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"U.S.A." - chronology of events - chronology of crimes

Since 1776: genocide is the program of these criminal "U.S.A.": extermination of natives and slavery -- since 1916: criminal Zionists capturing "U.S.A." -- since 1943: prolongation of war 1943-1945, atomic bomb of 1945 and calumnies against German since 1945 -- Genocide policy of "U.S.A." is going on since 1945: Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Basra -- Third World War since Sep.11, 2001 by criminal Zionist contaminated "U.S.A.": new mass murders, contaminations, genocides in Iraq, robbery of passengers of Boeing airplanes etc. -- "U.S.A.": the culprits - make your wars on the moon!!!

Konzentrationslager in
                                Andersonville 1865
Concentration camp in Andersonville 1865 [1]
Mondauto in einer
                                  Mondhalle mit einem Himmel ohne
Moon car in a moon hall with a sky without stars [2] - Zionist CIA manipulation
Sprengung des
                                  Südturms des WTC am 11. September
Blast of WTC South Tower at Sep.11, 2001 [3] - Zionist crime
B-52-Bomber der kriminellen
                                "USA" mit "Carpet
                                Bombing" in Vietnam  Opfer von
                                "US"-Uraniummunition  Opfer von
                                "US"-Uraniummunition 02
B52 bomber of criminal "U.S.A." performing "carpet bombing" in Vietnam [4] - victim of "U.S." uranium ammunition [5,6] -
Zionist crimes of CIA, Pentagon, NATO, NSA etc.

by Michael Palomino (2014)

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since 1776: genocide is the program of these criminal "U.S.A.": extermination of natives and slavery

In 1776 "U.S.A." were founded for exterminating the natives, because England wanted to keep the border with the natives! Then some disguised racists organized an upheaval in the port of Boston, they threw some tea boxes into the sea and instantly the "state of emergency" began.

"U.S.A." did expel all people who were loyal with England then expelling them to Canada.
"U.S.A." killed and murdered 20 million natives - genocide without end. The greed for gold was favoring the violation of any law and was favoring the occupation of territories and the expulsion and mass murder against the primary nations.
The ground on which "U.S.A." is standing is principally belonging to the natives who stay yet.

When in 1861 civil war was breaking out because of the abrogation of slavery (southern racists wanted to continue with slavery) then the southern states wanted to proclaim an own state which was blocked by extremists in the north. After 4 years of civil war the northern states won and for the surviving soldiers of the southern states a concentration camp was installed in Andersonville as it was usual for natives, with 1,000s of deaths by hunger. When slavery was abrogated slavery was simply going on because black people only got famine wages and blacks could hardly go to school. For racist whites in the "U.S.A." the custom began to calumniate the blacks and murder blacks on trees. Same rights for blacks were introduced in 1968 only.

Since 1965 the racist "U.S." commanders like Custer etc. who were "winners" in the civil war just continued with their "pugnacity" eradicating the remnant natives - without any penalty.

Since the end of the genocide in 1898 (since the end of the "Frontier") these "U.S.A." are performing a "policy" to "conquer" markets abroad for having more exports thus an economic growth should be produced at home. Thus THE WHOLE WORLD becomes a FRONTIER since 1898! These "U.S.A." don't know how peace is working! THIS is their big problem!

Since 1905 there was a giant Jewish immigration from Russia - criminal Zionists! They installed themselves at key positions in the "U.S.A.". And then the opportunity came:

since 1916: criminal Zionists capturing "U.S.A."

In 1916 the criminal Zionists with their positions in the "U.S." media manipulated these "U.S.A." into the war against Germany for helping England to a victory rejecting a peace offer of Germany. At the same time England should "give" Palestine to the Zionists later (see she speech of the former Zionist and whistleblower Benjanin Freedman).

Since 1916 the Zionists want to destroy Germany not important how. Because without Germany Europe is only worth the half and "U.S.A." can dominate whole Europe then.

Since 1933 the "U.S.A." were rearming Germany and at the same time the criminal Zionists of "U.S.A." declared war against Germany performing a world wide boykott against Germany. Hitler then fought the WRONG ones: Instead of fighting the Zionists he was discriminating the Jews and he drove the Jews into the hands of the Zionists driving them to Palestine.

since 1943: prolongation of war 1943-1945, atomic bomb of 1945 and calumnies against German since 1945

From 1943 to 1945 the Zionist dominated "U.S.A:" with Roosevelt, Morgenthau and Eisenhower was deliberately prolonging the war by 2 more years for bombing whole Germany, and they were waiting for the atomic bomb to throw it against Germany, but the atomic bomb came "too late". The generals Patton and Montgomery could have ended the world war in Europe at the end of 1943 already but Eisenhower was hindering them deliberately and made a "tour in Africa".

