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Thailand, tips

by Michael Palomino (2012)



English in Thailand: "Thai" English ("Tinglish")

English pronunciation in Thailand is a catastrophe and can hardly be understood

Thailand has a unique tradition of a bad English pronunciation, and it was my Thai teacher who told me that this English is more a "Tinglish". The characteristics are the following:

Speaking Diphthongs (au, eu, ei) is very uncomfortable for Thais and they mostly mean that they would be able for this. English "R" is not working at all and is often spoken as a "L". That means that very important words are completely wrong pronounced, and some days are needed to get the Thai-English pronunciation. Examples are given here:

Time [taim], Thai pronunciation: [ta:m]
Sometimes [samtaims], Thai pronunciation: [samta:m]
Light [lait], Thai pronunciation: [la:]

Rice [r:ais], Thai pronunciation: [lai]

House [haus], Thai pronunciation: [hau]
White [uait], Thai pronunciation: [uai]
Nice [nais], Thai pronunciation: [nai]
Right [rait], Thai pronunciation: [lai]
To the right side [tu the rait said], Thai pronunciation: [tu de lai sai]
To the left side [tu the left said], Thai pronunciation: [tu de lef sai]
Have a nice day [haev e nais dei], Thai pronunciation: [haev e nai de:]
To go [tu gou], Thai pronunciation: [tu go:]
O.k. [ou kei], Thai pronunciation: [o: ke:]
Day [dei], Thai pronunciation: [de:]
Let's go [lets gou], Thai pronunciation: [lets go:]
Tomato [toma:tou], Thai pronunciation: [toma:tou]
Potato [poteitou], Thai pronunciation: [pote:to:]

Even Thais in international business are using this wrong pronunciation, e.g. in travel agencies.

Therefore one can stay that good English teachers are really missing in Thailand teaching a good English pronunciation.

In Thai language schools also special phonetic letters are applied.

Grammar in the "Tinglish" language - examples

Grammar of "Tinglish" is a grammar adapted to the Thai language. Thus all differenciation between nominative, dative, and accusative are not existing. Examples are here:
-- I telephone she = I call her
-- I see she =I see her
-- I see he = I see him
-- You telephone she = you call her

All fine grammar with the article "a" or with the possessive pronouns "your", "their" etc. are omitted. Examples:
-- you have new job = you have a new job
-- you work same bar = you work at the same bar

In Thai language also the personal pronouns is omitted when there is an "I". Thus Tinglish is working like this:
-- not understand = I don't understand this

Prepositions are not important for Thais and prepositions are only applied where they are also used in Thai language. Examples:
-- you lie me = you live to me

Airport of Bangkok is a chaos without signposts - and the staff practically has NO command of English

At Bangkok Airport signposts are missing and it's easy to loose oneself there. Staff hardly speaks English and problems of newcomer can hardly be solved, and there are hardly answers. Considering the bad English pronunciation in Thailand one can conclude that practically NO communication with the airport staff is possible.

Some Thai words

Zoll =
Ausgang = ta:ng 'o:rk
Taxi =

At the main crossing of Bangkok Airport there were hardly signs, and the very few signs (for luggage and passport inspection) were indicating in contradicting directions.

Bangkok is a sinking town - will be on 0 meters in 2020 - nobody knows how life in Thailand will go on then

According to official news Bangkok is a sinking town and in 2020 Bangkok will be officially on 0 meters. Thus investments in Bangkok should be omitted, and how Bangkok will be survive when it's under 0 meters seems to be a big question because big parts are massively under 0 meters already. Industries are pulling simply too much water from groundwater and the clay layer on which the houses of Bangkok are installed with long poles is sinking with the groundwater level - according to different news 5 to 10 cm per year, and this is world record. Thai government did conceal the problem for a long time and radical measures which would be necessary are not taken. And therefore from 2020 on Thailand will be in an instable state when the tides will take parts of Bangkok with them and the channels will splash over. The ground of Bangkok is a drained swamp ground and eventually will be instable and soft. May be also crocodiles will come like in Australia during the big floods. But the topic is simply concealed in Thailand for "not having problems". It would be easy to transfer the water consuming industries to safe places on river sides, and the workers with them, but nothing has been done until today...

As a river cannot flow upwards and as Praya River in Bangkok is a river of about 400 m large one can foresee what will happen in Bangkok from 2020 on...

"Little things"
rain and windows: little roofs protecting the windows are missing thus with big rain it's often raining into the house

rain and windows: windows of many houses open to outside thus rain is affecting the windows and wood of the windows is swelling thus it can be that the window will not close any more during the rainy season

shoe blackers and shoe polishers hardly exist: In Thailand shoe blackers or shoe polishers hardly exist because people hardly are wearing shoes but mostly sandals

ants: houses in Thailand are full of little cracks and Thais don't know about silicone for closing cracks thus the houses are often full of ants and it can be that ant colonies are crossing the whole flat on the wall or even on the floor, and Thais use the money more for beer and whiskey but not for powder against ants...

fathers: after a separation from a family Thai fathers normally don't pay anything for the children they have with the first woman and they are rejecting any contact to the children they had with the first women, thus there are many children in Thailand who never see their father any more and this situation is causing much harm and sorrow in Thailand and nobody wants to regulate anything, but the fathers are often not paying 1 single Baht to the children per month - thus there is no tolerance in the Thai society and this uncompromisingness is a very bad model for the children and they are partly copying it as young adults for other "matters"...

Nazis in Thailand: Thailand is a Nazi center where Nazi groups have their traditional "homes", where secret services with their Nazi members are celebrating their festivities and spying actions etc. Be warned that there are many shaved heads with black energy walking around in Thailand, even Swastika T-shirts are normal here because the Thai government does just not think anything and there is no education with libraries or Internet schooling for the elder population in Thailand...

Healer foreign healers and doctors are not allowed to heal Thai people in Thailand. A more destructive law does not exist, but this is the truth. Foreigners can be healed with foreign healers contacting them before the trip for a coordination for trip and healing procedures:
-- healer Reiner Niessen in Pattaya, Naklua Road soi 18, Pattaya, "Bios Logos" gymnastic studio with blood oxygen gymnastic, healing many "unhealable" illnesses, spinal discs, paralyzations etc., web site is in the Internet
-- healer Jacques from Bad Nauheim in Hua Hin, about 150 km south of Bangkok, healing cancer in 3 months etc., with a big wisdom about medicinal plants, Tel. 0066-(0)81-9643777

Vocabulary for the driving license in Thailand

intersection=crossing in general
junction=crossing of 3 streets
crossroads=crossing of 4 streets
turn=normal curve
curve=double curve
merging road=coming road in a little angle
hill ascent=incline
hill descent=slope
no overtaking
uneven road
dip in road=hole in the road
slippery road
frontage road=frontage lane
road machinery
traffic diverted
proper parking

In the little texts of the exam there are many spelling faults because Thais like their "special" English:

you have to go police = you have to go to the police
you can copy = you can make a copy
I have to go inside = I have to go to the office in the house
motorbike you = your motorbike etc.

begin to turn right and wait
proper turn
pull your vehicle on the shoulder and turn on your emergency flashers
sign reading "Left Turn on" -> stop wait for pedestrians and other vehicles from the right of pass in front of you before turning left
bebe=pay pay

Worst alcoholism in Thailand until all will be destroyed

Alcoholics in Thailand: Since 1964 Thailand was a "rest room" of NATO during Vietnam War with alcohol and sex tourism for the soldiers. Thailand was converted into an alcoholic country where the alcoholics are a great majority and where sophisticated thinking with win win situations are not wanted. 100% alcoholics in Thailand are the police, justice, security, media, mafia groups, secret services and a bit part of Thai government and of the pensioners living in Thailand. Thus the alcoholics in Thailand are the big majority and accordingly the country is destroyed because alcoholics in groups are absolutely incurable. Thailand is really an alcoholic state where one can perform studies about alcoholism very well. Alcoholic self destruction is managed for example by sinking Bangkok and floods in eastern Thailand for saving Bangkok during the rainy season (yet). Poverty and alcoholism in the countryside are considered as even wanted by the alcoholic commanders because from the countryside the young poor alcoholic women are coming to the brothels serving to the alcoholics again, and the brothels are often managed by mafia bosses or by Thai police commanders. It's very special that the prostitutes working with foreign customers are speaking more English than all other alcoholics who are hardly or NOT AT ALL speaking any English, not either the commanders. The management of the secret brothels is more important for the commanders than learning English, respectively as alcohol was eliminating a big part of the brain there is not much chance any more for learning processes because the next day all is forgotten again what had been learnt the day before. This means that Thailand is an absolutely lost country because the responsibles are not learning at all, and the government and the authorities are setting wrong priorities thus poverty is even promoted - for more supply of girls in the brothels!

Non alcoholics: The only humans in Thailand not being alcoholics in Thailand are the children up to 12 years, medical doctors and teachers. Children from 12 years on are already in a heavy danger, above all on the country side where is a group pressure.

