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"Moon plays": The Moon Was the Earth - Truth and Lie In the Atmosphere

23. Moon photo index: Training Photos and "Moon Photos" Of the "Moon Landings" on Earth

The moon car LRV on Earth - the moon landscapes on Earth

Apollo 15 in the moon hall: Irwin with two
                    Suns and a Rover in the background.
Apollo 15 in the moon hall: Irwin with two Suns and a Rover in the background.

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2009 / 2021)

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Apollo 11

  • Apollo 11 (01): The impossible landing approach (analysis Palomino 2009)
    Trip by space without overall - landing approach of the Command Module instead of "Lunar Module" - moon lie at Apollo 11

    There is landing a Command Module instead of a "Lunar Module"

Here is a Command Module on it's
                            approach to the "moon", but this
                            should be in fact the "Lunar

Apollo 11 photo no. AS11-37-5452: chaos
                            of shadows around the crater near the landed
                            "Lunar Module"

Apollo 11, photo no. AS11-37-5498:
                            around the reflector which is said having
                            set up "on the moon" there are no
                            foot prints. The reflector is implanted into
                            the photo...

Photos from the "moon car" LRV

Das erste
                            "Mondauto" war ein Einsitzer, hier
                            an einem Strand getestet

The "moon car" of Apollo 15
Apolo 15, foto de la NASA no. S70-5330,
                            Irwin y Scott en el carro lunar de
                            entrenamiento "Grover" en Cinder
                            Lake, Arizona

"Astronaut" Scott is driving a car in the "moon dust", but there are no wheel tracks

"Astronaut" Scott from Apollo
                            15 is driving the "moon car" here,
                            a "Rover", so NASA says, but there
                            are no wheel tracks in the "moon
                            dust" - to the contrary there are foot

The "moon car" of Apollo 16

Chaos of shadows at the "moon car" of Apollo 16, and there are two Suns in the "moon sky"...
Chaos of shadows around the "moon
                            car" of Apollo 16, e.g. on the photo
                            AS16-108-17730, and there should be two Suns
                            in the "moon sky"...

The "moon car" of Apollo 17

Apollo 17 , the "moon car"
                            during the training driving through a

Apollo 17, this wheel of the "moon
                            car" has white spots in the shadow. The
                            manipulators forgot to paint it black

Mondlandschaften / paysages de la lune / paisajes de la luna / moon landscapes

Chile: Mondtal ("Valle de la Luna"): Der Mond ist in Chile  deutsch

          Vallée de la lune ("Valle de la Luna"): La lune se trouve au Chili  französisch

                    Valle de la Luna: La luna está en Chile  spanisch

                                  Moon valley ("Valle de la Luna"): The moon is in Chile  englisch

Atacama desert, plains with chain of

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