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D     THAIไทย

Thailand: Life in general

Cruel conditions, frustrations and compensations in Thailand

by Michael Palomino (2013)




Rejection of communication: The government does not speak with the population, and this provokes a counter reaction of the Thai  population.

Money is everything, nothing but money: As a friend one is not a friend, but all want money - because the government does not speak with the population.

Spending money for burning things: The aggressivity of fireworks is not realized, but even on Buddha days are fireworks and therefore money is burnt. Firecrackers, songs and sirens.

Alcohol day and night: Harmfulness of alcoholism is simply accepted in Thailand.

Murders also day and night: Also the murder rate which is 10 times more high than in Europe is simply accepted. This high murder rate is partly caused by alcohol because there is no alcohol free beer to have, and also the cruel TV series in the Thai TV channels provoke a part of the high murder rate in Thailand.

Mafia is governing Thailand - mafia is manipulating the Thais with language knowledge Thais don't have
Thailand is a horrible country because mafia is everywhere and the government is nowhere because the government CANNOT speak English and mafia is dominating the country with language knowledge and with connections.

Perverse circumstances in Thailand

In the countryside: life without knife and fork, without chairs and tables
People in the countryside are eating without knife and without fork, but they are eating "by hand" - everything what is not a soup, and they are eating this on the floor and on the floor one cannot handle knife and fork. Thus they are blocked on the ground. That means that Thais in the countryside are living like in the Stone Age yet.

From those families from the countryside young women are going to the brothels then and they will also eat in the brothels by hand without fork or knife, and this kind of eating is just a big contradiction to their "sexy" outfits.

Beer, whiskey, censored TV, censored videos without end, discotheque and computer games

Young adult Thais are not mentally developed but mostly all is blocked. Thus with 30 Thais are mostly 16 years old in their soul and some are living with Mickey Mouse for their whole life.
Solving problems is hardly possible then when people is stuck in the Mickey Mouse Age yet. But adult Thais have the custom to drink much beer and whiskey, watching much censored TV and spending much time in discotheques and with computer games. Older adults are remaining with beer, whiskey, TV and computer games or without games only with TV yet. This means that the Thais are systematically destroying their brains with much alcoholism and TV consumption and therefore their mental possibilities are limited and are sometimes really more like something which is not a human any more, above all with Thai men being proud of never having read any book and never having used the "ugly" Internet". This mean, that in Thailand not learning anything is rated "good" - and nothing will be learnt also when there are problems, but there is only propaganda and murder.

Perverse Thailand: sexual topics are evaded - children brothels - and criminal Swiss mafia is involved - probably on the order of the old and ill king

Thais are evading any sexual content in conversations, and even an allusion of sexual connections is rated as "criminal". One can see it also the other way round: Thais are evading sexual content because they cannot solve their sexual problems, because they are not learning anything about sexuality during their youth handling sexual problems - for example half of Thai women have vagina inflammation not knowing about oils of lubricants - but the parents and the schools are tabooing everything and are only permitting the word of "condom" and nothing more. The whole management of sexuality is not taught, and therefore all is evaded in the conversations.

That means that sexual life or living with sexual freedom is principally not possible in Thailand but there is only a little back and forth in two positions. This is the official version. But there is also a secret sexual life of Thai men in brothels and above all in the countryside also in children brothels. Children are sold by parents to brothels and then they have to live in the brothel without any school. When they survive they can be lucky.

In a country with so much sex tourism one could expect a better sexually educated population, but sex tourism is mostly organized by foreign mafia (sometimes the old mafia bosses are over 80 years old) and this tourism is not at all organized by the Thais, but by foreign and above all by criminal Swiss mafia with their old mafia bosses of over 80 years. They are even prescribing what is "forbidden" in Thailand and what is not, and in this way they are manipulating the Thais against sexual freedoms. Well, also this procedure of criminal mafia has it's purpose: mafia groups don't want to loose their spying work and peeping work, or the king's family with it's old and ill, 85 years old king is ordering to criminal Swiss mafia to "watch" the people in Thailand - or both. This peeping society is provoking incredible and unnatural conditions for the Thais, and all are afraid from each other that somebody would "see" something. In a more perverse way one cannot destroy life of a society.

