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The longest crusade

The eternal spiritual fight between terror church (Rome) and the secret associations (Provence, England and "USA") -

communism was financed by the "USA" -

and the Swiss bank secret is playing with until today

The pyramid of the illuminates with the date 1776
                at the bottom of the pyramid, with the eye of the
                highest lodge which is controlling the others, and with
                the dedications.
Secret knowledge about "civilizations" - Maria Magdalena - Templar order - Jerusalem - Templar's treasury and Pyrenees - "La Merica" and financed world wars as a device to gain world power for the white racist "US" banker's world
by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2007)

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from: Armin Risi: The Multi Dimensional Cosmos (orig.: Der multimediale Kosmos), Vol. 3: Change of Power on Earth (orig.: Machtwechsel auf der Erde). Edition Govinda, Neuhausen / Altenburg 1999

The first secret knowledge is occurring after the Flood (the mega catastrophe): about the civilizations before the Flood. From 37 on / after the crucifixion of "Jesus" the wife of "Jesus" takes refuge in the fugitive center of that time in the Roman Empire with the children from "Jesus": in South of France in Provence. After the installation of the monopoly of the Roman "Christian" church (emperor Constantin) the knowledge about John "Baptist", about the family of "Jesus" and Maria Magdalena has to be kept secret. So, secret communities and secret order associations are growing there which are headed against the terror church of Rome. At the same time the secret associations' aim is also world dominance.

The orders are also playing with the church. In a simulated coalition with the church they organize the so called "crusades". In Jerusalem Jewish temple treasuries are detected by secret excavations which had been buried during the downfall of the Judea state in 70 AD. The Templar's treasury is hidden in the Pyrenees. After the downfall of the crusade's states the Rome church begins with the unrelenting destruction of the orders. But the Templar's treasury in the Pyrenees keeps untouched.

Inquisition is following now with an even stronger persecution of other believers to the extinction. Only when protestantism is coming up the secret associations of Magdalena and John of the Provence can risk public work again. Then they found the lodges and spread the dominance principles of Machiavelli with an absolute recklessness in the name of "necessity". The lodges are spreading then all over the world. After the campaigns under Cromwell in England there is developing a world war between the lodges and the terror church of Rome with wars over all Europe.

The Protestants and the reform Jewish lodges found the "USA". They finance world wars and they finance Communism to destroy their enemies. Until today they try to prevail a "New World Order" with a regime of death by hunger: One dead by hunger every second, all 5 second it's a child. But also terror Vatican in Rome keeps on his dogmas. The middle course is never looked for. The main problems, hunger and birth control, are not solved, and the "American" Protestants are making wars after wars legally until now. The crusade of the secret associations has not stopped yet...

Michael Palomino, June 2005

Time line

"Crusades" - excavation at the temple hill - relocation of the temple's objects to the Pyrenees

[Remark: Destruction of churches in Palestine
In the Provence lives the line of Maria Magdalena, the group of the "Prieuré de Sion", a Templar group. When the regime of the sultan of Egypt destroys many "Christian" churches in Palestine it seems a new Templar's group is found under direction of the "Prieuré de Sion". This group means the time had come to re-erect a "temple" in Jerusalem. At the end it's only a relatively little building].

from 1050 on approx.
Formation of the [Jewish?] association of the "Prieuré de Sion" [abbots of Zion]
The Prieuré de Sion are the descendants of the Merowingians - at least partly Jewish - descending from Maria Magdalena. Their aim is to organize new order communities against the terror Vatican (p.175).

Under the Prieuré are Gottfried and Balduin of Bouillon, and also earl Hugues of Champagne (p.175).

They have to hide themselves by a legal facade because of the prosecution of the church. The secret order is concealed (S.174).

Formation of the "Templars" - solidarity with the Cathars - crusade project
Between the Templars and the Cathars are connections. Both groups feel a solidarity despite of their differences because the Catholic church with the Vatican is their common enemy. By this it will be even possible that a Cathar will be leader of the Templars etc. (p.174).

Corresponding to Risi the Templars are noble knights ("knight monks"), but they are illiterates at the same time (p.175).

The aim of the Templars is to bring the terror Vatican to a downfall and to take over world dominance (S.198).

from 1070 on
Earl Hugues of Champagne is running a Talmud school at his court
under the leadership of the famous rabbi Rashi (1040-1105). About "Jesus" they teach probably what is written in Talmud [Jesus is said to be a magician of Egypt] (p.176).

The "insiders" of the Templars order are organizing the first "crusade"

-- spiritual father of the crusades is the hermit Peter of Amiens, a teacher of Gottfried of Bouillon and Balduin of Bouillon (p.176)

-- the recapture of Jerusalem by the order of the Provence is also a Jewish recapture of the descendants of Maria Magdalena, the wife of "Jesus" (p.233)

-- the leaders of the crusade are men from South of France and descendants of the Merowingians (p.235)

[-- it seems the terror Vatican gives way to the crusades instead to negotiate]

[-- the Jewish nobles of the Provence are so called free-riders hiding their aims].

Juli 1099
The "crusaders" besieging Jerusalem for 5 weeks

-- under the leadership  of noble knight Gottfried of Bouillon (Godefroi de Bouillon)

-- with mainly French troupes (p.168)

-- with Hugo of Payens, the nephew of an influential earl and backer of the whole crusade

-- with Hugo of Payens is staying a friend who is 40 years older than him, it's the mentor John of Vézelay (John of Jerusalem), an initiated Benedictian from Burgundy, 60 years old (p.168), Burgundy noble knight (1042-1119), staying in Jerusalem until his death (p.241).

August / September 1099
Declaration of a "Christian" kingdom of Jerusalem

[after an absolute "Christian" massacre in the town].

The official formation of the "Prieuré de Sion" against the terror Vatican in Jerusalem

-- the "initiated" are forming officially the group of "Prieuré de Sion" with their domicile in the abbey of the "Notre Dame du Mont de Sion" [of the Mount of Zion] on the Zion mountain southwest of Jerusalem

-- the "initiated" are handling the events in the "Holy Land", mainly the Templar grandmasters and the Jerusalem kings (p.176).

The aims are:
-- to give a fundamental shake to the world dominator Rome (terror Vatican)
-- to unmask the misbelief about "Jesus" [virginity of Maria, life without sex etc.]
-- and when time will come the downfall of the Vatican will be initiated (p.177).

The trumps of the order against the Vatican are the secret knowledge about Maria Magdalena and John "Baptist", later the treasure of the Pyrenees, the connections, and the "truth" of the knowledge. And for this knowledge they are ready to die [and partly will die, at the other hand the Pope himself never is fighting himself...].

[The constellation: Templars against terror Vatican - the sultans - the crusader's states
In Palestine is growing an internal war between the "Christian" groups and the order groups [with Jewish descent]. It seems both parts want to have profit from each other. Both parts want to be free-rider with the other part. Politically and militarily it's an absolute incredulous game.

Main profiteer are the Italian sailor states as Genoa, Venice etc., getting their profits for their services from three sides: From terror Vatican, from the orders, and from the Arabic side, too. With this money they are building the beautiful Italian towns of stone].

from 1099 on
Exploration of further secret knowledge about "Jesus" in Jerusalem

John of Vézelay ("John of Jerusalem")
-- the 60 years old John of Vézelay is staying in Jerusalem and is known as "John of Jerusalem"

-- Vézelay is a mystical writer and writes secret prophecies which are - for a long time - accessible only for "inaugurated" people.

These prophecies have a long term influence on the strategy of the Templars and later on the strategy of the lodges (p.168). The prophecies describe above all that a big change of the situation of the world will come only after a next "turn of the millennium":

"When the millennium comes which comes after the millennium..." (p.236)

Hugo of Payens
-- he returns to France, but at the same time he is fascinated by the secret knowledge of the Jews and the Muslims

-- he is shocked by the "forbidden truths":

oo  "Jesus" had survived the cross

oo  the catholic church has it's base on a big fraud and proves to be a plump and fraudulent organization of power (p.168).

Secret knowledge about "La Merica"
The Templar knights hear from a fabulous rich land at the other side of the Western Sea (p.192), from the "land under the star Merica". The Templars name the land in French with a feminine article "La Merica" [as most of the countries in French are feminine, in real: land of Venus] (p.193).

The same about "La Merica" can be found in the antique texts, too:

-- Platon writes in "Timaios" about a continent at the other side of the Atlantic, not only of an island, the same in the Atlantis report

-- and also the Egypt priests know about the continent which later is called "America" (p.192).

about 1100
Jerusalem: New knowledge about "Jesus" and John
-- the resurrection should have been a transformation (p.167)

-- the Templars are influenced in Palestine also by fans of John, so the Templars later declare the resurrection of "Jesus" as untrue and cancel it out of their world picture (p.174).

Jerusalem: Death of Gottfried of Bouillon

Jerusalem under king Balduin I.
Balduin I. keeps secret contacts to France, above all to people who elected him (p.168).

1102 approx.
Foundation of the "order" of the Cistercians
(p.169); the Cistercian order an "order of scholars" (p.235). The Cistercians are all-round educated "scholar monks", to the contrary to the Templars who are - corresponding to Risi - illiterates and "knight monks" (p.175).

Now there are two orders working against the terror Vatican which are complementing one another. The organization behind the two foundations are the "Prieuré of Sion" [the clerks of Zion] (according to the mountain of "Zion") who are absolutely secret until 1956 (p.175).

Earl Hugues of Champagne is subordinated to the Templars and Cistercians at the same time (p.176).

Long stay of Hugo of Payens in Jerusalem
-- together with his rich uncle Hugues of Champagne
-- Hugues of Champagne is informed about the Jewish secret knowledge (p.169).

Hugo of Payens and Hugues of Champagne return with new secret knowledge to France - the world map of Piri-Reis - geometry

They bring along ancient Hebrew texts, secret texts and secret maps, e.g. the map of Piri-Reis. The texts and maps are discussed within the now 7 years old Cistercian order with abbot Étienne Harding and with rabbis (p.169).

The Piri-Reis map shows the Northern and the Southern "American" coast and the ice free Antarctic (p.169). The perspective is the one of a sight of more than 100 km over the Gize pyramid [at Nile at the other side of Cairo] (p.563).

Karte Piri Reis

The map is analyzed in several works, at:
-- Däniken: Botschaften und Zeichen aus dem Universum [Messages and signs from Universe], S.22-29
-- Hancock: Die Spur der Götter [The trace of the Gods], S.1443
-- Hausdorf / Krassa: Satelliten der Götter [Satellites of the Gods]

[There is the still conclusion that before the mega catastrophe before approx. 12.000 years there must have lived a high civilization on Earth at a time when Antarctic had been ice free yet].

Probably the Templars in Jerusalem also learn the "wholly geometry" and geomanty [fortune telling by forms in the sand] from the Arab culture (p.172).

[The geometry is the condition for the suddenly beginning construction of "Gothic" building of churches].

from 1109 on approx.
General thesis: The Templars go to "La Merica" and become rich by it

-- because the Templars become immeasurably rich in fact

-- the Templars are the best bankers with gold depots, giving out value papers and giving credits

-- at this time of the Templars also the circulation of silver money is massively rising, but in Europe the silver mines are widely exhausted

-- so the silver mines in the territory of the today's Mexico are the only explanation (p.194).

Further evidences for a Templar's voyage to "La Merica"
-- the Templars build huge harbor facilities also on the Atlantic coast without any connection to the crusades
-- such Templar harbor facilities are built in Portugal, in Normandy in France, but above all in La Rochelle (p.194)
-- in these times from La Rochelle 6 main roads are heading to all directions of Middle Europe (p.195).

In: Bauer, Martin: Die Tempelritter - Mythos und Wahrheit [The Templar knights - myth and truth]; Heyne, Munich 1998.

Die Position von La
                  Rochelle, map, carte, mapa, terkep, térkép
Position of La Rochelle

Further evidence for a presence of the Templars in "La Merica"

-- in the today's Westford (Massachusetts) exists a picture of a Templar's knight in a rocket, with a shield showing a ship on the sea heading to a five pointed star (p.195).

Templerzeichnung in
[It's not a drawing but there are wholes in a rocket to be linked to a drawing. So details of the drawing can be different].
Sinclair's Landmarks in History: http://www.kingcrest.com/sinclair/landmarks.html-ssi (June 2005)

-- in the Templar's church in Rosslyn  (built 1440-1490) there are plants hammered into stones, also corncobs and  Aloe cactuses which are typical plants from "America". The integration of these plants is absolutely well made that a later supplement seems very unlikely (p.195).

Risi means that at this time the Templars kept the secret about "La Merica" for themselves in a wise prevision (p.195).

[Other possible correlation:
It's more probable that the terror Vatican knew about the Templar voyages to "La Merica" and wanted to take part of the coming silver from today's Mexico to be "part" of the richness. It seems the Vatican is tolerating the Templars to the end because of "La Merica".

Later from 1491 on, the Vatican parts the world between Portugal and Spain where the Templars had helped in the wars to free the Iberian peninsula against the Muslims. The concession to the Templars according to the Algeciras line in 1493 between Portugal and Spain could be the reward to the Templars for the victories against the Muslims in Spain.

From 1491 on, the media in Europe tell about "new detections". With this words the media can increase their editions with sensational reports whereas the Templars seem to have known the territories a long time before. The invention of printing forwards the media propaganda in the population, and the secret knowledge can be suppressed successfully].

Time line (continued)

Bernhard is member of the Cistercian order
The order has no power yet and has to fight for his survival. Bernhard is the nephew of the best friend of Earl Hugues: André of Monbart (p.176).

Hugo of Payens and Hugues of Champagne are going to Jerusalem for only some months

Until now there is no reason indicated for this short stay. But the reason must have been important because the voyage costs much. They keep their secret knowledge because otherwise they would be at once banned by the church and executed on the funeral pile. By this secret knowledge a certain heresy ("hostility to the church") is growing up.

At the same time the Vatican goes on telling the belief that one would fall into the hell when one would go too far on the sea...

The "heresies"
-- the knowledge about the reincarnation cycles
-- the knowledge about the impossibility of the resurrection as a normal man (p.169)
-- the knowledge about the maps and the earth as a globe (p.170).

Because the terror Vatican prohibits all alternative knowledge by death penalty the secret associations are coming up (p.170).

The estate of "Clairvaux"
Hugo of Payens returns from Jerusalem and gives the estate of Clairvaux to the Cistercian order for free [in the South of Troyes at the river Aube]. Bernhard can name himself now "Bernhard from Clairvaux". From now on the Cistercian order has got some power (p.176).

John of Jerusalem writes his "book of prophecies"
-- there are 7 specimen
-- to make copies is prohibited until today
-- the prophecies are accessible only to the "inaugurated people" (p.241).

