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Sexsklaverei mit Mädchen- und Frauenhandel in Asien
(aus: Sex slaves: trafficking of women in Asia)

Kapitel 10: Ausgewählte Bibliographie

Offizielle Berichte - Berichte von NGOs - Zeitungen - Zeitschriften - Konferenzen - Bücher

von Louise Brown

übersetzt, präsentiert und mit Untertiteln von Michael  Palomino (2014)



Offizielle Berichte von Regierungen und internationalen Gesellschaften

Acharaya, Usha D.: Country Report on Trafficking in Children and Their Exploitation in Prostitution and Other Intolerable Forms of Labor in Nepal (Kathmandu: International Labor Organization, 1997)

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Government of Pakistan: Report of the Commission for Inquiry for Women (Islamabad, August 1997)

Government of Pakistan: Combatting Child Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and Involvement of Children in Intolerable Forms of Child Labor: Country Report on Pakistan (Islamabad, 1998)

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International Organization for Migration: Trafficking in Women to Japan for Sexual Exploitation: A Survey on the Case of Filipino Women (Genf, 1997)

International Organization for Migration and the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women: Qualitative Survey of Brothels on the Thai-Cambodian Border (1998)

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Berichte von Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen (NGOs)

ABC Nepal: Girl Trafficking in Soindhupalchowk: A Situation Analysis Report on Mahankal and Inchowk Village Develoipment Committee (Kathmandu, Undated)

Asia Watch Report: Double Jeopardy [danger] (Januar 1991)

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Center for the Protection of Children's Rights: Preliminary Survey on Regional Child Trafficking for Prostitution in Thailand (Bangkok 1995)

Center for Women and Children's Studies: Trafficking and Prostitution (Dhaka, April 1997)

Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN): The Road to Bombay; In: Voices of Child workers (Kathmandu, Dezember 1992)

Duang Pratheep Foundation: 'Klong Toey AIDS Control Project' (Bangkok, 1998)

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Foundation for Women: Our Lives Our Stories (Bangkok, 1995)

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Human Rights Watch: The Human Rights Watch Global Report on Women's Human Rights (New York, 1995)

Human Rights Watch / Asia: Rape for Profit: Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women to India's Brothels (New York, 1996)

International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR): Trafficking in Women in Asia: A Reference Manual for Public Officials and Private Citizens (Tokyo, Undated)

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Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid: Trafficking of Women and Children in Pakistan: The Flesh Trade Report 1995-1996 (Karatschi, 1996)

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Artikel aus Zeitungen und Magazinen

Frederick, John: 'Reconstructing Gita': Himal, Band. 11, Nr.10, Oktober 1998 (S.271)

Guardian, 26. September 1997

Financial Times, 1.-2. April 2000

Zeitschriften, Konferenzen

Ali, Salma: 'Children in Prostitution / Children of Prostituted Women'; paper resented at the Regional Meeting of the Coalition Against the Traffickig of Women. Dhaka, Bangladesh, 25.-29. Januar 1999

Cox, Thomas: The Badi: Prostitution as a Social Norm Among an Untouchable Caste of West Nepal (unpublished paper, undated)

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Bücher (und Kapitel in Büchern)

Allison, Anne: Nightwork: Sexuality, Pleasure and Corporate Masculinity in a Tokyo Hostess Club (University of Chicago Press, 1994)

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