Since 1945 the criminal Zionists are performing the "war after the war" against Germany with mass murders (12 million 1945-1950 by deliberately provoked famines and expulsions, see the books of James Bacque "Other Losses" and "Crimes and Mercies"), with calumnies (forged films of Hitchcock showing German soldiers and German dead bodies from Rhine meadow camps presenting them as Jews, but any striped captive uniform, tatooed numbers and rests of earth are missing on the dead bodies), and the Zionists robbed all technical inventions and patents and they also robbed or lured many scientists etc. etc. And until today (2014) these "U.S.A." are rejecting a peace treaty to Germany and they are going on keeping Germany ocupied. "U.S.A." was NEVER denazified since 1945 and since 1945 they installed a net of secret lodges of CIA in Europe like a mold fungus for bribing politicians and media staff and breaking them their will (see the book "Gekaufte Journalisten" by Ulfkotte).

On "U.S.A." 0 German bombs have fallen. Criminal "U.S.A." have dropped 100,000s of bombs on Germany. Until today the "Amis" are NOT aware of this fact.

The Zionist Jewish inventors of the atomic bombs had produced the atomic bomb against Germany and they did not want that it would be applied against another country. But President Truman let apply the atomic bomb against Japan and with this a new human experiment with contamination and cancer etc. began. The co-inventor of the atomic bomb Einstein should be the first President of Zionist Israel then, but Einstein declined with thanks.

Genocide policy of "U.S.A." is going on since 1945: Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Basra

-- "U.S.A." financed the reconstruction of "Soviet Union" for having an enemy so the warmonger activities will never stop
-- there are mass killings in Korean War
-- "U.S.A." is financing Zionist Israel, is tolerating mass murder action, terror and robbery of land there
-- there are mass killings and genocide policy in Vietnam War and Laos War 1964-1975 with expulsions, manipulations, napalm bombs and Agent Orange
-- at the same time from 1964 on NATO is installing itself in Thailand as a "rest room" installing there the big sex tourism during Vietnam War also with child sex etc., NATO is a criminal pedophile organization (see the book: Sex Slaves, chapter 1), and since then the "high policy" thinks that purchase of children is protected by NATO and CIA and everybody "can do it" like Fischer, Trittin and Schröder in South Africa, also high banksters, kings and judges are in these groups etc.
-- criminal CIA is manipulating many governments in Central and South "America" provoking upheavals and overthrows against solidarity movements, e.g. in Brazil and Chile. As agents of the CIA systematically journalists are hired (see the book: "Gekaufte Journalisten" by Udo Ulfkotte)
-- "U.S.A." are performing a mass manipulation with the CIA operation of the "moon landing" in moon halls, on the moon crane and in simulators for luring the whole world "to the side of 'U.S.A.'" pretending that war crimes of the "U.S.A." would not be important
-- there are more manipulations of "U.S.A." in Kuwait, in Basra with uranium bombs in 1990, on the Balkans with uranium bombs in 1999 - and this genetical genocide will last for millions of years
-- "U.S.A." are producing Muslim refugees systematically on the Balkans being brought as asylum seekers to Europe and Saudi Arabia is financing new mosques. All this is working with the Zionist background to weaken Europe so Jerusalem will be the new center of the world some time.

Third World War since Sep.11, 2001 by criminal Zionist contaminated "U.S.A.": new mass murders, contaminations, genocides in Iraq, robbery of passengers of Boeing airplanes etc.

-- in general the "high lodges" of the criminal Zionists have the idea that the First and the Second World War were the "first act" and the "second act", and there is missing a "third act" yet (see the speech of Zionist whistleblower Benjamin Freedman of 1961)

-- on 9-11 2001 was the blast of the World Trade Center with atomic bombs 70m underground with a mass murder of about 2,700 "Americans", with extreme calumny against Islam, with the invention of culprits, with the hijacking of 4 Boeing airplanes, with the robbery of about 300 passengers which were declared dead without showing one single fresh dead body, probably the passengers landed in CIA prisons for pharma industry and for organ trade of CIA, and there was a heavy theft of gold in the basement of WTC because there were two big banks in the WTC, then there was robbery of humans in the Muslim world for filling the new prison of Guantanamo, and then started new genocide wars with uranium bombs against more Muslim states (radioactive genocide politics with uranium bombs in Faludja 2004, arming of rebels against Assad, Syria is in ruins since 2012, Muslim refugees are going on to muslimize Europe and Saudi Arabia is going on financing new mosques in Europe

-- and there are more war strategies for this Third World War since 2001 with vaccinations and vaccination damages (media propaganda, WHO and Red Cross), chemtrails, HAARP weather manipulations, genetic manipulated plants and seeds and extortions of complete states by Monsanto, pesticides damaging whole populations and animals and waters and the ground water, there are "free trade agreements" like TTIP with the criminal EU, there is fracking with the contamination of waters, tap water and ground water, there are media manipulations by CIA in the "leading media", prohibition of topics and censorship by CIA and CIA secret lodges in the "leading media", "followers" of the secret lodges are protected giving them good jobs, there is a constant propaganda fight and political persecution against logic analysts and historians who tell the truth about these criminal Zionist "U.S.A.", and these "U.S.A." are even supporting a new wall of Zionist Israel with constant theft against Palestinians without end etc. etc.