John of Jerusalem prophecies the "time of turn":

"When the millennium comes that comes after the millenniums..." (p.241)

and further on:
-- the lodges and the secret communities are representing " a dark and secret order"

-- about the turn of millennium the secret communities will declare the hatred as a law and they will use the mental poison as a weapon

-- about the turn of the millennium there will come earthquakes and earth fires (p.242), the earth will burn, the air will not protect the humans any more from the fire, and the skin and the eyes will be destroyed by the sun (p.243).

from 1118 on
Hugo of Payens makes his fourth voyage to Jerusalem - with almost 40 years
He is together with 6 famous knights, with the brother of the new king of Jerusalem (king Balduin) beneath, and also with the uncle of the young abbot Bernhard of Clairvaux, André de Montbard (p.170).

The Templars assume the anti Christian respectively the anti Vatican ideology
or they are founded with this anti Jesus ideology (p.167). Later Hugo of Payens is grandmaster of it (p.168).

The secret lifestyle of the Templars - the excavation at the temple hill - the treasure
The Templars have to follow a suppression tactic for not to be murdered by the terror Vatican. They say they would protect pilgrims. But in fact a group of only 7 knights and two monks cannot fight against the native bands. There is no sign or evidence for a protection of pilgrims. The Templars also do not help in wars against Muslims. They have privileges and have their location in a self built "palace on the temple hill" (p.170).

[And these privileges - without doing anything for it officially - can really only be explained by secret knowledge of "La Merica"].

The Templars name themselves "The poor knights of Christ of the Salomonic Temple of Jerusalem", bref "Templar knights" / "Templars" (p.170). From 1118 on their main occupation is the secret excavation, above all in the Jerusalem temple hill (p.235) where is said that there were digged secret objects in about 70 after Christ shortly before the Roman occupation (p.170).

[Insofar the cooperation with rabbis gets logic. It stays illogical why not Jews themselves made excavations themselves there. It seems it was prohibited by Vatican or by Islam...]

According to Risi the excavations give free the following objects:
-- scriptures
-- maps
-- other objects (p.173).

In Jerusalem all rumors about "Jesus" and Magdalena are told again (p.173-174).

Eventually the Templar grandmasters and the Prieuré grandmasters are the same person
because the documents of that time are more than only similar (p.177).

1127 / 1128
A delegation of the Templars goes back to France
under the leadership of Hugo of Payens and André of Montbard, the uncle of the young abbot Bernard of Clairvaux (p.170).

The objects found in the temple hill in Jerusalem are so substantial that a great Templar movement can be created (p.235). Bernard of Clairvaux leads the next steps for an official founding of the Templar order (p.170), in connection with John of Jerusalem (p.241).

[It seems that the terror Vatican has nothing to counter against this official foundation].

Official foundation of the Templar order at the synod of Troyes

-- officially the order is catholic
-- in the papal order law there is nothing indicated anymore of a protection of pilgrims in Palestine
-- the Templars get many special rights (p.171).

The Templars can make a first great propaganda, followed by a huge increase of memberships and by many donations, in cash or in form of territories (p.171).

from 1129 on
New Templar settlements in Southern France
The Templar centers are Southern France and the Pyrenees where are settling Goths and Cathars already. In the valley of river Aude and around the mount Bézu [Eastern Pyrenees near Carcassonne] 6 Templar settlements are erected, among others Rhedae, the today's Rennes-le-Château (p.235).

Connections between Southern France and Scotland
The wife of Hugo of Payens is the Scottish noble Catherine of St-Clair. By this connection Hugo of Payens has admittance to England, too, with visits at king Henry I. There follows more by this:

-- the foundation of first Templar settlements in Scotland

-- and within the Templar order Scotland is often mentioned with the wording "Scottish order" and "Scottish rite" (p.171).

The Templar order gets more and more rich - places of business in Scotland
-- with ownership of estates in France, England, Scotland, Flanders, Spain, Portugal
-- the Templar order develops to the most powerful and to the richest organization in Europe [probably in connection with the silver mines in Mexico already mentioned]
-- the Templars are cooperating with the Cistercian order with the erection of many new convents and commanders (p.171).

In Scotland Hugo of Payens founds the Western Templar outpost. Templar buildings are erected in Scotland until 15th century (p.186).

New "Gothic" church madness with "black madonnas" - locations of power - astronomic correlations
Suddenly after a quantum jump in architecture in France more than 80 new "Gothic" cathedrals and churches are built between 1130 and 1260 without any development from Romanesque architecture, among others

-- Notre Dame [Our Lady] in Paris
-- the cathedrals at Strasbourg, Amiens, Rouen, Reims and Chartres
-- then also in other countries but France, e.g. Westminster Abbey in London from 1245 on, the dome at Cologne from 1248 on, the dome at Milan in 1387 (p.172).

Without the knowledge of geometry of the Arab world with it's art of cupola construction the erection of cathedrals would never have been possible. It can be assumed that the cathedral constructioning should be understood as a demonstration of power against the terror Vatican. The "St. Peter's Basilica" is built in the 16th and 17th century only].

Many of these "Gothic" cathedrals are named "Notre Dame" / "Our Lady", in the inner with "black madonnas". The cathedrals are built on locations where had been heathenish sanctuaries in former times (p.172). These are "locations of power" which represent altogether an astronomic constellation over many kilometers, above all corresponding to the zodiac sign "Virgo" (lat. "virgin") (p.173).

Nobody wants to say what the "black madonna" stands for. There is the presumption that it should not represent "Mother Maria" with a "Jesus child", but it represents the wife of "Jesus" (Maria Magdalena) with a child of "Jesus" (p.172).

Other maintain that it would represent "Mother Isis" with the Horus child (p.172).

The cathedral architects: The "Goths" - the secret financing - parallels to the pyramid of Gizeh

According to Risi the architects of the cathedrals are unknown altogether to protect the "professional ethics" (p.172).

[It seems to be more likely that the architects wanted to protect themselves from persecution of the Vatican. They had to hide that the "Gothic" cathedrals were part of Arab geometry, of the enemy's geometry. It cannot be assured if the Vatican knew that the geometry had it's origin in Arab culture].

What is sure according to Risi, is that the architects of this time all came from the guild of the "Goths". The cathedrals are not only a quantum jump in the European architecture but also "Lord's houses" in an absolute extensive style, built at enormous high costs. At the same time the European royal houses and dioceses are practically bankrupt because of the costs of the "crusades". So the financing is a mystery [respectively the silver mines of Mexico could play the big role here] (p.173).

At the same time the Gothic geometry of the cathedrals shows striking parallels to the data of the pyramid of Gizeh (p.173).

Great Templar voyage to Jerusalem
In the meantime the Templars are 100 people and are rated quasi as a public "inscribed society" with a law approved by the pope (p.171).

Culmination of the Templar order under the leadership of the grandmaster Bertrand de Blanchefort

Blanchefort comes from a Catharist dynasty (p.171) whereas Templars and Catharists have very different kind of thinking to the outside (p.172). Blanchefort "consolidates" the "treasure of Pyrenees", the secret of the Catharists and the Templars of the temple mountain (p.172).

[The Jewish temple treasure is part of it, which Titus took to Rome in 70 after Christ, and which fell into Gothic hands after the Gothic occupation of Rome in the 5th century, and came to the Pyrenees so].

Bertrand de
Bertrand de Blanchefort

Pyrenees: Digging of a underground temple for the temple treasure
Under the leadership of the Templar and Catharist leader Bertrand de Blanchefor German speaking miners are extending old Roman mines for one year. They are lead to and fro with blindfold eyes (p.235).

The resistance against the censorship of the terror Vatican strengthens more and more against Vatican's statements that "Jesus" had no sex, Magdalena would not exist, or Vatican execrates the Jews  (p.236).

In the Pyrenees Bertrand de Blanchefort makes quasi a new underground temple built to preserve there the central cult objects of Judaism there (p.239).

Formation of new secret societies around the temple treasure
According to Risi a mafia is forming itself around this temple treasure in the Pyrenees, secret services etc. "European Christ democratic parties" are entrapped, too, also "the European Union movement, royalist cliques in form of neo knight orders and free mason sects, also the CIA, the Maltese knights and the Vatican" (p.240).

In: Lincoln / Baigent / Leigh: Das Vermächtnis des Messias. 1987, S.409-410, orig. engl. The Messianic Legacy 1986.

End of the 12th century
First  big rebounds for the Templars in Palestine

The Templars loose Jerusalem to Sultan Saladin
according to Risi due to a military fault of a Templar leader (p.177).

[The cause of this defeat cannot only to be found in the "arrogance of the leader" of the Templars. But  there are also other elements which made the Muslims aggressive: Counterfeiting, slavery and cooperation with the Huns against the Muslims existed altogether... See the time line about Islamic World and about the crusades on the church-index].

Return of the Prieuré de Zion to France
The project of a temple in Jerusalem has failed (p.177).

Splitting of the order after the defeat of Jerusalem
-- the Templar order looses all signification first, only keeping some castles
-- the big part of the knights are dead (p.178)
-- the Prieuré de Zion are lead by an own great master, named "Nautoniers", also with women as a part of it (p.181).

1209-1229 / after the defeat of Jerusalem
The terror Vatican makes the wars against the Albigensians
(p.177); the terror Vatican begins with the destruction of the groups of a different faith. The temple treasure can be kept untouched (p.236).

The provocation to begin with the persecution is the festivity of Maria Magdalena on 22nd July 1209. In Béziers [South of France] the army of the terror Vatican commits a massacre of 20.000 women, men and children, were were only about 200 practicing "heretics" as a part of them. The population protects the "heretics" with a deep hatred against the Rome censorship, and the terror Vatican reacts with "his kind": with mass murder (p.177).

[The population of Europe - kept in censorship - cannot understand why the terror Vatican is wasting his money against "heretics", when at the same time the crusader's states in Palestine become smaller and smaller. So, the Vatican gambles away his credit in wide parts of the population...].

1229 / after the wars against Albigensians
The moral of the Templars comes to an end
The few donations which are coming in yet are set in for the fight against other orders. The surviving Templars stay rich and arrogant alcoholic to the end (p.178).

A book about the alcoholic Templar life is from Walter Scott: Novel "Ivanhoe" (p.178).

[There is an important question open yet: Who takes over the Gothic Templar cathedrals? Was it the tactic of the terror Vatican that the knight order builds beautiful churches and that the Vatican kills the order at the end? The question remains open].

The Templars have to give up the last bastion Accon - flight to Cyprus

[Also this defeat does not happen without reason: The skirmishes of the "Christs" against Muslim caravans and hostage-taking etc. had become unbearable for the sultans].

The consequences for the Templars after this defeat are existential:
-- the Templars loose all reputation in Europe
-- the Templars flee for Cyprus (p.178).

[A calculation of the failed investments and the loss of value in percentage is never made. In any case the mutual "free-riding" of the Templars and of the terror Vatican made no territorial result for both...].

Cyprus: New Templar grandmaster is Jacques de Molay

Cyprus: Templar raids almost to self-destruction
The rest of the Templars is committing raids in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Templar order is almost destructed totally by this (p.178).

Other orders take back their seats to further islands in the Mediterranean, e.g. Corfu. Then the German order begins to "evangelize" Eastern Europe with all power with blood and thunder.  This violent "mission" should come to an end in 1919 only in the treaty of Versailles respectively in 1945 after the Second World War...]

Scotland: The leader of the Scottish independence war Robert Bruce is excommunicated by the Pope
and Bruce waits for help against London. There could help the Templars... (p.185)

Change of the Templar order to France - the preparation of the destruction of the Templars and the submersion in new associations, above all Free Masons

At this time the Templars possess over 1000 settlements in France, in Paris some own Templar districts (p.178). Kind "Philipp the Beautiful" is afraid of this power and begins a process. At the same time the Prieuré functionaries abolish secret documents and cultural objects, make possible double members keep shelter, but do nothing more in favor of the Templars (p.179).

1307-10-13 / Friday the 13th
France: Large-scale raid in over 1000 Templar centers
This is the event with the formulation "Friday the 13th" which becomes a fatal day. Numerous templars are  taken into imprisonments (p.179).

same day:
Provence: Flight of the Templar's fleet without coming back
The fleet of the Templars in La Rochelle starts and disappears the same day of the raid without coming back and stays officially disappeared (p.179). According to Risi it can be supposed that the fleet has headed to "La Merica" (p.194).

from 1307-10-13 on
Pope Clemens takes part against the Templars at the end
Pope Clemens criticized the raid first, but after the first questioning (under torture etc.) he says yes to the imprisonment of all order members and he supports the destruction of the order (p.179).

Foundation of new secret associations after the destruction of the Templar order

Factors are:

-- some Templars in France are succeeding in hiding
-- the raid takes place in France only
-- Scotland ignores the raid order of the terror Vatican

-- England only executes a few imprisonments and most of the accused Templars are found not guilty, the same in Italy, in Middle Europe and in Spain

-- in Spain the Templars are an important help in the religious war against the Muslims (p.179)

-- Portugal dissolves the Templar orders pro forma and all possession is given to the new founded "Christs order" consisting mainly of old Templars... (p.179-180).

November 1307
The terror Pope publics his papal bull against the Templars

Many Templars flee to Scotland
After the process the Templars are blemished as "enemies of Christ". The survivors have to hide themselves or have to change their identity. The Templars retreat to Scotland where they are welcome to help in the war of independence under Robert Bruce against London (p.185).

[The "next round" in the fight between knight order and terror Vatican

->> the knowledge of the Templar order is kept alive
->> the demonstration of power of the terror Vatican has absolutely no sense
->> the power struggle between terror Vatican and the alternative knowledge about "Jesus" and Maris Magdalena goes into a next round, with Atlantic voyages and in a parallel with terror and mass murder by the inquisition
->> nobody is looking for a middle course of peace.

Here could be sought the beginning of the fighting mentality of an Anglo-Saxon identity against the Roman Italian respectively against the South European identity. By chance Scotland becomes the alternative center].

Scottish victory against an English army in the battle of Bannockburn
-- the Scottish win with help of a knight army which is coming at the last moment and can turn the battle into a Scottish victory
-- and it's a John's Day... (p.186).

Scotland: Construction of the Templar stone's chapel of Rosslyn
This is the first Templar's chapel (p.186) [south of Edinburgh].

The Templar's chapel of
Logo of the Templars of
The Templar's chapel of Rosslyn
Logo of the Templars of Rosslyn
http://www.templaricavalieri.it/cappella_rosslyn.htm http://www.tartan-day.org.uk/links.htm

1470 approx.
Columbus has direct connections to the "Christ order" - secret world maps

Columbus is married with the daughter of the grandmaster of the "Christ order". From him Columbus gets some sea charts (p.180).

Grandmaster of Prieuré de Sion: Sandro Botticelli

Official Columbus expedition to "La Merica" - the Templar's cross on the sails
The three sailing ships of the Columbus expedition in the name of the Spanish crown have sails with the red cross of the Templar order resp. of the "Christ order" (p.180).

