mean here to be in the mainstream. To limit the number of children or to kill a child is rated as a big sin. More than in other territories is reached in Germania by the positive morals.

Every mother nourishes her children with her own breast, no one is given to a maiden or wet nurse. Only later the boys get to know the joy of love, and by this also their virility is inexhaustible. There is also no low age of marriage of the virgins (Lund, p.56). They marry each other when they are equal to the men referring to their force, and the parent's force is reflected in the children." (Lund, p.57)

[So Germanic children had marriages since 16 or 17].

(orig. German:
"Denn es begnügen sich die Germanen mit einer Frau. So lebt die Frau in wohlbehüteter Keuschheit, nicht verdorben durch unzüchtige Schauspiele oder verführerische Gelage ... So sind auch trotz der grossen Bevölkerungszahl Ehebrüche selten. In Germanien lacht man nämlich nicht über das Laster, und sich verführen lassen, heisst hier nicht, dem Zeitgeist huldigen. Die Kinderzahl zu beschränken oder eins der Nachgeborenen zu töten, gilt für eine Sünde. Mehr aber als anderswo wird in Germanien durch gute Sitten erreicht.

Jedes Kind nährt die Mutter mit der eigenen Brust, keines wird Mägden oder Ammen überlassen. Spät erst lernen die Jünglinge die Freuden der Liebe kennen, weshalb auch ihre Manneskraft unerschöpflich bleibt. Auch mit der Verheiratung der Jungfrauen hat man es nicht (Lund, p. 56) eilig. Ebenbürtig an Kraft, vermählen sie sich mit den jungen Männern, und der Eltern Kraft spiegeln die Kinder wider." (Lund, p. 57)

The children would be determinated already for a "holy land", and the children should not only reproduce themselves, but also "reproduce themselves upwards" (German: "hinaufpflanzen").

"All big is simple. And is there something more simple than the great account of sexual life of our ancestors? Great and simple, like this they were, they also considered this biggest of all problems. And they had a solution in a great and simple way. They did not consider special appearances, they did not loose themselves in sophistry, they only saw the straight way. Simple and clear were their decisions: Pureness of the boy and of the virgin, abstinence, containment of all sexual tribes.

To enter life with all forces, fresh and unspent, in the holy land, where they would give children to their population, children as inheritors of their health, of their force, and of their fullness of life, children, who will give pure genotype up to the latest times, children who would not only reproduce themselves, but also reproduce themselves upwards."

(orig. German:
"Alles Grosse ist einfach. Und kann es etwas Einfacheres geben als die grossartige Schilderung des Geschlechtslebens unserer Vorfahren? Gross und einfach, so waren diese Menschen, so sahen sie auch dies schwerste aller Probleme. Und lösten es in grosser, einfacher Weise. Sie achteten nicht auf Sondererscheinungen, verfielen nicht in Spitzfindigkeiten, sie sahen nur den geraden Weg. Einfach und klar war ihre Entscheidung: Reinheit des Jünglings und der Jungfrau, Keuschheit, Zurückhaltung aller geschlechtlichen Begierden.

Um mit der Vollkraft frischen, unverbrauchten Lebens einzutreten in das geheiligte Land, in dem sie ihrem Volke Kinder schenken würden, Kinder als Erben ihrer eigenen Gesundheit, ihrer Kraft und Lebensfülle, Kinder, die das reine Erbgut weitertragen würden bis in die fernsten Zeiten, Kinder, die sich von Geschlecht zu Geschlecht nicht nur fort-, nein, hinaufpflanzen würden." (Lund, p. 57)

And Tacitus would be true. The justification:
"Germanics got a praise from the enemy. Our ancestors were who forced Romans to this praise. But we are of their blood." (Lund, p.57)

(orig. German:
"Lob aus dem Feindesmund haben sich die Germanen errungen. Unsere Ahnen waren es, die dem Römer Bewunderung abzwangen. Von ihrem Blute aber sind wir." (Lund, p. 57)

Death of Eduard Norden
(Lund, p. 37)

Defamation of homosexuals as "self mutilation": Otto Steiner
Work: "A false translation of Tacitus" (orig. German: "Eine unrichtige Übersetzung aus Tacitus"). Otto Steiner interprets "corpores infames" as self mutilation before military service, as 1921 Dr. med. Georg Wilke had done. Steiner's work is a clear warning to all German deserters (appr. 200.000 up to 1941) who are putting themselves out of the "community of fate" (Lund, p.67).

