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The moon lie: The proofs

Moon lie: Moving flag without
                  atmosphere is not possible
A waving flag on the moon is not possible because there is hardly no atmosphere and
there is no wind on the moon. And in the sky there is not one single star...

by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2006)

from: SpiegelTV Special; In: VOX, 2004-01-03, 22:05-00:00

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There are human beings saying that all new truths against the "USA" would be a conspiracy theory. The present facts are not, but to say that the facts would be a conspiracy theory would be one more lie. The lie of the moon landing is covered by the other lie that the proofs are not true. So this would be doubled criminality. And it's time that the "USA" will at last admit: We have been in studios, the astronauts made some rounds around Earth, and on the moon never has been a human being until now.

The body of evidence against the moon landing according to SpiegelTV Special 2004

The NASA moon landing has never occurred, because

-- the flag is waving without atmosphere on the moon: this is impossible

-- the fire on Apollo 1 has likely  been intentionally to murder certain people

-- focused photos with manual direction are impossible because the cameras have always been fixed on the chest of the astronaut's spacesuits

-- many times the reticule in the photo lens is covered by subjects; this is a technical impossibility and a proof of heavy foto manipulation

-- critics of the Apollo program are murdered or "disappear"

-- moon landscape locations and skylines which are 4 km distant from each other shall be exactly the same

-- identical background colors in different times

-- one moon base on the moon has suddenly disappeared but has never been reported to have flown away

-- in 1964-1967 10 astronauts have been "eliminated"

-- 800 km over the Earth there is Van Allan Belt with heavy x-ray radiation

oo  at one hand one will fall heavily ill or is dying immediately when one is passing through it
oo  at the other hand there would be necessary a plumb cover of 2 m thickness to survive the passage of Van Allen Belt in good health
oo  the NASA space shuttles never had a plumb cover

-- the radiation doses from the Sun on the moon without atmosphere are much too high, and during Apollo 16 a Sun storm should have occurred, but all the members of the crew have been safe and sound to the end. This is impossible!

-- the moon on the sunny side has 250°C plus, and in the shadow -250°C, so it's practically impossible to survive these temperatures, also in a spacesuit it's not possible

-- but not one of the astronauts has ever fallen ill!

So the film says:

These moon landings are all a lie. The moon landings are the greatest "American" movie productions of the Cold War.

[Here is another chain of proofs].

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