Columbus ship with templar's
                  cross on the sails, example of a children's book
Columbus ship with Templar's cross on the sails, example of a children's book
http://www.bennyblu.de/shop/csc_article_details.php?nPos=&saArticle[ID]=57&VID= h28OYXqqeEhXcq3N&saSearch[word]=&saSearch[category]=Kindersachb%FCcher&saSearch[special]=&hopp=75 (2007)

Cartographic name "America"
The cosmographs Ringmann and Waldseemüller name the continent in their "Cosmographiae Introductio" "America". This is a deduction of Amerigo Vespucci as a female form. And at the same time it's a parallelism to the other continents which are named after goddesses Europa and Asia. It's not clear if the two cosmographs knew about the term "La Merica" (p.193).

Grandmaster of the Prieuré de Sion: Leonardo da Vinci
The pictures of Leonardo da Vinci are contradicting extremely the Vatican's orthodoxy, e.g.

The heretical "Last Supper" of the Prieuré grandfather Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci, self
The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci,
Leonardo da Vinci, self portrait
vergrössernThe Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, print

Analysis of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

-- Vinci paints himself as an apostle into the picture (second from right) as an "apostle self portrait" (p.181)

-- there is an "M" in the middle represented by the positions of the different postures of arms and bodies: The insiders know that the "M" stands for "Magdalena", the wife of "Jesus" (p.182-183)

-- the wine cup is missing and by this also the death on the cross is missing in connection with it's "blood" which "Jesus" allegedly has given on the cross for mankind (p.183)

-- Leonardo da Vinci believes that "Jesus" had a twin brother and paints on the Last Supper two Jesusses, the second Jesus is painted in profile (second person from the left) (p.183-184)

-- "Jesus" is admonished with a claiming forefinger: In the picture of Leonardo da Vinci the tip is the sign for John the Baptist (p.183)

The basic statements of the "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci are:

-- "Jesus" had a wife: In the picture the "M" stands for Magdalena
-- "Jesus" had brothers and sisters: In the picture there is a twin brother
-- John the "Baptist" is a rival: in the picture represented with a tip
-- the wine as "blood" is not necessary: There is missing even the cup
-- the cross is not necessary either

-- and the last point of the "heresy" the person which represents Leonardo da Vinci is turning the back to "Jesus" (p.181,184).

since 1513
Machiavellism as the base for the world domination by money

Niccolo Machiavelli is an "illuminate", politician, diplomat at Florence and has own relations to the Medici and writes at 1513 a secret booklet for the Medici prince Lorenzo de Medici "Il principe" ("The prince") with a new "state's theory" [resp. theory of power] (p.210). With this booklet Machiavelli is the first who is presenting policy and tactics in a "scientific" way (p.212).

Machiavelli Profil

The secret booklet is spread widely in the noble elite. It's an instruction

-- for power politics without limits
-- for power politics without moral conditions (p.210)
-- Machiavelli shows it would be necessary to maintain power and victory would be necessary, this would be essential
-- Machiavelli shows many bad examples who politicians and mighties lost their power because they committed certain "mistakes" which were avoidable (p.211).

[But with this Machiavelli's booklet is a "scientific" instruction for mass murder: Go over bodies and then you will stay in power...].

The principles of Machiavelli: Power and "humanism"

-- one should choose carefully the alliance partners

-- occupied territories should be administrated and "integrated": One should harm to occupied territories in a way that they cannot protest against an occupation any more

-- governments should be undercut to have an alliance partner at the occupation

-- the public opinion should be manipulated by lies and intrigues

-- Machiavelli also gives instructions who governments can spread anxiety without be hated for it, resp. the government represents himself as a "saver" (p.211).

Machiavelli means:

-- honest dominance cannot exist, honest humans do not exist (p.211)
-- for to persist "the prince" has not to orientate himself to the positive but to the "necessary" (p.211-212)
-- there should dominate tyranny without force, with sovereignty and long perspective
-- when it's necessary violence should be used
-- Machiavelli says all this is a "necessity" which serves to maintenance of power: The criterion is power and only the power (p.212).

By this Machiavelli becomes the guideline of "humanism" which is not at all humanist (p.212).

The resistance against Machiavelli's principles name Machiavelli a devil. In En gland Machiavelli is named an "Old Nick", so more or less a devil's figure (p.210).

since 1525 approx.
Since reformation the repression of Vatican is degrading a little bit
and the Templars can come up from their hiding place (p.186).

since November 1925 approx.
The new secret communities: Mason's lodges

The name "Mason" or "Free Mason" stays for the masons who constructed the walls of the Gothic cathedrals. There the masons had their "lodges" (p.187).

The aim of the secret communities becomes
-- to create a refined human being
-- to create a refined world.

The name "Free Masons" becomes common (p.187). The secret lodges are growing (p.189).

Death of Machiavelli

Publication of Machiavelli's booklet "Il principe" ("The prince")
about the bestial power policy of "necessity" (p.210).

The first money domination of the lodge brothers and banker's families - open war between Catholics and Protestants

-- with the lodges begins the direct domination of the money

-- there are forming new family clans by the lodge system and by the industry at the same time which are partly existing until today

-- banker's families are operating legally and illegally

-- the banker's families are the only ones who can install a competition in corruption against religion and nobles, and by this the banker's families can resolve the European standstill of development which was provoked by religion and nobles in Europe.

1540-1560 approx.
Prophecy of Nostradamus
by Nostradamus (real name is: Michel de Notre Dame 1503-1566). The main prophecy is a change at the turn of the millennium [of the "Christian" calendar] (p.236).

Nostradamus (Michel de
                  Notredame), portrait
Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame), portrait
http://www.elalmanaque.com/santoral/profecia_nostradamus.htm (2007)

Scotland: King James gives permission to the Free Mason's structures and to a lodge net

Scotland's king James inaugurates the "Loge of Scoon and Perth"

King James becomes king of England
-- king James translates the Bible
-- the Bible translation is headed against the Pope and is very popular until today as "King James' Bible" (p.189)

since 1620
Move-out of the "Pilgrim fathers" and more emigration to "America"
-- all expatriates are Free Masons or persons with good connections to Free Masons
-- the "occupation" and the "foundation of a new state is determined by the Free Masons in most of the part" (p.195).

[Natives' rights do not exist...].

Foundation of Harvard University
in Cambridge, Massachusetts]. Later this university becomes an "elite university" (S.271).

In England civil war is coming up because of King Charles I. and his recidivism to divine right
The Parliament does not allow the return to divine right, but the Cromwell dictatorship takes over the power (p.189).

since 1643
The Cromwell psychosis
Cromwell is a favorite of the imperialist Free Mason Sir Thomas Fairfax and under his protection makes his career (p.189). Cromwell lets destroy churches and monasteries in series in England, Ireland and Scotland (p.189). He orders to destroy all churches in Ireland and Scotland, only the Templar's chapel in Rosslyn survives (p.186).

England: King Charles I. is beheaded - Cromwell founds the first Republic
This first Republic soon turns into a "military dictatorship of the puritans"

-- with occupation and massacres in Ireland and Scotland (p.189)
-- in the background is working the lodge net

-- Cromwell begins with his intrigues and maintains he would be the protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and he would be the protagonist of the anglo "American" world power

-- by this he gives to Free Masonry the essential imperialist input and by this he fakes Free Masonry (p.190)

[and it seems all others join the violent lodge system].

London: The son of the beheaded Charles I. takes over the throne

-- the first action of the son is to take out the body of Cromwell and hanging it as a traitor on the gallows, and then the Cromwell's head is picked up and presented on a pole

-- by this the "bad" energy is spreading in the world of the lodges, which is described in the work "Paradise Lost" by John Milton (p.190)

The fantasy of John Milton about a "paradise":

-.- the English population shall be "God's own people"

-- such human beings who mean to be something better are attacked by underground forces

-- Milton's prophecy is a satanic time on Earth with a fight about world power etc. (p.190).

Grandmaster of the Prieuré de Sion: Isaac Newton

The foundation of great lodges of the Free Masons

England: Foundation of the first Free Mason's great lodge - the vicious circle of power
The foundation takes place again on a John's Day in connection with John the "Baptist" (p.157,186).

The mathematic male symbolism of work and architecture in Free Masonry
Symbole der
                  Freimaurerei: Zirkel, Winkel, G, Bruderkuss
Compass, goniometer, G for "God", and a brotherly kiss [Particularly Communists will perform the brotherly kiss in public...]
Freemasonry: http://religion-cults.com/Secret/Freemasonry/Freemasonry.htm

-- the compass is said to represent the letter "A" as a symbol for the beginning, the compass also represents the spirit

-- the hammer is a construction too and represents the creative act of a construction

-- the right angle is only existing in a goniometer and is said to represent sincerity, to be law-abiding and is said to represent Earth itself

-- the strong arm handling the hammer is said to represent the force of the spirit, and by the controlled hammering rationality is learnt

-- compass, trowel, hammer and goniometer are instruments of calculating geometry for architecture and for art of constructioning and shall represent the creative act and the spirit

-- when compass and goniometer are in a cross position one to the other this should be symbol for a connection between matter and spirit in an equivalent relationship

-- when the compass is lying over the goniometer so the spirit is dominating the matter
-- when the goniometer is lying over the compass so the matter is dominating the spirit

-- the letter "G" is said to stand for "God", and "God" is the architect and house builder of universe and ruler of goniometer and compass.

from: http://www.freimaurerei.ch/d/alpina/2002-4-d.htm (year 2005)

 Variations of compass and right angle
Free Masons: Right angle
                          and compass in Gold Free Masons: Compass and
                          right angle hammered in stone... Jewish star as combination of
                          compass and goniometer (not in a right angle)
Free Masons: Right angle and compass in Gold
or hammered in stone...
Jewish star as combination of compass and goniometer (not in a right angle). Since the foundation of Israel only Free Masons had been presidents. All of them were war presidents...
exhibitions/exhibitions.htm (Stand 2005)
lodge_over_jerusalem (Stand 2005)

-- the hammer is said to represent also force, persistence, power, law, order and obedience

-- a five angled star (pentacle) is said to represent five terms of Creation: Genesis, Geometria, Genius, Generatio and Gravitation

-- the "G" is said to mean "God", and especially in England it's written also G.O.D. which are in Hebrew the initial letters for intelligence, power and beauty, the three guiding ideas of Free Masonry.

http://fotothek.slub-dresden.de/index.html?/html/ausstellungen/loge_17.html (June 2005)

The five pointed star (pentacle) in Free Masonry in capitalism and communism

Five angled star with a
                          "G" (pentacle) in Free Mason

Five angled star with a "G" (pentacle) in Free Mason symbolism


The Pentagon
                          is a real pentagon / pentagram of world
                          domination Pentagon
                          badge with an eagle with 13 stars and 13
                          arrows Five pointed
                          Communist star (pentacle) with symbols of
                          hammer and sickle
The Pentagon is a  real pentagon / pentacle of world domination
Pentagon badge with an eagle with 13 stars and 13 arrows
Five pointed Communist star (pentacle) with symbols of hammer and sickle
http://911thunder.com/start2.html http://www.patchplace.com/defense.htm http://www.tridentarms.com/World.Insignia.Page1.html

Free Masonry pretends that they would create a new perfect mankind by their laws.

The five pointed star is also painted on any "American" military vehicle. So the "liberation" of Germany is connected automatically with an occupation with the Free Mason's star:
"American" war vehicle
                  with five pointed star, Oberau 1945
"American" war vehicle with five pointed star, Oberau 1945. Why is this not a Communist car?
http://www.mortarsinminiature.com/honor_roll.htm (2007)

[Conclusion: "Star wars" within Free Masonry

It's obvious that the Communist star and the Pentagon come up from Free Masonry. So since 1917 there is a star wars within the same organization. So between 1917 and 1986 the "star wars" between Capitalism and Communism was a big show with millions of dead victims, a "star wars" which was not at all necessary...].

All in all the star symbolism is also the base for magic and satanism which are also practiced in the high levels of Free Mason's hierarchy.
Witchcraft tie to freemasonry: http://www.cuttingedge.org/free14.html (June 2005)

Pentacle and six pointed star are used also for astrology.
Talisman of the magic: http://wolf.mind.net/library/magic/talismans/talisman.htm

Add to this not only the Pentagon is a pentacle, but the whole town of Washington is built in this satanic symbolism of Free Masonry: The town of Washington is built in certain angles, in pentacles etc.
Wake up America: http://www.heart7.net/uspresidentasmasons.htm (June 2005)

[Conclusion: The worldwide spiritual limitation of the "elite" by Free Masonry - the school books in the grammar schools - the spiritual prison - the bank secret

The Free Masonry is a typical men's organization of spiritual construction workers and architects. The symbolism is limited in a mathematic spiritual way like in a prison. This limitation is taught until today in the grammar schools of "civilization". Here is the response of the question why any house wife should learn geometry and calculus of probability in "higher schools"...

By this "Free Masonry" is not at all "free", and the name gives a wrong hope to get "free".

The whole elite is in it's spirit limited by the Free Masons' forced learning material of mathematics in school. This spiritual onesidedness provokes not only the total destruction of the environment but also the singular hunger mass murder (one dead of hunger per second).

And corruption (with bank secret) protects the system. The "servants" -- e.g. the Swiss government (federal council) and the bank clerks e.g. in Zurich -- they mean they would be "neutral", and they would administrate money in an "intelligent" way...].

Chronology (continuation)

The new association of great lodges

In the great lodges are implemented new structures:
-- implementation of new rituals
-- implementation of new grades for "enlightened cores" (p.190).

Now for the Free Masons becomes possible to see a world dominance. The devil of world dominance is coming up in the secret associations:

-- Free Masons mean revenge against terror Vatican would be possible and legitimate [terror shall be repayed by terror]

-- by this Free Masons are stuck in this position of violence and counter violence, it's a vicious circle (p.188)

-- the Free Masons are directly heading into the dead end of violence

-- with this spirit are founded many new lodges in Europe (p.191) in France, in Germany, Italy, Russia and in "America" (p.191)

Examples of badges of Free Masonry
Logo of Free Masons in
Logo of Free Masons in
Logo of Free Mason's
                          lodge "John's lodge" in Hamburg
Logo of Free Masons in Zurich
Logo of Free Masons in Bochum Logo of Free Mason's lodge "John's lodge" in Hamburg
http://www.freimaurer-zuerich.ch/sapere_aude/ http://www.freimaurer-bochum.de/ http://www.zue.net/

The Free Mason religion "Asura": Polarization in "good" and "bad"

-- Asura religion is polarizing the whole world in two god's sides of Ahriman and Luzifer

-- all humans are bad and would misuse their freedoms when they are left in freedom (p.214).

