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Travel warning for Thailand: racism, wild mafia groups, spying, robbery and murder etc.

Thai = free - and the wrong word of "Falang" -- murder is normal -- alcoholism everywhere -- government lets work mafia groups -- mafia groups can steer Thailand -- wild mafia spying what they want -- Thais with daily criminality -- death by propaganda -- death by intoxication -- Thailand chasing sex toys, magazines, films and swinger parties -- criminal Thai prostitutes -- ladyboys and forced operations -- sinking Bangkok -- beaches in danger -- baby murder is just normal -- murder by elephant -- propaganda against foreigners without end in Thailand with the word "falang" -- eternal propaganda against foreigners in Thai media: example of child prostitution never mentioning the Asian customer -- the word of "Fuck" does not mean good sex in Thailand but violence because stupid Thais do not have any sex education and mostly do not know about oils or lubricants

Little truth about Thailand

by Michael Palomino (2013)



After 9 months stay in Thailand I can only warn from this criminal country of Thailand. Thailand has just beautiful motorways and there is plenty of green jungle, and there are also living some native tribes here, but Thailand is full of sneaky criminality and incapacity - and Nazis are governing here. Here are the details:

Warning from Thailand: racism against foreigners in the whole country with the word "Falang" - basic mentality: Thai = free
In Thailand there is a basic racism against foreigners in the whole country by the generalizing word of "Falang" which is said to mean a "Western". Thus Thai claim that any white man would be a "Western" man, also when a German cannot be a Frenchman, a Frenchman cannot be an Australian, and an Australian cannot be a Scandinavian etc. But concerning this wrong word Thais are NOT ready to learn, but they are even reinforcing this propaganda with the word "Falang" spreading this propaganda by journalists in the radio, in TV and in the press, even abroad in neighboring countries.

And now one has to know that the word "Thai" means "free". Therefore all Thais feel free by birth, feel themselves as "free" human beings and all other human beings are rated as "unfree" and minor. This arrogance can be found in all sectors of Thai life and details are described below where foreigners are the topic. Thus persons who have in project to have a normal free and calm life in Thailand as a foreigner should know that Thailand is just the WRONG place for this, because Thais will NEVER want to accept anything from a foreigner, also when Bangkok is sinking. Whole Thai journalism and police system is trained in this racism against foreigners and also will always be against foreigners when they will be "taught" by them. Thais simply don't want to be taught, this is against their "freedom"...

Well, Thais are not at all free:
-- simple contraceptions are missing like vaginal ring
-- alcoholism is provoking degenerated brains so people is not capable for repair works any more concerning for example air conditioning equipments or noising fans
-- jokes are without control above all in groups and calumny is just normal in Thailand
-- fraud by Thai ladies is also normal
-- one has just to know that Thais don't think well about any other country and Thais hardly learn any foreign language as well, and because of these lacks of wisdom international mafia can infiltrate any board, government and even police in Thailand with translators so the Thais even mean that they don't have to learn anything but "the foreigner" will arrange everything - well, mafia is really arranging everything so the bar ladies in Thailand remain cheap, and therefore for example about 1/3 of Thailand is flooded during the rainy season regularly keeping Bangkok "dry" provoking that many, poor, young women are going to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket for being servants of the mafia organizing brothels - and mafia groups of criminal Swiss mafia, Russian mafia, German mafia, Australian mafia, and English mafia, have all in their hands...
-- in this way there are many character disorders without end without being recognized at all and therefore many Thais are just loosing their money with destructive actions which is considered as "normal" in Thailand and then the women have to compensate all losses with prostitution again.

These character disorders in Thailand are going to highest classes of governments and secret services and only therefore it's possible that for example Bangkok is sinking and going down.

Warning from Thailand: murder is normal
Thais have NO general education in sociology and history. Thus they have no mental capacity to solve problems but they are living with problems during their whole life. Additionally Thais have to fulfill so many prohibitions and orders so automatically compensative and aggressive energies are coming up. Slapping is "normal", and murder happens every day. The daily murder comes above all by sexual envy when somebody is in a suspicion having had "something" with the girlfriend of another man. Primitivism of Thai people in sexual questions is without limits because sexual education is missing in the youth, because youth centers are missing, because youth organizations are missing. Within such "conflicts" Thai men are also keen and succeed in cutting sexual parts of other men. This is "Thai style" - like Russian partisans during Second World War. So Thais feel always in war for their sexuality - more primitive behavior is not possible.

Well, why this? Youths in Thailand never learn to solve conflicts without force, but they only learn to suppress conflicts and keeping their mouth, and often they are only ordered to work for their families. There is no family consulting either, and psychiatry is hardly existing. And thus young Thais NEVER learn to solve problems by talks, but when they are young adults they simply are stabbing - like Yugoslavs.

Warning from Thailand: alcoholism everywhere: alcoholism is a tradition in Thailand - and a taboo
Media in Thailand can report many things, but about alcoholism in their country there are no reports. It seems this is one of the big taboos in Thailand. This alcoholism is above all spread on the rice farms where is no work during 6 months during the dry season, but where people only are drinking alcohol until there is no money left. In many cases people from the country side go to live in a town bringing with their alcoholism terrorizing neighbors without end. Campaigns against alcoholism are not existing in Thailand whereas there is the medicament of Baclofen which is healing alcoholism changing the structure of the brain.