Alcoholic depression in Thailand: depression by alcohol is not recognized in Thailand, and when Thai politics are moving in a circle then this is not recognized by the alcoholics in the upper class. But the alcoholic depression in Thai politics can be seen clearly by sinking and drowning Bangkok, by floods in the countryside during 5 months for saving Bangkok from floods, by the fact that Thai teachers are even speaking a wrong English, by the fact that there is no instruction about foreign countries in Thailand, by the fact that porno and youth reviews are forbidden, by the fact that Thai people is a peeping people peeping the neighbors traditionally, by the fact that there is a boxing tradition in Thailand not considering important what will be broken when two people are fighting loosing complete rows of teeth etc. etc. This means again that Thailand is an absolutely lost country because the responsibles are not only not learning but it is not important for them what will happen with the fellow men, and because they have suffered damage already they consider it "right" when also the fellow man is suffering a damage and then they are even laughing about it! And with this behavior Thailand is in a modus of self destruction and is fairly far already with it. Buddha is completely betrayed and who is not an alcoholic should really evade Thailand!

Suicide syndrome by alcohol in Thailand: sinking Bangkok and many useless activities
Alcohol abuse in Thailand is going that far that nobody wants to think any more and also little prevention measures are not taken. The biggest case of this suicide syndrome is sinking Bangkok where ground water is used so much that the town is sinking 6 cm per year and in 2020 will be on 0 m and nobody will know how the river will upwards then. As Asian mentality is following the tradition not to speak about the important problems also sinking Bangkok is a forbidden topic in the public like Fukushima atomic disaster in Japan. Also repair or measures for safety are not wanted with this alcoholic suicide syndrome. In general there is a mental castration of the brain because alcohol is eliminating big parts of the brain, and above all commanders, police and security in Thailand are alcoholics.

This suicide syndrome by alcohol not wanting to think any more is combined with many little useless activities like
-- forming criminal gangs
-- forming peeper associations with spying activities against tourists or against women in toilets
-- forming alcoholic and drug gangs only hanging around during the day with alcohol and selling drugs to tourists in the night
-- such alcoholics are not able to concentrate any more or to learn any more because the memory is damaged but they are systematically rejecting any further education and they are even criminalizing persons who are indicating that further education is needed
-- these criminal alcoholic commanders, alcoholic policemen and alcoholic securities in Thailand even want to determine what would be "normal" and what is not - and in this way they are electing their victims and women and children from the empoverished countryside have no chance but are forced into brothels for prostitution where just these alcoholic Thai commanders are often the bosses!
-- violation of law is not important for these Thai alcoholics any more because otherwise they would be forced to think, fighting against these alcoholic Thai groups can only be with lawyers and justice

And in this way Thailand is in an alcoholic suicide syndrome and they are even rejecting any help but they are chasing the historians who are telling the truth. The alcoholic commanders are defending their alcoholic suicide syndrome, and this is just a normal behavior of alcoholics...

More facts about criminal Thailand

As a friend you are not "part" of them, but they all want your money.

Thais are not aware how they are insulting people, this is just "normal" for them.

Men in Thailand are mostly only chattering and are doing NOTHING but drinking alcohol and beating and boxing, and often there are Thai men where whole rows of teeth are missing in their mouth. There is always money for alcohol but not for teeth.

The idiot's capital is very big in Thailand, with dogs and chickens and their remnants everywhere, sometimes even in the houses.

Aggressivity of firework is not considered.

In the countryside in Thailand it can be that the money machine has no international connection.

Important little things

Bar ladies without social education: The state of Thailand lets do the bar ladies as they want and they mostly form a mafia. Period phases are not used for further education. When they are ill, then they have no money for the treatment because all money is sent home or spent for alcohol. Many have no management and don't know how to manage money. Bar ladies in Thailand are also boxing ladies. Bar ladies in Thailand are not at all learning social competences, but they are learning just the contrary. Also any handicraft skills are missing with bar ladies. But they know very well how extortion against the "customer" is working and this is normal. Thai bar ladies want to live with a high level but their own level in their brain is mostly about 0. When they have become alcoholics, then they even laugh even more about the "customers". The Thai population is even defending this schizophrenia . The Thai bar ladies are not learning social competencies but just the contrary. Nobody is educating them and the pressure from home is very high and they have no management...

school bus: school bus and bus for pupils are missing but the families have to spend much money for taxi drivers bringing their children to school every day - as there are hardly any footbridges over motorways and sure crosswalks with pedestrian islands the children hardly can go to school alone

radio: when a radio station is suddenly off the air and suddenly coming back after 15 minutes then this is normal in Thailand
dogs: dogs are beaten by joke by wooden boards or by kicking them with feet so the dogs cannot walk any more at the end

English: English is not wanted but beer and whiskey are always wanted in Thailand, so the money is not spent for an English course of the spouse but is spent for two whiskey bottles for being drunk every day - this is the normal behavior of Thai people drinking alcoholic beverages in the street without end never learning anything but they are even feeling "great" with their whiskey parties where the alcohol is consuming their brain what the Thais don't know because they don't read anything... - they mostly don't know how to handle the Internet...

Police in Thailand almost without knowledge of English - "translators" manipulating Thailand

Police in Thailand is practically without knowledge of English and can hardly work with the problems of the tourists. And when Thai policemen speak English then it's with the hard Thai pronunciation without diphthongs, and English "R" is spoken as an "L".

It would really be very good when Thai police would get English courses for any communication with the tourists.

Instead of a strong role of Thai police so called "translators" from Europe are dominating Thai police commands manipulating systematically the events in Thailand in favor of foreign mafia groups in Thailand.

Having a vocabulary with you

As a tourist it can be helpful putting down important words on some sheets of paper - in an order of topics - and therefore always can be a little conversation with the Thais, and they are very pleased when foreigners speak some Thai words.

Clothes of women: Women can wear what they want

Women in Thailand can wear the shortest clothes that they want, with the exception of the temple districts. With 30 degrees Celsius all is permitted.

Clothes of men: Long trousers getting a serious pictures - against wrong suspicions

Foreign men in Thailand walking in public should wear long trousers and should be keen on presenting a serious picture, because sports trousers or boxer shorts are connected with criminal pedophiles by the population. The children merchants are "working in the dark" and it seems they cannot be catched, or secret statal structures are organizing child traffic. Therefore general population is helpless against child traffic and is organizing their own norms against criminal pedophilia, and a very important criterion are long trousers of the man. Only by this the population is feeling sure with the tourists, not important how hot the weather is.

Shorts only can be wared at the beach or in the own flat.

Climate in Thailand: water damage by humidity when things are stored in the wrong way

Tropical and always humid climate like in Thailand means:

-- clothes cannot be stored in bags because there will be mold within two months
-- books cannot be stored in bags because there will be eventual water condensation provoking a water damage with the books
-- little travel bag for passport and money must never be shut because there will be eventual water condensation in the travel bag provoking water damage with the passport.

European retired persons in Thailand

Thailand is drinking alcohol anywhere and without limits

Drinking alcohol is absolutely permitted in any corner and in the street in Thailand, and therefore Thailand has a big alcohol damage and the volume of the brains is generally reduced corresponding of alcohol consumption - like for example also in Columbia. These conditions please to certain pensioners who are drinking much alcohol and have their mafia connections, and foreigners with an intellectual orientation will look for another country automatically because in a society which is almost always alcoholized one cannot work at all and also safety is always in danger. It seems absolutely crazy that the woman Minister of Culture of Thailand for example wants to prohibit calendars with beautiful James Bond girls in beautiful underwear (there were several news about this crazy Minister of Culture in 2012), but alcohol consumption in the street with all bad effects of reduced brains and reduced intellectual capacity, with threats and with murders, is going on without any limit. But to a certain kind of foreigners these conditions are pleasing, above all to people from right wing and right extreme political parties as Swiss SVP, Swiss PNS, German NPD, who are meeting all here in Thailand and who are celebrating here their alcoholic holidays and rents. This IS like this:

European retired persons in Thailand are mostly alcoholized - and there is a subtle aggression of the Thais

It could be watched that many European pensioners are living in Thailand, but they are not at all doing good things, but they are only drinking beer without end and they mean, this would be good for them. But a high alcohol consumption of the retired persons has got heavy consequences for their intellectual capacity, because by lots of alcohol their brain is more and more destructed. So, the old men first are good clients in the restaurants for Thai women, but then these pensioners are invalid what should not be at all like this.

Example: Groups of alcoholic retired persons - English and Swiss bully retired persons

When European pensioners are forming even groups, can be even in an alcoholized state, then it can also be that these alcoholics are dominating the restaurant because the Thai owner of the restaurant cannot defend himself or simply "does not want to have problems". And the it's clear that there are subtle aggressions coming up with the Thai people against the lots of European pensioners, and it can be that these subtle aggressions are coming out without control when there is an occasion for it.