Also here we have the proof that Free Masons have no idea of real life. So we have to put the question why this populist group of humans of Free Masons is in power until now. It seems corruption and extortion are very essential].

The aim of the world manipulation of the brother masons: The money has to flew into the banks

The humans shall give their money to  the banks by their own will so the mighties can play wars with it (p.267-268).

The main instrument of the lodges to remain on power according to Machiavelli: Make always war

The foundation of great lodges is an essential step in direction to a World dominance.

-- the people who should be dominated has to be split and has to be made so they think they would be each's enemy

-- the people are electing politicians on both sides in a pretended "democracy" and people feels safer by these elections

-- but the politicians of both sides are member of the same secret association (p.268)

->> the politicians pretend to be something and the population lets play with itself

->> and so, the capitalists will finance revolts and revolutions and wars to split the populations, to provoke anxiety and - so - to make flew the money into the banks (p.268).

Such descriptions of scenery according to Machiavellism can also be read in the book "1984" from George Orwell:

-- there has to be an eternal state of war in the World so only some few can dominate with the announcement of the state of emergency as pretension (p.208)

-- there have to be produced goods which have not to be distributed to the people: weapons

-- there have to be produced goods which do not lift the common living standard: weapons (p.208-209).

All in all "Big Brother" is not visible, the manipulator [represented by the eye in the pyramid of the one dollar banknote] stay invisible (p.209).

The state of war and the defeat of the enemy  should be the conditions to introduce new laws of Free Masonry.

[Now it's understandable why the German towns had all been destroyed in Second World War by Marshall Harris... At the same time the "elite" of Free Masonry seems to stay absolutely stupid, otherwise they hadn't financed the Second World War with Communism and Third Reich at the same time, and First World War was not enough for them...].

Foundation of Yale University
in New Haven, Connecticut], another "elite university" (p.271).

India: First foundation of lodge: "Lodge of Bengal"

since 1750
Secret recruiting for the "illuminate" philosophy

The program:
-- implementation of the "enlightenment"
-- deprivation of the churches
-- foundation of a "brotherhood" of mankind
-- foundation of a unity religion resp. a unity ethics and finish the war between the religious denominations (p.111)

-- destruction of the Catholic church (p.109)
-- "enlightenment"
-- "liberalism"
-- "humanist" ethics (p.134)

-- the aim is the destruction of the church and a new "spiritual renaissance" (p.153).

The "Illuminates" see themselves as enlightened "illuminatus" (Latin) (p.135). The beginning is the "Nemesis association" for World improvement (p.136).

[Simply said: One terror should come after the other terror...]

The steps for "enlightenment" - the lure policy of the lodges

-- first are taught the positive elements: Virtue, honesty, loyalty, tolerance, discipline, obedience

-- there are made promises one would learn more knowledge about "God", metaphysics, kabbalah, magic (p.136)

-- at the same time there is asked for a strict vow of secrecy, so the following negative side of the appliance of the knowledge is hidden (p.137).

The negative practice are executed only in the "higher lodges":
-- black magic
-- invocation of the astral princes
-- blood victims (p.137).

[not mentioned: Every war is a blood victim to the own rationality and stubbornness]

-- at the same time the lodge brothers get power by obedience, education, richness and ambition
-- the lodge brothers think it's "horny" to be capable to manipulate whole masses of people (p.137) and they feel to be tamers (p.204), e.g. with influence over advertising, propaganda, films etc. (p.215).

[E.g. also the films of the faked moon landing had strong influence: They wanted to mess around with the whole world].

"New England colonies": George Washington becomes inaugurated into the lodge of Fredericksburg

The evocation of the Free Masons' "USA" [on Indian (native) soil]
The founders are all "Free Masons", also the first white racist "president" George Washington (p.150-151)

Georges Washington,
                  Rassist, racism, Rassismus, racisme, Imperialist,
                  Imperialismus, imperialism, imperialisme,
[The convinced racist] George Washington. [Also he did not give any right to the Indians. From "52 states" of the "USA" the Indians don't get even one single state at the end, not even an island...]
http://www.winchesterhiram21.org/ (June 2005)

At the same time there are other Free Masons governing in Europe, e.g. in England king James VI, or in Germany king Friedrich the Great (p.151).

In the "declaration of independence" of the "USA" [on Indian soil] the Free Masons more or less have the whole state determination (p.195). Behind the "American revolution" there is Free Masonry as a driving force (p.195,197).

[This means: Free Masonry in the "USA" are fighting now Free Masons in England...].

The "constitution" of the "USA" - the beginning of the open Free Masons' policy

-- the constitution is full of Free Masons' ideals

-- the "constitution" is written only by Free Masons

-- the foundation of the state "USA" is the beginning of an active Free Masons policy, they give up neutrality

-- the Free Masons begin to head for a world dominance now, with racism and extermination

-- the extermination of the Indians (native) becomes a karma problem [and "Americans" flee from this karma until now, and middle course does not exist until now]

-- all moderate forces are going with the extremists and do not defend themselves (p.197)

-- the lodges are opening themselves even more to the destructive forces, and the destructive forces are using the lodges for their purposes [it's a "race on ones another's foot board"]

-- the professional secrecy hides all this

-- the competition in the lodges is going as far as to fraud and murder (lodge murders)

-.- there is a idolatry of technology [as as replacement for the soul and for missing love which does not exist any more in the lodge's policy]

-- the population never makes a revolution against this Free Masons dominance with the exception against slavery (p.197).

The aim is a World dominance by war and manipulation. The world shall be "in panic" for eternity to spread panic and dictatorship. By this all money should flew into the banks and at the end all money should belong to the dictators (p.198).

[The eternal state of war in the "USA" becomes an "identity"
The eternal state of war is dominating the "USA" since 1776 also against the Indians (natives). The state of war becomes normality for the greedy lodge brothers of the "US" Free Masons and for the whole population of the white racist "USA". In the end of the 19th century the racist white "American" press complains that the "land for settlement" is running out and that there is no "Frontier" left. So there would be lost a peace of "identity" (look chronology of the Wehler book).

Since this time the policy of the greedy Free Masons of the "USA" is looking for consequently for a frontier out of the continent, first in the Caribbean Sea, then with finance manipulations and financing wars in the whole world. Until now there was no peace movement founded in the "USA"... The governing families in the "USA" did not detach themselves from war philosophy (June 2005)].

1776 / in the same year
Foundation of the secret association "Illuminates" [in the same year of the foundation of the "USA"]

Founder is Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), professor at Ingolstadt University, ancient Jesuit, magic esoteric. Weishaupt is familiar with Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744-1812), pseudonym "Rothschild" (p.108).

Mayer Amschel Bauer, alias Mayer Amschel
                          Rothschild Adam Weishaupt
Mayer Amschel Bauer, alias Mayer Amschel Rothschild Adam Weishaupt

The instruments of the illuminates to remain on power  according to Weishaupt:
-- concealment and false names would be the strong points of the illuminates (p.110)
-- the richness should be piled for "all World's welfare"
-- new channels and connections should be created [against the nobles and against the religions] (p.108)

->> this should be the new world order, and the end justifies the means (p.134)

->> by this Machiavelli has flourished in the "Illuminates" (p.213)

->> the "Illuminates" have success [with false propaganda] (p.108) and protestant nobles and intellectuals become members of the Illuminates (p.109)

-- Weishaupt is working with a "high mission", he has the support of many sides and he has access to exclusive circles (p.109).

The restrictive internal laws of the "Illuminates"
-- secrecy
-- oath of loyalty
-- treason is punished by murder.

The law is the same as it was in the knight orders in the crusade times in the "Holy Land" (p.109).

The very strict conditions of loyalty of Weishaupt (p.109,112): Text:

"When you are a traitor and your oath is a false oath, you shall know that our brothers are requested to take their weapons against you. Don't hope to flee or to find a safe location. Where ever you will be, shame, penitence and our brother's rage will follow you up to the last hideout of your inner." (p.109; also in: Griffin, Des: Who is governing the World?; edition Diagnosen 1986, p.34)

"Wenn du ein Verräter bist und einen Meineid geschworen hast, sollst du wissen, dass unsere Brüder aufgefordert sind, die Waffen gegen dich zu erheben. Hoffe nicht zu fliehen oder einen sicheren Ort zu finden. Wo immer du sein wirst, Scham, Reue und dazu der Zorn unserer Brüder werden dir bis in die letzten Schlupfwinkel deines Innern folgen." (S.109; Griffin, Des: Wer regiert die Welt?; Verlag Diagnosen 1986, S.34).

The instrument of the "Illuminates" for their "aims" - the loss of values in "monism"

-- any end justifies the means. By this the choice of means is not difficult any more because positive and negative means get the same value, get the equal value, and all will be "One" according to the motto:

"We don't do any good and any bad but only the necessary." (p.134)

The aim is the development of "monism":
-- "all is one"
-- "Light is the absence of shadow" (p.133).

-- the lodges maintain that "universe" would function with the principle of unity, where negative would be the same as positive (negative = positive), and this would justify any war [with the aim of a World government] (p.137)

-- war is named only a short appearance, and it's not important how destructive a war is (p.139)

->> by this in the lodges are neither light nor shadow

->> "God" in monism according to Risi is the "negation of relativity" (p.133).

The consequences for the emotional circumstances of the "Illuminates": Negative force

->> the "Illuminates" become insensible (p.139) and they negate any individuality to the loving people who see the individuality behind the duality of good and bad (p.140)

->> when there is no difference any more between positive and negative there is no responsibility  and no love any more (p.134), but there is only the bare ego, the "false ego" (p.141)

->> and anyway add to this responsibility and love are rated as "female", "sentimental" and "not enlightened" (p.134)

->> according to the "philosophy" of the illuminates to create a new order it's first necessary to have the negative force, the chaos (p.134).

This "new order" becomes it's definition as a "Novus Ordo Seculorum", or "New Age", or "New World Order".
http://geocities.com/scarabbean_secret_society_ut/ (June 2005)

[Since 1932 all this will be demonstrated on the 1 Dollar banknote...].

The "Illuminates"
-- maintain that everybody has to make negative experiences

-- the illuminates finance any part of a war, both parts of the wars, so both parts make the negative experience [and the countries become dependent from the bank houses of the "Illuminates"], and at the same time the bank houses of the "Illuminates" are maintaining they would have a "neutral" behavior when they are financing both sides of war...[in that way also Switzerland with it's "neutral" bank secret is acting for the war sides...] (p.142)

-- the "Illuminates" maintain that chaos would be not a negative, but would be an "essential experience" on the way to the "enlightenment" (p.142)

[As long as there is no chaos at one's home it's easy to maintain this...]

But at the same time the "Illuminates" are not neutral, because they censor also truths about astral and extraterrestrial influences about biological, chemical and medical contexts.

The "Illuminates" cannot be "neutral" because they finally want to dominate the whole world and by this have defined the whole world as it's enemy. The whole world is an obstacle on their way to world dominance (p.143).

[So the "enlightened" get into an illusion and into obsessions, it's a war illuminates psychosis which is not cured until now...].

The front of argumentations for a worldwide terror of the "Illuminates"

The "Illuminates" maintain in their propaganda:

-- monism would be definite and only "not enlightened people" would quarrel about it

-- the illuminates name themselves as "benefactors" for mankind

-- for a development a "fraction of contradictions" would be necessary: War, violence and force (p.135).

The maneuvers of the "Illuminates"

-- they make positive and negative maneuvers, it depends on the "necessity"

-- they destroy the whole world with exploitation, destruction of environment and war

-- at the same time they give "foreign aid", they found environmental organizations and give diversion by the media (p.135)

-- they mean they are appointed to govern the peoples in this sense, and then they are dominated themselves by the negative energies (p.143).

ab 1776
Members at the "Illuminates" also are J. G. Herder and Goethe
(p.111) and also the "philosopher" Johann Gottlieb Fichte (p.112).

since 1778 approx.
The "Illuminates" in Europe
Already some years after their foundation they are working also in Scotland. One member is e.g. John Robison, professor at Edinburgh university and secretary general of the "Royal Society" of Edinburgh. He is lured by promises and money, and in pretense he accepts the membership (p.191).

Grandmaster of the Prieuré de Sion: Maximilian of Habsbourg-Lorraine

since 1780 approx.
Development of an momentum at the "secret associations"

The alliance between "Illuminates" and "Free Masons"

There is a congress of the "Illuminates" at Wilhelmsbad with conclusion of an alliance between "Illuminates" and "Free Masons" (also: free masonry, freemasonry) (p.109,110):

-- two leading secret associations make a pact
-- there is a world wide net coming up
-- in the "USA" the foundation of lodges will be promoted (p.190).

Messenger accident of a lodge messenger - the secret associations are leaking out

It's the first time that documents about the true aims of the secret associations are coming up, with the clear indication and intentions.

Some members leave the secret associations and make confessions before the Bavarian court of inquiry. The most prominent dropout is professor Robison from Edinburgh (Scotland) (p.190), with connections to the government (p.110).

since 1785
"USA": 15 lodges - the world wide lodge net
There happen more foundations of lodges in Europe, in the colonies in Africa, in South "America", in Asia, above all in the British Empire (p.109).

The hierarchy in the lodge net

The structure can be compared with the steps of any club within a kind of sports between the first to the fourth "league":
-- the members are all in love with the money
-- the lodges partly are fighting one against the other
-- in international questions the lodges stick together against the non-lodge world (p.115).

[One has to see this clearly: The whole non-lodge world is an "enemy" and is not taken earnest...]

The perspective for world dominance of the lodges

-- the lodges become infiltrated with negative forces (p.115-116) and they get the offer of world dominance (p.116)

-- the means for this are financing of propaganda, agitation, conspiracy and diplomacy up to the activation of wars [so the nobles in Europe will exterminate themselves one the other] (p.116)

--. the secret associations can double 1000s of times their power by the introduction of paper money and by introduction of new money business [bourse] (p.116).

The destruction of the nobles and the takeover of power by the lodge money

The takeover is going forward step by step with every war.

French Revolution - "American civil war" - First World War - Russian Revolution - Second World War - all these are wars financed by the lodges on both sides (p.116).

In certain moments the secret associations have the absolute power over the world happenings (p.116). Mass murder does not play any role [according to Machiavelli] (p.117). Poets and philosophers in the lodges do not change anything of the bloodthirstiness of the desk top culprits who are financing the wars until now (p.116-117).

The lodge brothers are the dominating, and only their ego is governing (p.117). They establish a hierarchy and the war deads are their fruits (p.118) of their conscienceless acts on the base of atheist half-truths about "good" and "bad" and with the purpose which justifies all means (p.121).

[It's every time almost the same at a "revolution" or upheaval: New terror replaces the old terror].

According to Risi there are karma laws:
-- who harms somebody will get harm
-- the lodge brothers will get harm as much as they do to other people (p.117).