Thailand is almost a country without books, and Thais feel "free" with it. And this alcoholism is spread also all over where is something to "celebrate", thus in any profession and in any government group, and in front of all possible shops where a living room suite is installed. In Thailand it's permitted to consume alcohol also in the street, and thus every taxi stand can convert into a regular alcoholic spot during the evening and during the night because further educations for adults is missing and chattering women from their chattering spots in the "hair shops" are drinking with the taxi drivers. In such groups propaganda is developing and Thai secret service is also using this network of taxi drivers in the whole country - and taxi drivers then feel "intelligent". That means that the Thai police command can organize it's propaganda in the whole country with this alcoholic taxi driver network in Thailand - it's incredible. And often such a propaganda is also spread with the alcoholic ladies coming from the hair shops - the prostitutes. But this is just a "game" for the Thai police chief... - to read is just a foreign word in Thailand. Feel free with alcohol - this is the motto in Thailand!

Sometimes there are very unpleasant consequences for the people there drinking without end, with mental illnesses, loss of brain and loss of thinking capacity, with threats, beatings, injuries and so on. Thais mean that this would be normal and this is worse than in Peru because alcohol in the street is not allowed in Peru. Thais just don't want to have books which is also worse than in Peru because there are even no newspaper kiosks in Thailand. Thai  government does not help to eliminate this alcoholism in the country in Thailand - I don't know why - may be the government is the owner of beer companies and not the owner of the newspapers. Alcohol free beer is missing in both countries in Thailand and in Peru - according to this question the development is missing in both countries...

Main alcoholic beverages are beer and whiskey, but Russian mafia introduced also vodka in Thailand since some years ago, and not also vodka is consumed in raw quantities on Thai rice farms - really an alcoholic "cultural contribution" matching to alcoholic Thailand.

And now one can imagine why the Thai government is letting work mafia groups for the governments: Thais are full of alcoholism and are not capable for an own manner of thinking because alcohol has eliminated their brains. The government of Thailand is alcoholic and cannot think any more. But there is only corruption and mafia in Thailand up to the slightest branch of the state. And therefore this state principally is not a state any more but mafia is the state and Thailand is only the land.

With Buddha all this alcoholism in Thailand has nothing to do but Buddha is only a picture on the wall and that's it - not so wise.

Warning from Thailand: wild mafia groups (also Nazi groups) in Thailand - the government lets work mafia (often Nazis) for the government - Thai police mostly cannot speak English...
Thai government in Bangkok which is often in an alcoholic state has developed the "specialty" to let work groups of foreigners from Europe for the government. This counts for many sections of public and private life, among others traffic, brothels, air line and above all police. Mafia groups are composed of groups of old pensioners (often old Nazis or also young neo Nazis) who have "established" in Thailand specially: from Switzerland, from Germany, from England, and since some years also from Russia. Pensioners (often Nazi pensioners with a skinhead) let come also their complete families with sons, grandsons and nephews etc. In this manner these mafia groups are installing their own Nazi "networks" in Thailand, often with a special relationship to Thai police. Why this? Thai police hardly can speak any English (perhaps one of 100 can speak English well) and therefore Thai police is dependent on these mafia foreigners who are often Nazis!!!

Warning from Thailand: mafia groups can steer Thailand - and Thai police cannot make sure anything
Mafia groups in Thailand (mainly from criminal Switzerland, from Germany, from England and from Russia, all with more or less an alcoholic level of living like the Thais, and often convinced Nazis), these mafia groups in Thailand are steering partly the Thai police, only by the fact that the mafia members can speak several languages and can make translations where also many things can be manipulated. Mafia groups in Thailand can manipulate the complete police apparatus and all media like this when they want because Thai police cannot make sure anything because of lacking knowledge of languages.

Sometimes these mafia groups also have a special function for Thai police. Thai police is spending millions for installing foreign spies controlling and pursuing foreigners in the whole country, pillorying certain foreigners in TV and in the radio and in the press also when there is no guilt at all, and the foreigner does not even become aware of it above all concerning newspapers because Thai language is hard to read for foreigners. These are the kinds of the play of Thai racism with the foreigners: employ foreigners, and then pursue other foreigners. But stupid Thais can be manipulated with any wrong calumniation or defamation. Well, this does not matter to the Thai police commander because he can present himself always as a "good sheriff" - and this play is even "fun" for Thais. Or mafia groups are cheating Thai police and Thai media with wrong indications making propaganda against foreigners. But this is just a "fun" for the criminal Nazi Swiss mafia groups which are cheating the whole world in general with their criminal bank secret...

When a foreigner is presenting a case to Thai police then the foreigner depends on a translator. Thai police has translators, but they are working only for high bribes for only reading the case. This racism against foreigners is one more kind of Nazi play presenting foreigners as minor beings.

Warning from Thailand: wild mafia with espionage in Thailand as they want - also murdering as they want
These wild mafia groups in Thailand - often Nazi groups even with skinheads - are having "fun" using new espionage techniques with espionage with mobile phone, computer, satellite telephones, and criminal Swiss mafia is even channelling and making Zen telepathy against their victims as it's normal in criminal Swiss secret service pursuing "suspicious" persons. But these mafia groups are mostly on an alcoholic level and are living their sexual envy by espionage, and this with a high salary. This is a joy for them to control life of their victims, mostly alcoholized and with a Nazi manner, by a lie whatever defining a person as a "suspicious" person. This is just "fun" for mafia in Thailand - with high salaries. And sometimes it really can be that different mafia groups are "collaborating"...

These mafia groups in Thailand (mostly Nazis) are providing work by faked propaganda against certain persons, or they are even performing secret murder with mask and car without number plate. Some news about Thailand indicate that Germans in Thailand were murdered in the hotel, or that they were captures or their flat was robbed. This happens for example when a liberal thinking German is importing sex toys in Thailand for making Thais a joy. Sex toys can pass the customs, but when the persons are in the hotel the detention and confiscation comes. When the foreigner perhaps has also "too many ladies" in the room, then the anonymous murder is coming by mobile phone espionage and by computer espionage. Mafia can simply listen to the ladies mobile phones, and moreover mafia can control anything by Internet what is happening in the hotel and knows exactly in which hotel the person is registered and even knows the room number - as soon as the passport number is introduced in the "system". Mafia is also manipulating hotel owners and hotel staff, and hotel owners depend on the mafia. Thus Thailand is a country with a total espionage - and racist stupid Thais - above all criminal police commanders and journalists - even have "fun" with it.