-- in 2014 these "U.S.A." hijacked 2 more Boeings, theft of 20 IT specialists (flight MH370) and of AIDS doctors and of the AIDS remedy (flight MH17), probably both Boeings have landed in Diego García: for flight MH370 the radio signals of the Rolls Royce engines ended over Diego García, and for flight MH17 Diego García was just on half of the trip between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur - and radar signals can be faked, CIA knows this since 2001, and the crash site of Mh17 in east of Ukraine was faked with a little transport air plane and some plane parts were put into the landscapes, also some luggage, dolls and old dead bodies

-- in 2014 the manipulations in Ukraine were performed provoking the takeover by Nazi parties, all this is performed with payed activists probably payed by Rockefeller and Soros, and then was the criminal trial of President Obama and criminal Zionist Mrs. Clinton together with Zionist press of Atlantic Bridge (BILD, South German News SZ, Mirror (Spiegel), World (Welt) and Time (Zeit) etc.) of provoking a Third World War against Russia (Russia had been the aim of the industrials of criminal "U.S.A." in 1941 already)

-- at the same time there is a giant poverty in Zionist contaminated "U.S.A.": 30 million homeless, 80 million on food stamps, every winter homeless people are killed by freezing in tents, 100,000 of homeless have to survive in cars, tunnels, under bridges, in tent cities (during the whole year)
-- additionally since 2012 there is a genocide program working in the "U.S.A." under "President" Obama being performed by FEMA preparing 100s of FEMA concentration camps and 100,000s of coffins in secret deposits in the "U.S.A.", and it seems that the Pentagon is inventing a new disease which is transmitted by air for provoking a mass panic and mass evacuations with millions of deaths - it seems strange thet the prepared FEMA camps have no kitchens!!! (see data of Jesse Ventura) - and it can be that the criminal "high lodges" are playing their poker for complete towns already who will inherit the depopulated towns then...
-- at the same time these Zionist contaminated "U.S.A." are bankrupt, but they are spying the whole world with CIA, Pentagon, NATO, and NSA for provoking more wars and destruction, more contamination and genocides, also with the help of google, Facebook, NSA, mobile phone spying, chanelling etc. For spying these criminal "U.S.A." have always money, for the own humans at home they don't!
-- just as a side product the secret services of CIA and it's "brethren" let sink some big towns of the world like Bangkok, Shanghai etc., there are no warnings but they just wait and historians warning from sinking Bangkok and Shanghai are hunted - but the situation is clear that Bangkok will be on or under 0m completely from 2020 on according to Thai satellite data and it's also clear that a river cannot flow up. CIA is calculating like this: the more refugees are the cheaper the women are thus there is supply for the women trafficking of CIA which is workign in Thailand since 1964 - and this will count also for Bangkok and Shanghai then. You can see with this that the CIA is only provoking disasters and nothing else...

"U.S.A.": the culprits - make your wars on the moon!!!

These Zionist criminal "U.S.A." with their criminal congregations and associations lie CIA, Pentagon, NATO, NSA and all the secret lodges with David Rockefeller and Soros meant that they would be "intelligent" with all their maneuvers and mass killing actions because CIA is called "Intelligence Agency"!

So this madness of manipulations, mass killings and wars by criminal "U.S.A." will only stop when CIA, Pentagon, NATO, and NSA and the secret lodges will be stopped!

The culprits in these "U.S.A." are the "Presidents" of "U.S.A." since 1776 to 1898 with the extermination of natives, and since 1898 above all the following "U.S." Zionist "Presidents" and "U.S." Zionist Secretaries of State are the culprits: Roosevelt (prolongation of war in Europe 1943-1945), Eisenhower (prolongation of war in Europe 1943-1945, killing of 12 million Germans 1945-1950), Truman (atomic bombs, mass killing of 12 million Germans 1945-1950), Johnson, Kissinger ("Secretary of State" during Vietnam War), Nixon, Clinton, Mrs. Albright ("Secretary of State" bombing Iraq), George W. Bush, Mrs. Rice ("Secretary of State" during Afghanistan and Iraq War), Obama, Mrs. Clinton ("Secretary of State", mass murder by drone bombs and uranium bombs), Biden ("Secretary of State" wanted to provoke war against Russia, uranium bombs in Muslim countries), and also the billionaires David Rockefeller and Soros (manipulation of complete populations by spying in collaboration with criminal CIA e.g. in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Russia, Bulgaria) etc.

The Zionists of "U.S.A." should play their wars on a children play ground or on the moon respectively in a big moon hall leaving the Earth quiet!

"U.S.A." don't know how peace works! THIS is their problem!

Therefore a split of "U.S.A." seems the only possibility to stop the world wide destruction of the world by these destructive "U.S.A."!

Dissolve "U.S.A.", dissolve CIA, dissolve Pentagon, dissolve NATO, dissolve NSA. NOBODY wants these criminal organizations on the world but the criminal Zionists. This war monster of "U.S.A." has to vanish. This warmonger of "U.S.A." has to disappear. NOBODY wants this any more

NATO comes NOT from Jesus, but from the criminal Zionists! And the criminal Zionists come NOT from Moses. But NATO and Zionists are both only war garbage!

Fuck You to the MOON!!!!!!

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Photo sources
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