Within this system in Thailand one can find above all German, English and Swiss retired persons. German pensioners are those who can think most yet. English pensioners all come from Churchill fighting times, and Swiss pensioners who all had an obliged military machine gun in their house, these Swiss pensioners come from the times of the steady boom years. That means that social problems can principally only be solved by German pensioners. But English and Swiss pensioners are stuck in their fighting mentality committing partly really only shit in Thailand, drinking alcohol without end, doing nonsense, cannot do something with their lives, are harkening, are spying, are gazing, are staring, are peeping, and eventually also are willing for an aggression meaning that to be aggressive would be useful.

Example: Retired person dismissing his Thai lady taking all given jewelry and keeping all given clothes

This is a story from Pattaya from 20 August 2012: There was a retired person in Thailand (allegedly he came from Ireland) and was with a Thai woman for 3 years. First he payed a "starvation wage", and then a little more, so the lady also could send a part to her home, and by the time there were also gifts. But the European retired person also had the habit to drink too much, and he also slapped the Thai lady, but the Thai lady did not want to leave the man because of this and stayed, until after some more time after one more high alcohol consumption the relation came to an end and to a flight. But before the departure there was the man was "settling up" with her as the retired person had his "ideas", and now this European pensioner gave the proof that he had NO heart: He took from the Thai lady all given jewelry, and he also kept all given clothes for him, and therefore the Thai lady was leaving and walking in the street with practically nothing and had just some money for the trip home and half a kilo of clothes. End of the story.

Well, when European pensioners are behaving without heart and are abusing their power at the end, respectively when European pensioners leave such a bad "last impression" at the end, then there are subtle aggressions coming up with the Thai people against the lots of European pensioners, and it can be that these subtle aggressions are coming out without control when there is an occasion for it.

Guidelines and development programs for European pensioners are missing in Thailand

When Thailand is a center for European pensioners, programs for them should exist. In some kind it should not be neglected what pensioners are doing in foreign countries, or not are doing. There should be distributed a little "booklet of behavior" at the entrance of the country so all men from Europe can evade certain bad behavior.

When pensioners only are drinking alcohol on and on without limit, so this cannot be a "good" work. When European pensioners cannot speak any Thai word after 3 years, so this is really a very rare development. Programs are missing for useful deeds, instructions are missing for gaining new horizons, assistance is missing in the mother's language, because pensioners of today reach normally an age of over 90 years, and from 65 years on these are 25 years to pass, and in these years much good can be possible!

At the other side the Thais should have clear guidelines how to manage the pensioners when they are only drinking alcohol on and on. That means that there should be limitations, plays are missing, possibilities for voluntary work are missing which would be welcome in the country etc.

The same counts for Thai bar ladies when they always drink only alcohol, but alcoholic beverages should be only 30%. Sex is better when the people is not so drunken!

Thai bar ladies are smiling and snoring - and medium tourists are snoring, too

Well, against snoring no beautiful flower had any effect, and also smiling has no effect against snoring.

It could be stated that Thai bar ladies - at least concerning Pattaya - have no idea about healthy life. That means that Thai bar ladies are living in a lasting but wrong euphoria seducing men and winning much money in a short time. But at the same time these Thai bar ladies DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about healthy food, and above all they don't know how to balance bar life where is no sun light, but always much alcohol.

One has to conceive that the Thai bar ladies hardly are nourishing themselves with good food, and they even reject vitamin-containing fruits because they mean that fruits would "not to be modern". As a consequence there is a chronic shortage with vitamins and ALWAYS a sinusitis could be stated provoking a heavy snoring by the nose. Sometimes there was also a combination of sinusitis and chronic cough respectively the disease had even developed up to the ridge of a pneumonia, and the Thai bar lady meant that chemical medicaments would heal her.

But Thai bar ladies are hardly informed either about their snoring and about the health dangers because the medium tourist and "customer" in Thailand is himself a potbelly who is also snoring or is even snoring more than the Thai bar lady. And therefore the normal scenery in the hotel room with a medium tourist and a Thai bar lady is that BOTH are snoring and BOTH don't become aware of it.

It seems that Thai bar ladies and bar bosses DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about medicine and the mechanisms to reinforce the immune system with fruits, natural vitamins and sun light are not known. But many bar ladies always take or are even dependent from pharmaceutical pills and "medicaments". It seems that the bosses don't know about the problem at all because a sinusitis cannot be seen, and snoring of bar ladies is hardly reported because the medium tourist with beer belly is snoring as well. And in a bar where only high amounts are payed there is such an euphoria that the diseases are concealed - until there is nothing going on when a pneumonia comes.

Teach the bar ladies that fruits and sun light are important for the immune system, so they live better. Optimizing health by blood group nutrition is absolutely unknown in Thailand, and most of Thai bar ladies have no brain for this to understand this - nor realizing it. They simply don't take it earnest...

Some Thai bar ladies are not only destroying their liver, but also their voice by much alcohol and by never sleeping, but they simply are not aware of it.

So, before falling in love there has to be a trial to sleep during the night. Unfortunately little noses are not favorable.

Bad habits of Thai bar ladies

Pay attention, because Thai bar ladies have also the following professional habits:
-- wrong names
-- wrong origins
-- wrong mechanism of "yes" and "no"
-- they have children but they don't know anything about medicine or about their blood group and they CANNOT manage their health, and about natural health they don't know anything
-- mostly Thai bar ladies don't know what is "tender" but they want money as fast as they can manipulating the "customer" and then they sleep snoring saying "bye bye".

Education problems with secret sexuality provoke brute and criminal Thai bar ladies - eternal youth with alcohol, sex and antibiotics

One has to ask oneself where are the reasons for these habits of the bar ladies, and it comes out
-- that during the youth all is forbidden what is called "tender"
-- that menstruation of women seems to be a taboo in certain parts of Thailand until today and girls are laughed for it and when these girls are adult women then they are very ashamed by this psychological pressure when they - again by psychological pressure - are suffering menstruation pains or PMS
-- visits are forbidden, youths cannot be together just for being "tender"
-- youth magazines do NOT exist in Thailand, and therefore
-- Thais - women and men - don't develop the courage to ask about details of sexuality, don't even know more than two "positions" mostly, and therefore
-- Thais are not so developed concerning self confidence, because they have more questions than answers during their whole life
-- but they have always to smile for propaganda - but many do not smile any more...

Crazy eternal youths and crazy Thai bar ladies for ever

There is a general emotional underdevelopment of Thai population:

-- Thais often remain with their development as eager and jealous and rumors are wild and without control, so at the end nobody has the courage for anything any more and life strategy is partly or totally blocked by neighbors, above all concerning relationships
-- in this state of emotional underdevelopment of tenderness and youth sexuality Thai population also knows only little about sexuality when they are adult, and in general they have a lack of happiness hormones what is not at all known in Thailand: Thais do not know that to be tender provokes more good hormones in the body and more good energy, and therefore the general hormonal constitution in Thailand is not so good but above all in the countryside is very bad where all wisdom about love is forbidden and education is not available - and then babies are found dead in the garbage or in the forest and 15 or 16 years old girls are going with tourists as a "customer" getting "tenderness" from this "customer" which is not possible to have with a Thai boyfriend because all is "forbidden" and anybody could reveal anything and anybody could be laughed
-- even to destroy friendships of others is a common fact in Thailand by puberty habits also in the adult population
-- even to be jealous is normal in Thailand for bar-ladies because they remain in an eternal youth and do not want to change what is absolutely childish
-- I could see several times that Thai women did not want to accept tender gestures of a couple in a restaurant or on a market place interfering with arm signals etc. They do not grant the other one's tenderness, greeting kiss in a restaurant is taboo, holding hands in the street and giving a kiss in the street is only attributed to the whores which have a bad reputation in the "normal population" (which of course also gets it's profits by the "customers" selling rooms in hotels and selling food in restaurants etc.)
-- this situation of life in Thailand provokes that the Thai whores and bar-ladies have more tenderness in life than normal Thai women and that whores and bar-ladies have more happiness hormones than normal women and in general they feel even happier than normal women, because for normal women almost all of tenderness is forbidden!!!

So there is a big split in Thai society:
-- Thai prostitute has more knowledge about love and tenderness than "normal" women, and this also gives her the feeling to be "privileged" and gives her a certain false pride without end
-- and "normal" Thais seem to be little depressive sometimes because there is simply missing tenderness of life which is normal in Europe and in "America"

O yes, law says that prostitution would be forbidden, but this law is only applied when there is a customer blamed for something to bring the customer away - and the bar-lady is always right and NEVER blamed because she is element of brothel mafia systems bringing money to Thailand being attractive for more "customers"!