Not managing the sexual connections had heavy consequences: There is an unlimited sexual envy by Thai men against foreigners, and there are dead babies in the bins, and cutting sexual organs as a revenge is normal in Thailand when people wanted too much sexual freedom etc.

In a more perverse way one cannot destroy life of a society.


Defect electronic devices
-- when extension cables are "not working" this can be a normal cable but also a USB-cable - then this is in Thailand
-- when a triple socket is not working, than this is in Thailand
-- when sockets in an expensive one family house are not working, than this is in Thailand

-- when you buy a computer device and after 6 months it's not working because of defecting contact then this is in Thailand.

Internet is a or no problem in Thailand
-- when in a residential area there is no Internet during half a day then this is in Thailand
-- when during the rainy season with monsoons Internet is failing the whole day long, then this is normal in Thailand
-- when in a residential area Internet is failing again and again for 3 or 4 hours because the general cable comes from a "complicate crossing" then this is normal in Thailand
-- but Thailand has got a national cable free Internet of the company "dtac" with an "air card", is just slowly, above all during the week ends when the voltage of power is halved, but this air card is working in whole Thailand - can be baught in any "Big C" shopping center, 700 Baht per month for the connection and the little USB antenna is 1,000 Baht.

Building sites are also working on Sundays
-- when an excavator lis working in a building site also during Sundays provoking noise with it's engine then this is in Thailand
-- when on a building site a big hotel is under construction and workers are working also on Sundays also with the noisy electronic cutter, then this is normal in Thailand and quiet Sundays are not known in Thailand - but the guilt is the affected person living in a region where a new hotel is built...

Alcohol during day and night in the streets
These circumstances are partly so bad like in Columbia:
-- in Thailand there is the whole range of alcoholics, and the young Thai generation between 20 and 40 years are drinking and are often drunk every night in their clubs and discotheques and they are loosing their brains with it - and this is legal in perverse Thailand
-- well loved spots for drinking are the "meeting points" of the taxi drivers, there are also the latest rumors and informations of the secret service to have respectively Thai secret police is distributing their informations by these meeting points by Thai taxi drivers

Roads in Thailand
These circumstances are better than in other countries, but partly very sad anyway:
-- pavements in Thailand are only made in the centers of the towns, but in residential areas and in the countryside there are no pavements and pedestrians have to fly to the grass or to the house when there are narrow situations
-- children there cannot drive bicycle of course or can only learn biking when they live in a street with a dead end where is no or hardly any traffic
-- manhole covers are often well shaped and massive, but sometimes there are no manhole covers but only big lattices, and these lattices are partly deformed by lorry traffic but as a biker or as a motor biker one has to pass them - this is just normal in perverse and dangerous Thailand
-- after the rainy season with monsoons the streets are partly very destroyed and all has to be made new - or they will be made only in two years because simply drainage is missing and during rainy times the streets are converting into dangerous waterways - and the holes in the streets are often not repaired but the watching eyes of the Thais are just watching something at any time, and this counts also for the roads thus one has to make just a normal slalom in the streets around the holes - this is just normal in perverse and dangerous Thailand

-- manhole covers respectively the dangerous lattices are partly fixed in the lane of the bikes and motor bikes, just in a dangerous way, and there is no other choice than to pass them or to drive in the middle of the street blocking cars - this is perverse Thailand

-- manhole covers are partly installed "in an erected way", this means that the manhole covers or the dangerous lattices are fixed on a higher level than the level of the street or than the level of the pavement, and this way of construction is guaranteeing that the rainwater will drain only when the street is totally flooded - this is perverse Thailand.

Thais have a big problem with the management of water in general, with rainwater and with body liquids - therefore they know mostly only two or three sexual positions for not having contact with body liquids. Some women are even that blocked that they are not giving French kisses - or they have vagina inflammation during years and are blaming the men for it not knowing anything about oils or gels - this is just normal in perverse Thailand

"Pedestrian traffic"

-- unfortunately pedestrian islands are missing in Thailand on well used streets of two or more lanes. Also pedestrian bridges are missing. During certain times pedestrians have NO chance to cross the street for minutes. And when a motorway is cutting the residential zone then one has to take a taxi for reaching the other side. The same circumstances could be watched in Vietnam. The word "pedestrian traffic" has just not arrived yet in Thailand nor in Vietnam.