Warning from Thailand: Thais with daily criminality - by hopelessness or self-affirmation
Daily criminality against foreigners is performed by Thais and not by the mafia: lies and calumniations lead to robbed hand bags, to broken cars, burglaries, assaults, rapes and murders. Partly this criminality is an expression of hopelessness and poverty (when people come from poor villages where does not even exist a water tower), or this daily criminality happens also by megalomania for a self-affirmation (for example when Thais are addicted to alcohol and drugs), because the word of "Thai" means simply "free". They have to have a self-affirmation. And as Thais are the population with the worst English in whole Asia, there cannot be any communication or cultural exchange with the foreigners and Thais always feel confirmed committing crimes to foreigners. With the foreigners simply is never any talk. Many Thais have then the feeling that they could do with the foreigners what they want - and mafia groups in Thailand, mostly Nazis and also mostly alcoholized, partly support this wrong feeling against foreigners because Nazi mafia groups also have "fun" with it.

Warning from Thailand: death by chase
In 2012 there was one case when an Englishman in Pattaya was released from jail and some days thereafter was with two more Englishmen on Walking Street chased by a group of Thais. The three Englishman jumped into the sea swimming to the other side thinking that the more "water shy" Thais would not jump. This was right, but just the Englishman who was released from jail was dying in the sea eventually by a heart failure. This murder is typical for Thailand, and the chase by a group of Thais can only be by an organized observation: A criminal Thai police commander ordered the Thais to provoke the Englishmen. And of course NOBODY is convicted for this murder, nor the racist police commander, nor the Thai provokers.

This manner of "chase" is a "normal" Thai habit. By this work criminal Thai police commanders can "collect points" in the population, and Thais have "fun" with it to live their racism against foreigners by these criminal "cops and robbers" plays - eventually even with the support by criminal police commanders or with the "collaboration" of certain mafia groups.

Warning from Thailand: death by intoxication
In 2012 there also were several cases of intoxication of young foreigners dying from one moment to the other in their hotel rooms. These cases were above all in the town of Phuket. It seems that there are some stupid Thais having fun selling intoxicated beverages and food to tourists. This is the "calm revenge" for the ever lasting intellectual incapacity which is growing by alcoholism and not learning the English language.

Warning from Thailand: Bangkok will sink in the mud from about 2025 on
News say clearly that the town of Bangkok will be on 0.0 m over sea level in 2020. But news are concealing: There are NO dikes. Bangkok is situated on an alluvial fan like Shanghai, and this has consequences. When Bangkok was consisting of wooden houses there was no danger for the town. But since Bangkok is consisting of heavy stony houses and houses of concrete and sky scrapers and a sky train and many motorways, all these heavy masses of concrete are pressing the floor which is only mud, and therefore Bangkok is sinking every year more and more. Officially the news of 2013 say clearly that in 2020 Bangkok will be on 0.0 m over sea level. And this sinking process will not stop but will continue, and at the same time the sea level itself is rising. Thus Bangkok can "break down" at any moment, and therefore there is the clear advice AGAINST any investment in Bangkok. Some day after 2020, perhaps not later than in 2025, Bangkok will "break down" because the muddy soil cannot withstand the water pressure from the sea any more and no wall is serving any more. The capital of Bangkok will be partly defective resp. out of service. Dikes are NOT installed. Thai government knows what is beer and whiskey, but it seems that they don't know what a dike is, and it seems that also the mafia groups in the country don't know about...

Warning from Thailand: beaches are soon going
Thailand does not want to accept what is topic in other countries. Sea level is rising and rising. And some beaches have gone already, for example in Pattaya. But these beaches can be seen on the plan of the town yet! Nobody in Thailand wants to confess that the sea is robbing the beaches. The main beaches in Pattaya for example have a maximum of latitude of 30 meters yet, of originally perhaps 80 to 100 m. But nobody is telling anything about this. There is no news that the beaches in Thailand are always becoming smaller. Some beach walls are also partly destroyed or heavily damaged as for example in Shumpon. But there is NO WORD in the press. Nothing. And in this way the beaches are lost without one single word in the Thailand's media. Persons building up a beach house in Thailand - it's up to you.

Dikes could save a part of the beach territory without a direct contact to the sea. But there is no dike in Thailand...

Warning from Thailand: baby murder is normal in Thailand
Thailand has got the rite to leave youths without any sexual education and without free youth centers, but in Thailand men are still laughing at women in a racist way. Also purchasing a condom is well "remarked" by the staff and sexual rumors and jokes are circulating fast - with the collaboration of the criminal Thai police commander. This has consequences: Some Thais do not use condoms any more inhibiting rumors. But this has even more consequences: Young Thai women get pregnant and don't want the baby, and corresponding to the logic of Thai manner of living there are killed baby found in trash bans or garbage bans or in a shrub one time per month. These are the official news. The dark figure may be 100 times higher.

Murder is considered a normal procedure for solving problems because youths NEVER may learn how problems are solved in peace, but most youths are only sent to work for being diverted "not having problems". Thai government "does not know" how this problem should be "solved". Well, it's clear why the government does not know this: They are very alcoholic and to think is not a big tradition in Bangkok.

Warning from Thailand: murder by elephants and warning from elephant tours
Thailand has got a tradition of a regular elephant tourism. Complete tourist groups are taken for elephant reservations for elephant safaris. About one time per month there is a case that an elephant is taking a tourist with it's trunk tossing the tourist person to a wall or to a tree, and often only remains a death message. Thus there is a warning to put at least a helmet during an elephant tour, or evade elephant tours and not bothering elephants by tourists but making other tours.