Eternal youth and playing with men ("customer") as a bar-lady

Now one has to know well that in Thailand all sex toys are forbidden, there is no vibrator to have in this country, and therefore the "customers" are also a kind of "sex toy" for the Thai bar-ladies. Youth review like "Bravo" and "Girl" do not exist. Sex shops do not exist. Beate-Uhse shipping company does not exist. Television with Lilo does not exist. Vibrators or other devices do not exist, but the only thing what exists is the brothel, and the sex toys in Thailand are always "living" toys. Only normal Thai men cannot pay for it and therefore there is some envy against tourists. Thai women living out their sexuality in the brothel are developing the following "life":

There is a compensation for this bad education principle in Thailand of "no education" and forbidding all sexual education:
-- many Thai women from the countryside live their sexuality as a bar lady "playing" with men
-- and many Thai men from the countryside accept that the women are working as "ladies" and let them "work" and women send the money from the "customer" home.
-- add to this in this eternal puberty and without the real self confidence without knowing much about the truth, Thais often mean that to beat somebody would be a kind of "tenderness": men are slapping women, and women are slapping men or other women - very "tender"
-- and of course Thai bar-ladies are playing with names as pubertal girls do it in Europe or in "America" only between 13 and 15
-- and of course any kind of order is rejected and Internet is never learnt because Thai bar ladies want to be "free" without electronic control
-- don't be surprised when a Thai bar-lady does not notice that the "customer" pays something!
-- of course Thai bar-ladies tell wrong stories about "children" or about "ill persons" so the "customer" will give more money, the manipulations are well trained.

"Plays" with the customers are going like this for example:
-- the lady pretends having given all the money home
-- the lady pretends having no money having lent it to another woman who is not giving it back
-- the lady pretends that the husband did not fish any fish and there would be no income for two months at home
etc. etc.

The trap: eternal puberty girl playing with "customer" getting to be alcoholics with shrunk brains
-- so a Thai bar-lady who is mostly of course a puberty girl and nothing more, she is managing how to "play" with the "customer" so more money "comes out", but she is not capable to solve their personal problems because Thais are not accustomed to ask and are mostly not accustomed to live with life strategies
-- add to this most bar ladies are turning out as alcoholics and their voice is destroyed and lower similar to a man's voice and there is mostly no feminine and tender voice any more
-- in many cases also all habits of the bar-lady are more rough as it's typical for alcoholics with reduced and shrunk brains (insults because of "nothing", curses because of "nothing", primitive words because of "nothing", but as a "lifestyle" because all these bad habits would be "forbidden" at home in the Thai family)
-- and of course the brain is always less and not more because the alcohol is destroying the brain - and concentration capacity is always less and not more
-- and of course concentration for life is not possible but absent-mindedness is wanted because without absent-mindedness it's not possible to survive this situation of being a bar-lady every night for new tourist "customer" manipulating him so his "money comes out"

And it's striking how the Thai government is letting this go without any control. The bar-ladies are not even obliged to pass one medical check-up per year.

Bar-lady during menstruation times - no further education, but "helping" doing nothing
Thai bar-ladies and brothel keeper are that stupid that they don't organize anything for the time when a bar-lady has got it's menstruation. There is

-- NO further education, there is
-- NO language course, there is
-- NO book for reading learning about other subjects for life,

but the bar-lady with menstruation is "helping" at the bar also when she has nothing to do. This is a typical Thai life strategy. In Europe this manner of life not doing nothing during menstruation times would be a kind of living for youths between 13 and 15, and with 16 they learn how to organize their life strategy. In Thailand with the bar-ladies there is NOTHING. The brothel keeper does not feel any responsibility for an education of the bar-ladies at least during menstruation times...

Thai bar ladies and Thai men are acting both against foreigners

-- women of the countryside of Thailand working as "bar ladies" are always in danger for their reputation, but are never systematic, are never with a life strategy, but the strategy is going from day to day, from "customer" to "customer", and hardly any bar-lady wants to give up this "wild free life" where the "customer" always has to pay all for her
-- brothel keepers from abroad do not give any course for further education
-- and Thai men of the countryside are also always in danger for their reputation, and many of them "let work" the woman who is bringing the money home milking the foreign "customers" and is clasping when some frauds against foreigner "worked well"
-- therefore Thai men are always against any foreign man never trusting and never can shut their mouth or inquire when there are stories to tell (also wrong stories) and therefore the gossips in Thailand are THE MEN and NOT the women, and this is really not normal
-- and at the same time the side effects of prostitution with the rhythm in the night are that bad so the women are more or less destroyed in their soil and their body and 80% are alcoholics after 2 years and are addicted to euphoria, and they also loose their soft voice getting a men's voice, and with 40 they come  back home as an alcoholic dead body where they are only a nursing case because their organs are destroyed, because half of their brain is eliminated by alcohol, and therefore they cannot return to a normal social manner of thinking - and then the Thai men are also laughing at the ex prostitute who is shouting without brain and without orientation with a whiskey bottle in her hand
-- at the same time the Thai population has got the habit to eat hot spicy meals with much chili. Thais are very proud of eating hot spicy food because as a child one has to "learn" especially to accept the hot spicy chili dishes. But the consequences are not positive at all: after some years stomach lining and intestinal mucosa are loosing a part of their activity, and also other organs can be limited with their activity. At the end many Thais cannot eat fruits any more because eating fruits provokes diarrhea at once because the stomach lining and the intestinal mucosa cannot proceed fruits any more, and therefore a big part of the Thai population is lacking of all vitamins coming from fruits, with all consequences with aggressiveness, jealousy of healthy (foreign) people, depressions or even impotence.

Cause studies are not common in Thailand, and reason or rationality is only rare.

No reforms in the countryside - stream of new bar-ladies never stops - brothels of foreign mafia for tourists always work

In the case of doubt only egoism counts - and the government is not willing to perform reforms in the countryside of the country and therefore the stream of new bar-ladies is never going down.

And therefore there are the following facts in Thailand:

Foreign mafia groups governing Thailand
Foreign mafia groups (criminal Swiss, Germans, Austrians, English or even Russian mafia groups in Thailand) can organize brothels well in Thailand, and Thais who do not know much about love and sexuality only can watch how the money comes in brought by the bar-ladies but they never consider the health damages of the bar-ladies.

Foreigners loose their reputation with wild Thai bar-ladies - 5 minutes shot
There is nothing special when a foreigner is loosing his reputation in Thailand being blamed for nothing, being cheated or robbed by a Thai bar lady, but this is the "normal habit" of eternity of puberty in Thailand and any robbery is a success for the Thai bar lady and her family. And as a European or Australian or "American" one has to know this:

-- Thai bar-ladies are accustomed to Thai men who do not know much about sexuality, and this means that
-- a sexual act is not more than 5 minutes and penis are little in Thailand
-- when elder Western tourists come with big beer bellies these are easy to handle because a sexual act will be also only some 5 minutes
-- but when a medium Western comes with a good condition this would be difficult because sexual act could be more than 5 minutes, and when the bar-lady feels bad with it she will tell that there had been a rape also when there had never been any but she offered to be fucked more. That means: Thai bar-ladies are NOT prepared for other sceneries than 5 minutes shots but they will be confused when the shot needs more than 5 minutes.

"Arranging" problems - amnesia - or tactics for more money
When a "customer" is not behaving "normally", problems of bar-ladies in Thailand are solved organizing mafia gangs and paying taxi drivers against "customers" - for a "treatment". Also bottles, chairs or swords are swung by Thai bar-ladies or even by the feminine brothel owners of the bar "defending" a lie of a bar-lady.

Some bar-ladies are even lying that much that they don't know at the end any more how truth is going. Such alcoholic bar-ladies end in a general amnesia loosing all memory by fucking around every day as "food" for big belly beer tourists - and there are lots of bar-ladies suffering this. Thai government does not mind...

Other bar-ladies are calculating well the "customer" cheating him with wrong feelings so more money "comes out", and when the customer has a good memory this is the problem of the customer, and as a defense the bar-lady suddenly has got a husband...

Thai bar-ladies are mostly NOT prepared for a relationship with Western tourists - no "switch" - the lady likes to stay in the alcoholic brothel trap
All in all - with few exceptions - Thai bar ladies are NOT AT ALL prepared to have a relationship with a European or Australian or "American" because the mental structure is absolutely different and the Thai ex bar-lady who should be a partner for the ex customer, she is often destroying the relationship

-- with stupidities
-- with lies
-- with wrong pride
-- with more robberies and more alcohol
-- and when there is a Western coming with a good condition there is always the strange feeling that there is something strange sexually, would "not be normal"

-- because the Thai ex bar-lady cannot "switch" her life back to a civil ordered life after so many years of wild alcoholic disorder, and
-- because all knowledge about basic sociology and social competence is mostly missing
-- and about tolerant sexuality in Europe they don't know anything or they also don't want to know about it, therefore
-- Thai bar-ladies are hardly competent for a life with a Western pensioner and are NOT competent for family life with Western men in medium age.