House building in Thailand? - Always from yesterday

Often the houses in Thailand are built so near to each other so there is no garden left - and then also children cannot play in any garden either, and there are no fruit trees, no vines, and there is no herbary.

Houses in Thailand mostly have a gable roof yet and not a flat roof, thus it's not possible to build more floors and thus the use of space is enormous in Thailand respectively it seems to be a "philosophy" in Thailand that nobody wants anybody in an upper floor which is an indication of wrong pride. Sometimes there is no consideration either - therefore nobody wants anybody "above". But there can be also another reason: Spying should be hindered.

When the houses are that near there are also no children playgrounds either, but the children only can stay in their houses and are peacefully playing with the computer and are more and more fat. They mean that this behavior would be normal and they do always less and less, and when the children are adult, the elder OFTEN DON'T DO ANYTHING ANYMORE. This is Thai way of life of efficiency.


Missing enlightenment - dead babies in the bin - Thai secret police making propaganda against foreigners

The missing sexual enlightenment about sexual practices and contraception in the countryside provokes much dementia in the Thai population provoking killed babies in the garbage bins, there are sexual prohibitions, there are prohibitions of relationships, and young Thai men are also living with compensation reactions against foreigners, and this is not very intelligent and not efficient at all for any tourism. Criminal Thai men making propaganda against foreigners are above all criminal Thai men from Thai secret police. They want to make their career hunting foreigners financing their secret brothel visits with the money (in the countryside also children brothels). This is just normal in perverse and dangerous Thailand.

Enforced change of sex with children's education - violation of character with "lady boys" and "boy ladies"

Also the education of children in the manner of another sex is just normal yet in Thailand. This violation of character is not eradicated yet but systematically boys are educated like girls getting an operation later being called "lady boys" being "well formed" women with men's voices - or there are girls also educated as boys and their breasts are blocked by bandages during puberty and then they must live without breasts for life having women as their partner. The "lady boys" are often getting very rude and brutal "women", and the "boy ladies" are often becoming very intelligent developing spiritual capacities that hardly any normal Thai men have. This violation of character is  just normal yet in perverse and dangerous Thailand - I did not see this perversity of instructed change of sex with children in Cambodia or in Vietnam.

Laws against sexual freedom in perverse Thailand

The law in Thailand prohibiting sexuality and pornography (prohibited until today 2013) blocking sexuality is blocking partly a free tourism and is discriminating the Thai population from it's normal sexual development and feeling of freedom. Foreigners are always again and again presented by perverse Thai police as "dirty" and Thais are presented as "pure", because the word of "Thai" does not only mean "free" (and thus all foreigners are indirectly called "not free" - but many sexual elements and practices are forbidden in Thailand and the tourists are regularly walking into the trap who want to enlighten the Thai population sexually. All this is blocked by perverse Thai secret police and foreigners are arrested then because of sex toys, porno films or swinger parties, sado maso, bondage etc. It's an absolute horror in Thailand . But this is normal, perverse Thailand.

Racism against foreigners is also a sexual racism

This principle of a racism to be "pure" against foreigners is even supported by criminal foreign mafia groups from Switzerland, from Germany, from England and from Russia, and the persecution of sexual freedoms in Thailand is that bad like in the Third Reich. Thai Police and the foreign mafia groups are - as it seems - organizing their well paid joy persecuting the foreigners with salaries paid by the Thai tax payer peeping the foreigners by Handy, Internet or bugs in the hotel rooms watching everything concerning sexual practices in the bed. There are regular news about arrests of foreigners because of sex toys or swinger parties. At the same time there is a big hatred and a big sexual envy provoked in the Thai population, and this hatred and this envy is WANTED by the criminal Thai government so the foreigners can always be presented as "ugly beings". All this is NOT SO BENEFICIAL for a normal tourism.