As a consequence there is a search for mutilated bog bodies. One cannot find any, but Alfred Dieck does not change his meaning (1906-1989).

Death penalty for homosexuals in SS and in police
Hitler introduces death penalty for homosexuals in SS and in police units. But death penalty only is valuable for "Germanics of German character" (German: für "Germanen deutscher Prägung"), and only for German men, justificated by racism (Lund, p.66).

Supplement: Tunnel constructioning in Holocaust
After the first bombings of Berlin NS government clique takes the resolution of complete underground weapon constructioning. Detainees are transported to tunnel construction sites. There were appr. 1,000 complete tunnel constructions in the lists (this was in 2006), and it can be estimated that there have 2 million victims died or blasted and buried living in the tunnels. See: Tunnel systems: The Underground Reich.

Supplement: Russia campaign "Barbarossa"
One could have painted Hitler's hair blond at least. But also blond hair had had no sense, because Russia had a nonaggression pact with Japan now, and by this Hitler was alone against Russia, and Stalin was never in a two-front-war...

The Jews of Eastern Europe are taking the flight in masses to central Soviet Union where they are partly starving hunger, but they often survive. Before the Russia campaign Stalin's regime is dismantling whole industries and transporting them to central Russia, with the staff inclusive, among them many Jews.

Surviving Jews in Russia after 1945 mostly are not allowed to leave the country because Stalin is imposing collective penalty against all Jews because Israel's government clique is clinging together with "American" CIA and not with KGB. So Russian fantasy that Israel could be a Russian satellite was in vain].

"Germania" commentary: drowning as death penalty: Kurt Holler
Holler (*1901) is docent for race biology at farmer's university of Goslar presenting his work: "Race care in Germanic free farmerdom" (orig. German: "Rassenpflege im germanischen Freibauerntum"). He is translating Tacitus as follows:

"They hang traitor and deserter on their trees. Cowards, men shy of war and people of fornication are drowned in shit and swamp, and basket-work is put over them."

(orig. German:
"Verräter und Überläufer hängen sie an Bäumen auf. Feige, Kriegsscheue und Unzüchtige versenkt man in Kot und Sumpf, wobei noch Flechtwerk über sie gelegt wird."

Holler's commentary:
"All delinquencies with depraved sentiments, with inferior predisposition of character, are not 'punished' in our sense, but they are eliminated. That's why there is imposed death penalty for delicts which are more or less harmless in the eyes of the liberal human townsman." (Lund, p.46)

(orig. German:
"Alle Vergehen, die eine verkommene Gesinnung, eine minderwertige Charakterveranlagung voraussetzen, werden nicht in unserem Sinn 'bestraft', sondern sie werden ausgemerzt. Daher so oft die Todesstrafe für Vergehen, die dem liberalistisch-humanen Städter von heute recht harmlos vorkommen." (Lund, p. 64)

The term "Germanic" in the war: Dr. Gerda Merschberger
Mrs. Merschberger is legal historian and presenting an article "Folk's name Germanics - his origin and his signification" (orig. German: "Der Volksname Germanen - sein Ursprung und seine Bedeutung") in the review "Germanic Heredity" 8/1942:
-- the term "Germanic" means "community of fate" and "obligation"
-- is the general term for the new "community of fate".

"At least 2000 years old is this name comprising all tribes of Germanic blood. Today there is a common fight of fate of European populations and this name gets a new meaning and obligation." (Lund, p.49)

(orig. German:
"Mindestens 2000 Jahre alt ist dieser alle Stämme germanischen Blutes umschliessende Gesamtname, der heute durch den gemeinsamen Schicksalskampf der europäischen Völker eine neue Sinngebung und Verpflichtung enthält." (Lund, p. 49)

Conclusion: It seems that England is not part of Europe because it's not part of the territory between Rhine and Don. But Hitler always wanted to make war with England against communism. Here Hitler is contradicting himself without taking notice. Why should non Germanics fight for Germanics against Russia?