[The lodge brothers in the "USA" flee from this cognition until now and they are going on making wars...]

The "Illuminates" are forbidden and are living on underground
(p.111-112), or they change to the Free Masons who have many varieties of lodge groups. The propaganda for the secret associations is going on, e.g. on the universities, for revolutionary ideas (p.112).

The "USA" get recognition of independence from England [on Indian (native) soil]

and the racist "constitution" comes into effect now (p.265).

"USA": President George Washington makes his "oath for president"
-- the oath is made on the Free Mason bible of the great lodge of New York (p.192)
-- at the oath for president George Washington has been a Free Mason and member of the lodge Alexandria No. 22 since 36 (p.197).

In: Knight, Christopher / Lomas, Robert: Unter den Tempeln Jerusalems - Pharaonen, Freimaurer und die Entdeckung der geheimen Schriften Jesu. Scherz-Verlag, München 1997. Original: The Hiram Key, London 1996.

                          Mason bible

DDR-Flagge mit Zirkel
There is a Free Mason bible with the logo with compass, goniometer and the "G", on which Washington made his oath.

Supplement: The flag of East Germany was similar with hammer and compass...
http://www.lostword.com/mmason.html (June 2005)

http://www.mdk-verlag.de/dokumentation.htm (June 2005)

French revolution: The revolution becomes an instrument of power for the financiers

-- the financiers detect that they can organize lodges and revolutions as they want, it becomes a political mean

-- the governments are political puppets of the servants of the backers and of the backers who are financing the maneuvers

-- in 1789 there are 65 lodges in Paris, and this is only Paris

-- the revolution is accompanied by foundations of parties and by propaganda against the kings, there is organized people's anger and an upheaval of the royal house

-- after the upheaval there is organized a dictatorship with atrocities, massacres and terror against the population, much more bad than the reign of the kings was before (p.105)

-- the economy is breaking down

-- the society is polarizing by hunger, resistance and preparations for a restitution (p.106)

-- the political agitators react on resistance with mass murder by guillotine

-- the "revolutionaries" can establish a hatred agitation against the church and against the clergy, and at the end of the propaganda campaign all possessions of the church are nationalized

-- the clergy flees, there is flight, deportation and executions of about 40.000 persons who are refusing the oath on the atheist constitution (p.106).

since 1790 approx. ?
Marriage policy of the Free Masons: Steered Free Mason connections between GB and "USA" by marriages

e.g. by a daughter of the Fairfax family who marriages the brother of the first "US" president, Lawrence Washington. The lodge relations are cultivated over the Atlantic (p.189).

[This is - aside of the battle against Vatican - the second component for the identity of an "Anglo Saxon" race which will dominate the world more and more by their capitals and by colonialism].

Second part of the French revolution: The lodges of the Illuminates perform the upheaval of the monarchy

and the insiders in the Pyrenees are murdered or deported (p.237).

It's the first time that the secret associations are performing a big hit with the deprivation of the nobles in a whole country. Some "Illuminates" become victims themselves by the momentum, e.g. the leader of the Jacobines Robbespierre (p.110).

Execution of Louis XIV. and Antoinette
As a consequence also other nobles are murdered by assassinations because these nobles want to protect the royal house with an alliance. Victims are among others the king of Sweden Gustav III. and the king of Austria Leopold II. (p.106).

"USA": Laying of the foundation stone for the White House"
The governmental representation is coming in full lodge uniform with ritual apron and with logos (p.192).

In Washington not far from the "White House" there is built also the Free Mason's temple].

Tempel der Freimaurer in Washington, temple of
                  free masons
http://geocities.com/scarabbean_secret_society_ut/ (June 2005)

"USA": Laying of the foundation stone for the Capitol
Also here the governmental representation is coming in full lodge uniform with ritual apron and with logos as it was one year before at the laying of the foundation stone for the White House (p.192).

France is abrogating Christendom by decree - introduction of the Free Mason cult of rationality and nature
->> the population becomes victim of the plans of the servants for the backers, and this is only the foreplay for the world (p.106).

[France becomes the first Free Mason experiment as a whole state, which ends in the defeat of Napoleon...]

Scotland: Book from dropout Prof. Robison about the aims of the secret associations - submergence of the "illuminates"

Robison publishes his book "Proofs of Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati and Reading Societies, collected from good Authorities, by John Robison, A. M., Professor of Natural Philosophy, and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh" (S.110-111,191).

The publication is followed by roundups and investigations. The "Illuminates" must disappear and pretend to the world to be dissolved. Weishaupt with 82 years in his last year of life in his bed with is playing a scenery of avowal of penitence and is pretending a reconversion to the Catholic belief (p.110).

1797 and 1799
Friedrich Hölderlin publishes the novel "Hyperion" in two parts
-- with description of the contact to secret associations (p.112)
-- with description of the strategy how the secret associations are making propaganda with beautiful words and idealizations (p.113).

Murder of czar Paul I.
-- the British ambassador Lord Withworth effects the murder of czar Paul I.
-- then Withworth is honored from the Ludwig lodge for his "merits" with the Great Band... (p.106)

Pope Leo XIII. maintains that "Free Masonry" is an anti Christian movement
-- this argument is done in the Enzyklika "Humanum genum" / "The humankind"
-- "Free Masonry" is said to be the "kingdom of devil"
-- "Free Masonry" is said to be an alliance against "God" with the aim to destroy the church (p.151).

[Well, the pope forgets that the Vatican terror and his financing of wars is acting against "God" in the same way. And this is continuing, up to the concordat with Adolf Hitler...]

since 1830 approx.
In the "USA" the Northers States are industrialized, the Southern States not
This will - among others - provoke a difference of mentality, and this is the condition for further tensions (p.103).

since 1830
Foundation of a network with new secret associations

-- the new secret associations make alliances with the old ones or are infiltrating the old ones

-- the aim is to create a "better World" without noble people

->> the connections between the rich families are getting more tight yet (p.108)

->> the banker's families project a new world order (p.107)

->> with the aim to found an oligarchy (power of only few), against the oligarchy of the church (Greek: oligos = few, archein=to dominate) (p.207)

->> the banker's families have a long term discipline and because of this they become very rich

->> step by step the statesmen depend more and more from the banker's families because of the war depths

->> there is coming up a "widespread dominance of the elected" (p.108).

[All in all the system does not change, only the banks have taken the positions of the nobles, the wars are going on...]

The power principle of the lodges: Barn liberties for the stupid mass - manipulation of the mass - always wars

-- the proletarians should be set into an euphoria without brain and shall have certain "barn liberties", because they cannot be dangerous to the government (p.206)

-- the proletarians are not dangerous for the oligarchy of the lodges because the proletarians don't even have the aim to get power (p.207)

-- but the "members of the outer party" are dangerous and are surveyed like in the novel of George Orwell in the book "1984" (p.206).

"USA": Foundation of the secret association "Skull and Bones" (S&B)

-- Skull and Bones (S&B) is an outer post of the secret associations and lodges in the universities of the "USA" for recruitment of "secondary growth" for the "upper class"

-- it's the greatest student's association on the "elite universities" of Yale and Harvard, in the "USA" for the "upper 10.000" (p.271)

-- the name "Skull and Bones" refers to the "inauguration ritual" (p.271)

-- in this "association" are the "great politicians" like "brothers" to each other

-- without these contacts there cannot be made any career in the "USA" (p.272).

[In another way: Skull and Bones is the base of the corruption and of the CIA in the whole "USA"].

The logo of Skull and
                          Bones Skull and
                              Bones logo with Communist star (pentacle)
The logo of Skull and Bones: The symbol is the prophecy for the extermination of the Indians (natives), for CC systems with mass murder, and for the hunger mass murder of today.
The same Skull and Bones logo with Communist star (pentacle): Actually the gulag was announced already here.
http://de.indymedia.org/2003/03/44968.shtml Star scull and bones T-shirt:
http://www.spot98.net/1buy_r/r2001.html (June 2005)

Grandmaster of the Prieuré de Sion: Victor Hugo

Supplement: Obvious money connection Switzerland - "USA"

The evidence of common facts of dollar coins and franc coins


1 dollar coin in the "USA" 1850
Layout of the 5 francs coin of Switzerland 1850
1 $ Münze der "USA" 1850, mit
                          frappanter Ähnlichkeit zum Schweizer Franken,
                          1$, 1 Dollar, one dollar 1850, 1 US$, 1 US $,
                          one US dollar sitzende Helvetia auf 5-Franken-Stück im
1 $ coin of the "USA" from 1850 with a "seated liberty" and with six pointed stars (Jewish stars, David stars, hexagram).
There is an impressive similarity to a layout of the Swiss franc (5 franc peace), a layout from Antoine Bovy 1850.
http://www.coinfacts.com/silver_dollars/silver_dollars.html http://www.zuerich98.ch/woche37_08.html
Swiss stamp with sitting Helvetia
2 francs coin of Switzerland since 1850
                          Briefmarke mit sitzender Helvetia 2 Franken
The sitting figure was not realized on the coins but on stamps with a "seated Helvetia". Obviously the "liberty" turned into a "Helvetia" who is defending "freedom"...
On the Swiss franc coins (50 rappen, 1 franc and 2 francs) there is a staying "Helvetia" until today with laurel wreath, with buckler and with spear although Switzerland is not making any war. Are the star wreath and buckler and spear a copy from the "USA"?
http://www.philasterchi.ch/sitzende%20helvetia%20gez%C3%A4hnt.html http://www.muenzengalerie.de/lex.asp?ordner=h&link=Helvetia.htm

The connection between "USA" and Switzerland seems to be fixed here. The Swiss government (Federal Council) and the Swiss upper class seem to be in the Free Mason psychosis of the eternal war against Vatican until today and have not "awoken" yet. Switzerland in 1918 and in 1945 also was on the winner's side like the "USA"...

So there is the question: How is it possible that the Swiss upper class understands itself as an additional state of the "USA"? When we consider the recklessness of the bank secret and when we consider that the banks accept the daily hunger mass murder on the world this connection would only be logic. Where "USA" is there are also Swiss banks in it...

Evidence telephone rates
There is another evidence yet for the connection between "USA" and Switzerland, e.g. the telephone rates. The telephone costs between Switzerland and the "USA" are  a fraction of the telephone rates to Eastern Europe although the "USA" are 10 times wider away, and although in Switzerland live much more East Europeans than "Americans". Why is this?

How long the Swiss upper class will cover the war waging state "USA" with privileges? There are open questions.

Chronology (continuation)

Civil war in the "USA" is an instrument for the lodge financiers to get the power

Before the presidential elections candidate Lincoln's statement is strongly for slavery and he confirms the minority of the blacks (p.103).

"Today as before I stand for that there is no way to realize social and political equality in any form between the black and the white race ... Because they cannot live in equality but stay together (p.103) there has to be an over ordination and a subordination, and I stand for this as any other that the over ordinated position is the white race." (p.104; also in: Viktor Farkas: Wer beherrscht die Welt - Die vertuschte Wahrheit 1997, S.55 (Who is dominating the world - the covered truth 1997, p.55)

-- at the same time in the Southern states is prepared the split and the own foundation of state, with projected nationalizations

-- then the separate foundation of state is performed with the nationalizations

-- in the Northern States the servants of the backers are making propaganda for a civil war to a "recapture" of the possession in the Southern States

-- after the separation civil war is fulfilled: The agents have their success: Lincoln performs the blockade and repression policy against the Southern States, and by this the escalation is perfect and even more capital will be part in the war against the Southern States Federation (p.103)

-- the war sides are fighting with the same weapons of the same producers, the producers are the war winners as always, and the federal states are the losers because they have to make depths. So the financiers are winning over the policy of power (p.104)

-- but England and France are against the war and are willing to accept a partition of the "USA" because England and France are dependent of the cotton of the Southern States (p.103) [the cotton is cheap with slavery, it will cost more without slavery]

-- all in all the army of the Southern States is acting worse than the army of the Northern states (p.104)

-- only in this situation Lincoln is announcing the liberation of the slaves (p.103).

Capitulation of the Southern States
Minister of war Edwin Stanton (an "Illuminate") plans revenge hits because of their bloodthirstiness (p.104).

The final balance of the civil war in the "USA"


Northern States

Southern States








10-15 bn US $                  




Lincoln resists to Stanton's warmongerdom and calls for the reintegration, above all in the cabinet meeting of 14th April 1965. This has consequences:

->> in the evening Lincoln is murdered and there are more efforts of assassinations but without success, against the vice president and against the foreign minister

->> on 15th April 1965 the propaganda says that a statesman from the Southern States was the murderer of Lincoln (p.104)

->> on the process there is spoken about 8 surviving "single culprits", 4 of 8 are executed

->> the servants for the backers stay without punishment and the press is further manipulated so the manipulators are never detected (p.104) [extortion, career, promotion and propaganda etc.].

since 1865
The associations of the "servants of the backers": The secret associations since 1865

The families of the servants of the backers are organizing themselves in secret associations, and by these they have influence.

The "Illuminates" and the "Free Masons" have direct influence on the masses

-- by constant propaganda
-- by prayers (p.101,102).

The rise of the 60 rich families of the "USA"

-- to the outer side there is a "democracy"
-- but at the other side of the front there are conditions of absolutism and plutocracy with a "real government" ["real dictatorship"] (p.99; also in: Lundberg: "America's 60 families"; German version "Amerikas 60 Familien", p.17).

These families are among others:
Du Pont
Mellon (p.100)

These families [which had become rich among others by industrialization] are a new World nobility with the tactics: "Slowly and unethical" (p.100; also in: Lundberg: "America's 60 families"; German version "Amerikas 60 Familien", p.48).

[The Swiss government (Federal Council) means until today (June 2005) it had to be the 61st "family" which is administrating the money of the 60 rich families of the "USA"...].

The aim of the new money nobility is the extermination of any competition nobility in Europe (p.100). The instrument to weaken a government is to paralyze the government or to involve the government into a war. By this in any case the capital of the rich is safe (p.101; also in: Lundberg: The Rich and the Super Rich, indication on the back of the book).

The nobility in Europe does not see the manipulation and gets involved in one war after another:
-- in Germany and Austria the nobility is impoverishing since 1918
-- in Russia all nobility is liquidated from 1917 on until 1922
-- in France and in England the nobility is weakened and shy (p.100).

1865-1918 approx.
"USA": Father Edvard Henry Harriman: Railway constructioning, extermination of the Indians (natives), control of the navy

-- Harriman is one of the "great" industrials of the "USA", is financier of the railway constructioning on the West coast, in connection with the extermination of the Indians (natives), and with the control of the navy between the "USA" and Japan

-- Harriman possesses an own bank "Brown Brothers, Harriman & Comp." (p.271).