Tourists in Thailand have to follow sexual prohibitions and are hunted for visiting the brothels

At the same time brothel visits are supported by a great "offer" because the villages of the Thai countryside are completely disregarded and many young women are going then to the brothels in Pattaya or in Phuket and want "make their big money" there. That means, the Thai government is forbidding the normal sexual practices to the tourists and is urging them into the brothels so the tourists leave their big money there. This manipulation is an absolutely calculated. At the same time prostitution is rated as illegal, too, and in cases of doubt the criminal Thai police has always the freedom to arrest any foreigner when he had been in a brothel. Also this Thai psycho terrorism is an absolute calculation.

Peeping by Thais against tourists by secret police and by criminal student's groups

Thais themselves are just remaining in frustrating peeping. They are remaining without any sexual enlightenment, without books, without love novels, without literature, without films, without sex toys, without variations in their sex life. Poor Thais remain on a level of Stone Age sexually in the jungle with just two positions with almost nothing at all. Sexual terrorism by criminal Thai secret police which is often even collaborating with mafia groups cannot be more.

Thai secret police and Thai student's groups like to peep, they let bribe themselves for "action" and then they are claiming wild fantasies against foreigners - and by this they want to solve their sex problems. Unfortunately not one single sex problem is solved with propaganda against foreigners but sexual problems will be solved when the sexual prohibitions will be abrogated thus the fear from body liquids will be reduced.

Propaganda with spying material against foreigners in Thai radio and in Thai TV - foreign mafia groups are even helping -. and alcohol is even making the Thais more stupid and they are "collaborating" in the propaganda

It's just normal in perverse Thailand when Thais are thinking that people who have no sex will be intelligent and people who have much sex should be stupid. Stupid Thais are thinking in this schemes because they think yet that sexuality would be something "dirty". This is the situation in Thailand in 2013 yet, and criminal Thai government has installed just a complete system of spying and secret police for making propaganda against foreigners when the foreigners want to live with sexual freedoms as they are normal in Europe or in "U.S.A." or in Australia - but in criminal and perverse Thailand secret police will come - or student's groups will come with their spying devices. Also families of hotel owners are equipped with spying devices and are even trained against certain foreigners because criminal Thai secret police wants to make career against foreigners. They want to celebrate "successes" in TV against foreigners. This behavior is what corresponds to the Thai secret police - it's about IQ 70.

Mafia groups in Thailand are collaborating or even organizing the huntings against foreigners for the criminal Thai government. The main mafia groups operating in Thailand are British, German, Swiss, or Australian or Russian mafia groups which are "celebrating" their actions in Thailand. Criminal Swiss mafia in Thailand for example is spying the tourist's mobile phones or computers or they mean that presenting of spying material from the bed of the tourists in Thai radio or in Thai TV would be a progress for the Thais whereas all rights of privacy are violated then and whereas just such a behavior with sexuality is provoking more fear from sexuality. That means, for a peaceful life the criminal strategy of Thai secret police and of the secret services are just the contrary.

And the mass of the stultified Thais by alcohol, censored TV and discotheques are "just collaborating" because they want fun and they believe the criminal Thai secret police and the criminal mafia groups because mafia is even distributing spying mobile phones and spying tablets to the population and is making impression by their spying devices. Thais are not getting aware of this manipulation or just too late. Then they mean that spying would make "intelligent" - whereas just the contrary is the case. Intelligence with IQ is not NOT rising with espionage and Thais are remaining in their stupidity with their alcohol - and this is also WANTED by the criminal secret services for dominating Thailand without limits - above all concerning the brothels and the rice harvests. Thais are just not getting aware that they are steered by foreign hands - and the Thai government lets the mafia groups work - until the country will drown.

Racism against foreigners as a reaction of frustration to all prohibitions

It's just normal when a state like Thailand has so many sexual prohibitions that there will be reactions of frustration blaming the foreigners normally for everything. By this manner of acting the perverse Thai government is "dominating" the population with many prohibitions, but the population is never learning to think really. The population is just learning that always the foreigners are the culprits and they are never learning analyzing and finding out the culprits themselves who are often Thais and NOT foreigners.

In Thailand the strategy of the win win solution is hardly spread until today, also when Buddhism is educating a certain modesty. But being modest is not the solution, but organizing is the solution. But organizing is not so "in" in Thailand because this would request a certain discipline and this is not wanted by the Thais at all.

