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Criminal "U.S.A.": racism index

  by Michael Palomino

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Word explication: "Nativism" is the belief at racism and the belief of heritage of racist characteristics.

"American" racist philosophers

0. Foreword - The "American" racists and their "works" (data from Wehler)
There is the clear result: School books are concealing that the big racism came from the "U.S.A." and Hitler only copied from the "U.S.A."

1. "U.S." racist Josiah Strong: A Thousand-Year Reich (data from Wehler)
Book: "Our Country" - "American" national socialist content with the prophecy of a 1,000 years Anglo Saxon Reich

2. "U.S." racist John William Burgess: The world is for the Aryan (data from Wehler)
University professor and "Political Science" - he is a follower of Aryan dominance for a "civilized" world and for an isolation of racist "U.S.A.", and he is the teacher of Theodore D. Roosevelt and of Woodrow Wilson

3. "U.S." racist John Fiske: Anglo Saxon man with "Aryan genius" (data from Wehler)
Essay: "Manifest Destiny" - Fiske is the First President of "Immigration Restriction League". The essay "Manifest Destiny" claims an Aryan genius of race of "Anglo Saxons" to which is ordered the world wide dominance because this race since the battle in Germany at Teutoburg Forest had spread over England and the whole world.

4. "U.S." racist James K. Hosmer: "Anglo Saxon Freedom" to dominate the world (data from Wehler)
Book: "A Short Story of Anglo Saxon Freedom" - with the claim that since the victory at Teutoburg Forest the "Anglo Saxon" race had only spread the "Anglo Saxon Freedom" as best system of state in the world

5. "U.S." racist George B. Adams: "Anglo Saxon" sense of mission (data from Wehler)
Propagandist for an "Anglo-Saxon Union" - he is spreading the vision of world wide dominance of the "world race" of the "Anglo Saxons" which should be formed by a union between "U.S.A." and England, and Adams is stating that for this union a big "ordeal" would be necessary

6. "U.S." racist Benjamin Kidd and his Darwinism: Anglo Saxons win the "war of peoples" - and all "minor" will be exterminated (data from Wehler)
Book: "Social Evolution" - Parts of this book are published by Theodore D. Roosevelt in newspapers
oo with the Darwinist content about a world wide dominance by election and failure so the "Anglo Saxons" would be rise more than all other people
oo and all social reforms are rejected because all matters would be arranged in a Darwinist way.