One can also say it with other words: Thai bar-ladies are NOT AT ALL trained for a relationship with a Western man:
-- there is no guide
-- there are no courses
-- there is no instruction
-- youth magazines with sexual enlightenment like "Bravo" or "Girl" are missing,

but the Thai bar-ladies remain absolutely helpless. Ex Thai bar-ladies even have in mind to defend themselves against the partner with mafia gangs or payed taxi drivers when they are living with the partner, but this is not working any more and therefore the ex Thai bar-lady cannot manage this new situation when she is urged to think. She did not think for 10 or 15 or 20 years, how should she learn it in 2 weeks with a partner who does not know about this situation? Remember: Thais never like to speak about truth, because they do not learn it, but all important is "secret". Thais hardly speak about their soul because of anxiety to be laughed! They have to learn this first...

The foreign mafia brothel owners don't say anything either that with the beginning of a relationship with a Western man there must be a "switch" in the brain of the bar-lady. But mostly there is no "switch", and therefore robberies and lies are going on until also the next chance has gone - and the bar-lady returns to "her" brothel and brings more money to the brothel and brings more money home going on "working" in the alcoholic brothel trap. And the "play" with men goes on in alcoholic euphoria.

Side effects are never mentioned...

Healing for bar-ladies is partly rejected - natural medicine is rejected - after a healing only negative things about the "customer" are told
These Thai bar-ladies living in an eternal puberty are developing such a false pride that they are rejecting also healing procedures offered by the warm heart of "customer". The amusement in the brothel is that great that illnesses are not important any more. Or one can say it like this:

Mostly Thai bar ladies do NOT accept any help when you want to help her in health affairs but they mean that

-- an illness "is normal", or
-- they are proud for their pills, or
-- they don't want to learn about natural medicine, or
-- they simply have not the mental capacity to change their mind for a healing process because they are so absent-minded and want only to go on in the false alcoholic euphoria, and therefore
-- they do not realize the price they pay when - besides the steady consumption of alcohol - they are always using antibiotics for any little illness when antibiotics are damaging the stomach and the intestine system and are provoking resistances of bacteria in the body.

Or it can be also like this:

After a treatment they only tell to their friends how the injection hurt but do never tell that there was a dangerous illness to be fought. The "customer" gets no right to be mentioned in a positive way, but the Thai bar ladies are too stupid to tell something in a neutral way respecting all sides!

In general one has to see the facts: It's NOT possible to heal bar-ladies also when a "customer" is taking them earnest - because bar-ladies do never or hardly take earnest the "customer". Well, when the bar lady is coming from a poor site where is no medical doctor or where the family never had money to go to a doctor so the lady never could see how healing is going on and never knows when it's the case to go to the doctor - and does not know that it's important to take emergency pills regularly - and does not know that natural medicine without antibiotics is even more important to learn than to go to a "normal doctor" for antibiotics. But this fact is not considered by the criminal mafia brothel owners, and Thai government does NOT see this. Ministers only tell that poor Thai ladies should look for a "Western" tourist...

Protest of the mafia brothel owner is possible!
Not only this: The brothel owner can even claim that the "customer" should only "use" the lady for some sexual action and should not have other projects with the lady. Criminal mafia brothel owners do NOT mind to "offer" bar ladies in a really "bad condition", and criminal mafia brothel owners do NOT mind claiming that health affairs would be only up to the lady!

Dead with 55 or 60 because of organic damages by alcoholism
Well, all in all these bar-ladies with all organic damages of kidneys, livers and brains they will not reach more than 55 or 60 years of age, but they were "good sex slaves" during 20 or 30 years for their family bringing money home. Thai brothel system wants it like this. And the foreign brothel keepers are the great winners, get the best girls "for themselves" and are never responsible for nothing saying that all is "up to one's own".

When there is no law educating the young bar-ladies, there will be no education of them, and they will be "food" for tourists for ever. The government has to change these circumstances, legalize prostitution and putting it into laws for further education so it will be a "station" of life and not the end of life. When singular tourists would want to change something in this brute brothel system they will be laughed

-- by the wild bar-ladies
-- by the criminal mafia brothel owners
-- by the local police because local police also is "using" the bar-ladies as their "food" secretly
-- by the Thai government because the government does NOT see that there is any "alcoholic brothel trap" and does not see that the complete population absolutely needs further education in natural medicine protecting their bodies from taking too much antibiotics which are damaging their bodies. The government simply does not see that there is something to do.

Oh yes, in very rare cases the bar-lady is drinking no alcohol, but a fruit juice. But also this lady was snoring...

Thai population in towns has no idea of natural medicine - spending money for pills which do never heal

It could be stated that Thai population in towns has no idea of natural medicine but they mostly think that plants and fruits for healing would "not be modern". A general revolution of the "modern" mind for natural medicine like in Shitzerland with Dr. Bircher-Benner or with Dr. A. Vogel has never happened in Thailand. Therefore pharma industry is poisoning Thai population in the towns, and shops with natural medicine do hardly or not at all exist in Thai towns, but there are only pharma-cies.

Fruit salads are hardly or not at all known. Stewed vegetables with the full content of vitamins can only rarely be seen in Thailand. But many Thais mean that hot meals would be good and when there are no hot spices so their existence would be put into question. But exactly the hot spices are those endangering their existence. So, these hot spices are giving a false safety favoring liver damages and kidney damages. In Thailand there are also mostly standard air conditions which are shaped for big rooms. When these air conditions are working in little rooms, they produce a strong and cold wind. This plenty of ventilations and strong air conditions in the country are harming the immune systems respectively are provoking an additional vulnerability for influenza diseases.

This state is really sad to be discovered because also when a foreigner indicates how healing with plants and fruits would be possible, Thai population mostly is smiling but is not acting and is not changing their behavior but Thai population - at least in Thai towns - is following their way with pharma products, and therefore many Thais are never healed but spend only more and more money for pills that will never heal and illnesses are only worse and worse.

In most dangerous situation are humans damaging systematically their immune system with alcohol and only few sleep, so also in a tropical climate of Thailand bronchitis or pneumonia are possible. These "ladies" are additionally endangering their health when they are rejecting any natural medicine but are intoxicating their body systematically with pills and add to this are congesting the pores of their skin with cremes, ointments and powders so any skin respiration in the face is impossible and oxygen supply for the skin of the face is blocked. Well, and there is also a false pride of these Thai bar ladies: This false pride hinders any new point of view seeing the realities of life. That means: Many Thai bar ladies don't want to realize that they are ill, and they never want to behave as if they were ill for being healed. Well, that means that in Thailand many bar ladies are "working" in a chronic ill state, and they are going on drinking, shouting and screaming until also in the tropical climate is not going anything anymore...

Big action for education department with natural healers  to enlighten Thai town population is missing. When this action would be in connection with blood group nutrition this would have really a great health effect in Thailand.

Thai general population has NO bank account - NO knowledge about financial transactions - and has no e-mail

It's a characteristic of "poor" countries when the big majority of the population has got no bank account. Unfortunately this is also the case in Thailand.

Safe monetary transactions with bank accounts in Thailand are possible only with a small upper class. But the big part of the population has NO bank account,but they only are worried about money and don't know how life could be organized in a more efficient way.

Many Thais don't know either what an invoice is, what a money sending enterprise is. Most house owners also have NO bank account. Many Thais don't know either how sending money by Western Unions works.

That means: Unfortunately the big part of the Thai population has NO idea how finances in their country and in the world are working. Any education in the school about finances is missing, and it's missing the consciousness that a bank account and the wisdom about the world wide finance systems is important.

The same counts for e-mail: normal Thai population has NO e-mail and does NOT know how Internet is working. And therefore many Thais cannot use any possibility of communication or of cultural knowledge exchange - also because English is hardly taught in the school system - and when it's taught, then it's badly taught ("Tinglish").

This lack of wisdom partly provokes a feeling and an envy against foreigners because the Thais don't know why the foreigners are "stronger" than the Thais.

Medicine: expensive pharmaceutical medicaments

The prices for pharma products in Thailand are very high, and many people cannot afford them and therefore have no medical treatment.

For example a nose spray and pills for four days against an allergy cost 860 Baht (about 25 dollars), and this is the salary of one day.

Unfortunately natural medicine is not spread in the whole country.

Let's see the connections:

Medicaments are very expensive in Thailand and the big part of the population cannot afford medical treatment (it seems there are some capitalists in the medical enterprises applying capitalist strategies with medicaments AGAINST the Thai population, instead of providing an access for everybody for health)

These high prices of medicaments (with a European price level or even higher) have the consequence that poor Thai population in the countryside never go to the doctor and children do NOT know what is a medical treatment and when children are adult they do NOT know when a doctor is needed and they do NOT know that it is important to take pills regularly in a rhythm indicated by the doctor - there is absolutely NO health education in the countryside, and then comes this: When one pays them medicaments, they don't take them because they don't take this earnest. The big majority of Thai people simply don't know how healing is working because they never got to the doctor.