Examples of life without discipline of Thai persons: Thai women

-- When a Thai woman says that she would come back at 7 pm then she is only coming in two weeks - then this was in perverse Thailand.

-- When a Thai woman says that she would need 9,000 Baht (300 dollars) for a project then this project does not exist but then she will claim that she had lost the 9,000 Baht (300 dollars) in a toilet.

-- When one gives the order to a Thai woman to pay the rent for the hotel room (7,000 Baht) for the time during a journey, then it can be that this Thai woman will state after the return that the money was lent to a third person and this third person will never pay back the money - respectively this third person does not exist probably...

-- When a Tai woman claims that she had organized a little house to rent then one can rent this house, costs 10,000 Baht per month (330 dollars) and costs a deposit of 30,000 Baht (660 dollars). But then it can be that this Thai woman will be with another man during two weeks not telling anything leaving the man alone in the house because a visit from Denmark has arrived.

-- When a Thai woman claims that she would need 3,000 Baht because she had found a good job in a remote town working as a nurse in a hospital and she had to purchase special clothes for the hospital for 2,000 Baht, then one has to control this matter very well. When the Thai woman does not have the telephone number of the hospital all is an invention and a big lie. And in fact it was like this: After one week this Thai woman was returning knocking at the door claiming "Surprise". And the 3,000 Baht are on her bank account.

Examples of Thai persons without discipline: Thai men

-- When somebody is a foreigners and is pleading Thai police to investigate a case then the bribe for the translator of the police is at least 660 dollars (20,000 Baht) so the criminal translator will move his ass. This happened in the police station at Beach Road in Pattaya in 2012. One can imagine how further bribes will be wanted when a case of a foreigner in Thailand is going on. The 20,000 Baht of the first bribe will not be the only one for sure...

-- When criminal secret police of Thailand is instructed and incited by criminal Swiss secret service to pursue foreigners then the stupid Thai policemen are believing everything and are just enjoying to pursue foreigners for "destroying" their nerves. Thai policemen of criminal Thai secret police cannot be stopped then.

-- When a Thai hotel administrator has to give back a deposit when one has lived in his hotel over 6 months, then it can be that he will give back only 0 Baht of this deposit, this was the case in criminal hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya at the end of November 2013.

-- When a Thai hotel administrator has to give back a part of the rent because after 6 months one is leaving the hotel at the day number 10 of the payed time, then it can be that the criminal Thai hotel administrator is giving back only 0 Baht,
this was the case in criminal hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya at the end of November 2013.


In general the word "Thai" means "free" and Thai people just don't want to learn because they feel "free" without anything because they call themselves "free". Also this mental manipulation should be abrogated.

Spying without end in criminal Thailand - they are peeping without end, but problems are not solved

Such a reaction of frustration with peeping foreigners without end is just normal in criminal and perverse Thailand which is dominated by Thai secret police totally thus Thailand can really be called a Nazi state. Spying in Thailand is supported by the many sexual prohibitions of course. Who had no sex is rated "better" because the person is rated "purer" then. Who has much sex is rated as "stupid" and as "damned". This is the moral of the Thais in perverse Thailand...

And the houses in Thailand are just not so safe. There are windows on many sides, there are air cracks everywhere in all directions, there are spies everywhere, and the kinky taxi driver's groups at the next corner are just awaiting the latest rumor who is with whom when how and where. I never saw a more perverse state than this Thailand, and peeping around is not solving any problem. And when there is an action against foreigners then can be a collaboration with all possible secret services. There is just a suspicion invented against a person and then begins a watching action without end. In peeping the Thais are world champions - and in solving problems they are under 0.

Giant problems in Thailand never being solved

Bangkok is sinking - and will drown

Criminal secret police in Thailand is achieving since decades that the whole state will go down because Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year and there are no measures against it. There is SIMPLY NOTHING DONE against it. In 2020 Bangkok will be on 0 meter over sea level officially and then Praya River will "take" the town of Bangkok step by step with every tide back and forth. Industries in Bangkok and the population are drafting too much groundwater from underground and whole districts of Bangkok are under 0 meters today already (in 2013).