Warning from trips to Thailand: dangers in Thailand are unpredictable and lethal
Thailand is a country full of complexes and desires for revenge. Thailand concerning sexual matters is absolutely inhibited and is other-directed by aged Nazi mafia persons from abroad, and in the countryside there is often even no Internet or no water tower so the population there has even no shower. Thus Thailand is an unpredictable country - and the beautiful motorways are only a facade organized by German mafia for Thailand.

Additionally also medical knowledge is only very chemical and rudimentary. Most Thais have practically no idea about natural medicine and homeopathy and herbal medicine can be found only very seldom. Thai healers are with the poor Thai natives in northern Thailand. But going to northern Thailand Thai secret service will suspect every foreigner as a criminal pedophile because there are also the criminal brothels offering sex with children for the income of the family of the child. But one has to know, local police in northern Thailand is also the customer in these brothels having sex with children. Northern Thailand is absolutely neglected industrially and intellectually by the government thus there is no other choice to make money...

Thai government cannot speak English and lets work mafia groups from Europe for the government. Certain Nazi groups from Europe have taken this opportunity and have partly submitted Thailand and Thai government is not aware of it.

There are really many countries with less criminality than in Thailand. For the Thai population it is a cruel country to live with so many dominating complexes instead to solve the problems - because the mafia of the olds from Europe is partly steering complete parts of Thailand until today and the Thai government cannot speak English. But the Thais mean that these would be "normal conditions". For foreigners Thailand is always "so beautiful" with the descriptions in the travel guide book, but there are 100,000s of hornet's nests in Thailand one can be "trapped" - and then all Thai TV and the complete Thai press is against the foreigner loving their propaganda against foreigners.

For European pensioners Thailand only is a "good land" when the pensioner is not too intelligent and is a right radical beer drinker and mafia type. But for intellectual persons Thailand is a horror, and I saw also many pensioners only suffering in Thailand and asking themselves where this development will lead. Media in Thailand and the stupid and criminal journalists with their eternal racism and with their wrong word of "Falang" are even contributing to more racism between Thais and foreigners provoking more disharmony because they do not know a peaceful life. This also counts for the criminal Thai police commanders. And Interpol is giving the Thai government right or also faked data for the propaganda against foreigners thus one more time a police commander in Thailand has a "good" press having won against a foreigner...

Warning from Thailand: Propaganda without end against foreigners with the word "falang" in other Thai words: chewing gum and potato
There was the experience in Thailand that Thais are not only calling white foreigners with the wrong word "falang" not differentiating any foreign country, but this wrong word also appears in the word of chewing gum (Thai: maak-falang, nut from the white man), or also in the word potato (man-falang, potato of the white man).

Well, as one can see with these two examples there is no consciousness of history or geography in Thailand: It simply does not exist in Thailand. That's why the Thai government did not get aware until today that chewing gum - as in Germany every child knows since the blockage of Berlin of 1948 - comes from the "U.S.A.". Thus chewing gum in Thai should be translated as "maak-ameerigaa" ("American" nut).

With the potato Thais mean until today potatoes came also from the whites. The fact that potatoes came from Peru and Bolivia and were brought by Columbus to Europe first in 1493 is simply not known in the Thai population. It can be admitted that only during the Vietnam war and the horizontal business for "American" R&R-soldiers during Vietnam War in the 1960 potatoes touched Thai ground. Dear white men brought their potatoes from "USA". But perhaps the potato only came in the 1970s with German customers. Thus potatoes should be translated in Thai as "man-peruu" (Peruvian potato).

Only with these two examples one can see that intelligence and research is about on the level 0 in Thailand. Also Thai TV is hardly broadcasting documentaries or research. But with general propaganda against foreigners Thais are "top" as the racist Peruvians. Intelligence does just not come from alcohol, not either from computer games, not either from disco dancing and not either from espionage, but intelligence is developing with reading and schooling. But Thai government, Thai media, police chiefs and secret service bosses are not interested in intelligence at all because also without intelligence "points" for the career can be collected: There has simply to be a propaganda with intrigues against foreigners violating any law of Buddha. For racist Peru counts the same principle (unfortunately!) violating all "Christian" rules or rules of reincarnation...

Big sex problems of Thai population - and sex tourism by the Nazis of the world at the same time

Warning from Thailand: Even the word "sex" is a problem - life in a taboo
Asian people have a sex problem. Even the word of "sex" is a giant problem for them. And it's not important if there is a sex tourism in the country or not. Sex problems are not less in Thailand whereas expressed as a percentage Thailand has got the biggest sex tourism of the world. This sex tourism was introduced by the "American" Nazis of the "U.S." Army during the mass murder in Vietnam, and after the war it was going on with Nazis from Germany and Switzerland etc. Inhibitions and taboos remain in the Thai family and are persecuted by criminal Thai police and by criminal Thai secret service until today (Estate 2013) - because any education in sociology and history is missing. But young Thai women enjoy life in this taboo because they can prostitute themselves making much money when they want. All is taboo and is never reported. Mostly only mistakes of foreigners are reported - because propaganda against foreigners is the main purpose of life for Thai police and secret services - for more there was no education. In other words: concerning propaganda against foreigners and prohibitions and inhibitions concerning sexuality Thailand and whole Asia (with the exception of Japan) is worse than a Nazi state. Concerning propaganda against foreigners and sexuality Asia is a Nazi zone (with the exception of Japan) - and they never want to learn from them.