All this is provoked by the high prices for medicaments, by capitalist strategies of the medicament producers, and by the missing health education in Thai school system. It seems that the government of Thailand does not know about these facts.

Medicine: Partly bad teeth in the countryside

People from the countryside partly have teeth with much caries, they have brown teeth. There is simply missing education and selling of a good tooth paste. Policy in Thailand does not take earnest the population in the countryside as it seems.

Medicine: Good dental creme in Thailand with fluoride: "Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect"

Thailand seems to have something what whole South "America" does not have, that is a dental cream which can be compared with Elmex dental cream. It's the dental cream "Darlie". The logo is similar to a Chaplin man with a top hat and a bow, but human beings using this dental cream hardly have tooth decay. There are six variations [web01]. Indications is giving "Darlie Co." (http://www.darlie.co.th). The strongest variation is promising "magic" things:

Darlie dental creme "Double Action Enamel Protect":
Darlie dental creme
                        "Enamel Protect" from Thailand
Darlie dental creme "Enamel Protect" from Thailand [1]
  1. Increase tooth enamel strength index up to 52%

  2. Reduce decalcification of teeth from acid food up to 39%

  3. Cavity prevention

  4. Effective cleaning

  5. Freshen breath with unique 2 mint powers

  6. Strengthen teeth with fluoride

It seems that Thailand has what rich criminal Peru with it's police and drug mafia does not have, and what also criminal mafia Argentina does not have either: Thailand has got a cheap and very good teeth conserving and preventively protecting dental creme, which is copying Elmex!

Architecture in Thailand

Catastrophe with sewer system with tropic temperatures - missing ventilation towers

Partly the ventilation tunnels of sewer system are in places were is civil live. Until today no ventilation towers were built up, so there is many people bothered by toilet smells.

Giebeldach is blocking any further floor
In Thailand houses are always construct with a Giebeldach and NEVER with a terrace on the roof. So, Thais are blocking several possibilities with this Giebeldach:
-- terraces on the roof for relaxing or for a save children's play are not possible, and
-- there is no possibility for further floors "upwards": The houses in Thailand mostly "remain" with only one floor and the Thais are not accustomed to add more floors
-- this provokes narrow living conditions but a high territory consumption
-- and add to this any playground or park is missing in the living areas.

Thus architecture in Thailand with Giebeldach is absolutely unsocial. But Thais are not becoming aware of it when they are living in such a first floor house because they mostly mean that an "own house" would be the fulfilling of a "dream". But at the same time other dreams and social possibilities are blocked.

Transparent roof elements are not known
Transparent roof elements are not known in Thailand and therefore Thais are living always a little bit in the dark respectively the consumption of power for light is high and could be less with transparent roof elements.

Plus energy house is missing

Unfortunately the actual architecture with a 0 energy house and with a plus energy house with a ventilation without power and without engine is not known in Thailand.

In general any learning about alternative and integral energies is missing in Thailand, and there are news saying that the Thai government wants to work on with coal power even in 2013. Solar energy, wind energy or geothermics are never mentioned in Thailand. It seems that the government does NOT want to learn anything new.

What is missing in Thailand

-- unicycle, children play grounds, sports play grounds, rafts at the beach with diving platforms, artificial islands, swimming islands at the beaches, force plays, fair plays, games of skill

Food: Attention water damage
-- many times little water bottles up to 1/2 liter are not safe and can provoke heavy water damages in a rucksack or suit case. Thais only have rucksack during school times and never take water bottles in a rucksack...

Emancipation of the woman does not exist in Thailand
-- literature for women and reviews for women are only for rich, and the great part of the population has no money for this or does not think that it would be important
-- women are afraid to speak about their problems and to speak about their sexual problems, and they are concealing all, also to their parents, above all in families in the countryside
-- daughters are sent to prostitution without any honest conversation about sexual problems the daughter has (e.g. pains of vagina)

Health: low prices and medicaments for all

-- there is missing a health strategy for all in Thailand with low prices for medicaments
-- schooling of household and natural medicine is missing for a general good health is missing in Thai school system

Health: family assistance and sexual enlightenment are missing
-- family strategy and life assistance with family planning hardly or not at all exists
-- sexual enlightenment and contraception ring as a simple contraception method is missing
-- schooling of the parents how to enlighten their children is missing (because with a smile the problem is not solved)

Health of pensioners of Europe
-- schooling for pensioners what good things can be done also during the pensioner's years is missing because there should not be only drinking alcohol, intrigues, faked propaganda and organizing of fights
-- in some parts of Thailand anarchy of alcoholics is governing in fact, eventually also in combination with a drug anarchy.

Health: natural doctors can hardly be found
-- in some towns natural doctors hardly can be found, it seems that the state hardly does anything for a good comprehensive supply of natural medicine as it is the case in Peru or in France e.g.

-- there is missing the 0 energy house with a natural air condition and ventilation without power consumption
-- there is missing the Plus Energy house also with a natural air condition and ventilation without power consumption
-- there are also missing cycleways, and many times also good sidewalks are missing.

And this yet: There are many air conditions in Thailand,and of course some go rotten by the time and it's worth learning about repair of air conditions as in Central Europe one is learning to perform little bike repairs.

-- there are missing red-white reflector tapes at the rear of lorries as a warning against accidents in the night with parked lorries (in Israel every car has such reflector tapes for safety)

-- food packing in Thailand is often hardly filled with food but almost only with air. In this case a law is missing indicating the percentage of good and air in the package, and a control. Because in many cases the super market could spare half of the space for other goods!

Development of intelligence unfortunately is low - managing relationships is very "special" - and youth literature is missing

Buddhism and being a monk or a nun is mediating an important part for life, but it's just only one part of intelligence (calm and common sense). Other parts of development of intelligence are missing in Thailand:

-- kindergarten groups for children between 2 and 5 years hardly exist and therefore a therapeutic instruction for plays and constructive activities is hardly stored in the brains of the little children
-- there is missing the reading tradition with children's and youth's books completely in Thailand, and with this a big part of intelligence development by comparisons with other societies is missing
-- excursions and holidays are missing
-- making music is missing in big parts of Thailand's society respectively is only practiced in the monasteries
-- and partly there are also aggressive parents destroying childhoods
-- there are missing in many cases courses for typewriting and Internet courses in the schools, therefore Thais hardly are able in typewriting and often have no e-mail.

Thai women one cannot understand

With Thais from the countryside from North Thailand meeting them in southern tourist location of Pattaya, there could also be observed the following characteristics which I had never seen before in the world:

-- partly Thai women do not know how are their names
-- Thais partly cannot read the clock or the watch
-- there are Thai women nodding when they say "no", or they say "yes" and are nodding when they mean "no"
-- there are Thai women they never say anything about a medical treatment they need, for example when their brackets are already 5 years in their mouth and are hurting much in their mouth, but she claims that she has "no money" for taking the brackets out - but she is drinking beer every day and night - for beer there is money...
-- or when there is a Thai woman who can see only with one eye, she only tells it when she has to read something, and when somebody is offering an operation of this pterygium, she does not come!!!

Knowledge about Internet and managing a relationship hardly exists with Thai women

-- add to this most Thai women do mostly NOT know how to work with the Internet, because there is hardly Internet available in the countryside, because there are no computer engineers in the countryside, and therefore they don't have any e-mail either, and this is a heavy gap of schooling, but there is simply direct calling and with this these Thai women are spending a lot of money for nothing because they don't know either how to write mobile messages, and therefore much money could be saved by e-mail and Internet

-- many Thai women also don't know how to manage a relationship meaning that the man will do all and the man should read her mind, or the Thai women does not say any word etc. That means that Thai women simply are overcharging the men completely with a "monestarian" passivity concerning their social life

-- and there are Thai women when one sends a mobile phone message to them they are immediately calling back asking what one "would want" or "what would be going on" and they can hardly stay through a situation with a message, and therefore it's better not to send messages any more, or there are Thai women hardly responding to messages by cell phones because they learnt in their life only passivity for social life, and when the man is claiming that the woman is not answering this Thai woman is not understanding this claim not knowing what she had done wrong...

-- at the same time there are also aggressive Thai women copying the aggressive Thai films not at all living with pacifism or middle courses - as it's prescribed in the Buddha documents - but when there are discussions the fists are made and the women begin boxing, or they also take the big wooden sword threatening with it swinging it

-- and at the same time many Thai women don't have any breast, and it's even an ideal of beauty in Thailand to have a little breast.

Well, when mentally all is in a balance so it can be that bust is missing - and there is only a board.

All in all Thai women don't know what they can do and what not, because teenage magazines do not exist here, and all problems in relationships are not solved but are transferred to adult life - I never saw any youth center either. So, the "adult girls" remain always "careful" and making their intrigues so the "mistake" will always fall "to the man".