15.8.1871 / [after the German victory against France]

A letter of a high graded Free Mason leader: Albert Pike

Albert Pike says:

-- Christianity and atheism will be exterminated

-- the doctrine of the lodges will remain (p.213): This is the Asura religion which worships Luzifer as God [and which is polarizing always between "good" and "bad"] (p.214)

-- the social changes [and hunger and mass death] have to be accepted in this process (p.213).

According to Risi this letter reflects the "Masons' religion". But the big mistake according to Risi is that light and shadow are never equal. So not every instrument is the right mean to the end, because

-- the light produces the shadow

-- the shadow can never get to the light (p.214).

since 1885
Pyrenees: Alibi pastor in Rennes-le-Château - recovery of the Templar treasure - rumor about a mummy from "Jesus"

In Rennes-le-Château abbot Bérenger Saunière is put into work as an alibi pastor. After all murders and deportations he should look for the Templar treasure.

Abbot Bérenger
Abbot Bérenger Saunière
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/rennes-le-chateau-archive/BS_son_histoire.htm (June 2005)

The place can be found out today [where had been excavations under the church]. Then happened the following:
-- the pastor suddenly was rich
-- the lodge brothers safeguard the hideout and are renovating the whole village of the pastor.

At the same time there is a rumor coming up in the lodges that there would be not only the Templar treasure but also a mummy from "Jesus" would be possible to find. Such a mummy would destroy any belief to a resurrection and the whole church would come down (p.237).

According to Risi it can be admitted that the lodges are waiting for the "right point of time" to publish this information. Only when there are enough catastrophes in the world and the people on Earth are susceptible the "new Messiah" shall come (p.237).

Grandmaster of the Prieuré de Sion: Claude Debussy

since 1900
The epidemic of the Free Masons: Communists and capitalists are in the same organization!!!

Members of the Free Masons are e.g. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman etc. (p.151).

In the beginning of the 20th century already the members of the Free Masons are planning the Communist revolution and the World War (p.92).

since 1905
Japan rejects the "cooperation" with the "USA"
After the peace between Russia and Japan Harriman cannot reach a "cooperation" with Japan. Japan rejects "US" imperialism and has it's own conception of a "world order". Rumors say that this refusal would provoke the latter atomic bombs on Japan (p.271).

since 1905
Trotsky has to live in the "West" - Jacob Schiff and Rothschild bank
-- after his second imprisonment because of revolutionary work Trotsky flees from czarist Russia
-- Trotsky is all over the West, the last town is New York
-- in New York Trotsky stays in contact to "finance magnate Jacob Schiff", a "representative of the European Rothschild banks" (p.93).

The young Trotzki,
The young Trotsky is on the way in the lodge circles in the "USA"...
http://www.moviebazaar.de/extra2.htm (June 2005)

"USA": The "US" central bank is taken into private ownership

-- and now the "US" central bank has got the right to have influence into the volume of money

-- and now the international secret associations are also having influence concerning the allocation of credits (p.263).

President Thomas W. Wilson is a Free Mason member
and he is the servant of the dictates of Free Masonry (p.102).

"First World War"
-- the First World War is the breakthrough of the armament industry and of the technical warfare
-- as a consequence of the wars the gold backing in the monetary policy is given up (p.92).

[The local and national propagandists expected a war of 4 to 6 months as it was in 1871 at the victory of Germany over France. But there is a development of a static warfare. By this the finances in Europa get out of balance. And the stupid German racist military leadership is not willing to give up it's plans for Germanization against the "hereditary enemy" France. So they keep staying in Northern France and in Belgium. The "American" bankers don't have to do anything. Europa gets into depths at the "USA" by itself...].

[1914-1920 approx.
Averell Harriman studying at university]
Also Averell Harriman becomes member of the secret association "Skull and Bones" (S&B) (p.202). 

"USA": Wilson is elected for president
with the promise he would keep the "USA" away from the European war. But this is a big lie because just after the elections the interventions begin with the delegation of lodge brother E.M. House to find out possibilities for a "Peace without victory" (p.102).

"USA": The great majority in the "USA" is against a war admission
according to the Monroe not involvement doctrine of 1823 (p.102).

The German reopening of the unlimited submarine war and the Zimmermann note are taken as motives to declare war at 6th April 1917 (p.102, 263).y

January-March 1917
The bankers of the "USA" are financing the Russian Revolution and Communism

The capitalists in the "United States" are financing the Russian Revolution and are pushing them as a super power. By this Europa is split in two fractions and there is an eternal anxiety. By this all money is flowing into the banks and Europa can be manipulated from outside. The "formula" functions (p.268).

By the revolution Russia is opened for the international manipulations, and Communism produces for about 70 years tensions in the world so there is always a reason for rearmament, and by this the power is more and more concentrated at the "US" banks (p.92).

The conditions of the Russian Revolution
-- Lenin is in Switzerland, Trotsky is in the "USA"
-- both are not rich
-- so there is the question where the money for the trip to Petersburg and where the money for the propaganda and for the armament of the revolutionary guards comes from (p.92)
-- add to this Russia of 1917 suffers an absolute financial and economic grounding so there has to be money from the "West" coming in (p.93)

-- Lenin makes his trip to Petersburg with Germen help
-- the German side is speculating that Russia will suffer as breakdown by the revolution and then can be occupied easily
-- but without Trotsky and without the financial aid of the Rothschild banks and from Jacob Schiff Lenin would be a nothing (p.93).

The comet like rise of Communism
-- until 1917 the Bolsheviks are a little figure, and then suddenly they take the government
-- temporarily they have some more governments in Europe
-- later the NSDAP makes a similar comet like rise (p.92-93).

The Details: The "US" financing of the extermination of czarist Russia
-- the German supreme command and the German boss of secret service of the Warburg family and the management of the Rothschild/Warburg bank at Frankfurt (Max Warburg) are coordinating actions against Russia to annihilate it, and they let Lenin through to Petersburg (p.93-94).

Lodge brothers in the same association: Capitalists help Communists...
Lodge brother Lenin in a
                          pyramid poster as an "eye" within
                          the David star... Max Warburg
Lodge brother Lenin in a pyramid poster as an "eye" within the David star...
Lodge brother Max Warburg, German boss of secret service of the banker's family Warburg, lets pass Lenin...
http://www.eumed.net/cursecon/dic/bzm/l/Lenin.htm (June 2005)
http://hem.passagen.se/globalworld/orwell.htm (June 2005)

-- the other brothers of the Warburg family, Paul and Felix Warburg, are co founder of the "Private central bank of the USA" (Federal Reserve Board), so there are direct "connections"... (p.94)

-- officially - to hide the maneuver - the "USA" should begin war against Germany (p.93)

-- "US" financier Jacob Schiff supports the Russian revolution and gives Trotsky 20 million Dollar (p.93-94).

In: Victor Farkas: Wer beherrscht die Welt? - Die vertuschte Wahrheit über geheime Komplotte, verborgene Drahtzieher, UFO-Verschwörungen und die geplante Zukunft der Menschheit. Orac-Verlag, Wien, Munich, Zürich 1997
(English title could be like this: To whom belongs the world? Orac edition, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, 1997)

April 1917
Jacob Schiff
-- he declares in public that without his financial aid to Trotsky there would have never been possible any Russian Revolution (p.94,262)

-- news say that also the British war minister Lord Alfred Milner [war minister April until November 1918] had supported the Russian revolution. The news say that his part were 20 million rubles (p.262).

from: Arsens de Goulevitch: Czarism and the Revolution 1961, p.223,230

Lodge brothers in one organization: Capitalists are financing Communists...
Trotzki 1920 Jacob Schiff Lord Alfred Milner
Trotsky Jacob Schiff Milner
http://www.vulture-bookz.de/marx/archive/galerie/ http://www.vald.org/book1/k6.htm http://www.firstworldwar.com/bio/milner.htm


Hunger blockades
From 1918 to 1919 during the "peace talks" in Paris Germany and Austria are put into a hunger blockade so the "losers" of the "peace treaties" will sign. The lodge brothers make a "well founded work"...]

[But there is a meat factor yet because for meat production one has to feed the 6 to 10 fold nutritive value to the cattle. The proud "civilized" world in Europe did not stop to consume meat at the end of war and fed a big part of the vegetarian nutrition to the cattle. By this a great part of the European population had hunger and weakened immune system. Denmark had no hunger because 4/5 of the pigs and 1/3 of the cows were slaughtered and the saved feed was given to the population.
In Dr. Max O. Bruker: Our diet - our destiny]

"Nobel Peace Prize" for Wilson
One lodge brother rewards another lodge brother... (p.103).

Woodrow Wilson
Lodge brother and racist president Wilson: African and Asian nations had no chance to form own independent states, and the Indians (natives) are forbidden to have any own national feeling. They had received the "US" passport only shortly before.
(Photo: http://www.historicist.com/untermeyer/wilson.htm (June 2005)

[The African and Asian nations are not allowed to form own independent states because France and England "need" the profits from the colonies to pay their war depths in the "USA"...]

Balance: Germany mourns for 1914 to 1919
-- 2 million dead or missing soldiers
-- 750.000 deads by hunger and influenza (p.84).

[Hunger and influenza are provoking almost one third of all victims since 1914. Won't this form feelings of revenge?]

since 1919
The financiers of the "USA" are giving money again for rearmament and for new wars in Europe

-- Germany: The lodge backers from the "USA" feed Germany to a new rearmament (p.264)

-- SU: The murder communism is on power with money from the "USA", with a wave of massacres 1918 to 1922, with estimated 30 million murdered, and nobody is asking who is financing the "Red Terror". It were lodge brothers from the  "USA"... (p.94)

The Harriman sons found an investment company W.A.Harriman & Co.
-- by  Averell Harriman and the younger brother Roland Harriman
-- with high "investments" in Europe (p.272).

Avarell Harriman
Avarell Harriman
http://www.trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/harriman.htm (June 2005)

since 1920-1960 approx.
"USA"-SU: The "US" economy has "subsidiary companies" which are constructing the armament industry of murder Communism

-- with "fertilizer factories"
-- with "chemistry factories"

->> the truth is, these are factories for explosives

and there is constructed further armament industry:
-- weapon production
-- ammunition production
-- lorry production
-- tank production (p.275).

That means: The "USA" are giving all weapon material to the "class enemy", and the "US" armament industry gets a double profit in the "USA" and in the SU. The calculation to provoke anxiety in the population and to bring through the decisions of armament is working... (p.275).

In: Prof. Dr. Anthony C.Sutton: National Suicide - Military Aid to the Soviet Union; New Roshelle N.Y. 1974, Arlington House

The Western great investors are also constructing the whole infrastructure for the SU dictatorship: Electrical plants, industry, machine plants, oil refinery plants, railways (p.94) [with gulag etc., see Black book of Communism].

The world war had it's purpose: Europe is in depths at the "USA"
-- the European states are indebted at the "USA"
-- with the reconstruction the banks give more credits and get even more power yet
-- the actors are marionettes and the bankers are the backers
-- at the same time the bankers are washing their hands in "innocence" but for more world wars and for more wars the banks are always to have and always prepared... (p.95)

At the same time the world wide capital is more and more concentrated at only few families. These families begin to play their power in the world, above all in war business and in the promotion of wars (p.99).

Lundberg (1938):
"Only the American and the English ruling upper class were capable to save their whole funds and power." (p.100; Lundberg: "America's 60 families"; German: "Amerikas 60 Familien", p.18)

(orig. German: "Von den herrschenden Klassen des Weltreichtums haben nur die amerikanische und die englische ihr Geld und ihre Macht in ganzem Umfang retten können." (S.100; Lundberg: "Amerikas 60 Familien", S.18)

The technical "progress" is a dominance of the masses

The whole "technical progress" is a staging to dominate the world by the "USA" in a better way. By the "Iron Age" the powers of the capitalist Lodge underworld gains influence.

Pioneers and "inventors" serve to this plan, and they don't know about it (p.99).

[Supplement: The "USA" are giving out "Green Cards" regularly for immigration of intellectuals. Why this? Only for the oligarchy of Free Masonry in the "USA" so they get new innovations to dominate the world].

Berlin: Averell Harriman founds a subsidiary of W.A.Harriman&Co.
and he also meets Thyssen (p.272).

Germany: Thyssen and A. Harriman found officially the Union Banking Corporation

With this there is a fix connection established between the Thyssen bank "Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart" (BHS) in Holland and the Harriman bank (p.273).

Fritz Thyssen
Fritz Thyssen
http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERthyssen.htm (June 2005)

SU: Trotsky looses the power struggle against Stalin and has to go abroad again
-- with more and more power Stalin becomes more and more a beast and millions of dead victims are not important for him
-- Trotsky complains the betrayal of the revolution by Stalin [among others in books]
-- the West remains quiet and does not take any measure against Stalin!! (p.94)

[but: Germany makes a military agreement with Stalin in 1925...]

Prescott Bush gets into the Harriman Investment company W. A. Harriman & Co.
-- Prescott Bush is the father of the latter George Bush
-- Prescott Bush is also member in Skull and Bones (S&B) (p.272)
-- at the same time Prescott Bush becomes vice president of W.A.Harriman&Co. (S.273).

Prescott Bush
Prescott Bush
http://nogw.com/dark_history.html (June 2005)

D: Thyssen founds "German Steel Trust" with "American" financial aid
Such a steel giant is a condition for the tanks and canon production [and surely not for watch production only...] (p.273).

"USA"-Italy: "Collaboration" agreement between A.Harriman and Mussolini in Italy

Agatha Christie's novel against the power worlds on Earth: "The Big Four"

Agatha Christie (alias Clarisse Miller) gets since 1919 that the London upper class is making plans for a Second World War and even for a Third World War. It's a fictive story with a precise presentation how war has to be arranged and financed so wars are possible actually (p.86).

The Novel: In 1927 the manipulators of the First World War are preparing the Second World War. Main figure of the novel is master detective Hercule Poirot (p.86). The richest man on the world is one of the "Big four". These "Big Four" (p.87) - the world dictators (p.89) - want to reach the world domination, not important how (p.87). They order the happenings on the world by 1000s of agents (p.89) and they stick at nothing but nothing to realize the world dominance (p.85). The persons are:

-- Rockefeller: He got rich with his oil empire
-- Abe Ryland: He got rich with his "American" soap monopole (p.88)
-- the head of the "Four" is Li Chang Yen, allegedly a Chinese (p.88), a "Mandarin" (p.90)
-- and there is the French atomic physician and chemist Madame Olivier (p.89).

Agatha Christie John D. Rockefeller
Agatha Christie, alias Clarisse Miller.
She knew what happened and what should happen yet...
John D. Rockefeller
Photo: http://www.familie-im-web.de/familie/
cyberbuecher/autoren/a/agatha%5Fchristie/ (June 2005)
http://www.sntp.net/education/leipzig_connection_5.htm (June 2005)

This "Big Four" are presented in Agatha Christie's novel how they try wireless weapons and how they are used to sink submarines (p.88). The inventor of the electromagnetism has to be silent about the abuse of his invention because of threats against his family.