Sex problems and envy problems are solved in Thailand with defamation, with mass persecutions, provoking dangers for the victim, with violations, with selling girls and boys to brothels, with murder, with cutting testicles or penises etc., also when all guilt is on the side of the culprits. Stupid Thai people feels "free" because the word "Thai" means "free" and thus they are behaving like this and NEVER want to learn anything after having left school. Alcohol abuse in the streets during day and night is supporting this "free" feeling like in Columbia. And Thai media, Thai police commanders and secret service bosses are partly joining these intrigues and games. Worse it's not possible.

Thus one can say: Criminal Thai people don't learn sociology or history, but they learn propaganda against foreigners during their whole life in a perfect way making money with them up to a perfect way. Thus Thailand is a criminal terrorist GESTAPO state - even worse than Third Reich. You will see!

Warning from Thailand: age of consent of 18 is controlled above all against foreigners
As it seems some foreign human right groups (probably criminal Swiss) were manipulating the Thai government to introduce an official "age of consent of 18" which is not at all real in a tropical climate and with missing intelligence and with missing schools and courses at all. Additionally this "age of consent of 18" is always violated by the Thais themselves when children are sold to brothels and 100s of Thais are making the queue at these children brothels. But police only wants to make money with foreigners - this brings more "points" for the career, and in the queue for the children brothel are also policemen because at home there is an Asian sexual code and an Asian hostility to sexuality (with an official prohibition of porn films and prohibition to speak about sex!) thus a man cannot bear this at all. But the word "Thai" means "free" and thus Thais never want to learn...

Warning from Thailand: persecution of sex toys, magazines, films, and parties - government and police commanders provoking envy and hatred against foreigners and against sexuality in general
Who is thinking that Thailand would be a pensioner's paradise then this counts only for the permission of stay from 50 years on which is valid for any pensioner. The license has to be renewed every year. But concerning all other subjects of life Thailand has NOTHING to do with liberal Europe, but stupid and criminal police commanders of Thailand, for example in Pattaya, are "working" like this:

-- sex toys are pursued and confiscated and tourists are imprisoned
-- magazines are pursued and confiscated and tourists are imprisoned
-- beautiful porno films are pursued and confiscated and tourists are imprisoned
-- Thailand has the biggest sex business of the world but porno cinema is forbidden
-- swinger parties are pursued and forbidden and the managers are imprisoned.

Such news are coming regularly in perverse Thailand more or less two times a week. Thus concerning sexuality Thailand is an absolute inhibited country and is not at all that what it pretends to be concerning the biggest sex tourism of the world. To the contrary: Until today Thai population is full of sexual complexes and envy complexes which are even supported by criminal police commanders and also by criminal Thai journalists distributing this envy and hatred against foreigners again and again in the media - with wrong sexual rumors and indiscretions. But this is "fun" for the racist and stupid Thais, not only for the police commander, but also for the racist Thai journalists!

Because Thais are forbidden any free and liberal sexuality. Ministry of Culture is even pursuing a calendar of an airline where women are presented in a James Bond manner in unique and best underwear so there is nothing sexual to see. Sexuality of Thai population is observed by the envious government, by criminal police commanders and by envious controlling neighbors. Because the compensation to all the sexual prohibitions is CONTROLLING - and when it's possible, PROPAGANDA AND CHASING. This is also the case with the old European pensioners yet who are living in Thailand, who never read any Bravo magazine until today. Concerning this fact the mentality of the old European pensioners and the Thais is the same - INHIBITED IN THE SAME MANNER. As a "normal" behavior is considered discotheque and beer and to be drunken, but NOT MORE. According to analyzing literature this counts for WHOLE ASIA. Therefore for a life with a free and living sexuality one should not chose ANY ASIAN COUNTRY, because in whole Asia any SEXUAL EDUCATION IS MISSING - and when there is one it's only for men in the brothels which are for the natives and are cheap. But Asian women have NO sexual education until today and are even forbidden to have a dildo.

Warning from Thailand: Thai prostitutes are often criminal
Thai "women" and "ladies" have a regular contact with foreigners which is not possible for the Thai men. And thus Thai "women" and "ladies" often can speak English best of the country, and add to this are learning also "business methods" and fraud methods. But Thai men are hardly learning any English but are only drinking and sleeping and by this behavior are often SUBORDINATED to the Thai ladies!!!

Thai prostitutes mostly come from very poor and neglected villages from the countryside and are "saving" their family from poverty by their horizontal "work". But that means at the same time that "women" and "ladies" have no education, and they are often suffering illnesses and they are often snoring because they drink too much alcohol and never sleep enough, but they never go to a doctor because there was no doctor in the village, too. And often they even reject an operation when it is even the payment for the operation is offered by a foreigner. No, the pride of Thais is simply too big! Sometimes the "lady" is also forced for prostitution by her village to "make the money" for the village. Therefore the "lady" is charged with all possible things and orders, and when the "lady" only is wearing beautiful clothes, then this is even the maximum for the lady. But she cannot reject the "order".

Now there are regular news - about two times per week -, about Thai "women" and "ladies" with a too big pride robbing and cheating foreigners, giving them K.O. drops or robbing them during the sleep. Other Thai ladies are performing the fact to "loose" 300 dollars in a toilet which were trusted to them for a certain purpose, or they are not fulfilling appointments and are only waiting for the moment when this "stupid client" will at last go back to Europe and will "not be here" any more. And this is "fun" for these racist Thai ladies! Well, this happens above all when there is no long relationship between man and women. This is really "Thai" behavior because the word of "Thai" really means "free", and this is the "freedom" for the Thais! To cheat foreigners is fun! But this behavior of the Thais is in a wrong place. It is the revenge for not having learnt English well, and for not having had a good sexual education. When there is added an intrigue by police or by criminal mafia groups against foreigners, then the Thais are getting their proper "feeling of life": Thais are the best, because "Thai" means "free", and other nationalities can remain in the darkness. Thais like to play "cops and robbers", this is the stupid Thai's behavior, and also criminal mafia likes it, and for that mafia has "organized" the beautiful motorways in the country...