-- some Thai men are in a fighting mentality without brain only with alcohol
-- also some Thai women are in a fighting mentality meaning that boxing or swinging swords would be "culture"
-- often not religious Thais without Buddhist meditation practice are also eccentric and aggressive because intelligence development is missing, and then they also have the tendency for criminality, men and women.
-- poor Thai families don't know how to come out of poverty and they also have the mentality not telling anything
- at the end poor Thai families are favoring prostitution of their daughters which is often really the only way for a liberation from poverty because any education program or programs for further education are missing, and because "good professions" like to be medical doctor only bring a salary of 700 dollars per month.

Foundations from abroad balancing the conditions are missing

It seems that there are hardly foundations from abroad working in Thailand with Thai population or with Thai government for a betterment of these bad circumstances in Thai population.

Domination by foreign mafia groups

Because of all these reasons of non development, Thai people is not capable to organize the state and in many affairs Thai people is dominated by foreign mafia groups. These foreign mafia groups have their strongest support among others with "translators" in Thai police commands where the "translators" are manipulating, bribing and dominating Thai policemen in favor of foreign and often right radical mafia gangs. And Thai policemen only can have fear that "nothing happens".

Nationalism blocking new ideas from abroad - criminal behavior against white foreigners

All in all there is an intellectual under development in whole Thailand, and there is a great nationalism, too,

-- because the word "Thai" means "free", and all other people on the world are rated "not free" and "not intelligent"

-- every day is played the national song in the parks of Bangkok by loudspeakers and every Thai is staying without movement like a soldier

-- there is a general propaganda against white foreigners with the word "farang" ("falang") rating down any white foreigner, and children are taught from 2 years on what is a "farang"

-- there is a closed spirit to things from abroad

-- analysis of white people as individual beings is blocked, and therefore white foreigners are rated only as rich "animals" and they are fought and tricked with rumors and lies without end

-- any psychological analysis in the country about foreigners and foreign mentalities is thus blocked, above all in the Thai government and the criminal police commanders. They are maneuvering against white foreigners with espionage, rumors and lies because they simply like it and they are even making money with this (protection bribes, newspaper articles, tv news etc.) respectively the criminal Thai police commanders are making "points" for their career by installing rumors and lies and maneuvering with faked imprisonments against white foreigners - or also murdering them in a hotel room by a "command". This is "Buddhist police economy" in criminal Thailand...

And high alcohol consumption - missing intelligence and right radicalism everywhere

Add to all this the state of Thailand is tolerating a high alcohol consumption in the population. This was confirmed in an official news of 29 September 2012 in Thailand. Thai population is drinking three fold as much alcohol than milk. This high alcohol consumption is also provoked by the many beer belly tourists from Europe, above all from Germany, Switzerland, and from England.

The high alcohol consumption in combination with the missing structures for development of intelligence provokes of course a high vulnerability for right radical behavior and right radicalism, but media never mention anything of it. But it's a fact that there is not only right radical thinking in the country, and T shirts with swastika and "Hitler" letters are to have on the markets in Thailand, and public transportation is badly or not at all organized, but right radical behavior like propaganda, torture, and psycho terrorism against minorities in Thailand is considered as "normal" here. And Thai women often don't take earnest foreign men but only are cheating them because they see so many drunken beer bellies, and because of the high alcohol consumption they don't have brain any more - the Thai woman not either.

That's why tricky theft, murder and plundering are often in Thailand, and the state is not protecting his population, neither from heavy rains, nor concerning health protection and intelligence development. The only counter strategy of the population is forming groups and clans, and also the foreigners are forming their connexions and mafia groups - against the Thais.

Traveling to Thailand as an intelligent person or as a student should not stay there in this right radical structured country for longer than one month, otherwise the situation can develop really difficult when the intelligent is between the different frontiers of mafia and Thai groups. For Thailand one needs a primitive beer belly mentality, then all mafia in Thailand is working fine - and Thai population thinks that forming mafia groups would be "normal"...

Many terrorist foreign mafia groups in Thailand - police has got translators only in the police station - helpless tourists

Thailand is full of foreign mafia groups, and these mafia groups can act more or less how they want. Thai population is absolutely helpless with these criminal foreign mafia gangs and Thai propaganda means that "a beautiful smile" of Thai women would "arrange" all. But this is the wrong way because in Thailand beer belly and muscle package right radicals find their "asylum" drinking beer without end every evening, having tattoos all over the body, purchasing Hitler T shirts on the market, cutting their hair for having a shaved skull for striking on the street, provoking fights in restaurants, arranging extortions, spying tourists, and just for fun making propaganda against other foreigners end so on.

Thai people themselves always live in a certain anxiety because they never know what is going on. There are several reasons that right foreign  radical groups are dominating Thailand:

There are several reasons for that:

-- mafia groups are bribing and corrupting police forces

-- Thai government is not organizing any good language schooling in the schools, so the whole population can only hardly understand English

-- Thai police does not understand the languages of the mafia groups (German, Swiss German, Russian, English, Arab etc.)

-- Thai police has no translators (for German, Swiss German, Russian, English, Arab etc.)

-- Thai police has no good technical equipment for tracking the mafia gangs, but the mafia gangs have the most modern equipments and can even control Thai police forces.

Mafia members are operating with faked passports, faked nationalities, faked names and so on, as it's "normal" in spying sectors. It's "normal" that criminal Swiss spies are presenting themselves as Danish or Russians etc. because English spoken by Swiss people is similar to English spoken by Danish or Russian people.

And they are also manipulating Thai population and other foreigner groups using Thai population and other foreigner groups as their "weapon" for their own purposes. In connection with the today's world wide and normal and cheap spy programs for cell phone control, world wide satellite control and computer espionage these mafia gangs can operate world wide easily and privacy or private law does not exist any more because there is no justice for world wide criminality.

Therefore one can see that foreign languages are absolutely important to defend the country against criminal foreigner gangs and eliminating them. But it seems that Thai government does not see this problem. Nationalism in the country does not solve the problem at all, because nationalism is a mental blockage for learning foreign languages.

And by all this it is really possible
-- that certain foreign mafia groups (from Switzerland, Germany, England, Russia, or also Arabs) are governing complete territories alone only bribing the authorities

-- that there are even attacks and fights between the foreign mafia gangs in Thailand also working enriching themselves also by extortions

-- that tourists in Thailand cannot defend themselves because police hardly speaks any English or other foreign languages.

Thais copying Nazi behavior of the foreigners

This mafia development in Thailand is provoking nationalism again and a general hatred against foreigners. This finds it's expression for example when one can see Thais with helmets of Wehrmacht on their scooter. And therefore one can really say that in Thailand is spreading anarchy of the money more and more, or anarchy of the "majority". For honest tourists and for the peacefully living Thai population these criminal mafia gangs are not at all comfortable, but it seems that the Thai government does not see the decisive points of the problem where the defense of the country is missing:

-- learning foreign languages
-- fostering intelligence of children with reading, with plays and excursions
-- and schooling and technique of the police forces is missing, and translators for the police are missing.

So, living as a honest foreigner with Thais is only possible where religious Buddhism is really well realized. Other Thais are manipulated nationalists without intellectual development, can be manipulated easily and therefore are absolutely incalculable. And it's a big task not to get into traps of the many foreign mafia gangs which exist in Thailand.

When a lawyer or police is needed, one has to organize a translator by himself...

Living in Thailand as a not mafia but honest person is principally only possible when one has got a talent for languages learning Thai as fast as possible being able to communicate with all sides working out the respect against the criminal foreign mafia gangs (mafia gangs from Switzerland, Germany, Russia, or also Arabs), because when the mafia knows that "he can Thai" then the foreign mafia groups are looking for other victims.

Helpless Thai police is infiltrated by foreign "assessors" of the mafia groups - Thailand is in mafia hands

During a trial to complain to the police because of criminal events in Pattaya it could be stated that Thai police is infiltrated by foreign "assessors" of mafia so the power is not at all in the hands of Thai police but in reality is in the hands of the foreign "assessors" consulting the policemen in a manner so Thai police is following the mafia of the foreigner's mafia groups and not to the individual person who is complaining and not at all to the law or to Human Rights. That means that any educative effect by police work is not known in Thailand, and foreign criminals can commit things in Thailand as they want when they have the "right" connections to mafia groups - in an extreme way.

German and English speaking "assessors" claimed for example that Thai police could not cite persons, but as a victim one should bring the culprit himself to the table. The Thai law would be like this. But for a bribe of 1,000 dollars it would also be possible that a "not interesting" case where "nothing had happened" (no proved theft, no dead persons) could be converted into an "interesting" case from one moment to the other.

Well, when Thai police is not well trained and equipped with spy equipment the mafia gangs will always dominate Thailand. And when Thai justice system is like this that there are no citations many cases remain without solution because mafia is deciding which cased is treated or not, and a culprit can always reject to "come to the table", and justice only functions for the rich and the poors are never protected by justice in the case of mafia intrigues, of maneuvers or in cases of tricky thefts.

