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D     THAIไทย

Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang" - index

The whites are very different - frustration without limit of "normal" Thai population provoking a wrong idea of white foreigners - collaboration of international mafia with criminal commanders and corrupt government against the population
by Michael Palomino (2013)



1  Buddhist method of solutions for problems in Thailand without solving the problem - frustration and curse word "Falang"

Problems in Thailand which cannot solve by themselves -- Frustration with English in Thailand -- Curse word of "Falang" against white foreigners -- Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang" --

2  The whites on the world are completely different

Hardly any teaching of world history and sociology in Thailand -- An Englishman cannot be a Frenchman - high share of black people in England, France, and in the "U.S.A." -- Different landscapes, national languages, and historical consciousness -- Geography -- National languages -- European and "American" history - hardly known in Thailand as it seems -- Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang"

3  Thais don't know anything about international mafia with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and bars

Mafia installed sex circus in Thailand - but prostitution is "forbidden", also sex toys, films and parties are "forbidden" - this prohibition is beneficial for the corrupt Thai police commanders - Thailand is a peeper's country -- Young Thai women from the country side - they don't tell to their families what they are doing -- Alcoholism in the country side - alcoholic bar ladies - and mafia gets it's benefit -- Thai ladies at the bar learning their "behavior" - or not -- Millions of dollars every day - for the mafia, for the criminal commander, and for the government -- A big part of the benefits is remaining in the hands of foreign mafia groups - and in the hand of criminal police commanders, and with the government -- Pensioners' law provoking high price level -- The money of the Thai lady - well invested or drunk -- Record: Normal Thai population has not much from tourism and pensioner foreigners -- Prostitution is not legalized - and this is a maneuver of criminal corrupt police commanders in Thailand against foreigners -- Language problems without end because Thailand has no good language books - "Tinglish"

4  "Normal" Thai population does not know about the high visa fees for foreigners

For Thai government the foreigners bring more benefits than the Thais -- Inhuman visa regulations in Thailand - and bribes "under the table" -- Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang"

5  Pensioner foreigners in Thailand only drinking and laughing about not educated Thais - and even laughing at each other

Many pensioner foreigners have a strange behavior in Thailand only sitting and drinking around -- Pensioner foreigners are often NO model for Thais -- Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang"

6  The task for the "normal" Thai population to install normal life conditions in Thailand

Unreasonable laws should be abolished - reasonable laws should be introduced -- Since about 40 years international mafia is manipulating Thailand - but hardly did anything for the development of the Thai population -- Thai political parties needed against corruption, mafia and alcoholism in the country -- Falang does not exist - Thai frustration with the word "Falang" --