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Hotels in Pattaya

by Michael Palomino (since 2013)



Criminal hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya 3d Road soi 11 number 347

December 2, 2013

Compensation and giving back the deposit rejected
today at 12:30 pm you as a criminal hotel family rejected to give back any money of the remaining fee of 6,000 Baht for the hotel room I have left (1 month for 11,000 Baht - I left after 10 days of the paid month) - and you also rejected to give back anything from any deposit whereas there is no damage in the hotel room I had in your hotel (number 47).

Fact is that your hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya Klang on 3d Road soi 11 is one of the most criminal ones and

fact is that your hotel staff is involving into personal relations of the clients even destroying the relations also when there is only a simple friendship or an important healing relation.

Additionally I can show you proofs that other hotel owners in Pattaya gave me at least the deposit back.
Systematic criminality against clients in your hotel

There could heard also other clients having difficulties with your hotel family, and in the little rooms you leave the people even without ventilator and without any little fridge. How criminal do you want to be? You are really the most criminal hotel of whole Pattaya.

When there is such a criminality against clients as it was against me - and when there is more than half a month left after the removal from the hotel then it's normal to pay the half of the fee back and to pay the deposit back - above all when you have such a high price of 11,000 Baht per month during the low season - it would be normal to give 6,000 Baht back and to give the deposit back.

Your criminal hotel family and criminal hotel staff of Hotel Maple Mansion on 3d Road soi 11 number 347 are violating any law and any normal common sense. - To the contrary to your criminal behavior I healed many Thais with simple methods with chlorophyll, with ice, with only watching, with Aloe Vera or with other creams or with blood group nutrition etc. - which the criminal members of criminal Swiss or English secret service in the hotel do not know of course because they are always very old bones and they are only watching TV and there is only pharma propaganda in the TV and they don't know what is natural medicine and they even don't want to know about.
Your criminal hotel will get the punishment

Your criminality against my person not giving back 6,000 Baht from the fee and not giving back 0 Baht from the deposit will slash back to your hotel. You are so mentally retarded and mentally ill thus your hotel has to drown like Bangkok is drowning from 2020 on when it's on 0 meters over sea level.
This hotel in Pattaya "Maple Mansion" and this hotel family have no chance

A family only playing computer games and watching videos and stealing the money from the clients as the staff in Maple Mansion in Pattaya Klang at 3d road soi 11 number 347 has really hardly any chance to survive. They will go down. Your criminal hotel Maple Mansion will go down and it will be good when this criminal hotel Maple Mansion will not exist any more because just the prices are much too high for this service which is given there which is not a service but is only an intrigue and nothing else - also with other clients laughing at them or cheating them.

Threats and violence in your criminal hotel

Your threats of yesterday to sell my motor bike or your threats of violence against me when I said the truth about your bad behavior are unacceptable. Your clear terrorism in your hotel against my person with shit in your head is unacceptable. Because I healed many persons - and you only were with a clear black and destructive energy. But there are many criminal persons in Thailand as you are only with envy and not ready to learn anything but computer games and watching videos. Thus some Thais remain really very stupid and they will drown all with sinking Bangkok. Crocodiles will eat the stupids human beings ant there are many of them in this criminal Thailand steered by criminal secret police.

They have so much money but nothing but shit in the head

The decisive criminal in your hotel Maple Mansion in 3d Road 11th street number 347 was calling himself a "policeman" - playing only computer games and watching videos. I never saw such a stupid criminal policeman in my life. In this head is really only shit, a head of shit - I never have seen before such a head of shit. But everybody is an example - when not a positive one - then a negative one. Your criminal hotel Maple Mansion in Pattaya will drown.
Michael Palomino
Logic analytic historiography since 1992


December 3/4, 2013

December 3, 2013: The blind Thai policeman in the hotel Maple Mansion

Such a mentally retarded policeman like you in the hotel Maple Mansion I have never seen before.

You only play computer games, you watch movies all the time, and you reject the compensation for a long time visitor when I go after 10 days and when there are 20 days left.

I healed lots of Thai people and you are even rejecting to give the deposit back.

In your brain must be only beer and straw and shit - nothing else. You cannot think, you cannot learn, you cannot see.

Instead of learning healing with the healing person the mentally ill policeman and Thai secret police were fighting the healing person with bad sexual rumors blaming a normal word as illegal. This bad behavior of you as a policeman and of criminal Thai secret police is the proof that you and Thai secret police are absolutely crazy, envious and mentally ill and mentally retarded.

I never saw such a blind policeman like in this hotel Maple Mansion. You should go to an asylum for the blind. A guide dog is not enough for such a blind shit like you are.
Thai police = most stupid police in the world.

I know that criminal Swiss mafia is instructing you. Criminal Swiss mafia coming from the criminal Swiss government and from criminal police groups in criminal Zurich with it's criminal bank secret are the same peepers and they have the same destroying character. They don't let drown only Bangkok, but they let drown the whole world in poverty with their bank secret strategy for the rich. But you in the hotel Maple Mansion are the person stealing me 6,000 Baht and a deposit!

An asylum for the blind is the right place for you - with your bride who was only screaming walk walk walk and samkan samkan samkan. She is mentally ill and does not know what is important in life and what is good sex in life. She is also blind, but she is not so blind as you are, because you - Mr. Thai policeman - you are also aggressive.

And it seems that your Thai boss police commander from Thai secret police is even more blind as you are - and should also go to the asylum for the blinds.

Michael Palomino
Logic analytic historiography since 1992