2000 year jubilee of the battle of Ariovist of 58 B.C.
The term "Germanic" is broadly presented during this 2,000 years jubilee. The battle near Mulhouse in Alsace ending with a defeat of "Germanic military king Ariovist" against Caesar is celebrated and with it is glorified Second World War.

Dr.Gerda Merschberger: "Considering that this fateful year could also be the year of breakthrough of denomination of Germania, so we could see January 1942 as a 2000 times return." (Lund, p.50)

(orig. German:
"Wollte man dieses Schicksalsjahr zugleich als den Zeitpunkt für das endgültige Durchdringen des Namens Germanien betrachten, so konnten wir im Januar 1942 auf seine 2000ste Wiederkehr zurückblicken." (Lund, p. 50)

[All in all the 2000 years jubilee is suspect because there was celebrated a Germanic defeat, and also 2000 years later it was a defeat. With the fail of lightning war strategy in 1941 and with military aid of racist "USA" for communist Gulag Russia Hitler's Russia campaign was definitively lost already...]

Editions of racism Günther

"Popular Günther" "Little study of race of German people" (orig. German: "Volks-Günther", "Kleine Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes") is reaching a selling of 272,000 books (Lund, p.21).

Children's education without segregation of sexes: Margarete Schaper-Haeckel
Book: "Germanics in body, spirit, and soul" (orig. German: "Die Germanen in Körper, Geist und Seele") (1943). There is presented an idealized world.

<Girls and boys are growing up naturally, meeting each other during play and sports. There is no fearful suspicion about this community classifying it as a danger of moral education. This erotic thinking in Germania was not, one was colder referring to these things. A Roman like Julius Caesar who had grown up in hotter and sticky climate of the South, he was astonished about natural growing up together. Cooler Germanic North did not know Roman corruption of morals. Living together was absolutely normal.

Caesar's and Tacitus's reports about Germanic conditions tell us of common growing up of girls and boys in parental court. Caesar tells us that "both sexes take a bath together in the river", and Tacitus tells us of Germanic youth: "In every house they grow naked and dirty (what was not the case) developing their bodies which we (this means the Romans) look at wondering.> (Lund, p.58)

(orig. German:
<Unbefangen wachsen die jungen Mädchen mit den Knaben heran, treffen einander bei Spiel und Sport. Kein ängstlicher Argwohn sieht dieses Beisammensein als eine Gefährdung der sittlichen Erziehung an. So erotisch dachte man nicht in Germanien, man war kühler in diesen Dingen. Einen Römer wie Julius Cäsar, der in der heisseren und schwüleren Atmosphäre des Südens aufgewachsen war, kann dieses unbefangene Zusammenaufwachsen allerdings in Erstaunen setzen. Dem kühleren germanischen Norden, dem römische Sittenverderbnis fremd war, war es eine Selbstverständlichkeit.

Cäsars wie auch des Tacitus Berichte über germanische Verhältnisse erzählen uns von dem gemeinsamen Aufwachsen der Mädchen und Knaben im elterlichen Hof. Cäsar weiss zu sagen, dass "beide Geschlechter zusammen in den Flüssen baden", und Tacitus meldet von der germanischen Jugend: "In jedem Hause wachsen sie nackt und schmutzig (was nicht zutrifft) zu diesen Gliedern, diesen Leibern, die wir (d.h. die Römer) anstaunen, heran.> (Lund, p. 58)

[It seems that the author has no idea of tribal life in former times: Children were married with 12 years already and mixed education had stopped with 10 probably].

"Germania" commentary of Rudolf Till
Classical philologist Rudolf Till edites a "Germania" of Tacitus with a dedication to Reich's Leader SS (German: Reichsführer SS) Heinrich Himmler (Lund, p.31). Till defends himself against Eduard Nordens statements in his work "Traditions of Tacitus's Germania" (German: "Überlieferung von Tacitus' Germania") (Lund, p. 36).

August Hirt in Strasbourg: Jewish collection of skulls
Dr. med. August Hirt is installing a Jewish collection of skulls at Strasbourg Reich's university (Lund, p.27).

August Hirt,
              portrait of a Nazi fool installating a collection of
              Jewish skulls at Strasbourg Reich's university
August Hirt, portrait of a Nazi fool installating a collection of Jewish skulls at Strasbourg Reich's university

Classical philologist Eugen Fehrle (1880-1957) is editing his "Germania" commentary in a fourth edition (Lund, p.32).