In Agatha Christie's novel the head of the band of the "Four" is invisible. His chair is empty (p.91).

At the end Poirot let's blow the whistle on the band and the non-visible world dominator commits suicide. It's the rule of black magic that the emitted negative forces fall back on the originator when he has no success, and the culprit wants to evade the negative forces by suicide (p.91).

"USA"-Third Reich: Arrangement between Hitler and great banker James P. Warburg
-- the meeting takes place in order of the Anglo "American" high finance and of the oil industry
-- there are flowing later payments of millions to the Third Reich (p.273).

In: Pfeifer, Heinz: Brüder des Schattens - Versuch einer Hintergrundanalyse zur Weltpolitik 1983 (= eine Analyse der Pläne der Geheimgesellschaften aus anthroposophischer Sicht).
(in English the title would be like this: Brothers of the shadow - try of a back analysis of world policy" 1983)

"USA"-Third Reich: New arrangement between Hitler and great banker James P. Warburg
-- the meeting takes again place in order of the Anglo "American" high finance and of the oil industry
-- there are flowing later more payments of millions to the Third Reich (p.273).

In: Pfeifer, Heinz: Brüder des Schattens - Versuch einer Hintergrundanalyse zur Weltpolitik 1983 (= eine Analyse der Pläne der Geheimgesellschaften aus anthroposophischer Sicht).
(in English the title would be like this: Brothers of the shadow - try of a back analysis of world policy" 1983)

Bank merger of Harriman Brothers & Company with Brown Brothers & Company
From the new management of 12 members 8 members are members of the secret association "Skull and Bones" (S&B) (p. 272).

[Two white racist banks have "united", and a big part of the population has hunger and cold because of the economical crises...].

[Supplement: Bank secret

In Switzerland in 1931 the bank secret is established. Officially it's introduced to protect foreign money in Switzerland during economy crises. When the bank secret is "hurt" there follows prison penalty and an absolute loss of the career. With this law the whole Swiss population becomes terrorized as secret carrier, and Switzerland supports with the bank secret the war policy of Free Masonry at 100 %...].

Swiss flag, there is
                  much blood sticking on this flag
Swiss flag, there is much blood sticking on this flag. And there is flowing much more blood to this flag by the warmonger states and by dictators, for example with the bank secret in favor to the "USA"... Who shall be the karma of the Swiss population with this? Also here there hasn't been found a turn around until now.
Photo: http://www.picswiss.ch/Serie/Se-04-02.html (June 2005)

The 1 dollar banknote from 1932 with the "illuminates' " pyramid and the "New World Order"

On the new dollar banknote the secret lodge policy is directly represented:

The pyramid with the Roman figure 1776 MDCCLXXVI, the date of the foundation of the "Illuminates" and the date of the "American declaration of independence" (p.264)
1 dollar banknote from 1932
1 dollar banknote from 1932 with pyramid
                          of the illuminates and with the
                          "American" eagle
1 dollar banknote from 1932 with pyramid of the illuminates and with the "American" eagle
                          pyramid of the illuminates with the date 1776
                          at the bottom of the pyramid, with the eye of
                          the highest lodge which is controlling the
                          others, and with the dedications. The eagle with 13 leaves
                          and 13 shafts, and abouve 13 stars. The
                          "13" is an allusion to the roundup
                          against the Knights Templar on 13th October
The pyramid of the illuminates with the date 1776 at the bottom of the pyramid, with the eye of the highest lodge which is controlling the others, and with the dedications.
The eagle with 13 leaves and 13 shafts, and above 13 stars. The "13" is an allusion to the roundup against the Knights Templar on 13th October 1307.
Why is there a pyramid on the one dollar bill?: http://www.thetoiletpaper.com/ypyramid.htm (June 2005)
Understanding the Design and Symbolism of the U.S. One Dollar Bill: http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/triviadollar.htm?tag=fd_dblede  (June 2005)

Around the pyramid there are two seals:

oo  "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (English: "New World Order")
oo  "Annuit Coeptis" (English: "The project will have success") (p.266).

Freimaurer Logo
                  'Mason' als Judenstern, Sechszackstern, Davidstern,
                  David star, Jewish star, 6 point star, étoile de
                  David, étoile des Juifs
The pyramid represents the hierarchies within the lodges. The eye is the symbol for the leader clique which is controlling the hierarchy. The connection between the margin letters of the dedications result in the word "Mason" with a star of David / Jewish star. If this was the intention or if it's a coincidence can be discussed. Only the lodge brothers know themselves.
The Biggest Secret Forum: http://thebiggestsecretpict.online.fr/nwo.htm

[The happenings in the world since 1948 let us conclude that there are great Jewish forces within the Free Masons in the "USA" against Arab world. The foundation of a Palestinian state seems not to be foreseen by the Free Masons of the "USA". Most of the Jews of the world of today (2005) are not at all sympathizing any more with the aggressive racist policy of the Israeli "presidents". The war plays of the racist "US" Free Masonry did not stop until now (June 2005), and the mass hunger death in mankind with one man per second does not seem to cause any concern...]

[The dollar banknote shows only one component of power. There are missing signs for corruption within the hierarchies and there are missing signs for mass death by wars which are demonstrably financed by Free Masons, and there are missing signs for the daily mass hunger death of black and Asian people by polarization in the world in poor and rich].

The meanings in detail:

-- the pyramid consists of 13 steps: 13 hierarchy steps of the lodge associations, the elite are the "Illuminates" with the eye

-- the highest step of the pyramid consists of the eye, the "supernatural eye", an eye "seeing all"

-- the eagle on the other side of the dollar banknote takes 13 shafts and a perch with 13 leaves and 13 fruits

-- over the eagle are 13 stars

-- further occult symbolism can be found when you analyze the dollar banknote precisely (p.266)

-- the eye of the pyramid represents "Big Brother", the manipulator of the financiers from "America" who wants to dominate the world with it's own money (p.209)

-- the banknote is never changed any more, the others are (p.266)

-- by consumption binge whole mankind shall made gaga (p.210=.

There can be seen on the banknote already that the secret lodges plan a "big hit". Conditions for such a "big hit" are:

-- a global infrastructure

-- a global financial economy

-- a global communication (p.267).

Since internet and cell phone / mobile telephony these conditions are given since the years 1990s (p.267).

The white racist "USA" are financing big projects in the Third Reich

-- to support rearmament (p.272)

In: Griffin and Chaitkin: The unauthorized Biography 1992; http://www.kmf.org/williams/bushbook

-- add to this the white racist "elite" of the "USA" knows what is written in "Mein Kampf".

-- The Hitler Project; In: George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography
-- Iwan M. Maiski: Wer half Hitler? (Who helped Hitler?); Rüggeberg edition, Wuppertal 1990
-- Anthony Sutton, Professor of Hoover Institute der Stanford University:
oo Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
oo America's Secret Establishment (p.272-273).

[The Swiss bank secret is valid for Communists and for the Third Reich as well. The Swiss government (Federal Council) maintains a "neutrality" within the extermination war which is financed by the "USA". Also the Swiss government knows what is written in Mein Kampf...].

"USA"-Third Reich: New arrangement between Hitler and great banker James P. Warburg
-- the meeting takes again place in order of the Anglo "American" high finance and of the oil industry
-- there are flowing later more payments of millions to the Third Reich (p.273).

"USA"-Third Reich: There flews big finance aid of the Union Banking Corporation to the Third Reich
The payments of the corporation which was found in 1924 by Thyssen and A. Harriman are an important condition for the Second World War (p.273).

The Harriman bank becomes the biggest private bank of North "America" by "clever investments"

Over the Union Banking Cooperation - founded by A. Harriman and Thyssen in 1924 - flew high amounts in the Third Reich (p.273).

Third Reich: Construction of the steelworks AG: Who are the investors?
-- officially Fritz Thyssen is said the main investor of Hitler
-- but he is not the only one, there is also white "American" money (p.272).

since 1936 approx.
"USA"-Third Reich: Tank construction in the Third Reich by Opel and Ford
Opel (a "daughter" of General Motors) and Ford (a "daughter" of the Ford empire) are the most important tank constructors in the Third Reich (p.274). Without the "USA" there were hardly tanks in Europe... (p.275?)

"USA"-Third Reich: "US" companies provide the Third Reich with technique
-- technique of machinery
-- telephone systems
-- telegraph systems
-- chemistry products (p.274).

[and Switzerland is producing the most important components for tanks and Hitler's rocket program, but Switzerland does not provide also the Communist as the "USA" are doing it...].

Ferdinand Lundberg: Book: "America's 60 Families"
is written about the mechanism of war, debts and dependence. Lundberg is professor for social sciences and national economics (p.99).

Third Reich: Thyssen turns away from the Third Reich and emigrates to Switzerland
He is imprisoned in 1940 in France and stays in CCs until 1945 (p.272).

[So there is the question who is financing on the armament industry in the Third Reich...]

Beginning of 1939
Rüsselsheim: Opel changes his production to military airplanes
and produces 50 % of the Junkers 88-bombers, but there is no war yet... (p.274)

SU: Stalin's agents let murder Trotsky in Mexico

since April 1940
[SU defeat against Finland
[Since the draw between the Finnish army and the Red Army the Red Army is designated unanimously as a hip of chaos which can be defeated easily in a Russian campaign. The estimation results as absolutely false because Stalin is reestablishing efficient reorganizations].
(in: Valentin Falin: Second Front 1995)

Warsaw: A sample of the "Book of prophecies" from John of Jerusalem is found
The book is looted in the library of the Jewish community and brought to Berlin to the leader's bunker (p.241).

"USA"-SU: Change of ends of A. Harriman: Now he becomes "special agent" for coordination of "Lend Lease" with GB and SU...

With this changing it's clearly proved: The "USA" are financing both sides of the war and they want the World War so they can install their technique in all places, and the other aim is to weaken all other powers of the world (p.274).

"USA": Law against the commerce with the enemy: "Trading with the Enemy Act"
-- the Union Banking Corporation is affected, with Prescott Bush as director
-- there are shares sequestrated: from Prescott Bush, Roland Harriman, two Bush collaborators and three Nazi directors (p.273).

In: The Hitler Project; In: George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography

But the law is only facade
-- until 1945 the white racist "American" companies make huge profits with the Third Reich, until shortly to the end of the war

-- and after the war the "American" tax payer even has to pay for the war damage of the subsidiary companies in the Third Reich, because the decision of the white racist "American" justice is in favor of the lodge brothers (p.274).

"USA"-SU: A. Harriman becomes "ambassador" in Moscow
Before he had been more or less a special agent for investments in the Third Reich... (p.275)

Berlin: The book "Book of prophecies" from John of Jerusalem is found
The book is brought to Moscow and is in the KGB archives close until 1991 (p.241).

since 1945
The reconstruction of the murder SU, financed by the "USA"!

Stalin is seen as one of the "winners" and can continue his terror dictatorship with the blessing of the "USA"... Stalin's mass murders in the gulag are never condemned internationally (p.94).

After 1945 Stalin stays in power, and the Soviet Union's industry is reconstructed a second time by the "USA"although Stalin is producing on and on millions of deads. Hitler is stopped, Stalin not. Why?

The press propaganda is stylized up to a super power. Why?

The "USA" can now absolutely install their infrastructure and technology in the Soviet Union and worldwide, step by step, more and more, year for year. There can be as many revolutions in the Soviet Union as it want to be, the "economic relationship" are not touched (p.269).

The key figure in the reconstruction of the USSR is the "American" ambassador in Moscow 1943-1946, Averell Harriman. Some more key figures are Rockefeller, Nixon, Kissinger and George Bush (S.270).

since 1945
Also the conflict in Near East is financed by the "USA"
to keep the region in anxiety, and to install"American" technique (p.269).

[and "neutral" Switzerland is administrating the world's terrorists money with "neutrality" and "bank secret", later also the accounts of Arafat...]

The definition "Third World" within the great plan: The extermination plan

According to Risi the definition "Third World" is part of the great plan of the secret associations, because

-- all internal economic structures of the cultures of the "Third World" are destroyed by colonialism more or less

-- for reconstruction credits are given with the promise for great business and for a better future

-- at the same time the "independent" countries become dependent from the products of the industrialized countries (p.253)

-- the production is organized in big mono cultures which provoke even more dependence from the industrial countries

-- all "development countries" are following more or less the "plans of development" of the industrial countries, and by this the prices for the crops are falling because of over production

-- by this the countries of the "Third World" stay in the dependent from the "First World", and add to this, all agriculture structures are destroyed now also (p.254).

The whole development was predictable (p.254).
Hunger in Afrika, Malawi 2003     Hunger in Afrika, Malawi 2003 Hunger in Afrika, Malawi 2003
Hunger CC Africa: People is condemned to die like in the Third Reich or in the gulag, by bad planning and by the wars which are favored by the arms deliveries of the capitalists. The game of the "USA" is fulfilled, and the bank secret is protecting the "USA" until now.
Photos from Malawi 2003: http://www2.ee.ntu.edu.tw/~b86163/Weblog/july182003.htm (June 2005)

"USA"-SU: Averell Harriman becomes "US" trade minister
and he keeps personal friendly relationships to mass murder Stalin over years, and also to Khrushchev. Harriman is sent to negotiations with the SU every time (p.275).

George Orwell writes his book "1984" - the number 666
The book contains the description of power structures in the lodges and of "Big Brother" and of the manipulators (p.210).

George Orwell George Orwell Buch 1984 mit Auge
George Orwell Book "1984" with the eye of the Free Masons on the cover


The game of numbers 1948 - 1984
-- "1984" is a concept
-- 48 is the only two digit number which when the numbers are the other way round the difference is 36
-- the number 36 means three times 6, so 666
-- and the rising numbers added in a row 1+2+3+... bis +36 are also 666 (p.210).

[The number 6 means in the number symbolism underworld and hell, whereas the 9 is symbol for sky and salvation].

since 1956
The "Prieuré de Sion" go to public step by step
-- they release documents
-- they publish books of one of the agents, from Gérard de Sède (p.175).

Epidemic of Free Masons also in Cuba
Fidel Castro publishes a stamp with the Free Mason temple with the writing:
"Free Masonry is an active form of spiritual freedom"... (p.151)

Book about the Prieuré de Sion by Gérard de Sède: "The Templars are within us or the enigma of Gisors" (Les Templiers sont parmi nous)
published in Berlin 1963 with the indication that the Prieuré would come from the Merovingians, and with further notice about the internal happenings during the crusades and about the secret sciences (p.175).