Prostitutes in Thailand are often the ones speaking English best, and Thai policemen can hardly speak English. Is there something strange with this? Something is wrong in this country.

Warning from Thailand: Lady boys - forced operated boys for being a lady - absolutely criminal
What would you say when you have a son and give him girl's clothes and you would educate him as a girl and with 12 you send him to Morocco for a forced sex changing operation for being a girl working in brothels? This is a violation of all children's rights and Human Rights at the same time. But this is a "tradition" in Thailand and it's not forbidden until today. These Thai ladyboys being robbed of any right of self determination are always a tragic victim of their criminal Thai parents who want to lead their family out of poverty by prostitution. The form of the "bodies" is sometimes very "erotic". The human operated for being a lady boy has to "work" in brothels then,in Thailand or abroad. This is a Thai "tradition". A more inhuman and criminal country does principally not exist. And mafia of pensioners and of old Nazis NEVER stopped this...

Some ladyboys develop a special criminality then and are rendering the criminality to their "clients" which was committed to them. Some tourists are feeling very embarrassed by the existence of ladyboys and are also feeling cheated having a lady with a men's voice at their side. Therefore some police commanders ordered that ladyboys have to wear a certain bracelet around their arm for being visible for the eye. Thais only are laughing about this as they are laughing about everything. Human Rights never have been in their country, and the rich are storing their funds abroad on bank secret islands until Bangkok will sink...

Warning from Thailand: Thai media love propaganda against foreigners - example sex slavery with many pedophile Asian men never mentioned
Criminal Thai media really love propaganda against foreigners presenting themselves as Thai people in a better way spreading racism against foreigners. Without propaganda against foreigners the day is not complete for Thai media. The best case are the cases of child prostitution: Perverse Thai people not capable to install jobs in the countryside during the dry season (when there is no work with rice), they are simply selling their children to brothels. Then the children have to sell flowers first and from their sexual maturity they have to serve in the horizontal way to the Thai queues making money for their family. This perverse Thai mentality is described in the book "Sex Slaves" by Luise Brown. This mentality selling children to brothels and taking the income made by horizontal services is spread in whole Asia with the exception of Japan. And the customers in the Thai queue are coming above all from Thailand, and virgins are brought to hotel rooms above all for Chinese and Japanese businessmen. Girls are operated 2 times and thus the girl can be sold as a virgin three times thus the income is tripled and is the value of a complete house in the countryside.

And what are doing Thai media with this Thai respectively Asian system of sex slavery? They are tabooing it, they are concealing it, and they are only looking for white criminal pedophiles thus one can make propaganda against a "Falang" - but there is hardly any white criminal pedophile in Asia. But criminal media and criminal Thai police with criminal Thai secret service are going on with systematic propaganda again and again claiming that the whites would be the child abusers and the Asian people making queues at children brothels every day and having Thai and Burmese virgins in their hotel rooms every day are hardly or NEVER mentioned! And because this problem is never mentioned the missing work of the Thai government is never mentioned either: jobs in the countryside are needed, but this is NEVER said.

But perverse Thai media accept the children brothels in northern Thailand - and they are always making propaganda against the whites. Compared to perhaps 10 million Asian cases of sex with children in Thailand per year one can find perhaps 5 cases with whites, but Thai propaganda media are only presenting the 5 whites then. This is Thai "democracy"... respectively in Thailand is governing an arrogant propaganda dictatorship which has to be known before going to this perverse Thailand.

As the knowledge about sociology and history is unknown in Thailand the Thai government does not know how to solve this problem of course. And the intelligent and well educated whites who would know about it (creating jobs in the countryside with the emancipation of the countryside) are systematically not taken earnest by Thai media and by the Thai government. But propaganda against foreigners is going on without end and Thailand is turning out as absolutely not able to learn...

Warning about hospitals in Thailand: foreigners have to pay "foreign" charges for operations - insurances in the banks! - health insurance Bupa

When you go as a foreigner to a medical doctor in Thailand, then you pay the normal price for medicaments which is the same for foreigners and for Thais. But when you have a stay in a hospital then foreigners have to pay "foreign" charges, thus about 10 or 20 times as much. Therefore a simple appendix operation with a stay of 4 days in a hospital can cost 3,000 "U.S." dollars then, or in Bangkok even 6,000 "U.S." dollars.

About these conditions of the high charges for foreigners there is never any information in Thailand. Thus many foreigners cannot pay the high cost for operations or for a treatment in a hospital respectively they are running out of money. For reducing the debts of the foreigners in the Thai health system the Thai government introduced an entry charge for tourists in 2013 thus every foreigner coming to Thailand has to pay a fee of 500 Baht (15 dollars). It had been better to connect these 15 dollars with a health insurance of 3 months thus 50% of the hospital treatments for foreigners would be covered in Thailand already with this.

Thais can have cheap accident and health insurances in Thailand in the banks! Foreigners can also have accident insurances in the banks, but health insurances not. As health insurances do hardly make propaganda in Thailand and don't have their offices in the centers of the towns such health insurances can hardly be seen but one has to ask for them in hospitals or in pharmacies.

It really makes sense to have a health insurance for people with a longer stay in Thailand - for example the insurance "Bupa" - for being insured in the case of stays in a hospital. For example in Pattaya the office of Bupa is not in the center where all tourists are but it's far away at the motor way "Sukumvit" - where the tourists pass only with the taxi heading to Bangkok - and thus the tourists in Thailand hardly see any health insurance and then they are taken by complete surprise when they see the fees for foreigners for an operation in a Thai hospital. The case is even worse when there is an emergency operation because then is no time to choose a cheaper hospital but you have to take what comes.

