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Lie of the moon landing:
Impossible moon landing - 40 billion Dollar costs

              Lichtverhaeltnisse: Heller Astronaut, dunkle Umgebung ;
              Mondlüge / Mondluege ; impossible light on the moon:
              bright astronaut, dark surroundings / luz impossible en la
              luna: astronauto es alumbrado, el alrededor es oscuro
Impossible lighting conditions: Bright astronaut, dark surrounding,
and there is not one single star in the sky...

by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2006)

from: Schweizer Fernsehen SF1-Text 22.7.2004
[Swiss Television TV1-text 22 July 2004]

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Tele text, table 707

[orig. German]

[Moon landing as a war instrument in the Cold War]

The "USA" were competing with the time since President John F. Kennedy had assured in 1961 that at the end of the 1960ies a man would be sent to the moon.

Table 703

Moon landing: The mass media are speculating - [NASA says: 0,0017% probability that the moon landing will be a  success]

The biggest nugget from the rumor mill had been the film "Capricorn One" from stage director Peter Hyams in 1977 already. Tis film shows a virtual mission to the Mars. But the theory from the "lie of the landing on the moon" became an important theme by the rising internet only. In the fora the contradicting facts are broadly discussed. Not only the sources are unclear [!] and this is nourishing the speculations, but also NASA herself is nourishing the speculations. NASA herself has calculated the chance for a success. The result was a chance of 0,0017% an ex-employee is cited.

Table 705

[Even on Earth a simulation of a moon landing was not successful]

With the astronauts also one special man of the Apollo program became famous: It was the rocket engineer Werner von Braun. He was responsible for the rocket "Saturn V", 110 m high, 1500 thausand PS strong, which should carry the 3 astronauts to the moon in a distance of 400,000 km. But the technicians already came up against limits on Earth when they were not successful in simulating the landing of the landing sphere "Eagle" for the landing on the moon.

[not mentioned:
In this case a landing of a sphere "Eagle" on the moon without an atmosphere is not possible at all].

Table 702

The moon landing - [the costs of the moon landing program]

-- costs of 40 bn Dollar
-- 50 of the 285 mio. Americans are not sure if there had ever been a human being on the moon or not.

This good money could have used for a better purpose instead of a moon propaganda where some astronauts were flying some rounds around Earth...

You don't believe yet that the moon landing never had happened?

Here are fotos and links as a proof that there has never been anybody on the moon.

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