Gérard de Sèdes
Gérard de Sède
http://www.portail-rennes-le-chateau.com/gerard_de_sede (June 2005)

[Supplement: Propaganda of the moon landing
To conceal the corruption and to conceal the lodge's policy there is not only murdered Kennedy in the "USA", but there is also played one "moon landing" after another. The "moon landings" are produced in studios in Texas and in Langley (Hampton), and the rockets were empty. There was nothing more but this. The proves are here in the atmosphere flight index. All in all 40 billion dollars were wasted with the faked moon landings].

Epidemic of Free Masons also in Chile
In 1970 Salvador Allende lets celebrate Free Masonry. Free Masonry would be more and more compatible with Catholic church... (p.151; New York Times, 27th October 1970)

since 1970s
"USA"-SU: SU is provided with Western computers
-- "American" companies resp. the European subsidiary companies provide the SU with "American" computer networks

-- these "American" High Tech computer systems are the condition for the upgrading of the cruise missile steering systems which are headed against Europe

-- rumors say that the distributing center would be 2 km under the Ural in the granite stone (p.276).

[Question: Who had to dig the distributing center from the granite stone?]

A. Harriman marries the 80 years old Pamela Churchill, the widow of the Churchill son
It's another lodge marriage (p.275).

Gary Allen: Book: The Rockefeller File with a foreword by Lawrence (Larry) McDonalds
McDonalds is "US" congress deputy and indicates:

-- money is never enough for the super rich

-- they invest the money for even more power: "Power worldwide", "power over peoples, not only over goods"

-- the plot is working over any border also between "USA" and SU, both are planning to split the world among each other (p.276).

since 1980s
Publications about the secret associations
-- about the brotherhood of the "Holy Grail"
-- about the Qumran rolls
-- about "pharaohs" and "Free Masons"
-- about the "Templars" (p.149).

[With these new books the world history is totally turned upside down. Many history books and lexicons ignore these indications until now so in the schools there is told the old false history stuff until now. The ministries of educations and education offices are not even open for controlling and rechecking the new data!]

"USA": Caspar Weinberger complains about the technology sold to the SU
This he is doing at a conference before a CFR group in New York. His words:

"To sell our technology to the Soviets is short-sightedness which is shortsightedness raised to the level of a crime)." (p.276)

"USA"-SU: A. Harriman is sent to the SU with 91 years yet
to make "negotiations" there, this time it's with Andropov's government of old men (p.275).

[The corruption in the "USA" and within Free Masonry is working up to death. An old man is negotiating with another old man...]

Launching of an airplane over Sachalin: Korean Airline KAL 007 - the suspicion
-- the Soviet defense minister Ustinov is ordering general Kornukov to give the order for the launching
-- under the dead victims are also enemies of the new world order, Larry McDonalds (p.276).

Murder of the pope and new election of the pope within the Free Masonry epidemic line

-- the cardinal "König from Vienna" is negotiating with the German Free Mason's lodges

-- the cardinal "König from Vienna" suggests to the election committee in the Vatican cardinal Wojtila as successor

-- but it's the cardinal Luciani from Venice who is evoked as pope and he names himself John-Paul I.

-- Luciani is living only 33 days as a pope and dies under circumstances which are not clear until today [there was no complete autopsy?]


-- then successor becomes really Wojtila who is also welcome by the Free Masons (p.151-152)

-- Wojtila is canceling the excommunication of all Free Masons at 27th November 1983 by the Codex Iuris Canonici (p.152).

[The next wars of the Free Masons epidemic:
-- first Iraq war
-- depths of the Arab kingdoms at the "American" banks for weapon deals
-- the escalation in Yugoslavia with admittance of the wars and the depths of Yugoslavia
-- second Iraq war and war in Afghanistan].

"1984" book by George Orwell (written in 1948)

-- a war of the tree super powers Oceania, Eurasia and Esta Asia is organized to get more control over the populations

-- proletarians are the meanings to the end, for mass manipulation and for mass death (p.206)

-- only in the innerst core are sitting the manipulators of the super powers which are supporting themselves by constant warfare (p.208).

Orwell describes the main problem of development for the mighties: Prosperity is not wanted

-- because a growing prosperity will change the hierarchy

-- when prosperity is growing the mighties would be deprived (p.208).

Ralph Epperson: Book: The Unseen Hand
-- Epperson presents the connections of the backers in the time 1685 to 1985
-- the backgrounds to the World Wars and to the Vietnam war included
-- Epperson means that the launch of Korean Airline KAL 007 over Sachalin had been a special murder action against Larry MacDonalds, and the other 269 lives had been victims in a cold Machiavelli manner (p.277).

Epperson's main sayings:
-- the whole Cold War 1945-1985 is one single big manipulation and was stage-managed secretly
-- the murder of Larry McDonalds can be rated in a similar way as the murder of Kennedy (p.277).

SU: The "American" global infrastructure is installed -- now comes the opening of the Iron Curtain

The play of the polarized world to spread anxiety in the populations of the word and to installate the "American" technique is over. The technique is installed completely (p.269).

Risi: With this the secret policy in sense of money is proved (p.277).

Internet: Also AOL has got the pyramid with the eye...]
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Prophecy of grandmaster of the Prieuré, Pierre Plantard about the worldwide downfall in favour of Judaism

-- when there is a downfall there will be a Jewish Yahweh Temple again on the temple hill (p.239)

-- and the new "Messiah" will form one power with the center temple hill, he will have power over three world religions and will fascinate many regions

-- the temple treasure will be given back to Israel in the right time (p.240).

In: Lincoln / Baigent / Leigh: Das Vermächtnis des Messias, 1987, S.483, orig. engl. The Messianic Legacy 1986.

According to Risi this prophecy probably is not a bluff because the Prieuré are "121 dignitaries", "all are grey eminences of the high finance and of international political and philosophical organizations." (p.240)

In: same place, p.472

Pierre Plantard
Pierre Plantard

1990 approx.
Harriman-Clinton connection: Harriman suggests to his wife (Pamela Churchill) the "US" presidency to Bill Clinton and Al Gore
->> Pamela Churchill becomes one of the most important sponsor forces for Clintons election campaign (p.275).

since 1990ies
The conditions for a "big hit" of the "Illuminates" are prepared

but according to Risi there are other Sura creatures in universe yet and they are attacking now (p.267).

KGB archives: Fund of the manuscript of the "Book of prophecies" by John of Jerusalem
after the fund in Warsaw 1941 and in Berlin 1945 (p.241).

March 1993
Pamela Harriman becomes "American" ambassador in France

[There is no younger representative for the "USA"? The corruption is going up to the death...]

Book from Aldous Huxley about Free Masonry: "Beautiful new world"
There are quotations about Free Masonry:

-- "Help yourself otherwise Ford will help you!"
-- the world is controlled of all in all 10 men
-- there is a new dating "after Ford" instead of "after Christ" (p.205).

Maria Magdalena is worshiped until today with Maria Magdalena churches
The bones are said to be in St-Maximin where in the name of Maria-Magdalena a procession is performed once a year (p.174).

The manipulations of the Free Mason's state "USA": They want to be "animal tamers"

-- the Free Mason manipulators mean to appease the world and cannot see the real situation of the world any more (p.199) [because they don't have sociological knowledge]

-- there is a "stable peace" with all diversion, and the lodge brothers mean they would govern animal human beings (p.203-204) [who would live without any self-awareness, but there are the Free Mason members who themselves is lacking self-awareness]

-- the lodge brothers mean they would be animal tamers (p.204).

By this there is the total Asura society coming up. The humans are working and working without any sense and live on the surface with technical machines which should be a "progress" (p.204).

Descent from the "Jesus" family
Yet in the year 1999 there can be found that French circles are claiming to have a descent from the "Jesus" family, e.g. in titles like "Otto from Habsbourg, titular prince from Lorraine and titular king from Jerusalem" (p.233).

The mass murder of the lodge's policy (in 1999)

-- every day tons of food is destroyed

-- every day 1000s of children die because of hunger

-- the "medicine" makes the people dependent and the technology makes also dependent

-- healing medicine is suppressed or even concealed [and for it there is sold poison medicine of the "normal medicine"]

-- health is undermined systematically by legal drugs, smoking and alcohol (p.215).

[Supplement: Blood group alimentation
Risi is also incriminating meat consumption which would provoke a bad karma (p.215). To this subject we have new knowledge with the blood group alimentation by Dr. D'Adamo, because every blood group has got it's own stomach. So, blood group 0 needs meat, A and AB hardly or not at all. The official medicine does not want to know about blood group alimentation because there would be hardly ill people left to sell medicaments...]

[not mentioned:
The bank secret protects the lodge super rich and the whole corruption in the "USA". So, the lodge brothers will always get richer and richer and the world always poorer and poorer].

The "new world order" according to the "USA": The murder world of death

-- all 5 seconds a child is died because of hunger (news channel "Nachrichten-Fernsehen" n-tv Berlin, 12.6.2005)

-- in the "USA" we have every 24 minutes a murder

-- in the "USA" come 3 shooting guns on two inhabitants, women and children inclusive

-- all 92 minutes there is a child shoot in the "USA", or a child which was educated from the own father who to handle a shooting gun is shooting school mates and adults

-- school children in the "USA" at the end of their school education have seen an average of 18.000 murders in TV

-- 94 of 193 states have death penalty in practice until today

-- all in all the death penalty is not prohibited in 121 of 193 states

-- but statistically it's proved that death penalty has no influence on murder rates

-- in China the bodies of the executed people are used to sell the organs which are ordered in advance

-- every year there are 40 million human beings dead because of malnutrition, per second one human being, all 5 seconds a child under 5 years

-- 358 billionaires posses that much money as the yearly income of good the half of the earth population

-- approx. 100 million human beings are living in slavery

-- every year there are murdered 15 million animals in animal experiments

-- in Southern Europe there are killed 300 million singing birds every year and are presented as a delicacy

(from: Article: How would see an extraterrestrial our world?
original German: Wie würde ein Ausserirdischer unsere Welt sehen? Was ist das Leben wert? In: Das Weisse Pferd. Urchristliche Zeitung für Gesellschaft, Religion, Politik und Wirtschaft; Juni 2005 http://www.das-friedensreich.de/de/main/dwp/98_10/9810leben.html)

Death from starvation as it was in the Third Reich, as it was in Stalin's gulag...
Death from starvation in Sudan 1998 Death from
                          starvation in Angola 2004
Death from starvation in Sudan 1998
Death from starvation in Angola 2004
Sudan: Famine amidst War: http://www.msu.edu/course/pls/461/stein/refugees.htm (Juni 2005) Sabine Dobel; In: Der Stern, 16.10.2004: Hungertod im Sekundentakt: http://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/?id=531167 (Juni 2005)

And at the same time "president" Bush is laughing and makes the sign of the devil before the camera...
Bush with the
                  "horned hand", sign of devil
Bush with the "horned hand"
Skulls and Bones and other Secret Societies:
http://www.the7thfire.com/Politics%20and%20History/skull_and_bones.htm (Stand Juni 2005)

The "American" crusade with it's money of the protestants has not stopped until now!!!


Free Mason's dictatorship "USA" - and the Swiss bank secret is helping them - it had never been like this... - both have to go: the "USA" and the bank secret

The super rich lodge brothers from the "USA" and Switzerland are dominating -- the money is dominating -- war is dominating.

It's proved that the purpose of the wars is to involve the whole world into wars, and then there should be accepted a new "Messiah" in Jerusalem to construct a new (Jewish) temple on the temple hill, because the temple treasure is placed in the Pyrenees and the secret associations between Southern France, Scotland and the "USA" stay in connection. Add to this there should be installed a new "Jesus" belief.

As a preparation of this belief there are dominating hunger and death from starvation: "Skulls and bones" have become reality. But the energy of resistance against the terror church of Rome and against the Muslim mosque in Jerusalem has become too big and is turning into the self-destruction. In the meantime the terror church in Rome is standing more peaceful than the Free Masons of the "USA" and than the Jewish army, and it becomes only worse and worse.

The lodge brothers want to get always more rich to construct the temple, but they are suppressing the hunger they are provoking by their wars and manipulations.

The bank secret is coordinated with the lodge brothers from the "USA".

The bankers and the banking staff of Switzerland maintain always that the populations which are suffering hunger would be "guilty themselves". When I was at the commercial school (Dr. Raeber commercial school 1997-1998) I could see several times this saying from bank clerks. And in the course of "Academy diploma" there was a stupid teacher for political economics (Meier) who tried to spread the saying that war would mean economic growth. This meaning partly is dominating in Swiss commercial schools until today, and the suffering of the populations are simply never shown in the balances...

Concerning the Free Mason's dictatorship "USA" there are the same mechanisms as in every other dictatorship: Switzerland with a blind Federal Council and with the Swiss bank secret is protecting all dictatorships of the world. The conditions referring to the "USA" are even worse as with Marcos or Suharto because the "USA" are destroying the whole world with their money, with their armies and with their weapons. Thank you Switzerland for protecting "US" war money!

This world order we don't need. Democracy with these conditions cannot bring prosperity and many countries remain poor, also when they have democratic structures. Prosperity is not the aim of the Free Mason's democracy but the controlled slave.

So the form of government is not important if the population is running well but the conscience of the governing people is important. The Free Masons of the "USA" don't have any conscience...

In the "USA" and in Switzerland the conscience of the responsibles is covered up in their education.

The "USA" are a dictatorship with a democratic facade. The corrupt CIA and the corrupt lodges are stronger than the elected "government". One can elect in the "USA" whom you want but policy of "Free Masonry" and of the secret services is remaining the same way brutally. Since the foundation of the "USA" corruption is dominating, today it's the corrupt war dictatorship.

The organizations for a new temple in Jerusalem and for a new "Jesus" belief settled by the secret associations have turned so into a self-destructing and criminal organizations.

And in Switzerland it's also possible to elect parliaments how you want. The destructive bank secret is staying.

The necessary reform of structures in the "USA" and in Switzerland

Wars are not necessary to construct a temple in Jerusalem for the Jews or to settle a new "Jesus" belief. You can construct a temple on every hill, and the whole earth is holy, not only a certain hill.

The "USA" need really a state's reform in direction to human rights, in any sense, also in the student's associations. Logos of the death like skulls and bones must be forbidden.

War has to be defined as psychological illness, so there will be no war at all any more. But the psychology is too coward until today for this step because psychology has guaranteed work with war traumatized people. When there is peace there is less work for psychologists...

When the "USA" will drown in their depths and lies there will be only positive consequences for the world. Before the change of spirit to the human rights will take place it's the "US" government which wants to see the whole world drowning, and then only the "Free Masons".

Also in Switzerland it could not be bad to reform the structures in favor of the human rights in the bank sector and in the school sector... but also there is corruption, there is heaviest corruption with yearly salary of two-digit millions in one of the "hardest valutas": Swiss Francs. Also in Switzerland the revolution of the oligarchy is in the offing yet.

There should be installed a world network of the populations, not a world network of the mighties who only are laughing about the poor and at the same time they have the banking card from Switzerland in their hands.

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