Thais mostly don't know anything about the high charges for foreigners, and foreign tourist never expect such a system against foreigners. If these "foreign" charges are compatible with Buddha philosophy is another question...

Warning from Thailand: no sex education - the word "fuck" will not be understood as good sex but as pain and violation because stupid Thais don't know porno films, oils and lubricants

Following events in Thailand in 2012 and in 2013:

If one would think the plenty of foreign pensioners would work with sex education and general education in Thailand then there has to be stated that just the contrary is the case: Pensioners and foreign mafia groups in Thailand (big groups are Germans, Swiss, English, Australians and Russians) these mafia groups are even SUPPORTING the Thai taboos and propaganda because the first mean that there should be an "adaption" and secondly because they don't need any diversion because in Thailand any intellectual education with popular universities or libraries are missing - with the exception of Bangkok.

The English word of "Fuck" is a very good example how the arrogant Thais and the even more arrogant Thai media are deliberately mixing the facts for making propaganda against foreigners. The word means in the bed "love me hot" and is a sexual stimulant, but in the street it means "shit!" As in whole Asia (with the exception of Japan) porno films are officially forbidden, and as most Asian people and above all Asian women hardly can operate in the Internet, about 99% of the population do not know this word of "Fuck". That means, concerning sexuality Asia is in a total blockage and is not free and there is no free expression, and the word of "Fuck" during sex has rather to be omitted because racist Thai media will interpret the word as a violation - because they mean that good sex would be painful because most Asian women don't know any oils or lubricants or other sex stimulation (also in big parts of Japan). In many cases even Thai prostitutes have no idea about oils and lubricants and they are suffering vagina inflammations during their whole life. In short words: The perverse Asian people mean that good and wild sex would be violence. But above all perverse Asian people mean that good and wild sex would be connected with stupidity and only stupid humans would like a living sexuality. And people rejecting sexuality would be "intelligent". More perverse one cannot arrange life.

And racist Thai media and Thai police and security chiefs use this not present knowledge for making propaganda against foreigners and against good sex.  With this procedure perverse and criminal Thai media, police bosses and secret service leaders are reaching several goals in one:
-- they are collecting more "points" for their "career" making propaganda against foreigners
-- they mean having "defended" their country against foreigners
-- and with a sexual attack against foreigners presenting a foreigner as a violator "special points" can be collected also when nothing is true with it
-- and of course the quotas and sellings are rising with all these faked data.

Perverse and criminal Thai media can continue their propaganda against the foreigner torturing him with groups in front of his hotel provoking the question if somebody saying "Fuck" during good sex can be "intelligent", or provoking almost accidents in the street with heavy maneuvers or with manipulations of neighbors or contact persons until the "victim" is collapsing or leaving and giving the "victory" to the perverse primitive Thais who have nothing in their head - also when the partner was questioned and stating that there was only normal or even good sex and absolutely no violation. Such a sexual propaganda against foreigners is spread in primitive Thailand in radio and TV in the whole country and then Thais consider this information as "normal" and even as "good information" because any sexual propaganda is considered a sexual "education" - also when there was no delict at all and when police and Thai media are deliberately making wrong interpretations. Traveling is not possible in private any more but criminal Thai secret service is publishing any step of the "victim" by radio and TV and police is even in the train for nothing meaning they would be "intelligent", and harassments in train stations can be normal and are wanted by criminal Thai media, criminal Thai police and secret service. They all violate any law of Buddha...

This propaganda is also continued by Thai secret service to abroad to foreign countries. The propaganda with sexual allusions against foreigners by criminal Thai secret service and by criminal Thai police bosses can be "developed" even more thus a special "assistance" and manipulation is given to the neighborhood, the foreigners is presented as a "monster" and is bothered in the street without end, or criminal secret service of Thailand is sending special bully boys as "neighbors" into his hotel, or certain good neighbors are removed from him, or criminal Thai media or secret service are installing their espionage location directly in front of the hotel room of the "victim" in the neighbor's house or in the neighboring hotel and are making their propaganda from the balcony to the whole neighborhood, or criminal Thai media, police bosses or secret services do not hesitate either to manipulate a dental clinic or a complete hospital accepting the death of the"victim" by a wrong treatment or by nervous staff when there is a hospital treatment, or they are shouting in front of the hospital when the"victim" is 3 days in the hospital recovering. That means: Criminal Thai media, criminal Thai police commanders and criminal Thai bosses of secret services want all to manipulate third persons to commit a murder by their perverse criminal sexual envy, not having enough arguments for it. And with all this criminal Thailand is not only criminal, but is a terrorist state.

Purchasing games or books or language books for children is rated by criminal perverse Thai media and police commanders as "pedophile" and a settlement or an integration of the "victim" is not possible at all - whereas just Thais have the highest rate of pedophiles and are going to children brothels systematically - and when the facts are like this this is called a classical distortion of facts, projection and suppression.

Criminal Thai secret service also has the characteristic to organize parties against the "victim". That means, with the "foreigner" which was presented by the criminal Thai media many times will be "made money" really and there are drinking festivals and singing festivals, mobile phone is spied, e-mails are spied and the texts are presented as songs. Criminal Nazi gangs of Switzerland of racist criminal Swiss secret service are teaching spying techniques to Thai police and secret services thus Thai police feels "intelligent" with more spying work with bugs, infrared signals on windows, short wave signals looking through walls and channeling. Swiss Nazis from Swiss secret service and Thais have important common points: both are not reading, they don't want to read and never want any further education: Criminal Nazi Swiss don't want to read because they have high salaries, and Thais don't want to read because Thai means "free". And both only have beer and whiskey in their heads. And there are not only Swiss Nazis, but also German and above all Russian right wing extremists in Thailand feeling very well. Stupid Thais feel "intelligent" with spying techniques as criminal Swiss do - but there is no real intelligence development but the spiral of stultification is going on without limit. Fantasy of criminal, Thai police bosses and secret service bosses does not know any limits with this and Thailand is really a classical alcohol beer whiskey country where a big part of the young adults are drinking the whole night in the streets and mean that this would be "normal" - of course with the corresponding development of intelligence or just non-development of intelligence. Problems are not solved with wisdom in Thailand but with constant repetition of the claim or are "solved" in a wrong way then, also when there is begging or defamation during 5 years...