But criminal secret police in Thailand is not doing anything and lets the people in the trap. Nobody is calling for an alarm, and when a writer is saying something this is reported in Thai TV but they are not doing anything about it. 9 million people and the industries have to shift on a safe ground so a little Bangkok can remain. Is anybody doing anything? NO, nobody id doing anything. They are simply awaiting the time when millions have to take their flight from filled Bangkok looking for a new domicile in the monsoon rains.

Problems in Thailand are generally NOT for being solved

The mentality of the Thais in general is a mentality not solving problems but living with the problems. And when somebody should solve a problem than the children should solve the problems for the adults and children are sold to children brothels for "working" there bringing profits for the family. This is the way of life in perverse Thailand.

Bangkok will doom - many know this since decades - and nothing is done about it. Thai government is awaiting Buddha until Buddha is solving the problems of Thailand. But Buddha has died since a long time already and his books are hardly respected - instead of this there is peeping, spying, calumny, minimizing of problems, there is Thai boxing, and there is killing in the country. All this is just normal in perverse Thailand.

During the rainy season 1/3 of Thailand is flooded - for saving Bangkok without floods - 50 to 80 deads by floods every year

The mentality of "readiness to make sacrifices" in Thailand is provoking the strategy of the Thai government that they mean that the solution of the monsoon problem would be to flood the countryside for months in an artificial way for keeping Bangkok free of floods. A more inhuman and discriminating policy is not possible. People in the countryside in eastern Thailand partly have to suffer floods during several months in town and in rural areas - only for saving Bangkok from floods.

Other solutions of problems are not developed in Thailand. The government is hindering intelligent solutions but is requesting all years again and again the "readiness to make sacrifices" in the Thai population. Additional levees, dikes, channels, arms of rivers for discharge or water tunnels or mobile protection walls against floods for towns are unknown in this country until today. Maybe there are some sandbags but these are protecting only some house doors and nothing more. There is no technical emergency service in Thailand, and everybody has to protect "his" house alone - and when this is a wooden house with many clefts then only remains the flight to the upper floor or the evacuation. Every year 50 to 80 Thais are killed by the floods in the flooded areas. For the Thai government this is the normal "readiness to make sacrifices" of the population. More perverse a state cannot be ruled...

Above all Bangkok will not only be taken by monsoons, but also by the rising sea level and the penetrating salty groundwater. There will be an end soon in Bangkok but the government is not speaking about the real truth...

Broken streets - destroyed harvests - crocodiles and radioactive typhoons

Floods in Thailand are provoking not only broken streets and destroyed harvested, but sometimes also crocodiles are getting their freedom coming from secret and not controlled crocodile farms. This is just normal - in perverse Thailand.

And since the atomic plant in Fukushima was blasting in 2011 the whole Pacific is radiating and also the typhoons will radiate bringing radioactivity also to Vietnam, to Laos, and to Thailand, always more radioactive. Instead of being more active sexually and permitting and developing sexual freedom like in Europe Thailand is charged with heavy negative propaganda against sexuality without end, but is always more radioactive.

Doom for Thailand is coming for sure - it's a predestination - Thai government and Thai secret police let drown Bangkok - the manipulated young generation

Well, the word of "Thai" just means "free" and is hindering any mental development with the Thais. And thus the doom is principally predestinated. Only then when Thailand and the town of Bangkok will be reduced, then the Thais will feel that they deceived oneself when they are going on thinking that they would be the privileged of the whole world being called as "free". But the Thai government is just governing into the other direction and lets construct a huge tube system under the drowning town of Bangkok. Thais will live like fishes in an aquarium at the end. The eternal Mickey Mouses will be fishes...

The government of Thailand is mentally retarded and lets go Thailand down. Criminal Thai secret police lets drown Bangkok and is destroying Thailand and is blind and is incurable. And the young generation is manipulated by just this Thai secret police and is manipulating them with the same blindness with alcohol and with festivities during the whole night, and therefore nothing is changing in the country - but mafia is governing - and also mafia is mentally retarded and letting go Thailand down.

This Thai government is spending millions of Bahts for spying the population sexually - because the government is not managing their sex problems they have - for nothing, and the Bangkok is sinking 6 cm every year. All this money for spying people is robbed from the poor.

Crazy, perverse and criminal Thailand has to go - because Thais don't want to save themselves. They can have any help from the world - but they don't want.