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Albert Einstein
Einstein tongue
War and "home country-ism" is a "blot of the civilization"

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Text from: Sticker of a peace demonstration against first Golf war in Bern:

                appeal for peace policy against home-countrism
Einstein's appeal for peace policy against home-countrism


"When somebody can march in file to music, then I will disprize him already; he got his big brain only by an error because for him the spinal marrow would be enough  already.

This blot of the civilization should be wiped out as soon as possible. Heroism on command, violence without sense and the damned home country-ism -- I hate them fiery, how mean and scornful seems the war to me; I would rather like to break myself into peaces than being part in such a theatre!

Killing in a war is - following to my opinion - nothing better than normal murder."

Einsteins Schulnoten
Einsteins Schulnoten

Photo sources
-- Einstein with tongue: http://rainerbartel.de/2004_05_01_archivephp