That means, the perverse and criminal Thai media and the criminal Thai police bosses and secret service bosses are not working with their sexual complexes which are existing because of lacking sex education (no Bravo, no Girl, no sexual atlas, no love novels, no sex education books, no sexual details and no sociology). Thus they will never want to confess that they have sexual complexes, and they will never want to learn anything additionally but these criminal and perverse Thai media and police bosses and secret service bosses will do everything feeling well and confirmed: They criminalize foreigners and make propaganda against foreigners until the foreigner is "collapsing" as if it would be a fox chase collecting "points" for their career. In this way Thai terrorism is working, and Thai children are learning this terrorism as a child already denouncing love couples or "hosing" love couples and harming them instead to wait for their first love and schooling the childish and youth spirit with children and youth literature.

In this way is working Thai terrorism until today (2013). Learning is not foreseen. Criminal Thai media, police bosses and secret service bosses simply want that their criminal fantasy will be true with all their maneuvers and they are only spying instead to have further education (all is in the Internet to have today). That means: Thailand concerning sexuality is a systematic terrorist state with torture and psychological torture, with propaganda and systematic defamation, and all this is the combination of a terrorist GESTAPO state where even beautiful underwear is forbidden in calendars, and media are dangerous psychological terrorists who are probably steered by perverse police commanders defending "Thai values". Well, Thailand has the children brothels in the country side with high rate of Thai customers with Thai police inclusive. The real GESTAPO in Germany die not want to have any further education either, and thus by this the word "GESTAPO" seems right for Thailand. Well, it was mentioned above already why Thai media and Thai police commanders and Thai secret service bosses are converting into sexual terrorists against foreigners:

-- they are collecting more "points" for their "career" making propaganda against foreigners
-- they mean having "defended" their country against foreigners
-- and with a sexual attack against foreigners presenting a foreigner as a violator "special points" can be collected also when nothing is true with it
-- and of course the quotas and sellings are rising with all these faked data.

And thus the word "fuck" has to be omitted as a sexual stimulant.

Tolerance is NOT wanted in Thailand concerning sexuality because then the criminal police commanders and criminal media in Thailand could not collect "points" any more. That's why in general there are only two sex positions in Thailand, and swinger parties like in Europe are immediately "visited" by they police and eliminated - making more "points" for the career. Sexual blockage is governing.

The word of "Fuck" is rated in Thailand and in whole Asia as a "violation" by the same reasons (with the exception of Japan):
-- they are collecting more "points" for their "career" making propaganda against foreigners
-- they mean having "defended" their country against foreigners
-- and with a sexual attack against foreigners presenting a foreigner as a violator "special points" can be collected also when nothing is true with it
-- and of course the quotas and sellings are rising with all these faked data.
Additionally any wisdom about stimulation, oils and lubricants is missing because there are no books about these topics because all about sex is a taboo in Asia yet (catastrophe!).

Porn cinema is also NOT existing in Asia by the same reasons (with the exception of Japan.

And now above all in Thailand there are groups of foreigners, mafia groups, working, mostly elder alcoholics who never have seen any porn movie with joyful sex but they only can do it 2 minutes in the bed and are sleeping then. For not having any problem they are supporting the blocked Thais and are also claiming sexual limitations and no liberalization. Sexual blockage in Asia has thus to be accepted (with the exception of Japan) because also many old pensioners in Asia are just blocked sexually. That means: a sexual revolution will only come in about 100 years in Asia which has happened in Europe during the 1960s already since more than 50 years. FKK is not existing n Asia at all. Concerning sexuality Thailand is a terrorist country, and thus the word of "Fuck" is a treason of the Asian sexual taboo.

Many Thai women even don't know about oils or lubricants and are living half of their life with vagina inflammations - sending their husbands into brothels. One can imagine that these women are connecting the word of "Fuck" with heavy pains - whereas good sex with the necessary means will be a real joy. But these means are hardly existing in Thailand because there is hardly any intelligence in Thailand nor in Asia, see above... (with the exception of Japan, with the exception of atomic power).

And because any literature about love and sexuality is missing, terrorist Thai media and police bosses and secret services are spying everywhere the tourists. Also this spying epidemic is spreading in whole Asia, with the exception of Japan. And in Thailand blocked old pensioners are also spying, above all criminal and perverse Swiss pensioners with much money and equipment. More sexual terrorism cannot be than in Thailand and it's always worse than better... A more perverse country than Thailand does not exist: Thailand is a criminal perverse terrorist GESTAPO country, and when tourists are living their sexuality in a free way then this Thai GESTAPO will come and make "points" for their career. Always making propaganda and never solving any problem is the main principle with it because when propaganda would stop the joy would stop. And all this happens with the assistance of other secret services - for example from criminal Switzerland - never teaching any sociology or history. For a more intelligent behavior than for propaganda against foreigners and against free sexuality there is no education in Thailand. They are really that stupid, dirty heads, fish heads or so. And secret services working in Thailand have the same mentality because Thais do NOT WANT TO LEARN because Thais are "free" and don't have to learn anything. Everybody has to adapt to the stupidity of the Thais...

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