Dutch racist Jan de Vries flees from Holland from the allies to Germany (Lund, p.50).

Otto Höfler is considered "mental follower" (Lund, p.56).

The Reich in ruins
Town in ruins, e.g. Stuttgart, summer 1945
vergrössernTown in ruins, e.g. Stuttgart, summer 1945

[Most bombings of towns had no sense in a military way and were pure terror and mass murder of the allies to eliminate civil population and the past of German culture which was from before NS times. But also German bombings on English towns had no other purpose than this...]

since 1945
National Socialists going on in their racism
-- Dutch professor for Germanistics, Jan de Vries (1890-1964)
-- ordinarius Otto Höfler of Vienna (1901-1987) (Lund, p.50).

Supplement: Nazi teachers stay until they die
All in al racist mental illness against homosexuals, lesbians and Jews is going on. Church is preaching on against the Jews, and Bible is not cleaned from racist phrases. Above all taboos of homosexuality are in effect further on until the Nazis die, resp. until the governments can afford to protect homosexuals and lesbians, so only since the middle of the 1970s.

Defamation of homosexuals: K. August Eckhardt
Eckhardt is showing the interpretation "corpore infames" as men "who had been used in a sexual way as women" (German: "die sich geschlechtlich wie ein Weib gebrauchen liessen". But death penalty should not be in use any more (Lund, p.64).

Tacitus is abolished - and theory of continuity is abolished: K. August Eckhardt

Constitution of West Germany (GFR) is breaking with theory of continuity. According to Eckhardt Tacitus cannot be used any more.

" [...] that Germanic right cannot give important criteria in our situation and by this also cannot give important criteria for modern law." (Lund, p.64)

(orig. German:
" [...] dass das germanische Recht für unsere Situation keine massgeblichen Kriterien abgibt und daher auch für eine moderne Gesetzgebung keine brauchbaren Wertungsmassstäbe mehr liefert." (Lund, p. 64)

Jan de Vries returning to Holland, rated as a "mental follower"
(Lund, p. 50)

["Philologists" of universities having created racist madness are rated as "followers". And they are allowed to give further lectures...]


Racism theories have not died out after 1950 yet.

Racial doctrines: Günther's "Selection of spouses" (German: "Gattenwahl") is edited again
Günther's book "Selection of spouses for matrimonial happiness and heriditary fitness" (orig. German: "Gattenwahl zu ehelichem Glück und erblicher Ertüchtigung") is edited again with editor Lehmann without any change (Lund, p.22).

[So, Germanics are farting on and on. And it can be possible that also in racist "USA" this book was very popular against blacks, and also in racist South Africa...]

Otto Höfler is in Munich "extraordinarius for Nordic philology and Germanic antiquity studies" (German: "Extraordinarius für nordische Philologie und germanische Altertumskunde")
(Lund, p. 56)

Jan de Vries editing a revised edition of "Antique Germanic history of religion"
(Lund, p. 50)

Otto Höfler going to Vienna staying there until 1971
(Lund, p. 56).

since 1958
Classical philologist Rudolf Till is full professor in Erlangen
(Lund, p. 31)

Jan de Vries, book: "Celts and Germanics" (German: "Kelten und Germanen")
Jan de Vries is spreading on biologic racism (Lund, p.50).

"Germania" commentary of Rudolf Much, third edition
Much is a germanophile, German national anti-Semite. The third edition of his "Germania" commentary is considerably extended, edited by W. Lange, Heidelberg 1967, assisted by H. Jankuhn (Lund, p.46-47).

[Racism doctrines are dying out at the universities only with the death of the "professors". "Civilization" is not capable for an active cleansing. Also in Switzerland it's like this, a center of hereditary theory madness...]

since 1968
[Breakdown of the taboo of homosexuality and of sexual taboos in youth by Rolling Stones
Unfortunately the generation of the 68s is also going with drug consumption].

Conclusion: We hope this Germanic fart has ended. When you ask me whole "Germania" from Tacitus is a fake of a German monk's clique of Hersfeld...

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Hitler Youth:
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