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Thailand News: Links (part 1)

Incredible criminality in Thailand

Thailand=terrorism land: against foreigners, against free sexuality, against education, against women, against children, with psychosis without end, with fixed ideas and with multiple schizophrenia up to self destruction of the whole country with alcoholism, hunting of persons, forced operations for sex transformation and with a sinking and drowning Bangkok. Ting tong (crazy)! Tong Tong Thais (ttt) are converting into Ting Tong Thai Terrorists (tttt) or also Ting Tong Thai Terrorist Taxi Drivers (tttttd) and they are even laughing about their destructive works - together with the ladyboys (ttttL), these are the boys being forced for an operation for sex transformation who never find their role as an adult person. Buddha is serving for nothing in this case.

by Michael Palomino



Phuket, March 30, 2014: The beach in Karon is black now full of waste and oils

from: Wochenblitz online: Strand versinkt in schwarzem, stinkenden Wasser und Abfällen; March 30, 2014;

Pattaya, June 6, 2013: Dead newborn disposed on dumping site

from: Wochenblitz online: Leiche von Neugeborenem auf Mülldeponie entsorgt; June 6,2013;

Pattaya June 5, 2013: A peeper ladyboy filming a tourist couple having sex on the beach - and Thai police is hindering the tourists to pursue the criminal peeper ladyboy but the tourist couple is detained

from: Wochenblitz online: Ladyboy filmt Touristen beim Sex am Strand; June 5,2013;

Ayutthaya (near Bangkok) June 4,2013: Dog finds newborn in garbage heap and is becoming a hero

from: Wochenblitz online: Hund findet Neugeborenes auf Müllhaufen und wird zum Helden; June 4,2013;

June 2013 appr.: Thai peeper falling through the roof during peeping

from: Wochenblitz online: Polizei erwischt deutsch-thailändischen "Spanner" mit Marihuana; June 2013 appr.
Suphanburi, May 30,2013: Child bludgeoned to death in a kindergarten

from: Wochenblitz online: Kind in Kindergarten zu Tode geprügelt; May 30, 2013;
May 28, 2013: Thai man watching his ex wife stabbing hear to death because she has a new relationship over Facebook

from: Wochenblitz online: Mann tötet seine Ex-Frau wegen Internet-Affären; May 28, 2013;
Phuket, May 21, 2013: Imaginative teenagers robbing motor bikes for ransom - first stealing, and then selling it back

from: Wochenblitz online: Ideenreiche Teenager stehlen Motorräder für Lösegeld; May 21, 2013;

Pattaya, May 17, 2013: Theft by deception with anesthetics in the beer: Kuwait tourist was numbed and 8.000 Euro were robbed from him - it was a frustrated criminal ladyboy

from: Wochenblitz online: Kuwaitischer Tourist betäubt und um Devisen in Höhe von 8.000 Euro erleichtert; May 17, 2013;

Pattaya, May 16, 2013: Speaking too long with a Thai lady is a reason for being stabbed by a Thai

from: Der Wocheblitz online: Französischer Tourist am Strand niedergestochen; May 16, 2013;

Pattaya, May 10, 2013: Russian beating ladyboy thief up - first there was sexual harassment, then there was a trial for snatch theft

from: Wochenblitz online: Russe verprügelt diebischen Ladyboy; May 10, 2013;

May 8, 2013: Information's minister Nakornthap is ordering: Woman Prime Minister must not be criticized

from: Wochenblitz online: Die Premierministerin darf nicht kritisiert werden; May 8, 2013;

April 14, 2013: "New Year's Festivities" "Sonkran": "Dangerous 7 days" with over 100 traffic deaths in 2 days

from: Wochenblitz online: Mehr Verkehrstote als vor einem Jahr; April 14, 2013;

Ubon Ratchathani, April 10, 2013: Thai youth girl burning his boyfriend because of envy

from: Wochenblitz: 16-jähriges Mädchen verbrennt ihren Freund; April 10, 2013;

Pattaya, April 7, 2013: Dead body thrown on motor way: pensioner from Germany/Austria/Switzerland found murdered on highway 7

from: Der Wochenblitz online: D/A/CH-Rentner ermordet auf Highway 7 gefunden; April 7, 2013;

Lampang, April 7, 2013: Baby found in dustbin / garbage can

from: Wochenblitz online: Baby im Abfalleimer gefunden; April 7, 2013;

Trang, April 7, 2013: Murder on a rubber plantation: tied and burnt with handcuffs

from: Wochenblitz online: Mit Handschellen gefesselt und verbrannt; April 7, 2013;

Bangkok, February 21, 2013: Bangkok sinking always faster being on 0.0 meter in 2020 - and will be flooded

from: Wochenblitz online: Bangkok sinkt schneller als erwartet; February 21, 2013;
Pattaya, February 21, 2013: Norwegian tourist beaten up and robbed - first a prostitute came, and then three "companions" came

from: Wochenblitz online: Norweger in Jomtien verprügelt und ausgeraubt; February 21, 2013;

Bangkok, February 14, 2013: Vice dean stabbed with 20 stabs with a carpet knife - revenge action at a faculty of machine engineering at Chulalongkorn University

from: Wochenblitz online: Stellvertretender Dekan mit 20 Teppichmesser-Stichen niedergestreckt; February 14, 2013;
Bangkok, February 14, 2013: Murder with at least 10 balls - a black car without shield

from: Wochenblitz online: Mord: 17-Jähriger von mindestens zehn Kugeln getroffen; February 14, 2013;

Bangkok-Bangrak, February 12, 2013: Police demanding illegal protection money for new year from shop owners

from: Wochenblitz online: Polizisten beim Eintreiben von Schmiergeldern erwischt; February 12, 2013;
Pattaya, February 12, 2013: Drunken police "investigator" threatening with a pistol in a bar at Walking Street - a colleague is disarming and taking him

from: Wochenblitz online: Polizei entwaffnet betrunkenen Kollegen in Bar; February 12, 2013;

February 11, 2013: Sex problems in Thailand: calendar of Nok Air with well dressed Bond models is rated to be indecent - and "Ministry of Culture" has new "work" thanks to the general secretary "Prisana"

from: Wochenblitz online: Unzüchtiger Nok Air Kalender ist unangemessen; February 11, 2013;

Phuket, February 6, 2013: A hotel staff member robbing hotel rooms of Russian hotel guests systematically

from: Wochenblitz online: Russen in Hotels ausgeraubt; February 6, 2013;
Bangkok, February 6, 2013: A "safety man" committing over 40 robberies systematically with a motor bike without shield

from: Wochenblitz online: Sicherheitsmann begeht über 40 Fälle von Taschendiebstahl; February 6, 2013;

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