Unfortunately all the described circumstances are reality in Thailand...

Examples of Thai behavior and of Thai circumstances in criminal Thailand

-- some Thais like to park their car or motor bike in front entrance doors blocking the access of other garages

-- manipulating humans with lies and half truths is a "game" for Thais, above all when the victim is a white foreigner (called "farang", "falang"), also when the white foreigner is without any guilt and has not committed anything, but criminal mafia in criminal Thailand likes to "play" with foreigners

-- play with foreigners: when the water of the house is cut without warning it can come out that the house administrator has "forgot" to pay the water bill - but this house administrator for sure was aware that the water was cut, and she did not say anything to the foreign renter of the house...

-- play with foreigners: some Thais simply say there are too many "farangs" ("falangs") in Thailand - well, mafia is organizing the foreigners and most of the foreigners are not learning any Thai, and this provokes a big tension and Thais have more rights than the foreigners but the foreigners have "the money" provoking high prices. And the Thai government is working more with the mafia than with the Thais because mafia brings bribe profits for the government. That means: In general the presence of foreigners is only using to some people in the "sexy towns of Thailand", and all other people have nothing from the tourism because in the countryside is hardly any tourism organized...

-- play with foreigners: some foreigners in Thailand have organized their mafia in Thailand organizing their sex business with Thai women which is attractive for sex tourists which are mostly the most stupid alcoholic European and alcoholic Australian foreigners - and therefore Thai people mostly only see the alcoholic football European or the mad alcoholic Harley Australian when they see foreigners in their country and the intelligent intellectual foreigners they never see because Thailand with this Thai population feeling "free" always playing with foreigners is not attractive for intelligent intellectual foreigners...

-- children: many times plays for children are broken or parts are missing because the parents do not know about the value of children's play or the parents do not know which play is good for which children's age. People are even laughing when something is breaking...

-- children: when people do not know the value of children's play they also cannot play with their children and they have not the sovereignty to loose a game for letting win the child which is a great stimulus of trust in the family

-- handicrafts: when there is no little screw driver a nail is plated for being a little screw driver

-- administration: Thai administration is very special in placing the different boards in very distant locations from the center, for example the Migration Board in Pattaya is in extreme South Pattaya on the beach, or the Traffic Board for traffic license in Pattaya is 8 km from the center in the inner countryside where no plan in indicating anything and where no traffic sign is in English any more - but I was lucky with google maps

-- driving: Thai theoretic driving license has to be passed with a computer but this computer is only "speaking" Thai or bad English with heavy faults and all people who are not good in English are failing the theoretic driving license test in criminal Thailand (for example a Danish man in Pattaya)

-- traffic: sometimes rain channels are missing near the roads and the rain is damaging the roads hardly

-- traffic: sometimes the rain channel system is wrong and the water is coming out of a channel provoking heavy floods (Pattaya crossing Second Road with Central Road)

-- traffic: public traffic in the countryside is more expensive than in the towns which is absolutely NOT normal. But a passage with a collective taxi in the town of Pattaya is 10 Baht, and in the countryside in Waternoon (region of Shumphon in South Thailand) a passage is 15 Baht. This is absolutely NOT normal

-- traffic: public traffic is hardly existing in the countryside and discrimination of people without motor bike is systematically, one has to help each other and many people are transported on "wild" pickups even on motor ways when the speed is 80 or 90 km/h

-- traffic: vans in Thailand are made for Thais and for big passengers coming from Europe, Russia or from "U.S.A." is no space

-- trains: coaches can be very old in Thailand, but this brings the convenience that one can open the windows - of course in connection with a diesel locomotive brining black dust into the coach so you end with a little bit a black face at the end of the trip

-- trains: train stations are also mostly old in Thailand and very nice and something like romantic, a contrast to the criminal mentality of Thais against foreigners

-- trains: a train consisting only of two coaches normal in criminal Thailand where train traffic has to be limited because the train lines consist only of one trail - but motorways are available without end. One can see with this example that the government NEVER takes the train...

-- trains: the tracks for the trains are sometime not very modern but sometimes one has the feeling that the train is getting off the track (between Bangkok and Shumphon)

-- trains: trains in Thailand have no loudspeakers and shields are rare on the train stations, and when somebody is traveling a long time and forgets the feeling for time and is not understanding the loudspeaker of the train stations it can be that the traveler forgets to get out of the train passing the shield of the train station when the train is leaving...

-- trains: trains in Thailand have many private food and drink sellers but these sellers have no knowledge of English and therefore they sell only half of what they could sell when there are many tourists in the train - but learning English is the last Thais want to do because they feel always "free" because the word "Thai" means already "free"

-- trains: when you get a seat in a Thai train near the toilet this is a bad luck for you because Thai people mostly cannot manage a toilet in the train because also in the train there is a ground toilet and not a sitting toilet and sometimes urine is also flowing in the corridor. Have a nice trip...

-- music: in criminal Thailand in the countryside there is a traditional music terrorism with private discotheques and drinking alcohol with beer, whiskey and vodka without limits and Thais feel "free" (because the word "Thai" even means "free"), and when the music terrorism of one neighbor is stopping it's beginning in another corner

-- domestic animals: Thais like to have aunts in their houses and dwellings and therefore they have much money for skin creams for a whiter skin or they have much money for beer, whiskey and for vodka but they have no money for the powder against aunts, also when the aunts are biting or when there are aunts in a public toilet in a market (this was in Shumphon)

-- domestic animals: wild dogs are very loved by some Thai families because they like the noise of the dogs and they like to fight so they fight with the dogs...

-- maps: maps in Thailand are a big, big problem, because the maps in Thailand are made by drunken Thais and they don't want to have much work and therefore the maps are not precise or are even very wrong with wrong drawn routes and rivers, therefore google map is the only precise map of Thailand

-- playing: when there is a motor bike in a "strange" place it can be that some Thai men feel so "free" that they are "playing" with the lock and are destroying it

-- handicrafts: in the little villages of the countryside simple politechnitians are missing for giving air to a football, for repairing a ventilator etc.

-- handicrafts: in Thailand there is hardly any handicraft tradition in the villages in the country side, also when there would be the time for it for example on the rice farms when people are waiting and drinking for 6 months during the dry season

-- wood: there is a chronic lack of wood in Thailand and wooden houses are more expensive now than cement houses. Thai government is more drinking alcohol than thinking that there should be a forest culture for having always enough wood for wooden houses and furnitures. Therefore Thai population is not only living more and more in concrete and stony houses, but also concrete furniture is always more popular because one bench of wood is so expensive like four benches and one table of concrete

-- restaurants: when there are aunts in the water glass, then it was in criminal Thailand

-- streets: when there are holes in the streets like in East Germany or in Venezuela, then it was in criminal Thailand

-- streets: when there are holes in the streets which are filled with asphalt so one hardly can see the hole, and when this hole is precisely there where a normal motor biker is riding for blocking motor bikers, then it was in criminal Thailand (region of Shumphon)

-- women: many women in Thailand are absolutely flat and are faking their breast with a filled bra and the problem is not solved by the Thai government brining natural medicine for this problem here to Thailand but flat women are suffering their whole life

-- shoes: in town with many European, Russian, "American" and Australian tourists there is no problem to get shoes, but in the countryside there are only shoes for little Thai feet and a number 46 is like a European 43 (region of Shumphon)

-- shoes: Thais practically all have no shoes but are walking in beach sandals and walking slowly in beach sandals is a great tradition

-- Internet: Thai people cannot always organize a well working Internet, but breakdowns are often depending from the position. The worst place for Internet was in a one family house in a dwelling zone of one family houses 2 km from the center of Pattaya...

-- beach: when there is a beautiful beach in criminal Thailand it can be that there is also trash with glittering women shoes or with bulbs from the fish trawlers, and in some cases it could be watched that there is also dangerous trash from houses with iron peaces in it with a potential danger for heavy injuries

-- spitting: spitting is a great tradition in Thailand and also staff of the state of the boards are spitting on the ground even when they are wearing an uniform

Final words: right radical alcoholic Thailand is nothing for intellectuals

Thailand with it's structures is a right radical country where many institutions are missing so the population and the tourists have to organize themselves in a right radical way. Therefore UNIQUE sex tourism is organized in Thailand - by right radical beer mafia groups (!!!), but only for primitive beer belly humans who like to integrate in local beer belly societies.

And now one can imagine that Thai women do never think good things about foreign men - because there are so many beer bellies right radicals and nothing more. And when a Thai women has got an elder foreigner as her husband, then she is doing this only for waiting that he will die for heritage, enriching her family, and NOTHING ELSE.

One can see: Thais also convert into right radicals as European do in Thailand. And therefore the right radical Thai republic is complete.

For intellectuals can only be the advice to evade Thailand. Intellectuals can never be happy in Thailand because the right radical beer belly mafia groups from Europe are dominating Thailand, and there are no translators for the case of doubt.

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